Linda Hirschman: Yes, Biden Is A Rapist But He Should Be The Next President

220px-Biden_2013Yesterday, we discussed the astonishing tweet from Lisa Bloom that she believes that Joe Biden is a rapist and continues to lie about raping a former staffer, but she still will endorse him for President.  Now Linda Hirshman in the New York Times has run an opinion piece entitled “I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway.”  It is a chilling example of how feminist writers are retaining their “women must be believed” position from Kavanaugh and simply declaring that they will support someone they believe to be a rapist. Imagine if a Republican senator said he believed Dr. Ford that Kavanaugh was clearly a rapist but we need a reliable conservative on the Court.

Many Democratic politicians and commentators have struggled with the clearly hypocritical position of declaring Biden innocent while previously insisting that women “must be believed.” The problem is that, if you declare that no one has a right to be simply believed, it requires a full and fair investigation. However, Biden has refused to open up his records to look into any allegations of sexual harassment or sexual abuse by Reade or others.  Thus, you can either declare Biden to be innocent without such a review of this papers as has Speaker Nancy Pelosi or you have to call for his records to be reviewed.  The alternative is to just accept his guilt as a rapist (thus avoiding the need for an investigation in that and other claims) but say it really doesn’t change anything.

Hirshman declared  “Let’s be clear: I believe Tara Reade. I believed Anita Hill, too,” Hirshman added  “Democratic primary voters knew all about Mr. Biden’s membership in that boys’ club when there was still time to pick someone else. Alas.” 

That “Alas” led to the surprising conclusion: “I’ll take one for the team. I believe Ms. Reade, and I’ll vote for Mr. Biden this fall.”

As with Bloom, it is notable that the nomination still has not occurred, but Bloom and Hirshman are still lining up behind someone who they believe is a rapist and someone who is continuing to lie to the public about his raping a female staff member.  That moral flexibility and relativism allows for highly convenient positions but little principle.  It is not clear how many women they would have to believe Biden raped to change that calculus.  However, since there is no call for a full investigation of all of the Biden papers (including those at the University of Delaware) for any allegations of sexual misconduct by anyone, there is little risk of facing that choice.

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  1. Biden knows there is no proof of Tara Reade’s digital violation, so he can afford to lie about it. Women should take heart that the worst serial rapist VIPs (Weinstein, Cosby, Dr. Larry, Epstein) were taken down and jailed by the legal system. That is real progress, and I expect it to continue. There is more deterrence than ever before directed at powerful men, and not so powerful ones.

    So, let’s try to keep the Biden-Reade saga in perspective. It is vile and degrading behavior if true, but NOT a movement-defeating challenge. It does give a certain dimension to Joe Biden’s character flaws.

  2. Lisa Bloom and Linda Hirschman are the perfect examples of what I have been telling you for years. Democrats don’t care about anything but winning and staying in power. Why would any sane, self-respecting person continue to vote for a Democrat for anything???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

        1. Thanks for acknowledging; on this site it is dangerous. Don’t repress, your attitude will improve.

    1. That’s the best way to lie – to tell the truth.

      The result is never a tangled web; it’s easy to remember.

  3. ” It is a chilling example of how feminist writers are retaining their “women must be believed” position from Kavanaugh and simply declaring that they will support someone they believe to be a rapist.”

    Why the article? It’s already been proven that Democrats like rapists in the White House. No story there.

    1. Well, no. The “women must be believed” mantra was concocted in an effort to undermine the Kavanaugh appointment. The effort was to derail K. because of his conservative politics. If K. had been a liberal, Christine Ford would have been a footnote, not the main act. And it’s no different for conservatives. Each side is simply looking for power, and they’ll take their candidate, flaws and all. It’s not that they WANT a flawed candidate, but if that’s the best they can do, they’ll overlook the flaws. Anita Hill was credible, but the conservatives didn’t care. They wanted a black conservative, and that’s what they got, not that Thomas has been a stand-out jurist, by any stretch of the imagination. Bill Clinton was a pig, but liberals liked his liberal politics so they looked the other way. Christine Ford? I believe the event she described happened to her, but I’m not sure Kav was the attacker. I do believe Mark Judge was there, because she recognized him later, but I’m not convinced Kav was the other one. Moreover, even if Kav did what she says, he was a teenager at the time, not a U.S. Senator. Biden? Yes, I believe it. Due to his long-standing reputation as a handsy creep and contemporaneous evidence from the accuser. But do women HAVE to be believed? No, they have to be listened to. Then you evaluate the evidence and come to your own conclusion. That is, unless you’re a slavish book-licker who can’t think for yourself.

      1. “Well, no. The “women must be believed” mantra was concocted ”

        I have little objection to this comment, though I don’t even think Kavanaugh was ever near Ford.

