“Don’t Let Them Vaccinate You”: Farrakhan Warns Africans That Dr. Fauci Is Trying To Kill Them

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It is bad enough when you become a political rally cry for the right as a man trying to destroy our economy or instill fear into the nation.  Now, Dr. Anthony Fauci is being called a mass murderer who, with the cabal of Bill and Melinda Gates, are seeking to “depopulate the Earth.” That is hardly the most deranged thing that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, 87, has uttered, but it may be the most dangerous. Farrakhan is encouraging people to refuse vaccinations, a problem that is already causing world health leaders concerns in Africa.  This is viewed as the new “epicenter” for the pandemic with Africans facing a threat with the need to protect hundreds of millions of Africans.  Health officials will need their cooperation but they have now heard from Farrakhan who has declared that, if they want to live, “Do not take their medication.”

In this Fourth of July remarks, Farrakhan declared that

“They’re making money now, plotting to give seven billion, five-hundred million people a vaccination. Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and Melinda — you want to depopulate the Earth. What the hell gave you that right? Who are you to sit down with your billion to talk about who can live, and who should die?

… I say to my brothers and sisters in Africa, if they come up with a vaccine, be careful. Don’t let them vaccinate you with their history of treachery through vaccines, through medication.” 

He added “That’s why your world is coming to an end quickly, because you have sentenced billions to death, but God is now sentencing you to the death that you are sentencing to others.”

This could not come at a worst time for Africa which could face a devastating loss of life from this pandemic if officials cannot get cooperation in accepting the developing vaccines.

I grew up in Chicago and watched local and national figures avoid direct confrontations with Farrakhan throughout the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s despite his hateful views. Years of enabling this virulent anti-Semite has allowed him to foster a worldwide following. Now, he is combining his signature conspiracy theories to a world pandemic in a way that could cost millions of lives.  Farrakhan has flourished due to mixed signals from leaders, including appearances with him by leaders like current Minnesota Attorney General (and former Democratic National Committee leader) Keith Ellison. (After anti-Semitic comments in 2018, some of these figures did publicly criticize Farrakhan). Figures like the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson have repeatedly appeared with this race-baiting maniac. Indeed, the failure to denounce Farrakhan was previously an attack by Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama.  Yet, both Bill and Hillary Clinton were criticized for appearing at a funeral with Farrakhan.

In truth, few of these leaders can be fairly criticized as supporting Farrakhan’s views and many have criticized such comments.  Indeed, his support is hardly helpful for most politicians, including his statement that he likes what he sees in Donald Trump.  However, he still seems to linger on the edges of our politics and still has defenders among influential figures.  Most recently, CNN’s Jake Tapper was told by actor Ice Cube to “Watch your mouth Jake” after Tapper tweeted that “Farrakhan is a vile anti-LGBTQ anti-Semitic misogynist. Why is a Fox channel airing his propaganda?” Other influential figures have defended Farrakhan.

Figures like Juan Williams have criticized the political use of Farrakhan and his connections to Democratic leaders as a political cudgel.  He correctly points out that many leaders did denounce Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic comments. However, it is also true that Farrakhan is dismissed as a fringe figure when he clearly holds sway with millions of people.  While it is true that he should not be used to unfairly paint others as a sympathizers, he has highlighted his association with many leaders and it is important for society as a whole to continue to denounce his hateful and unhinged rhetoric.

856px-Anthony_S._Fauci,_M.D.,_NIAID_Director_(26759498706)Claiming that Dr. Fauci is the secret leader of a global genocide conspiracy would ordinarily be comical if it were not for the fact that millions of Africans could die from this advice.  Farrakhan is taken seriously by many around the world, even in denouncing Bill and Melinda Gates who have spent fortunes on health and development projects in Africa.

Farrakhan is no joke.  He is not a clown.  His rhetoric has always been dangerous and requires continuing outcry from across our political spectrum. What he is now declaring in Africa is a real threat to the very existence of African communities and culture as they face a horrific pandemic spread.

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  1. Trump’s Ridiculous Claim That 99% Of Virus Cases Are Harmless

    President Trump dismissed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States over the weekend, downplaying the impact of the disease and saying that while the testing of tens of millions of American had identified many cases, “99 percent” of them were “totally harmless.”

