Minneapolis Leader: Fear About Dismantling The Police Department Is Just Another Example Of Privilege

download-5Today we discussed the vow of the majority of the Minneapolis City Council to “dismantle” the police department as well as some historical comparisons to such radical actions.  That effort was led in part by Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender who appeared today on CNN.  When CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked about those who are concerned about their personal safety, Bender said that such concerns “comes from a place of privilege” and that people are now experiencing the reality of life for African Americans.  While not explored further by CNN, there is at least a possibility that the fear of a home intruder is not “coming from a place of privilege” but a place of self-preservation.

Camerota asked “Do you understand that the word, dismantle, or police-free also makes some people nervous, for instance? What if in the middle of [the] night, my home is broken into? Who do I call?”  Bender’s response was:

“I mean, I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And I know — and myself, too, and I know that that comes from a place of privilege. Because for those of us for whom the system is working, I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done.”

Bender went on to detail how the police department could be removed from a variety of incidents from mental health calls, for some domestic violence calls, for health-related issues.”  She did not address the primary question and Camerota did not press her to answer.  There are some very good ideas for reform, including the possible use of non-police resources.  However, none of that involves “dismantling” the department as opposed to addressing such insular reforms for reform as the Mayor has suggested.

Bender attended the same rally where Mayor Jacob Frey was booed for not agreeing to dismantle the police.  The organizers and supporters chanted “no more cops.”

Bender however has been fueling such calls at the rally and on social media.

Bender notably did not respond when asked point bank whether she wanted to get rid of the the police: “So what are you trying to do?” Are you hoping by dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department that you will be getting rid of the police department?”

Bender responded: “I think in Minneapolis, watching George Floyd’s death, and the four — the actions of the four police officers that were involved has been a huge wake-up call for so many in Minneapolis to see what many already knew, which is that our police department is not keeping every member of our community safe.”

The city council now appears to have a veto proof majority to dismantle the police department. Other jurisdictions are considering similar moves and Los Angeles just announced a major cut in funding.  Again, the silence of other politicians is perfectly deafening as they try to avoid any public criticism or conflict with the most radical elements of this movement.  

What I find odd is that the fear of being without police is a form of privilege but it is still viewed by Bender as somehow beneficial because it makes non-African Americans experience fear.  Wouldn’t it be better (indeed a form of leadership) to seek to remove the fear from the African-American community rather than making the fear universal?  It is likely solving the greater threat of fire in one community by telling another community to go without fire protection.  You achieve equity but hardly the equity that you would want. That however was not part of this interview.

There is also no idea what is meant by a “transformative new model of public safety.” That might be a useful detail to work out before vowing to dismantle the police department. People just may need police rather than platitudes before Bender “imagines” her  new “vision.”

What is left is uncontested jargon where any questions or doubts are dismissed as admissions of privilege.


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  1. This is another demonstration, in case you needed one, that the Democratic Party is chock-a-bloc with people who are simply unfit. Not only unfit to make decisions on public policy, but unfit for any responsible job.

  2. I never thought I would see the day when Democrats were anti union. The current police union contract in Minneapolis (as with most major cities) was negotiated by democrats and will be broken by democrats.

    June 08, 2020 – 12:44 PM

    A Minneapolis manufacturing company has decided to leave the city, with the company’s owner saying he can’t trust public officials who allowed his plant to burn during the recent riots. The move will cost the city about 50 jobs.

    “They don’t care about my business,” said Kris Wyrobek, president and owner of 7-Sigma Inc., which has operated since 1987 at 2843 26th Av. in south Minneapolis. “They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.

    Was this an intended consequence or an unintended consequence. Expect more of the same.

    The city is run by saps.

    1. When he moves I hope he doesn’t bring any employees who voted for the city morons. No need to ruin another city.

  4. . . . say two women infinitely more privileged than likely anyone posting in these comments or sheltering form the protests or even, at this point, from the pandemic. You’d think the cognitive dissonance would drive them insane. I guess you can’t drive somewhere you already are.

  5. If I were on that police force I would announce we will no longer respond to calls coming from her residence or from her office.