        My statement was talking about something different.

        ” It’s already been proven that Democrats like rapists in the White House. No story there.” Bill Clnton and and now Beijing Biden.

      2. I think most people will accept flaws in a candidate, but each has their limit. When you choose a general in a war, up to a point, his private life doesn’t matter. Some of history’s best generals were raging alcoholics. Hardly a surprise, given the pressures of war. There’s even a saying, “a lion at sea and an ass on land.”

        The question is, what’s everyone’s limit. Trump was pretty openly vulgar, pugnacious, prone to name calling, and twice divorced. Those were flaws known going in. Conservative Christians could still get behind him, because he’s also openly opposed unlimited abortion. Many of his policies have been good for America.

        However, if there was evidence that Trump was a rapist, then no, I don’t think enough conservatives would held their noses for him to have won. In fact, the common response is that while they don’t like the joke he made on a hot mike, he’s a boor not a rapist.

        Biden voters must also believe that his policies are good for the country. The weird compulsion of Biden’s to harass women, burying his nose in their hair, standing behind them and massaging their shoulders – it’s harassment on display on TV. It’s troubling that he doesn’t seem to care or change his behavior if the woman shows disgust. What is really upsetting is that he does this to little girls, to the point that we have all seen the videos where politicians move their daughters out of Biden’s grasp. OK. It’s weird and possibly a compulsion. But Democrats can hold their noses over this tic, even though it clearly goes against their supposed principles of respecting women. I get that. That behavior is annoying, but not assault. However, if evidence does come to light that Biden went beyond that, and sexually assaulted someone, will that be a bridge too far? Will Democrats have standards? It has been theorized that Demcorats don’t have to hold themselves to moral standards because their party does not incorporate religious virtue in its base. That is how they deride conservatives for not upholding moral values above all else, while not applying the same to themselves.

        1. Karen, I’m an atheist with moral values. Belief in the supernatural does not imply stronger moral values.

      3. I do believe Mark Judge was there, because she recognized him later, but I’m not convinced Kav was the other one.

        None of the principals recalled any such gathering and her chum Leland Ingham Keyser later said that she did not recall attending any gathering of that sort at any time and that no such gathering would have fit in with her schedule in 1982.

        We have only her word that she ‘recognized him’ in any venue at any time. Mark Judge has published six books, including a memoir of his young life. Where do you think she cribbed the names of his friends?

        Again, there is no direct or circumstantial evidence that she knew any of these people, with the possible exception of Christopher Garrett (who she did not identify as being present). Interviews with Garrett turned up a dry hole.

        (While we’re at it, we’re only discussing one iteration of her account).

        Anita Hill was credible, but the conservatives didn’t care.

        They didn’t care because (1) what Hill accused him of was bugging her for dates and making lewd comments in the office. That is not unlawful and the notion it’s tortious is…inventive. (2) No one corroborated her account in any way. Her handlers did put associates in front of the committee who said she’d talked about work-related problems at the time, but the most salient of those witnesses undermined her account by making it clear the conversations took place in the months before Thomas had hired her; and (3) You would have been hard put to find anyone who interacted with the two of them at the EEOC and the Department of Education who believed her account; a reporter who wrote about his experience covering the case was quite surprised to discover (interviewing about 20 people) that he could find only one who believed her; (4) She didn’t behave like someone who had been ill-used. She quite voluntarily followed Thomas from the Department of Education to the EEOC and kept in touch with him for some years afterward; Thomas’ secretary testified to the proper interpretation of phone messages. (5) Joseph Biden didn’t put people who claimed Thomas was trouble in the office because they were cr!p witnesses; either their claims were trivia (one complained Thomas had showed up at her door with flowers) or they had wretched work histories (multiple instances of having been fired for cause).

        I should note that Hill’s career since 1991 has been an embarrassment. She’s been agreeably compensated by the patronage mill all these years in academic positions she’d never have been hired for but for reasons irrelevant to the reasons you should hire people. An honest career for her would have been practicing small law in Tulsa, something she’s never done.

