“Are Democrats Trying To Lose This Race?”: Bush Ethics Head Slams Omar For Saying That She Believes Biden Accuser

Painter-731-Thumbnail-640x480We have been discussing the struggle of Democratic members and various commentators in rejecting sexual assault allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden while also opposing any review of his papers for past allegations, including those at the University of Delaware.  Some members and feminist figures, including most recently Iihan Omar, have declared that they believe that Biden did rape his Senate aide Tara Reade and is continuing to lie about it publicly.  However, they still support him to be the next President of the United States.  Now, former George Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter has chastised Omar for publicly stating that she believes Reade because it could cost the Democrats the election. It is a curious ethical line to draw.  If a member believes that Biden is not just a rapist but continuing to lie about the rape, one would hope that the member would publicly voice their view.  Just as I find Omar’s position to be morally incomprehensible, I find Painter’s position to be ethically incomprehensible.

Painter is widely cited in the mainstream media as an ethics expert.  In 2018, Painter ran unsuccessfully for the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party nomination for U.S. Senate. He is a law professor at the University of Minnesota. Omar represents Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, which includes Minneapolis and some of its suburbs.

Painter has been one of the most vocal voices claiming an array of criminal and impeachable offenses by Trump over the last three years (here and here and here and here). Now he has declared it to be “ridiculous” for a Democratic member to believe an alleged rape victim when it could help Donald Trump.  On Twitter, Painter has also encouraged voters to oppose Omar in part because she believes Reade.

Richard W. Painter @RWPUSA

Tired of hearing antisemitic slurs from  @IlhanMN? Tired of her saying she thinks @JoeBiden is guilty of sexual assault because a pro-Putin accuser says he is? Support @Antone_MN for Congress in

Richard W. Painter @RWPUSA
This is ridiculous. Two days after Reade’s lawyer quit because she has trouble telling the truth. Are Democrats trying to lose this race? Ilhan Omar: ‘I do believe’ Tara Reade’s claims against Joe Biden fxn.ws/36slHRj #FoxNews


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  1. Whose bright idea was it to disconnect our culture from anything resembling a moral and ethical foundation?

  2. Illegally seated this member of the Squat has no comment worth the breath or our ears attention.

  3. Apparently the communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) don’t have much confidence in the ability of the deliberate release of COVID-19 by their ally, China, to cause the defeat of President Trump in the election. Communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) have been extremely busy attempting to take full advantage of the “serious crisis” they created in collusion with their ally, China.

    “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do


    – Rahm Emanuel

    Democrats were facing an inexorable landslide victory by President Trump in November and were forced to “COLLUDE” with China to release COVID-19 as a last resort. Having floated Gen. Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Obergruppenfuhrer Muller, Michael Cohen, Christine Ballsey Ford, “fake impeachment,” etc., etc., etc., they were all out of options.

    Finally, we find actual, constitutional treason against the United States by the democrats through “…levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort…” in their diabolical alliance with the mortal enemy of the United States, China.

  4. All the Repubs need to do is put up bill boards with photos of Omar, Hiilary, the gang of four Bernie, Warren with her hands up, and Biden grinning.

  5. I took a drive up the coast to SW michigan this weekend and businesses closed, state parks open but nobody taking in access or parking fee money for the state, boats up in shrink wrap, and guess what else? 2/3 of the corn and soy fields lie fallow. what’s happening? is the governor totally nuts?

    she wont be happy until the whole state is as poor and hungry as Detroit!

    1. 2/3 of the corn and soy fields lie fallow. what’s happening? is the governor totally nuts?

      It looks like maybe you are nuts. the USDA keeps pretty close tabs of such things so you can’t make sh*t up like that and get away with it. Here is the latest USDA crop progress report for Michigan

      The crop planting progress for week ending 5/17 says:
      59% of corn is planted that compares to 15% last year and 44% for the 5 year average
      56% of soybeans is planted that compares to 8% last year and 25% for the 5 year average

      So planting is way ahead of usual as of last week. However wet weather this week will slow things down a bit.

      1. Grain prices way, way down. They’ve been crashing since the first of the year. Only the big farmers can make it. Beans in the mid 8’s. Small farmers making the decision to not grow a crop they”re going to have a tough time even selling at break even.

        Trump’s tariff taxes have dog hammered the markets. I trade grains, I can always short them. In fact, shorting beans has been the surest play since the beginning of the year. Sucks for farmers though.

