Epstein Confidante Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire [Updated]

Epstein and Maxwell (SDNY)

In a surprising move, Ghislaine Maxwell, the British heiress and confidante to the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, has been arrested in New Hampshire. Maxwell’s arrest  could have a ripple effect on both criminal and civil matters ranging from the still uncertain status of Prince Andrew to a number of defamation lawsuits.  One of Maxwell’s principal accuser was Virginia Roberts Giuffre who has filed lawsuits against Maxwell as well as figures like Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz.  It appears that the charges derive from the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, another indication that the recent controversy of the replacement of the U.S. Attorney has not impacted underlying investigations.

Frankly, as a criminal defense lawyer, I am surprised that Maxwell risked returning to the United States. She was believed to be living in Paris.  It was well-known that the Justice Department was pursuing the case, including demands to interview Prince Andrew.


Her arrest may be unnerving for figures like Prince Andrew.  She would be the ultimate cooperating witness if she decided to cooperate on broader criminal inquiries.  Giuffre and others have alleged that she was the primary procurer of young girls for Epstein to abuse.

Such prosecutions are not easy given the passage of time. However, the government cle

arly has live witnesses like Giuffre who might have a significant impact on a jury. The government would have to show more than her mere presence at these homes or parties.

She is currently facing six counts tied to her alleged assistance to Epstein in finding girls as young as 14 years old for sexual acts back as far as 1994.

“In some instances, Maxwell was present for and participated in the sexual abuse of minor victims,” the indictment says.

One interesting twist will be the infamous deal cut. I was a vocal critic of that deal with Epstein. Despite a strong case for prosecution, Epstein’s lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr, were able to secure a ridiculous deal with prosecutors. He was accused of abusing abused more than forty minor girls (with many between the ages of 13 and 17).  Epstein pleaded guilty to a Florida state charge of felony solicitation of underage girls in 2008 and served a 13-month jail sentence.  Epstein was facing a 53-page indictment that could have resulted in life in prison in jail. However, he got the 13 month deal. Moreover, to my lasting surprise, the Senate approved the man who cut that disgraceful deal, former Miami U.S. attorney Alexander Acosta, as labor secretary.  He later resigned.

That deal does not mention Maxwell but it expressly stated that federal prosecutors “will not institute any criminal charges against any potential co-conspirators of Epstein, including but not limited to Sarah Kellen, Adriana Ross, Lesley Groff, or Nadia Marcinkova.”  Any criminal charge linked to the Epstein case against Maxwell would seem to be a charge against a “potential co-conspirator of Epstein.”

That deal however was not lawfully executed by Acosta who did a great disservice not only to justice but more importantly these victims.  Judge Kenneth A. Marra of Federal District Court in West Palm Beach found, as many of us have long argued, that the deal cut by Acosta violated federal law and allowed the infamous financier to get a disgracefully low sentence. Here is the opinion.

Thus, the improper role played by the Justice Department in the case may actually help it now with any prosecution of Maxwell.


Any problem with the Acosta deal made be avoided by not just attacking the validity of the agreement, as noted, but reliance on perjury counts stemming from depositions (which would not be impacted by the agreement even if enforceable).  Here are the charges:

Count One: Enticement of a Minor To Travel To Engage In Illegal Sex Acts

Count Two: Enticement of a Minor To Travel To Engage In Illegal Sex Acts

Count Three:  Transportation Of A Minor With Intent To Engage In Criminal Sexual Activity

Count Four: Transportation Of A Minor With Intent To Engage In Criminal Sexual Activity

Count Five: Perjury

Count Six: Perjury


Here is the indictment: U.S. v. Ghislaine Maxwell

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  1. You don’t just shoot a child molester. You hang em on a cross with ropes at wrists, arms stretched out and then cut off their weenie and let em bleed to death in pain.

    1. Former UK Prime Minister(1970 – 74) Sir Edward Heath(now deceased) was recently accused yet again of sexually abusing children. The many stories of child sexual abuse by powerful people out of the UK is stunning. I don’t think the rest of the world is any different. These stories come out after they are dead and gone. Oh well, what can we do?

