Columnist: “I Would Vote For Joe Biden If He Boiled Babies And Ate Them”

download-1We have been discussing the hypocrisy in the response of Democratic politicians, media outlets, and many commentators in their response to the allegations of sexual assault by former Vice President Joe Biden as compared to their position against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  This has included an opposition to simply opening up the Biden papers for a search of any sexual harassment or assault allegations made against him.  This has included statements from leading figures that they believe Biden did sexually assault Biden staffer Tara Reade but would still endorse him.  None however have gone quite as far as Nation columnist Katha Pollitt who has declared that she would support Biden “if he boiled babies and ate them.”  Biden has not issued any position on such infanticide but politicians have long opposed the practice since the demise of Cronus.  Putting any humor aside, the statement does show how rigid and fanatical both sides have become in this election.  While Democrats have long denounced Trump for saying he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, Biden supporters like Pollitt have said equally disturbing things about their blind loyalty.  More importantly, this sense of a mission is manifested in much of the legal and media analysis that we have discussed on this blog on both sides of the political spectrum.

Pollitt joined others is saying that she simply does not care Biden raped a women in his office: “I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them. He wasn’t my candidate, but taking back the White House is that important.”  While she added that simply does not believe Reade, she stresses that it does not matter: “Whether or not you believe Tara Reade … you should vote for Joe Biden if he is the nominee. … We do not have the luxury of sitting out the election to feel morally pure or send a message about sexual assault and #BelieveWomen. That will not help women at all. Or anyone else.”

I have repeatedly said that I still fear that the record strongly favors Biden.  During the Kavanaugh controversy, I maintained that women need to be heard and taken seriously in raising these allegations.  I have also objected to those who would toss aside due process and simply accept accusations without investigation. Notably, while most are remaining silent and refusing to respond to media inquiries, some Democrats are now adopting that approach for Biden and, rather than saying that Reade must be believed, they are now saying that she must be heard.

Many Democratic politicians and commentators have struggled with the clearly hypocritical position of declaring Biden innocent while previously insisting that women “must be believed.” The problem is that, if you declare that no one has a right to be simply believed, it requires a full and fair investigation. However, Biden has refused to open up his records to look into any allegations of sexual harassment or sexual abuse by Reade or others.  Thus, you can either declare Biden to be innocent without such a review of this papers as has Speaker Nancy Pelosi or you have to call for his records to be reviewed.  The alternative is to just accept his guilt as a rapist (thus avoiding the need for an investigation in that and other claims) but say it really doesn’t change anything.

For Pollitt, believing women or standing against sexual assault is now a “luxury.”  No doubt the same advocates will once again enjoy that luxury when a Republican is accused.

Yet, during the Kavanaugh hearings, Pollitt lashed out against “some of his defenders [who] seem to be saying that even if the allegations are true, it shouldn’t really matter.”  She added “While we are thinking of how much responsibility men should bear for the deeds of their youth, let’s not forget the women who don’t get to put their past behind them—even when they are the victim of rape.”

It appears however that rape allegations “shouldn’t really matter” if the accused is a Democrat and an election is at stake.

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  1. Amazing. So, if I’m not undecided, does that mean I’m black? I hope someone is recording these gaffs for a highlight reel the week before the election. No wonder they keep him in the basement. Here’s my thinking: DEMS want to keep the country in lockdown for as long as they can…SO THEY CAN KEEP JOE IN THE BASEMENT. If things return to anywhere close to normal, the guy will get out on the loose. And you know…

  2. Biden was a lifeguard, senator Markey from Massachusetts only job in the private sector was being a good humor man. Selling ice cream out of a truck.

  3. On The Breakfast Club, Biden Tells Black Voters If They Are Undecided, ‘Then You Ain’t Black’ !!

    Former Vice President Joe Biden seems to be taking his black support for granted.

    “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re voting for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said in a Friday morning appearance on The Breakfast Club podcast.

    1. “Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids.”

      That same Joe Biden….said this —->

      “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”

      Weird. Joe Biden thinks the Democratic Party controls black voters.

      Where is Kanye? Remember Kanye said this kind of thinking is a “form of mental slavery”? Let’s hear your thoughts on this brother!

      1. “This is why Joe Biden’s handlers hide him in a basement: a white Democrat lecturing black Americans that they “ain’t black” if they don’t vote for him is about as racist, dehumanizing, and condescending as it gets. Disgusting.” @WillDouglasTX

  4. Turley’s adoption of the “Barr” rule to only point out what he wants pointed out and not the facts in general are becoming very clear. If Turley wants to jump the shark and be more like FOXNEWS, he should be treated as such. Feeding red meat to those who only want to believe what they want to believe is easy. Trump and FOX say outrageous things 24-7, Turley never points them out, then again he is just a lawyer right?

