Police Arrest New York Man Who Randomly Attacked 92-Year-Old Woman

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 1.55.48 PMMost of us were horrified by the video of a man randomly striking a 92-year-old womanin New York City who fell and hit a fire hydrant.  The young man is seen casually looking back and just continuing. Police say that they have arrested Rashid Brimmage, 31, and he is no stranger to the criminal justice system.

Geraldine is a retired teacher who has lived in Manhattan for more than 50 years. She was attacked near Third Avenue and East 16th Street in Gramercy Park at about 3:30 p.m. on Friday.  She is recovering well but says that she is now fearful of going outside.


Brimmage is the very definition of a recidivist.  He has been arrested 103 times since 2005. In 2012, he was arrested for sexual misconduct in 2012 and arrested for two more sex offenses in 2014.  He was then arrested again in 2014 for exposing and fondling himself on an East Harlem street.  He was then arrested in July for grabbing a woman’s behind at a Third Avenue deli. It is a long list of a criminal who has moved in and out of the criminal justice system with ease.

In February, he arrested for a misdemeanor assault and harassment but released without bail.  He was then busted again in March for trespassing and again released with just a summons.  Then a week later in March he was arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance, assault and attempted assault charges. He was again released.


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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how rapidly Rashid Brimmage zooms through the revolving door of New York justice. He’s been unleashed on other New Yorkers again and again.

  2. Past is present:

    “The Mafia, a network of organized-crime groups based in Italy and America, evolved over centuries in Sicily, an island ruled until the mid-19th century by a long line of foreign invaders. Sicilians banded together in groups to protect themselves and carry out their own justice. In Sicily, the term “mafioso,” or Mafia member, initially had no criminal connotations and was used to refer to a person who was suspicious of central authority. ”

    I see a resurgence of this sort of natural justice if this lawlessness continues. I don’t know of any man of Italian descent who wouldn’t pistol whip this career thug if he was able. And many unable would try.


    Propaganda Note: Note rioters called “protestors.”

  3. Guess this is the place for racially charged attacks.

    White man murders black man as part of Floyd protests. The federal guard was black. Not Antifa!

    “As protests gripped Oakland on May 29, a white van pulled up outside a federal courthouse. A door slid open, and a man peppered the two security officers outside with bullets, killing one and wounding the other.

    For a little over a week, the crime was a mystery. Was it tied to the protests just blocks away? Even after the suspected killer was dramatically caught in the nearby mountains eight days later, his motive was murky.

    Now, federal authorities say the man, identified as Air Force Staff Sgt. Steven Carrillo, 32, was an adherent of the “boogaloo boys,” a growing online extremist movement that has sought to use peaceful protests against police brutality to spread fringe views and ignite a race war. Federal investigators allege that’s exactly what Carrillo was trying to do last month.

    Federal prosecutors on Tuesday charged Carrillo with murder and attempted murder, and leveled aiding and abetting charges against Robert Alvin Justus Jr., who has admitted to serving as a getaway driver during the courthouse ambush, according to the FBI. Protective Security Officer David Patrick Underwood was killed and a second officer, whom officials have not named, was critically wounded in the ambush. Inside the three vehicles Carrillo used, police found a boogaloo patch, ammunition, firearms, bombmaking equipment and three messages scrawled in blood: “I became unreasonable,” “Boog” and “Stop the duopoly.”

    1. PS I guess we can wait for posters like John Say and Karen to reassure us that all the violence from radicals in the US is from the left – Oh yeah, the FBI is all wrong on their ranking right wing extremists as the most deadly in the US over the last several years and the racist Pittsburgh and El Paso shooters were actually leftists – i guess this guy must be too.

      1. BTB, your are correct on this point. IT WAS THE FBI that wanted to change the outcome of a legal election and impeach a sitting president for asking for subpoena’s, a legal right – of course, but then justice for me and none for thee!