        1. “Grain prices way, way down. … Trump’s tariff taxes have dog hammered the markets. I trade grains, ….”

          Of course that is not exactly correct. We don’t have a tariff on grains.

        2. farmers making the decision to not grow a crop they”re going to have a tough time even selling at break even.

          With oil and gas prices way down the input costs of planting are much lower than usual.
          And farmers can short grains too as a hedge.

  6. Painteris a complete fool. How did he ever become a Professor. All of his comments, that I have read of his the last few years, resemble those of the dog owner in Central Park. Both have lost it and should take a long vacation.

  7. Democrats hate Americans.


    NY State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried says New York has had nursing home
    problems for years: “COVID19 has made them worse and more visible.”

    Four years ago state comptroller Thomas DiNapoli released an audit that was highly critical of nursing home regulation by the State Health Department.

    “The enforcement of health codes and safety codes by the Health Department has for decades been seriously understaffed and done with a very lax attitude. The
    audits show that after finding deficiencies at nursing homes the State
    Health Department chose to not levy fines for well over 80% of the
    violations it cites”

    “When national groups like the Kaiser Family Foundation do national surveys of nursing home quality and problems in nursing homes, New York’s quality ratings are always pretty much towards the bottom”

      1. Peg:
        Nothing happened except that rabid, unhinged times call for rabid, unhinged responses. Seriously, the problem is you don’t fight a bonfire with a soda straw. Hyperbole to be sure but the point is we are closer to a Marxist government more now than anytime in my lifetime. If you don’t raise the hackles now, when should you? When they’re tatooing ID numbers on your arms?

        1. We’re not anywhere near a Marxist government. We are near a place where our public life and education consists of lies, where legal procedure is a pantomime operated by dishonorable people to punish social enemies while allowing the actual criminal element to run riot, where elections are stolen, and where the same claque of dishonorable people allow mass colonization by foreigners indifferent to or hostile to our heritage. This will not end well.

          You look at a lot of the knuckleheads who post here, and you find utter corruption has a constituency among people who are so delusional they fancy themselves advocates of the good the true and the beautiful. Some of them I’ll wager get a per diem from sorosphere outfits, but I’m not sure which ones.

            1. China is most certainly a Marxist government.

              Use of market pricing mechanisms and free enterprise inside the nation to help allocate resources efficiently is what they are doing.

              It is a known method inside the Marxist Leninist playbook. Read about Lenin’s “New Economic Plan”

              Also read these translations of official Communist party documents. It’s clear they are a one party state and that ruling party is not only called the Communist party, they are Communists, with Chinese characteristics.


              1. It’s a crony capitalistic police state. There are no communes left and the proletariat is on their own,

                1. It’s a one party state that forbids any political parties other than its own. It believes in a state controlled economy letting businesses do as it will as long as the Party doesn’t have an issue with it, however if it beneifits the Party the Party can take complete control over the business. People are watched, tracked and forbidden to say anything the Party doesn’t want said.

                  It is not crony capitalism. It would have been better to call it “crony socialism” since that is what the Democrats seem to engage in and actually promote socialism.

            1. The Bernie Bros are atypical in that they have actual policy goals. The problem with the Bernie Bros is as follows:

              1. A lot of it is driven by puerile resentment. The most vociferous Bernie Bro in my family (a man adored by his mother, daughter, girlfriend, and at least one sister, as well as being congenially tolerated by a large mass of others) is in a seething rage at police officers, business management, and wealthy people. None of it is reasonable, and his past problems with police officers and work supervisors are largely a function of his attitude problems (something he realizes half the time). The people who have actually hurt him in this life are the kids who knocked him around in school and his father (a capable man and conscientious within certain limits, but the sort of person you might call ’emotionally negligent’). Well, he’s been out of school for 20 years and his father’s a finished product, now retired and living apart from his mother.

              2. The culture of Bernie Bros generally is crude and economically illiterate. You look at the material which comes over the wire from Bernie’s organization and you see it is written by and for people who do not know the difference between stock and flow – in this case between wealth and income. A great deal of it consists of allusions to shizzy sources about the net worth of ‘billionaires’ and how can we let this continue when people lack health care. The sense that we have things in abundance because people co-operate to produce them is very fuzzy in their minds and the stupidest among them seem to think we live in world where Scrooge McDucks are hoarding wealth which they dribble out to the rest of us. There is no limiting principle in their minds as to how much goods and services should be allocated by coercive public agencies, nor any sense that repairing to such methods causes deadweight loss.

