“People Will Do What They Do”: Pelosi Refuses To Condemn Statue Destruction

220px-nancy_pelosidownload-3House Speaker Nancy Pelosi declined to condemn the destruction of a statue of Christopher Columbus in the city of Baltimore (where she was born and raised) yesterday in the latest example of politicians enabling such mob action with their silence.  When asked about a mob pulling down the statue and dumping it in the harbor (with no interference from police), Pelosi simply declared “People will do what they do.”  Indeed, they will when leaders refuse to condemn their conduct. Her comment explains why a recently arrested supporter of Antifa declared that they are winning in the campaign to destroy statues and memorials. Update: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan blasted Pelosi for being out of touch with her comments. Rather than pander to the most extreme elements of these protests, Hogan insisted “while efforts towards peaceful change are welcome, there is no place in Maryland for lawlessness, vandalism, and destruction of public property.”

The incident in Baltimore is the latest such example of mob destruction of public art and memorials.  As in Washington D.C. where the police chief said that he made the “tactical decision” to allow a mob to destroy such public memorials, the mob was allowed free rein and ample time to topple and drag the statue.



I previously denounced Pelosi for her ripping up of the State of the Union speech in shattering decades of tradition, but this is an act of mob destruction of public art.

Democratic leaders continue to straddle the fence in not acknowledging, let alone condemning, the extreme elements of recent protests. While the vast majority of protesters have been peaceful, there has been significant violence and property damage.  Antifa and other “anti-fascist” organizations have long been a violent presence on college campus, including my own. Indeed, the recently arrested Antifa member accused of organizing the effort to topple the famous Andrew Jackson statue is a GW student.

I have criticized Democratic leaders for their support of Antifa despite its pronounced anti-free speech beliefs and violent history.  The effort to remain neutral in the face of violent acts will not last long as today’s allies becomes tomorrow’s reactionaries.

Despite the current divisions in our society, we should be able to agree that the decision to remove such statues must be done collectively and legally in our society.  It is disgraceful that a Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the third in line for the presidency of the United States, should have to be prodded to condemn such unlawful action and even then will not do so. While Pelosi said “I don’t care that much about statues,” she should care a bit about statutes like the ones making this a crime.

The media however has been relatively quiet on Pelosi’s comment.  Unlike Trump’s equivocation that there were “very fine people on both sides” in Charlottesville, there is no expectation that Pelosi would condemn a mob destroying public art.

This is why James Freeman Clarke once said that “A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.”

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  1. Independent Bob — Al Gore’s Montecito house is oceanview at about 61 meters above sea level.

      1. Sort of disconcerting how a man who, from 1965 to 2001, never acquired any training in business and whose time in salaried employment for commercial companies was limited to a five-year stint as a newspaper reporter, now has an eight digit net worth. The corruption is so thorough no one has a clue where to start to extirpate it.

        1. I have a clue. A civil war is needed and a tyrant on the scale of Lincoln at the very least, or more so one of the Athenian tyrants of old, needs to strike at the top, in the name of the middle, before the middle is entirely gone.

          All American billionaires are presumed guilty of cooperating in the national sabotage of the Trump presidency, and the current state of destabilization, unless they can prove otherwise. They should be arrested and tried for sedition.

          Their assets seized, and held in a national trust for management purposes, until the chaos is crushed, law and order restored, the Democrat party seditionists tried and punished to the maximum extent of the law, and a new and responsible Congress provides for a redistribution of those assets to revitalize American domestic manufacturing, restoring fiscal responsibilty to government, and absolutely ending the welfare state on the lower end, and the corrupt system of financial chicanery at the top.

          Severe measures are needed to purge the federal bureaucracies including the ever disruptive and insubordinate CIA and Department of Injustice for starters.

          Severe measures to reform the idiotic institution of lifetime tenured article III tyranny of blackrobes.

          Severe measures are needed to rectify the disorderly cities.

          Severe measures are needed to crush the nation-wreckers in mass media.

          Severe measures are needed to reorganize higher education.

