“America Is Not Great”: Trump Supporters Allegedly Forced Off Road In Indiana

We have been discussing how the media coverage on political-related violence often downplays attacks on conservatives. I have repeatedly criticized Trump for his rhetoric, but I also see dangerous rhetoric coming from his critics. That is not covered as much and certainly not treated as a pattern is violence against conservatives and Republicans or motivated by the politics from the left. Another such example can be found in Indiana where Kyren Gregory Perry-Jones, 23, and Cailyn Marie Smith, 18, are accused of using their car to force two twin brothers off a road after they were spotted bicycling with flags supporting Trump.

Police say that the two followed the boys and then pulled up to ask “if they were Trump supporters.” When they said that they were, the driver allegedly swerved at the boys and forced them off the road. The driver then got out, tore away the flags, and then ran over the flags.

Police reviewed a video posted to Snapchat where “the driver turns the wheel sharply as if he saw the boys and wanted to hit them with the vehicle while yelling ‘ya’ll better get home.'” A male’s voice is heard telling the female passenger “pull that flag down” and shows the female trying to reach it through her window while saying, “get closer.” The police then stated that the female is then heard saying “ya’ll scared, just like your president” and “America is not great.”

Perry-Jones and Smith are now charged with two felony counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness as well as one misdemeanor count each of theft and criminal mischief.

My concern is not with the criticism of Trump for some of his rhetoric or the coverage of violence by conservatives. Rather I am concerned that the relative light coverage of the inverse violence is due to the fact that it does not fit a narrative of Trump coverage. As I discussed in a prior column, rhetoric can be triggering but there is plenty reckless rhetoric on both sides to trigger violence.

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  1. Natascha, you are the most stupid person that I have ever read. You are so misinformed and vile you make me ashamed of you Where do you learn this horrible way to talk about other people. If you don’t change your heart you will get all you deserve on this earth or when you have to account for all this wickedness
    May the Lord help you

  2. Sorry, Jon, but the underlying premise of this piece is flawed: you are assuming that Trump is legitimate. He isn’t. He cheated to get into the White House, which is un-American and unethical. Your piece assumes that the issues people have with Trump are based on political or ideological differences. Not the case. Trump, and those who vocally support him represent the antithesis of American values. Trump is a racist, misogynist, chronic, habitual liar, narcissist, xenophobe, and he abuses migrants by caging them and insulting them by calling them “murderers, rapists, criminals, vermin, animals and breeders.” He is a malignant narcissist who only wanted the office for the perceived power, glory and adulation. He has brought America to a new low in international relations. Other world leaders openly mock him. Most Americans didn’t vote for him, have never approved of him, know he’s guilty of the impeachment charges, and want him gone. They see through Republicans’ charades.

    It is un-American to stand silent in the face of the assault of our values, even in BF Indiana, and the dumbasses who wear MAGA hats are trying to start trouble, because wearing this item of apparel is saying that the wearer also supports racism, misogyny, xenophobia, caging migrant families, and that it is acceptable to constantly lie, to be beholden to a hostile foreign power, and to flaunt the Constitution.

    Attacking a Trump MAGA hat wearer is not attacking conservatism. Trump is not a conservative: he has blown up the deficit to record numbers, he is a fundamentally dishonest person, he won’t tell the truth, he cheats in business and in his marriages, all of which are abhorrent to true conservatives, even in BF Indiana. A true patriot should beat their asses, just like anyone wearing a swastika should be a candidate for a good ass beating. Our ancestors fought for the freedoms and values we have, and Trump is an existential threat to these values. The dumbass ignoramuses who are disgruntled over the success of women and minorities wear MAGA hats to start trouble as a way to vent their frustration with their own lack of accomplishment. Well, that’s not acceptable either. It’s also not based on political ideology. It is a reflection of the pathetic, needy narcissist who has to pander to anyone he can get to support him because of his mental illness.

      1. She’ll be napping right next to you. Maybe you won’t feel the need to suck your thumb today.


      IM IN THE MIDWEST. this is what she thinks of us! typical hater of middle America!



      1. Well, I know my friend Elvis has some restraint issues from time to time and gets booted out of here…so I kind of vibe with it I guess. Ha.