    His remarks about a virus that has already claimed nearly 130,000 lives were perplexing. The coronavirus is surging across the Sunbelt states and has rebounded in California. At least 2.8 million Americans are known to be infected, and public health officials have said the real number of infections may be 10 times higher.

    Likewise, testing — there were no tests for a new virus, but now we have tested over 40 million people. But by so doing, we show cases, 99 percent of which are totally harmless. Results that no other country will show, because no other country has testing that we have — not in terms of the numbers or in terms of the quality.

    False. No matter how you define harmless, most public health experts and respected coronavirus disease models would flatly contradict Mr. Trump’s assessment.

    Calculating the toll of a rapidly moving pandemic while it is still raging is a Sisyphean feat, with outbreaks popping up in different parts of the country, even as improvements in care and new therapies curb mortality rates.

    Experts say the president appears to have seized only on a death rate estimate of 1 percent or less that does not capture the entire impact of the disease, and excludes a multitude of thousands who have spent weeks in the hospital or weeks at home with mild to moderate symptoms that still caused debilitating health problems.

    That death rate is narrowly focused on the number of people who die as a percentage of the total number of people affected — including those who are asymptomatic and do not experience any illness, and those with mild cases, who experience fleeting symptoms.

    A crude calculation of the U.S. death rate, based on the total number of deaths officially attributed to the virus and the number of cases diagnosed through testing, suggests the mortality rate is higher, with 4.5 percent of those infected dying. But many experts agree that this rate is very likely inflated, because the denominator at this point in time has missed so many cases, including those who were never diagnosed because of testing shortages as well as those who were asymptomatic.

    And some experts pointed out that even those who tested positive but show no symptoms should not be considered cases that are harmless — they can unwittingly transmit the virus to others in the community who are more vulnerable and may develop an acute illness.

    Studies that have calculated the death rate based on broader antibody testing that takes these silent cases into consideration suggest an infection death rate of less than 1 percent, said Dr. Ashish K. Jha, the faculty director of the Harvard Global Health Institute.

    And the death rate does not capture all of the harm caused by the disease. As many as 15 to 20 percent of known Covid-19 patients may require hospitalization, and of the group admitted, 15 to 20 percent are transferred into intensive care, according to some estimates.

    In addition to hospitalization, another consideration that would complicate what defines harmlessness is the long-term implication for so many who have recovered or are still struggling to regain their pre-Covid lives.

    Patients fortunate enough to survive a lengthy hospitalization and weeks in an intensive care unit or on a ventilator face a long road to recovery. Many will suffer debilitating long-term effects, including impaired lung function, neurological problems and cognitive deficits, and some may require lifelong care and not regain full independence.

    Edited From: “Health Experts Push Back On Trump’s False Claim That 99% Of U.S. Infections Are Totally Harmless”

    Today’s New York Times

    1. Peter – the death rate is high if you are over 85, serious if you have co-morbidites and they are over counting the dead from the virus. That comes from Dr. Birx who said if they die in an auto accident and they present with CCP Virus they are a CCP Virus death. BTW, George Floyd died of the CCP Virus.

      BTW, Peter, stop reading the NYT. It will be better for your health.

      1. Paul, thanks, but I’ll believe the New York Times over you.

        If you honestly think Trump’s figure is correct, or even responsible for public consumption, your credibility is far beneath The New York Times.

        Just yesterday a Trumper on my Facebook stream posted a meme asserting that 99% claim. For Trump to put that out borders on treason. He is essentially placing this virus on par with common colds. No big deal at all. No reason to wear a mask.

        Only a stooge for Putin would mislead the American public like that. Americans deserve a president who recognizes Science. This pandemic is NOT a Culture Wars argument. Yet Trump keeps us arguing as election strategy.

        Sadly this pandemic becomes a science issue Trump can’t accept; grouping it with Climate Change. A war on science that makes America look dysfunctional. Like we can’t get our sh_it together when it comes to Science.

        But Paul Schulte thinks we should ignore The New York Times while accepting Trump’s assertions.

        1. Peter – I would not believe the NYT any more than I would Trump. They both make stuff up.

          1. Paul, do you honestly think the virus is on par with common colds? Trump conveys that impression. Like getting the virus is no big deal.

            Even in a best case scenario, this virus can leave you in bed for a week. That’s a disaster for single moms. Or low-wage workers who get no Sick Pay. For just a single person living alone, a week in bed can mean no cooked meals for several days. And again, this would be your ‘best case scenario’.