          All of that is possible, if presently unlikely. But much more likely now halfway into this awful year of the rat than it was at the beginning.

          It is pointless at this juncture to be afraid of the word “fascism.” Because we have it already in certain queer form, and actually, the antidote is not more freedom, always ever more freedom for criminal, freedom for billionaires, freedom for rioters and looters and mass media slanderers, freedom for unaccountable bureaucrats, but yes, less freedom for all of them, however much less freedom is needed to neutralize them and restore order. .

          Law and order and equity must be restored. That’s the bottom line., It will not happen without organized force applied nationwide at all the rot.

          Ok, so again, that may seem unlikely. But yes, that is how it can be stopped. And if it does not happen, it all just gets worse.

          I am done talking about constitutional niceties and all the Enlightenment tropes of the Founders. Nobody on the Democrat side cares about any of that now. IS THIS NOT CLEAR?

          They are out for our blood and the only way to survive and thrive is crush them by any means necessary. Those means however must be organized, very well organized, very socially and culturally coherent, and with a clear vision as to what necessity requires.

        2. Question: Is Blake Neff the blogs resident Curmudgeon extraordinaire, TIA?


          Tucker Carlson’s top writer resigns after secretly posting racist and sexist comments online

          by Haley Victory Smith

          | July 10, 2020 09:03 PM

          Tucker Carlson’s top writer, Blake Neff, resigned from his post at Fox News after racist and sexist comments he secretly posted online came to light.

          “Blake Neff has resigned,” Fox News told the Washington Examiner on Friday.

          Neff has been a frequent poster on a web forum called AutoAdmit, according to CNN. Using the pseudonym CharlesXII, Neff repeatedly posted inappropriate slurs and remarks for the past several years.

          In a post just this week, Neff responded to a thread titled “Would u let a JET BLACK congo n—– do lasik eye surgery on u for 50% off?” He responded, “I wouldn’t get LASIK from an Asian for free, so no.” On June 5, Neff wrote, “Black doods staying inside playing Call of Duty is probably one of the biggest factors keeping crime down.”

          In March, Neff began making fun of a woman who had made the decision to freeze her eggs. He titled a thread, “Disaster: WuFlu outbreak endangers aging shrew’s quest to freeze eggs.”

          In 2016, Neff commented on a thread titled “Mary Poppins getting raped by a pack of wild n—–s at the park; kids watching.” The same year, he responded to a thread titled “DIKES get wrong C– at C–BANK. N—– pops out.”

          Fox News told CNN that Carlson could not be reached for comment, and Neff did not respond to their repeated requests for further information

          Carlson now has the most highly rated show on cable news. His monologues have become must-watch TV for conservatives, and President Trump and other Republicans often amplify his show by tweeting out clips from it. Meanwhile, his critics have placed increased scrutiny on his more controversial statements on topics ranging from the coronavirus to Black Lives Matter.

          “Anything [Carlson is] reading off the teleprompter, the first draft was written by me,” Neff recently told the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

    1. Don’t forget Barack and Michelle’s cozy little $15 million oceanfront place on the Vineyard. It’s a nice little hideaway when the walls on their $8 million DC bungalow feel like they’re closing in, so they’re trying to get their use out of it in the few years left before it gets inundated by the sea level rise. For a quiet couple’s weekend, Barack and the Mrs. sometimes decamp to their old $2 million place in Chicago and reminisce about their days just starting out when he was a community organizer and Congressman.

      When those get old, they have a standing invite to meet up with Al for a Weekend at Bernie’s. That one madcap weekend where they got their wires crossed and Al went to Bernie’s place in DC, Barack and Michelle went to Burlington, and Bernie was at his lake house in Champlain could have been a disaster. Fortunately, Al was able to jet up to Vermont in time for dinner and save the day.

