Penn Students Toss Out Penn Dems For Endorsing Joe Biden In Light Of Assault Allegations

download-1Many of us have criticized the shifting and incomplete excuses of former Vice President Joe Biden in refusing to open his papers held at the University of Delaware. This includes politicians like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer who have declared Biden innocent before the start, let alone the completion, of a search of his papers.  However, students at the University of Pennsylvania seem to have taken away the wrong lesson from this controversy.  The school’s Coalition Against Fraternity Sexual Assault (CAFSA) has thrown out the Penn Dems for not supporting former Biden staffer Tara Reade after she claimed Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. Our point is not that Biden should face the same presumptions of guilt but that both alleged violators and victims deserve to be heard fairly and both deserve due process.

CAFSA declared “We are writing this statement not only to criticize Penn Dems endorsing a sexual predator for president, but also to reinforce our commitment in supporting and believing survivors.”

Emma Wennberg, communications director for Penn Dems, responded by noting that “Penn Dems … reiterates our call for further investigation into the allegations against Biden: we would like to see Biden himself address the allegations but are glad to see his campaign requesting the release of any related Senate documents, and we hope that the Senate will allow all evidence from Biden’s tenure to come to light.”

That is unfortunately repeating the spin of the campaign. There is no reason that Biden would not waive access to any and all papers, including those at the University of Delaware, on any allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault by anyone.  He has already denied any such prior allegations.  If that it true, all that will happen is that an independent review will find that no one has made such allegations against him.  Instead, Biden (after weeks of delay) first assured the public that any such material would be found at the National Archives, which the Archives said was untrue. He then called for release of any documents from the Senate, which the Senate said was not possible.  The only consistent position is that Biden has steadfastly refused to open up his papers at the University of Delaware.

The Penn Dems have every right to endorse Biden and Biden has every right to assert his innocence.  Currently the record supports his account after various former staff members denied any knowledge of any prior allegation by anyone.  However, if the Penn Dems want to be honest in their commitment to full investigation, they should demand a full investigation, including the papers at the University of Delaware.

Conversely, CAFSA clearly is continuing the approach of Kavanaugh and declaring it a matter of principle.  It is the wrong lesson.

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  1. I am reminded of the story of a certain infamous abortionist who is now deceased. Who had the disgusting habit of keeping his victims in jars. No names mentioned. Not of him nor the unborn fetuses he terminated. What the newspapers have never said about this cretin, is that he was also plowing the fields of certain married woman or women in his employ. These names are also not mentioned. Nor will i mention them; but I do not make this up.

    One learns of many scandals which never come to light. One often learns through the grapevine that the miscreants had an angle in the “feminism” or “pro-choice” or “woman’s rights” arena in one way or another. It is so common that some people take it as a given. In this way few people seem surprised about these allegations about Joe Biden, and the part of Reade’s story that rings truest was this one, her disillusionment at her fallen idol

    These are “dog bites man” stories. They are usually not worth the editor’s time to omit them. Unless like Joe they rise to a certain notorius level.

    By contrast, the “man bites dog” stories are the ones where a conservative has had a dalliance. I’m reminded of the fine US Representative John G. Schmitz of california, who knocked up one of his college students. twice. At least he didn’t have the illegits terminated in utero- a man with feet of clay, who yet lived according to his own principles.

    I was surpised when i learned of a famous Dean of a famous university who likewise of Schmitz had a “second family.” Again, no names mentioned. Nor by the newspapers; he was, after all, a famous Democrat as well. And the local newspapers, who are the ones liable to find out about such things, are very circumspect about such dirt.

    As one lady lawyer who turned down a juicy case I was dragged into helping with said to the unhappy victim of unwanted advances, “Nobody wants to hear this about a local hero, including local courts.” Tough words, but probably saved everyone a lot of trouble. That perp was another Democrat, and in fact, another “Friend of Hillary.” I rather wonder why they so gravitate to her?

    I have a list so long of untold stories like that I mostly have forgotten them. Mostly. but no worries: no names mentioned.

  2. Why do these women wait so long to bring out these allegations? When was the last time a woman brought up these kind of charges shortly after the incident happened? It just seems that the longer they wait the more it appears to be political mudd slinging.