    She doesn’t want police, she is entitled not to have them

    1. Young, while I agree, you could be fired for insubordination.

      1. Probably, but in that city I would be more afraid of the politicians than the hardened criminals so no loss.

        Besides, maybe I could post it in the Chief’s nsme.

        1. Then the Chief could reassure they really will come and the politicians can say that maybe they want them to come after all. They can defund all of the police department except the squad that protects them. Should be a good show. Everyone would be looking for me of course.

          Now I hope someone does it, or at least starts the rumor.

  6. u Haul better buy more moving trailers because there will be a flood from the cities. Now, let them cities go bankrupt. Their collapse will serve them with just the right amount of hemlock.

  7. Can we be assured that after the police department is dismantled our property taxes will go down? Because we might need those extra $$ to protect ourselves from the bad eggs, who will most certainly continue to exist.

  8. Where in the f**k was Mayor Jacob Frey when there were 17 misconduct warnings placed in the police personal file record for Derek Chauvin. If you are smart enough, the new person in charge (a mayor) would ask such a simple question. Instead this stupid mayor was too busy to know how to run a business. What a dumb f**k and look at what his management style caused in the USA? Gawd, what a dumb f**k is he?

    1. delmaracer – Kolbachar had a chance to convict him, I heard, but kicked the can.

      1. That’s incorrect Paul. The incident occurred on Oct 29, 2006 and went to grand jury later in November. Amy won her first term in the Senate in the first week of November and so had relinquished her position as DA by that time.

        1. Anonymous – 18 incidents and Amy could only get one to the Grand Jury?

          1. “Derek Chauvin, was one of six officers who fatally shot 42-year-old Wayne Reyes in 2006 after the man brandished a shotgun at the cops….”

            Complaints on cops are not necessarily criminal. This one might have been. Maybe you should research for accuracy the talking points you choose to post .This one was BS.

            1. Book– It took defending Klobacher for you to say not all complaints against cops have merit.

              1. Young, you ignorant slut, I posted several times on the Buffalo cops defending them.

                GFY, and don;t forget to clean up.

                1. Book– Still wondering if you favor separate and easier grades for blacks as is being considered at UCLA and U W since you claim they are born with inherent, genetic disadvantages.

    2. when there were 17 misconduct warnings placed in the police personal file record for Derek Chauvin.

      No, there were 18 complaints against him. We don’t know the content of the complaints or how they were examined and addressed. It could just be a function of the section of town to which he was posted.

  9. I have no doubt that Bender went on to detail how the police department could be removed from a variety of incidents from mental health calls, for some domestic violence calls, for health-related issues.” She did not address the primary question and Camerota did not press her to answer.” Of course Camerota is just so very stupid, she could not even ask WHO WOULD DETERMINE WHICH EMERGENCY 911 CALLS ARE TO BE DIVERTED TO WHICH HEALTH AGENCY AND IS THAT AGENCY SET UP TO RESPOND.

    1. delmaracer – a former sheriff I worked with said the worst he ever got hurt on the job was a domestic violence call. The wife clocked him.

        1. Young – so now Minneapolis wants to send social workers to get beat up in domestic violence calls. Really? Their insurance is going sky high?

            1. Young – that is an idea I can support. In return for dealing with domestic violence, they get to run drugs.

        2. Women in that situation sometimes say they deserved to be beaten. Oddly, that is sometimes true. They will provoke a man until they are hit. There is some need there for some women. Very young I offered to help a clent get away from an abusive relationship by the services of a good organization in the city. She wouldn’t consider it. “I love him because he won”t take sh*t off a woman.” Okay, silly me; not what I thought it was.

          1. That is so true. I have little sympathy for most female domestic abuse “victims”. My experience with them is that they are lazy, stupid, and love the attention.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. They often excuse putting up with the violence by saying they just love their men more than other women do.

              But they need it for some reason. I know some who wouldn’t live with someone who was nonviolent.

              One woman told me she thinks this thirst for abuse [not her] was a factor in some Western women going to Muslim countries for a man. At least they know where to go if they want to be abused.