  2. Jonathan: The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell is long overdue. She was the principal person providing under age girls for the now deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. But I think it is a little premature to assume that the “recent controversy of the replacement of the US Attorney has not impacted underlying investigations”. I don’t think Trump, and in turn AG Barr, are interested in Maxwell or any of the other co-conspirators involved with Epstein. Although Trump and Epstein liked to party together in New York in the early years–especially when young girls were present–Trump had apparently distanced himself from Epstein, especially after the latter plead guilty in 2008 to felony solicitation of over 40 underage girls in that infamous “sweetheart” non-prosecution agreement. Even Trump thought it better not to be seen hanging out with an admitted “pedophile”. However, it should be noted that in 2017 Trump appointed Alex Acosta as secretary of labor–the same guy who negotiated the secret illegal agreement with Epstein’s attorneys. Was this payback for Acosta helping Epstein avoid years and years in federal prison? In any case, Trump has no horse in the race when it comes to Maxwell and probably won’t tweet anything about how “unfair” was the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell.

    I think the real reason Trump/Barr removed Geoffrey Berman is that he was breathing down the neck of Rudy Guiliani, Trump’s personal attorney, and investigations involving Trump and Turkish president Erdogan. These are the investigations we should watch. Whether Trump and Barr can succeed in pressuring Berman’s deputy, Audrey Strauss, to “go easy” on Guiliani is questionable since Strauss is noted as “unlikely to be influenced by political motives”, as the NY Times put it. And then there is the problem of timing–getting Berman’s replacement nominated and confirmed before the November elections, especially since Democratic Senators will closely examine the firing of Berman. But even if Trump and Barr are unsuccessful in preventing the continuing investigation of Guiliani they are sending a clear message of intimidation to law enforcement and prosecutors around the country: Don’t investigate or prosecute any of the Friends of Trump!

    1. “….But even if Trump and Barr are unsuccessful in preventing the continuing investigation of Guiliani they are sending a clear message of intimidation to law enforcement and prosecutors around the country: Don’t investigate or prosecute any of the Friends of Trump!”

      Ummm, it looks to me as if just about everyone of your persuasion has some transgression to claim against Trump. All you have to do is turn on the TV for five minutes to see how afraid they are of throwing the most ridiculous accusations against him.” Keep wringing your hands.

    2. Jonathan: The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell is long overdue. She was the principal person providing under age girls for the now deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

      Before you run your mouth, you might learn the definition of ‘pedophile’. At no point has anyone ever alleged that Epstein had an interest in prepubescent children. He had one object, and that was young women on one side or the other of the age of consent.

      1. “Jeffrey Epstein abused girls as young as 11 on secluded private island, lawsuit says”

        I’m sure ambulance chaser’s pleadings are absolutely reliable.

  3. Yes, why did she decide it was safe to be in New Hampshire, and why did Epstein think it was safe to fly into NY last summer. Someone let them both think it was cool for some reason. If she fell for it the same way Epstein did that would be fascinating.

    Or maybe it’s like they’re the Romeo and Juliet of the upper class of sexual abusers. Hmmm?

    1. There is nothing “upper class” about either Epstein or Maxwell. They had money but nothing more.

    2. She took all the media hype to be reality and assumed that the American criminal justice system is only interested in black criminals. Either that or she feared the Clintons had tracked her down and thought it would be safer in prison.

      Sorry, couldn’t resist… 🙂

      But it will be interesting to see if she rats on Prince Andrew.

    1. Re: Epstein

      Houston, heads of Google, Apple, FB, Twitter, Fm SDNY Berman, etc. seem to have a Pedo Problem.

      It seems Trump/AG B Barr/NYPD/White Hat FBI have their sights zeroed in.

  4. Bobbing and weaving on the way to a ‘tell all’ book, interviews, etc. The girl will be a multimillionaire within a year. Any longer and the frost will be off the pumpkin, or something like that. Any longer and the little prince will be no longer interesting, at all. Look at Bolton, a few million advance and the book isn’t even out yet. A scandal, a scandal, my reputation for a scandal

      1. Robert Maxell didn’t have any money. He was a bagman for Mossad and just got to live the lifestyle.

        1. LOL he most certainly did have money. fool, look it up.

          he was playing games for Mossad, that is true. and against them. see where that got him? he fell off his boat and died.

