God-Fearing and Virus-Inviting: Religious Figures In Iran and South Korea Under Fire For Spread of The Coronavirus

The head of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Lee Man-hee this week held a press conference to apologize for the spread of the coronavirus that has been traced to his controversial sect. It was a remarkable moment for a man who claimed to be second coming of Jesus Christ. In Iran, where the virus is exploding, the Muslim leaders are neither apologetic nor deterred in refusing to curtail religious demonstrations, including the licking of religious sites and icons by Muslims. Muslims interviewed insist that their faith protected them, which further expands the growing body of God-fearing, virus-inviting patients for health experts.

Despite saying that he is divine, Lee says that they could not control the virus which has sickened 4,335 confirmed cases from his sect. He promised to take 144,000 people to heaven but presumably this was not the path.

In the meantime, health officials are shocked not only by the refusal of Muslim leaders to curtail demonstrations and gatherings, but pictures of the continued practice of Muslims to lick items and structures at Islamic shrines.

In another video, people encourage and applaud a child who licked Islamic objects. It is not surprising that Iran has the second highest rate of the virus outside of China.

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  1. What will Muslim leaders do when Israel comes up with a vaccine?

    Meanwhile back in the USA: deaths from the virus since the beginning of the year – 6. Homicides in Baltimore since the beginning of the year – 50.

  2. In 1979 I flew over Tehran, which we circled while gaining altitude, in the darkest night. The towers of the large mosque was flaring natural gas at several second intervals. So I could see the place. Strange. Then went on to New Delhi which was strange in another way, but then at least was peaceful.

    World has grown worse in 40 years. Will become worser yet.

  3. Lick, lick no nick..
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    Fee fi for Mick..

    If the first two suicides are ever the same..
    You mock them both and say their names…

    1. Wait. How do you know to ignore us if, as you say, you ignore us?

      There’s something wrong with the logic circuits, Captain!

      She’s goin’ to blow!

  4. Putting Pence in charge will be perfect for Trump to dump him in 2020 election. It’s never Trump’s fault, so he’ll blame anybody else he can. And meanwhile Pence and his “team” of 12 and only two doctors are praying. And one of them is Ben Carson, who has no experience in virus or public health. Of course he has Trump’s Larry Kudlow to watch Trump’s money in the stock market.

  5. I wonder why the CDC took down sharing vital statistics about coronavirus? The CDC also removed the number of tests that have been given from it’s website. It better be a site failure, and not Trump and Pence shutting down the info.

    1. I don’t wonder why. We all know why: didn’t you hear der fuerher tell us that there were only 15 cases, and that they’d all be getting better soon, and because of the marvelous job he’s done so far, it will all be over by April? Why did he muzzle the CDC doctors after they contradicted him when he lied at last Wednesday’s news conference? To get the truth, it will take more whistleblowers to put their careers on the line , and we all know what happens to whistleblowers. We’ll have to rely on state and local health officials, but I look for Trump to try to muzzle them, too, by threatening to withhold federal money unless they do what they are told. See, he has a proven track record of manipulating our tax money allocated by Congress for help with his campaign*, plus a proven track record of lying.

      *examples: diverting money from the Pentagon budget to upgrade housing and schools for military families to construction of his border wall that he promised Mexico would pay to construct; and then there’s Ukraine.

      1. oh boy. he didnt muzzle anybody. Fauci denied that slander


        little or no interest it seemed, from certain parties, ….. now…. SUDDENLY SHE IS INTERESTED— WHY?

        CHANCE TO PICK ON TRUMP! or so perceived.

        totally pathetic.

    1. “Every year since Trump has been president, lawmakers have passed bills — bills signed by Trump — that not only exceeded what Trump requested on emerging infections but also exceeded what had been spent the previous year.”
      This is from the Feb.25 Politifact article.

      1. Trump SIGNED bills that Congress passed, but his proposals were for large cuts to the CDC. Congress wouldn’t go along with his cuts, so they proposed much larger amounts for the CDC. If Trump had his way, CDC funding would be way less than the inadequate amount it has been for the past 3 years. This post is misleading. Trump gets no credit for increased funding over what he asked for, and he did dismantle the rapid response team.