    1. this is a good question and it has a simple old fashioned answer, one that disgusts feminists and others:

      women especially starry eyed young men, often are hoping their charms will attract attention

      when it does, in a ham fisted, nasty way, they don’t like it. but even a disgusting overture such as the one that biden is alleged to have made, may be ambiguous, and may not seem in their minds to have been entirely unwelcome, until it is crystal clear that no benefits came along with the nasty attention. this may take a while to come clear. perhaps years.

      then, a tardy accusation is leveled.

      this perhaps explains a majority of “METOO” incidents. it’s not to say they are all right or wrong, just that prudent people will understand this dynamic exists, it has existed for countless millenia, and it is not going away. it has to be factored into the equation before people get locked up.

      “sexual harassment” laws are an attempt to legislate civil law that will try and discourage this dynamic in employment. and supposedly Reade made such a complaint, but it was buried. it is relevant to the credibility of such like as Biden, however, that they often pretend to be “champions of women” and “advocates” of strong sexual harassment policies and so forth. like the fat pig Weinstein, who was close friends with Hillary Clinton, or the nefarious Epstein, however, politics chooses “strange bedfellows”

      now if people want to have less handsy, aggressive, sexual bullies as leaders, then they can stop picking them to be leaders

      The Democrat Party voters have shown, that they do not consider these factors as disqualifying, however.

      1. I have a corollary question: Why do women like Hillary Clinton and Jill Biden remain married to men who can’t be bothered to restrain their libidos? Clinton played in Epstein’s Lolita Island for years; Biden has no compunction about fondling women on and off camera, apparently all the while he was in the US Senate.

        Why do soi-disant women’s rights advocates like Lisa Bloom campaign FOR actual “pussy grabbers” – men like Biden who take it a step further into vaginal rape – after expelling so much hot air about having to defeat Trump for just talking about it in a locker room? Daddy issues?

  3. It would be excellent if we returned to a concept of innocent until proven guilty. This provides a robust structure for freedom. At times we will be frustrated that our near certainty of guilt is not born out in evidence. That tension is at the very heart of the best in our claim to freedom. This is true for Biden and Brett. Now we do also have the freedom to scream about our inferred feeling of the guilt of a person, but that should not be the yardstick to pillory students and run them out of colleges or to run people out of public life. We should be ruled by facts and not mob emotions.

  4. While I am not a supporter of Joe Biden, he has been accused not convicted. My personal feelings are that he has trouble keeping his hands off of women. He seems to have a reputation that precedes him, wherever he goes.

    1. He had his teeth capped and had hair plugs. If your face is what you’re selling, I suppose one can regard that with a certain amount of economy. However, you’re indiscriminate with that, you end up looking like Joan Rivers or Loretta Swit – and you have the face you deserve in spite of your bank account’s best effots.

  5. Women’s Issues In The News:

    Supreme Court Hears Arguments Again Regarding Birth Control And Obamacare

    A closely divided Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in a case testing Trump administration rules that cut back on access to birth control under the Affordable Care Act. The difficulty of the issues was illustrated by the fact that the arguments lasted 49 minutes longer than scheduled.

    The ACA sought to equalize preventive health care coverage for women and men by requiring employers to include free birth control in their plans. Automatically exempted from that provision were houses of worship, like churches and synagogues, but not religiously affiliated universities, charities, and hospitals, which employ millions of people who want access to birth control.

    The Obama administration allowed these religiously affiliated entities to opt out of the birth control requirement, so alternative arrangements could be made directly with the insurer so as to guarantee “seamless coverage” of birth control”.

    The Trump administration’s new rules, in contrast, would give far broader exemptions to nonprofits and some for-profit companies with religious or moral objections to birth control. No alternative arrangements would be made to guarantee coverage for employees who work for employers with religious objections to birth control. The Trump rules, until now blocked by the lower courts, were the issue before the high court Wednesday.

    The most outspoken justices in Wednesday’s argument were Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who as a lawyer and justice has crusaded for women’s rights, and Justice Samuel Alito, who as a justice has been a vociferous advocate for religious rights.

