“Don’t Let Them Vaccinate You”: Farrakhan Warns Africans That Dr. Fauci Is Trying To Kill Them

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It is bad enough when you become a political rally cry for the right as a man trying to destroy our economy or instill fear into the nation.  Now, Dr. Anthony Fauci is being called a mass murderer who, with the cabal of Bill and Melinda Gates, are seeking to “depopulate the Earth.” That is hardly the most deranged thing that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, 87, has uttered, but it may be the most dangerous. Farrakhan is encouraging people to refuse vaccinations, a problem that is already causing world health leaders concerns in Africa.  This is viewed as the new “epicenter” for the pandemic with Africans facing a threat with the need to protect hundreds of millions of Africans.  Health officials will need their cooperation but they have now heard from Farrakhan who has declared that, if they want to live, “Do not take their medication.”

In this Fourth of July remarks, Farrakhan declared that

“They’re making money now, plotting to give seven billion, five-hundred million people a vaccination. Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and Melinda — you want to depopulate the Earth. What the hell gave you that right? Who are you to sit down with your billion to talk about who can live, and who should die?

… I say to my brothers and sisters in Africa, if they come up with a vaccine, be careful. Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of treachery through vaccines, through medication.” 

He added “That’s why your world is coming to an end quickly, because you have sentenced billions to death, but God is now sentencing you to the death that you are sentencing to others.”

This could not come at a worst time for Africa which could face a devastating loss of life from this pandemic if officials cannot get cooperation in accepting the developing vaccines.

I grew up in Chicago and watched local and national figures avoid direct confrontations with Farrakhan throughout the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s despite his hateful views. Years of enabling this virulent anti-Semite has allowed him to foster a worldwide following. Now, he is combining his signature conspiracy theories to a world pandemic in a way that could cost millions of lives.  Farrakhan has flourished due to mixed signals from leaders, including appearances with him by leaders like current Minnesota Attorney General (and former Democratic National Committee leader) Keith Ellison. (After anti-Semitic comments in 2018, some of these figures did publicly criticize Farrakhan). Figures like the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson have repeatedly appeared with this race-baiting maniac. Indeed, the failure to denounce Farrakhan was previously an attack by Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama.  Yet, both Bill and Hillary Clinton were criticized for appearing at a funeral with Farrakhan.

In truth, few of these leaders can be fairly criticized as supporting Farrakhan’s views and many have criticized such comments.  Indeed, his support is hardly helpful for most politicians, including his statement that he likes what he sees in Donald Trump.  However, he still seems to linger on the edges of our politics and still has defenders among influential figures.  Most recently, CNN’s Jake Tapper was told by actor Ice Cube to “Watch your mouth Jake” after Tapper tweeted that “Farrakhan is a vile anti-LGBTQ anti-Semitic misogynist. Why is a Fox channel airing his propaganda?” Other influential figures have defended Farrakhan.

Figures like Juan Williams have criticized the political use of Farrakhan and his connections to Democratic leaders as a political cudgel.  He correctly points out that many leaders did denounce Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic comments. However, it is also true that Farrakhan is dismissed as a fringe figure when he clearly holds sway with millions of people.  While it is true that he should not be used to unfairly paint others as a sympathizers, he has highlighted his association with many leaders and it is important for society as a whole to continue to denounce his hateful and unhinged rhetoric.

856px-Anthony_S._Fauci,_M.D.,_NIAID_Director_(26759498706)Claiming that Dr. Fauci is the secret leader of a global genocide conspiracy would ordinarily be comical if it were not for the fact that millions of Africans could die from this advice.  Farrakhan is taken seriously by many around the world, even in denouncing Bill and Melinda Gates who have spent fortunes on health and development projects in Africa.

Farrakhan is no joke.  He is not a clown.  His rhetoric has always been dangerous and requires continuing outcry from across our political spectrum. What he is now declaring in Africa is a real threat to the very existence of African communities and culture as they face a horrific pandemic spread.

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  1. Calypso Louie pushes his around in a wheelbarrow and isn’t afraid to name names. I actually respect that.
    Note to CPUSA trolls on the payroll…go worship your sobama shrine and leave the adults to discuss things that matter.

  2. Fauci and Gates have killed billions by compromising the integrity of vaccination programs. They are complicit in the creation of the virus they want to now promote vaccines for. Who released the virus? Gates will reap untold $billions. They are compromised. I will not take their vaccine. Bill Gates vaccinates other peoples children but not his own. He is a monster.

    Read the labels – Ask for proof of efficacy!

  3. I am a middle-aged Boomer and have no illusions about Farrakhan and what he represents…but I agree with him 100% on this one issue. Gates and Fauci should be hauled before The Hauge for crimes against humanity…BTW I’m not about to take a vaccine from an infamous eugenicist and criminal like Bill Gates!

    1. Most no one is questioning these new type vaccines that are coming up. The use of “mRNA” a bio-weapon type, that some believe will permanently change everyone’s DNA.

      Just think of it as Bill Gates/Dr Fauci, Big Pharma Raping your Wife, your Mom, Daughter.

      So your wife has that next kid, it’s not yours, it’s a Rape Baby! And with what all kinds of problems?

      1. Actually, mRNA has the adviantage in that it works outside the cell nucleus (which is where the DNA is located). You can think iof mRNA’s natural role as “Email” to the cell’s machinery from its ‘computer memory” – DNA – which remains unchanged even after mRNA is made when genes in the DNA cause mRNA to be made.

        What you’re thinking of, Oky, is changes to the germline DNA. mRNA is product, not firmware like DNA is when its genes are expressed to make proteins. mRNA is Email sent out to make proteins (and in the case of mRNA, those proteins will be antibodies to confer immunity to infection). But RNA is never going to change the cell’s DNA. Your kids’ DNA only get what your wife and you bring to the party through sperm and ova.

          1. I’ve got to step away for a bit, but do you guys know if the immune therapies like KEYTRUDA like they’ve had my wife on change DNA?

            And notice the FDA recently blocked research into a person, with docs, using their own stem cells to treat a person’s own illness.