        1. President Trump achieves his goal for greater CDC funding by submitting a budget to reduce funding for the CDC. Democrats heads to explode in 3…2…1…

        2. Natacha, you previously said that the CDC could not respond to the Covid-19 outbreak because Trump gutted their funding. That was not true. While Trump did propose cuts, Congress increased funding.

          Trump’s Administration also said that they would not bother to hear any proposals that contained headings like “Diversity” or “Transgender” as they are a waste of taxpayer money.

          Why would people think the CDC, a government agency, doesn’t waste money or that it spends every dime on critical studies on pandemics? There are articles going back for decades on the CDC wasting money without proper oversight or accountability. But God forbid anyone cut their slush fund, I mean funding. I am all for funding critical response efforts to pandemics. I refuse to pay a dime to get monkeys drunk in a lab or feed quail cocaine.

          Ways the CDC and NIH have wasted your money:

          1. $181,406 spent giving Japanese quail cocaine
          2. $22 million on an agriculture project virtually identical to the one already underway by the Department of Agriculture
          3. $2.87 million on lesbian obesity
          4. $3.2 million getting monkeys drunk. No, this is not a figure of speech.
          5. $1.5 million to spend on four obscure sex studies: “Mood Arousal and Sexual Risk Taking,” “Study on Sexual Habits of Older Men,” “Study on San Francisco’s Asian Prostitutes/Masseuses,” and “Study on American Indian Transgender Research.”
          6. $675,786 on how sex workers spread disease. (Or they could ask Trojan.)
          7. $15 million on a failed IT project, taking money away from Georgia health funding



          1. Karen S – I support the research on obese lesbians. How are they going to get partners if they are obese?

            1. Well, the CDC is quite keen to find out why.

              Then there was the scandal about spending money on teaching prostitutes in China to wear condoms. There have been some doozies over the years. But cuts are verboten.

              I think the alphabet soup needs some accountability and better oversight.

    2. “The Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs.”


  6. In Iran they believe the men will go to Allah with a retinue of Virgins. What I haven’t figured out is they have no such plan for women so short of meaning virginal boys HOW are they supplied. That sort of macabre outlook on life completely devoid of objective thinking or morality too often fails to identify the real victims who are numberless without end.

  7. Is it possible this is less about religion and more about a lack of basic information –
    such as the existence of germs?

  8. shaking hands is an unsanitary ritual too. i have given it up for now.

    we could try bowing instead. perhaps the Asians who still practice this, think we are unsanitary as well

    PS dont extend your left hand to a Muslim. look that one up if you dont know why

  9. These outbreaks over the last decade or so should be studied for our pandemic readiness. Due to the global nature of air travel, populations mix with ease. One day there could be a terrible pandemic, and a slow response could be deadly.

    The only way to shut down viral spread is through strict quarantine. No travel between countries. No travel between cities where there are infected patients. No air travel. Starve the virus of hosts until it goes extinct.

    But no one wants to go to that extreme because it would devastate global economies in the short term. I do not know if there are reliable models on how fast the global economy would rebound. A rapid, strict quarantine would be over sooner.

    Look at virulent Newcastle Disease in Chickens. It’s been a couple of years now, and CA is still under quarantine because people keep moving birds. When there is a new outbreak detected, the USDA and CDFA slaughters every single bird in that affected flock, as well as all other flocks within a predetermined radius around the epicenter. It does not matter if the birds test positive or not. The virus persists in the environment, can be tracked on shoes, and wild birds are a vector through their droppings.

    People don’t want to lose their birds, so they smuggle them out. Then it turns out they were incubating the illness, or their owners tracked it in on their shoes. Or people sell their birds. Illegal cock fighting was one source of spreading the contagion that I know of.

    People refuse to obey quarantine, and now here we are, two years later, still dealing with outbreaks. I’m still worried for my birdies.

    Same goes for Covid-19. It’s out there now, in so many countries, because quarantine was delayed. International travel was allowed. Travel between infected cities was allowed. Cat’s out of the bag now. Even if it dies down, it may become seasonal. There is no point in the US enacting draconian travel bans, because the moment we opened our borders, people would bring it back in from abroad.