  3. Are you trying to say that Socialist Bernie Sanders approved of Russia for one year out of his long life? That he doesn’t have a long history of praising not only Russia, but many other socialist dictatorships? He was a member of the Young People’s Socialist Leauge of Chicago in the 1960s.

    Back in 2016, I found Sanders was pro Russian from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and into the 90s at least.

    You know…”decades.” While he recently tonend down the rhetoric, and hasn’t praised bread lines in years, he is still a socialist. So it is not as if he saw the errors of his ways and became a capitalist. He has not changed in essence.



    Why would you claim that a man who has been a socialist for decades, openly praising dictatorships, had not done so with Russia for decades? What a strange hill to die on.

    1. Karen has to be right. Even when she isn’t.

      Let’s hope that Bernie is elected. Karen might have to leave the country. If not, she’ll be found on JT’s blog, wasting time and treasure.

    2. “Sanders & Socialism: Debate Between Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman & Socialist Economist Richard Wolff”

  4. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves…”two twin brothers” means (=) 4 people….twin brothers means 2 people…as a brother with one set of “twin brothers” I have had to hear this stupidity a few thousand over the last 55 years.

  5. “New America’s tally shows that 111 people have been killed in right-wing extremist attacks since 11 September 2001. Incidents causing death were the following:[81]”


    Year Occurrence Location Victims Wounded* Victims Killed*

    2019 El Paso Walmart shooting El Paso, Texas 24 22
    2019 Poway synagogue shooting Poway, California 3 1
    2018 Tallahassee yoga studio shooting Tallahassee, Florida 6 2
    2018 Jeffersontown Kroger shooting Jeffersontown, Kentucky 0 2
    2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 7 11
    2018 Murder of Blaze Bernstein Orange County, California 0 1
    2018 Murder of MeShon Cooper-Williams Kansas City, Missouri 0 1
    2017 Murder of Richard Collins III College Park, Maryland 0 1
    2017 Car-ramming attack into counter-protestors at the white nationalist Unite the Right rally Charlottesville, Virginia 19 1
    2017 Portland train attack Portland, Oregon 1 2
    2017 Stabbing of Timothy Caughman New York City, New York 0 1
    2015 Shooting at a showing of the film Trainwreck Lafayette, Louisiana 9 2
    2015 Planned Parenthood shooting Colorado Springs, Colorado 9 3
    2015 Shooting attack on worshippers at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Charleston, South Carolina 1 9
    2014 Attack on Pennsylvania State Police barracks Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania 1 1
    2014 Ambush attack on Las Vegas police officers Las Vegas, Nevada 3
    2014 Overland Park Jewish Community Center shooting Overland Park, Kansas 3
    2013 Los Angeles International Airport shooting attack on TSA officer Los Angeles, California 6 1
    2013 Double murder committed by Jeremy Lee Moody and Christine Moody Jonesville, South Carolina 0 2
    2012 Ambush attack against St. John the Baptist Parish police St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana 2 2
    2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting Oak Creek, Wisconsin 4 6
    2011 Tri-state killing spree by white supremacists David Pedersen and Holly Grigsby Multiple 4
    2011 FEAR group attacks Georgia 3
    2011 Murder of James Craig Anderson Jackson, Mississippi 0 1
    2010 Murder committed by Aryan Brotherhood members Mississippi 0 1
    2010 Shooting at bookstore cafe perpetrated by Ross William Muehlberger Wichita Falls, Texas 4 1
    2010 Murder of Todd Getgen[85][86] Carlisle, Pennsylvania 0 1
    2009 Murder of sex offender by white supremacists North Palm Springs, California 0 1
    2009 Murder committed by Charles Francis Gaskins Carmichael, California 0 1
    2009 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting Washington, D.C. 1 1
    2009 Assassination of George Tiller Wichita, Kansas 1 1
    2009 Murders of Raul and Brisenia Flores Brockton, Massachusetts 1 2
    2009 Shooting of Pittsburgh police officers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2 3
    2008 Woodburn bank bombing Woodburn, Oregon 2 2
    2008 Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting Knoxville, Tennessee 8 2
    2007 Murder of homeless man by Aryan Soldiers 0 1
    2006 Murder committed by John Ditullio 1 1
    2004 Bank robbery Tulsa, Oklahoma 0 1
    2003 Torture, abduction and murder Salinas, California 0 1
    2001 Post-September 11 shootings Multiple 1 2

    1. Bigotry and violence against conservatives have national support.

      Racist attacks against minorities are condemned near totally, by Republicans and Democrats alike. Racist attacks against white people and misandristic attacks against men have become mainstream. They are usually not even counted in hate crime databases.