    The 87-year-old Ginsburg, who was hospitalized on Tuesday for treatment of a gallbladder infection, led the charge against the Trump rules.

    Participating from her hospital room, Ginsburg said “the glaring feature” of the Trump administration’s new rules, is that they “toss to the winds entirely Congress’s instruction that women need and shall have seamless, no-cost, comprehensive coverage.” This, she said, “leaves the women to hunt for other government programs that might cover them, and for those who are not covered by Medicaid or one of the other government programs, they can get contraceptive coverage only from paying out of their own pocket, which is exactly what Congress didn’t want to happen.”

    The Trump administration’s Noel Francisco replied that that there is nothing in the ACA that requires birth control coverage. Rather, he maintained, the ACA delegated to the agencies the discretion to decide whether or not to cover birth control in the first place.

    Justice Alito, for his part, used up far more than his 2 minutes of allotted time questioning, hammering Michael Fisher, the lawyer for the states challenging the Trump rules, for over seven minutes.

    Referencing a decision he wrote in 2014, Alito said that “Hobby Lobby held that if a person sincerely believes that it is immoral to perform an act that has the effect of enabling another person to commit an immoral act, the federal court does not have the right to say that this person is wrong on the question of moral complicity. That is precisely the question here.”

    Other justices posed difficult questions as well. Justice Sonia Sotomayor asked whether a similar provision requiring all insurers to pay for free COVID-19 vaccinations would be unconstitutional because some employers object to vaccinations on religious grounds.

    But in the end, several of the justices expressed frustration at the inability of the two sides to reach some compromise since the last time the court heard a challenge to the Obama-era rules four years ago. Back then, the court essentially punted, instructing the warring parties to try to come up with a compromise that would settle the issue.

    Edited From: “Fervor Vs Compromise At Supreme Court Birth Control Arguments”

    Today’s NPR
    It’s not entirely clear why SCOTUS felt compelled to hear this issue again.

        1. No, that’s Natacha. I’m perfectly ambulatory. I could lose about 60 lbs.

    1. I understand the group of people that were volunteering in NYC, I think in Central Park, were told to leave because they are a religious group that doesn’t believe in homosexual marriages. There is indeed a question of whether they will be liable for the taxes.

      I haven’t checked this out but I saw this comment “The Obama administration allowed these religiously affiliated entities to opt out of the birth control requirement,” as if the left is tolerent of different people’s beliefs. The left isn’t and right now the left is demonstrating that they are most responsible for a very large portion of Coronavirus deaths, in particular the governor of NY and the mayor of NYC.

  6. This value-less bloom seems to subscribe to what is her version of lesser of two evils. She doesn’t stop to think obviously that choosing any form of evil is both a support for evil but a conviction of one’s own lack of morals. There is no excuse for Bloom.

  7. The #MeToo movement is corrupted. We have a legal system and the fact that students at one of the more prestigious universities don’t understand the need for evidence and investigation is appalling.

    They are compounding the wrong solution that was created during the Kavanaugh hearings. They are using an Alan Dershowitz approach by putting the shoe on the other foot but that shoe doesn’t fit and didn’t fit when on the first foot.

    The #MeToo has to stop acting like Fascists.

  8. WGAF. We major crisis on our hands and incompetent liar prancing and preening while refusing to act as the President.

    If we are to be distracted, let it be fun and beautiful.

    1. Book, you’re right, all were getting lately are ‘distraction columns’. There’s nothing here of any genuine news value.

      1. Well, we know what were in this mornings Correct-the-Record talking points.

      2. So says Paint Chips who makes up false headlines for all the erroneous Washington Post stories he posts, edited of course.

        Paint Chips = Fake News = Fake Nails

        1. Diaper Man, the real news is crazy enough. No one has to make up stories, unless they’re defending Trump.

          1. Defending Trump? Trump despite the lies and deceit of Democrats and the Obama Administration DOJ, bureaucracy, etc. set this country in the right direction. Leftists have lied and cheated while mismanaging things. Soon we will start to see the numbers of Covid deaths and the trail of guilt will lead right into the governors mansion in NY and the mayors mansion in NYC.