            So for the president to assert that 99% of the virus cases are ‘harmless’ borders on evil. Americans should know how serious this is! We can’t just carry on as usual to bring the economy back. Too much fear of litigation. No business wants to be sued for infecting its customers. There has to be a national strategy beyond dumb denial.

            1. Well hell, all those business need to do is Sue Bill Gate & his Commie/Nazi side kick Dr Fauci!

            2. Paint Chips, your strategy is to close the nation down until there is 100% security at which time we would all be dead.

              If that is not your strategy outline your strategy for us. We need something to compare to what we are doing today. Make sure you provide a metric so we know how much mortality or morbidity is too much for you. Do not return to the salon to escape having to answer questions.

              1. The smart strategy was to open businesses with enforced mask and distancing rules followed by testing and contact tracing. President Clorox and his stooges in the Sun Belt didn;t do that and have now set back the response and economy by months and wasted the effort and achievement of the previous 3 months.

                This is not an either open or not open choice, it’s an open smart or open dumb choice and the president chose the latter. We will all pay for it and he is now responsible for 6 months of sickness, death, and a broken economy.

                  1. Hellvis – the smart thing is to understand the federal system and how much power the President and Congress has over the states. That would be the smart thing. The stupid thing would be to run off at the mouth about powers the President doesn’t have. Anon did the latter.

                    1. Paul, the President has powers no one else in the world has and include the ability to force manufacturers and other businesses to act in the national interest during an emergency. He also has other emergency powers he can use. The basic, no brainer stuff includes create a national strategy – it’s a national problem – for procuring and allocating resources so the states don’t end up in the bidding wars they experienced for limited supplies, creating a national data bank for information to be used by local and state authorities, and developing a simple program of recommended behaviors for citizens – wear a mask you stupid f…g idiots and keep your distance – and authorities. The secret to the success of that last one is to not have the president sabotage the message and belittle governors trying to comply.

                      This is not an either open or not open choice, it’s an open smart or open dumb choice and the president chose the latter. We will all pay for it and he is now responsible for 6 months of sickness, death, and a broken economy.

                1. “The smart strategy was to open businesses with enforced mask and distancing rules ”

                  Have you looked at the businesses near you? Are people inside not wearing masks? Are people not for the most part standing 6 feet apart? I know from reports that even where tightly enforced some do not stand 6 feet apart or wear a mask so that is not the fault of the owner.

                  With what you believe you should not enter a business if those are not the policies. A lot of people won’t so businesses already are doing so.

                  Tell us to what extreme you wish to take contact testing.

                  The broken economy is due to those that still do not recognize that for the 0-44 aged population Covid has had a negligible effect. The broken economy lays at your feet and Obama’s but Trump is bringing the economy back to life and the death rate has fallen tremendously.

                  You have constantly made errors in fact and judgement and when corrected you have repeated those same errors at a later date. That is what you are doing here. You have no real plan because no metrics are attached. You have a big mouth but the input lacks sufficient knowledge.

                2. ” President Clorox”

                  BT “Commie/Nazi” B

                  Your ignorances of basic chemistry is showing again.

                  You didn’t know that local water companies chlorinate their water safe to drink?

                  And it’s clear you’ve never taken care to make a swimming pool much safer using chlorine.

                  But please keep post so ohters can see you for who you are.

                  1. The United States has 4.2% of the world’s population, but over 25.3% of the infections and 24.4% of the deaths.

                    1. Obviously btb you don’t know anything about statistics or numbers. If you don’t count, the number remains at zero. You also don’t recognize that the disease spread is based on many differnt variables so to be as polite as possible all I can say is your statement does not demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of the situation.

                      One of the best metrics, when comparing what we believe to be similar countries, is deaths per million population. Try looking up the numbers. We do pretty well. Also take note that if a population is immobile the disease will not spread.

                      I am not sure how much impact we can actually have on the disease if we wish a functioning economy. We can perhaps help to flatten the curve but does that stop the virus? If the virus was unchanging, unaffected by environment along with a few other things and no medical advances occurred, eventually the working population would probably be affected in apporximately the same numbers whether the curve was flattened or not.

