The Shader Sisters: Two Women Arrested After Molotov Cocktail Is Thrown Into Van With Four Officers [Updated]

Two sisters have been arrested after a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a NYPD van with four officers inside. Samantha Shader, 27, of Catskill, NY, is charged with throwing the incendiary device, which did not explode.  Her sister, Darian, 21, (left) then allegedly tried to stop the arrest of Samantha Shader.  The police have hit Samantha Shader with a slew of major charges including attempted murder of a police officer, attempted arson, assault on a police officer, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.  Her sister faces charges of resisting arrest and obstruction of governmental administration. (The Daily Mail has released these pictures from social media allegedly showing the two sisters).  Update: Media is reporting that Shader admitted to her attack on the police.  The police have released a picture of Shader throwing the Molotov cocktail.

Police say that Samantha Shader threw the device through a rear window of the van.  She then allegedly bit an officer on the leg as they struggled to arrest her.  When her sister attempted to intervene, she was also arrested.

Perhaps some of our New York lawyers could help us with a code issue. I was able to find attempted murder in the second degree but not a first degree program.  Murder in the first degree includes

“the intended victim was a police officer as defined in subdivision 34 of section 1.20 of the criminal procedure law who was at the time of the killing engaged in the course of performing his official duties, and the defendant knew or reasonably should have known that the intended victim was a police officer.”

This would appear therefore an attempted murder in the first degree.  

The best defense would be to challenge either the allegation that she threw the device or that the device was actually explosive or flammable.  A mental capacity defense is often hard to make out with there is preplanning or pre-construction of an explosive device.

It is hard to imagine any prosecutor bargaining down this charge since, if true, there would have been four officers burned to death if the device actually went off. Unless the device did not contain a flammable or explosive liquid, Shader is looking at serious time if convicted. For a Class A felony, the maximum term is life imprisonment.  Even a Class B felony includes up to 25 years in prison.

Even if a life sentence is not sought, an effective life sentence can be achieved in such a case if the prosecutors count stack or ask for non-concurrent (or consecutive) sentencing.

Update:  Others have been arrested for alleged firebombing attacks.  In the second case, Urooj Raman tossed a Molotov cocktail into the NYPD vehicle and then jumped into a minivan. He and the driver Colinford Mattis, 32, were arrested and both are Brooklyn residents.

Here is the photo that accompanied the police affidavit:



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  1. Professor Turley, you mentioned the New York criminal codd… but wasn’t this also (under the same statutes the Easttern District of NY’s US attorney cited when charging those two attorneys using and passing out Molotov cocktails) a Federal case as well? Were the Shader sisters not guilty of the same Federal charges (except for handing out the Molotov cocktails)?

    1. Two days after its establishment, their GoFundMe page attracted a total of ten bucks from one anonymous donor.

      Molotov Crock Tale

      1. As of now (18:00 UTC) the GoFundMe page doubled its donations, receiving $20 towards its $50,000 goal.

        1. Why dont they get “deplatformed” like all the supposed racists and conspiracy theorists do?

          silicon valley is aiding and abetting riot and arson and general political terrorism

  2. Enough talk. Law enforcement and by that I mean FBI must arrest the nationwide infrastructure of the ANTIFA and lock them up for their RICO crimes including conspiracy to commit arson.

    They get money from donations, to do this stuff

    It is as much organized crime as any socalled mafia.

    Arrest them now

    Or, if we find they are truly just terrorists, who want anarchy at any price including their own lives?

    Then let them pay for it accordingly

    What worked in El Salvador can work here, and it’s fully time for it

    1. I like the idea except for the FBI part. That agency cannot be trusted. I would prefer that an expanded US Marshal service take on the role. When not engaged in a coup attempt against the president the FBI has stumbled blindly from one disaster to another.

      1. unfortunately there is no replacement for the FBI.

        the Marshall’s service does not have very much power or ability to do investigation

        what is needed is a tyrannical president to actually strike fear into the FBI and bring them to heel and make them do their jobs instead of just pursuing one sort of political mischief after another

        what is needed, quite frankly, is a crypteia

        American will not survive without it

        1. Secret police smacks of Russia and Hitler. We don’t need to go there. What we need is the mothers and grandmothers of these peaceful protesters to grab their family members and shake some sense into them. They are being used as fodder, as sheep led to the slaughter. We need a peaceful leader to emerge, one who will distance the peaceful demonstrations from the terrorists. I would love to see peaceful demonstrators subdue the rioters and kick them back to whatever state or country they came from. Yeah, I know I’m dreaming. But I never thought I would see a police officer pray for a protestor until I saw a photo of it.

        2. Mr K,

          Keeping it short, if Trump doesn’t lose his current advisers, “Wink, Jared etc”, & find his Balls we’re all dead anyway so it doesn’t really matter much otherwise.