            The death figures are coming in. Perhaps 30% of NY deaths were in Nursing Homes that were forced to take Covid patients causing massive death. But the leftist powers to be were good enough to also bring the nursing homes large numbers of body bags and stored the bodies in refrigerated trucks. The numbers are extremely concentrated around the NY area and spread to where New Yorkers evacuated to. The deaths spread where mass transportation took the doomed citizens. Neither the governor or the Mayor did anything to clean up the trains and permitted homeless to sleep on them. It wasn’t until very late after Trump talked about UV killing the virus that they thought of using that on the trains. In an attempt to thwart Trump and make him look bad they initially refused to follow social distancing.

            Much of the high deathrate is due to the progressivism of the NY metropolitan elite. NY screamed and complained but not one New Yorker was denied a ventilator. The beds provided along with the ship were barely used. They could have sent the infected NH patients to the Comfort instead of killing so many decent old people but that is something progressives don’t seem to think about.

            We are in a new phase. These progressives will beg with their hands out and at the same time will yell and scream about opening economic activity where almost no Covid deaths have occurred. There is a sickness in the country and it is called progressivism.

      3. Yeah, you’re right. I would move on to some other website if I were you. You have shot your wad here, and cried “Wolf!” way too many times. Can you ask your boss to reassign you???

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    2. Joe Biden is not acting as the President. He is acting like a President and it just happens to be President Clinton. Meanwhile we are lucky to have a competent self assured leader like DJT at the helm and hopefully that will be the case for the next five years.

      1. I do not agree that DJT is competent, he is in contrast a most blitheringly inept and corrupt malignant narcissist and exemplar of The Dunning Kruger effect to ever reach a high position in politics. But this fact is GOOD.

        The American empire like all empires past and future is EVIL, I quote IRAQ INVASION, ABU GRAIB, GUANTANAMO BAY, AAFIA SIDDIQUI ……….. The US Empire it is also well into its decay and anything that hastens that decay and collapse is welcome. Until the collapse is complete, obvious to all nothing better can rise in its place. Of course whatever does arise may be almost as bad, but their is a slight probability that it may no be.

        As a citizen of a nation that is not the US I am praying to Lucifer, Beelzebub Satan and the rest that Trump wins in November and Biden looses. Biden like most powerful politicians is a corrupt and a despiser of women, but he is not blitheringly incompetent and were he to win the US might shamble on for a few months or years or decades than it would survive under DJT. So if believing that Biden like Kavanaugh is an attempted rapist depresses the Democratic vote to the extent that they lose in November , then HOORAY.

  9. It only makes sense that a NYTimes columnist and law professor, would agree

    Note the book she authored:

    I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway.
    The importance of owning an ugly moral choice.

    By Linda Hirshman
    Ms. Hirshman is the author, most recently, of “Reckoning: The Epic Battle Against Sexual Abuse and Harassment.

    From Amazon:

    Linda Hirshman, acclaimed historian of social movements, delivers the sweeping story of the struggle leading up to #MeToo and beyond: from the first tales of workplace harassment percolating to the surface in the 1970s, to the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal—when liberal women largely forgave Clinton, giving men a free pass for two decades. Many liberals even resisted the movement to end rape on campus.

    And yet, legal, political, and cultural efforts, often spearheaded by women of color, were quietly paving the way for the takedown of abusers and harassers. Reckoning delivers the stirring tale of a movement catching fire as pioneering women in the media exposed the Harvey Weinsteins of the world, women flooded the political landscape, and the walls of male privilege finally began to crack. This is revelatory, essential social history.

  10. I am old enough to remember when Wikileaks broke into Hillary’s campaign email account and released a bunch of private documents, which were then trotted out right before the election and taken out of context and broadly misconstrued such that many people thought she was running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor.

    So there is no reason Biden would not want a bunch of people digging through his papers at the University of Delaware to see what they can find? Do you think everything will just remain confidential if it does not relate to Tara Reade?

    1. Turley Is Naive: late last week it emerged that the relevant papers in question never went to Delaware. So I’m not sure why Turley is still referencing the U of Delaware.

