Can President Trump Really Send In The Troops To Chicago And Other Cities?

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedWe have previously discussed how President Donald Trump has repeatedly asserted constitutional authority that he does not have in dealing with the pandemic.  The President routinely ignored the principles of federalism in such claims of control over states in their internal health and policing decisions. He is not alone.  Cities like Portland have demanded that federal officers leave the city and stop making arrested.  While there are legitimate questions raised about the conduct of federal officers in putting people into custody and the use of force in Portland, those concerns related to the use of federal powers, not the basis for those powers. The federal government has full authority to protect federal buildings and to carry out arrests for federal crimes in any city. Current reports coming out of the White House appear to refer to surging law enforcement personnel, not sending military personnel.  That would be constitutional if used for protect federal assets or enforce federal laws. That is the flip side of federalism.  But how about the recent claims that the President is about to take over policing from cities like Chicago? The answer is that such a federal deployment without a request from the governors would be unwise but would be legal.  However, there are practical and legal reasons why such any massive deployment is unlikely.

President Trump has declared that he will send in federal forces to quell the violence in cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore and Oakland, California.  He has used these threats to highlight what he calls the poor records of  “liberal Democrats” like Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot.  The constant reference to the party affiliation of the mayors by the President only diminishes the position of the federal government is taking any action in these cities.

As many on this blog know, I am from Chicago and most of my family still lives there.  I am devastated by the violence shown every night on television. However, President Trump is suggesting an unprecedented deployment if he is serious in saying  “We’re sending law enforcement. We can’t let this happen to the cities.”

What he can clearly do is what he did in Portland. Send in federal forces to protect federal buildings and arrest those who commit federal offenses.  That can lead to an expanding presence.  As more protesters respond to the federal presence, the federal forces can be expanded at their discretion to meet that challenge.  It can become a cause-and-effect controversy like the one being raised in Portland.  However, a judge who orders the federal forces reduced or out of the city would face a rapid appeal and reversal in my view.

That type of deployment to protect federal enclaves and buildings can be done without any special proclamations or orders. It is part of the inherent authority vested in the federal government. Indeed, it does not even require a special executive order.  The Attorney General or Secretary of Homeland Security may deployed federal officials to protect buildings, support law enforcement activities, or carry out arrests. These are not military troops, but law enforcement personnel being assigned law enforcement duties.  The fact that the cities have not requested additional federal law enforcement personnel is relevant to their legality of their deployment.

440px-37_Lyndon_Johnson_3x4President Trump’s rhetoric suggests something far more robust. He is referring to rising shootings and criminal acts in these cities.  To combat such crime, the federal deployment would have to be massive.  First there is the question of simple practicality in such claims. Sending in a couple hundred federal officers will do little to quell the violence in the neighborhoods of Chicago — far removed from federal buildings. On a practical level, it is hard to see how even a military force could do so short of imposing martial law over millions of Americans.  Most of these shootings have occurred in neighborhoods far removed from riots or protests. The Chicago Police Department has roughly 12,000 officers.  The First Army Division is roughly 18,000 soldiers.  It would take a division or more to substantially increase patrolling in actual neighborhoods as opposed to hotspots like those around federal buildings.  Of course, that is what President Lyndon Johnson did in 1967 when he sent in the 82nd and the 101st Airborne Divisions to Detroit to quell riots after the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Second, there is the authority.  We previously discussed this issue in relation to Washington, D.C. and Seattle where I criticized the President for exaggerating his authority in threatening to send in troops.  I also criticized the respective mayors in those cities for their own statements.

As I have previously stated. police powers in the United States mostly reside with the states. The Constitution gives Congress authority to overcome disturbances. It can “provide for calling forth the militia to execute the laws of the union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions.”

With the Insurrection Act, Congress authorized presidents to use troops in response to rioting that “opposes or obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws.” The president may intervene if requested by a state legislature to suppress an insurrection. The Insurrection Act also allows for unilateral action for cases of unlawful obstruction, assemblies, or rebellion against the United States.

President Trump does have unilateral authority under the law. Indeed, the recent efforts in the House by Democratic members like Rep. David N. Cicilline to limit the Insurrection Act acknowledges that he does have the ability to make such a unilateral proclamation.  It can be challenged as unwarranted but, once again, Congress has written a law that gives largely unfettered authority in declaring such unlawful obstruction, assemblies, or rebellion against the United States.

The law simply states:

“Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter, he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time.”

440px-George_H._W._Bush,_President_of_the_United_States,_1989_official_portraitThis power has been used repeatedly by presidents since Thomas Jefferson. The last president to do so was President George H.W. Bush during the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, an obvious historical precedent that the Trump White House would cite to handle riots in cities like Portland.  While the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 prevents the use of the United States military in law enforcement, this Act is an exception to that rule large enough to drive an Army division through.

It is certainly true that President have largely used the Act at the invitation of local and state authorities. However, that is not required and that has not always been the case.

Presidents have used the act repeatedly to fight the Ku Klux Klan, enforce desegregation, and protect African American students. This has been done without approval of the state officials as when in 1962, President John F. Kennedy sent in federal marshals to Mississippi to allow black students to enroll in classes at the University of Mississippi at Oxford.  It has been used repeatedly to quell rioting and looting.

Thus, it could be used by President Trump to quell rioting in these cities.  That does not mean that it would be the right move. In my view, it would not.  The shootings that President Trump is referencing in the killing of young children are the result of criminal acts rather than the rioting or looting.  We have not seen the use of this Act to try to quell a crime wave.  The Act does not allow for much room for judicial review, but the use of the Act to deal with rising crime could present some novel issues for a court.  Nevertheless, the language of the Act favors the President.