      And then then there’s poor old Bill and Hillary, who feel a little left out since they aren’t in on the invites. Word is that the place in Chappaqua isn’t big enough for the two of them. Bill is always having to limo down to one of their places in the city, especially when one of his old bimbo eruptions flares up again. Fortunately, Chelsea was able to save some of the $9 million she earned from serving on the Board of IAC/Interactive, so when things are tough Bill can always sleep on the couch at Chelsea and Marc’s apartment in the Flatiron.

      Sure it’s tough, but with some good old fashioned perserverance and gumption they can usually work through it.

      1. What’s disconcerting is that people who have no discernable business skills have an eight-digit net worth. Public office should not be lucrative. NB, Harry Truman for 20 years played piano in the whorehouse of Kansas City politics. The sons of Boss Prendergast were among his dearest friends. Presidential pensions were established in 1958 because Congress knew the Trumans were cash poor. When Medicare was established, the ceremony inaugurating the program included the Trumans signing up as the first beneficiaries. The inusrance actually came in handy for them. When he left office, he had a small veteran’s pension (from his WWi service), Social Security, and the investment income he could garner from an advance on his memoirs. Their most notable asset was the Wallace family homestead. He and Bess had no Secret Service protection from 1953 to 1965, the assassination attempt against him in 1950 notwithstanding. When they were accorded protection, Mrs. Truman took some persuading to accept it. (The detail in her last years consisted of one agent sitting in a car outside her house). Note, Truman was reserved about monetizing the presidency, and didn’t collect honoraria or paid directorships). Richard J. Daley and his wife built a bungalow in 1939 which they lived in until they died; they bought a second home in 1964 for $41,000 (a contextually similar sum today would be about $480,000).

        The machine crooks of my grandparents’ generation could give today’s politicians some lessons in propriety.

        1. I think Nixon was on one of the first presidents to do the book and speaking thing after his presidency because of the financial hardships he was having at the time. I don’t have an issue with politicians getting paid for those kinds of things, or even if they go into private practice or some other kind of work. I’m bothered by all of the corruption while serving.

      2. “There’s only so much you can eat. There’s only so big a house you can have. There’s only so many nice trips you can take. I mean, it’s enough.”

        -Barack Obama, 2018

          1. If only Obama and Oprah weren’t the victims of systemic racism.

      3. Harry Truman was the last Democrat. He’s the last man to be elected president who did not have a college degree. And when he died, he did not die a wealthy man after his presidency. Harry was the last Democrat.

  2. Nancy Pelosi, a candidate for change. She’s no Washington insider.

  3. mobsters who vandalize public are should be immediately arrested by police. restore order. if the mobs are too big disperse them with firehoses etc.

    take action to restore law and order, or we are in a tyranny of anarchy and must resort to vigilantism at the local level. at the national level, it’s out of our hands.

    this situation is despicable. Pelosi should be punished for this endorsement of anarchy. are there no responsible actors in DC who can stand up to this lawless witch?

    1. and by the way this act by a courageous young man acting in lawful defense of others, was not vigilantism.


      vigilantism is going to be where the law abiding people go on offense.\ and prevent crime by cancelling anarchists with lethal force.

      seems to me this is perfectly moral at this point, however “illegal” it might theoretically be. “illegal” is now not a concern for BLM anarchists and rioters.
      why should we be the only ones concerned with legality? We are beyond legality heading into nearly 7 weeks into this chaos.

      I stand for law and order but when government collapses, people gotta survive

  4. Jonathan: So let’s get this straight. There are two categories. When the Democratic Speaker of the House fails to condemn the “mob” that toppled the Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore she is just an ordinary “politician” but the Republican governor is a “statesman” for expressing outrage. By this standard few, if any, Republican politicians would qualify for the second category. In Indiana a “mob” of white racists just attempted to lynch Vauhyx Booker, a black man and member of the Monroe County Human Rights Commission. Didn’t hear any outrage from Republican politicians or conservatives like you. When neo-Nazi white supremacists rampaged in Charlottesville, killing Heather Hyer, our Republican president didn’t express outrage at that mob violence but said there were “good people on both sides”. No “statesman” there. In defending Trump you call his comment “equivocation”. Trump never equivocates. You always know where he stands. And when a reporter was physically attacked by a mob at a Trump rally what did the president say? “I love the old days–you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? They’d be carried out on a stretcher, folks”. No “equivocation” there.