      Left wing anti-semitism is the dirty secret few speak of.

      No comparison. You can keep pretending that Democrats don’t need to clean up their act, but you’d be wrong. Denial does not recognize itself.

        1. You did not address any of my points, but went straight to ad hominem. This makes your position look weak. Because it is. You cannot deny the national trends I discussed, so you go ad hominem. How ordinary.

            1. Karen said, “You cannot deny the national trends I discussed.”

              Karen didn’t “discuss” anything. She simply made a number of unsubstantiated, unsourced comments.

              Back up your assertions, Karen, and there might be something to “discuss.”

              1. Anonymous – you can start by reading Professor Turley’s posts. He discusses many such instances. Today’s post is one of them. Spend a few weeks reading them, and then get back to me.

                1. Seth:

                  Why are you lying? The typical criticism is that my posts are too lengthy, and they usually contain links and quotes from those links.

                  Why lie about something so obviously false? Do you think it’s OK because it suits you politically? That’s bad judgement.

                    1. Anonymous – but that’s not true, either. The merest review of my posts would show that. In this case, I have referred you to Turley’s blog for numerous recent examples.

                      Why lie that I don’t provide links when it’s so easily disproven? It’s so petty and pointless.

                      In addition, Professor Turley has posted repeatedly on this topic. Why not just read the blog? There hav

                    2. Karen reads some post written by a pro-Trump support outfit, like the NY Post and the Washington Examiner, and then calls it a source. She just seeks confirmation bias. These are not neutral sources of commentary, much less facts.

            1. Were you not aware that Bernie Sanders honeymooned in Russia? Was wined and dined by government officials? He supported Venezuela. He spoke in favor of bread lines. He said bread lines were actually good things. In other countries, the rich get the food, and the poor starve to death. (Like socialist countries, ironically, where the government ruling elites live well and the rest starve.) He supported Nicaragua’s dictator. He praised communist Cuba and supported Fidel Castro.

              Is there a murderous socialist dictator he didn’t like? There are years and years of these comments, on record.

              Since you accused me of lying, apparently you didn’t take 5 minutes to do a GOOGLE search. Most media sites are reporting on his trend of supporting abusive dictatorships. Only in more recent years did he tone his rhetoric down.


              1. I know about his trip/honeymoon. To spin the above as a “decades long close association with Russia” is laughable, Karen.

              2. Try to focus Karen. This is what you got wrong:

                “This is in spite of the fact of Bernie Sanders’ decades long close association with Russia.”

                I’m not interested in having a discussion about all of the other things that you’ve now brought to the table.

                This was your comment and it’s wrong:

                “This is in spite of the fact of Bernie Sanders’ decades long close association with Russia.”

                1. This may come as a surprise to you, but an elderly man with decades of being a socialist has decades of pro Russia statements, as well as praising every socialist dictatorship I am aware of.

                  “Decades long close association with Russia”:

                  – Joined the Young People’s Socialist League of Chicago in the 1960s. Pro USSR.
                  – Filmmaker 1970s
                  – 1971 joined Liberty Union Party (socialist, pro USSR)
                  – 1977 joined American People’s Historical Society, where he made a glowing documentary about Eugene V Debs, who ran for President as a socialist. Debs was adamantly pro Russia. Sanders had a framed photo of his icon, Debs, in his senators office. He made other films about radicals, including pro-Russia ones.
                  – 1980s Bernie Sanders said bread lines were a good thing, because in some countries, the rich eat and the poor starve to death.
                  -1988 honeymooned in Russia, winded and dined by government officials. This was part of a years-long trend of praising socialist or communist dictatorships. In re Fidel Castro, “just because Ronald Reagan dislikes these people, doesn’t mean that people in their own nations feel the same way. “In 1959 … everybody was totally convinced that Castro was the worst guy in the world and all of the Cuban people were going to rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro,” Sanders said. “They forgot that he educated their kids, gave their kids healthcare, totally transformed the society.”
                  – Published in Vermont Affairs, “You reach a certain age when you start reading reasonably widely, and you find ideas that reflect your gut feeling about something. I think that’s usually the process — you find what you’re looking for. I had that feeling when I first read Eugene Debs, for example. If you read what Debs said about the goals of socialism, it’s no different from what I’ve been saying — that all socialism is about is democracy.”


