“It’s Not The Same Group”: Minnesota Attorney General Under Fire Distinction Between The National Guard And Police

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 7.05.37 AMMinnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is facing criticism for a curious distinction that he drew in a message to protesters about how they should treat the national guard versus the police.  Ellison has been in a difficult spot over the rioting following the death of George Floyd in an arrest by the Minneapolis Police Department.  I thought he did well in a recent interview in resisting pressure to declare the officers clearly guilty and cautioned that everyone should allow the system to work in the bringing of any criminal charges.  On this occasion, however, he seemed to throw the police, including state police and other assisting jurisdictions, under the bus.


Ellison alluded to the same point that we discussed yesterday, in quoting Martin Luther King, on how rioting is the voice of the unheard.  He told the public that this is how the “unheard get heard” and  “Don’t just dismiss that and ignore it and relegate it to just criminality and bad behavior. Actually ask yourself what’s going on there.”

“I’d like everyone to recognize the fact that the National Guard just a week ago was administering COVID-19 tests to help people. The presence you see on the street, don’t react to them the way you might react to the Minneapolis Police Department. It’s not the same group. They have different leadership, different authority, and their job is to try to bring peace and calm back again. Please remember that this is not the group that you associate with unfair conduct.”

Given the attacks on police, that would seem a glaring distinction for officers trying to stop the looting and rioting.  There are a variety of different police departments working together to protect the city, including a large contingent of state police.  Moreover, the Attorney General of the state should be asking citizens to treat all officers with respect and consideration in “reacting to them.”  All of the police, including the Minneapolis Police Department, has the “job … to try to bring peace and calm back.”

In fairness, Ellison did encourage everyone to protest “peacefully” in the press conference and his words supporting describing the good works routinely done by the Guard (including Covid testing) is well taken.  However, the distinction with the local police was striking and, no doubt for many officers, chilling.

As a Chicagoan, I was reminded of the statement of Mayor Richard Daley during the 1968 riots at the Democratic National Convention when he declared

“The confrontation was not created by the police; the confrontation was created by the people who charged the police. Gentlemen, let’s get the thing straight, once and for all. The policeman isn’t there to create disorder; the policeman is there to preserve disorder.”

That was a telling Freudian slip for Daley who encouraged the crackdown on protesters.  This appears a distinction that Ellison was struggling to draw in how citizens should react to police as opposed to the Guard in the streets. With officers being injured across the city, it was the wrong distinction to make at the wrong time.



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  1. “Rudyard Kipling

    Macdonough’s Song, from
    “As easy as A B C”–A Diversity of Creatures”

    “Whether the State can loose and bind
    In Heaven as well as on Earth:
    If it be wiser to kill mankind
    Before or after the birth–
    These are matters of high concern
    Where State-kept schoolmen are;
    But Holy State (we have lived to learn)
    Endeth in Holy War.

    Whether The People be led by The Lord,
    Or lured by the loudest throat:
    If it be quicker to die by the sword
    Or cheaper to die by vote–
    These are things we have dealt with once,
    (And they will not rise from their grave)
    For Holy People, however it runs,
    Endeth in wholly Slave.

    Whatsoever, for any cause,
    Seeketh to take or give
    Power above or beyond the Laws,
    Suffer it not to live!
    Holy State or Holy King–
    Or Holy People’s Will–
    Have no truck with the senseless thing.
    Order the guns and kill!
    Saying –after–me:–

    Once there was The People–Terror gave it birth;
    Once there was The People and it made a Hell of Earth
    Earth arose and crushed it. Listen, 0 ye slain!
    Once there was The People–it shall never be again!”


  2. Keith Ellison is ANTIFA.




    He doesn’t just promote them on Twitter, he associates with professional rioters like Enrique Marquez.


    There is an insurrectionist, subversive movement that has infiltrated every institution and organ of our Republic.They are treated as respectable by gentile, well-groomed intellectuals like the good Mr. Turley, who turns a “respectable” blind eye to their excesses and admissions… because Mr. Turley is a “sensible liberal”, and he has to pretend ANTIFA Keith Ellison is a respectable public servant to maintain that image.

  3. Ellison is a bad man. It says something about the Democratic Party’s peer-review functions and donor preferences that he was ever slated for the job, and says something about Minnesota’s electorate that he wasn’t rejected. By the way, for some bizarre reason, Ilhan Omar represents in Congress about 30% of greater Minneapolis. She succeeded in that capacity Keith Ellison. The district is, btw, majority white. The current mayor ran on an inane platform and he may have been the least obnoxious candidate in the race. He’d had, btw, no executive experience in any endeavour. His predecessor, likewise, had never run anything larger than an office with a single-digit staff and had an embarrassing employment history. Look, among the political class and the electorate in and around Minneapolis, you’ve had serial displays of sheer fecklessness in recent years. These are the wages of that.

  4. The MN Attorney General’s son, Jeremiah Ellison, is a member of the Minneapolis City Council and sent out this tweet:

    “I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA,” Ellison said. “Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!”

    Is it possible that Ted Baxter was his real father?

    1. No, it seems pretty likely that Keith Ellison is the real father: if you’ll pardon the cliche, that apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

  5. ‘Hey Target, sorry you lost your store in Minneapolis. Did you know that your spokesperson, Chrissy tiegen is paying for the thugs who looted your store to bail out of jail? Maybe I will just spend my money somewhere else until you hire another spokesperson.’ @arlenestacie1

  6. I’m confused.

    What kind of country has the enemy ensconced in office and publicly pontificating on righteousness?

    Under the leadership of Joshua, the Israelites killed every living thing in Jericho in order to preclude attack from the rear on their journey into Canaan.

    An effective military strategy.

    They most certainly did not entertain the enemy in their midst.

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