        1. Doofus, the FBI knee capped Hillary’s campaign 2 weeks before the election by announcing a reopening of an investigation into it. At the same time it kept secret from the public an investigation into Trump’s campaign. If the FBI intended to sabotage Trump, they were the Keystone Cops because they saved it.

          1. Me the doofus?? Well, if not the FBI, who made an insurance policy if Trump were elected? Who intentionally leaked secret info to end up in the NYT? Comey of course. Who was it who conspired to reverse an election – about 7-10 or more operatives in the FBI.
            So, who is the doofus now?
            You are just showing your 1-sided thought process. Not critical thinking.
            Ur still an a**ho

    2. Exhaustive interviews with TOP OPERATIVES within Black Lives Matter;
      their stated goals are the complete and utter destruction of America;
      explain how Racists, anti-capitalists, and the ‘enlightened’ are used to destroy our way of life;
      Total social upheaval, AND “systemic change is the goal of BLM.
      “There’s a sliver, a sliver of white America that hates white supremacy and that hates capitalism. These are the folks that you need to organize with. You’ve got to organize with class- conscious workers….You’ve got to organize with the undocumented. You’ve got to organize with the radical trans people….You’ve got to build a poor people’s movement, a colonized people’s movement. We’ve got to build a grassroots, antiracist movement to defeat capitalism altogether and it’s not going to happen at the ballot box. There can be no human system under capitalism. Capitalism is an anti-human system.”

      1. I’m sorry, did BLM assassinate federal guards and police like this white cat above did? Are you part of that white racist terrorist movement?

        1. Read blm’s list of demands. If you support their list of demands then just confirm and explain why; otherwise your remarks are nothing but empty headed words

    3. to bythebookends
      Black Lives Matter’s core message is ‘retelling of the American story as one of oppression and racism’.
      Total social upheaval, AND “systemic change is the goal of BLM.

      The question is are you a part of it or not?
      Are you one of those sliver’s who hates capitalism? Or do you engage in American Capitalism by being a paid blogger by a GSoros organization? AND WE ALL KNOW WHERE HE STANDS.

    4. Process the murderer and his accomplices according to the law. I hope they all are sentenced to die at the Federal Correctional Complex at Terre Haute, IN, where Timothy McVeigh died for his crimes.

    5. BTB, Extremists come in all colors, so what. This article is related to a dirt bag who was arrested 103 times for striking a 92 yr old woman. Trying to hijack the content of the article to something else is classic leftist behavior which is curable if one stops their intentional ignorance, uses facts, and stays on topic.

  4. I have posted this before, and I would not expect anyone to watch an hour and sixteen minute video unless it was more than excellent. This is well worth the effort. This is where people like Rashid Brimmage come from. This starts out as a video about some 6 year old black boys with a gun, and that is bad enough. But then Tommy starts to talk about his childhood and how he was raised, and it is fascinating, sad, poignant, disturbing, and informative. All of the above. I can not recommend this highly enough. Download it if you can:


    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. Simple thugery and blatant criminal act against the defensless elderly because he can. No respect for people, God’s law nor our Laws. And appeasment of the 1% rioting, burning and looting by a few Democrat mayors and governors won’t heal their cities nor grow their communities, if anything it will force many business and citizens to vote with their feet and lmove while their property still has value.
    Just ask yourself, are you willing to live in a town or city where you don’t feel safe and where you know if trouble comes your elected leaders will refuse to protecte you po your property and business? Most people will chose to move and others will choose some place else to shop.

    1. this thing is a waste of genetic material , a drain on Earth’s resources and a threat to Society
      it should be put down like any other rabid dog before it causes any more damage
      hopefully it has not bred yet
      > : [

  6. Meanwhile, Bolton confirms Trump QPQ for Ukraine, a Putin tool, asked Premier Xi to help him get reelected, approved Chinese concentration camps, likes to do give gifts and do favors for murderous dictators, and as no idea what he’s doing and doesn’t care,

    #1 om Amazon.