    1. US Attorney SDNY (@SDNYnews):
      “There will be a press conference today at noon to announce charges against Ghislaine Maxwell for her role in the sexual exploitation and abuse of multiple minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein. The press conference will be livestreamed on Facebook @USAOSDNY. https://facebook.com/usaosdny/

  5. The crux of this litigation, are the parents of these 16-17 girls. It’s time to elucidate on this subject matter.

    Most parents would say, be home by 10pm honey. But the daughter replies, but mommy & daddy, I’m dating a guy worth half a billion dollars. Then Mr. & Mrs. Stupid takes the bait. OK, just make sure the man knows we in-laws have a to-do-list. Being married, barefoot & pregnant in a mansion isn’t as bad as being at work in a sweat shop.

    King Solomon outdid them all. Wealth, power, 700 wives & 300 concubines.

    For all you history Aficionados

    1. Maxwell, on behalf of Epstein, targeted girls from families who were under stress–single/divorced mother, parents working long hours or who traveled a lot, girls who didn’t have good relationships with their parents, or girls who were lonely or had low self-esteem. To ensure they were beautiful, they watched for girls coming and going from the N.Y. School for the Performing Arts, which was near Epstein’s mansion. They were nice to them, paid attention to them, spent time talking to them, gave them money, bought them things and gained their confidence, which is what “grooming” means, as referenced in the complaint. Read the complaint, which is referenced above. They also told them not to tell their families or others about them. This is not the fault of the girls or their families. Epstein was a predator, and Maxwell was his accomplice.

      1. Natch, the method you describe is often the same for other pedophiles and exploiters of minors. Numerous profiles of priests caught for child molest will show they targeted single parent households (no dad) and the boys that seemed shy, nerdy, not-confident.

        Fault is a vague term. The families and victims are not culpable. but we all have a certain moral responsibility for our children do we not? To protect them. If a parent fails to protect a child, whether the parent is absent father or a financially stressed mother, they have still failed. I think the point that the professor was trying to make is that there was and perhaps often is, an element of cupidity.

        but this is also true of victims of fraud. often they seek to make an easy buck, and that is the very thing that is leveraged to make the scam work.

        so life is full of shades of grey with these complicated things, and I hesitate to moralize too much about them. another dynamic of the exploited child, is that they sometimes pass into the very sort of bad things themselves.

        but certainly Epstein was a predator and Maxwell an accomplice, that much I do agree.

        the most important thing is for children to be brought up with safety in their own bodies and a genuine sense of being cared for and protected by somebody.
        they do not need to be rich and superbly well educated, the poor will always exist, but among the poor and rich alike, some children are safe and some are not.

        this is paramount for the good not only of them but society.
        because yes if you look at a lot of the monsters they were victims in the childhood phase of life.
        this is not to exonerate them of adult criminality, but to emphasize how important child protection is for all of us.

        1. I agree with what you said, except for the “shades of gray” when it comes to children. Children aren’t sophisticated enough, even if they’ve been schooled in “good touch–bad touch” and “don’t talk to strangers” to fully understand how vulnerable they are to being manipulated or even how manipulation works. Their emotional and psychological development is incomplete. Every one of these girls had some family issues. Sometimes they are rebellious, and didn’t have much, if any, rapport with their parents. Then, there’s the shame aspect of it all. Read the complaint. After getting to know them for awhile, Maxwell would undress in front of them as if it was the most natural thing to do, and sometimes massage them, while sympathetically evoking them to talk about their feelings. They gave them cash to buy things they wanted. Then, she’d get them to massage her, and remove their clothes. This was to get them ready for Epstein.

          To the eyes of a vulnerable 14 or 15 year old, Maxwell looked trustworthy–she was a well-dressed English woman and was kind to them. Epstein lived in a huge mansion–not some dumpy motel. These aren’t the sorts of people a child would suspect was manipulating them. Maxwell and Epstein told them they had connections and that they’d help them get a start in whatever performing art they were studying–music, dance, acting. They weren’t the dirty old man flashing his crotch at them from an alley, but kindly-appearing, sympathetic upper class people living in an impressive mansion who were nice to them and seemingly wanted to help them out.

