Richard Grenell Achieves A Historic Milestone As Acting Director Of National Intelligence

There has been considerable controversy over the qualifications of Richard Grenell in assuming his post as acting Director of National Intelligence. There are legitimate concerns that his background, which includes being ambassador to Germany, is light on intelligence experience. However, there is one aspect of the nomination that has received little attention. Grenell is now the highest appointment of an openly gay official. I am not usually inclined to emphasize such identity issues in appointments, which should be based on the merits of the background and talents of an individual. However, it is remarkable for someone who have been working in and around the intelligence system for decades. When I first joined the National Security Agency (NSA) as a lowly intern during the Reagan Administration, many of the questions and much of the investigation concerned possible homosexuality. The testing also seemed to be directed at whether there were any homosexuality tendencies. At the time, I thought it was ridiculous and discriminatory, but the NSA and other intelligence operations justified the exclusion on the basis that it could be used as blackmail. However, it was also clear that an openly gay individual would not be given a position. Now, the Director of National Intelligence (who is a member of the Cabinet) Grenell, 53 will be an openly gay man. That is something that we can all celebrate as a great moment for the country.

The prejudice against gay and lesbian Americans cost this country dearly in its betrayal of our constitutional principles as well as the loss of talented and patriotic public servants. Those who did serve in the military and intelligence fields were subjected to continual threat of removal and even prosecution.

As a liberal kid from Chicago, I remember being shocked by how many questions were directed at homosexuality tendencies, including the standard polygraph and psychological testing questions. The entire logic of the effort seemed based on circular logic. The intelligence services insisted that they could not allow gays and lesbians to serve because they could be blackmailed. However, they could be blackmailed because we had made their status unlawful. Back then, many states still made homosexual relations as a crime. In 1986, the Supreme Court reaffirmed these laws in Bowers v. Hardwick, in a 5–4 ruling. It found that Georgia’s anti-sodomy law was constitutional. At the time I was applying to the United States Supreme Court for a clerkship to follow my planned clerkship on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. I was very upset by the ruling and got into hot water with some at my law school by withdrawing my applications form the five justices who voted to affirm. I think it was Justice Stevens’ chamber that flagged the issue with the faculty. I was told that the expectation was that law students would apply to all chambers. I refused.

Of course, in 1998, the Supreme Court finally overturned the Bowers decision and has now embraced same-sex marriage as constitutionally protected, though the grounds for that decision remains controversial.

Ironically, even the fierce debate of Grenell’s qualification is a welcomed moment for those of us who long opposed the discrimination against homosexuals and bisexuals in government. The fact that his openly gay relationship barely warrants mention is itself a great advance. The debate legitimately is focused on his qualifications not his orientation.

The Senate is likely to confirm Grenell but he will have to make his own case that he is not just someone selected for his staunch support for Trump (who was reportedly enraged by the sharing of intelligence suggesting that Russia was intervening in the 2020 election to help reelect him). In addition to his position as our envoy to Germany, Grenell served as spokesman to our United Nations mission. He received his B.A. in Government and Public Administration from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri and his master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University‘s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Harvey Milk was declared “Hope will never be silent.” It was a call for all to be open about their sexuality and to demand equality as their right as American citizens. In another historic moment (given the same long discrimination in the military against gay and lesbian service members), the Navy recently announced the building of the USNS Harvey Milk. Milk served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War on the submarine rescue ship USS Kittiwake (ASR-13).  He was given an honorable discharge, but he would have been tossed out the service if he was openly gay at the time.

As this confirmation fight plays out, some of us can take great satisfaction (and Grenell can take great pride) in the fact that the head of the national intelligence is now an openly gay man . . . and few people really seem to care.

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    1. will WANG QISHAN go too? He’s old, he will end up in the garbage one way or another

      Premier Li Keqiang has taken charge of Wuhan operation–

      (Xi has set him up as a scapegoat?
      Only way he survives, may be to expose Xi! but i wont hold my breath.
      He’s probably in charge of destroying the evidence of BW operations before it leaks!)

      The den of vipers is surely seething, stay tuned!