    Related, China likes Trump against Biden because Trump is weakening America’s world position leaving a clear field for them.


    1. The guy Kurtz claims is the Lone Ranger against China also decided to not issue a statement on the Tiannamenn Square anniversary to suck up to Xi and thought reporters should be executed.

      Voters need to remember that all but two GOP Senators voted to not hear any witnesses in a impeachment trial for the first time in our history and Bolton was ready and willing to testify under oath.

  7. The new poster-boy for only BLACK LIVES killed by white cops MATTER. This guy proves that Floyd was a lightweight having been arrested only 9 times vs. this guy’s 103. Kiind of reminds me of my old football coach who told us “Boys, you just keep running that play till you get it right.”

  8. In NYC he will be released immediately, Because heaven forbid a violent felon is kept in jail and have a minuscule chance of contracting a virus that will not harm him. Clearly he has learned the “crime does not pay” and will never ever commit a crime again.

    (BTW,, I have not heard of any/many prisoners dying from covid 19– it would have been all over the MSM if it did happen)

  9. I don’t believe in capital punishment for the mentally ill, which this guy clearly is. However, he is also clearly a danger to others, and should be put away for that reason.

    1. Mentally ill? Or just a punk who has never had to discipline himself in any way whether by parents or police or courts or anyone else? I think he is a representative sample of where society is headed. Seize six blocks of a city? The “leaders” response is to line up and ask “how many times can we kiss your ___?” After all (as they genuflect in unison), only black lives matter. Who cares about an old white woman buying her groceries.

      1. Honest– I said the same about this creep being ‘mentally ill’ but in harsher and more concise terms and the comment is awaiting moderation. Too often it is said that behavior is sick or that someone is mentally ill when they are simply very nasty people who expect to get away with nasty behavior. This lad has a better grip on reality than many in that he has learned he really can get away with bad conduct. I do wonder about the mental status of the judges who keep releasing him to turn his life around.

        1. Young, so anti-social behavior is a mental illness. Or is it just anti-social? If I take my gloc and put a bullet in his knee, is that anti-social too? Or a mental illness?

    2. If this is a new example of the knockout game, mental illness is not the explanation.

    1. “How about this fine upstanding guy?”

      He’s not a “fine upstanding guy”, he’s a murderer (allegedly). Hopefully he’ll be locked away forever.

      You’re not allowed to use the phrase “fine upstanding guy”…usually in concert with the phrase “he was turning his life around”…unless the criminal is black.

        1. “Ever hear of sarcasm?”

          I would think that the following is a strong indicator…

          “You’re not allowed to use the phrase “fine upstanding guy”…usually in concert with the phrase “he was turning his life around”…unless the criminal is black.”

          But perhaps I’m wrong…

    2. Carillo souns like an anarchist to me. Give him due process trial and the full weight of punishment under the law.

      what’s a boogerloo anyhow? old movie in my book

        1. wait, is that the voice of the great poet Ice-T? i was just sharing some of his rhyming couplets earlier today

  10. Given-The mutt should have been put away for good long ago.
    Given-The system is in need of a judicious tune up.
    Given-Turley threw the racists on this blog a bone.
    Given-Lots of chompin going on.

    1. “Turley threw the racists on this blog a bone.”

      Nothing more racist than showing accurate, actual footage of heinous black-on-white violence.

      For shame.

    2. Isaac, just one more question. I want to know what an expert thinks.

      See i saw this video recently, Mad Max clips set to a catchy tune, “Ace of Spades” —
      reminds me of some of these ANTIFA crew, getting all violent with cops

      my question, this rock band, MOTORHEAD, they use the “umlaut” — is that racist?


      now who’s that guy in the video, i forget his name? Oh yeah. Mel Gibson, another RACIST!
      I KNEW IT! am i right Isaac?