    It appears that in your conservative parlance the noun “mob” is only to be reserved for those that protest racist police violence or those that tear down monuments of our racist past–like Christopher Columbus who raped, enslaved and plundered and paved the way for slavery throughout the Americas. The monuments to such ignoble characters have no place today in the public square. Now in an ideal world they should be removed legally and with due deliberation. Over the years groups have called for Baltimore to stop celebrating Columbus day, asking that it be changed to an “Indigenous Peoples’ Day”. A number of cities around the country have made these changes but the city fathers of Baltimore resisted. That’s when the people decided to act. But notice the “mob” didn’t kill or injure anyone. They simply brought down the statue and threw it in the harbor–kind of like the Sons of Liberty when they threw the tea in Boston Harbor. But you, like George Washington, probably would have condemned the Sons of Liberty for acting like a :mob” in violating the sanctity of property rights. So who is the real “reactionary”, Jonathan?

    1. You’re blathering Dennis. One day you will have to choose between your natural social ties, and the order that they can bring, and your Enlightenment shibboleths.
      You and every other liberal fools, weaned on one fantastic lie about human nature after another.

      Really, did it ever occur to you guys, that these mobs are being let run free, to show you the error of your delusions?
      Did it occur to you that the leadership of both parties wants disorder, because ultimately, we are headed to a one party state in America, run by one side or the other, like it or not?

      People, if you are smart, you will jettison the notion that this will end up any other way besides a hotter mess to resolve the struggle, and then, a one party rule at the national level.

      Democrat leadership is cunning, and gunning for that full force, aided and abetted by millions of liberals who believe their bromides, and a wild lumpenprole with the taste of blood.

      Conservatives who are still clinging to delusional thinking of individualism and all these various enlightenment tropes are also stuck in the past. Wake up fast because you are the target for total bullying, looting, submission, and replacement in a 5-10 year time frame that will end very badly, with us all scalped like so many isolated pioneers on the frontiers of civilization,
      that is, if we don’t get organized and super realistic, very fast.

      People clinging to either the liberal or conservative bromides of an America that is now dying before our eyes, on terminal life support, need to make a plan for the next phase. This one will be a totally different ball of wax come the end of the year, regardless of the elections.

      Why regardless of elections?

      If Democrats get their blue wave, one party state and the tyranny and chaos they allow in cities goes nationwide. It will turn out badly for fools like Dennis who wanted it. People who saw where it was going will be ready.

      If Trump wins, their rebellion will only intensify. There is no way avoiding the destabilization phase heading into insurgency. That is almost a guarantee., But if you have a coherent and organized faction and move fasts you can survive.


      1. Such a scared life you lead, you are delusional. If you have weapons, please give them to someone for safekeeping.

  5. There is nothing objectionable about this post’s general point that there is a very important principle of public order, law, and democratic decision-making that is being violated if these kinds of topplings of statues are allowed to proceed in this manner, without being condemned or stopped, in violation of criminal statutes and so forth. However, Professor Turley talks too loosely here, and I think he talks too loosely in general on the issue of violence and protest, when he says things like this: “Unlike Trump’s equivocation that there were ‘very fine people on both sides’ in Charlottesville, there is no expectation that Pelosi would condemn a mob destroying public art.”

    Failing to condemn topplers of statues that do not harm any person physically is not qualitatively the same thing as failing to condemn people who run over peaceful protesters with cars and kill them. Both are lawless acts, but one is clearly worse than the other. Professor Turley has not explained how he knows that people destroying property only are not consciously making a crucial material distinction between types of lawlessness, and pursuing one type that it is not necessarily clear will lead to the kind of portentous historical and cultural breakdown he suggests, whereas the worse case (the killing people with cars one) clearly will lead to such an outcome.

    1. Lawlessness is lawlessness.

      Tearing down statues is against the law.