          If you’ve ever watched “My 600-lb. life” on The Learning Channel, you see that those people with uncontrollable eating habits to the point of almost killing themselves were almost all abused as children, mostly sexually abused, and most of them, girls and boys alike, by a relative–sometimes a sibling, step-sibling or even a parent. When they reported the abuse, they were not believed or even ignored. They usually came from broken homes, and at least one of their parents wasn’t involved in their lives, They had no one to turn to. They began eating for comfort, because they had no other way of dealing with their stress and shame. As they got heavier, the rejection, name-calling and shame snowballed into dropping out of school, dysfunctional living (some of them are bed-bound, having blown out their knees from the weight, plus suffering from lymphedema), drug abuse, loneliness and rejection. Sexual abuse is something that causes distress for the rest of the victim’s life, and, yes, some of them as adults also molest children.

          1. When i said shades of grey, I mean that some crimes are worse than others. This reality even persists in sex crimes.
            For example, it is generally considered worse when a victim is raped and then murdered, than just raped.
            Likewise, rape is generally punished more severely than mere groping. And so forth.
            I don’t mean to diminish the severity of the allegations, only to point out that facts matter both for the charges and the elements of proof, and sentencing, and how we consider their effects.

            I generally do not watch any tv and have never watched a show about a fat person losing weight. Yes many people who suffer from eating disorders have histories of abuse. And various forms of abuse both physical sexual and emotional feed into many different psychological problems in later life.

            Most of all, I just wanted to point out, that child sexual abuse is often a historical factor in the lives of many of the worst murderers.
            Thus, protection of children is a high priority for anyone who wants safety and security in the future.

            I would point out that sufficient funding not only for psychs and social workers ,but also police, are necessary to reduce, deter, and punish sex crimes.

            “Defund police” as a general political slogan is a welcome idea to habitual sex offenders.

            1. You take it for granted there are habitual sex offenders.
              May I suggest a way to better protect the most vulnerable, the very young?
              I propose:
              For a first time offender assaulting an under-13 the minimum sentence is their age difference.
              The minimum for a repeat of sexual assault of a minor under 13 is double their prior sexual assault sentence.
              For any sexual assault of any age the minimum sentence shall be double their last sentence for any sexual assault.

  6. Re: “another indication that the recent controversy of the replacement of the U.S. Attorney has not impacted underlying investigations” —

    It’s a single investigation and doesn’t tell us whether the change has impacted other “underlying investigations” (pl.). But assuming that others aren’t impacted, that could reflect what ended up happening, as distinct from what Barr initially attempted. As a result of Berman’s initial refusal to resign, Audrey Strauss (previously the Deputy US Attorney for SDNY) became the Acting US Attorney for SDNY instead of Craig Carpenito (the US Attorney for the District of New Jersey). Berman lauded Strauss when he resigned.

  7. Let’s be real. Maxwell will end up like her father and Epstein. All heavily connected with the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world: the CIA and the Mossad. Keeping tabs on the paedophile rings run at the top of powerful political circles around the world allows the agencies all the power to do what THEY think needs to be done to keep the world running smoothly. It is a disgusting truth that is now well known if not totally understood.

    Turley is too soft spoken to deal with such heady issues. Note that he makes no mention of the intelligence agencies and Acosta’s comments as to WHY he let Epstein off. Note that he makes no mention of the fact that when the FBI arrested Epstein they did not simultaneously search all his properties. Note that it has been reported many times that Epstein had video recording devices all over his properties, but that, again, Turley makes no mention of it.

    1. Robert Maxwell was facing some serious health problems and personal liability from looting his companies’ pension funds. Heart attack or suicide is perfectly believable.

    2. Let’s be real. Maxwell will end up like her father and Epstein.

      Her father was 68 years old, had cardiac problems, was overweight, and was under massive stress. He also liked to piss into the ocean. That fat old cigar was just a cigar.