There are other possible challenges that are more conventional. Once again, I have great concern over the allegations of citizens being picked up by federal authorities and held for hours before being released without charges. There are serious questions of due process raised in these allegations and their impact on protected free speech activities cannot be denied. There has been considerable violence in Portland from protesters but most are not violent. There should be an investigation into the conduct of the federal officers to confirm the basis for these arrests and how these individuals were treated while in federal custody. It is not per se unlawful to use unmarked cars for arrests. Indeed, it happens all the time. However, local officials and protesters are alleging that people have been effectively snatched off the streets and taken away blindfolded — only to be released hours later. The federal officials deny these allegations and insist that these were individual suspects taken into custody on specific alleged federal crimes. They also note that the officers were clearly marked as police and insist that they told the suspects who they were.  Thus, we have a conflicted record.  That is why we need an independent investigation.

I recently testified in Congress on the Lafayette protest controversy. I identified two primary areas of possible unlawful conduct (including a clearly unjustified attack on a media crew) and suggested a series of inquiries to confirm the facts.  I also stated that I believed that the order to clear the park area to allow for the establishment of a new fence line was lawful and that the federal forces complied with the guidelines for three clear warnings to disperse.  There also is now evidence that appears to refute the widespread claims that the plan was related to the Trump photo op in front of the church.  The point is that many of the initial allegations (widely reported as fact) have not been established and indeed have now been contradicted. That does not mean that unlawful conduct by the federal forces did not occur. I told Congress that I expect the investigation ultimately to narrow to the charge of the police line rather than the plan or authority to clear the area. In reviewing the videotapes of the charging of the line of officers, I believe that it was unlikely unwarranted and unlawful in the use of force.

I expect we will find the same results in the Portland controversy.  Like the D.C. protests, it is clearly untrue to portray the Portland protests are peaceful.  There have been serious injuries to a large number of officers and considerable property damage, including arson.  The police have a right to protect themselves and courts generally allow the use of nonlethal force in such circumstances.  Yet, like most people, I was shocked by the image of an individual being hit in the head with a projectile from the courthouse across the street.  Such excessive use of force can occur in any operation but it is important for us to determine if there is a pattern of such conduct.  Any broad injunctive relief would require more than a few incidents. It would require a pattern of clearly excessive conduct.

I still believe that a massive deployment of troops would be a mistake.  Under our system of federalism, state and local officials have the primary responsibility to address crime in the streets. There is ample reason to criticize the actions, or lack of action, from majors in Seattle, Portland, and Chicago.  However, they are the elected officials given this authority by their voters.  Moreover, marching into these cities with large federal forces would inflame the situation and would not likely impact actual crime through cities like Chicago.

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  1. Cities Say, “Yeah, We Need Federal Help.  But Not Like Portland”

    In recent years, cities like Chicago, Baltimore and New York have turned to Washington for help in combating gun violence and other crimes, arguing that only the federal government has the resources to tackle problems like guns being traded illegally across state borders.

    Now as President Trump has threatened to send federal agents to clean up what he called “totally out of control” crime and disorder, some big-city mayors and police officials are pushing back on such federal involvement, suggesting that the president is using their cities as props in a political game.

    Portland, Ore., has become a cautionary tale. Several Democratic mayors have said they do not want unidentified officers dressed in camouflage patrolling their streets and battling protesters. If the federal government wants to bring resources to bear on violence, said mayors and other officials, it should help with issues like gun crimes, rather than dispatching officers who will make an already tense summer worse.

    “The deployment of unnamed special secret agents onto our streets to detain people without cause and to effectively take away their civil rights and civil liberties without due process — that is not going to happen in Chicago,” Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot said at a news conference on Tuesday.

    Instead, Ms. Lightfoot said, Chicago will be receiving resources from the F.B.I., the D.E.A. and the A.T.F., agencies that the city has worked with regularly in the past “to help manage and suppress violent crime in our city.”

    It is this type of help that many mayors say they need. Stories&pgtype=Homepage

    1. In recent years, cities like Chicago, Baltimore and New York have turned to Washington for help in combating gun violence and other crimes, arguing that only the federal government has the resources to tackle problems like guns being traded illegally across state borders.

      IOW, passing the buck.

      1. Federal police have their own discrete tasks outside the ken of those of local police forces. The one area where collaborative work is called for is in combating contraband trade. For the most part, that’s street drugs. Local police can provide some assistance to federal forces in the course of their daily labors by apprehending illegal aliens they come across (something leftoids insist local police not do) and in apprehending others in which federal police have an interest. Federal agencies can also provide consultative services in areas beyond the expertise of state police forces.

      2. Again, New York City had fantastic success with suppressing crime, even though there were no changes whatsoever in New York’s gun laws after 1989. Regulations attending the possession of weapons are not a major vector influencing crime rates. It is helpful for pro-active police forces to be able to haul people in on weapons charges. The thing is, in a concealed-carry state, they are still able to haul people in if the subject lacks a concealed-carry license, something the sort of hoodlum the NYPD questions on the street will find a challenge to obtain.

      3. If you want to do something about crime, you need to deploy your police forces optimally and have them use best practices. Liberals don’t want that, because they care more about the feelz of hoodlums and their mothers (and, most crucially, the sort of social-services twit who uses phrases like ‘at risk’ and ‘school to prison pipeline’) than they do about the welfare of law abiding citizens.

      4. And you need an adequate tax base and population base to support that police force. Again, the federal authorities can do nothing here, but state and local government can. The simplest change would be to vest responsibility for policing in county governments and special multi-county authorities. These could be supplemented with the state police and with deputized security guards (on college campuses, at transportation hubs, at stadiums, at hospitals, and at outlet malls). Municipal police would be an optional addition to provide extra patrols of discrete non-metropolitan towns, and would be subject to the authority of the county sheriff when jurisdictional questions arise.

      Liberals are, of course, completely bereft of constructive ideas and defensible motives.

  2. She is one classy and fierce woman. It is wonderful Ms McEnany is serving the US President and Americans

    Kayleigh McEnany: Lori Lightfoot And Bill De Blasio Have ‘Lost Control’ Of Their Cities

    White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany took aim at several Democratic leaders during a Tuesday appearance on “Hannity.”