      This story from 2015 has excellent backstory on these factions

    2. The problem is that China was caught lying during yet another outbreak. It did not learn its lesson from SARS. So whatever theory gets proposed, we can no longer take China’s word for it if they deny it. Zoonotic disease from an unhygienic live animal market? Escapee from their BSL4? Poor lab safety protocol leading to a sick lab worker? Engineered? Who knows? If China denies it, people will truthfully point out that they also hid this outbreak for a number of weeks, and were untruthful about several key matters. They lost their credibility, which fans the flame of imagination. There are several very interesting segments of this viral DNA that has perked some ears up. Ancient retrovirus fragments? Shared family tree between wildly different viral environments? It is a viral evolution paper in the making.

      1. As for Feb 15, 2020:

        CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 29 million flu illnesses, 280,000 hospitalizations and 16,000 deaths from flu.

        The highest rate of hospitalization is among adults aged ≥65, followed by children aged 0-4 years and adults aged 50-64 years.

        If you are over 65 years of age, you should be paying attention to your personal health in America, particularly if you are obese, have hypertension, heart disease, heart failure, Type 2 Diabetes and other comorbid conditions.

        Forget the Chinese. Fixate on you

  1. Paul C. Schulte,
    The first paragraph from my post was from a “Phoenix Memories” type of page.
    The Squeeze Box was apparently fairly close to the airport; the guys at the hotel bar, some local, often seemed to go back and forth during the evenings.
    This would have been in the mid- 1990s, and the name of the strip club was memorable.

    1. Anonymous – there are several strip clubs near the airport, however that name or any name does not ring a bell.

  2. Grenell Has Odd Ties To Hungarian Regime, And Other Foreign Leaders Of Dudious Caliber 

    Grenell’s public relations firm was paid to do work for a U.S. nonprofit funded almost entirely by the Hungarian government led by far-right Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

    Grenell’s public relations consulting and foreign policy commentary, as well as his reputation as a vocal loyalist of Trump’s, are part of an unusual résumé for a leader of the U.S. intelligence community, a job Grenell assumed last week when Trump named him acting director of national intelligence. Individuals who have served in that position typically have been nonpartisan national security professionals whose experience has included leading intelligence agencies or service in the military.

    Now that promotion is drawing fresh scrutiny to Grenell’s past, including his foreign affairs commentary and consulting work after he served as U.S. spokesman at the United Nations during the George W. Bush administration. His work for the Hungarian-funded nonprofit is the type of activity that, in other cases, has drawn the attention of Justice Department investigators tasked with enforcing the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), according to two lawyers who specialize in that law. There is no indication that the Justice Department is looking into Grenell’s activities.

    Edited From: “Richard Grenell’s Paid Consulting Included Work For U.S. Nonprofit Funded Mostly By Hungary”

    Today’s Washington Post 


    Strangely Grenell’s career bears similarities to Paul Manafort’s.

    1. boring and irrelevant

      here’s what’s relevant

      3rd biggest stock market drop in history today, iran and italy have outbreaks, situation worsens, communist continue to lie, you’re talking about Grendell’s ties to Hungary? you’re out of touch, sir!

        1. its a HELL OF A BIG what about. so.

          you focus every day on trifles as massive events unfold. amazing focus. you should be a paid propagandist. i doubt that you are but if you’re not, print this message and you can put it in your scrapbook when you apply


          or you might try sales. advertising and propaganda are basically the same thing anyways.

          (if you get the job just hope bernie doesnt win cuz then he’.ll take it away!)

      1. Big drop in the markets today, certainly. I tend to look at markets as being driven in a leading sense by momentum (bones) and relative strength (pulse)…markets are coasting more on momentum than relative strength these days, so it just takes a price shock event to send them reeling. CV provided it. Even the grains in Chicago got chopped today, not as much as Mad Cow did, but the shock is young, we shall see…

        Bannon’s got his finger on something, epidemiology has to step up and the Chinese have to open the doors certainly. Pooled research and triage is always the answer. But the longer Bannon talks (about anything) I tend to tune him out. Maybe it’s just me. Can’t help it though.

      2. Quarantine. Quarantine. Quarantine. The length of an outbreak is correlated with the quality of the quarantine protocol.

        Covid-19 is not the worst disease possible. We need to use this time to hone our response, and give aid where it’s needed to save lives.

        Have the appropriate quarantine facilities constructed. Ensure transport of infectious patients is perfected. Optimize epidemic tracking software. Quarantine all positive patients in care facilities. Quarantine everyone they came in contact with during infectious periods in quarantine facilities, separated from each other, for the entire incubation period plus a few days. Do we have enough BSL4s here? Pruned out any flaws in our own system?