        1. enigma – I am thinking she lasts until the end of August. This is based on reports that she is former Mossad (weapons and hand-to-hand trained) and seems to keep in shape. It will also take a group to take her down, that takes time to put together. Got you down for July 4th though, which is just as good a date as any. Probably during the fireworks they aren’t going to have. 😉

                  1. honestlawyer – I have heard different stories, however, I did hear Maxell is willing to cooperate.

          1. Despite her training; she’s up against the people that run the zoo. They can poison her, shank her, or just shoot her because making it look like a suicide won’t be the priority.

            1. it’s easy to die anywhere, but especially prison

              our local jail has the covid. lots of them do now.

              maybe she will get it too. or the medical records will say so, at least

            2. enigma – I don’t think they want 2 deaths in one year. However, you make a good point.

              1. You’d think Bill Barr wouldn’t want to continually obstruct justice yet he’s reached the point he just doesn’t care. If (and I don’t claim to know) any of what she has to say involves DJT… she’s dead.

                1. ha ha yeah I sure don’t know either. there’s a lot of things a smart person doesnt want to know.

          2. I heard that the coronavirus will be the thing that gets her.
            That, as a stepping stone to a ventilator, then once on the ventilator there are all kinds of things that could happen.

            1. Gee Trieste – I heard that she was going to get the Rona, too. I also heard that Dr. Fauci, who is a friend of Hillary, will be handling the respirator.

            1. Independent Bobth – 1) are you aware there is a th on the end of your name now?? 2) Whitey Bulger lasted about 7 years and I think he was about 90 anyway

      1. Paul C– It may be too late but earlier today I think we could have identified the men who took advantage of Epstein’s services by looking for the pools of sweat beneath them. They know Maxwell is facing 35 years. She will sing like Valachi.

        1. honestlawyer – only if she talks fast. enigma is only giving her until 4 July. I give her to the end of August. Prairie Rose thinks she will make it to Sept. 11. You in?

            1. honestlayer – got you down. And ideal date. We just have to get here past tonight. 😉

    1. if she really has blackmail material however, the thing to do is set a dead hand trigger with people who can’t be reached, to release her “kompromat” if she is terminated.

      lots of people actually do have dead hand trigger mechanisms set up with third parties. people who are not even famous, but who are smart.

      this is why they had to shut Assange down. he was the ultimate recipient of tons of that sort of thing. the powers that be could not abide it.

        1. ha ha maybe or maybe he just shot his wad already and it wasnt that consequential, so nobody is bothering with him now. that’s my hypothesis

          i mean he made a big show of what he supposedly had to offer and it didn’t amount to a hill of beans. why would he hold better stuff back? he though he had something but he didnt

          see this is a perplexing quandry when you actually do have some interesting information and are analyzing how to use it. it may seem bad, but if it leaks out, will it have the intended effect? maybe nobody will care, even though it may be embarrassing.

          now on the other hand, lies often are as useful as true verifiable bad stuff. but it’s hard for us to know what is true or not. newspapers dont help very much, they just print what the editors want for the purposes of the management.

          recently for example the CIA cocked up some bull about “bounties” and the hate-Trump faction bought it hook line and sinker. we were told the “intelligence community” said so. but then it came out that did not include the huge and powerful and deeply penetrating information and analysis from the NSA. ooops. So the NSA did not agree. First leg of the story knocked out fast.
          Now we also know the “information” came from “Afghan captive confessions.” Read, coerced confessions, people saying under torture whatever the CIA creeps interrogating them wanted them to say.

          But the NYT bought it because it fit the narrative. the “Grey Lady” embarrasses herself again, but is doubing down on the fanciful “bounties” rumor. —

          here let Ray McGovern explain. he is a former CIA analyst, one of the top ones. who gave daily intel briefings personally to many presidents starting with JFK.
          he is a peace activist in retirement, he is a Green voter, and he is no friend of Donald’s.


          catch his earlier article on it too

          1. Mr. Kurtz, I wasn’t going to waste a day off on Trump but I have to respond. The gist of the article is that this guy believes David Sanger is an unreliable source and believe nothing he says. That discounts the fact that the story has been independently verified by multiple news organizations including the Wall Street Journal (which may love Trump a little less than before but he’s still their boy).
            It may be that Russia may be giving the Taliban money for reasons other than killing American soldiers at $100,000 a pop. But the best explanation supporting the President is that he doesn’t read thye daily information provided to him because… provide any good reason you can think of. Given all the things and people he doesn’t know or barely met (you can include Jeffrey Epstein, Stormy Daniels, and his family tax fraud situation). Why would anyone believe he has no knowledge of this when it was in his daily brief at least 4 times (according to reporting) and told verbally at least once by John Bolton)? This isn’t a rhetorical question, he either didn’t know, didn’t care, or both.