    McEnany claimed that several Democratic governors — along with Democratic Mayors Lori Lightfoot (Chicago) and Bill de Blasio (New York City) — have “lost control” of their respective cities and states. (RELATED: ‘It’s Absolutely Absurd’: Kayleigh McEnany Quotes Trump On Charges Against Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple)

    Host Sean Hannity introduced McEnany by saying that he did not envy her job in the least. “I don’t think you can pay me enough money to do that job,” he said.

    Hannity went on to bring up the violence in a number of major cities — some of which have seen a steady stream of violence and unrest since the death of George Floyd in May. Mocking Democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who had suggested to CNN’s Chris Cuomo that the autonomous zone in her city could be the “summer of love,” Hannity argued that many of the mayors appeared to prefer yelling at Trump to protecting their own citizens.

    “I don’t understand that,” he said.

    “That’s exactly right,” McEnany replied. “Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago has lost control of her city. Bill de Blasio of New York City has lost control of his city. These Democrat governors have lost control of their streets and there is human cost. We need to know their names, Sean.” (RELATED: ‘Dereliction Of Duty’: Kayleigh McEnany Fires Back At Chicago Mayor Over ‘Karen’ Remark)

    “At least in Missouri, you had a governor who came to the president and said, ‘Hey, I want federal help, whatever I can do to make sure what happened to LeGend Taliferro never happens again,” McEnany concluded. “That’s what a responsible governor does. But instead you have derelict mayors and Democrat streets, and children dying and it’s unacceptable and this president will always stand up for those children, and that’s what I love so much about President Trump.”

    1. McEnany is the dim-bulb bottle blondie lying syncophant she appears to be. She carries around a binder with tabs that have topics misspelled, which contain her Kellyanne-scripted talking points, including, of course, attacks on mainstream media, because, of course, even though she went to Harvard, her little punkin head can’t remember all of these details, other than “media bad…fat orange man good”. She is a pathological liar just like the election cheater she defends. She does not “brief” the media on anything–she just manipulates media for free campaign publicity, a specialty of Kellyanne. If this is how you define “classy” and “fierce” it’s no wonder you are a Trumpster. You apparently cannot perceive reality. To be a Trumpster, you have to be unable to comprehend the dire straits this country is in made much worse (as proven by the experience of other countries) because of a former game show host who hasn’t got the first clue what to do other than to bluster, lie and try to bully his way out of trouble, like he’s done all of his sad life. We still have no national strategy for combatting this epidemic, PPE and Remdesivir are running low, and he still hasn’t invoked the defense production act. Come fall, we’ll be in real trouble when seasonal influenza comes around in addition to coronavirus. Six months into an historic pandemic, and only because of poor showing in the polls, fat boy shows up and is now saying we need to wear masks, reading his script in monotone because he’s so stupid that he can’t wing it without a script, just like bottle blondie. When he goes off-script he comes up with jewels like ingesting bleach or putting lights into the human body to treat coronavirus, he insults and attacks reporters who ask questions he doesn’t like. How is July any different from March or April? How many lives could have been saved if fat boy hadn’t tried to politicize wearing masks, hadn’t silenced Dr. Fauci, had admitted the seriousness of this pandemic, instead of telling the American people 15 cases would soon be 0 cases, trying to blame China (tests show that the strain in N.Y., at least, came from a European traveler, who could have gotten it in China) downplaying the seriousness, and pushing for hydroxychloroquine, now shown to be unsafe and ineffective?

      Now you’re telling us this dumb tw*t “loves” Trump for standing up for children? How deeply stupid and blind do you have to be to overlook the children Trump cages because their parents brought them to the U.S.? What about those children who will suffer lifelong emotional problems for being caged like animals, forced to sleep on the floor under a sheet of aluminum foil and separated from their parents? Who is standing up for them?

      1. Natacha. This is a perfect example of your ignorance:

        “President Obama has earned the title “Deporter in Chief.” More undocumented immigrants have been deported under Obama’s rule than any other in history. In 2013 alone, the Obama Administration deported a record 438,421 undocumented people . Around 2.5 million undocumented immigrants have been deported in total since Obama was sworn into the oval office. This marks a 23 percent increase from the Bush Administration.

        And Obama is not done in his work as the “Deporter in Chief.” In 2009, Obama supported a coup in Honduras that further destabilized Central America. Thousands of children and their families fled the chaos and began to migrate to the US from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. The Obama Administration responded by conducting a series of raids on “family units,” which were defined as mothers and their children traveling together. These ICE-led raids detained nearly 70,000 “family units” from 2013-2015 . Over 7,000 children have been ordered for deportation without a court hearing and many more continue to live tortured lives in both public and private detention centers.”

        You’re about as sharp as a bowling ball, Natacha. A condition that is further exacerbated by your blind partisanship, severe TDS, no critical thinking skills, and the propaganda you consume disguised as “news”.

  3. Wellllll, we’ve cross the threshold point. We are at the point of no return.
    This is so exciting. For once we conservatives agree with the liberal elite: bring it. Game on


    John Cusack: ‘Do We Need to See Massacres Torture & Mutilated Corpses to Act?’

    Left-wing actor John Cusack unleashed a rant on Tuesday accusing President Donald Trump of “gassing mothers” and “burning cities.” Cusack also asked if there needed to “massacres torture & mutilated corpses” before action is needed.

    The High Fidelity star has been wandering the riot zones in Portland for at least a week taking video of the rioters and the police response and then jumping to Twitter to rant about it all. And lately, John Cusack has been screaming about the federal agents President Trump has sent to the city to help quell the more than two months of rioting that local officials have been powerless to stop.

    On Tuesday, Cusack appeared to suggest violence from the left as a response to what he sees in his fever dreams.

    “Trump & criminal thug barr with mc connel & the many deathkkult apparatchiks deep in their death spiral endgame,” the actor wrote, “Secret police burning cities – gassing mothers, Shooting protestors in face, Billy clubbing vets. Do we need to see massacres torture & mutilated corpses to act?”

    Trump &
    criminal thug barr with mc connel & the many deathkkult apparatchiks deep in their death spiral endgame –
    Secret police burning cities – gassing mothers
    Shooting protestors in face
    Billy clubbing vets
    Do we need to see massacres torture & mutilated corpses to act ?”