        The cruise ship was an example of the worst quarantine idea possible. It allowed passengers to mingle with each other. Infected staff could contaminate room to room. Treatment not available. The contagion spread to most of the passengers.

        And then, if they got sick, they had to be transported long distances to receive care. Does anyone feel like traveling when they are ill?

        We should have retrieved our people, and quarantined and treated them ourselves. We have a responsibility to our citizens.

        It is a shame that China felt too threatened to accept our help. They probably had a legitimate concern that it would reveal their lapses in care, dissembling, denials. We could have signed non disclosure agreements, and not disclosed embarrassing information. It would be inappropriate on a humanitarian mission. What was most important was helping stop the outbreak, and treat patients. I will say that it was pleasing that the virus was posted online for study.

        1. Dear Karen: you are aware, aren’t you, that der fuehrer dismantled the rapid response team at the CDC over 2 years ago? We could have been prepared to deal with this crisis, but now we’ll have to start from scratch, relying on whatever crumbs of data China chooses to release, trying to assemble a team of people qualified to make the best decisions, organizing assets, coming up with protocols, etc.. People will die. It will be Trump’s fault.

          Wait, I know the answer to this question: Fox News didn’t tell you that, did they? But, I’m sure it’s all Obama’s and Hillary’s fault.

    2. There is nothing wrong with doing consulting work for Hungary. They are one of our allies.

  3. You want National Intelligence?

    How ’bout Global Brilliance?

    It’s President Donald J. Trump’s quiet effort to form a defacto South Asia Treaty Organization (SATO) with 1.3 billion Indians who don’t shy away from, are in the face of and are squatting on the border with the despotic, dictatorial, savage and brutal communists in China.

    I wonder what the tyrant She (xi) says, right about now! She should be “With Her” and the fraud and empty-suit, communisty-organizer Obongo as they and the rest of the rats scurry for cover. There’s a new Sheriff in town and he has 1.3 billion brand new deputies.



  4. Trump needs a loyal DNI especially since Clapper, the Obama DNI, was thick as thieves with ex CIA capo Brennan on the coup to cancel the 2016 election.

    So if he thinks Grenell is loyal, first and foremost, GOOD

    I suspect Pompeo knows plenty of people in the spook business who are loyal too. Don’t think there is only just one faction in the “Deep State” certainly not anymore.

  5. Turley’s look over here distraction is really out there even for Turley. Not even Moscow Mitch would be able to get this guy approved for DNI. He’s there only to purge anybody that does not kiss the ass of the Chosen One. Period. The fact that Turley throws out his sexual preference in such a matter, and not the fact that Grenell is not or ever be qualified for the position, should say volumes. Trump had a “acting” AG in the same way, another that had no right even getting close to such a position, that guy and this guy are temps only.

    1. Of course he’s qualified – the position is that of an Administrator, not an Intel agent. His job doesn’t involve ferreting out Intel through contact with sources .. His appointment is Temporary and limited by statute. He is more qualified than most of his predecessors.

      1. How on earth can you lead agencies when you aren’t familiar with what they do, how they do it, their strengths, weaknesses, interactions, their needs, and the other myriad details on how intel is obtained and handled? That’s like a non-physician trying to manage a suite of operating rooms.

        1. Natch,
          Your knee-pads are stained and well worn from kneeling at the likes of Barack Obama in spite of the Chosen One not being “familiar with what they do, how they do it, their strengths, weaknesses, interactions, their needs, and the other myriad details on how to be a US President

          Big yawn, sister….big big yawn

  6. There are legitimate concerns that his background, which includes being ambassador to Germany, is light on intelligence experience.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. Mr. not wittingly James Clapper lied to Congress about spying on Americans and Mr. forked tongue John Brennan lied to Congress about the Steele dossier. Both have had lengthy careers within the intelligence community. The DNI has 17 intelligence agencies and support organizations staffed by experienced intelligence professionals, all of which provide the director with intel for the PDB. After what we’ve been through over the last decade or so, it would seem that the #1 qualification for the DNI is to be committed to the truth. Coming in a close #2 would be to ensure the President is provided the truth from the intel community. If Grenell can accomplish those 2 things at a minimum, he will have accomplished a lot.

    1. #1. Being committed to the truth in the Trump administration does not exist. #2. Trump gets anyone to go after Trump’s personal or political enemies should be a job qualification.

      1. Well FishWings, I gave you two documented examples of lying intel professionals within the Obama administration and your TDS prevented you from acknowledging the obvious fact that both truth and weaponization of the intel agencies preceded the Trump’s administration. Until you can come to grips with those facts, then your contributions are worthless in these threads.