            (FDA another agency out of control owned by everyone but the citizens)

            1. Oky1, Your wife is being administered a drug that rescues an important immune system mechanism, PD-1, (Programmed Cell Death protein). PD-1 attacks cancer. However, some cancers outmaneuver PD-1 and disable them so that they (cancer cells) can thrive. Keytruda protects PD-1 from cancer cells. Once rescued, they can do their job in eliminating cancer cells by programming their death. The medicine has nothing to do with DNA, RNA, chromosomes, cell nucleus, or anything related to inheritable traits. It strictly works on that specific immune system protein…which is an important lifesaving immune mechanism.

              I hope your wife experiences a good recovery


              1. Estorvir,

                Thank you for the basic over view of Keytruda. Life is always a learning curve. We’re about on top of 3 years in on this cancer curve, knock on wood she can set some records. Way better then the original 5 months her Fired MDA Docs gave her.

                And I like your way of stress relieve far better then mine with your exercising, my wife is on your type plan & it’s been a huge help..

                You posted months back to some research regarding some of what you where thinking about vaccines. I couldn’t read it at the time, I regret having not saved it.

                I try to listen to differing views. These two guys/crew are working an angle on immunity I’m interested in being explored, natural gut flora connection to immunity, vitamins, etc.. It maybe different then your research?

                I’m not sure how you’re hooked in or interested, but it wouldn’t be beyond me to reach out to them. Maybe save it for latter?

                Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai , Vax research, Arpil 9, 2020, 22:49 minutes


                Redeemed Dr. Andrew Wakefield, movie/Vax research/info, July 6, 2020, 46:29 minutes


        1. Thks for your response.

          This mRNA type vaccine is new to me/public & untested for long term safety/effectiveness, like most all other vaccines.

          From the sources/docs I’m hearing from are very concerned about this mRNA non vax tech injection. Many, like me, are just done all together with pharma’s vaz’s. (My Body, My Choice)

          I’m sure concerned people will be releasing more details on how they claim mRNA is changing DNA permanently. I my have the info & don’t recall which file interview I have it in. Bill Gates isn’t a Dr & Dr Fauci is despised by many of his peers & they’re calling for their arrest.

          (Life sentence is current US law for bio-weapons…. Dr Francis Boyle)

          Lots of people are hookin horns over this coming Chicom flu vax, lots of women like my wife. “Oh, it’ll be ok”. I’m like this could be a deal breaker. I say Vaxxes, Hell No! If the work people have nothing to fear from the unvaxxed.

        2. Thk you!

          I keep reading here because of the great people’s comments like yours.

          I just want to hear what people really think.

    2. I totally agree with WilliamtheResolute! And to be honest, I wish Professor Turley would have stayed out of the vaccine debate. There is so much ignorance on the pro-vaccine side because we have all been indoctrinated to believe that vaccines are always safe and efficacious, and the FDA and CDC, both of which have industry ties, are blindly trusted. The vaccines for COVID-19 are, for the most part, new technologies that have not been used in the general population. That so many would volunteer to take new technology vaccines that are being rushed to market and for which the companies have been granted indemnity proves the level of fear in our society. With regard to the idea that Africa will be devastated without a vaccine, I can understand the hesitancy on the continent. As only one of many examples of corruption, the WHO promoted in Kenya tetanus vaccines given to women and children that were laced with an infertility drug it admitted it had been developing. Unfortunately the main stream media and most social media sites censor the truth about the WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (which actually ‘grants’ money to media outlets to get positive reporting — see the foundation’s own website for a list of grants.) If the WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation truly cared about the health of the persons living in poverty around the world, they would provide nutritious food and supplements to help ramp up the immune function rather than pushing vaccines. The prescribing information pamphlets for all vaccines state that it is contraindicated to give a vaccine to a person with a compromised immune system. Malnutrition compromises the immune function; so it is likely that vaccines given to those who do not receive sufficient nutrition will be less effective because those persons will not be able to produce the required level of antibodies to ward off the disease. The pharmaceutical companies make money even if the vaccines are not effective, and so do those invested in those companies.

  4. So Prof Turley brings up one of the most important health & legal issues currently of the world.

    Did anyone learn anything new or helpful about whether vaccines are Safe? Are the Effective? Did you learn if it’s legal to deny our Civil Rights & make vaccines mandatory to travel about the USA? Mandatory to take improperly tested vaccines to go to? Are US citizens allowed to physically defend themselves against such Armed Assaults with vaccines openly admitted by Bill Gates to kill at least 700,000 people?

    Forget Farrakhan & his other baggage & focus your attention on Bill/Melinda Gates, Bill Gates dad, Dr Fauci etc., & all those they’ve already killed. IE: at one point Bill Gates dad was if not the head of Planned Parenthood or on their board.

    Anyway, these killer/injurying vaccines is to be/import issue for PT to do a drive by.

    Here’s a couple of small pieces (40 min each) of real info into the much larger issue:



  5. “Figures like Juan Williams have criticized the political use of Farrakhan and his connections to Democratic leaders as a political cudgel.”

    Which is grimly amusing because these same figures have left very few crazy people on the right un-used politically as cudgels to beat the GOP and the political right in general. Biden has yet, that I’m aware, to mention CHOP, which became a lethal experiment in handing political to both white and black extremists on the left. Black Lives Matter’s corporate sponsors have yet to speak out against the murder of two black teenagers by leftist “CHOP police”. The precipitating factor in Seattle mayor Jennie Durkan’s orders to her city’s police department to retake the territory claimed by CHOP seems not to have been those deaths, but that CHOP trashed her home.

    Unfortunately, Louis Farrakhan doesn’t seem spry enough to egg the homes of the Congressional Democratic leadership. It’d make quality YouTube viewing, if nothing else.

  6. Trump Has Repeatedly Undermined Fauci

    So Why Is This Column About Farrakhan??

    A few months back Trump was so incensed by the respect mainstream media was giving Dr Fauci, that he encouraged rightwing media to demonize the doctor. We then saw memes that featured Fauci in an S.S. uniform with a monocle in one eye.

    With regards to conspiracies and misinformation, nothing tops Trump’s promotion of Hydroxycloroquine. By now said drug has been thoroughly discredited as an effective treatment against the Coronavirus. Yet for several weeks Trump had the entire country arguing about that drug’s effectiveness while government researchers wasted crucial time conducting trials. Trump even had the Federal government stockpile huge reserves of Hydroxycloroquine. It was all a wasted effort that could have been averted had Trump only listened to Fauci.