    — John Cusack (@johncusack) July 21, 2020

    Despite the crazed accusations, nothing like what Cusack ranted about has even remotely occurred. No rioters have been beaten or killed by the federal officers the president sent to Portland. Indeed, the only burning of cities has been perpetrated by the “protesters.”

    Tuesday’s wild accusations come on the heels of a series of tweets on Monday where the 2012 actor fulminated about the federal officers sent to Portland by the president.

    Cusack disgorged a long list of accusations, including that Trump was “illegally holding power.”

    1. Nobody gives a f*ck what a Hollywood actor has to say about anything. Seriously. Go away Hollywood. Nobody cares what YOU think about anyting.

  4. Trump will win in Nov 2020. Americans do not want the lawlessness and violence that Democrats stoke, embrace and coddle in the name of PC bullsh!t.

    Save America from Democrats. Stop the violent crime. Democrats are murderers
    (“never let a crisis go to waste” – Rahm Emmanuel)

    Chicago shootout at funeral sends at least 14 to hospitals, police say

    A horrific shootout outside a funeral home on Chicago’s South Side Tuesday night wounded at least 14 people, police said, in the latest chapter of violence gripping the big city.

    “All we saw was just bodies laying everywhere,” witness Arnita Gerder told WMAQ. “Shot up everywhere, all over. Legs, stomach, back, all over the place. We thought it was a war out here.”

    An SUV was traveling on 79th Street around 7:30 p.m. when people inside opened fire on funeral attendees, the Chicago Police Department’s First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter said during a news briefing.

    The attendees exchanged gunfire with the vehicle, which sped off before crashing a short distance later. The people inside that vehicle ran off, Carter said.

  5. The Progressive Left, the Demoncrat leadership (Pelosi, Schumer, etc) and the Mainstream Media, et al…these are the ENEMIES of the AMERICAN People. Open your eyes to their LIES! Open your ears. The MSM is NOT ON YOUR SIDE to report “the News”….they are the ENEMY of the People. 100%. Wake up America!

    1. They are just as much “the people” as you are. They ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY. We are all Americans.


      1. ummmmm…nah,.

        they should be shot, hung and quartered

        ya know…all of that Red State vs Blue State, when they go low we go lower Eric “I’m his wingman” joke of an AG

        gosh….Rahn Immanuel was right: never miss an opportunity to use a crisis

        1. Shot, hung and quartered? Why waste the bullets, ropes and horses?

          We will be lucky if we last till November without an all out civil war.
          Bring it


          A Department of Homeland Security official said Tuesday that nearly 40 federal law enforcement officers sent to quell ongoing riots in the Democrat-controlled city of Portland had their personal information posted online.

          Richard Cline, the Deputy Director of Operations for the Federal Protective Service, disclosed in a press conference that around 38 federal officers had their information put online despite taking precautions to prevent doxing, such as replacing name tags with badge numbers. It is currently unclear which individuals and/or groups put such information on the web.

          In the same press conference, Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf vowed his agency’s law enforcement activities “will not retreat” from Portland and told rioters that the time had come to “find another line of work.”

          “If you are a violent rioter looking to inflict damage on federal property or law enforcement officers, you need to find another line of work,” Wolf stated. “We will not retreat, we will continue to protect our facilities and our law enforcement officers.”

          Over the weekend, DHS deployed law enforcement agents to Portland in an effort to crack down on violent unrest that has persisted for over 52 days following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody in Minneapolis.

          Wolf said Monday that the federal agents are solely on the ground to protect federal property from persisting destruction at the hands of rioters.

          “What we know is before July 4, where we saw an escalation of violence in Portland, before that time, there was violence going, ongoing and DHS had had very few officers in the city,” Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told Fox & Friends on Monday. “We know that violence before the courthouse, they were directed at the Portland Police Department and other city buildings. So, the facts don’t lie, and the facts are that these violent anarchists and extremists were violent well before DHS surged federal assets into Portland.”

          “We are focused on protecting federal facilities. That is our mission, and we’re going to continue to do that,” Wolf then emphasized.

          Later Monday, President Donald Trump said that he could send additional federal agents into major cities to help quell civil unrest.

          “Look at what’s going on. All run by Democrats. All run by very liberal Democrats. All run really by [the] radical left,” the president told reporters in the Oval Office. “We can’t let this happen in the cities.”

      2. Don’t tell me to relax. The people you call “people” are not “people”…they are anarchists….they are Propagandists….they are Anti-American…..they are lawless! They are Progressives and their militant arm called Antifa and BLM. Wake up dum dum. Turn off the “news.”

          1. VOTE TRUMP 2020 As if your Librerty and your FREEDOM depends on it. Because it does.

        1. This is really an exciting time to live in America.
          Cops aren’t responsible to 911 calls
          Millennials are walking around terrorizing businesses.
          Black on Black violent crime is soaring
          BLM and ANTIFA are protected by the Democrats
          Democrats make hostile comments towards the US President

          It is going to be fun using the 2nd Amendment against Pelosi’s brigades….lots of fun



          Pelosi: ‘Whether He Knows It Yet or Not’ Trump Will Be Leaving the White House — Even If He ‘Has to Be Fumigated’

          In a Monday appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) weighed in on the possibility of President Donald Trump refusing to leave the White House if he loses to presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden.

          “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Pelosi about Trump’s interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace and said the president did not say one way or the other if he would leave.

          According to Pelosi, Trump is leaving the White House, “whether he knows it yet or not,” even if he “has to be fumigated.”

          “The fact is whether he knows it yet or not, he will be leaving,” Pelosi told Brzezinski. “Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn’t mean we won’t have an inauguration ceremony to inauguration a duly elected President of the United States. And you know, I’m second in line to the presidency just last week I had my regular continuation of government briefing. This might interest you because I say to them, this is never going to happen, God willing it never will, but there is a process. It has nothing to do with the certain occupant of the White House doesn’t feel like moving and has to be fumigated out of there because the presidency is the presidency. It’s not geography or location so, so much for him. I wouldn’t spend so much time on it that’s a victory for him because then we’re not talking about your first, more important subject, which is, what are we going to do to stop this vicious virus that is making an assault on our health, again, our lives, our livelihood and life of our democracy.”