  7. This is a non-issue. Homosexuals were banned from national intelligence positions when Turley was an intern – which would be what, 30-40 years ago? Now gay white men are highly privileged. Who other than a gay white male could possibly think that being the mayor of South Bend, IN qualifies him to be president of the United States? And liberals approving of tranny males taking over women’s sports and pushing young women out scholarship opportunities is the pinnacle of entitlement.

    1. Harvey milk was a predator with a predilection for under age teenage drug abusers.
      The approval of Mr. Milk’s sexual preferences as “homosexual” while leaving out the pedophile/pederasty portion is disingenuous at the very least.
      Yay.. the navy now has the US pedophile… I wonder if they will allow sailors to refuse to serve on such a disgrace.
      Could they not find a homosexual sailor that served honorably and didn’t diddle kids?

  8. Grenell’s experience in intelligence isn’t “light’. It’s nonexistent. His sole qualification for the position is that he will do whatever der fuehrer tells him to do, especially in regard to burying and/or lying about Russia’s attacks on the 2020 election. Why do you think Joseph Maguire was fired? He briefed the Intelligence Committee on Russia’s interference, which pissed off Trump severely. Grenell will probably command intelligence people to stop investigating and creating evidence that could be leaked. We can’t have the truth being told because the truth is that Russia is helping Trump cheat. Again. Because Trump, like the little scared bitch he is, can’t stand to lose, and he’s never captured support from even 1/2 of Americans. Why do you think Russians are trying to help Bernie Sanders get the nomination? Because they believe he is unelectable, and Trump is scared to death of Bloomberg, Biden and Buttigieg. Trump is a coward and cheater. Appointing Grennell is part of the scheme. Who cares whether he’s gay?

    Then, there’s Moscow Mitch McConnell, who won’t allow any of the election security bills be called for a vote. All part of the scheme, too.

    1. “Trump is scared to death of Bloomberg, Biden and Buttigieg.” Hmmmm, Bloomberg, yes. The other two, not a chance.

      1. Bloomberg? Uh, no. Most progressive Democrats can’t stand that Bloomie is swooping in to buy the nomination. Bernie supporters would stay home or vote Trump before they ever vote for Bloomie. Buttboy Mayor? He’s got a huge problem with black support and minority support. They won’t back him. It’s actually candidate Bernie who Trump should not underestimate.

        1. Bloomberg just might be the great unifier. You know, when times seem like people can’t agree on anything, they can agree they don’t like Bloomberg. Farmers don’t like them because he said farming was so easy, he could teach people how to do it. Anyone who opposes late term abortion won’t like his extremist position. Henry Fu supporters won’t like that the DNC disallowed Fu for not meeting fundraising goals, but changed the rules for Bloomberg. Bernier supporters won’t like him because he’s rich and he landed some hits on the wealthy socialist. Republicans won’t want him because he’s Democrat. People on the fence won’t see the need to replace one NY millionaire with another when people are better off now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. African Americans won’t want him because of his profiling statements.

          They should make t-shirts: At least we all agree, no Bloomberg!

          I love to find common ground. Gives hope that we can all get along.

          And I absolutely agree about not underestimating Bernie. Trump was not expected to win, either. It’s an open game.

          1. Karen: you are so stupid, primarily because you are immune to facts. Polls showed Hillary winning the popular vote, which she did. Pollsters didn’t know and couldn’t know that Russia was helping Trump cheat, just like it’s doing now. Pollsters didn’t know that Russians were manipulating social media to tell lies about Hillary Clinton, but not everywhere–only where it could sway the Electoral College. They were directed on where these precincts were by Trump’s campaign, based on insider polling. You have no point by claiming that polls can be wrong. Polls weren’t wrong in 2016–Hillary won the popular vote. By cheating with Russia’s help, Trump got the Electoral College. Pollsters couldn’t have taken this cheating into account. He’s never captured the support of even 1/2 of Americans.

            The only reason Fox News is promoting Bernie is because they believe he can’t win a general election. When you speak about Bloomberg, there is no “we” here. Being a true Trump disciple, your views are extremist. Bloomberg is truly a self-made billionaire who didn’t cheat contractors, who doesn’t lie constantly, who doesn’t brag about assaulting women, and who does unify people. You are bashing him because Trump is afraid of him. Your criticisms of Bloomberg pale in comparison to Trump’s personal faults, mental illness, inability to create an agenda and organize a team to implement it and lack of success. The economy is doing well primarily because of Barak Obama, not Trump.