    So I dont get why old man Farrakhan, at age 87, is the villain of the moment. However primitive Farrakhan might be, I don’t believe he wields much influence anymore.

    1. SETH– Your criticism of Trump and hydroxychloroquine is dated. A recent study has shown that when administered early and appropriately the drug significantly reduces mortality.

      Even CNN had to admit on air that the drug was shown to be effective and they have been attacking it for months.

      The results of the study were published in the July 1 issue of the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

      Here is a report from the Henry Ford Health System: https://www.henryford.com/news/2020/07/hydro-treatment-study

      This is hardly surprising because a mass of anecdotal evidence has been available for months indicating that the drug is effective. ‘Anecdotal’ is not the equivalent of ‘false’ or even ‘unverified’ as some here have argued. It means evidence acquired by observation rather than a carefully structured clinical study. Most evidence admitted in court is a type of anecdotal, first hand report.
      Basically, Trump was right and the media and ‘experts’ who attacked the drug for political reasons have deaths on their hands.

      1. It doesn’t occur to Peter that there are going to be ambiguous and contradictory findings quite normally, much less when you’re working under time pressure. (One of the debunking studies has been shown to be a fraud and the company which conducted it has evaporated).

        1. Absurd– I think you are right, he doesn’t understand how ambiguous legitimate scientific results can sometimes be. Then add politics or a lot of money and you can’t put much faith in them at all. Seth is political and suffers from intense confirmation bias so he grabs something that supports his view without looking too carefully at it.

          Much of the public treats science like magic that they cannot understand and must leave to experts. But that isn’t true. Often if you can read the reports and you can determine for yourself whether the study is likely to be reliable. A few years ago a study in a university linked lead exposure to ADHD in children. I read it and learned the lead levels were low and with no known provenance and the ADHD diagnoses were based on parents’ claims. The study was worthless on its face. I phoned the researcher and asked about it and he seemed nervous and began to equivocate on his results.

          If government grants are involved with these studies I think it might be possible to bring qui tam suits under the False Claims Act and make some money.

        2. Absurd why isnt Trump promoting the drug anymore? Why has the FDA completely dropped the drug from recommended treatments?

          1. Trump made some remarks at a news conference in reports of its experimental use. You’ve been jerking yourself off about that for months,.

            1. Absurd– Yes, I watched those press conferences and Trump only said people were having success using the drug ( true) and that the drug has been used for decades and is relatively benign ( also true) and that IF it proved successful it could be a game changer. There was nothing untoward about his statement and he was not claiming to be a medical expert. Funny though that after all the screaming and hollering he turned out to be right.

          2. Paint Chips, have the government bureaucracies been consistent and correct in their initial assessments having to do with Covid-19? The agencies in charge of our health have a dismal track record, so why are you asking such questions? How come you don’t look at the states that were supposed to be faced with NY type disaster but weren’t?

            The problem in assessing the Covid situation is that Democrats have politicized the disease so a lot of what we are reading is junk (especially from the NYTImes and the Washington Post) and you suck it down without any questions.

            I am going to post an article written about Dr. John Ioannidis’s assessment. His video’s are much better than the article. He has been quite consistent from day one to today and likely as close as anyone to being correct.

          1. Again, Peter, the NIH does comparatively little in-house research and they don’t have any clinical capacity. The research is done in a decentralized fashion by various paries.

              1. You are sounding foolish. Two things could happen outside of HCQ’s results not being known and being equivocal. HCQ works or it doesn’t

                If it doesn’t work we have a lot of the drug in stock but it is used all over the world for malaria, lupus etc. so it will be dispensed, but we still don’t have any certainty.

                If it works and it wasn’t on hand there wouldn’t be enough for the American population. Obama’s way would be for the government to buy enough for his family and friends. Trump looked out the American citizen that Obama always left out in the cold.

        1. Seth– This cite of yours is June 15th. The new study is July 1. That might explain the difference

          1. Young, that’s the FDA’s website. They essentially abandoned all recommendations of the drug.

            What are are saying happened on July 1..??

            1. “What are are (you) saying happened on July 1..??”


              I told you above and gave you a citation to the clinic’s report on the study. Read what I said before telling me it is all wrong.


        Researchers not involved with the study were critical. They noted that the Henry Ford team did not randomly treat patients but selected them for various treatments based on certain criteria.

        “As the Henry Ford Health System became more experienced in treating patients with COVID-19, survival may have improved, regardless of the use of specific therapies,” Dr. Todd Lee of the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada, and colleagues wrote in a commentary in the same journal.
        “Finally, concomitant steroid use in patients receiving hydroxychloroquine was more than double the non-treated group. This is relevant considering the recent RECOVERY trial that showed a mortality benefit with dexamethasone.” The steroid dexamethasone can reduce inflammation in seriously ill patients.

        The Henry Ford team wrote that 82% of their patients received hydroxychloroquine within the first 24 hours of admission, and 91% within the first 48 hours of admission.

        They wrote that in comparison, a study of patients at 25 New York hospitals started taking the drug “at any time during their hospitalization.”
        But patients in that New York study, published in May in the Journal of the American Medical Association, started taking hydroxychloroquine on average one day after being hospitalized.

        “Maybe there’s a little bit of a difference, but it’s not like patients in New York were being started on day seven. That’s not what happened,” said Eli Rosenberg, lead author of the New York study and an associate professor of epidemiology at the University at Albany School of Public Health.

        Rosenberg also pointed out that the Detroit paper excluded 267 patients — nearly 10% of the study population — who had not yet been discharged from the hospital.

        He said this might have skewed the results to make hydroxychloroquine look better than it really was. Those patients might have still been in the hospital because they were very sick, and if they died, excluding them from the study made hydroxychloroquine look like more of a lifesaver than it really was.
        “There’s a little bit of loosey-goosiness here in all this,” he told CNN.

        Both the Detroit and New York studies were observational: they looked back at how patients did when doctors prescribed hydroxychloroquine.
        While helpful, observational studies are not as valuable as controlled clinical trials. Considered the gold standard in medicine, patients in a clinical trial are randomly assigned to take either the drug or a placebo, which is a treatment that does nothing. Doctors then follow the patients to see how they fare.
        Two clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19, one in the US and one in the UK, were stopped early because their data suggested hydroxychloroquine wasn’t helpful.

        The US trial, run by the National Institutes of Health, enrolled more than 470 patients.