            1. Yeah, maybe he wasnt listening. I am not clear that it was in his daily briefing 4 times however. That is not an established fact.

              I rather think the Russians were probably buying opium or maybe just inteligence. I am sure the Taliban has both a lot of intelligence to sell and a lot of information.

              I don’t think they need or care about bounties to kill Americans. They will do that for free.

              This is why the whole story stinks. If you think Trump missed it, because he is negligent, perhaps he did.
              But I am not sure why that matters if in fact the story was bogus from the start. There is no harm in ignoring a rumor that is not substantiated and is patently implausible.

              I will let you have the last word on it if you like because I too dont wish to flog it all day.

              1. Mr Kurtz,
                “his is why the whole story stinks. If you think Trump missed it, because he is negligent, perhaps he did.”

                If the man doesn’t read, he isn’t just missing this one thing and he’ll have no context for the bits and pieces he gleans from the few people he does pay attention to. His very existence in office is dangerous. He’s not evaluating information and making well-informed decisions, he’s winging it because he’s lazy. Now I’m done.

            2. of course there is a certain irony in the fact that the US used to sell or just give stinger missiles and other weapons to the taliban or their fathers to kill russians.
              the US probably bought a lot of opium from them too.
              I am really disgusted with 40 years of meddling in Afghanistan. If they want to be ruled by Taliban let them.
              Pay the mullahs to keep an air force base there and extract minerals and stop interfering in their internal affairs is my thinking.

    2. Agreed. But I’m also curious about what being ‘implicated’ in this realm of Trumpism really entails these days? I don’t feel like it carries the same weight/consequence any more.

  8. You can bet one thing, her lawyers are contacting Trump’s personal lawyer Bill Barr. Ya know what about, the guy Trump said he didn’t know and was not a fan.

  9. JT: If you continue to believe that Acosta cut that deal without significant pressure from above, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.


    1. Mr. Justice Roberts was practicing law in Colorado at the time, IIRC. I doubt he was ever on Epstein’s plane.

  11. I have to agree that it’s astonishing that she visited the U.S. I’m actually surprised that she even set foot outside of France. She’s either amazingly stupid or amazingly arrogant.

    1. Tin– She may have made an advance deal in Paris and all of this is just legal theater. Sounds farfetched, but it is a possible explanation for her return.

    2. Robert Maxwell played games with Mossad. He fell off his boat and accidentally died. It’s an interesting tale. He was her father.

      Sayanim are ready for the green light, you can be sure of it.

    3. Yes, it would seem so, given the story being told. And there’s more in the history to suggest arrogance over stupidity. But that’s assuming the story being told.
      What if this is not a case of free will but instead she’s following a script? Many things in the news seem like they’re scripted out, n’est pas?

      Was it really Epstein who was arraigned in the Manhattan courtroom? There were no photos but the court reporter’s sketches didn’t seem to me the same person. It was a much heavier person with the build of a wrestler. And pay attention to the ear at the rear curl and lobe comparing to older photos of Epstein. And then there were the NY Post photos of the body being taken into the hospital. And there were NY Post photos of Maxwell at a hamburger joint in LA where the billboard ads in the photo were inconsistent with the claimed time and date. See the conspiracy expert Russ Winter and his winterwatch website for this angle.

      What if it’s all been planned and scripted? Like the Corona.

      1. It is not impossible that executed or presumably deceased persons have identities masked and are yet alive. Deaths can be faked and not just by private persons.
        However, it is irrational to believe such things without proof. Generally authorities go to a lot of trouble to verify identities of persons they incarcerate.

