Virginia Pastor Who Defied Lock Down Order Has Died From Coronavirus

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We have been discussing ministers who have defied state orders to avoid large services, even refusing to yield after criminal charges.  Now one of those ministers, Bishop Gerald O. Glenn, has died of coronavirus.

He was widely qouted for saying “I Am Essential . . . I Talk to God!”: 

Glenn held a service as recently as March 22.  He declared that he would defy the Virginia orders “unless I’m in jail or the hospital.”  He added “I firmly believe that God is larger than this dreaded virus. You can quote me on that.”  He insisted “I am essential. I’m a preacher — I talk to God!”

The church announced his death yesterday and it was also disclosed that his wife, Marcietta Glenn, has also contradicted the virus.

Their daughter is encouraging others to comply with the order.

He is not unique among ministers who have died of the virus after defying the warnings on social distancing.


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  1. The raw death rate after confirmed diagnosis of COVID -19 in the USA is currently 4.24%.

    Mespo is wrong again.

    1. Well Benson is a ascientific again. The US can’t figure an accurate death rate for two reasons we don’t know the universe of the infected and there is no causative requirement on the death calculation. Thus a person with end stage renal failure who dies with the virus present is still counted as Virus death. I was hoping Benson was good for something around here besides a hat rack but alas I AM wrong about that.

      1. The US can’t figure an accurate death rate for two reasons we don’t know the universe of the infected and there is no causative requirement on the death calculation.

        If Benson were apolitical rather than ascientific, he wouldn’t make such an obvious error.

  2. “Virginia Pastor Who Defied Lock Down Order Has Died From Coronavirus.” I wonder what is the point of this article. Knowing JT, it wasn’t schadenfreude. Maybe it was to display the irony of fighting the hype of the response to the virus only to succumb to it. It’s true that it was ironic but was it illuminating on the issue of freedom of association/religion versus public safety? And does this example cancel out the story of other preachers like Rev. Hamilton in Mississippi who likewise defied his Governor’s executive overreach and didn’t die of the virus?

    I think what compels people to chronicle this kind of stuff is a deep-seeded intuition that the irony rationalizes their own impressions of reality. JT likely implicitly believes this story supports his oft stated view that social distancing and hence isolation of the religious saves their lives. Personally, I think the ban on free association of the religious is excessive and hypocritical given that far more congregants are at the nearest Walmart than are at any church on Sunday for a given 45 minute interval. But no matter, why the story?

    Maybe it helps to look at a similar story full of irony: “Famed Atlanta Pastor Killed by White Supremacist After Railing Against White Supremacy Violence'” is surely an ironic headline and set of events, but how many of us would support the position of the White Supremacists because of the irony? Was King wrong/foolish/ironic in explaining the threat caused by white supremacy? Was the Virginia pastor wrong/foolish/ironic in railing against the hype of Wuhan Virus and its disassociating and anti-religion response? Are the issues they advocated more important than what ultimately happened to them?

    Writing implies purpose and best authors explain to us why what the wrote matters either expressly or impliedly. I don’t know why JT wrote this article but I’d like to.

    1. Ah …. the “hype”. Right!

      That is why you were so hard-pressed to pontificate here in flowery garbage. And then draw analogy between a struggle against century old prejudice, violence and exploitation with a temporary halt on organized religious service to help people from dying. Not that only religious service was picked separately from other activities… but whatever.

      Nuts will be nuts.

      1. Hutom:

        And illiterate blockheads will be illiterate blockheads. That you can’t see the analogy confirms everything we need to know about the know-nothing Left and their apparatchiks such as you. Maybe you’re thirteen-years-old with that life experience but if not, it’s amazing you can muster enough sense to key in words.

  3. This is the grim math of epidemics. Action. Consequence. I wish more churches would transition to streaming services, blogs, and other ways to safely comfort their congregation.

    1. The death rate from the Wuhan Virus is looking to be about 1 in 300. Still wanna give up your freedom?

  4. Non-Christians have no idea whatsoever what faith is or what the Christian’s true status in the world is. Most are pretend Christians whose faith only goes as far as their next meal. The BEST thing that happens to a Christian is when we leave this Satan-ruled world. I’m not saying the pastor was right, but he kept doing what he was supposed to be doing and now he’s in God’s hands.

    1. By the way, you might want to read some history and find what ministers, priests and nuns have done in similar situations, and who it was that took care of the sick and dying in past epidemics. For example, blacks tended to sick whites during the many Yellow Fever epidemics that destroyed whole cities. We act like this is the worst crisis in history when it doesn’t even come close.

      1. The worst crisis now is the one that strikes the living not the one that affected the dead.

        If Pastor So and So has passed over, maybe his immortal soul will be reckoned a martyr and given a posh room in the heavenly palace. Or maybe he has no soul and his corpse merely rots. or maybe he will be incarnated as a cow or perhaps just a snail. We can hardly know such things. Sorry this is not very Christian of me.

        In the meantime I yet live and I am ok for the government imposing reasonable restrictions on public gatherings of any kind.

  5. God gave us a brain to think and reason. The essence of objectivism is first recognize self as a thinking reasoning being. Without that the results were self evident.

  6. People must adapt to the outcomes of freedom.

    Freedom does not adapt to people…

    dictatorship does.

    The pastor was a Great American, exercising his absolute constitutional rights.

    The pastor was created equal; the outcome of his life was up to him.