  5. “the statement does show how rigid and fanatical both sides have become in this election.”

    I call b.s. This is one side. No need to equivocate, just weakens your argument.

  6. I’m very glad you’re discussing the hypocrisy of both parties.
    In this particular case, you haven’t mentioned the differences in evidence:
    vs Kavanaugh – one women’s story; no place, no date, no witnesses; none who remember any early complaints. No evidence that she ever even met Kavanaugh.
    The “assault” seemed to be two drunk(ish) teen boys throwing one (drunkish?) teen girl onto a bed, before evening.

    vs Biden – one women’s story; with a place, a relative date, no witnesses, a couple who remember her early accusations; her mother talking about it a couple of years later. She worked for the guy – and got fired after she complained.

    Evidence – she worked for him, then was abruptly fired. Where is the reason for the firing?

    Her getting fired for complaining is EXACTLY what “feminists” think is totally wrong about sexism.

    Let’s also recall how many Dems are upset at the Mike Pence rule – don’t be alone with any woman who is not your wife. All Reps and most smart business Execs need to follow this more, to the detriment of women’s business advancement, because so many Dems are willing to accept and BELIEVE any women who “acts” harmed by an out-of-fashion man (all Reps are out of fashion).

    Similarly, Pres. Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick, sexually harassed Paula Jones (was sued & “lost”), perjured himself in the sexual harassment lawsuit. Most Dem feminists support him.
    Ted Kennedy – killed Mary Jo, most Dem feminists supported him.
    Woody Allen – immorally married an adopted daughter; accused of sexual harassment (funny movie maker [‘specially early funny ones]), most Dem Fems accept him.
    Roman Polanski – raped a 14 y.o.; drugged her, raped her vaginally, anally, orally, most Dem Fems think, like Whoopi, it’s not “rape-rape”, and voted special Academy Award.

    There’s a lot of built up hypocrisy – but mostly on the side of college educated elites who control the gov’t bureaucracy, most US colleges, most US entertainment, most US news – most US culture.

    There’s a big difference between finding some redneck at some rally who says something outrageous, and a columnist or announcer at a magazine, newspaper, or TV, who gets paid for their ideas, and is outrageous.

    Please keep up your good work in trying to be fair.

  7. Not sure why you “fear” that the record strongly favors Biden. I think it is very difficult to prove such allegations, with no witnesses and no physical evidence, especially after so many years. I would say the hypocrisy is surprising, but it really isn’t anymore.

  8. Joe Biden’s campaign had him answering questions from young people on video. Biden was on his deck, in the shade, wearing his RayBans that he thinks make him look cool, and answered this question: Have you ever had a job? Biden laughs, “yeah, I was a lifeguard once,” yuck yuck.

    So Biden, the accused rapist, known plagiarist, bizarre woman-sniffing, corrupt, lifelong career politician, whose family has enriched themselves by the millions cashing in on the Biden name for decades, admits, laughing on camera, that the only real job he ever had was that of “lifeguard.

    1. The Biden Derangement Syndrome is already setting in. Trump supporters are already forgetting the years of Trump inanity they excused and have started losing their minds over every word Uncle Joe has to say. Sad.

      1. Already forgetting? Nope. Not forgetting. Accepting. Just as the columnist would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them, I will vote for the crass, crude, wrecking ball, successful businessman who knew little about the way inside Washington works, but knows a lot about how the real world of working people works and knows a lot about the how the corrupt disingenuous hypocritical fake news media works and is exposing all of them, daily. A Trump presidency is a beautiful thing to behold. Vote TRUMP 2020 as if your life and your country depends on it. Because it does.

      2. I would rather vote for Trump, who has actually been out working in the real world, building things, all over the world, employing people, running businesses, dealing with politicians, regulations and red tape all over the world, while trying to run a successful business….than voting for a dum dum plagiarist who has only ever held the job of “lifeguard” and then spent his lifetime as a corrupt, self-enriching, career Washington politician. It’s not hard. Trump 2020.

        1. Old Lifeguard Bad! LOL

          I understand your emotional responses in these wild and wacky times. Trump gored a few sacred cows and now you feel you owe him your unquestioning allegiance… or acceptance, as I think you called it. I hope that works out for you.

          Business-wise, I don’t find it remarkable that a man who was gifted hundreds of millions of dollars and all the contacts one could hope for in the New York real estate world was able to find relatively modest success. It sounds like you believe our president is actually the character Mark Burnett created for the reality TV show The Apprentice. Sad.