        I recently discovered that Muslims often believe that Jesus was not executed on the cross but rather someone else, and that people were tricked. I doubt that is so.

        I have also heard the notion that Tim McVeigh was not actually executed but was somehow squirreled out of prison. I have never seen nor heard a shred of proof of it.

  12. Here’s four hypotheses:

    1. There’s less there than meets the eye. Starr and Dershowtiz were able to secure the deal because the evidence, if it was ever there, had not been collected by federal, state, and local police.

    2. Virginia Roberts Giuffre and others have mixed fact and fantasy in such proportions that obtaining convictions is going to be challenging.

    3. Epstein’s business was a cover for some other sort of activity. We do not know what that activity was.

    4 It’s difficult to imagine how so many employees of the Bureau of Prisons were successfully bribed and intimidated, but the alternative (that he actually did commit suicide coincident with the failure of security cameras outside his cell) is difficult to imagine as well.

    1. One other thing:

      The Duke of York is the world’s most elegant bad liar. One imagines that a man in his position, who has a list of public appearances each month as long as your arm and has a security detail as well, has his time much more meticulously accounted for than any ordinary person. If he wants to know what he was doing on 10 March 2001, it’s a reasonable wager there are multiple archives from which it can be pieced together. Likely would not account for all of his time, but a great deal of it. He made no reference to any records kept by the Palace or by law enforcement. Instead, he says he remembers where he was because he’d gone to some pizza joint for Beatrice, and he’d never been there before or since. The rigamarole about his sweating sounds like material developed for a Monty Python sketch. A lawyer I correspond with who has criminal defense in his book of business is fond of this cartoon. He tells all his clients to do this.

    2. I would bet that he was gathering kompromat for the US, Israel, or maybe both. Some people call that spying.

      I am not clear on how he hung himself in a cell that has no feasible attachment points for an improvised noose. Supposedly these cells are “suicide proof.” They have no crossbar for example, I can’t find the diagram of this cell type, which i saw before. but i looked and found this


      it’s interesting how the feds often “loose the evidence’ which could exculpate themselves. such as the front door at waco which supposedly was their proof that they were fired upon by the victims of the raid. the feds had it, they lost it, and they lost other evidence they claim was favorable to themselves as well

      in the law we call that “SPOLIATION OF EVIDENCE’ and the usual presumption, that they are lying. ie, it goes against the person who “lost” it. ie the feds.

      1. the “problem” of course with the narrative of “losing” CCTV video, is that it cannot BE LOST.

        sure you can erase the video.. but the data is NOT LOST.

        it never can BE LOST

        lets take two of the most widely distributed formats for CCTV storage media and dive deep.

        old school magnetic tape (unlikely, but lets examine anyway)…you can erase and record over mag tape about 100 times and still retrieve sufficient “artifacts” to resolve prior recordings. The FBI would know how to accomplish this. In fact the FBI is one of the premiere forensic storage media recovery authorities on the entire planet, and for those really challenging projects, they make a call over to that other 3 letter outfit also initiated in the ways of record retrieval.

        digital storage media. Almost every single known storage device using digital media does NOT USE secure erase functionality. It’s just too expensive, in terms of actual financial cost, AND performance cost. It takes literally hundreds of hours to properly secure erase a typical “drive” making prior writes unreadable. It would not fit the use case in any prison to have such high end premium grade military level secure erase functionality. Thus, we would assume correctly it was a simple inelegant vanilla FIFO read/write device with no secure erase. This means it would be quite easy in terms of forensic recovery techniques to rapidly complete a full image recovery ..probably many times over several re-writes. It’s important to understand how standard digital disks operates (hard drives, or even SSD’s): on each “new” write, old data is not actually overwritten…Those sectors and “pages” are skipped. Only filling those empty blocks, not used..and when you run out, then there are re-writes over old “deleted” data. Even in this case, similar to the analog stuff above, mag tape, recovery is still very probable.
        and again, who would be the premiere forensic recovery agency in the world? FBI..or one of their friends up the ladder…