                  “In Russia and Germany our valiant comrades are leading the proletarian revolution, which knows no race, no color, no sex, and no boundary lines. They are setting the heroic example for worldwide emulation. Let us, like them, scorn and repudiate the cowardly compromisers within our own ranks, challenge and defy the robber-class power, and fight it out on that line to victory or death!

                  From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet I am Bolshevik, and proud of it.”

                  Debs, subject of Bernie Sanders documentary, and framed on his wall.

                  If you want to know about the radical arc of Bernie Sanders, over decades, then watch his radical films, and read his archived rants, which he had published in the 3 Vermont magazines for which he wrote.

                  Over the past decade, at least, he became enamored with Scandinavia. So much so, that their PMs had to remonstrate with him that they are not socialist, but rather market economies.

    2. Wikipedia? Seriously? You may as well quote msnbc.

      I only started going through them, but
      at a quick glance, the El Paso shooter hated both democrats and republicans. The Poway synagogue shooter insisted he was not a conservative, whom he referred to as, “useless, spineless cowards.” He was inspired by the Christchurch shooter who stated, “Conservatism is corporatism in disguise. I want no part of it. … The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.” He in turn was inspired by the Charleston Church shooter who was a throwback to the southern kkk democrats.

      I guess I can keep going through the rest of the list, but they’re disgusting individuals. I resent even knowing their names. More to the point, for many of them, their manifestos are pretty ridiculous. They’re all over the place. I mean the one was quoting verses from the Bible, and one of the verses he quoted turned out to be from Skyrim. This is the kind of people you’re talking about.

      All of them are deeply, deeply disturbed. Trying to pass individuals like these as the norm for any political wing is extremely foolish.

      I find it troubling that any time violence from democrats against non-democrats is reported, some of you not only immediately sneer it off, you grab some emotionally, mentally disturbed killer off the shelf and shove him in everyone’s face. And so far in the last few articles, the guy turns out to be from your own side of the political spectrum.

      What these two kids on bicycles had to do with your list of crazy murderers, I have no idea. Just like they have nothing to do with Mao Zedong who was responsible for over 40 million deaths, or Stalin, who cost over 20 million people their lives, Hitler, Mussolini, Kim Il Sung – I could keep going, but as I said

      unrelated to the two kids on their bikes.

  6. It’s Charlottesville without the pinpoint driving and btw where is Al Sharpton and the rest of the lib outrage at this trash couple who thought it just peachy to run over two bicyclists? Oh, wrong victims. Now here is a perfect case for the CCW. A few well-placed rounds and the garbage vehicle is scurrying away or off in a ditch with occupants in need of a Code 10-52. No one has to put up with being assaulted by a 2000 pound car operated by two 20 IQ idiots.

  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-wing_terrorism



    As of October 2019, the New America Foundation placed the number killed in terrorist attacks in the United States since 9/11 as follows: 111 killed in far-right attacks, 104 killed in jihadist terrorist attacks, 8 killed in black separatist/nationalist/supremacist attacks, and 8 killed in ideological misogyny/”incel” ideology attacks.[81] According to the Government Accountability Office of the United States, 73% of violent extremist incidents that resulted in deaths since September 12, 2001 were caused by right-wing extremist groups.[82][83]

    A 2019 report found that in 2018 50 people in the United States were killed in murders by domestic extremists (including both ideologically and non-ideologically motivated homicides). Of these killings, 78% were perpetrated by white supremacists, 16% by anti-government extremists, 4% by “incel” extremists, and 2% by domestic Islamist extremists.[84] Over the broader 2009 to 2018 time period, there were a total of 313 people in the United States killed by right-wing extremists (including both ideologically and non-ideologically motivated homicides), of which 76% were committed by white supremacists, 19% by anti-government extremists (including those affiliated with the militia, “sovereign citizen,” tax protester, and “Patriot” movements), 3% by “incel” extremists, 1% by anti-abortion extremists, and 1% by other right-wing extremists.[84]

    New America’s tally shows that 111 people have been killed in right-wing extremist attacks since 11 September 2001. Incidents causing death were the following:[81]

    (And there’s a nice table that lays out many of the incidents.)