        The UK trial, run by the University of Oxford, enrolled more than 11,000 patients.

        “We have concluded that there is no beneficial effect of hydroxychloroquine in patients hospitalized with COVID-19,” the Oxford doctors concluded.

        But a White House official praised the Henry Ford team’s study. Peter Navarro, the White House trade adviser, said the study shows hydroxychloroquine works if given early enough.

        Edited From: “Study Finds Hydrooxychloroquine May Have Boosted Survival. But Other Researchers Have Doubts”

        CNN, 7/3/20

          1. “Ford Study is being greeted with skepticism by Michigan health officials ”

            I’m not sure but isn’t Michigan one of the states that had very high death rates in nursing homes? If so then maybe those Michigan health officials shouldn’t be listened to at all.

            I take note that a lot of people that think like you think Cuomo was great but where Covid was concerned he might with the governor’s prize for the most foolish and inept governor of all 50 states. He’s a Democrat as well.

            1. Good point. I think Michigan did have a high mortality rate in their nursing homes. They would not be glad of a study that showed they could have saved lives with a drug they were failing to use because of political posturing. I think politicians who sent infected patients into nursing homes at a time it was known that it would cost lives should be prosecuted.

        1. “Researchers not involved with the study were critical.”


          The value of their opinions is measured in the ‘not involved’ factor.

        2. One questions all studies. Tell us which study shows another drug’s superiority. Multiple drugs are being used at the same time with different time frames in different patients. The variables are great so making such a decision is extremely difficult. However, one cannot sit on their hands. This study like others provides more insight. Your responses are partisan and that is not much use in research.

          I forget the name of the book but it discussed the search for a cure for leukemia (I think it was written by the lead researcher). The search for a Covid cure doesn’t seem to be as organized. There were multiple hospitals involved and different protocols for treatment would be given to different centers. They would discuss the results at frequent intervals constantly changing the protocols attempting to increase life span with each change. They were successful but it involved a lot of coordination between different physicians at various centers.

    2. “nothing tops Trump’s promotion of Hydroxycloroquine. ”

      Paint Chips, why are you wrong all the time?

      Can you tell us a couple of the major things you have been right about over the past year?

          1. Seth– This of yours is dated June 20. The new study I cited came out July 1. New information is possibly more relevant. Even CNN has grudgingly caved on this issue; you should too.

              1. It looks like a clerk’s update and makes no mention of the new study published on THE SAME DAY. Probably not even aware of the new study when this was released, likely drafted a day or two before. You have a death grip on this issue. Let go.

                  1. WHO told us we had nothing to fear from the Wuhan Virus. Their credibility is lower than the National Enquirer or, worse, the New York Times.

                    1. Young – Hey, don’t knock the National Enquirer. That’s where I get my news of Nessie.

                    2. True– And the National Enquirer did good work on John Edwards when all the other media were covering theirs eyes and mouths.

                  2. “I would easily have found updates on that.”


                    It was five days ago with a weekend and holiday intervening; rational updates would take longer.

                    Besides, you have had trouble looking things up before. I usually don’t bother, but I think Allan has helped you. Don’t know why.

                  3. The FDA is a slow moving creature. Likely they will ignore making any changes unless confirmation studies come in in sufficient numbers. By that time most of the nation will have changed.

        1. The FDA has been a stew of bureaucratic stupidity throughout this. Your point.?

          1. Absurd, what is ‘your’ point???

            You think we should trust Donald Trump over the FDA..?? I’m not sure’ why’. Makes no sense to me.

          2. Absurd– I am getting the impression Seth is being fed citations to support a preset thesis and he keeps pumping them out despite new evidence to the contrary. It is really very odd that I give him a citation to new research published July 1 and he counters again and again with dated material that could not possibly bear on the most recent study. I have never seen anything quite like this. He is going so fast I am not sure he is aware that his citations are not relevant. Did you notice how long this went on before he asked what happened on July 1? Very strange. If he is a shill the shill handlers aren’t up to snuff today.

              1. Honest– You are right. Think I will give up on him. I am not sure whether he has an impaired ability to understand or if he is just sitting in a cubicle with orders never to let go of this narrative. Something strange, though.

                1. Young,
                  Shill earned the name Paint Chips, because he doesn’t appear to have a functioning left-half of his brain. You’d have better luck reasoning with your family pet.

        2. “The agency determined that the legal criteria for issuing an EUA are no longer met. ”

          The FDA and CDC have their opinions, but when the sh1t hit the fan how should one rate how well this entire bureaucracy did? Lousy! They followed the WHO… Wrong, They said no masks then masks and then waffled all over the place. They didn’t advocate shutting down travel, They didn’t know their testing wouldn’t work. Their rules prevented private researchers from picking up the disease before they knew it was coming. Their rules prevented private labs from creating tests for widespread use and put us behind by at least a month. They didn’t monitor PPE adequately etc. They also helpd fund the lab in Wuhan without appropriate assessment. All in all our bureaucracy did a lousy job and you want to trust them now?

          It was not just the bureaucracy but the media as well. They did a lousy job by pushing politics ahead of the safety of the nation. They gave Cuomo high marks while he virtually killed thousands of seniors. They heightened the fear where it wasn’t justified. Those pictures of the hospitals in NY that were bursting at the seams were the same hospitals over and over again. They pictured Elmhurst but you could look at Elmhurst any year during any flu season and it always is a zoo. They didn’t do their job of assessing the actions of Cuomo who wasn’t even bothering to reach out to hospitals in his state for ventillators. I’m going to stop there because the response by our health agencies, main stream media and most Democrats that played the Covid political game was atrocious.

          1. Allan– Unfortunately the experts and agencies like the CDC have lost some of their persuasive authority. At times their performance has even been dismal. The CDC has one big job and they have politicized and diverted into crap like playground safety and politics. Several departments need elimination and staff focused on diseases and nothing else and scientists hired without social workers or diversity experts. Disease, disease, and disease again. Nothing else. No affirmative action hiring. We can’t afford it. Competency and nothing else.

            1. One can go back to AID’s. I think they and the rest of our bureaucracies failed there as well. I think one lowly clerk in the bureaucracy helped to figure things out. He noted that a rarely used drug, therefore stockpiled in a government facility, was being requested with tremendous frequency. He paid attention. Did our CIA pay attention when China was buying up masks and other PPE from around the world? No. The CIA was too busy playing political games and they were looking at the President instead of China.

