God-Fearing and Virus-Inviting: Religious Figures In Iran and South Korea Under Fire For Spread of The Coronavirus

The head of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Lee Man-hee this week held a press conference to apologize for the spread of the coronavirus that has been traced to his controversial sect. It was a remarkable moment for a man who claimed to be second coming of Jesus Christ. In Iran, where the virus is exploding, the Muslim leaders are neither apologetic nor deterred in refusing to curtail religious demonstrations, including the licking of religious sites and icons by Muslims. Muslims interviewed insist that their faith protected them, which further expands the growing body of God-fearing, virus-inviting patients for health experts.

Despite saying that he is divine, Lee says that they could not control the virus which has sickened 4,335 confirmed cases from his sect. He promised to take 144,000 people to heaven but presumably this was not the path.

In the meantime, health officials are shocked not only by the refusal of Muslim leaders to curtail demonstrations and gatherings, but pictures of the continued practice of Muslims to lick items and structures at Islamic shrines.

In another video, people encourage and applaud a child who licked Islamic objects. It is not surprising that Iran has the second highest rate of the virus outside of China.

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  1. Iran seems determined to earn the world’s first national Darwin award. Persisting in a nuclear arms race, firing missiles at US installations in Iraq, and harassing British-flagged vessels in the Persian Gulf were the first signs of suicidal ideation. But insisting that pious Muslims must assemble in lage crowd while licking idols others have licked, then go home to share viruses someone else shared left on their saliva, all while spouting off about how they’re going to kill us is conclusive evidence of a death wish.

  2. God, the Creator, the Almighty, the All That Is, has been forgotten by Joe Biden and reduced to being called “the Thing” !! In his latest show of cognitive decline at a campaign event Biden actually said, “We hold these truths to be self evident. All men and women created by the, you know, you know, the thing.”

      1. Haha. The Dem primary will be a choice between ‘Weekend At Bernie’s Summer Camp’ and Joe ‘The Thing’ Biden.

        1. And the Republicans have Donald Trump: “We are one movement. One people. One family. One country.”

          1. But of course ‘Weekend At Bernie’s Summer Camp’ keep saying: “Donald Trump is trying to divide us.”

            Uh, no Bernie, he’s not.

        2. Dems get a choice between Joe Biden, who forgot the first line in the Declaration of Independence, and a hardcore Socialist who will destroy the economy. Good times.

          1. As Trump said, if Joe Biden gets elected they will just prop him up in a home and let the crazy left radicals run the country. haha. true.

    1. The US is culpable in some of that toxic sludge and miasma over Asia. We export our dirty industries over to Asia and then proclaim our good stewardship.

      But when you buy something, you are financially voting for its manufacture. All those worthless plastic trinkets no one really likes. Why does America buy that? We outsourced our recycling and now even Asia isn’t interested.

      Asia uses toxic components to build solar panels, and then Americans buy them and virtue signal about Asia’s pollution. Then. Stop. Buying. Their. Products.

      We have to deal with our own dirty jobs – the recycling, the manufacturing that creates pollution, eWaste recycling, oil and gas.

      I would rather develop US oil and gas reserves, under our more strict environmental laws, than buy it overseas from countries who don’t care about pollution. Oil and Gas should not be NIMBY. Until we find a replacement for steel smelting, plastics, asphalt, and everything else that uses fossil fuels, we should focus our efforts on using domestic sources and clean up after ourselves, rather than dumping the dirty work on some other country to pollute their people. Wind, solar, nuclear – all its parts are manufactured and shipped using fossil fuels.

      So, yes, I agree with you that Asia’s air is toxic. My friend used to live in an Asian Country. The government used to lie and say it was fog. We are partially at fault for that pollution, and I do mean “we.” There are too many items in my own house stamped “made in China.”

    2. We need more nuclear fission plants to produce clean cheap electricity.

      1. This is a big reversal for me, but I’m behind nuclear now, as well. It’s the cleanest we have so far. Ironically, we still need fossil fuels to build a nuclear facility.

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