    We do well with treatment, but I wonder if there is sufficient medical quarantine infrastructure if there were to be another Spanish flu or some as yet unknown epidemic. The Diamond Princess is an example of the consequence of improper quarantine. A cruise ship is not set up for medical quarantine for its passengers. Infected staff could spread it from room to room. Patients could mix. There are photos of patients at the rail of the ship while under quarantine. Most of the passengers came down with the disease. Since the incubation period is 14 days, it became clear that passengers were becoming infected after the ship went on quarantine. The ship was quarantined from Japan, but the patients themselves were not under medical quarantine. Meanwhile, Covid-19 still reached Japan from all the travelers. It was like a plague ship forced to anchor off shore. This kept the contagion from the mainland, but every member of the ship would become exposed.

    Once we retrieved our people, we enacted strict protocols. Married couples were separated when one was positive, and one negative. Positive patients went into medical quarantine in hospital, while the negative partner would stay in a barracks or some other facility, separated from others and monitored. Are we ready to go into rapid response to a pandemic? Do we have the system in place to shut the border, the porous border that Democrats fight to the last breath to keep open?

    1. Democrats are not in favor of open borders. You need to stop repeating this lie. Democrats are not in favor of caging migrants. That’s not the same thing as open borders. I know that Fox News has to dumb down the anti-Democrat message, but this is a lie and you need to stop repeating it. And, BTW, COVID-19 didn’t come in through our southern border.

      1. Obviously that is wrong.

        Who do Democrats not allow in? If you claim asylum, they want them in the US. Everyone can claim asylum. They fought having them wait in Mexico to be processed.

        Democrat sanctuary cities, like in my state of CA, will not allow law enforcement to cooperate with an ICE detainer. If a convicted rapist gets released, they will not cooperate with ICE to get him deported. If an illegal immigrant gets a deportation order after the court process, they oppose that, too. So there is literally no circumstance where Democrats support deportation.

        They don’t want a wall. They want to abolish ICE and BP who would man that wall. The only job they want officers doing is helping illegal immigrants to cross the border. They support caravans and oppose any effort to slow or stop them.

        They oppose separating kids while they find out which of the adults are pedophiles, sex traffickers, kidnappers, or strangers using the kids as tickets.

        They promote expensive benefits for illegal aliens. They support health care for illegal aliens. Drivers licenses for illegal aliens. Lower cost auto insurance than what citizens have to pay. Scholarships for illegal aliens. Many support letting them vote. Becoming doctors and lawyers.

        So, yes, they support open borders. If you can’t deport a murder, rapist, or gang member, you have no standards.

        1. You are such a starry-eyed Trumpster that it is literally a waste of time bothering to respond to you. Walls will not stop illegal migration, because that’s not how most of them get in. They can get over and under walls anyway. Arresting and prosecuting those who hire them will stop and reverse illegal immigration, because that’s why they come here. Referring to migrants as “murders, rapists and gang members” is straight from der fuerher….native-born Americans commit far more crimes. Democrats are not in favor of allowing convicted felons escape because they are illegal migrants. States shouldn’t be forced to bear the cost of incarcerating, feeding, guarding and providing medical care for persons seeking asylum due to an “executive order”. Democrats, and most Americans, are not in favor of detention camps or caging young children. It is not illegal to seek asylum, so why should such people be incarcerated? Oh, I know: because fat King Donald said he was reversing “catch and release”.

          BTW: Obama deported more illegals than Trump or any of his predecessors. Stop watching Fox.

          1. You did not address a single one of the actions that Democrats have taken to support open borders.

            Even though you wish it wasn’t true, and ramble, it is true. You cannot deny it, which is why you keep crying about Fox.

            And it was Obama who “caged” children. And by “caged” that means that in a makeshift location overrun with illegals children were separated from adults by chain link in order to determine if they were kidnapped by pedophiles and sex traffickers. Some of them were. If it were up to the Democrats, those children would be kept together with predators. Sick.

            Most Americans do not want innocent children kept together with pedophiles. Why would you? Most people understand that unlimited immigration can have terrible consequences. Most people can understand that unlimited immigration creates the problem with too many people competing for not enough entry level jobs. It keeps people stuck in poverty.

            There are 325 million people in the US. There are around 7.5 billion people on planet Earth. Everyone can claim asylum. There is nothing stopping them from uttering the words. The overwhelming majority of cases do not meet the requirements. They can demand to be processed here in the US. Then, if they get a deportation order, Democrats would oppose it. They would claim that they’ve been here long enough during the court process to put down roots, get to know people, and it’s really mean to enforce a deportation order. Which makes the court system a waste of time and federal immigration laws meaningless. Is a country not allowed to have requirements for whom to allow in, such as no criminal history.

