Minneapolis Leader: Fear About Dismantling The Police Department Is Just Another Example Of Privilege

download-5Today we discussed the vow of the majority of the Minneapolis City Council to “dismantle” the police department as well as some historical comparisons to such radical actions.  That effort was led in part by Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender who appeared today on CNN.  When CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked about those who are concerned about their personal safety, Bender said that such concerns “comes from a place of privilege” and that people are now experiencing the reality of life for African Americans.  While not explored further by CNN, there is at least a possibility that the fear of a home intruder is not “coming from a place of privilege” but a place of self-preservation.

Camerota asked “Do you understand that the word, dismantle, or police-free also makes some people nervous, for instance? What if in the middle of [the] night, my home is broken into? Who do I call?”  Bender’s response was:

“I mean, I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And I know — and myself, too, and I know that that comes from a place of privilege. Because for those of us for whom the system is working, I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done.”

Bender went on to detail how the police department could be removed from a variety of incidents from mental health calls, for some domestic violence calls, for health-related issues.”  She did not address the primary question and Camerota did not press her to answer.  There are some very good ideas for reform, including the possible use of non-police resources.  However, none of that involves “dismantling” the department as opposed to addressing such insular reforms for reform as the Mayor has suggested.

Bender attended the same rally where Mayor Jacob Frey was booed for not agreeing to dismantle the police.  The organizers and supporters chanted “no more cops.”

Bender however has been fueling such calls at the rally and on social media.

Bender notably did not respond when asked point bank whether she wanted to get rid of the the police: “So what are you trying to do?” Are you hoping by dismantling the Minneapolis Police Department that you will be getting rid of the police department?”

Bender responded: “I think in Minneapolis, watching George Floyd’s death, and the four — the actions of the four police officers that were involved has been a huge wake-up call for so many in Minneapolis to see what many already knew, which is that our police department is not keeping every member of our community safe.”

The city council now appears to have a veto proof majority to dismantle the police department. Other jurisdictions are considering similar moves and Los Angeles just announced a major cut in funding.  Again, the silence of other politicians is perfectly deafening as they try to avoid any public criticism or conflict with the most radical elements of this movement.  

What I find odd is that the fear of being without police is a form of privilege but it is still viewed by Bender as somehow beneficial because it makes non-African Americans experience fear.  Wouldn’t it be better (indeed a form of leadership) to seek to remove the fear from the African-American community rather than making the fear universal?  It is likely solving the greater threat of fire in one community by telling another community to go without fire protection.  You achieve equity but hardly the equity that you would want. That however was not part of this interview.

There is also no idea what is meant by a “transformative new model of public safety.” That might be a useful detail to work out before vowing to dismantle the police department. People just may need police rather than platitudes before Bender “imagines” her  new “vision.”

What is left is uncontested jargon where any questions or doubts are dismissed as admissions of privilege.


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  1. Democrats: DEFUND THE POLICE!

    Overnight polls: CRAP!

    Democrats: We never said ‘Defund’ Defund. We meant guide funds more wisely but keep our precious [racist pig ] police.

    Reversed direction in an instant. Also very good indication that ByTheBook is a paid shill. He spun around too quickly with official quotes to be a natural.

    Seth is still yapping about the NFL off an old memo. He probably will be up to date by tomorrow.

    Meanwhile the Democrats have stepped into another pile by kneeling while wrapped in traditional African cloth and doing a major cultural appropriation by dressing up as an oppressed people. Almost as racist as blackface. Maybe Nancy Pelosi will be forgiven if she loots a black-owned liquor store on CNN. With luck she won’t even have to shoot the owner.

    1. Come to think of it, Pelosi will have to pick a Korean liquor store to loot and hope she doesn’t get shot on CNN. The Koreans are my heroes. They don’t kneel and they don’t give up. And they shoot straight.

    2. Young is not only an idiot, but a liar. I have been consistent on this issue since it began, have never advocated for defunding or dismantling police departments, and have posted the smart and tough comments of the Atlanta Mayor of over a week ago and starting at about that time and have reposted them at least a half dozen times.since. Here it is again:


      Young knows this because I told him and he’s on here all the time. What kind of low life scum bag purposefully misrepresents the arguments of others?