        the other “problem” with this narrative has to do with storage space and timing. We are led to believe that recovery was not possible because it was lost and overwritten. Whether old school mag tape or modern digital storage media, most CCTV recording devices have at least 24-48 hours of continuous end to end recording capability. Meaning, you aren’t even starting to overwrite ANYTHING until after 24-48 Hours are completed. And for such a high profile prisoner, who just attempted suicide, we are led to believe that 24-48 hours elapsed before someone asked the question…hey, maybe it’s a good idea to secure the recordings and put in some new storage and preserve this evidence. So that’s also suspect. On it’s face, this is just not believable. It would be like a cop upon learning of a actually shooting goes to the crime scene and then leaves without looking for any shell casings!!! (best I can come up with)..Point is, its just 101 SOP….you get a suicide, you secure the evidence on tape. That’s done for lots of reasons. So at some point, someone made the decision “just let the ‘tape” roll”? come now…that’s ridiculous.

        regardless of the storage size and timing issues, even if that happened, which is really unbelievable, retrieval of the data was possible (IS POSSIBLE).

        I really have a problem with so many issues about this case. Most of it, is pretty glaring and smacks of CODE RED.

        on the other hand….how does one get access to the cell….the guards put to sleep or paid off, or distracted and epstein put to sleep…? that’s pretty hard to imagine how that could be done and not have one single person in that prison notice something unusual. I understand lots of people were overjoyed at his death…But I find it hard to imagine someone would not have noticed something unusual and suspect going on…that no one has talked about it..leaks or otherwise is a pretty compelling argument that epstein did kill himself. That occam fits.

        But this notion that the prior suicide attempt was erased from video..I call bullcorn on that.

        (note: did not stay at a cheap hotel last night…but have some experience recovering data even from secure erase devices…law enforcement and other organizations….not the hardest task to perform..just time consuming…I can’t imagine ever the FBI not having the capability…and thus, “lost” is unbelievable to me.

    3. They drugged the only guards on duty, they rigged the cameras, they removed any cellmate witness. Then they had full access to Epstein to do what they would.
      Easy peasy with the right connections.

  13. This should be edifying to the work mob who want arrest, charges, and sentence all in the same day.
    The absence of charges or arrest do not mean that the justice system has failed. Sometimes they need to put down the pitchforks and let the system do its work.

    1. 4 years after a conspiracy to manufacture a coup. at least 2 years since Durham has set up shop with an entire FLEET of prosecutors numbering..wait for it…9 souls.

      NINE….not 10, not 20, not 40, not 80…


      and in those 4 (and 2) years of time, how many indictments have been dropped by main justice? how many arrests? donuts.

      oh, wait..forgot..they got that hooligan up in connecticut who made adam schiface nervous with some social media comment. That counts for something …sure..That’s impressive. Next week, what….wire and trap on a jaywalker?

      My pitchfork is on fire …and there are MILLIONS of patriots holding them too. Who are past the impatient hopium porn phase.

      we are watching a KNOWN corrupt AG who has done squat zero about real crimes. But he sure sounds impressive on tv doesn’t he?

      What will it take for AG Barr to do the job he swore an oath to perform?

      more declassified damning evidence from ratcliffe ? Because it’s pretty obvious the man only moves on the pressure from forces he cannot control and maneuver around! Why is wray still director? a proven corrupt embecile. That record dumps proved it. Is it going to take another successful round of lawsuits from Tom Fitton/JW to “encourage” Barr to get with the program?

      is it not obvious we are dealing with a person who was teased out of retirement by the senate to perform a very specific task, that has NOTHING to do with serving justice, but saving the hides of thousands of people in very powerful positions for crimes and conduct that enabled a coup using the most extreme powers of the secret police spy state!!???

      that’s the game. don’t look away….

      understand who Barr is. Understand why he represents the most dangerous adversarial element to a functioning justice system.

      I demand justice. The evidence is clear and it’s damning.

      the corruptors are walking around boldy …unafraid….

      the moment I see some arrests at 2am in the morning ..I’ll lower my pitchfork…a little. When I see convictions with serious punishment …I’ll stow it…to be raised again in a hurry when the next major crime against this nation happens. And it will….It’s inevitable. and predictable.

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