“Far More Troubling”: Flynn Document Release Could Foreshadow Blockbuster Report

440px-Michael_T_FlynnLast night, many of us were digesting the highly disturbing documents released in the case of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.  As I discussed this morning in a Hill column, the documents reveal an effort to entrap Flynn, including the use of a blatantly unconstitutional statute to achieve that “goal.” However, there appears far more than has not been released, according to various sources.  The release of the Flynn documents highlight what  Attorney General William Barr said on “The Ingraham Angle” on April 10th and stated that “far more troubling” material will be released as a result of the investigation of U.S. Attorney John Durham. I believe it is a mistake for Barr to give such foreshadowing interviews before the release of the Durham report. While I agree with Barr ordering these reviews (and his view of the evidence so far), these interviews only undermine the credibility and that of the eventual report. (For full disclosure, I testified in favor of Barr’s confirmation before the Senate Judiciary Committee).  Putting that aside, the evidence strongly supports Barr’s effort to force the disclosure of material that has been buried despite the claims of full investigations by Congress and the Inspector General.  Bizarrely, the media and many liberal commentators are struggling to ignore these troubling disclosures and the obvious abuses that they reflect within the Justice Department.

Barr stated that “My own view is that the evidence shows that we’re not dealing with just the mistakes or sloppiness.”  He added “there was something far more troubling here. We’re going to get to the bottom of it. And if people broke the law and we can establish that with the evidence, they will be prosecuted.”  Referring to the Russian investigation as “one of the greatest travesties in American history — without any basis,” he stated that the evidence shows “a whole pattern of events while he was president … to sabotage the presidency … or at least have the effect of sabotaging the presidency.”

Once again, I agree with Barr on the damning character of this evidence and what is emerging as the likely political purpose or bias behind decisions at the Justice Department at the start of the Trump Administration.  Despite the rationalizations of media experts, this is one of the most thuggish records I have seen as a criminal defense attorney.  This was not an effort to investigate a crime, it was an effort to create a crime.  Flynn had not committed any crime in meeting with the Russian and the Logan Act is universally denounced as unenforceable and unconstitutional.  So these top Justice officials were planning to create a crime for which Flynn might be prosecuted solely out of the desire to prosecute him or force him out of office.

The remarks do indicate that the Durham investigation is at an advanced stage. Many of us have heard that Durham was not satisfied with the Inspector General’s report and has found potentially criminal conduct.

As I stated today in the column, the Flynn material discloses additional evidence of a hostile intent to target key Trump aides, including the use of a law that is notoriously and presumptively unconstitutional.  The material reflects a wild search for any ground upon which Flynn could be entrapped.


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  1. I have zero faith that any of the corrupt and criminal people in the FBI and elsewhere on the left who have tried to coup the president will be jailed.

    The right may be right and much better than the left, but they seem to lack the killer instinct that is required to deal the the rabid left.

    Prove me wrong.

  2. So to me we must look at motive. What was the motive of the shot-callers of Obama and his henchman to frame Flynn and get him out of the picture? Could it be he was an Obama holdover, but not a loyalist and knew all the secrets of the Obama regime? Is that why Obama wouldn’t give Trump all the intelligence during the transition? What other out-going president held a meeting with his advisers and agreed to not share intelligence with an incoming president?

    1. I don’t want a report….

      I want Sealed Indictments UNSEALED and Arrest Warrants executed.


  3. Milk the faux outrage. The problem with the FBI-set-up-Flynn-by-getting-him-to-lie argument is that nothing was preventing Flynn from simply telling the truth.

    1. The agents who interviewed him didn’t think he was lying. In any case, they had no predicate to be speaking with him. This isn’t that difficult. Democrats are swine.

    2. Perhaps you don’t know what ‘ENTRAPMENT BY THE FBI’ actually is….

      You are about to find out.

    3. Flynn told the truth based on the question. Since the FBI already knew of his conversation which is totally normal, they decided to get him for talking to the Russian Ambassador which was normal for a person in Flynns position. If that didn’t work Knowing he had that conversation they planned to get him for lying even though it wasn’t a lie.