        1. I don’t have any obsessive need to defend Kavanaugh, nor attack Christine Ford. I don’t know either of them and don’t care about them personally. But CF did recognize Mark Judge while shopping with her mother at Potomac Safeway. And to suggest that she found out that he worked there at the time from reading some book nobody heard of is a bit on the crazy side. Yes, Mark Judge penned a small paperback, maybe 100 pages, about his years at a Catholic prep school. It’s hardly likely anyone would have known about, or read, this memoir, unless they also went to Georgetown Prep at the time, saw a note about the book in their alumni newsletter, and were interested in the subject of GP in the 1980s. Not exactly a hot topic. During the Kavanaugh hearings, reporters in D.C., where I live, were desperately searching for the book. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Not at any Catholic bookstore, not at the Basilica bookstore, and out-of-print from the small publisher. So I just don’t believe it’s plausible that this woman, living in CA, was able to obtain a copy of a book she had no reason to know of, much less obtain, and concoct an utterly false story. But that’s me. I don’t believe people are that crazy. I guess we view these things based on our own life experiences, but I’ve never known anyone who would do anything that bizarre. As far as some friend not remembering the party, so what? I lost my virginity at a house party when I was 16. That was a big deal for me. I can remember the girl, but not her name, and generally the type of house, and that it had two stories and a piano, but I have no recollection of anyone else there, nor how I got there, and couldn’t find the house now if I had to….memories are far from perfect.

          1. Clarence Thomas is a “patronage” hire as well. He benefitted throughout his life from affirmative action, yet wants to deny it to others. And I’m no fan of AA, but at least I’m not hypocritical about it. In a bio of Thomas, one of his Yale Law professors recalls him wearing denim overalls and a “large floppy sharecropper’s hat” to class everyday. Trying to ply white liberal guilt to assure passing marks. Then it was off to the warm, secure bosom of one Federal appointment after the next. Far easier and more lucrative than going back to practice law in small town Georgia. Both CT and Anita Hill did what most black lawyers do. I see it everyday. Government jobs, corporate “diversity managers” or spokespersons (Michele Obama), or quasi-academics. Thomas has been more successful than most because he was willing to play “house boy” to the conservatives. Which is likely why he has so much self-contempt.

            1. Clarence Thomas is a “patronage” hire as well. He benefitted throughout his life from affirmative action, yet wants to deny it to others

              Clarence Thomas was admitted to the bar in 1974 and has worked in that field without interruption since. There is no position he’s had for which his preparation was deficient or uncommon. If you’d reviewed his employment history and compared it with others appointed to the Supreme Court over the previous 60 years, you would know that.

              There are two venues in which you could identify AA. One was his law school admission, about which he’s been quite open. He said it had been a problem for him in job interviews and he regrets having accepted their admission offer. (He did not have a bad academic record at Yale, btw). The other was in him being slated for Thurgood Marshall’s seat < 2 years after his elevation to the DC circuit. Well, that's when Marshall chose to leave. One object the Bush Administration had was to defuse opposition to their nominee given that the Senate was controlled by the Democrats. Who was ideally situated to do that? That's right, Clarence Thomas.

              That aside, Thomas has never given evidence he wasn't up to his job.

              Hill doesn't have a research degree, and had taught at an unaccredited law school after her sojourn in government. Yet she's hired by the law faculty of the Univ. of Oklahoma. Well, often faculty members do not have research degrees in law schools. She did manage to publish several articles on commercial law over the next six years, so kept her position. Then she's hired away by Brandeis to teach 'social policy'. Her training and research in statistical analysis is approximately zero.

              One of these cases is not like the other. But you can't figure that out.

              1. And there was the D.C. public school teacher who took her class to visit the Supreme Court. She thought that seeing Thomas would be an inspiration to her black students. She wrote that he sat up there, never uttered a word, never looked at the Counsel or displayed any interest whatsoever in the proceedings, and worst of all, twirled around and around in his chair, looking at the ceiling. She said it was embarrassing and she regretted taking the kids to see that. Your boy is lame. Deal with it.

                1. Your boy is lame. Deal with it.

                  Because he doesn’t participate in oral arguments? You’re straining. His work is found in the opinions he issues.

              2. Was it absolutely necessary to put Thomas on the SCOTUS? Why not a qualified Asian or Hispanic? That’s the problem with affirmative action, the idea that they have to fill the “black seat” regardless of the apparent dearth of decent candidates.

                1. It’s not absolutely necessary to put any particular person on the Court. You’re either playing dumb or it’s not an act.

                2. I agree thomas benefitted from the AA mentality, but he’s written a lot of good opinions. of course all of them work with clerks. but they sign the opinions and he’s had more good ones than i expected he would.

            2. I have seen a lot of black lawyers benefit from AA and then the ironic thing is, they turn around and try extra hard to do good work. this has surprised me more than once. certain people I expected to underperform, did really good work.

              AA is unfair and they know it, I suspect, so the ones at the level of lawyer and judge sometimes compensate by working harder

              I remember this black girl in law school who used to call me a racist occasionally but she was always trying to chat me up about this and that. it was fine; she was nice, overall, lively conversationalist and pretty authentic. she probably thought i was authentic too, compared to the fake white people who pretend not to harbor any racial sentiments at all. I never pretended that; I always accepted an affinity for my own kind as a natural part of being. this can be a basis for mutual respect.