        1. What’s ‘relevant’ is what’s convenient to the Democratic Party. Haven’t you been listening to Gainesville?

  11. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY is EXPOSED, it wasn’t about Kavanaugh, it was all about the DEM’s trying to prevent a Trump nominee, conservative, from being on the Supreme Court. Now the DEM’s have their own problem against a women who was sexual harassed by Biden, with more solid information, including her mother calling into Larry King, at the time vs b. Ford who had no solid info only make believe, DEM activist and DEM Lawyers, and a fake voice, which the DEM’s all said IBELIEVE, now, they don’t believe or they say, like Bloom, so what?

    I sense, the corrupt polls do not reflect people’s real attitude and come NOV the DEM’s are going to find out what the country really thinks??

    1. 234currency4 – right now Creepy Joe is 2 points ahead of Trump, however that is within the margin of error. A couple of weeks ago, Joe was 8 points ahead.

  12. Our hypocrite JT continues carrying Trump campaign water under the guise of objective legal commentary.

    We got your propaganda line the 1st thru 3rd time JT. How many more do we get this?

    Even though there is no way in hell that any complaint from Reade would be in the public papers Biden has left with the U of D, , GOP strategy is to demand they be searched and call Joe a hypocrite for not chasing his tail. Meanwhile, your candidate can lie on TV everyday, all day, and berate the 25 women who have accused him of sexual assault while failing to lead us in a present severe crisis, and you’ll keep repeating this idiotic line.

    We got it.

    You don’t

    1. BtB:

      If you don’t like Turkey’s commentary, you have two choices: (1) make a reasoned argument, or (2) go away.

      Insulting only shows the feebleness of your argument and your anger.

      Just a thought. Try a little courtesy in your commentary.

      1. Thank you monumentcolorado, so much more polite than I would have been.

      2. I’ve made a reasoned argument and treated JT’s post as it deserves – as hypocritical propaganda repeated over and over while ignoring the major crisis Trump is spectacularly failing at facing.

        1. The term ‘reasoned argument’ does not mean what you fancy it means. As for your assessment of the moderator, you’re either playing dumb or it’s not an act.

          1. Your concept of a thought worth posting on a forum for others to read is not what you fancy it is.

  13. The is something fishy here. John McCain donated his papers to Arizona State University and they came with minders and a foundation. Are we sure Creepy Joe’s papers are sitting in Delaware all by themselves? This is a job for the old Arthur Anderson.

      1. honestlawyer – got it!!! Have commented on the first play, now on to the second. 😉

  14. “Our point is not that Biden should face the same presumptions of guilt but that both alleged violators and victims deserve to be heard fairly and both deserve due process.”
    No, the precise point — which not so incidentally is also the point of our legal system, nay our free society — is that you are innocent until proven guilty and that he/she who asserts must prove coupled with the very poorly publicized part that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Biden deserves the benefit of the doubt in this dubiously timed accusation and while he should cooperate, he certainly doesn’t have to under any sense of American justice. “Affirmati Non Neganti Incumbit Probatio”

    1. And a corollary: “Fair hearing” doesn’t mean “nice hearing” if you are spouting palpable nonsense or assertions at odds with typical human nature. If you say months before your sexual assault allegations that you admire the perp for his work combating sexual abuse, you have no right to expect folks won’t be asking you — in a very pointed way — why you are contradicting yourself.

      1. These are sensible procedural principles for treating claims.

        I’m sure you’ve noticed that not one of our regulars has been willing to apply them to the utterances of one Christine Blasey Ford.

        1. TIA:

          “I’m sure you’ve noticed that not one of our regulars has been willing to apply them to the utterances of one Christine Blasey Ford.”
          So true and likely because the lib “regulars” (herd folk, all) around here understand that neutral principles stand squarely in the way of unbridled power.

    2. No, one is innocent until proven guilty IN A COURT OF LAW. In the court of public opinion, people are free to believe whatever they so choose, and to vote or not vote accordingly. And people are free to form their opinions based on the Biden’s overall reputation – going back decades- as a pervy guy with roaming hands, a reputation which may or may not be admissible in a court of law.

      1. TIN:

        “And people are free to form their opinions based on the Biden’s overall reputation – going back decades- as a pervy guy with roaming hands, a reputation which may or may not be admissible in a court of law.”