      Nothing Flynn did was wrong and that is proven in the FBI notes. Flynn was finished when the FBI decided to go against him. It was only a matter of time and how many lies the FBI told.

      1. Flynn lied to the FBI – he pleaded guilty in a plea bargain – and also lied to the WH on at least 2 occasions, though it is also true he checked in by phone with Trump campaign higher ups after each discussion with the Russian Ambassador.

        1. “Flynn lied to the FBI – he pleaded guilty in a plea bargain”

          That is not what the FBI papers released are showing. They are showing that the FBI lied and created false claims that their own agents recognize. There is documentation of the FBI crime, intent and action. That should be enough for convictions except where government fails which means so has our democracy.

    4. Bam. Direct hit. Everyone who practices federal criminal defense knows that you can’t lie to the fibbies. Not even a little bit. Flynn thought his medals and connection to the day glo bozo would allow him some leeway. Not so much. See ya.

      1. Marky Mark Mark – just how much Brady material do you get when you plead you clients out? Flynn got none and his firm had a conflict of interest. Hmmmm. Not got good for the fibbies.

  4. Attorney General BARR made it plain and clear that DURHAM is not going to issue a report! No, he’s going to culminate his investigations with INDICTMENTS and PROSECUTIONS! So, I wish everyone would get off the “Report” meme and get with reality.

    The villains in this case, 0bama, Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Yates, Comey, Strozk, McCabe, Rosenstein et al, were the MOST TRUSTED of the TRUSTED! The FBI, when I was growing up at least, was held in high esteem. As a boy, it was an AWESOME experience to. meet an FBI Agent! The Summer before I entered West Point, I got to visit FBI HQS in Washington DC. What an honor it was! But, that was then, now is now!

    THANKFULLY many of the villains that had infested the FBI have been fired and removed! Good riddance to bad garbage! Yet the reputation of the FBI has been TARNISHED to the point where we may need to closedown the FBI and start over! Who trusts the FBI these days? I sure as hell, do not!

    Can the FBI ever reach the level of esteem that our People once held for them? Can they ever again be the Most Trusted of the Trustted?

    1. Haha. More high comedy. Thanks for playing.

      this is to “everything I know I learned from Pravda Faux News” aviator

  5. Durham is not writing a “report”, he’s building cases to prosecute. I thought Barr was clear about that.

    1. I can see a CONCISE REPORT also, it looks like one will have to be written to explain things.Can you believe a recent poll shows 53 percent of the public still believes the thrust or much of the Russia BS ? So, for reelection purposes, which is ALL IMPORTANT to us, Durham may have to shine a spotlight on those clowns with a Report that rebuts the Muller/Media lies.

  6. Can’t wait to see the perp walks.

    Brennan and Comey will be my favorites.

    Unless, they have the onions to prosecute obama and shrillary.

  7. The comments here are longer than War and Peace.
    Cliff notes anyone? Anyone?
    Vote Trump 2020💖

    1. Nice try. Say goodbye to the day glo bozo. You and the rest of the 38%ers cant save the charlatan in chief.

      this is to “I think hannity is speaking to me through my TeeVee” bridgette

  8. The reason Barr is foreshadowing is that he knows the American people are going to have trouble believing the magnitude of this criminal conspiracy. The Deep State would only benefit from a “late but complete” reveal, that they could spin as election manipulation.

    Our President is fighting a war against powerful internal enemies, and we should have learned by now that war must be fought completely, or not at all!

    1. I think you’re right; the media, TV and Hollywood have done a good job of conditioning people to be compliant and unquestioning, for the part of the government involved with mind-manipulation. TV shows always tell us that the FBI are the “good guys” and would never “plant evidence”, or send an innocent man to prison; willfully.

  9. The truth will eventually come out, it always does. This is what happens when congress fails for decades to provide REAL oversight over the federal governments agencies.

    1. reddog, I hope and pray you are correct but I am still waiting for the truth about the JFK assassination.

      1. Lee Harvey Oswald shot the Governor of Texas and the President, killing the latter. He then fled his work site and shot dead a Dallas police officer. He had no assistance doing these things. This has been known for 56 years now, but it’s unacceptable for some people due to emotions.

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