The “Unkindest Cut Of All”: Florida Man To Go To Trial For Machete Attack With Facial Machete Tattoo

As a criminal defense attorney, I would consider Justin Arthur Allen Couch, 25, a bit of a challenge.  He will have to be tried on a machete attack with a large machete tattoo prominently featured on his face.

The victim said that Couch struck him in the arm and leg during an argument in Tarrytown, Florida.  The victim survived but reportedly has lost movement and use of his left hand.

download-6The defense will often try to hide tattoos, particularly tattoos with violent language or themes.  If relevant, the prosecution can ask for an exhibiting of the tattoo.  We have seen past cases where tattoos presented such problems (here and here and here), including incriminating evidence.  This includes firearm defendants with firearm tattoos.

Indeed, in recent arson cases connected to the Floyd protests, two defendants were identified by their tattoos. 

Face tattoos are unlikely to be receive assistance from the court in allowing a shroud or covering.  The machete tattoo is one of the choices in life that comes back to haunt you in your machete attack case.

As Mark Antony said in Julius Caesar: “Judge, O you gods, … This was the most unkindest cut of all.”

15 thoughts on “The “Unkindest Cut Of All”: Florida Man To Go To Trial For Machete Attack With Facial Machete Tattoo”

  1. Well, I think there are too many white men in prison, so the court should go easy on him. Perhaps Morgan Stanley Chase can enroll him in their teller program? The fact that he can be arrested so many times just shows how the police pick on people.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. I don’t get the draw of putting tattoos on one’s face (or even neck). Or really, anywhere on the body… I realize I’m in the minority, but getting a tattoo, to me, is like ignoring that people can change, including what they consider art and how wrinkly and faded old tattoos appear.

  3. He is proud of his actions and as an attorney you should make sure there is a big blow-up of that tattoo right next to the jury box.

  4. Another example of how Baby Boomers have proven to be narcissistic, self-absorbed adults who produced maladjusted offspring. Like father, like son. This 25 year old man has been arrested at least 10 times

    He failed to mature emotionally. Our current culture of rot is on the shoulders of failed Baby Boomers with a history of failed marriages, producing offspring who are crippled emotionally. If baby boomers had been more focused on creating healthy marriages and productive offspring instead of being greedy capitalist consumers, we wouldnt be experiencing the nihilism most on here wear like a badge of honor

    1. Though annoyingly verbose, the trolls on this site are probably under ten in number, and I highly doubt the majority of us were hippies. You got the first part right, though. We have had an epic and generational failure of parenting for nigh on 40+ years, and it has nothing to do with political affiliation.

      BTW, it’s boomer companies like Apple charging $1,000 or more for a slab of glass and metal, not Amish furniture makers or the guy that works at Taco Bell (huh. Another boomer business, at least after it was purchased by Pepsico in California).

      1. Talk to TIA before you post. It is against Paul OShaughnesey’s SJ rubric to use verbiage the resident curmudgeon employs when he is not terrorizing FB, Ann Althouse, ad nauseam

        Aceofspades isnt sending their best

  5. Right below the eye to highlight his menacing stare. Solid fashion work. Even better that it depicts his weapon of choice. A line of questioning to be done there, no doubt.

    But really, this dude does get points for even waking up one day and saying to himself, damn, this is the day I get tatted on sort tissue *right under my eye*.

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