              1. Mr. Kurtz – she probably wanted to date you. Hahaha. Chatting you up…Oh, really! Do tell! 😆

                1. And she called you a racist from time to time to ruffle your feathers, haha, but we all know what was really going on 😉

                  1. I’m just kidding, Mr. Kurtz, I wasn’t there, so who knows!

                    I go there from having friends of all backgrounds, races, yada yada, whatever.

                    My Japanese-American friend only dated White

                    My Korean-American friend only dated White

                    My African-American friend only dated White

                    My Indian-American friend only dated White

                    And funny enough, my Swedish-American friend only dated Black.

                    Lulz. Ppl like what they like. Live, and let live.

                    I did once, while my Black friend was single, was helping her look for a man. I found a smart, good-looking Black guy, and then didn’t me (I didnt know at the time)…oh, thanks, but no thanks, I only date White. 😲. I said, What? 😆. When did you decide this? Oh, years ago! 😂😂😂 White-r than you. 🤣🤣🤣

                    Alrighty, then! I will take him off the list then….

                    1. Oh, and I did ask her…What do you mean, White-r than me, I am pretty White, no?

                      She said, Blue eyes, ans Blonde hair.

                      Ahhh…White-r than me…Rofl. 😆😆😆

              2. In my law school it was an open secret that every single black student (except one who got a 170 on the LSAT) was either on or had been on academic probation; and if not currently on probation, each (except the one previously mentioned) was in the lowest quadrant of their classes. They tended to have a hard time keeping up and passing the bar exam after graduation.

                I guess those are “hate facts” (i.e. something objectively true but does not fit the egalitarian narrative).


          2. I don’t have any obsessive need to defend Kavanaugh, nor attack Christine Ford. I don’t know either of them and don’t care about them personally. But CF did recognize Mark Judge while shopping with her mother at Potomac Safeway.

            No, she says she recognized him. She knew he’d been employed by one of the local Safeways because it’s in one of his books.

            And to suggest that she found out that he worked there at the time from reading some book nobody heard of is a bit on the crazy side.

            No, it’s perfectly sensible, and rather moreso than suggesting, absent of any documentary or testimonial evidence, that she knew Judge, who had no social or institutional connection to her, didn’t live near her, and was one of 20,000 young men that age living in Montgomery County, Md. But you knew that.

            where I live, were desperately searching for the book.

            They could have consulted a local academic library where they had borrowing privileges. It would have been forthcoming on interlibrary loan in a matter of days. Likely could have done so through a suburban public library as well. This isn’t that difficult. His books were available through catalogues as well, which is where I found out about them.

            As far as some friend not remembering the party, so what?

            It’s actually all four people who were supposedly present remembering nothing and the friend in question saying (at a later time) that that sort of thing would not have fit into her schedule at all.

            First you say you’re not ‘obsessively defending her’, then you spit out a series of transparently flimsy talking points to defend her. Go away.

            1. Of course she read his book! Yes, the same one that’s not available in any Montgomery County, MD library. And not available in any MoCo bookstore. And not available in any DC Public library, nor any DC bookstore. The same book that nobody even heard of until after Christine Ford testified. Yes, that book! She prevailed over the one in a million odds of conforming her testimony to details in an unremarkable memoir that nobody but the authors family and a few former classmates even knew about! But she magically knew that someone she never heard of wrote a book and was able to get her devious little hands on it. Amazing!! Hahaha. It must eat you up that Christine Ford is smarter than you!

              1. She lives in California and she works at an academic institution. They indubitably have a competent inter-library loan staff and she knows it. I cannot help it if you’re clueless and have been talking to clueless reporters who really should have better research skills.

                You don’t seem to realize there is an international database of bibliographic records. Identifying who has this book in greater Washington or in the Bay Area would be a piece of cake. At the same time, anyone on their acquisition staff could identify a vendor in a matter of minutes, including a vendor that deals in out-of-print books.

                Now, personally, I think someone she knew passed on a copy of Judge’s book years ago as a curio, because he’s about the same age and lived in the same county and had a story to tell. It provided ample fodder for her story when the time came.

                There is no ‘one in a million’ except in your worthless imagination. The real improbability is that she on the square even though that not one person is willing to testify she was acquainted with any of these people, not one person has a diary entry or old Polaroid with her in the frame with any of them, that there is no avenue of likely acquaintance between her and any of these people, and no one recalls the event in question. That you take her seriously is an act of willfullness on your part.