  11. That he’s been arrested 103x in 15 years and is out on the street is indicative of how leniently New York’s courts deal with misdemeanor offenders. Time to hit him real hard.

    1. How many more people are there just like him??? I don’t think they make enough prisons, which is why we need capital punishment in a big way.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

        1. Thanks guys! I think it was a problem with my wordpress account. But I am going to be more discreet, just to be on the safe side!

            1. Thanks Mespo! Do you have any idea that being wordpressed thingy works??? Also, Have you guys read the Response briefs to Gleeson yet??? I am just getting started on it. I have been busy. My crazy uncle is staying here while he heals from his knee surgery. He is piled up in the master bedroom binge-watching TV and reading. He is pretty quiet, unless he gets attacked by the cats.


              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              1. Squeeky! Welcome back, girl!

                You do not want Cindy Bragg’s technical advice. To wit: I still use a flip phone and dabbled in texting once. It was a disaster……my friend on the receiving end thought I had died because it took that long for me to “text”, and then it was so jumbled it could not have been deciphered by military intel.

          1. Squeeky – I had problems with WordPress for two months and then finally I was back on. I just stayed off until it worked again. It would work if I tinkered with it but it was a lot of work just to post a comment.

          2. Yeah, start off with the birth certificate. That is as discreet as you can be anyway.

      1. Squeeky Fromm, pleased that your glitch has been resolved.

        However, so-called capital punishment is a form of murder in the first degree. Oppose it.

        1. David– Murder is unlawful killing. Capital punishment is not unlawful. That aside I was opposed to capital punishment until I watched Truman Capote’s interview of prisoners in Utah. One of them told how he stabbed a cab driver to death while he begged for his life. The killer was smiling and his eyes glowing as he recounted the murder and I thought, “My God! He’s getting off on the memory.” Then I thought, “Kill him.”

          In the past we were told that we didn’t need capital punishment because life in prison without parole was better and more civilized. I believed that until the promise was broken and killers paroled.

          Now we are told long sentences are too harsh and we don’t need bail so let them go.

          Your humane instinct is a credit and I once shared it, but we can no longer trust the words of politicians.

        2. Thank you David! That is very nice of you to say that. However, I think Capital Punishment is viable answer to many criminals. One reason, is Global Warming. It takes a lot of carbon to feed prisoners, transport them back and forth to court, chase them down and arrest them, etc. etc. etc. Think about how many trees Rashid Brimmage has killed because of his criminal career!

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Young &Squeeky Fromm — I suggest that you read the Book of Matthew.

            1. Have read it. I am not religious. My thoughts are not shaped by the Bible or books like Chariots of the Gods. They are shaped by evidence that the death penalty reduces crime and putting criminals in prison reduces their chances to hurt the rest of us. I have defended criminals in court and though I did my best for them they are often not good people.

        3. Abortion is a “form of murder” in the negative first degree but you support it.

          Isn’t that odd…or duplicitous?

          “Well that’s it. You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear.”

          – Harry Nilsson

      2. Squeeky: I think we should eliminate capital punishment and instead require convicted killers to watch a continuous loop Jerry Nadler eating barbecued ribs.

        1. MofoKnows and Squeeky – I suggest a compromise. We keep capital punishment, but instead of a last meal they have to watch a continous 24 hour loop of Jerry Nadler eating ribs.

          1. MoFo and PaulCS – that is NOT severe enough. First, make Nadler go 48 hours without food, and the make condemned prisoner watch him eat ribs. And probably the dishes and part of the tablecloth.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Until 1870, the very polite and correct British employed the practice of public Drawing and Quartering, presumably, as a deterrent.

              1. Hanging, drawing and quartering was adopted by Edward I [I believe] and was reserved for cases of treason, and then only for men. Treason for women was punished by burning at the stake to preserve the modesty of their sex. Ordinary criminals could get hanging or the stocks or the lash.

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