    2. Antifa isn’t a group. It’s simply common minded people that oppose fascism and will do anything to ensure the US doesn’t become a fascist country.

      Conservative ideology leans towards fascism. Most conservatives don’t have the intelligence to realize this. I believe it’s fair to say that conservative, fascist behaviors of the past have lead to current situations.

      1. Antifa does not oppose fascism; it is fascist.

        Its actions are indistinguishable from Hitler’s Brownshirts and Mussolini’s Blackshirts.

        Act like a fascist; you are a fascist.

      2. ANTIFA is a collection of groups just like jihaadis are a collection of groups

        fascism is a way to prevent anarchy once it reaches a certain critical mass.
        people reflexively dismiss it, but don’t reckon why it came about, historically.

        today fascism is not what is afoot in the people who dislike ANTIFA and their crimes of terror on our streets. rather–


        Roger Eatwell is the best scholar of fascist history, and he has applied his insight to our current situations in this book

      3. You obviously have NO more CLUE as to what Fascism actually is than the rest of you marxist/leftist/satanist fellow travelers in the antifa “movement”. Just looking for an excuse to riot, loot and burn. Conservatives are only looking to protect society from rioters, looters and arsonists and have no qualms about doing so at the point of a gun. Candy ass “antifa” pussies only get away with their F…ing BS because leftist/marxist/satanist mostly Democrat political “leaders” are in the same camp.

    3. First off, antifa has no structure. Second off, it is not antifa so stop with the Bill Barr Donald Trump propaganda.

      I’ma just reposting this every time I see this self-righteous complaint, So here goes. The evidence is clear: the violence is being set off by far-right insurgent “boogaloo” white nationalist militants who want to set up a race war. They were the ones arrested in Minneapolis.

      Denver boogaloo arrest: Bartels in Pittsburgh

      More boogaloo:

      Far-right ‘boogaloo’ militants have embedded themselves in the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis: ‘They want their civil war’ and are directly quoted here

      Amd hey, since it is becoming clear these right-wing boogaloo militants who want to create a race war are causing the violence, and “we find they are truly just terrorists, who want anarchy at any price including their own lives?

      Then let them pay for it accordingly”

      Sounds like a plan

      1. drdanj,

        You are probably not aware, but his web blog only permits two hyperlinks per comment. I modified your comment so that it would post. If in the future you would like for the readership to review more than two comments, this may be accomplished in using multiple comments of two or fewer links each.

      2. antifa certainly does have and has had local groups for decades. going back to spanish catalan factionis in the Civil war, but, a lot of them were active in the UK and Europe and spread here in the 80s

        they are loosely affiliated yes but that does not mean they are not groups

        they are easy to find on the internet and they fly their freak flag at the usual “protests” which always turn violent under their instigation

        they are anarchists which are the very worst sort of terrorists and we should smash them

        even communists hate anarchists. they are savages, brutes, and psychopaths. they have no respect for any form of government and no law except their own whims

        tolerating them is a big mistake that’s been going on for decades. now they show their face. smash the anarchists before it’s too late.

        1. I like your comment ” tolerating them is a big Mistake” like we found out here in Seattle with the chop zone. Mayor Jenny Durkin called it a summer of love when they took over nine blocks of Seattle and shut down a police prescient. People shot and killed home, and business owners robbed and threatened they were strong armed into giving these people what they wanted. Rapes occurred home owners beat up every sort of crime went on. These people were terrorist in every sense of the word and the city thought to negotiate with them.

  3. Frank Serpico tweeted:

    frank serpico
    May 30

    Witness at George Floyd arrest says police officers ‘wanted to kill that man’

    Is it not informative that Chris interviews a guy in Minnesota but avoids interviewing someone in his own backyard who wants to expose corruption under big brothers watch


    Donald Williams, a bystander at the arrest that would ultimately lead to the death of George Floyd while in police custody, spoke with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Wednesday night where he recounted what he…

    Link, above.

    1. Frank Serpico, Retired Police Detective

      “A policeman’s first obligation is to be responsible to the needs of the community he serves…The problem is that the atmosphere does not yet exist in which an honest police officer can act without fear of ridicule or reprisal from fellow officers. We create an atmosphere in which the honest officer fears the dishonest officer, and not the other way around.”


      1971: Became the first New York City policeman in history to testify about widespread corruption in the department.

      1972: Received the NYPD’s higest award, The Medal of Honor.

      After being shot and testifying about corruption in the NYPD, Serpico lived in Europe for nearly a decade.

  4. Cindy Bragg – sorry about the loss of your friend. As we grow older we keep losing friends. My high school reunion is going to be much smaller next year, sadly.

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