      1. Book: “What kind of low life scum bag purposefully misrepresents the arguments of others?”

        You do it all the time as many others will attest.

  2. “rule of law” is a privilege. Of civilization.

    Recently read a good rule of law joke: “The first 500 years are the hardest”.
    so sadly true.

    1. I heard someone on the radio yesterday say that at one time only royalty had guards, security, knights, etc.

      That is what the dismember, defund, and destroy anti-cop advocates will achieve if they get their way. Only the rich will have protection.

  3. 18 killed and 25 wounded in Chicago on Sunday.

    Apparently Black Lives really don’t matter.

    It’s a sham.

    Haven’t seen the black on black death toll for Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, St Louis or New Orleans yet, but I bet it is bad.

    Black Lives don’t matter or someone would try to do something about the slaughter.








  5. Turley, whatever you got to protect Trump and Barr, I hope it was worth it.

  6. “Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. “does not believe that police should be defunded,” a spokesman for his campaign said Monday, weighing in on a call from protesters and activists that has gathered steam as protests against police brutality and systemic racism have grown.

    The spokesman, Andrew Bates, said in a statement that Mr. Biden “hears and shares the deep grief and frustration of those calling out for change” and “supports the urgent need for reform.” But Mr. Bates emphasized that Mr. Biden believes providing funding is necessary to help improve policing, including by supporting “community policing programs that improve relationships between officers and residents.”

    “This funding would also go towards diversifying police departments so that they resemble the communities in which they serve,” Mr. Bates said. “We also need additional funding for body-worn cameras.”’

    Defunding cops is not what Democrats as JT pretends.

    1. Not all democrats have been updated on the polls. Some are still demanding defunding. Now you all are trying to clean your boots after stepping in it.

      1. Tell me your story again about how blacks are born with inherent disadvatages ( but can jump high) and need affirmative action.

        I suppose you support the calls at UCLA and the U of Washington for special black grades that are easier than grades for people not born with inherent disadvantages..

    2. Book– Did you miss the part in the lead article here that the entire Democrat city council intends to defund the police?

      Polling on this issue must be terrible.

        1. Is there something left to destroy that they missed the first time around? Hitler’s Brownshirts used to do patrols too. Same thing.

  7. “Wouldn’t it be better (indeed a form of leadership) to seek to remove the fear from the African-American community rather than making the fear universal?

    You are not thinking clearly. Of course that would not be a worthy goal. The goal of “#metoo” is not to elevate women, it is to tear down men. The goal of “BLM” is not to elevate persons of color, it is to tear down white people. The goal of “economic equality” is not to raise the economic status of those who are poor, it is to take money away from those who are rich. The goal of Democrats is not to provide better governance, it is to destroy the Republican party.

  8. Amusing that JT gets his video from “Funny Democrat” and it is titled “What Democrats Want”. Well, no, it’s not what Democrats want, speaking as one who’s primary candidate has won all primary and general election votes since ’92, except Kerry.

    JT seems to hang out in the same swamps Trump does and maybe wastes as much time.

    Here’s what main stream Democrats and main stream Americans like me want.:


    1. Only became your wish when Democrats Destroying Cities didn’t poll well.

      1. Doofus, I’ve posted the Mayor’s comments at leas 1/2 dozen times here over the last week.

    2. criminal blacks allegedly shot five law abiding blacks in chicago, sun times reports

      during “peaceful protests” over weekend



      NEWS AT 9

  9. At least it is a bold urban design plan.

    1. Release all the criminals.

    2. Call the police racist pigs then fire them.

    3. Let the peaceful protestors loot stores and burn factories.

    4. Call taxpayers racist pigs who deserve no protection from peaceful protesters looting their homes.

    5. Call Red States racist pigs and demand money to cover a mysterious tax shortfall.

    6. Double bureaucrat pensions and benefits.

    By the time they are done even the Indians won’t want it back.