                      Yes, certain precautions are in order. Ventillation along with distancing and masks only to reduce the distance droplets travel. The virus is very small so the gaps in the ordinary mask are relatively huge. Would you put up a link fence to prevent mosquitos from coming from your neighbors yard? Most importantly is the isolation of the very old and the sick. That is something the some Democrat states did not do and accounts for a large chunk of deaths. Another thing was sanitizing mass transit (along with hands, work areas, etc.). Again the Democrat led states failed in that regard.

                      If you wish you can deal only with the periferal things that are debateable or not very meaningful. That is generally where you lie….on the periphery.

                  1. More garbage from the garbage heap. More out of context and misplaced in time blurbs that do not hold up.

                    What is being claimed about others should be claimed about those in the video.

                    As usual btb can’t offer anything additional to what Trump is already offering. In fact the Biden plan essentially copied Trump’s actions but late. Biden didn’t originally favor the Trump Chinese traveller ban.

                  2. Just to note, Allan is attempting to deflect in the face of visual proof. The worms got his brain.

                    1. More empty rhetoric by Hellvis. He is afraid to deal with facts or logic. Those are two things he doesn’t possess though he does have a spell and grammar checker.

            3. Peter – they are playing with the figures. There is literally no one you can trust anymore. Fauci lied to us, Birx lied to us, Trump lied to us, Biden lied to us. WHO, CDC and NIH lied to us. I am NOT taking any shot that has Bill Gates or Dr Fauci’s name on it. Oh, remember, Gates wants to microchip us, which could be done while we are getting his vaccine.

            1. Independent Bob – there is a theory that putting people in an induced coma until Trump is no longer President will help with some of the problem of TDS, but not get rid of it.

        2. This pandemic is NOT a Culture Wars argument.

          As reported in your NYT today. You may want to ask these 1,300 epidemiologists if the virus is taking a “consciously anti-racist stance” It certainly seems as though science is making a Culture Wars argument.

          Some public health scientists publicly waved off the conflicted feelings of their colleagues, saying the country now confronts a stark moral choice. The letter signed by more than 1,300 epidemiologists and health workers urged Americans to adopt a “consciously anti-racist” stance and framed the difference between the anti-lockdown demonstrators and the protesters in moral, ideological and racial terms.

          1. An interesting article highlighting the BS situational science of some epidemiologists – it doesn’t say how many of the 1300 are “health care workers” who may be as uiiformed as Joe six-pack vs scientists – but the latter have no excuse. We don’t ask scientists for moral guidance, we ask for scientific facts.

            1. We don’t ask scientists for moral guidance, we ask for scientific facts.

              I agree. The point was Peter discounting the Culture Wars argument, when the NYT today has an article describing exactly that.

      2. 6 weeks ago the average age of someone who died in Massachusetts was 86. In Rhode Island 77% were confined to long term living centers(nursing homes). I won’t believe my lying eyes, just the New York Times.

    2. Paint Chips lied with his first statement “Trump’s Ridiculous Claim That 99% Of Virus Cases Are Harmless”. That is not the NYT headline. That headline was made up by Paint Chips. He makes things up all the time but so does the NYT.

      The NYT was looking for a way to call Trump a liar so the NYT lied and constructed a different story line to substitute for the context of Trump’s remark. Note the NYT doesn’t provide Trump’s quote or the context. If they did everything that followed in their article would be a lie.

      Even their assumptions are lies. “most public health experts…”, but the NYT did no survey of public experts so how would the NYT know? They don’t because the NYT makes up things.

      “1 percent or less that does not capture the entire impact of the disease, and excludes a multitude of thousands who have spent weeks in the hospital or weeks at home”

      The NYT should take a course in math. Thousands of people is a small fraction of the millions of people infected and a small fraction of 1% so thousands of people would fit into the 1% under discussion if what the NYT said was correct. It wasn’t. The writers of the NYT are horrendous when it comes to accurate details.

      The NYT also needs writers that know the English language. “That death rate is narrowly focused on the number of people who die as a percentage of the total number of people AFFECTED — including those who are asymptomatic and do not experience any illness, and those with mild cases, who experience fleeting symptoms.”

      The word affected should be infected.

      There were many more errors in the NYT which is usual. Put the NYT together with Paint Chips and throw both out with the garbage.

      1. Oh good. The world actually needed the truth challenged gramatical nightmare that is Allan to check in with a criticism of the writers at the NYT on use of the English language and journalistic standards.

