UN Secretary General Warns Of Hundreds of Thousands Of Children Dying From . . . A Bad Economy

downloadWhile I have disagreed with President Donald Trump on a number of constitutional issues, I agree with his push to reopen the economy and his argument that tanking an economy will cost not just the dreams of a generation but actual lives. He is now getting support from an unlikely source: the United Nations.  U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that hundreds of thousands of children could die from the global economy crashing under the pandemic.

Guterres was referencing the reliance on schools as well as financial support for bare necessities for 369 million children in 143 countries.

While most states have done a good job in delivering meals through the schools, the situation could prove dire with over 22 million out of work.  We cannot continue to approve trillions in grants, subsidies, and loans if this economy will left in an anemic state.  Coverage is often dismissive of these costs against a death count. However, tens of millions of families could be lost to years of stagnant growth and limited prospects.  That has not just an economic cost but a physical cost from unhealthy lifestyles to suicide to alcohol and chemical abuse.

There is an urgency to find a way to restart this economy if we are going to be able to continue to support efforts to combat this virus and any second wave that will likely come.


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  1. Trump at tonight’s WH press conference:

    “President Trump announced Sunday that he will use the Defense Production Act to direct a company to increase production of badly-needed swabs for coronavirus testing.

    Trump said at a White House news briefing that he would use the Korean War-era law to direct one company that the administration has “had a little difficulty” with to increase swab production by over 20 million swabs per month….”

    Hear hear. Way to go!

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