              This isn’t Marxism. The Bernie Bro in my family fancies Howard Zinn is a great historian. Howard Zinn actually was a Communist Party member at age 25 and remained one in spirit later, but most of his work was a self-aggrandizing exercise in flashing his middle finger, which is something my youngish cousin is given to doing. (That’s not the only thing he does, which is why he has a constituency in his family). Mostly, it’s a open mouth saying “I want”.

    1. I took a long drive up the SW coast of Lake Michigan this mem day weekend and indeed there were lots of boats– still up on dry land in shrink wrap

      restaurants closed, beaches open but parking lots cut down to size, with none of the usual staff on site. only saw one conservation officer in his truck, no staff, no bathrooms, nobody taking money for access or parking permits. dismal! less people visiting, maybe half volume.

      some of these beaches would be taking in tens of thousands of dollars of revenue in if she just could have let some workers staff the entryways. they were wide open.how about just letting state workers come in wearing masks? incredible incompetence that Gretchen Whitmer. She’s done!

  8. Iihan Omar’s comment on the anniversary of 9/11 terrorist attacks says it all:

    “ Somebody did something”

    Meanwhile across the border in Mexico, crematoriums are running 24/7. It’s hard to keep count because the China virus & Mexican drug cartel murder fatalities get mixed up in the statistics.

  9. Are Democrats Trying To Lose”

    Well duh….
    its not like the wealthy Democrat donor class is going to get enormous tax cuts if Trump loses.

  10. MIddle of a pandemic in a leaderless nation – except we lead the world in deaths from it – and JT has 2 columns in 1 day on the opinions of a freshmen congresswoman from Minnesota. Prior to that are similar columns day after day about faux outrages from the back bench of news makers and news writers, and all manage to somehow reflect poorly on Democrats or Biden.

    This guy is not a serious person.

    1. You are sooo right! Sooo, why don’t you hie yourself away to another website? I assure you no one here is going to miss another DNC shill who posts repetitive DNC talking points. Please, go with your instinct on this one!

      Since I cannot do it personally, please let the door hit you in the rump on the way out, OK???


      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

    2. ” pandemic in a leaderless nation – except we lead the world in deaths from it”

      Did Xi tell you that? The death count ceased in China, but did the number of deaths cease? Anon doesn’t understand numbers. It’s a good thing he has his fingers to count on. The only question is since he uses construction equipment is he able to count to 10 or is he a bit short.

      With the total Covid number of cases and the death count of 1,238 per million San Marino has lost less lives than the US. I wonder if Anon is the only one on the blog that cannot understand the mathematics. Next we should look at Belgium, Spain , Britain, Italy, France, etc. Those are the extra credit questions for Anon once he opens his 7th grade math book.

      1. Allan – they ran out of abacuses in China, so they had to stop counting dead.

        1. Paul, if a human life dies from Covid in China but is not counted did that human die?

  11. What makes someone an “ethics expert”? Is this the same thing as being a partisan “fact checker”?

  12. BTW, Painter, Reade’s ex-lawyers still believe her. They just parted company.

  13. Plus, this is more of that Democrat deceptiveness. You know, you got a bunch of Brown Shirt Democrat fascists, sooo what do you call them??? Anti-facists! What do you do with an unethical schmuck? You put him on MSNBC as an ethics expert.

    Why do respectable people keep voting for Democrats???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  14. the dems do not like it when the lights go in their criminal and corrupt party.

    1. the dems do not like it when the lights go in their criminal and corrupt party.


      There is zero chance that the lights go out on the Democrats
      They are absolutely necessary ingredient in conning the American electorate into voting for the things that the elites want them to vote for.

  15. Again, Painter’s activity is no more on-the-level than the fact-checker phonies of whom Peter Shill is so fond. It’s all about political messaging. This is completely unsurprising.

  16. I think dems are only motivated by hatred of America as the right understands it to be, as it was envisioned by the founding fathers. They will do and say anything to destroy that America and all who believe in it. There is not logic other than hatred that motivates them at this time, that and revenge and retribution against any and all who oppose their goals.

  17. “Now, former George Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter has chastised Omar for publicly stating that she believes Reade because it could cost the Democrats the election.”

    Foolish man. Does he really think that rape, bribery or incest would stop a real Democrat from voting Democrat?

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