    1. New America Foundation

      Betcha their accounting couldn’t withstand an audit.

      1. lower the bar to attemptes murder and aggravated assault and the left outnumbers the right since 2016. Joe Biden still hasn’t repudiated his endorsement of antifa. Antifa’s ability to forcibly impede peaceable traffic in Portland is incomprehensible.

  8. Speaking Truth to Power, Florida Edition
    Gregory Timm, 27, was charged with driving his van into a tent in Duval County Florida where local Republicans were registering voters on February 20. He told deputies he did not like President Donald Trump and that ‘someone had to take a stand,’ an arrest report revealed.

    The media reported that he was careful to make sure all the Republicans were outside the tent before he plowed into it, so maybe this one doesn’t count.

      1. Anonymouse:
        Cindy doesn’t deserve that trash from a custodian of it like you. My guess is you’d have no compunction about doing the same as our trash couple did here.

        1. Go blow, mespo, old buddy.

          “My guess is you’d have no compunction about doing the same as our trash couple did here.” -mespo, whose avatar isn’t anything like him

          And gee, “guess” what? Your guess is wrong. What they did is despicable.

  9. These two people should be run through our criminal justice system and pay whatever price is determined by our courts. That said:

    “In the United States, right-wing violence is on the rise”

    Wesley Lowery,
    Kimberly Kindy and
    Andrew Ba Tran

    November 25, 2018 at 8:05 p.m. CST



    As a Republican, Mitchell Adkins complained of feeling like an outcast at Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky. “Hardcore liberals” made fun of him, he wrote, and he faced “discrimination on a daily basis.” He soon dropped out and enrolled in trade school.

    But his simmering rage led him back to campus one morning in April 2017, when Adkins pulled out a machete in the campus coffee shop, demanded that patrons state their political affiliation and began slashing at Democrats.

    “There was never any ambiguity about why he did it,” said Tristan Reynolds, 22, a witness to the attack, which left two women injured.

    Over the past decade, attackers motivated by right-wing political ideologies have committed dozens of shootings, bombings and other acts of violence, far more than any other category of domestic extremist, according to a Washington Post analysis of data on global terrorism. While the data show a decades-long drop-off in violence by left-wing groups, violence by white supremacists and other far-right attackers has been on the rise since Barack Obama’s presidency — and has surged since President Trump took office.

    This year has been especially deadly.Just last month, 13 people died in two incidents: A Kentucky gunman attempted to enter a historically black church, police say, then shot and killed two black patrons in a nearby grocery store. And an anti-Semitic loner who had expressed anger about a caravan of Central American refugees that Trump termed an “invasion” has been charged with gunning down 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue, the deadliest act of anti-Semitic violence in U.S. history.

    And the article continues…

  10. Jonathan: No one should condone violence from either side of the political spectrum. The two individuals who allegedly tried to use a car to force two Trump supporters off the road should face the legal consequences of their act. Fortunately, it appears no one was injured. But to treat this incident as a “pattern” of “violence against conservatives and Republicans” is a stretch. When was the last time someone on the “left” killed or seriously injured a Trump supporter, conservative or Republican? Never that I can remember. That’s why the media hasn’t covered it. The recent spike in mass shootings and other terrorist acts have come from racist white nationalists encouraged by Trump. In 2017 a white neo-Nazi and white supremacist drove a car into a crowd of peaceful protesters in Charlottesville killing Heather Heyer and injuring 28. The incident in Indiana pales in comparison to what happened in Charlottesville! Funny you don’t mention this incident where a car was actually used to kill and injure. Last year the mass shootings at a Walmart in El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio, in which over 30 people were brutally murdered, were carried out by white nationalists and supporters of Donald Trump. In the El Paso massacre the shooter said he was motivated by a “Hispanic invasion”–a theme Trump harps on from the Oval Office and in campaign rallies. At his rallies Trump has encouraged violence against reporters and protesters. Trump’s 2016 campaign was driven by racism, sexism and anti-immigrant rhetoric. Last year Trump said about his supporters: “…I have the support of the Bikers for Trump–I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough–until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad”. If this is not incitement to violence what is? Trump has even gone so far as to suggest that immigrants trying to cross our southern border should be “shot” to deter them. This is the kind of “reckless rhetoric” and the violence in inspires you should condemn.