      So you have no valid point.

    1. I remember Al Gore preaching about sea levels rising. At the same time he invested 9 million $ into beachfront property in California. Ah, so what is it Al.

      1. You are really this small minded. Hey maybe he can afford it and realizes that for the remainder of his life, 20 years or so, it will be pretty nice.

      1. Thanks. I would have had no idea how to figure out the weather predictions. Can you come over and show me how to use my microwave oven? Very tricky, that thing… 🙂

        1. LorenzaValla – I know how you feel. It has taken my 30+ years to figure out the beverage button.

  6. Just curious: When Democrats and their BLM cohorts fully succeed in dismantling existing law enforcement entities, what is the likelihood they will be replaced by entities better than what they dismantled?

  7. Can we destroy the hideous MLK statue?

    Can we destroy the statue of Lenin in Seattle?

    Is there a statue of Pelosi up yet that we can destroy?

    1. when the people strike back, the people will strike back at bodies of flesh and bone, not stone and inert metal.

      that time comes faster every day. i can see it and it is no longer “on the horizon” it is closing in fast

      once it breaks loose, things will get so ugly that these awful failed “leaders” like Pelosi will be very sorry

      Trump’s failure to act is a sign that the federal government is paralyzed, rendered inert by sabotage from the bureaucracy and the mass media

      one more thing: bad as street thugs are, BILLIONAIRES are the true enemy. they desire globalism and that the US become a failed state in the wake of this “color revolution.”
      the onus is on them to prove they respect law, order, and the people. and are not behind this chaos.
      until they each may prove otherwise, they are all presumed ENEMIES of law and order.

  8. Since Antifa feels their “movement is winning” and they think they can get away with taking down American statues and symbols I have a suggestion for them to go after two American icon’s. First go and try to take down the “Alamo” and if any of them survive go to Arlington National Cemetery and try and take down the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”. Antifa are fascist and cowards.

    1. ha, so many icons have been smashed and yet there are no antifa heads squashed like rotten canteloupes. yet. it’s very long past time they pay a price for their crimes in blood,
      if law and orde will not act, then let them have a dose of the “direct action” they always praise for themselves

      yes, waiting on the police or army to do anything is foolish now. they have no will and are basically mercenaries. perhaps decent ones, but still.
      I doubt there is much will in the ossified police and security forces to do much besides follow their obvious orders to “stand down”
      they could easily be exerting pressure on the feckless human scum like Diblasio, whom they literally guard. they could fix him good. why do they fear him?
      he and others like him who are actively subverting law and order, should be fragged. look that one up. but they are failing us, the people.

      this situation is totally pathetic

    2. @anonymous

      The Great Masked Wonderful Warriors of Antifa (TM) only attack if they are masked and go in packs. Never seem to go to mid America and take on bikers or people who are armed and will fight back.

      Bunch of chicken sh@@s.


  9. “People Will Do What They Do”

    – Professor Turley

    “The Deep Deep State Does What It Does”

    Attorney General William “Mr. Deep Deep State” Barr and his faithful functionary, John “Deep Deep State Deputy Lapdog” Durham, are running out the clock and will bury the Obama Coup D’etat in America so deep it will never again see the light of day, much less a courtroom, not dissimilar to the inhuming of the exposure and prosecution of all the actors in the Deep Deep State assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK. Their level of deceit, dishonor, disgrace and treason is unparalleled in history; the greatest insult to the American Founders, the Constitution and the United States of America. The coup co-conspirators should have been rounded up and put on the docket long ago.

    And the Deep Deep State of Global Communism marches on…

    The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious criminal act in American political history.

    The co-conspirators are:

    Bill Taylor, Eric Ciaramella, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann, Comey, Christopher Wray, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic, Yates, Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell, Sir Richard Dearlove, Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper, Azra Turk, Kerry, Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power, Lynch,
    Rice, Jarrett, Holder, Brazile, Sessions (patsy), Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Obama, James E. Boasberg et al.

    1. Never, ever, underestimate John Durham.

      You’ll find that out when he decides to make his move.