          1. I bet she wet her Depends a little bit when she got to the FUMIGATE part

        2. It isn’t only Progressives!! These Communist Marxist are supported by the Democratic party!! It is really disturbing to watch what is happening in Portland and all around our country whose leader’s are Democrats. They are allowing these Communist Marxist to destroy property of their citizen’s, burning & looting, and kill their citizens!!! Now they threw explosives in a Federal building with people inside, then block the doors of that building so the people inside would be killed!! American’s who love this country are demanding that this killing stop, any polls I’ve seen have supported the President and feel he has to do something to stop these Communist Marxist rioters who the Democrat Mayors, Governors, Senators, Congresswomen support!! They actually want to see their cities destroyed instead of stopping this insanity!!!

      3. The Radical Left, Anftifa, BLM, the Progressives, the Democrat party of today…..all of them are the ENEMY of America. We are all Americans. Tell that to the DEMONcrats and their militia and their Media propagandists. We are in the fight for American. Don’t ever mistake this truth!

            1. He is getting nervous now that he realizes we have decided to fight for our country against them.
              These next few months should be exciting as heck

              1. Winning! Vote TRUMP 2020! We will FIGHT for our RIGHT to FREEDOM and LIBERTY! This is America! Vote TRUMP!

                Just say NO to Demented JOE! Joe and the DEMONcrats will RUIN the country (without a doubt!) and erode your Liberties and Freedoms. Just say NO to Joe and the DEMONcrats!

          1. Life is grand. This is a wonderful time to be alive and be a part of American democracy!

            oh, by the way, gun shops across America are out of inventory so….from one American to CCP boot licker.
            don’t worry: we aim really well……


      4. Newsflash for you, Olaf:

        The spoiled and badly raised Trustafarians in Antifa hate “We the People”.

        And the same applies to the Marxist founders and controllers of BLM.

        Fealty to the State, first and foremost, is the foundation of Marxism/Communism.

        Lenin and Mao made Hitler look like an amateur.

        But feel free to “Relax”, and see where that gets you. Apathy is not your friend.

  6. ‘Must-watch. Chicago PD show how “peaceful protesters” are used to shield the Antifa thugs — some of whom change from normal clothes into black dress — so they can prepare an attack on a statue and the officers defending it. This is what Democrats defend.’ @ joel pollak

    VOTE TRUMP 2020 as if EVERYTHING you hold dear depends on it. Because it does!

      1. “What you are seeing here is obviously an ambush on Police Officers, NOT a peaceful protest….”

      2. “Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed a group of protesters she said wielded black umbrellas and shields as they pelted Chicago police officers for inciting “anarchy” at the statue of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park on Friday.

        Lightfoot said the clash between protesters and officers happened because “a group of vigilantes” came to Chicago “for a fight, not a peaceful protest.”

        She said Chicago police Superintendent David Brown would be showing video “that shows these people before they got to the Columbus statue, kneeling down, dressing in all black, with goggles, forming a phalanx with umbrellas and with shields around them, and then pummeling the police with projectiles.

        “Frozen water bottles, cans, other projectiles. There were a number of police officers that were injured as a result of that,” Lightfoot said. “That’s not peaceful protest. That’s anarchy. We are going to put that down. We’re actively investigating and we will bring those people to justice.”

        Chicago’s statues of Columbus have become a heated controversy for Lightfoot, who has rejected calls to bring down monuments honoring Columbus.

        She has also rejected calls to rename the Columbus Day holiday.”

  7. Jonathan Turley has certainly attracted a bunch of twits and loons to his blog. SMH, but let them waste their time and energy, spewing nonsense and having no discernible impact.

    1. Wouldn’t that make you a twit and loon too, bc you posted here as well

      Just sayin’…

      1. You’re such high volume, that you’ve left George somewhat speechless.

        That’s formidable, “Anonymous”…

        Me thinks you’re off your meds.

        1. Why are you upset? There is no need for meds.
          This is freedom at work. Revolutions are grand.

          I can’t decide though: use the AK-47 first, the AR-15, the shotgun or maybe a few molotov cocktails.
          decisions, decisions.
          hey Olaf…what’s your home address? asking for a friend

    2. Pay attention on November 3. Then tell us we had “no discernable impact.” Buckle up Buttercup. TRUMP 2020!

  8. Just to clarify who the *actual fascists* are…..

    In 2015, The New York Times published the address of the officer who shot Michael Brown. The officer was found not guilty – as hard as AG Eric Holder and others wished and hoped to get the cop convicted, it didn’t happen; justice prevailed. But the ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ lie persists to this day. You can thank the Fake News Media for that. And the Democrat party.

    This week, The New York Times was going to publish to the home address of Tucker Carlson, in order to silence him and his opinons they don’t like, but Carlson called them out on air first.

    The Left, the Democrats, the Progressives, Pelosi, Schumer, MSNBC, CNN….these are the LIARS…these are the Totalitarians….these are the Fascists…..these are the Propagandists….make no mistake about it…..

    VOTE TRUMP 2020 as if everything you value about our country depends on it….because it does.

  9. Yes, Teen Mothers Are An Issue

    But Teen Births Peaked In 1991

    Though African American teens are still roughly twice as likely as non-Hispanic white teens to have children, the disparity is shrinking; the 2017 African American teen childbearing rate, 27.5 per 1,000, is approximately half the 1990 white rate of 50.8 per 1,000.

    Explanations for the collapse in teen childbearing since 1991 vary. 

    To the extent that unconditional welfare payments to unwed mothers enabled or encouraged teen pregnancy, the 1996 welfare reform eliminated that — though in hindsight, it’s clear the pregnancy rate had already peaked in 1991.

    The Wapo article below, from May of last year tells us that teen motherhood has declined significantly in the last 30 years.