              1. Sylvia Plath said women love a fascist. Plus, look at all the silly women who rushed out to buy that spanky book, whatever, 50 Shades of Gray. Most women are insane is my opinion of us.

                Squeeky Fromm
                Girl Reporter

                1. Squeeky– I forgot about that book! Great example. And what about all the fan girls of serial killers? They were drooling over Ted Bundy even though he would murder them, cut their heads off and rape their corpses for a few days. I wonder if decapitation made kissing more awkward or easier?

                2. Squeeky – 50 Shades of Grey – most abandoned book in motels and hotels everywhere 😉

      1. When hubby worked Capitol Hill, he said some of the most dangerous situations were with drunks, when they would “break bad”.

        1. Cindy Bragg – some people put on the boxing gloves when they drink.

        2. I would hate to deal with them, crazy, strong violent and know no pain.

  10. Their rally cry used to be, “No justice, no peace!” Now it’s gonna’ be, “No Justice! And No Peace either!”

  11. Seems as though we are regressing back to the days of the wild wild west, where law enforcement was sometimes handed out by the skill of the gun. Who are they going to cry to when this turns out to be a disaster.

  12. some extreme billlionaires like george soros have decided to unleash chaos to destabilize the US and thus to get rid of Trump. this is done by him funding BLM directly via the open society foundations grants and weaponizing this vague notion of social equality and justice and all that dreck to motivate rioters.

    if anger is aimed below at his foot soldiers and petty officers rather than his generals or him, then it is misguided. all anger shoujld aim now at the billionaires for funding these destabilization operations and that fully includes Jack Dorsey who is a private citizens presuming to censore the American head of state

    the American government is pathetically weak when it comes to reigning in anti-social subversive activities done by billionaires. if antitrust is the tool that can be used, then put it to work and fast, like Elon Musk said. he’s probably one of the few good ones who are not totally anti-American schemers.

  13. Who will protect us from them? And if it’s “them,” who will protect them from us? There’s no longer any argument whatsoever against private gun ownership.

    1. @bill pitcher

      “Who will protect us from them?”

      Good question and it depends. There are three possible acceptable groups who could fulfill that role.

      Antifa – The glorious masked warriors of the antifa base their actions on who they see as the oppressor and oppressed. Protect one, loot and beat down the other. Of course, this might present a problem when both the perp and victim are both black. Like most Cultural Marxists they seem to have little interest in black on black crime.

      BLM – They also have little interest in black on black crime. They use “black victimization” in order to get more stuff from guilt ridden, virtue signaling whites and could care less about arugula, bike trails, Shakespeare festivals and other SWPL tokens.

      SJW’s – They will offer comforting words and therapy to crime victims. Need to understand and accept your “white privilege”, Karen and Becky. The perp isn’t really responsible for their actions anyway. Only committed the crime due to incessant white racism which explains everything, everywhere and all the time.

      I would not depend on any of the above for my safety and choose other ways to protect myself, but that’s just me.


  14. They may find that self preservation by the populace at large may well lead to many more deaths at the hands of civilians than the Police Camarota really is of low IQ, like most on CNN

  15. I say let them try and see what hsppens.If I were the police Commissioner and have authority, I would furlough the men and women Blue for just to 3 days to give them a taste.

    Said that, also men & women in department should stop been quite, when they see or hear wrong doing by others.Stop teaching Center Mass too.Parents should teach their children to OBEY the Police, argue your case after.

  16. I’m firmly convinced she’s a space alien only taught a few English words like “white privilege,” “defund the defenders .. er police,” you know stuff like that. Looking forward to her reflections in November after her head explodes.

  17. Unbelievable. She is a “leader” living in a dream world. Not knowledgeable of what is going on around her. What type of privilege is black on black crime? None of this divide will end until we stop focusing on group behavior and work on changing individual behavior. Chastising a group only leaves innocent members of that group bitter. I don’;t like being told that I’m bad even though I have done nothing wrong. Stop the nonsense. Stop trying to solve problems by creating problems. Work at raising others up instead of bringing others down.

  18. In Democratic led cities blacks are going to suffer more. And they still have to pay those pensions. Just sayin’.

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