  10. “People Will Do What They Do” — Nancy Pelosi

    And to use someone else’s line:

    “And Turley’s gonna Turley.” (And while Turleying, he isn’t going to change the world.)

  11. Anything to criticize Nancy Pelosi while simultaneously ignoring Trump’s endless foibles, which have far more implications for the welfare of the American people as a whole than some statue. Turley would have us believe that Pelosi has some duty to criticize people for felling statues. However, he ignores Trump’s latest attempts to force schools to hold in-person classes, despite the clear and present danger. Trump tries to pretend that the coronavirus epidemic has been conquered. It hasn’t. Once the shelter in place measures were abolished and businesses started opening, cases went right back up. No putting out embers because the fire was never put out–just temporarily suppressed. The US has more cases than anyone else, and that’s not because of testing.

    To try to force colleges to hold in-person classes, he’s trying to order the deportation of any foreign exchange students if they can’t attend in-person classes. Students from other countries, especially places like China, may not have dependable internet, and in China, doing online research as to certain websites may be restricted He finally began listening to those who tried to explain to him that local schools are funded by the communities in which they are located, so now, he’s threatening to have the IRS challenge the schools’ not-for-profit status. His “administration” argues that children are at less risk, so forcing them back to in-person classes is OK. However, there are some children with conditions that make them more vulnerable–like asthma, congenital heart problems, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and other congenital conditions. If they got Covid, they could die. Even a well child could carry home the virus and infect members of their household who may be vulnerable. Children will touch each other and their faces, it is hard to get them to wash their hands, and the CDC recommends no cafeteria or gym.

    People have and will continue to die because of Trump’s massive ego. He cannot bluster, lie or bully his way out of this problem, and he cannot help solve it because his life is dedicated to himself and not to the welfare of others.

    1. For someone who claims to be deeply concerned about the “welfare of others”, you’re remarkably ill informed, Natacha.

      Deaths attributed to Covid19 have plummeted since May, and continue to do so.

      US: CDC Official Weekly Covid Deaths


      You’re just another TDS sufferer who just can’t get over the fact that your favorite female psychopathic war criminal lost the last election.

      1. Rhodes said: “Deaths attributed to Covid19 have plummeted since May, and continue to do so.”

        It ain’t over ’til it’s over, as it’s been said. We’ll see what happens over the next few weeks and months.

        1. You appear to be disappointed that the death rate has plummeted since late April..

          It’s over. Infections mean nothing other than the ongoing herd immunity that accompanies all cold and flu viruses.

      2. I love the way you uninformed Trumpsters call anyone who disagrees with you or who criticizes the Dotard dumb and ill-informed, parroting things you heard on Fox. You Trumpsters are the ones with TDS, because anyone who doesn’t see this fat aberration as a threat to American values must be deranged. The only reason deaths due to coronavirus have decreased is because: 1. doctors have learned that the best way to combat the severe lung inflammation this virus causes (which is what causes victims to die) is to administer dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, along with 100% oxygen. Usually, giving too much oxygen is contraindicated because it diminishes the respiratory drive, but the blood oxygen levels in coronavirus patients is usually so low due to inflammation (which is one of the main symptoms) that 100% is needed to raise blood oxygen levels above a dangerous level. This is a temporary measure to hopefully avoid the need for a ventilator in many cases. Avoiding a ventilator improves the chances for survival; 2. the second thing that is done is to administer Remdesivir, an anti-viral developed to combat Ebola. So the death rate is down, no thanks to the fat election cheater who will still try to take credit or to create the false argument that things are under control, but there will still always be people dying of this infection. Short of dying, many of the victims are very ill for a long time, and are weak and feeble after leaving the hospital, even young ones. They complain of brain fog–will this ever completely clear up? Autopsies of coronavirus victims show the virus in the blood vessels in the brain and other organs. No one knows what the long-term consequences of getting coronavirus will be–what will the effect of lung scarring be years from now? Will victims be more susceptible to future influenza or other infections? Will the senses of taste and smell ever return? No one knows. Contrary to the lie told by the fat election cheater, 99% of infections are not harmless. Just another lie to mislead people into failing to take precautions. Are those who are mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic later on develop problems? Who knows?