              I am not trying to say that Fauci isn’t a knowledgeable M.D. but what makes one think that he is the most knowledgeable? How come he has been there so long? Is he really a physcian that is dealing day to day with diseases that spread or is he a bureaucrat?

              1. Yes, the bureaucracies failed with AIDS too. I expect some failures. If they aren’t collecting failures they aren’t working hard enough. What disturbs me is their political nonsense, such as insisting that everyone was at risk of getting aids when it was clear that it was the gay community and drug users who were most vulnerable. I think they were too slow to protect the blood supply too. Somewhere there was talk of letting gays contribute blood again because of discrimination or something. Putting appearances ahead of an actual medical risk is frankly stupid. We have seen the same thing recently when everyone had to maintain social distance, which I do, but mysteriously BLM mobs posed no risk of infection according to ‘studies’ and politicians. Of course the mobs did increase transmission risk. It’s a shock, but we can’t trust our government and we need to parse agency claims more carefully. They aren’t as good as they said they were.

              2. I am not trying to say that Fauci isn’t a knowledgeable M.D. but what makes one think that he is the most knowledgeable?


                I don’t think he has to be the most knowledgeable to do his job. Mostly I have been impressed with Fauci, even when he appears to disagree with Trump. We are better served if he reaches a considered opinion and defends it. Nor am I troubled that he has not always been right. This is a chaotic situation that requires adjustments to new conditions. It is like landing a plane. You can see where you want to go but wind and temperature and traffic conditions are subject to change and you make adjustments to stay on course and land properly. If Fauci were always right about everything I would suspect he is being too careful protecting his reputation at the expense of engaging rapidly with changing conditions.

                1. Fauci is an orthodox low risk physician with his mind only looking at the outcomes. I think he missed the boat with regard to the numbers and risks. He has to be counterbalanced by the economic view and loads of other views. All the views have to be integrated and that is the job of the President’s or his delegate. Considering the political maneuvering of the Democrats I think Trump did a pretty good job though not perfect. I think politics caused us to damage the economy more than necessary. That damage will likely cause us more harm in the long run.

                  1. Allan– Yes, I agree that politics caused us to damage the economy more than necessary. But I won’t be too critical of policies that in hindsight look unfortunate but at the time seemed necessary to save lives. I Also agree that Fauci’s opinion while valuable has to be counterbalanced by other views and other risks. Trump is responsible for trying to see the bigger view from the parts his experts give him and it is he who has the responsibility to make the final decision. It is not disloyal for someone to give him an opinion at odds with his position. It is disloyal to pretend to agree when you don’t and surely is disloyal to go public in an attempt to undermine his policy.

                    1. Young, by 2-4 weeks of lockdown I think we had an idea of the direction things were going. Even today some states are slow to reopen because IMO they want to damage the economy for political reasons. It was said that AOC said such a thing on Twitter. I think we should have encouraged masks even in the form of bandana’s solely to slow down the distance the virus could travel from one’s mouth. Instead of locking down the entire country I think isolating the elderly and sick should have been the main thrust. We saw early on that it was the elderly and sick that were dying in the greatest numbers.

                      The death rate isn’t that high for a virulent viral disease. Consider the annual death rate from drug overdoses alone ~70,000 and likely increasing, drunk driving ~30,000, suicide ? but quite high and on the rise. Get rid of the overcounting of deaths, deaths of the elderly and sick along with the deaths in metropolitan NY and how many deaths are there for the remainder of the country?

                    2. The virus seems to have mutated to a more infectious but less dangerous variant causing infections to increase while the death rate goes down. One item I read said the virus had properties that made it more infectious, but added to that if it is producing less serious disease a lot of people will interact with others thinking they only have a cold and don’t need to quarantine. Someone said that by now almost everyone will know someone who has been infected with it. I am friends with two who have been infected but neither with a particularly serious symptoms.

    3. Your TDS is showing…it’s not like the good old days when HRC, the Kenyan and Big Mike ran the criminal empire is it…memories.

    4. “By now said drug has been thoroughly discredited as an effective treatment against the Coronavirus.”

      You don’t know what you’re talking about and are simply repeating the same garbage being spewed by the MSM. HCQ when used with zinc sulfate has been shown to be over 90% effective in treating “the virus”. All the so-called “studies” that people like you hang your hat on conveniently left out the zinc part of the treatment which is a key component. Do some actual research next time before you regurgitate the MSM talking points. I know that’s tough but you can do it.

    5. A recent peer-reviewed study published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases has shown that hydroxychloroquine is effective as treatment for Covid-19. Previously published tests have been poorly designed, perhaps purposely, to yield bad results for the drug. From the earliest anecdotal reports, the drug has been claimed to be effective when administered as early as possible after infection or onset of symptoms, and by far, the best results are obtained when administered in conjunction with zinc supplement and even better when the antibiotic azithromycin is concurrently administered. Other research has shown that hydroxychloroquine has shown prophylactic efficacy against Covid-19, which has been shown in the cases of patients of certain autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis who are administered daily doses of hydroxychloroquine—such patients show resistance to the virus that causes Covid-19. It is postulated that the cheap drug hydroxychloroquine, which is no longer protected by patent, has been “discriminated” against by health professionals who are influenced by pharmaceutical manufacturers who prefer to market newly developed drugs that are patent-protected and extremely profitable. Previously published studies only used hydroxychloroquine without zinc or azithromycin, and administered the drug to late-term patients who were seriously ill and facing death, and unsurprisingly showed no positive effect. If used properly as soon as possible in the course of the disease (or even prophylactically), hydroxychloroquine is effective. Please find something else to criticize Trump for, there are many other valid reasons.

  7. This attitude is not unusual. Remember when AIDS was said to be a white plot to wipe out black people? What better way than to design a disease that hits heavily on groups that are sexually promiscuous and heavily involved in drugs. I guess that was their rationale. It was nonsense of course.

    In South Africa for awhile, maybe still now, the retroviral drugs now used to control AIDS virus were condemned as part of a white plot to destroy black people. Traditional tribal remedies were the only thing allowed and several white medical volunteers were arrested for using retrovirals to treat patients, successfully, in their South African clinic. The other remedy the natives hit upon to cure AIDS was to rape female infants. I don’t know why that was supposed to work.