    2. he was an ambassador and spokesman to UN mission

      ambassador to major ally with lots of intelligence operations going on inside the house

      ever heard of “diplomatic cover?” ambassadors necessarily are versed in intelligence operations

      this is a red herring

      also,. when you need to clean house you don’t pick a cleaner who already lives in the pigsty and like the rest of the dwellers, has a proven record of incompetence at it

    3. Trump is a leader alright. you can mock Germans all you like but leadership is key to social success.

    4. When you post stuff, natacha, people with computers – including a few of us fellow commenters – can fact check you. I’m sorry if that is news to you.

    5. Natacha says — “he’s never captured support from even 1/2 of Americans.”

      Guess what? Trump’s approval numbers are the same as Obama’s were at the same time in his presidency. Keep in mind that Obama had constant 95% positive press coverage, the adulation and sucking up of Hollywood and most of the sycophants in the main stream media, and Obama the first half black POTUS could do no wrong.

      While Trump has gotten dissed by Hollywood, dissed and sabotaged by the media and the Democrats, and dissed with 95% negative coverage since election day. Imagine that. Natacha, Honey, Trump is way more popular than you think.

      1. Obama, and other POTUSs, for that matter, never had 3+ years worth of consistently less than 50% approval ratings. You and Fox keep whining about negative press coverage. The press tells the truth about Trump–he is unfit to serve. His is the most chaotic administration in U.S. History. Trump is willfully ignorant–doesn’t know how US government works, and doesn’t care. He has a short attention span, and believes that every agency and employee of the US government works for him and that their job is to kiss is big fat ass and make him look good. He can’t handle news conferences, so there aren’t any. He constantly lies. He is petty and vindictive. When the media report these things, that is not biased reporting–it is the truth. He is shockingly ignorant and unable to lead. Just yesterday, he accused Adam Schiff of leaking the 2020 intel report about Russia helping him to cheat to win, again, but he has no evidence. So, he responds to the truth of current Russian interference by firing Joseph Magure and hiring an unqualified sycophant toadie who will cover up this truth. Saying that Grenell isn’t qualified is not an attack–it is the truth. He has no intel experience. Saying that his main qualification for the job is that he is a suck-up brown nose syncophant isn’t an attack–it is the truth.

        Obama did wonders. He inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, and turned it around. Obama’s job creation and GDP numbers are higher than Trump’s. Trump repeatedly lied about these things during the SOTU speech. He also took credit for the fact that America is energy-independent, which is an accomplishment of Obama’s not Trump. The current economy is due more to Obama’s work than Trump’s.

        You are wrong–Trump is way more unpopular than you think. What other POTUS had massive demonstrations against him all over the country after his cheating got him into the White House? What other POTUS has been the laughingstock of other world leaders? How many previous POTUSs were impeached? A majority of Americans believe he was guilty, and want him gone.

    6. “Why do you think the Russians are trying to help Sanders win the nomination?”.
      So if Sanders does get nominated and beats Trump, will Natacha endlessly rail that “Bernie cheated to get elected president”?

  9. But you know, on the bright side, now every time Grenell says something, the Republicans can say, for example, ” 17 intelligence agencies said there was no Russian collusion!”

    Because that is what the Dems and that debate narrator did. They “17 intelligence agencied” us to pieces in 2016. When all the time it wasn’t nothing but the one Democrat at the top saying it.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. No, on the bright side, nobody can disagree with the gay dude. Because that would make them a homophobe. So Trump can feed any message he wants thru gay dude, and that’s that. Anyone who questions it will be tarred and feathered and run out of town with a scarlet “H” burned into their forehead.

  10. Ha, Ha, Ha, Liberals, Grenell Is Gay.  

    So You Cant Criticize

    Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na..!!

    This column is ridiculous.  Grendel’s predecessor, Joseph Maguire, was a Navy Seal and Rear Admiral highly qualified to serve as National Intelligence Cheif.  Richard Grenell, by contrast, has only the lightest qualifications and intends to keep serving as Ambassador to Germany.

    It is obvious to everyone in The Beltway that this shake-up was intended to deter anyone in the administration from reporting negative news regarding Vladimir Putin and, or Russia.  Yet Professor Turley wants us to believe this appointment is a great leap forward in civil rights.  