  4. JT, we get that as a Trump flunkie, probably angling for a judgeship in his last days, you have to daily write the same column about the opinions of inconsequential commentators regarding the presidential candidate in 2nd place for alleged sexual assaults, but their is a major crisis occurring presently which is world class and as history goes, may be up there with the Great Depression or the Great Recession, though we hope not. Perhaps you could quit wasting all of our time and write about the issues surrounding that crisis, including the colossal mismanagement of available resources and failure of leadership by the president. Among those are:

    – Telling governor’s he’s in charge, then they are in charge, and then encouraging knuckle-draggers to storm state buildings in tight formation protesting the governors’ actions.

    – Issuing recommended guidelines which he then praises governors and states who ignore them.

    – Using the Defense Production Act to force workers back to meat production plants with unemployment cut off if they refuse out of fear for their safety while protecting the employers from law suits

    – Refusing to use the DPA to obtain tests which along with contact tracing (no program for that either) are a necessary component to proper and successful reopening of our economy

    – Now hiding CDC issued guidelines for proper reopening

    – Did I mention ignoring and even burying multiple serious warnings from within his administration as to the seriousness of the problem as far back as January when he might have effectively lessened the threat. Yeah, I know, he cut off travel from China. That wasn’t the end of his responsibility, right?

      1. Paul, he is generally unfocussed but seems to be getting worse. Did you notice that? in his first paragraph?

        I think all the proof about the Russia Hoax, Flynn, the Steele Dossier proving that he doesn’t know what he is talking about is getting him down.

    1. It’s Prof. Turley’s blog. Therefore, he chooses the subject. I don’t comment on a particular topic if I’m not interested in it. You can do the same. If you feel the blog as a whole is a ‘waste of time,’ you can find another blog or start your own.

    2. Anon, now that the testimony is no longer able to be kept secret by Schiff are headlines like this getting you down? You quoted people that didn’t know anything or outright lied and you lied yourself.

      Obama Defense Official Evelyn Farkas Admitted She Lied On MSNBC About Having Evidence Of Collusion
      ‘I didn’t know anything.’

    3. Stop making up spurious accusations about Turley. You know that Turley has criticized Trump repeatedly over the years, which means you know your accusation that he’s a “Trump flunkie” was untrue when you made it.

      Turley does not consult with any of us, because this bog is his hobby. He writes about what he finds interesting. You can do the same. You can start your very own blog, and write about whatever pleases you. Then commenters can complain that you don’t write about what they think you should.

      Also, the DPA can’t obtain field assays. An assay and its manufacturing facility must be approved by the FDA. Ford cannot start manufacturing field assay test kits. They could create the molded plastic wells, but they can’t pump out kits. There are many assays trying to make it through the government approval process. Testing was thrown open to the private sector because the CDC so thoroughly botched the job. That’s why clamoring for more government control is so ludicrous. Ford also cannot produce more Remdesivir, either.

  5. This while #metoo debacle needs an Irish Poem! Thanks to Mespo for “priming the rhyme!”

    A Finger In Every Pie???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was a thing called “metoo”,
    Which presumed that what girls said was true!
    It met a quick end,
    When applied to the men,
    Who were Democrats – whocuddaknew???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. If Biden did indeed rape Ms. Reade, as this NYT writer believes, what’s the chance this was the first and only rape by Biden? Don’t rapists prey on many women? So, my question to people who believe Ms. Reade is this, how many rapes does a presidential candidate get to commit before you stop supporting him? How many? What’s the number?

    1. Have you seen how he manhandles every female? And how he is with other folks children is even more so scary.

      I wouldn’t let that man within 6 feet of my children, even without social distancing.

      I’d say, “Hey Corn Pop McFly Sticker Fingers, keep your hands where I can see, or else…I have a Gestapo dog who eats Sticky Fingers for lunch.” 😉

      Anyhoo…stranges times…

  7. This is a prime example of why I eschewed my 50th HS reunion, too many of my friends had gone over to the dark side (the left) and I would have been sitting all alone at a table reserved for conservatives only.

  8. SEXUAL HARRASSMENT IS OK if your a DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN? but not anyone else. The Press, Anti Trump crowd and etc. have gone crazy. Trump lives in their heads and drives them nuts. If Trump wins reelection they will go more insane.

    1. Yes, that and the corruption that will be unearthed when a real close look is put to him.

  9. So, sexual assault is no longer a basis for disqualification from holding public office.

    Got it.

  10. Well, we all have to optimize given available choices. NB, Democratic Primary voters had three men who had founded lucrative businesses to choose from, one of whom had a creditable record as Mayor of New York. Also on their dance card was a state governor who had worked as a corporation executive. In addition, they had a state governor whose private sector career was meh but who had a history of appealing to red state electorates. They passed on all of them in favor of a cranky old red (with a history as a draft-dodger to boot), Princess Spreading Bull, the walking resume (whose credential is that he was a mediocre business-as-usual small-city mayor and whose actual source of appeal is that he fellates an elementary schoolteacher named ‘Chasten’), and Sundown Joe. They’re having this problem because Democratic primary voters make superficial and stupid judgments.