    In America one can sometimes find hand-wringing articles about the racial disparity in medical care. White man’s fault, of course. Possibly that exists to some extent, being poor limits one’s options regardless of race, but it is not quite the problem described. A friend of ours of Indian descent is a doctor who worked for many years in an urban clinic providing free health care mostly to blacks. The biggest and most frustrating problem she encountered daily was patient noncompliance. They are given medications with instructions to use them and they often simply do not comply with the lesson plan. That has an impact on the patient outcome which, of course, is white man’s fault although in this case it is the Indian’s fault. Noncompliance is particularly a problem with diabetic patients and it is no secret that diabetes is a big problem in the black community [white man’s fault, of course] and it can be treated successfully but only with fairly strict patient compliance and discipline which patients in these communities do not bring to the table [white man’s fault].

    The other thing that my friend told me that may not bear on outcome, was the intense sense of entitlement these patients receiving free medical care had. They were often demanding, abusive, and sometimes threatening. She finally had enough and went to work in a different field. Wonderful, compassionate doctor though. I would have quit in the first week.

    1. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in March the day my state shut down. They told me I can manage it with diet and exercise along with a little insulin and metformin. I’m done with the insulin in a couple weeks when the pen runs out and will switch to something else. My long term number dropped more than 1/3 in 2 1/2 mos and my plan is to continue with diet and exercise to stop the diabetes altogether. I walk and while I’ve only lost 20 lbs, I’ve gone down 3 sizes and my current set of clothes are getting big.

      It’s frustrating and annoying but the longer I restrict myself to mostly the good things the easier it will be to get off the meds

      1. Nan– I am not a doctor but I am close to one who is an expert in diabetic treatment and I have picked up some things. You are doing exactly the right things and I bet it is helping. Maintaining is a burden and keeping up the discipline is hard when you realize you must always be aware and up to it. The consequences of uncontrolled diabetes are terrible. One friend who had diabetes developed prostate cancer and lost weight. The weight loss cured his diabetes though the cancer (unrelated to diabetes) did end his life. Still, I was struck by how effective losing weight was when done before the condition goes too far. Another friend, a surgeon, has Type I diabetes and when we were out on the town in New York I was amazed how careful and disciplined he was in monitoring and controlling sugar levels. Control became a part of his life style. He kept it up and is still a successful surgeon and doing well. Good luck to you and thanks for making me think I should lose a few pounds.

      2. Congratulations so far Nan on your efforts to lose weight. For me I decided to lose excess weight once and for all and it was not easy but it was the only method I found that worked. I fasted every day, not eating until around 2:30 p.m. and then only about a half-meal. I had a normal sized meal later in the evening. I’ve always tried to eat organic food and never, ever processed. I make nearly everything from scratch. Furthermore I cut out all grains, beans, rice, bread, restaurant food, salt, sugar, had very limited carb intensives such as potatoes and yams, and focused on vegetables and protein such as eggs and seafood. I prefer the pescetarian diet but being married to someone who isn’t tends to limit this. My protein portion usually does not exceed about seven ounces. My activity level did not change.

        At first I had overwhelming cravings for food, especially carbs. Probably between the first three weeks and the sixth was the worst. For some reason drinking black coffee helped. Then it began to subside. The amount of food I needed to feel satiated reduced significantly. And that was a big plus since the first half of my life I ate twice as much as average, and gained no weight then. So it was difficult to reduce my habit and portion sizes. The weight seemed to drop off in stages. It would drop 8 to 10 pounds, then waver a bit up and down but the amplitude of the change lessened and its median dropped in steps. After six months I lost forty pounds, dropping my BMI to 22.5, the lowest it’s been since 1991. It wasn’t a fun diet but it worked. I don’t think now I need to be as draconian as I was in the past, but I suspect that if I maintain the basic plan I should be fine. Again, this is what worked for me. I don’t know how such a habit works for a person having diabetes or if it is indicated, but I just thought I would share. Keep up the good work though.

        1. Sounds like you have a successful weight program coupled with the discipline. I need to do something like it.

          Whatever happened to the Washington State suit to compel schools to open because of the state constitutional requirement? For reasons I gave some while back I didn’t think it would succeed, but few legal outcomes are certain.

          I googled it but could only find an old article saying it had been filed.

          1. The last I read was a couple weeks ago. Then it was essentially in a holding pattern with the government essentially dragging its feet. A similar lawsuit filed in Eastern Washington resulted in the AG’s office trying to move the trial to Thurston County, where the state capitol is situated. Then it ping-ponged back to the original court. I suspect what is going on is the government is trying to run out the clock until the governor’s office lessens the covid restrictions and will hope the plaintiffs simply go away.

            1. Thanks, it is an interesting legal issue, fun to watch. It does sound as if the government is trying to run out the clock. Please post in the future if there is an actual decision either way. I would like to see how it is handled.

              Another issue, the Washington Constitution provides for a jury trial in most civil cases. The administrative agencies are able to impose financial penalties and dodge the jury requirement. It is as if the governor simply decided you owe money, declared it, and then set out to collect. I have thought for awhile that these administrative detours are not supported by fundamental law and Hambuger’s study, “Is Administrative Law Unlawful” only strengthened my view. State constitutional law can lead to interesting legal questions. This is another I would like to see in court. Unfortunately, most challenges take a conventional route inside the administrative law system rather than attacking the whole edifice from the outside using fundamental law.

              1. Young,

                In your second paragraph you bring up a very substantial underlying issue with the government of WA state, that goes back decades. The state has been increasingly predisposed in bringging the administrative process to use against citizens and businesses. The elbow in the hockey stick, so to speak, in this increase came in the last few months using the covid rubric. Here is a brief primer.