            Let 7 billion people all go to your state, Natacha. Since you see no problem with it. Unfortunately, there will be no job for you, no more Social Security. No more benefits at all. No housing. Not enough food or water. All of the violence and poor treatment of women so common all around the non-western world can all come home to roost near your home. Let you deal with the consequences of your own foolishness.

            It is not a human right to demand to live anywhere in the world that you want.

            It is suicide for a country to have open borders. We should allow in those who want to be Western, not those who abuse them.

          2. Natch, pathetic


            I know people whose asylum cases have dragged on for like 10 years. Human smuggling operations regularly advise their ‘clients” on how to make prima facie asylum cases. This abuse is well known even though ignorance is encouraged by the Democrat party which panders to relatives who are sure thing voters.

            We should add about a thousand immigration judges and process the claims more quickly. Asylum is a valid institution and it’s being badly abused, most of all by Central American migrants.

  10. Oh those stupid Muzzies! They deserve an Irish Poem!

    Tongue in Cheek???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a dude from Iran,
    Who said, “I’m not scairt! I’m a MAN!”
    “Sooo, I’ll lick and I’ll lick,
    And I’ll never get sick!
    “Cause it says so there in the Koran!”

    Sooo, he licked on a mosque, and a rock!
    And they carried him off to the doc-
    But it’s so sad to say,
    That he croaked on the way,
    And he’ll ne’er lick again – post hoc!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. This reminds me that the Catholic practice of using the common communion chalice to receive the blood of Christ should be updated to individual cups, as they do in the Lutheran and Episcopalian worship. The Purificator is not an autoclave. It is irresponsible. At some level, the Church understands this, as there have been times that it suspends the use of the communal cup during outbreaks in the past. Requiring the priest to drink the dregs is also an unsound practice.

    These traditions began long ago, before germ theory. Since the gold is non porous, and it is wiped, there is less risk than everyone licking a doorknob. But some infectious material would remain, especially in suspension. Who would not be concerned if the person in front of them in line had a cold sore, or a hacking cough? Incubation periods make it difficult to pinpoint the exact source of infection. Why risk it?

      1. You are right that there is no requirement to take both. My reasoning is that they should have offered individual cups years ago. And requiring the priest to drink the dregs is not right. It’s like refusing to follow the basic dictates of germ theory and demanding that God zap the cooties. My parents taught us to never drink from the Cup. Most people follow suit. That seems very sad to me, that the design of the mass is such that unless you are willing to share a cup with a guy who has a cold sore, you cannot fully participate in every offering. In the Lutheran church, they use individual cups. I had never had sacramental wine before attending a Lutheran mass. How strange, that my first participation had to be in another denomination.

        1. chacun a son gout

          i was raised a protestant with little shot glasses and so forth. I find the Catholic sharing of the cup very moving ritual.

          in China there is “hot pot” aka hou gou where everyone picks up bits of meat and vegetable and cooks them in a communal pot of boiling broth. it is theoretically unsanitary but the ritual of the meal has a lot of charm.

          sex is the ultimate act of unsanitary common human interaction but it has lots going for it too

          1. Sharing body fluids with many people spreads diseases. That includes if someone is intimate with everyone they come across. It does have a lot going for it if it is an emotional act between two committed people. Otherwise one would have to be emotionally disconnected to sleep around. That is the opposite of a moving experience.

            The Chinese hot pot is also rather infamous for spreading illnesses. Simply sharing a meal together with friends is friendly. You don’t need to share utensils.

            The congregation shakes hands with each other during Mass. That is a more personal and friendly interaction than standing in line and everyone drinking out of the same chalice.

            1. in theory it should be safe. you put raw food in boiling broth for a sufficient time, then remove it fully cooked with chopsticks on to your own plate. the broth is in continuous boil so that should not be a problem.

              i would guess the typical problem is usually cross contamination where people use the raw tongs to fish out the cooked food, perhaps. of course people will use chopsticks instead of the designated tongs if they’re not paying attention, which happens

              i’ve had it many times for years, and never got sick, but i an american so maybe I’m more careful, dunno

          2. Quick laugh: I joined a church here in LA, a while ago, convinced by a Disney Mickey Mouse Club, child actor, won’t say which one…

            …I entertained the idea of a nice Christian church….