          1. So you are saying you would vote for Joe Biden even if he boiled and ate babies? Even though he’s corrupt? Even though he’s had two brain aneuryisms and is showing clear signs of dementia? Even though he is credibly accused of raping a young woman who worked for him? Even though he knew that the Obama/Biden admin was spying on their opponents? And lying about it? And spying on journalists? And spying on the Senate? And got caught spying on Angela Merkel? On and on it goes….if only we had an honest media…..Much more to come out….Wait for it.

            1. So Uncle Joe has dementia… Let me see if I remember how Trump fans respond to those pointing out the “clear signs” of his mental illness- Are you a licensed yada yada yada? Have you personally yada yada yada? Blah blah blah.

              I’m familiar with the known transgressions of the Obama administration. It’s a very good thing that Trump has been prevented from having the same free hand.

              You can prefer Trump over Biden, but try not to be a total rube about it.

              1. I said “showing clear signs of dementia.” That’s why Joe Biden would actually say, out loud, to a black host, on a podcast this morning, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.” Yep, go ahead and vote for Biden, if he even makes it to the convention, but try not to be a total rube about it.

  9. Hypocrisy from the left is a common thread and the majority of the media turn their heads.
    Republicans aren’t afforded that luxury.

  10. Kathy Pollit is not a “leading figure”

    JT’s phonv pretense that the opinion of unimportant commentators is to be balanced with the disgusting BS from our president is weak stuff, but the Trump base of which he is clearly a member and “influencer” loves it.

    Weak minds like weak gruel.

    1. Here, let me translate that for you!

      “Please argue with me and give me some attention??? Pleeeease??? I need an audience for my personal angst! C’mon, help a fellow out!”

      The only attention I would give you, is like the attention the girl on stage gave to Alex, after his treatment, in A Clockwork Orange!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  11. What’s a Katha Pollitt? A nihilist 20-something with keyboard in a dying leftist industry striving for attention? I’ll go with that. That she’s a hypocritical leftist is redundant. That’s she’s cynical leftist is too. All in all she’s a miserable person that my day would profited from by leaving her to the general anonymity she so richly deserves. Farewell Katha, luckily we still don’t know ye.

    1. She’s 70 and been generating opinion journalism for about 40 years now. Her principal berth all that time has been The Nation, an inveterately repulsive publication. I haven’t looked at her work in 30-odd years. It was no good then and it’s a reasonable wager it hasn’t approved with age.

        1. Didn’t it surprise you to discover that Gainesville is 74 years old and has children ages 43 and 49?

          1. TIA:
            “Didn’t it surprise you to discover that Gainesville is 74 years old and has children ages 43 and 49?”
            You bet it did. I was picturing 30-something Maoist with wispy beard and flip flops in the winter. No fool like an ….

      1. I think Biden will be genuinely surprised when someone tells him he boils babies and eats them. He’ll just say “If I did, I sure don’t remember it.”

  12. Well, at least Rose McGowan is holding her ground. I don’t agree with her, but she is standing by her principle.

  13. The Democrats have become a faith-based political party. They are Democrats for the same reason some goober in Fumbuk West Virginny prisses around the pulpit with rattlesnakes in his hands. That is why they can not rationally defend their positions – because they did not come to those positions, like Open Borders, by any rational decision-making process. Except for their leadership, who are for it because they believe it will help them retain power.

    You see, if a party has people like Politt who will pretty much accept anything to stay in power because, I don’t know, they think Democrats are good and Republicans are bad, than is it any surprise that someone like Christine Crazy-Ford would lie like a cheap rug (or was it a cheap dog? – Whatevah!) about Brett Kavanaugh? Just make up crap out of whole cloth?

    I do not see how any sane, respectable person would continue to vote for any Democrat. The Party is totally corrupt, and needs to go the way of the Whigs.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  14. We are no longer ‘One nation with liberty and justice for all”. We are 2 distinct and antagonistic cultures inhabiting one piece of real estate and the newly created progressive ideology and its followers need find a separate and removed piece of real estate to inhabit and leave the original Americans to this great nation. In other words, – if you don’t like America as it was founded, don’t let the door hit you in the *ss on your way out to somewhere else.

    1. You leave. You’re both in the minority and among the drama queens and intellectual babies who fancy their political opponents as just too horrible to live with that you are abandoning democracy. It is designed for disagreement.

      Take a hike.

  15. Kind of goofy article here. Joe once said to a graduation class at a boy’s high school:. Pork em if ya gottem.

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