        1. I am waiting for Hellvis to quote what I said that is wrong and then explain why. He can’t and almost never can. Like a monkey he has learned how to use spell check and grammer check. I encourage him to correct both when I post in case the error was something I didn’t already know. I am still waiting.

          1. “Thousands of people is a small fraction of the millions of people infected and a small fraction of 1% so thousands of people would fit into the 1% under discussion if what the NYT said was correct.”

            A thousand is.

            Thousands, plural, are.

            Also, I think you meant to say 1% *or* so?

            Also, if you began with the last clause “if what the NYT said was correct” (and put it in present tense) your sentence would actually make sense.

            Also, commas are your friend when coming in from the land of cray. Otherwise, your writing comes across as extremely disjointed. I tend to give you a pass for that, because, well, you *are* extremely disjointed.

            1. Thanks for your corrections. I am not the best typist. I don’t proofread what is sent to you because I am interested in facts and logic that you do not display so I expect such mistakes to happen. Unfortuantely, your ability to analyze and provide facts is near non existent. If you had one or both your comments might be worthwhile reading.

              Again thank you for being my grammer and spellchecker.

              “1% *or* so?”

              If you were able to do the math you would see the “or so” was not necessary.

              Hellvis, you can provide the grammer and spelling. Leave the thinking to other people.

              1. Your essential context is usually all wrong, Allan. Of course this signifies faulty thinking, which you exhibit every single day on this blog. Thanks for the entertainment. But you’re not long on intellect and logic, let’s just say that.

                1. You can say what you want Hellvis, but you can’t prove it with fact and analysis while I prove you wrong every day.

                  Let’s hear your proof.

                  I can imagine Hellvis responding….’ DUH it’s obvious or the proof is there…over there… under btb’s A$$.

    3. Trump’s Ridiculous Claim That 99% Of Virus Cases Are Harmless


      Why is that ridiculous? Think of the number of colds people get every year. There are an enormous number of viruses that come and go with very little impact. How many? I don’t know. But the number is high.

      As a side note that is interesting, viruses may contribute to evolution. About 40% of the mouse genome originates from viruses. I have not read if or how many parts of the human genome has incorporated viruses, but obviously it is possible.

  2. “Claiming that Dr. Fauci is the secret leader of a global genocide conspiracy would ordinarily be comical if it were not for the fact that millions of Africans could die from this advice.”

    Well, really. Why would Dr. Fauci even bother when the Democrat party is openly slaughtering African Americans through Planned Parenthood’s euthanasia project? 20 million murdered and counting. They’ve effectively eradicated more than a third of the black population.

    Coronavirus is the least of their worries.

    1. Yeah, Em, I heard that Planned Parenthood goes into ghettos with an army and rounds up all the pregnant women. But mainstream media won’t report it.

  3. Ann is another of the misled. There currently is no vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

  4. I think your not understanding the agenda. It is to depopulate and the vaccinne is part of the beast system. Also what your not getting is that they experiment their vaccinnes over there in Africa india etc and they deform and murder many. So who can blame him for his comments. The mark of the beast says FO NOT TAKE THE MARK OR YOUR SOUL COULD DIE and what do you think this vaccinne and biometric ids and digital certificates are. They are the beast system that cannot buy or sell or travel or do anything without their permission.what do you thin the tracking and tracing is for? Itll still be in place long after the virus And it is also the second death so those fallen angels and nephalim or powers are will be judged and everyone and it wont fair well for the godless. The 4 horses are riding out so economic collapse plague war and famine are here along with any weather events and this new system is the beast new world order where everyone will be poor and dependant with no rights and its global This man is trying to protect those being set up for the slaughter. If you want protection pray dont believe in the new ai control system where the wealth and control is redistributed back up to the top

    1. Good Videos Jill, I saved them.

      If you have the time that Dr Sherri Tenpenny video I post just above here, save it pass it along. She’s final had enough of this Vax Fraud injuring Kids & Adults & she is call for a complete end to all this vaccine industry crap. Shut it Down!

      I know what she means. I’ve got most all those studies/docs in my own files. Anyway, there’s plenty of evidence now to make the case to anyone that’s not in bed with big pharma. We need to use that proof now.

      lol, I notice Dr Coleman knows media/tech is out to ban his free speech also but he’s just ignoring them & moving to other places if he can.