            …ended up meeting up for Bible study in Santa Monica, ended up in a hotel, felt like I was being paraded through the place, while hand signals were going on…. the whole thing was bizarre…I left the place….so much for wanting to join a Church in LA.

            Oh yeah, it was one of those hotels too…the notorious hotels for Hwood mischievous. 😆😂

      2. I passed on the cup yesterday, and I don’t think that people should insist that the Eucharistic minister place the host on their tongue, as a couple of people did. I don’t think anyone’s hands should be that close to a stranger’s mouth, when those hands are used to administer bread to other communicants still in line.

  12. Turley’s red meat to his Trump supporters. Maybe he could also mention that America’s own religious leaders are doing harm also. And putting Pence in charge of anything is a sure fire fail.

    1. Trump and Pence should get out of the way and let the CDC do its job, which does not include trying to make Trump look good. Trump thinks everyone in the federal government has the job of making him look good and that they all work for him. Trump and Pence have zero credibility, and Trump has told so many lies so far that no one believes anything he says. Pence is just his lap dog, and has been proven to lie if told to do so The fact that they have muzzled the docs at the CDC also speaks volumes. They are causing unnecessary worry because they can’t be trusted to tell the truth. So, we have to depend on state and local health officials to advise us.

      1. Insider money has gotten from Trump what they’ve sought after. Add that to them being enraged at the lack of answers coming back from the CDC to their questions and I believe they’re saying Trump should just get out to the way period and will completely jump on with Biden as nominee.

        1. Paul, some of us, on here, were worried about your disappearance, albeit brief, unsettling.

          Glad you’re back, been back, obviously…

          1. WW33 – am I going to have to put a notice in my will that this blog is to notified of my death? 😉

              1. Cindy Bragg – well, if we don’t have that list on hand, we don’t know who can die before you. 😉 You are going to have to publish the list or otherwise notify those few, those lucky, lucky, few. 😉

                Then we need assurances from you that that lucky few will be notified on you sad demise. 🙁 Then they can self-immolate.

                1. OK Paul C! Welcome aboard! 😎
                  Here is my personal pro Gentile, pro Jewish, pro (Sonny) bono Schindler’s list of who will share the Gloria Gaynor Surviving Cindy Award:
                  Paul C. Schulte
                  King Mespo 1
                  Mr. K
                  Mike Arath..?
                  Prof Turley
                  Karen S.
                  Prairie Rose

                  Even though I like This is Absurd, he doesn’t fancy being part of anything that involves Miss Cindy, which is ok, so I shan’t list him.

                  Forgive me if I have omitted anyone……Let the games begin! 🤠

                  1. Cindy Bragg – I just co-signed a home improvement loan and my wife tells me I have to stay alive for the next 10 years or the loan defaults. So, there is that. 😉

                    1. Cindy Bragg – yes, that is why I am depending on Turley not be appointed to a judgeship and shutting down this blog for the next 10 years. 😉

                    2. Cindy Bragg – he would be ripe for a Democratic appointment under a moderate Democratic President. I don’t think Trump would appoint him. He keeps trying to teach the House “how” to impeach Trump. 😉

                      However, I think Trump likes him and has retweeted him.

            1. Paul, 😆 lol, 🙏

              Just checking…

              …seen one too many go lately, 2018, 2019, and 2020…

              …you can make a codicil for it though, that would be swell…

              1. WW33 – I did miss an annual Chinese banquet that I have gone to for over 40 years, because I am on the hit list for COVID-19. I am having my trust updated in a couple of weeks and I will see what I can do about noticing my passing on. However, you have to do the same. 🙂

  13. Illustrious Supreme Dear Divine Leader, Kim Jong Un, aka Rocket Man, has found the root cause of Corona virus!

    It is imperialism.

    To mitigate the virus, DPRK Dear Leader will round up those who are infected or look infected and have them executed then cremated. No body counts here.

  14. Should we give the entire Moslem population a Darwin Award?

    The licking just caps a remarkable history of self destructive behavior.

    1. Monumentcolorado:

      cockroaches and rats are not smart but they are fecund. and they are evolutionary winners.

      if you think Muslims are in any danger of evolutionary extinction then you aren’t studying demographics

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