      1. About the shooter:

        Five Dallas Officers Were Killed as Payback, Police Chief Says



        He was a military veteran who had served in Afghanistan, and he kept an arsenal in his home that included bomb-making materials.

        The gunman turned a demonstration against fatal police shootings this week of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana from a peaceful march focused on violence committed by officers into a scene of chaos and bloodshed aimed against them.

        The shooting was the kind of retaliatory violence that people have feared through two years of protests around the country against deaths in police custody, forcing yet another wrenching shift in debates over race and criminal justice that had already deeply divided the nation.

        During the standoff, Mr. Johnson, who was black, told police negotiators that “he was upset about Black Lives Matter,” Chief Brown said. “He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people. The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

        Mr. Johnson, who lived in the Dallas area, served as a private in the Army Reserve from March 2009 to April 2015, according to records released by the Pentagon. He was listed as a carpentry and masonry specialist, and served in Afghanistan from November 2013 to July 2014.

        The sequence of events this week provoked anger and despair, dealing blows both to law enforcement and to peaceful critics of the police, who have fended off claims that the outcry over police shootings foments violence and puts officers’ lives in danger.

        “All I know is that this must stop, this divisiveness between our police and our citizens,” Chief Brown said.



        Chief Brown: “All I know is that this must stop, this divisiveness between our police and our citizens.”

        1. “…The gunman turned a demonstration against fatal police shootings this week of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana from a peaceful march focused on violence committed by officers into a scene of chaos and bloodshed aimed against them…”

          The writing of an ignorant, virtually illiterate meathead. 3rd grade level? To which “week of black men” do they refer? You know, the “week of black men in Minnesota,” not the “week of black men” in Oregon!

    1. “I can think of an example,” said House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.)
      Scalise was alluding to the Sanders supporter who in 2017 opened fire on a congressional Republican baseball practice, severely wounding the congressman and striking four others. The shooter had railed against President Trump and Republicans on social media and volunteered on Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign.

      WaPo February 20, 2020

    2. Someone should ask Charles Murray or Allison Stanger about the time they were attacked at Middlebury. Or wasn’t she injured badly enough?

    3. On the plus side, journalist Andy Ngo is pretty much healed from the beating inflicted by Antifa.
      “The cuts and bruising on my face have mostly healed,” Andy Ngo, an editor at the website Quillette, said during an interview Thursday. “The most serious injury to me was my brain in the course of the mob beating, so going forward I will be having various forms of neurophysical therapy and speech therapy to address some of the neurological challenges that I’ll be having.”

      The Portland Police Bureau have said three people were arrested in connection with the violent clashes that left Ngo and two other people hospitalized.

    4. The Dayton shooter was an Antifa guy, but we don’t really like to talk about that much. It’s all so . . . complicated.

      A Twitter account that appears to belong to Dayton shooter Connor Betts retweeted extreme left-wing and anti-police posts as well as tweets supporting the violent protest group Antifa.

      The most recent tweet on the @iamthespookster account was on Aug. 3, the day of the shooting, when he retweeted a post saying, “Millenials have a message for the Joe Biden generation: hurry up and die.” He also retweeted support for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

    5. Speaking Truth to Power, Florida Edition
      Gregory Timm, 27, was charged with driving his van into a tent in Duval County Florida where local Republicans were registering voters on February 20. He told deputies he did not like President Donald Trump and that ‘someone had to take a stand,’ an arrest report revealed.

      The media reported that he was careful to make sure all the Republicans were outside the tent before he plowed into it, so maybe this one doesn’t count.

  11. You should review the videos by O’Keefe of Bernie Sanders campaign staffers.

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