  5. My husband tried to post these links for information about vaccines from Dr. Vernon Coleman. Here is the first:

  6. U.S. Population Growth Has Been Driven Exclusively by Minorities
    (Bloomberg) — U.S. racial and ethnic minorities accounted for all of the nation’s population growth during the last decade, according to new Census Bureau estimates.
    The data underscore the nation’s growing diversity and suggest that the trend will continue as the White population ages and low birth rates translate to a declining share. Non-Hispanic Whites declined to 60.1% of the populace in 2019 and their number shrank by about 9,000 from the 2010 Census to slightly more than 197 million.
    Over the same period, the U.S. added 10.1 million people identified as Hispanic. The median age for White non-Hispanics rose to 43.7 years — more than a decade older than the median Hispanic of any race — with Black and Asian American residents in between.
    “The declining White population share is pervasive across the nation,” according to a report by William Frey, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. The decline was “accentuated in the past few years by a reduction of births among young adult White women and an uptick in deaths, perhaps associated with drug-related ‘deaths of despair.’”
    If the data are confirmed by the 2020 census that’s underway, the decade after 2010 would be the first one since the first population count was taken in 1790 that the White population didn’t grow, according to Frey.
    White people’s share of the population declined in all 50 states, increasing only in the District of Columbia, according to the Brookings analysis. It fell in 358 of the 364 U.S. metropolitan areas and in 3,012 of its 3,141 counties.
    More the one quarter of the 100 largest metropolitan areas have minority-White populations, including Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. Leading the states with the highest share of White residents last year were Maine, Vermont, West Virginia and New Hampshire.

    1. George, don’t you think legal immigration has something to do with our population growth? Also birthrates for most native born groups have been dropping. Most women are choosing to either have no kids or just one or god forbid 2. It started with whites but is spreading to other ethnic groups and ethnicities. This is true throughout the industrialized world.

  7. Not a conspiracy theory. Also, do some real research, and you’ll soon find that Africa has been historically used as a beta test for all sorts of vaccines. Some outright kill, others sterilize women.

    1. Probably the last person I would agree with, Farrakhan is dead on accurate on this one. Gates and his fellow globalist criminals are on record advocating a reduction of world population to “a manageable 500 million”. This is insanity beyond comprehension that these monsters actually promote. Farrakhan may be many things but he is a voice of sanity regarding Gates and his poison.

    2. Is the author of this article serious or ignorant?? Truth is Truth. I don’t embrace his religious views but he speaks the truth about this vaccine …you Globalist hate people waking up, and refusing to drink your Kool Aide.

  8. Jonathon, I have immense respect for your commentary and although I am not a supporter of Farrakhan in this instance I have to say that you are wrong. I will refer you to two articles that were both published by the Off-Guardian:
    The PCR tests are meaningless since the samples taken are not filtered of other debris and there is no golden sample of the SARS-COV2 virus

    The seropositive test is meaningless since again scientists and pathologists have not identified monoclonal antibodies to the novel coronavirus. Therefore pathologists cannot verify whether SARS-CoV-2 is present in the body, or whether the diseases and deaths attributed to it indeed were caused by the virus rather than by something else

    So no scientist in the world has isolated the SARS-COV2 virus no the antibody unique to SARS-COV2. The question that begs to be asked is how are they making a vaccine??? I refer you to the work of Dr. Meryl Nass who has been following vaccines for a couple of decades. Note that Dr. Anthony Fauci has head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has been investing in gain of function research including in Wuhan with coronaviruses under the guise of protecting the public but given that they have been combining animal viruses with human viruses. It is illegal to do this work in the US but not abroad. But more importantly scientists around the world have been trying to produce a vaccine for coronavirus since the first SARS-COV1 outbreak. It has failed spectacularly. In animal tests, the ferrets used in the tests produced antibodies based on whatever virus that they based their vaccine on. But when the ferrets were exposed to the wild viruses, their immune systems went into overdrive and killed all of the ferrets. In human tests with the children of poor people again the children produced antibodies based on whatever virus was used but again when exposed to the wild virus, they became all gravely ill and had to be hospitalised. And that was over the normal period of 5 years to produce a vaccine. Now they are trying to do this in less than one year using genetic sequencing technology. What do you think is going to happen especially when they don’t even have a valid version of the SARS-COV2. In my view, anyone who knows the facts of what is being done, should question whether it is safe to take this vaccine.