  10. My neighborhood, burning. Median income $33k. Many have no transit. Our pharmacies, banks, gas stations, restaurants are destroyed. The six closest grocery stores are looted. Our post office is on fire. The nearest gas station is on fire. No response from our city or state.

    — Ryan Griffith (@ryangriffith) May 30, 2020

    Mr. Griffith is probably a fascist who needs to check his “white privilege”. Whatever his political views I am sure the perps were relentless victims of white racism, all the time, everywhere or perhaps members of the brave masked warriors of antifa. That makes it all ok.


    1. Mr. Griffith better watch his step. If he goes somewhere for a haircut he could be arrested.

      1. One last thing. Mr. Griffith should stop voting for morons who despise him.

  11. I say go for it. If Minneapolis thinks they can come up with a model of policing that is better for their community, then let them try it. Laboratories of democracy.

  12. A lot of BS on the media. Criminals need to be shot dead when they break into the door.

  13. Putting aside the basic ridiculousness of the idea of disbanding the police, I have to note that Bender overlooks the fact it sometimes does go wrong for whites when they call the police. Consider the case of Justine Damond. Another example is the way welfare checks sometimes having tragic outcomes, in some cases because a white man decides to choose “suicide by cop.” Having individuals licensed to use deadly force while enforcing the law is always going to entail some risk, but most of us think it’s worth it.

    1. It was such a good idea that ratification of the Constitution was held up until it could be amended to include it.

  14. Hello, you have reached Minneapolis 911. We are unable to come to your crime right now because we are in the process of transitioning The evil facist Police, Law and Order and The Constitutional Republic into the Hitleresque Minneapolis Gestapo, Brownshirting and Stormtrooping division of Oberfuhrer Nancy Pelosis new community activist army.
    However, your call is very important to us. Please listen carefully to the following options as our menu has changed.
    Press 1 If you are black and need assistance and leave your name address and bank account number for a boat load of money to be deposited directly to your account for being black and a squad of NWO officers in White Face will be dispatched to kneel down, grovel at your feet and kiss your ass to remind you you are the Master Race. If you need the cash now you may pick up your money at the New World Order Center located in the former police station next the the offices of the former White mayor the late jacob frey.
    Press 2 If you are White, Conservative, Christian, Jewish, not a democrat, not a leftist, love freedom and The United States of America and leave your name, address and a convenient time for our round up agents come to your crime of being White, Conservative, Christian, Jewish, not a democrat, not a leftist or of loving freedom and The United States of America to beat and arrest you and your loved ones and transport you to one of the multipurpose reeducation/death camp/fertilizer and lampshade factories located throughout the state….for your own safety of course.

  15. Oh, I am sooo with Bender on this:

    “What I find odd is that the fear of being without police is a form of privilege but it is still viewed by Bender as somehow beneficial because it makes non-African Americans experience fear. ”

    I think that is a great idea, and one that Blue State and Blue City white folks should embrace! Because I ain’t one of them. I have an AK-47 Home Security System, and a few other backup systems. So, if nobody is answering 911 calls, I will be fine. I bet you Ms. Bender and her pals are not going to be so fine.

    So let them learn to fear the savage, feral blacks in their community!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. “I bet you Ms. Bender and her pals are not going to be so fine.”

      No, she won”‘t. She is kind of a simpleton.

      They used to say people didn’t need guns because the police will come. Only the police should have guns.

      Okay, take the police. Why don’t we need guns now?

  16. Progressive liberals have recently discovered that the coronavirus doesn’t spread in large gatherings of tens of thousands of White people crusading for racial justice.

    Of course, when people demonstrate against the lockdowns coronavirus is particularly contagious. Same goes when people arm themselves to protect their property from “demonstrators”.


    1. Now armed blacks protecting their homes are ‘citizen patrols’ while armed whites doing it are ‘vigilantes’.

      1. Yeah, I saw it. Being a “Health Professional” is not a guarantee that you are not insane.

      2. The letter doesn’t say how many are nurses. The nurse unions have been taken over by extremists for some while. Also some of the signers are community stakeholders– not health care professionals–but we don’t know how many. This is more CNN fake news.

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