  10. The Federal Law Enforcement Officers are protecting Federal buildings.

    But they are also a magnet for Antifa. Which is a good thing, because they are able to arrest “individual suspects taken into custody on specific alleged federal crimes”.

    The more pain for the Trustafarian sociopaths, the better. Pain is the only thing that will get their attention.

    1. Rhodes is one of the malicious trolls who keep stalking this thread. He tips his hand further down.

      1. Seth, you’re a DNC troll.

        So you calling anyone a troll, is extremely ironic.

        Are you going back into the classroom in August? Or are you doing remote learning?

        If it’s attending class in person, take the short bus.

  11. The real question is why should Trump send in troops. Chicago chose Mayor Lightfoot and now they have her. When they no longer wish to have a black lesbian Democrat mayor they can elect a Republican whocan in turn request assistance. Until then they can continue to live and die as they have been. That’s the definition of Democracy.

    1. marty, don’t misunderstand Lori Lightfoot being black and lesbian. that is a distraction.

      the reality is she is a corporate hack from BIGLAW – same sort of bureaucratic parasite on our society as BIGUNIVERSITIES and the “military industrial complex” and BIGBANKS and you name it.

      America is a weak state from the start, under our constitution. it was mostly strong just for commerce.
      today, it looks more and more like the servant of the masters of global commerce over the years. perhaps that is part of the equation understanding today

      from the perspective of the people, law abiding humble folks. overall it looks more and more like a failed state– one that was used by global corporate and plutocratic interests and may now be cast aside. but keep in mind that there are billionaires and not just geo soros that have literally financed the radicals like BLM that are leading the mobs forward to violence.

      1. Mr. Kurtz, the billionaires like Soros & Gates, are just water bearers for the trillionaires.

  12. Your Honor, please allow me to introduce Exhibit A


    “Can President Trump Really Send In The Troops To Chicago And Other Cities?”

    – Professor Turley

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 15

    The Congress shall have Power…

    To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;


    Thank you, Counselor.

    We stipulate to the fact that the federal government has the authority and obligation to protect federal property and personnel throughout the nation.

    The anarchists, rioters and rebels, partially as foreign invaders clandestinely supported by foreign nations, are guilty of property damage, bodily injury and failure to obey statutes and law as acts of insurrection and invasion requiring suppression by the Militia as called forth by the executive branch in order to execute the laws per Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15.

    This court is adjourned.

  13. Off topic. Trump’s wife says that Mar A Lago is one place that they will live when they turn the Presidency over to Pence at the Repub Convention. She wants a place in Europe to live at too.

    1. People who work in the White House on cleaning etc are already packing some things up for the August move

      1. Pence has not been told of the turn over to him.
        How do I know this? I’m clairvoyent.

        1. Pence heard about my comment here and called Trump. Trump advised Pence to pick his own VP partner.

  14. nonviolent? taking over streets, blocking access to public space, menacing and threatening citizens- this is not nonviolent.


    2018 Annual Report Chicago Police

    Subject Demographics

    The Subject Information table illustrates information given to the Department member at the time of completing the Tactical Response Report.

    Victim Demographics – Violent Crime Index
    Criminal Homicide (Murder):

    Race of Subject
    % of Subjects 2018

    Asian / Pacific Islander: 0.71%
    African American: 79.89%
    Hispanic: 13.70%
    White: 5.69%
    Native American: –
    Unknown Race 0.53%

    Age of Subject
    % of Subjects 2018:

    10-15: 5.39%
    16-20: 19.07%
    21-25: 21.79%
    26-30: 20..07%
    31-35: 11.11%
    36-40: 7.11%
    41-45: 4.35%
    46-50: 2.79%
    51-55: 2.07%
    56-60: 1.35%

    Demographics of Chicago per US Census

    Race and Hispanic Origin
    White alone, 49.4%
    Black or African American alone,30.1%
    American Indian and Alaska Native alone,0.3%
    Asian alone, percent6.4%
    Hispanic or Latino, 29.0%
    White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, 32.8%

    Democrats running the City of Chicago: infinity
    Republicans running the City of Chicago: never

    1. Wow! Blacks make up less than a third of the populatin of the City of Chicago but create 80% of the crime!!!
      And look at the age groups! the majority of the violent crime, roughly 65%, comes from under aged 30

      1. FYI

        Earlier Resettlement Plans

        The view that America’s apparently intractable racial problem should be solved by removing Blacks from this country and resettling them elsewhere — “colonization” or “repatriation” — was not a new one. As early as 1714 a New Jersey man proposed sending Blacks to Africa. In 1777 a Virginia legislature committee, headed by future President Thomas Jefferson (himself a major slave owner), proposed a plan of gradual emancipation and resettlement of the state’s slaves. In 1815, an enterprising free Black from Massachusetts named Paul Cuffe transported, at his own expense, 38 free blacks to West Africa. His undertaking showed that at least some free Blacks were eager to resettle in a country of their own, and suggested what might be possible with public and even government support.7

        In December 1816, a group of distinguished Americans met in Washington, DC, to establish an organization to promote the cause of Black resettlement. The “American Colonization Society” soon won backing from some of the young nation’s most prominent citizens. Henry Clay, Francis Scott Key, John Randolph, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Bushrod Washington, Charles Carroll, Millard Fillmore, John Marshall, Roger B. Taney, Andrew Jackson, Daniel Webster, Stephen A. Douglas, and Abraham Lincoln were members. Clay presided at the group’s first meeting.8

        Measures to resettle Blacks in Africa were soon undertaken. Society member Charles Fenton Mercer played an important role in getting Congress to pass the Anti-Slave Trading Act of March 1819, which appropriated $100,000 to transport Blacks to Africa. In enforcing the Act, Mercer suggested to President James Monroe that if Blacks were simply returned to the coast of Africa and released, they would probably be re-enslaved, and possibly some returned to the United States. Accordingly, and in cooperation with the Society, Monroe sent agents to acquire territory on Africa’s West coast — a step that led to the founding of the country now known as Liberia. Its capital city was named Monrovia in honor of the American President.9