  7. If you fleece a flock you will get contaminated.
    Praise the Lard and pass the ammunition.

  8. Trying to tell the Wakandans what to do is like herding cats. For your viewing pleasure, this was a few days ago, and it might help explain why Blacks are getting hit hard by the virus, and it ain’t racism. It is their own stupid behaviors.:

    On the bright side, there wasn’t no shooting! This is 20 minutes of fascinating behavioral study!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Moses had the Israelites out of Egypt before the ink was dry on their release papers. Lincoln suggested Liberia. What happened? An absence of acumen and organization; a complete failure of leadership.

      1. Well George Lincoln got murdered but one can be sure there would have been not much repatriation anyhow. The white-skinned Yankee industrialists who won the war, had their eye on a long term source of cheap labor and were in no hurry to send it back to Africa. Chattel slaves one day, wage slaves the next. And one throng of new immigrant laborers to restock the reserve army of unemployed all along and keep them wages low.

        excuse me if I add some marxist terminology to round out your comment.

        Understand this folks: the constitution is a piece of paper. It’s not Holy Writ and even if it was, it could be crumpled up and tossed in the garbage just like any other Holy Writ in history has, by agreement, when the time was right.

        Laws are words that have meaning, but laws are always written, executed, and judged by living men, and not dead ones, who can decide to do something different if they’re sufficiently disposed to do so. That’s reality like it or not.

        1. Mr. Kurtz et al. say,

          “The Constitution is moot, my, ____________(fill in blank), edicts hold dominion and must be obeyed on pain of death.”

          Thank you, Your Eminence.

          Now let’s ask Mr. Washington what he thinks of the “Kurtz Proclamation.”

        2. Mr. Kurtz, You may want to admonish Moses for being such a resolute and capable leader, oh, and for possessing that “vision thing.”

  9. Incomplete reporting is a poor reporting. Other reporting states that his symptoms were believed to be due to an underlying health condition, which is not reported here. (“Their daughter, Mar-Gerie Crawley, told WTVR that her father initially dismissed his symptoms because he has a condition that often leads to fevers and infections.”) So now who knows. What was his “condition”? How ill had he been at prior times due to fevers and infections? With the CDC’s new reporting requirements that any one WITH the virus is classified as a virus death the information is murky. Maybe his underlying condition was the cause or maybe the virus was the cause. But no one here, not even a constitutional expert, knows. What we do know is that incomplete and non-contextual headlines mocking Christians and people of principle is harmful.

    1. He could have been run over by a beer truck in a parking lot. If he had a touch of the Covid at the time, they’ll call it a Covid death.

    2. Other reporting states that his symptoms were believed to be due to an underlying health condition

      The minister had chronic diverticulosis, according to his daughter: “He has diverticulitis, so it’s not uncommon for him to get fevers or you know virus or sinus infection,” Crawley explained”, according to the source you provided

      Being that it was “not uncommon” that he got fevers/infections, that makes his presentation a chronic affair. Risk factors are the usual suspects: Western diet, obesity, physical inactivity, high fat, low fiber, red meat and smoking. It appears he was a walking inflammatory disease. What is not clear was her stating it was not uncommon that he had “fevers” and “virus/sinus infections”. Fevers and infections are consistent with abscesses in chronic diverticulosis. That would escalate his situation into something quite grave.

      It was not Covid that killed. It was his poorly managed colon problems that made him a prime target as compared to a healthy individual.

  10. And your point is what, professor? What is the difference between this man and the fire fighters who ran into the World Trade Center on 9/11? Answer: there is no difference.

    1. MofoKnows, by your name alone I assume this is a joke/troll. If so as bad as I feel for his family I may have to borrow the phrasing later

    2. As a former firefighter, one hell of a difference. Firefighters save lives, they don’t purposely endanger them. You know not of what you speak.

      You can lead a trump supporting zombie to truth, but you can’t make them think.

      As we say over here som nam na, can be interpreted in different ways, basically karma, got what’s coming.

      Maybe he had a plastic jesus on his dashboard, RIP John Prine.

      1. My point is that the 9/11 firefighters and this pastor did what they were called to do despite the danger. Ditto the doctors and nurses treating Covid patients.,

      2. Firefighters save lives, they don’t purposely endanger them.

        Jesus Christ saved lives by purposely endangering his own.

        He is Risen!

        1. Thank God for Sgt. Sabai.

          Thank God for Affirmative Action Privilege for Firefightresses and Masculated Women Who’ve had an Addadictomy.

          (My wife’s favorite TV shows are Chicago Fire and Station 19, featuring strong, capable men-women).

          You gotta love the new normal, right?

            1. Hey! Hey! Women are going mad, today!
              Hey! Hey! Fellers are just as bad, I’ll say!
              Go anywhere, just stand and stare,
              You’ll say they’re bugs when you look at the clothes they wear.

              Masculine Women, Feminine Men,
              which is the rooster which is the hen?
              It’s hard to tell ’em apart today.
              And SAY…

              Lyrics above.

              Whether its the 20s or the 50s or 2020, it always is on repeat.

      3. Firefighters save lives, they don’t purposely endanger them. You know not of what you speak.
        I guess their own (as was the point of Mofo’s comment) doesn’t count.

  11. Today’s lesson in intersectionality: The progressive revulsion for evangelical Christians trumps its support for persons of color.

  12. “Mother” Nature always has the final word. She is a “mother.” She nurtures all living things, and kills them all — each an every one. Pestilence and Disease, two of her favorite scythes.

  13. The church announced his death yesterday and it was also disclosed that his wife, Marcietta Glenn, has also contradicted the virus.

    No, God and the virus “contradicted” him.

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