    But what you’re seeing is that the whole #metoo discourse from 1991 to the present was and is a fraud. It’s just another tool in the arsenal of political warfare. Look at the double-act of Shill recycling spin from the Bezos Birdcage Liner on Tara Reade while Gainesville says things like “Kavanaugh provably dry-humped Christiane Blasey”.

  11. America is absolutely and irretrievably broken. And Trump only buys us time at best.


  12. OMG – I am STILL clutching my pearls!! What ever happened to the famous leftist moral superiority?

    I like honesty, let’s keep going.

    Chamber of Commerce Republicans – I like illegal immigration because it provides a source of cheap labor and could care less that it drives down the wages of working class people.

    The Hard Cultural Left/SJW’s – I like illegal immigration because I want to remake America. This is necessary because America as founded is inherently racist, sexist, homophobic and generally evil. All cultures are equal (except for Western Culture, see above) and have contributed wonderfully to world civilization. Whites have brought mostly suffering and destruction to other groups and thus deserve whatever they get.

    Upper Class White Liberals/SWPL types – I like diversity and constantly am telling others about my moral superiority, intelligence and right thinking. I like to virtue signal by putting sings in my yard which say “no one is illegal”, etc. to demonstrate my goodness in a visible way. Of course, none of the above requires me to get my hands dirty and actually subject myself (or family) to these same conditions that my policies create for the working class. Fortunately, being a good liberal only requires saying the right things. I want Blacks and other minorities to really, really, truly like me because I am not like those bad MAGA yayhoo types!

    Blacks – I could care less about NPR, bike trails, arugula, symphonies and “good government”. Show me the GIBS.

    Hispanics – To Black Americans, you may have worked for the White man and have suffered, but you didn’t work for us. WE OWE YOU NOTHING!


      1. @TIN

        Asians – We generally don’t care what white people think about us, nor do we need their approval, we just work hard and achieve. Affirmative action hurts us by keeping our numbers down at elite schools which would not be the case if things were truly a meritocracy.

        Blue Collar Whites – Our culture is being destroyed, heroes mocked, jobs moved overseas or undercut by illegal aliens and NO ONE CARES. We are despised by the elites and blamed for all that ills society. No wonder opioid deaths have skyrocketed in the heartland, I guess it is our own fault and we deserve whatever happens because of our wickedness.


        1. Antonio, I was raised a blue-collar white, Irish. By virtue of Catholic schools, I became an attorney, but still hold my BC attitudes, for the most part. I agree with all but your last sentence, beginning with “I guess it is our fault….” I don’t believe that it’s our fault, and I generally have a sense of skepticism, if not a chip on my shoulder, towards all establishment and government types. I’m a registered Independent and assess all politicians individually, not by party. Same with Supreme Court nominees. They’re elites and don’t represent me. If there is any fault to be had by BC folks, I suppose it could be in not being more sophisticated in voting. I know a number of BC white males who still vote Democrat, because that’s what their fathers and grandfathers did, not recognizing that the current Dem party does not represent us. Anyway, thanks for your insightful analysis. Tim.

      2. I’ll tell you about asians., they function a lot like the white ethnics of the past.

        in the immigrant generation, they are still foreign nationals. but they come and work hard and get along. if they liked their home countries all that much, they would have stayed there.

        in the sons of immigrant generation, they feel out of place, want to get along, but are scared so they are captured by Democrats

        in that generation or the next, Asians also intermarry fast with whites. in this way again, they are like the italians or irish that all ended up marrying each other 3 generations onshore

        andrew yang is an abc– american born chinese– with an abc white. but ten bucks says his daughters (if he has them) will probably marry white guys

        there is a dynamic here that some people don’t like, but it’s a natural consequence of the high achieving whites and asians growing up alongside each other. it’s not unlike the jewish marrying gentiles, even though they have a deeply endogamous culture.

        the blacks here are a their own block. they will continue to be. they are fed now in population with a large amount of african migration. very large. but it’s only visible in big cities. they act as a block pretty much anywhere they live. i dont insult them for this– its instinctual, but a good survival instinct on the whole.

        the hispanic immigrants divvy themselves up into castes as they always have in their countries of origin. over time, the darker ones migrate towards a black ghetto culture and the lighter ones integrate towards the white element of America.

        This is about what was predicted in the Bell Curve a book from over 2 decades ago, I didn’t think it up. Trends have proven that this outlook was substantially correct.

        but this is just about race. this does not explain how the Republican and Democrat parties function. Democrats still have white leadership that goes all the way back to Mass Tom Jeff.