        With crucial Society backing, Black settlers began arriving from the United States in 1822. While only free Blacks were at first brought over, after 1827, slaves were freed expressly for the purpose of transporting them to Liberia. In 1847, Black settlers declared Liberia an independent republic, with an American-style flag and constitution.10

        By 1832 the legislatures of more than a dozen states (at that time there were only 24), had given official approval to the Society, including at least three slave-holding states.11 Indiana’s legislature, for example, passed the following joint resolution on January 16, 1850:12

        Be it resolved by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana: That our Senators and Representatives in Congress be, and they are hereby requested, in the name of the State of Indiana, to call for a change of national policy on the subject of the African Slave Trade, and that they require a settlement of the coast of Africa with colored men from the United States, and procure such changes in our relations with England as will permit us to transport colored men from this country to Africa, with whom to effect said settlement.

        In January 1858, Missouri Congressman Francis P. Blair, Jr., introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to set up a committee

        to inquire into the expediency of providing for the acquisition of territory either in the Central or South American states, to be colonized with colored persons from the United States who are now free, or who may hereafter become free, and who may be willing to settle in such territory as a dependency of the United States, with ample guarantees of their personal and political rights.

        Blair, quoting Thomas Jefferson, stated that Blacks could never be accepted as the equals of Whites, and, consequently, urged support for a dual policy of emancipation and deportation, similar to Spain’s expulsion of the Moors. Blair went on to argue that the territory acquired for the purpose would also serve as a bulwark against any further encroachment by England in the Central and South American regions.13

    2. ZChicago’ incompetent Democrat mayor, Lori Lightfoot, enforces severe numerical restrictions on public gatherings in Chicago, unless it’s ten thousand plus in the street getting ready to attack cops.

      aside from how ridiculous it is that she encourages felonious assault and battery of her own police force,

      how does this not spread COVID?

  16. First of all Turley, stop calling Trump “President”, a title he cheated to get and does not deserve. When someone seeks a position for solely for the glory and power to feed their narcissism, it is immoral to use the title in association with their name. This country has had many patriotic men who did wonderful things to promote the American ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We patriots find it offensive for this title to be applied to someone who is the polar opposite, who cares for no one other than himself, whose incompetence is causing people to die every single day and who cannot stop lying and abusing power. Such a person does not deserve the title of “President”. Turley also seems to be trying to re-litigate the tear-gassing of peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park for a photo op by Trump to offset reports about his cowardice in hiding in a bunker. Sorry, Turley, that dog won’t hunt. We saw it in real time. The tear gassing started before the curfew, and involved Episcopalian clergy who were there to provide water and snacks to protesters, and others not committing any crimes.

    Secondly, Turley needs to stop feeding the narcissist by falsely claiming that his personal invasion of Portland, OR, without the consent and over the objection of the governor of Oregon and the mayor of Portland is supported by law. Every sentient being in this country knows that the sole reason for Trump’s deployment of his personal storm troopers is for political reasons only, to appear powerful, to feed into his ego narrative of dominance. HE EVEN ADMITS THAT HE’S GOING AFTER CITIES WITH DEMOCRATIC MAYORS. What further proof do you need? This is not like federal troops protecting the black students who had to traverse an angry mob of white people in order to enter school with George Wallace blocking the schoolhouse door. Maybe Fox didn’t show you the clip last night of a lone individual, standing on the street, who was grabbed by Trump’s storm troopers wearing camoflage fatigues with no military insignia, no name badges, with their faces covered, and who drug away the person screaming “what did I do” and “who are you”. They shoved the victim into a minivan similarly containing no insignia or means of identification. This is nothing short of kidnapping. Turley also alludes to a protester being hit in the face by a projectile from across the street. This protester had had 2 plastic surgeries as of last night. Who are these storm troopers? Why no insignia?

    That’s why it is wrong for you, Turley, to say: “What he can clearly do is what he did in Portland. Send in federal forces to protect federal buildings and arrest those who commit federal offenses.” BTW, Turley, kidnapping is a federal offense. The Trump storm troopers were marching down the streets of Portland, not standing in front of any federal building. The person who was grabbed wasn’t doing anything–not even walking–just standing there. There was also footage of these criminals pepper spraying people in the face who weren’t doing anything, either. What is clear is that the fat election cheater cannot send in unidentified storm troopers to abuse and kidnap peaceful persons because he is slipping in the polls. For someone who holds himself out as an expert in the law, especially the law regarding freedom of speech, defending this conduct is shameful. This is one reason I do not refer to you as “Professor”.

    1. Word! I come from a family of vets, some of whom died in war, and a character like Trump is 100% antithetical to the values they fought and died for.

      1. I come from a family of vets, some of whom died in war,

        If you assess the cohorts born during the years running from 1907 to 1927, you’ll find that in every cohort, at least 25% were in uniform during the 2d World War. In every cohort from that of 1913 to that of 1925, the majority were in uniform. In re the 1922 cohort, 80% were in uniform. In regard to the cohorts born after 1927 but prior to 1939, the share of each who entered the military at some point (or an adjacent service) was around 65%. In regard to the cohorts born from 1939 to 1950, roughly 45% were in uniform at one time or another. It was only with the post-1954 cohorts that military service was an occupational choice encompassing perhaps 12% of each male cohort. That you ‘come from a family of vets’ is not a distinction. So does everyone else who isn’t bereft of male relatives born over that 50 year span of time.

      2. “Word! I come from a family of vets some of whom died in war, and a character like Trump is 100% antithetical to the values they fought and died for.”
        German or Japanese?

    2. Natacha – do you have a good grief counselor lined up for November 3? Because you are gonna need help on that day, especially. Plan accordingly, sweetheart.

      TRUMP 2020 all the way!

  17. Send lawyers, guns and money!
    Lard get me out of this!

    Lard on Sunday and Crisco on Monday.