    I strongly suspect that Donald Trump was not even aware Grenell is gay.  Instead Trump just heard that Grenell is loyal and thoroughly vetted by Fox News.

    1. a) trump has a record of not caring about somebody’s gayness so yeah he may not know

      b) trump would be fool to allow on anybody in a senior intelligence position who may be tained by association with overt coup plotter former cia head john brennan.

    2. There’s actually a gay bar in San Fran named the “Rear Admiral,” so maybe someone thought Maguire was gay as well, lol.

      1. DC will soon be a gay bar

        it’s time to reprise the viking kittens viral hit of several years back

        1. Squeeky – there used to be a gay bar in Phoenix called the Ramrod. I don’t know how much was wishful thinking. 😉

          1. On the north side of Thomas Mall was a Howard Johnsons which was a popular high school hang-out for us in the 70s, one of the first McDonalds in the valley, and a strip joint (still there, I think) which has gone through numerous name changes – at the time, I think it was the “Squeeze Box” where I briefly worked as a parking-lot attendant after high school (not allowed inside, however, as I was still under the legal drinking age (back then, 19 years.)

            Paul C. Schulte,
            I was in Phoenix on business in the 1990s; guys in the hotel lounge would mention heading on over to “The Squeeze Box”.
            Apparently not for accordian music.

            1. Anonymous – don’t remember the Squeeze Box, but I lived in Tempe. Rarely got to the Thomas Mall area.

        2. I worked as a valet for an Italian restaurant in the late 70’s in Minneapolis. They shared a parking lot with a gay bar that had a “private” entrance from this parking lot they called the Rear Entry.

  11. Well I’m sure Bernie and the Dems will condemn the President for being a complete failure as a homophobe!!😊
    He is also a miserable excuse for a xenophobe (he married an immigrant), a racist (he integrated Palm Beach country club and is freeing black felons from prison), a white supremacist ( half of his family is Jewish). What a “loser” LOL.!!

    1. So, you’re denying that Trump called Mexicans: “murderers, rapists, criminals, animals, vermin and breeders? Xenophobia is fear and hatred of people who are different, like the brown people that Trump calls names and has suggested should be shot for trying to enter the U.S.. Melania is Caucasian, and also subservient. She nothing more than arm candy, an accessory to make the fat slob with a bad comb over look good, and he has cheated on her, too. I don’t know whether Trump is a homophobe, but Grenell’s appointment is due to his being an absolute syncophant, not a gesture of proof that Trump accepts gay people. He has insulted gay women, such as Rosie O’Donnell. What “black felons” is Trump “freeing” from prison?

      And, no, Cindy, “HALF” of Trump’s “family” is not Jewish., only dumb little Ivanka, and she is a convert because Jared wouldn’t marry her unless she converted. Did you forget that he has 4 other children? Which of them are Jewish?

      As to White Supremacist ideology, he praised the Nazi White Supremacists as “good people” after they murdered Heather Heyer.

      1. Natch, if you know much at all about Judaism, you know that conversion is an arduous process and test of sincerity. It is intended to discourage false or casual converts. Feel free to educate yourself before you further slander Ivanka.

        1. How do you “test” the sincerity of a bottle blonde with silicone boobs who wants to marry a Jew who won’t have her unless she converts? Even her appearance is insincere. You don’t think the Kirschners might have a little sway with the local rabbi? Is the Trump family known for being religious people?

          1. Ivanka is a lovely woman with a distinguished resume in private and public service.

            I am sure there are a lot of women who dye their hair and have implants who are worthy people. Unlike you I won’t demean women for attempting to enhance their looks.

            Also. Donald Trump is a Presbyterian.

            I don’t have much information about the Kirschners but unlike you I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

            Now I recommend you educate yourself about the process of conversion to Judaism before you make a fool of yourself by even more attempting to speak of what you clearly don’t know.

            You need not thank me for my kindly advice; and indeed I know that you will not.

            1. Ivanka is a lovely woman with a distinguished resume in private and public service.

              Ivanka is intelligent, attractive, wealthy, and married with children. All things that Natacha will never be. Thus the rage.

              1. TIA only complains about “bottle blonds” when they’re not Repugs.

                And, oh, yes, what is a woman if she isn’t married, with children.