        And Republicans zoom all over the place in terms of policy. The Republican party of now aligns closer to Pat Buchanan’s way of thinking than the Bushies. Republicans adapt faster to the electorate. they went from free trade to fair trade almost overnight when Donald came down that escalator.

        it’s not clear how the racial divide will either align with the parties or not.

        what explains the Republican and Democrat divides is often now coming down to this: coastal areas & megacities are strongly blue. lower density population areas trending red. this is “the big sort.” it’s not clear where it will end up but most people who live in big cities do so either because they are stuck in them or they are really rich. the middle just wants to get out of Dodge. this disease thing has sharpened that way of thinking, too. not sure where it will end up but a strong geographic divide can often end the way it usually does, and that is war.

        i used to think it would be a race war, but now I don’t think so. probably it goes along until, if ever, the dollar’s back is broken. if we have a serious devaluation, or a federal debt default, then it may all fragment into smaller pieces. that might be ugly or maybe not. i am not sure how it will turn out. the disease has shown that none of us have a crystal ball.

        1. i had a typo, Yang’s wife i meant, she’s an abc like yang. yang’s parents were from taiwan. i cant verify her birthplace but she has zero accent and usually that’s only possible if you grow up here.

          Evelyn Yang, a beautiful and intelligent woman, Andrew Yang, a fantastic American, only dragged down by the usual Democrat party groupthink. but a lot of people can thank him for those $1,200 checks.

          oh i should also explain an abc is american born chinese. chinese have a high level of cultural endogamy, which means, they like to marry their own kind

          white people are highly exogamous compared to other national groups, particularly among the white nations, and at least over the past century. but, over time, the modern world has dragged a lot of formerly endogamous ethnics, towards exogamy, see Dershovitz’s book “the vanishing jew”

          1. “white people are highly exogamous compared to other national groups”, don’t know if true but it takes two to tango.

            1. Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders are Caucasians and commonly referred to as White.

              The American Founders, four times in their Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1798 and 1802, required Americans to be “…free white person(s)…,” ergo, Americans are White.

              You may agree with the American Founders or you may disagree with the American Founders.

              You make the call, America.

              You may be a Patriot or a Traitor.

              You may want to Make America Great Again, a course the American Founders initiated with Revolution then the Dispatch of Lewis and Clark.

              You may seek to commence “…fundamentally transforming the United States of America…” into a communist Utopia.

              “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

              – Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

              “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

              – Michelle Obama, May 14, 2008

          2. For the truth, let’s go to the source. In a candid moment, the Yangs’ fellow Asians, circle of friends and relatives will tell you they are “Oreos” – mild-cum-strongly negative connotation inescapable.

        2. @Mr Kurtz

          I find your post interesting in which you mention the Bell Curve. Was on point but could not be published today due to the “Great Awokening”. In 1994, the WSJ even carried an op ed signed by 25 prominent psychometric experts saying that its contents were correct and that IQ has a genetic component.

          You also mention the following:

          “the hispanic immigrants divvy themselves up into castes as they always have in their countries of origin. over time, the darker ones migrate towards a black ghetto culture and the lighter ones integrate towards the white element of America.”

          Hispanic is neither a race or an ethnicity but a political classification. Without the misguided policy of the US Government which puts them (and me BTW) in the “victim” category many, if not most would eventually blend into the larger Anglo culture. The tolerance or mass immigration, legal and illegal does not help either. I am of Cuban ancestry and can assure you there is a BIG difference between the Spanish and Mulatto/Mestizo/Amerindian cultures which are a big part of Latin America. Other than the Spanish language I have absolutely nothing in common with the illegal alien caste or what the La Raza activist types want, nor do I have a desire for the United States to become another Mexico.


          1. Antonio: I took the 23 andMe DNA test. It says I’m 96% Irish and 4% Spanish. I suppose some Spanish adventurer made his way to Ireland way back when…..Had I known, I could have claimed Hispanic and gotten into Harvard, lol. I’m more Spanish than Eliz. Warren is “Indian.”

            I read that Ted Cruz’s mother is Irish. His father is half-Spanish and half Cuban (Paternal grandfather was sent from Spain to Cuba to open an RCA plant). So his rags-to-riches story is b.s.; he’s only 1/4 Cuban and from a highly educated family. But politicians seem to think it’s impressive to claim that they were born in a log cabin that they built themselves, hahaha.

            1. @TIN

              Did a similar test, I am about 80 percent Spanish, 10 percent Amerindian and 10 percent West African. Have some mixed non-European blood and would be considered a castizo (you can look up the meaning). I do not have to be an Anglo-Saxon, nor need anyone’s approval to recognize that not everyone is the same (i.e. racial realities). Sorry AOC and other lefties, I am “not down with the struggle”.