                The trend began with the decriminalization of basic and minor traffic violations back in the late 1970s (I believe it was then), changing them instead from misdemeanors for speeding to “traffic infractions” that are civil in nature. One could no longer go to jail for failure to stop at a stop sign but could be fined and have license sanctions. Still the basic court procedure remained essentially the same with a right to a hearing, etc but no jury was permitted with infractions. What happened though was recidivist traffic violators began to fail to appear or pay their fine and racked up dozens of “FTAs”. The legislature then made it a criminal offense to drive having two or more FTAs on file. That law changed and the legislature then had the department of licensing immediately suspend their driver’s license if they FTA’ed. That way they could use the driver’s license as a “vehicle” to elicit a criminal charge against a defendant. Soon the legislature began finding novel ways to deal with other pariahs in society such as suspending the driver’s licenses of deadbeat parents. I do not see a nexus between safe driving propensity and not paying child support, but it was a convenient tool to use a license as an element to make a criminal case out of something that was usually civil in nature. Of course the legislature extended it to business licenses, such as requiring nearly every profession under the sun to be licensed, and then using that license against the person if the behave in a manner the government doesn’t like. And the fine for license violations are draconian. The state is using administrative law to punish people and businesses that violate the governor’s covid orders, and that is entirely because there is resistance from local law enforcement due to in some cases political disagreement with the orders, but it is also because locally there are booking restrictions in place where police are not arresting people on status offenses or most misdemeanors because of the gov’t’s covid issues with local jails. Privately, most cops that I know in rural areas have a very low opinion of the governor and basically “will be damned if [they] arrest anyone because Inslee says so.” Plus, the government risks a very embarassing jury nullification if they make criminal charges against a citizen who refuses to wear a mask or other insubordinate act. And that’s assuming they make it past an elected prosecutor who has charging authority during an election year.

                I’ve seen cases where the Department of Labor and Industries enforces what I believe to be excessive fines against contractors, fines that are actually well above what they would be had the case been instead a criminal case, the defendant would have 8th Amendment protections. One example was the case of a roofer who used improper technique and fell from a roof to his injury. The company was fined $50,000 by L&I. Had the owner of the company assaulted the person off duty as a criminal would have, the superior court could only levy a Class C felony with a fine of $10,000 max. Plus, L&I is known to heavily target certain industries more than others. I think this case is ripe for the fight. But I don’t follow this extensively so who knows how such a case would fare.

                I could go on, but you get the point. I see the abuses that WA uses with regard to the administrative state, Inslee surely made it worse than ever. He delegated his emergency proclamation and power ability to the bureaucracy and now agency heads make sweeping restrictions against ordinary citizens with no consultation with the legislature or the people. That is a gross violation of liberty in my view and I am convinced the State Supreme Court will eventually slap the governor down for that one, if it goes that far. But the legislature here has shown nothing but cowardice or blind support for the governor under this covid excuse and has essentially established itself as being irrelevant. But for those people here who don’t value their freedom or civil rights, I hate to say it but they deserve to be treated like cattle and sheep. It would do them some good to lose what they do not appreciate. Sometimes we don’t know what we have until we’ve lost it.

                1. The administrative state sounds entirely out of rational control in Washington State and I know it is in some other states as well as in the federal government. The Clean Water Act has led to extraordinary abuse of private citizens that a few times have been rolled back by the Supreme Court, but then only after years of delays [exhausting remedies which means exhausting time and money] and loss. Many who have been treated badly can’t afford the legal challenge and just bow their heads and accept the yoke.

                  I first became aware of the problem decades ago when I had a client who received a bill from the state for support for his wife. What seemed wrong was that there was no possible way for the issue to be disputed before an impartial tribunal. All of it was levied administratively. Of course, one can appeal an administrative decision to a real court, but that appeal is only on the record established in administrative proceedings below. There is no opportunity to get the issue before an impartial judge and jury despite a state constitutional provision that granted the right to a jury in civil disputes. I wanted to challenge the entire structure. In fact I happened to have lunch in the same room where a couple of Assistant AGs were having their lunch and we were on good terms. I told them I would likely see them when I challenged the legitimacy of the administrative procedures themselves. They laughed, as I would have done if in their place, then I explained the legal basis I had in mind for making the challenge. They weren’t laughing any more. Unfortunately, for personal reasons I moved to another state before I could really do it. I still regret not making the effort. When Hamburger’s book on the legality of administrative law came out I was a very receptive reader even though years late for me.

                  In the test of litigation I could quite likely be shown to be in error, might discover it myself on the way to doing real preparation, but I had several things in mind and have added one with the Covid tyranny.

                  First the Covid abuse of power. I do not doubt that some strong restrictions are legal. Professor Turley commented on that and the history of law supports his view insofar as I have looked at it, which is to a limited degree. However, Governor Inslee and his dictatorial agencies [and those in other states] appear to have gone far overboard in the sheer joy in exercising unlimited power over their subjects. But it is not unlimited and the people are not their subjects. Almost all of the power they claim derives from the police power. Years ago in a prosecutor’s office I spent a little time on it and came to appreciate that it is actually rather limited. For example, the old text example was that a city couldn’t outlaw checkered pants because the rule would have no justification under the police power which is the right to act for the health, morals, safety and welfare of the people. Outlawing checkered pants could have no possible relationship to anything allowed by the police power. More recently it occurred to me that Santa Barbara’s prohibition on plastic straws was also beyond the scope of any reasonable regulation under the police power. It did nothing for the climate or the sea on anything that touched on the health safety and welfare of the people. People and companies should start challenging the claimed right of government to control everything when that right does not exist. People, and many lawyers, have forgotten that there is law that limits the police power and the state’s efforts to regulate every insane thing that some bureaucrat can think of between donut breaks.

                  Administrative power is executive power. Usually it is delegated executive power. Oddly, in the administrative state the further down the delegation goes the more the power grows. Normally a delegation of an authority is less than the whole and normally one can not delegate more power than one has. That is what struck me about the case long ago. If the principal executive authority in a state, usually the governor, had simply ordered my client to pay a certain sum of money and proceeded to collect it without a fair judicial hearing or a jury as guaranteed by the state constitution we would [or should] recognize it at once as an atrocious and illegal abuse of power. The governor can’t walk around dubbing people with debts on his own. However, when the same executive power is dressed up as an administrative agency we suddenly forget what limits there are on executive authority. I think there is room for a challenge there.

                  Reinterpretation of actual legislative authority is an abuse that has gotten entirely out of hand, particularly with the federal government but also state governments. It gives far too much genuine legislative authority to the executive. The governor can’t simply pull laws out of his rear and if he can’t do it then subordinate executive agencies do not have that legislative authority.