        Even though there are fewer deaths, the infection rate is through the roof, and that is the fault of the fat fake POTUS. The US literally sets a new record every single day, and this is because of the demand of your orange idol to insist that Americans pretend there is no coronavirus. That approach is stupid beyond belief, and will backfire. Chubby doesn’t care because he thinks the economy will just bounce back due to the imposition of his will, and that the 50 million unemployed will magically become employed again. To try to force his will on the American people, he is threatening universities with IRS audits, and threatening to deport foreign exchange students unless universities hold in-person classes. And, never forget, his “administration” is in court trying to take health care insurance away fro millions of Americans, including those who are now unemployed due to coronavirus and who have lost coverage through their employer. This conduct is beyond political and irresponsible. It is criminal. Trump is a criminal and belongs in prison.

        1. +1 The complete incompetency of Trump and his administrationon the virus will be it’s lasting legacy and the model of how not to deal with a crisis. 1st lesson? Having an infantile narcissist at the helm is a very bad idea.

        2. Natacha – still waiting for those SAT, LSAT and BMI scores. BTW, foreign students can attend online classes from their home country, they do not have to be here.

  12. President Trump on Thursday called Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, a “nice man” but said he has “made a lot of mistakes” handling the coronavirus pandemic.

    Turley, how about a little attention on a much larger disaster. The idiot President.

      1. Yes, Lorenzo, Dr. Trump certainly knows more than Dr. Fauci about what’s good for America. See what the good Dr. Trump’s judgment has given us: the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world and an economy in shambles. Just another example of attacking someone he cannot bully.

        1. I notice you twisted my words around. How’s that working for you?

    1. Oh you think Trump should have stepped in on March 25 when the “idiot” Cuomo’s executive order led to the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents? How about stopping open protests in the streets by tens of thousands of “idiots” when the university intelligentsia says protesting is more important than the danger of Covid 19?

    2. “Turley, how about a little attention on a much larger disaster. The idiot President”…..Not a chance issacbasonkavich, not a chance.

  13. A mere 5 months ago Pelosi was extolling the virtues of the “Founding Fathers” some of whom were slave owners in the House impeachment of Trump. Now, probably because the statues failed to impeach the president she is exacting her retribution with silent agreement to their demise.

  14. I guess we should defund the police. Why should we pay for police officers if our leaders don’t believe in enforcing the laws?

  15. ” When asked about a mob pulling down the statue and dumping it in the harbor (with no interference from police), Pelosi simply declared “People will do what they do.” Indeed, they will when leaders refuse to condemn their conduct.”

    Ha. You think she has any control over this??? Like people in the street are like: ‘but wait, Leader Pelosi wouldn’t approve!’ Seems to me you’re the entire point of the demonstrating, Professor.

    1. The leaders failing to send in the police to enforce the laws have no effect? Seriously? That failure of leadership goes all the way from the mayoral and city council levels in some cities straight up to the Speaker of the House.

      People will do what they can get away with. Especially criminals and fascists.

  16. It’s very simple, Jonathan.

    Pelosi and the DNC have a puppet with Dementia as their nominee who is incapable of winning a debate against anyone with a pulse.

    So they know that they have to have the far left former Bernie supporters, (even Antifa), firmly lined up on their side if they’re going to win. Therefore they will not say anything that is not supportive of everything they do and say.

    If Biden is elected, Pelosi and company won’t come through on 90% of it . They’ll just throw them a couple of meaningless bones, and it will be business as usual in DC, and they’ll blame the Republicans.

    Meanwhile Antifa has some major trouble heading their way. As they will be finding out the hard way that when you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  17. Let’s build a statue of Pelosi. Spell the name:Pell Otzie. Have her sitting on a toilet. When the nerds come to test it down shoot em. With yellow spray paint.

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