            2. Ivanka is a dumb bottle blondie who has lived a life of privilege. She has no accomplishments that her daddy didn’t pay for. Just like her step mother, she’s all about appearances instead of substance, hence the bleached hair, implants and green contacts to hide her dark brown eyes. She’s pretending to be a real blonde instead of the brunette with brown eyes she really is. In Trump World, shallow and stupid are the norm for women. Fake blondes are preferred.

              What exactly is her “resume”? Senior White House Advisor? Do you think anyone on earth believes she has any talent or brings any skills or relevant experience to the job? What about her line of clothes? Do you think she actually sat down and designed anything, as opposed to approving designs by people who do have talent? When she goes to high level meetings, people ignore her. There is video of people walking away from her while she is talking to them.

              You should look into the Kirschners. Jared’s daddy is a convicted felon. The Kirschner companies borrow money from Saudi Arabians, which is one reason the Trump “administration” won’t condemn MBS for the brutal murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi.

              No, I don’t believe that Ivanka is a sincere person of faith, and yes, I do believe that there are different rules for the well-connected.

              1. Again the loathsome slanderer calls Ivanka a “bottle blonde”…. second day a in row

                apparently she can’t handle dye jobs. Jealous much?

                $10 your hair is grey. A young leftist would not make these stupid remarks. Young people like to color their hair these days. I see purple and all sorts of odd colors. I don’t judge these folks., How about you live and let live where hair color is concerned?

                1. Kurtz: I’m sure you don’t know much about the psychology behind fake blonde hair. Dr. Joyce Brothers (a blast from the past) wrote and spoke about it. Here’s the thing: women with yellow hair, natural or otherwise, aren’t necessarily more physically attractive than women with darker hair color. Examples: Hedy Lamarr, Elizabeth Taylor, Gene Tierney, Vivien Leigh, Rita Hayworth. Marilyn Monroe looked better with her natural strawberry blonde and curly hair. So, why do gentlemen prefer blondes? According to Dr. Brothers, it appeals to latent pedophilic tendencies. See, only very young children or albinos have the very light pastel yellow shade of hair, but as they age, their hair color naturally gets darker. Women who bleach their hair don’t look more attractive as fake blondes because oftentimes their natural skin tones next to that stripper type fake blonde hair brings out the yellow and tan tones in their skin and they even look jaundiced, especially if they have dark eyes. Sometimes, their hair looks fried, like Kellyanne’s . So, the fake blondie thing is done to appeal to latent pedophilia in men, according to a psychologist. I don’t respect that. Coloring gray hair is different altogether.

                1. TIA on TDS. She/he has found a little space where s/he’s accepted. (Raskin is playing with s-puppets.)

          2. Natacha — word is that Ivanka’s boobs are real. Along with being beautiful, intelligent, kind and lovely, she has a nice rack too. She’s the whole package ain’t she? Just wait till Ivanka becomes the first woman president of the USA. Whoa, baby, right? Right.

        1. Cindy’s a bully, when she’s not playing the sycophant. She’s learned from her “friends” on the blog.

          1. Learned??? I’ll say! Cindy ordered my complete course of “How to Intimidate Liberals, Leftists, and Other Loons For Fun and Money” and she whizzed thru the entire course in nothing flat! She even ordered the optional cassette tapes.

            Now, she is enrolled in my “Advanced Trolling Techniques” series! I wish all my students were as quick and as motivated as Cindy!

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

  12. How many myths about Trump continue to be debunked. 3 African American UCLA basketball players get caught stealing in China with the possibility of spending years in prison and Trump gets them out in 3 days. Not exactly your George Wallace standing on the steps of the U of Alabama in 1963.
    On the other hand white student Otto W gets caught in N Korea stealing and Obama can’t help him? Who’s the racist in this picture? I believe Obama and John Kerry were just inept, but maybe if they would have offered Kim 150 billion in the dead of night….

  13. Actually, the practices of then and now are irrelevant. There was good reason for keeping homosexuals out of classified roles because THEY had been blackmailed. Until very recently, homosexuality was considered to be a deviancy and practicing homosexuals could be easily compromised. The Soviets were famous for using sex as a means of compromising military and civilian personnel, both hetero and homo. (By the way, what, exactly, is an “intern” with the NSA, and agency that depends heavily on the military for it’s listening operations?)

  14. WOW, now we can be repressed by an openly gay man. What a wonderful achievement for the USGinc!

    This is called a psy-op. The IC has been openly courting “liberals” or “libertarians” who think they are very enlightened because they support rights for the LBGT community in the IC. These are the same “liberals” and “libertarians” who thought they were superior and enlightened for supporting a war criminal president who was black! YEAH, he’s a black war criminal killing civilians and waging war across the globe. Isn’t that great!