    Snce you seem to be under the impression that covid-19 is deadly to the general population, I refer you to the Children’s Health Defense’s article which highlights that the calculated infection fatality rate for covid-19 is only 0.26% and that for those who are under 65 and without preexisting conditions there is less risk than a cold or the flu.

    Finally I would point out that the one country that acted in a way consistent with the facts was Sweden. Their strategy was based on it being a normal flu. Protect the old and those with preexisting conditions. For everyone else act normally. We know that they utterly failed in doing the first part. In fact, senior care facilities didn’t send people to hospitals when they became ill but left the to die similar to what has happened in the UK. But if you look at the data, you discover that 96% of those who died since the outbreak were those above 60 years of age with the worst hit being those 70-79 and 80-90. So if they had actually implemented properly their strategy they would have been a bigger example to everyone that the virus was not dangerous to the general population.

    So in my view based on existing evidence, we have the following:
    1. No identified SARS-COV2 virus
    2. No identified SARS-COV2 antibody
    3. A infection fatality rate which is within the range of the seasonal flu and is not dangerous to the general population. Only to seniors and those with preexisting conditions.

    The question is, why are they pushing a vaccine for something that is not dangerous to the general population?

    1. JayTe,

      You probably were not aware, but this website only permits two hyperlinks per comment. I edited your comment to de-link two extra hyperlinks so that it would post.

      If you in the future would like for the readership to review more than two hyperlinks, this can be accomplished by using multiple comments of two or less links each.

    2. Very good work JayTe!

      Bill Gates said a vaccine would kill and severely injury about 700,000 people. This for a for a disease which has a CFR of 0.26 according to the CDC as JayTe pointed out (and the death rate keeps going down due to natural immunity). Further we have treatments for this disease which can help many people. Bill Gates and the vaccine companies he funds, have used vaccines to sterilize black and Indian women, doing so by forging the “consent” and other fruad.

      Interestingly it is Dr. Birx opinion that the most infected group is the faith community and she would like them to get the vaccine to their elderly and disabled congregants first. I guess the Gates and she will have to fight that one out.

      These are the companies who have paid out billions of dollars in defective/killer product lawsuits, whose “vaccines” have been found to contain glass and human fetal parts. JT, if you want that in your body, go for it. If you trust known eugenicists and companies tied to Nazi’s that’s your business and I won’t stop you from getting the vaccine.

      In the meantime, this white devil agrees that these injections of god knows what are meant to sterilize especially but not exclusively, black people. According to Bill himself, they will kill many people. If Bill says so, evidently you believe him without question, so why are you recommending this?

      Right now, black S. African guinea pigs, know as human beings, are fighting against being used by the people they know have harmed them in the past. Other black leaders have kicked out Bill and the WHO from their nations. One of those people ended up dead, kind of like Jeff Epstein, who, by Wed. if you read Whitney Webb, you will see is connected to Bill Gates on the eugenics front. So there you go!

      Like the Italian parliamentarian said, if Bill calls the Italian president again, forward Bill to the ICC.

      1. I’m glad to see so many well informed writers here on the topic of vaccines.

        I recall India has had deaths/injuries caused by Bill Gates. And then there’s the issue with the Philippines, I think there it was a corrupt Polio Vax.

        That 2nd link I posted earlier briefly points out the long use by these billionaire eugenics lunatic creeps is the use of Binary Weapons.

  9. Naive writer. Do some research on how bill gates experiments in poor countries.

    1. I wonder how many commenters purporting conspiracy theories about Bill Gates do so from a Microsoft operating system.

      Boo scare! Bill Gates and George Soros are the big bad boogeymen!

      Thank you “Q”.

      1. Are you really that stupid ? First of all, It is Anti-Shemetic, not Semetic. That applies to the Revelation 2:9ers. Get it ? Secondly, are you encouraging you family members to get the vaccine ? If so, prove it. Americans, are the dumbest F**ks on the planet. It is proven so, daily. So, go ahead and get the vaccine. You are helping my cause, when you do. Our cause speeds on….lol

    1. Did you read below what Abraham Lincoln sounded like? He was prophetic with his prediction of a race war. He and the Congress had completed and funded compassionate repatriation for the benefit of freed slaves; anticipating the impossibility of acceptable relations and a race war. Poor Lincoln, ultimately, he produced the wrong resolution. Another of life’s little ironies.

  10. WHAT a fool you truly are. do a google dance about women satirized by gates in Africa have fun jack abb.

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