              1. this talk of cuban things makes me want to cue up some good music and take a trip to florida

                no such luck now guys sorry

          2. yep, i got it, hispanic is a linguistic group, not a race or ethnicity

            you understand what i mean by caste too. i look at bolsonaro, he’s a white guy, racially speaking; go down to the favelas, well, not so much. it is what it is, Im just describing not judging

            likewise when migrants come they will tend to assimilate a certain way
            cuban lady like roger stone’s wife nydia will marry him

            cuban like celia cruz moves here, her husband will like more like the one she’s got, pedro knight
            great musicians, not putting them down, just describing what often happens
            you know the Mexican song La Llorona, what sometimes happens when there is a caste mismatch

            anyhow just as you described in your own feeling, migrants are associated with their national cultures not something vague like race, be it asian or black or a linguistic category like hispanic. in america the racial categories and the linguistic category of hispanic, have continuing importance because a certain faction benefits from keeping those lines strongly drawn. anybody can see who that certain faction is, it’s obvious. they talk out of one side of their mouth and deeds prove otherwise. but people are easily fooled about such things.

            mostly, a few generations on shore, the grandchild of a nigerian may not think of himself as a nigerian but a black; a person like me with a grandparent from Europe just calls himself white; grandchildren of viets and koreans may just call themselves asians, this process is how nationalities meld into races here. races have importance in american society and history, and as a certain faction we all know seeks to capitalize on white racial atomization and decline, they are going to be pressing hard to keep these hostilities alive by constant grievance talk on tv and in school.

            and yet, often america calls on its racial groups to unite in common public purposes, sometimes that happens, sometimes not

            it’s all very complicated
            is complexity better or worse? in any situation, might be either. sometimes it is a strength

            it is not always better just because– but that’s what the diversity advocates say

            1. Diversity is NEVER a strength. It is something to managed. If it were a strength, people would gravitate to it naturally. Diversity + proximity + CONFLICT.


                  1. Have traveled to 25 countries, ex-military, speak 3 languages. If you define Diversity and multiculturalism as having an interest in different cultures, travel, etc., I am all for it. If you mean forcibly putting lots of people which have nothing in common together and expecting everything to work out without any problems you are living in a dream world.

                    I would bet dollars to donuts that you live in an upper middle class neighborhood and your version of “diversity” is one where you pick and choose what you want yourself and family to be exposed to. IN THE REAL WORLD DIVERSITY + CLOSE PROXIMITY = CONFLICT.

                    Tell me where it doesn’t. And I don’t mean in an aspirational sense.


              1. well it can be in a situation like a sales force for a company with global operations

                ah now we see part of who’s behind the migration policies….

                1. @mr kurtz

                  Appreciate what you saying but I think of ethically homogeneous nations (ie Japan or South Korea) which are trading powerhouses. But even if what you say is true does not mean we have to overwhelm our nations with immigration and make ourselves a minority.


                1. Tell me what kind of neighborhood you live in. Bet you don’t have a lot of “diversity” up close and personal. Won’t get your hands dirty, will you? Nope, just preach, virtual signal your moral superiority.

                  As for your suggestion, I would rather not “go to hell”. I am a Catholic and hope to be saved at the end of my life and see the beatific vision.

                  And I cannot believe you said something like this to me. I am Hispanic and if I were a liberal Hispanic you would be kissing my a@@.

                  Tell you what, I will post as a victim type, amnesty supporting Hispanic tomorrow so you can ki@@ my a@@. Sir, you are a racist!


                  1. Until a few weeks ago, the Census Bureau had a utility called ‘American Fact Finder’ that made it a piece of cake to collate data (e.g. the racial composition of his home census tract). You know what they did? They discontinued the utility in favor of a replacement which wouldn’t have the functionality if it actually did function (which it doesn’t). These are the census professionals who rebelled when Donald Trump wanted to put a perfectly ordinary query about citizenship on the form (a query that is used for intercensal surveys). Your government at work.

                    1. Uh,

                      “… represents a new chapter in the Census Bureau’s dissemination approach by centralizing data access and allowing for a more rapid response to customers. For more information about the transition from American FactFinder to, see Transition From American FactFinder.

                      In advance of AFF retiring, there will be a webinar on making the transition to This webinar is part of a series of resources available for those that may have questions on using”


                      Links at the article.

  13. (music to the tune of Hello Mudder, hello fadder here I am in Camp Granada)

    Hello public..hello mediya!
    I’m for Biden. I can’t speed him.
    If he raped ..some ugly woman..
    Buy him glasses so that he can see the prison.

  14. So how will you vote in November, Mr. Turley? Joe ‘Two Fingers’ Biden or Donald ‘the Orange’ Trump?

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