        True as far as it goes, but people’s feelings/opinions are often whimsical, based on little more than emotions sometimes and subject to instant change. And that’s why they rank far behind findings of fact by fact-finders and rational argument by rational speakers. While the principles announced typically apply to courts of law and administrative tribunals, their universal application culturally is what set this country apart from the banana republics the Dims so want us to be.

        Like the First Amendment, there is the process of justice and the culture of justice — both equally important, if distinct. And the overlap of philosophy is profound and necessary.

  15. If evidence once existed corroborating Tara Reade’s allegation I very much doubt that it would have survived many years before a Biden staffer ensured that it disappeared to sleep with the fishes.

    1. Way to show your massive ignorance. There’s a thing called a statute of limitations. Did you say the same thing to Ford? I bet not. That makes you a hypocrite as well. Dumb and ignorant is what you are.

    2. apparently she recently did, though it will be time barred by SOL

  16. Good for the Penn Students! They are wrong, but the Democrats need a good dose of their own medicine! I hope some of the Penn Students are taking History of the French Revolution 101, and build their own guillotine!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Yes Squeeky it’s about time the US underwent The French Revolution complete with guillotines, severed heads and little old ladies knitting.

      1. No, it’s time we sent our Bourbons into exile. You can start with our appellate judges, the public interest bar, BigLaw partners, the senior ranks of the media and entertainment complex, large chunks of higher ed administration, a selection of casino bankers, and miscellaneous celebrities. And we need a regulatory architecture befitting a free people in all these sectors.

        1. agree with absurd the problem is the financialists and their allies in the entrenched bureaucracies can always conjure up another trillion or so out of thin air to enhance the complexity of the ongoing arrangements and furthermore to hire armies of newspapermen, lawyers, and other assorted lackeys and sycophants to defend their system of rent-seeking, graft, corruption, and malfeasance

  17. (From the Washington Post) Liberal groups were dismayed that Biden’s vice-presidential vetting panel, which he announced last week, included no names close to their movement. Among those serving on it are former senator Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), a longtime Biden friend…

    Now served at the US Senate cafeteria- the ‘Ukrainian Waitress’ sandwich- hot pink meat served between two pieces of rotten white bread for $50,000/month or a 0% loan from Countryside Mortgage…

      1. Hey I met Dodd et ux at an antique store in Bowling Green, VA. Perfectly wonderful guy. Yet still a piece of shinola!

        1. Was he ever!
          Former U.S. Senator Chris Dodd, who is linked to corporate bailouts, lobbying for Hollywood, and alleged sexual assault of a waitress at a restaurant, is among seven individuals appointed to Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential selection task force.

          According to GQ Magazine Dodd and former Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., allegedly sexually assaulted a waitress at the Washington, D.C. restaurant, La Brasserie.

          Kennedy and Dodd were inebriated in a private room with two very young blonde dates. When their dates left the table to go to the bathroom, the senators requested waitress Carla Gaviglio come to the room.

          Gaviglio alleges Kennedy grabbed her and threw her on the table, scattering and breaking plates, cutlery, crystal, and candles. Kennedy then threw Gaviglio on Dodd and jumped on top of the two as he rubbed his genital area against hers, effectively creating a “waitress sandwich.”

          When another waitress entered the room, Kennedy jumped off leaving Gaviglio bruised and shaken as she ran out of the private dining room. Gaviglio’s story was corroborated by another waitress, the owner of La Brasserie, and two bus boys.

          “What I saw was Senator Kennedy on top of Carla, who was on top of Senator Dodd’s lap, and the tablecloth was sort of slid off the table ’cause the table was knocked over—not completely, but just on Senator Dodd’s lap a little bit, and of course the glasses and the candlesticks were totally spilled and everything. And right when I walked in, Senator Kelly jumped off…and he leaped up, composed himself and got up. And Carla jumped up and ran out of the room,” said waitress Betty Loh.

          As the Biden campaign undergoes pressure to address the sexual assault allegations weighing against the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, it is a interesting choice to appoint a former senator, who also faces sexual assault allegations, to the campaign’s small vice president selection task force.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

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