    It is necessary to get such people on your side so that you can commit atrocities and they will not only support you, they will be self-congratulatory about supporting the commission of your atrocities.

    No person should fall for that psy-op. It has always been the case that both good and evil people come in every color, gender, orientation, religious or non religious affiliation, etc. The IC and USGinc. regularly makes alliances with groups which behead people from the LBGT community. Tell me again how that is being supportive of the rights and dignity of all people?

    USGinc. and it’s IC masters use sexual blackmail against those who might oppose them. How is that being supportive of the rights of all people?

    Identity politics results in the unthinking congratulation of illegal atrocities against ordinary people. These atrocities are aimed at everyone, regardless of how they identify, unless one is in a select group of extremely powerful people. No person should be discriminated against because they are LBGT. That is why the IC should never be celebrated. It has a selective view of the rights of LBGT people. O.K. if you are powerful enough (or lackey enough to the powerful) and the rest of the LBGT community can be beheaded.

    1. Well Jill, don’t get too overheated about these things. Honeypots have been in action since Delilah took down Samson, which was generations after Rahab the sex worker helped Joshua infiltrate Jerhico prior to God crashing down the walls and the Hebrews slaughtering every “man woman, child, and beast of the field”

      Moreover ever since the first shaman uttered a curse on his rivals, back into the mists of prehistory, long before Abraham took his goats out of Ur, we have had psyops, too

  15. All I can say is ewww! All those “liberal tendencies” have resulted in millions dead and dying of HIV. Drag queen story hours for kiddies at public libraries. Men getting into womens’ sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms. A failure of America to reproduce itself. The destruction of the Roman Catholic Church as a properly functioning institution. The destruction of the Boy Scouts of America.

    All of this so some dude can put his weenie into some other dude’s rear end without feeling bad about it.

    Society has the right to choose which practices it wishes to condemn and this conduct should be condemned and discouraged. I tend to believe that homosexual males are “born” that way and we should not be mean to them, but neither should we act like what they do is “normal” because they made be “born” that way. People are born with autism and mental retardation and we do not feel pressured to act like those conditions are normal. Same with homosexuality,

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. For nearly a century, homosexuality was classified by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder. After homos rioted at Stonewall and protested the shrink’s conventions, in 1973 the APA finally succumbed to the organized pressure campaign and changed its position. It suddenly decided homosexuality was no longer a mental disorder. No new studies were cited to legitimize the change. The shrink’s board merely “voted” the mental disorder away.

      1. Absolutely right. The APA is one of those Flying Spaghetti Monsters of the Left – an imaginary thing that is all knowing and all powerful. I love it when they cite the APA. The APA is an artificial being, a legal fiction – just like Exxon, or Bob’s Painting Shop, Inc.

        It is composed of human beings and their opinion about what is weird and abnormal is no better than anybody else’s on “large” macro deviancies like same-sex sex. There is no special education or special knowledge that makes their opinion any better than mine on something like that. Now in Physics or Engineering, there is a body of specialized knowledge on some things. But unless you are talking about something micro like diagnosing bi-polar from borderline, and even that is suspect IMHO, then the “APA’s” opinion is like “Nestle’s says homosexuality is normal!” or “Toys’R Us” says that transgenderism is a real thing. Meaningless.

        But, the Left loves them some “authority”. Give somebody a college degree and they will slobber all over themselves to believe them.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  16. What I find amusing is that the usual suspects are shocked…SHOCKED…that the president appointed a “loyalist” to the position. After the last three years, who should he have appointed — Adam Schiff??

    Also, the Democrats will have to remove homophobic from their campaign speeches phobic list.

    1. Dear Al O’Heem – you must be quite the gardener, with all the dirt you so gleefully dig up! Instead of trying to sow such a horrible crop as stinging nettle, you’d be much better served to plant a more worthwhile crop like perennial Asian pears or nutrient rich kale, which may not be mainstream, but have tremendous value nonetheless!

      1. Ms. McKinley:

        I apologize for the Propublica article. Mr.Grenell is an exceptionally qualified individual who will only have our legitimate national interests in mind while flawlessly executing the duties of his position.

    2. “Plahotniuc love.” -Al

      Good one. And thanks for drawing attention to the very good ProPublica article.

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