                  The abusive L&E fines you have described seem subject to challenge as arbitrary and capricious and excessive, unfortunately, I can’t do better on that just now. I haven’t had call to address that issue. If I did, I would try to make the agency go through hell on each case even if the case was doomed. In another state I assisted a friend who was subjected to a workers’ comp claim. I told him to get a lawyer who specializes in that area of law and he did. After a hearing he lost and was quite upset. I told him I would help him with the appeal and while he wouldn’t win I would guarantee that I would at least piss them off and gain him some time. He liked both ideas. When I got his lawyer’s brief, the transcript, the claimant’s brief, and the judge’s decision it all looked very well done and I thought, as I told him at first, he didn’t have a chance. Then I read it. All of it was crap, even the administrative judge’s judgment. All three lawyers were only going through the motions and cutting and pasting from cases they had done over the years. All of them missed a supreme court case that was exactly on point and supported my friend. I was a little ashamed of the profession for the work those people did. It came out all right for my friend. Sometimes fighting when you don’t think you have a chance turns out okay. And, boy, did I ever piss them off when I ridiculed their work in my friend’s brief. Another promise kept.

                  Rather a long response, but it is a relief to see that someone else recognizes the dangers to our country and our liberty in the abuses being perpetrated using administrative law as a tool. Don’t respond. I don’t want to see people have an excuse to attack you.


  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QvPx_kHQmE

    Lincoln’s Fear of ‘Race War’

    “A short time before his death on April 15, 1865, Lincoln met with General Benjamin F. Butler, who reported that the President spoke to him of “exporting” the Blacks.107

    “But what shall we do with the negroes after they are free?,” Lincoln said. “I can hardly believe that the South and North can live in peace, unless we can get rid of the negroes … I believe that it would be better to export them all to some fertile country with a good climate, which they could have to themselves.” Along with a request to Butler to look into the question of how best to use “our very large navy” to send “the blacks away,” the President laid bare his fears for the future:

    ‘If these black soldiers of ours go back to the South, I am afraid that they will be but little better off with their masters than they were before, and yet they will be free men. I fear a race war, and it will be at least a guerilla war because we have taught these men how to fight … There are plenty of men in the North who will furnish the negroes with arms if there is any oppression of them by their late masters.’

    “To his dying day, it appears, Lincoln did not believe that harmony between White and Black was feasible, and viewed resettlement of the Blacks as the preferable alternative to race conflict. ” … Although Lincoln believed in the destruction of slavery,” concludes Black historian Charles Wesley (in an article in The Journal of Negro History), “he desired the complete separation of the whites and blacks. Throughout his political career, Lincoln persisted in believing in the colonization of the Negro.”108

    “Frederick Douglass, a gifted African American writer and activist who knew Lincoln, characterized him in a speech delivered in 1876:109

    ‘In his interest, in his association, in his habits of thought, and in his prejudices, he was a white man. He was preeminently the white man’s President, entirely devoted to the welfare of the white man. He was ready and willing at any time during the first years of his administration to deny, postpone, and sacrifice the rights of humanity in the colored people, to promote the welfare of the white people of this country.’

    “Allan Nevins, one of this century’s most prolific and acclaimed historians of US history, summed up Lincoln’s view of the complex issue of race, and his vision of America’s future:110

    ‘His conception ran beyond the mere liberation of four million colored folk; it implied a far-reaching alteration of American society, industry, and government. A gradual planned emancipation, a concomitant transportation of hundreds of thousands and perhaps even millions of people overseas, a careful governmental nursing of the new colonies, and a payment of unprecedented sums to the section thus deprived of its old labor supply — this scheme carried unprecedented implications.’

    “To put this into effect would immensely increase the power of the national government and widen its abilities. If even partially practicable, it would mean a long step toward rendering the American people homogeneous in color and race, a rapid stimulation of immigration to replace the workers exported, a greater world position for the republic, and a pervasive change in popular outlook and ideas. The attempt would do more to convert the unorganized country into an organized nation than anything yet planned. Impossible, and undesirable even if possible? — probably; but Lincoln continued to hold to his vision.

    “For most Americans today, Lincoln’s plan to “solve” America’s vexing racial problem by resettling the Blacks in a foreign country probably seems bizarre and utterly impractical, if not outrageous and cruel. At the same time, though, and particularly when considered in the context of the terrible Civil War that cost so many lives, it is worth pondering just why and how such a far-fetched plan was ever able to win the support of a leader of the stature and wisdom of Abraham Lincoln.”

    Congress Votes Funds for Resettlement

    “In 1860, the 3,185 slaves in the District of Columbia were owned by just two percent of the District’s residents. In April 1862, Lincoln arranged to have a bill introduced in Congress that would compensate District slave-holders an average of $300 for each slave. An additional $100,000 was appropriated 55

    ‘to be expended under the direction of the President of the United States, to aid in the colonization and settlement of such free persons of African descent now residing in said District, including those to be liberated by this act, as may desire to emigrate to the Republic of Haiti or Liberia, or such other country beyond the limits of the United States as the President may determine.’

    “When he signed the bill into law on April 16, Lincoln stated: “I am gratified that the two principles of compensation, and colonization, are both recognized, and practically applied in the act.”56

    “Two months later, as part of the (second) Confiscation Act of July 1862, Congress appropriated an additional half-million dollars for the President’s use in resettling Blacks who came under Union military control. Rejecting criticism from prominent “radicals” such as Senator Charles Sumner, most Senators and Representatives expressed support for the bold project in a joint resolution declaring57

    ‘that the President is hereby authorized to make provision for the transportation, colonization and settlement in some tropical country beyond the limits of the United States, of such persons of African race, made free by the provisions of this act, as may be willing to emigrate …’

    “Lincoln now had Congressional authority and $600,000 in authorized funds to proceed with his plan for resettlement.”

    – Robert Morgan

      1. Lincoln’s Fear of ‘Race War’

        “A short time before his death on April 15, 1865, Lincoln met with General Benjamin F. Butler, who reported that the President spoke to him of “exporting” the Blacks.107

        – Robert Morgan

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  9. There is a telling sign of perverse authenticity displayed in the uniform of the man behind Farrakhan. The the coat is blue with five gold bands at the bottom, topped with five gold stars. This would make the man a Five Star General Grand Admiral. One wonders if Farrakhan realizes how phony he is usurping colonialist symbols, in such a lap dog fashion. Trump’s a lot like that with the parades, Mr. Rushmore routine, and soon the Garden of Delights.

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