  18. What Happened To Chicago?

    Globalization And Technology Decimated Manufacturing Jobs

    In 1960, manufacturing employed more than half a million workers in Chicago and accounted for more than one third of jobs held by city residents. In several communities, including the far southeast ones of Hegewisch and East Side that were home to steel mills, the sector employed more than half of all working residents. But by 2017, fewer than 9 percent of Chicagoans were working in manufacturing. 

    Edited From Link Below


      The article explains that the loss of manufacturing jobs hit Black communities the hardest. Consequently young Black men, lacking education, have few prospects beyond minimum wage service jobs.

      In other words Chicago has been hit by the same forces that have devastated industrial cities all over the Northeast and Midwest. Though in the case of Chicago those job losses have stranded tens of thousands of young Black men in communities where gangs and guns are all too common.

      1. Seth, it’s also true that deindustrialization in the rust belt here hit blacks the hardest. that is true.
        they are still responsible for their disproportionate share of violent crimes
        poverty does not always equate into criminality.

        anyhow I find it interesting that whole towns in Mexico have poured out into Chicago today.
        Pilsen for example, once Czech, hence the name, now Mexican
        a MAJORITY of chicagoans are today of partly Mexican ancestry like 537 thousand or so, prolly more

        though I do not approve of illegal immigration, from the street level, in my viewpoint they have stabilized a lot of previously devastated neighborhoods
        there’s places that were “no go zones” for me decades ago as a white guy, that I can now traverse
        especially since i have passable Spanish. for an American
        of course, there is a lot of friction between them and blacks.

        ironically, it’s not the Mexicans in Chicago trying to tear down Columbus statue, but the BLM and ANTIFA,
        which is made up mostly of blacks and skinny white heroin addicts.
        if i am wrong and there is any sizable contingent in BLM from Mexicans I would want to know, but I would want proof.
        mostly they look like a 60-40% mix of young blacks and white freaks

      2. In other words Chicago has been hit by the same forces that have devastated industrial cities all over the Northeast and Midwest. Though in the case of Chicago those job losses have stranded tens of thousands of young Black men in communities where gangs and guns are all too common.

        Peter, there has been no secular decline in employment-to-population ratios.

          1. The states with the lowest employment-to-population ratios in 2018 were as follows:

            West Virginia
            New Mexico
            South Carolina
            New York

            These states had ratios between 0.512 and 0.582, as against a national mean of 0.604. New York and West Virginia touch on the Rust Belt, not the remainder. Again, about 60% of New York’s population lives in the Downstate counties, which are not Rustbelt. Another 10% is in the Hudson Valley, which is an annex to New England (and haven’t suffered the demographic stagnation of points farther west). The situation is similar in West Virginia, most of which is upland South, not Rustbelt.

            1. I think the point of the WBEZ article was partly that manufacturing jobs went away from Chicago and did not return

              Chicago’s employment picture is administrative gunk at the top, lawyers and finance and government, etc, and then restaurants and service industry at the bottom

              the extent to which manufacturing recovered anywhere nearby, it was mostly just across the border in Indiana which benefits from greater labor market flexibility due to the Republican red state policies that have allowed steel industry to somewhat recover, aided by 3 years of Trump that has breathed a lot of vigor into the NWI region

              and yet Indiana’s manufacturing recovery is still only a shade of its previous self. Illinois is much worse picture still.

              such manufacturing as recovered in Illinois north of Chicago, in part was on the border with Racine Wisconsin as well, again, far enough away from the rot in Chicago to have some breathing room.

              part of the story is that people who were skilled in the trade which made manufacturing in chicago attractive at one time, did not live there anymore. many of them went out of Chicago to the collar counties. i mean welders, machine operators, whatever. because, white guys who didn’t like black crime.

              this is the part of the picture that the WBEZ story did not capture. black crime is as much a cause of urban decay as it is a contemporaneous effect

              1. Kurtz, Milwaukee has suffered a serious decline in manufacturing more recently than Chicago. Blacks who moved from Chicago to Milwaukee, for better opportunities, may have found their new home less ideal than it was.

                1. Yeah Seth, that is so. right up the Metra to Waukegan first stop, thence onwards, tally ho

              2. Kurtz, the employment profile of particular municipalities is not that salient. What is salient is the employment profile of the commuter belt as a whole.

                1. I am not sure i understand you Absurd. You may be talking over my head. As book just said, my intelligence is questionable.

                  But if you mean the outlier suburbs, in Chicago, are part of the relevant workforce, I am not so sure about that. It is a big mess to try and drive a car from the suburbs into a job inside the city.

                  My friends who still live there, either live and work in the suburbs, collar counties, Dupage county for example, or, they live in a place like Winnetka where they can get on the train and just ride that into the Loop. The train ride is pleasant, by contrast, driving a car into the city is intolerable traffic jams among the worst in America. for quite some time now.

                  accordingly I don’t think that people who moved out, particularly skilled industrial workers, over the past decades, had any intention of continuing to work in chicago.

                  one of my CPD mentors, on retirement, moved from Bridgeport, a neighborhood in Chicago, to Rockford Illinois, which was typical for Italian cops of his “cohort” as you say.

                  I was not a cop, just a student, and he tutored me in the unwritten rules customs and details of street level law enforcement in Chicago.

                  1. The Census Bureau’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas are defined by commuting patterns.

                  2. Data from the Illinois Department of Employment Security indicates that about 16% of those working in Cook County commute from another county. For the other counties, it’s as follows: DuPage (50%), Kane (38%), Lake (34%), McHenry (27%), Kendall (46%), Will (34%).

                    For comparison, the comparable figure for downstate metropolitan counties is as follows: Winnebago (15%), Champaign (14%), McLean (15%), Sangamon (17%), Macon (19%).

                    1. well, i think i understand your point better now. nonetheless, it seems to be comparing apples to oranges. the scale of population between Chicago and Champaign-Urbana are unlike. I am familiar also with Champaign, due to the university there, and, it is rather unlike Chicago in many other ways as well. I do not know these other communities.

                      I feel that the WBEZ thing was solid, and Seth’s characterization of the jobs picture in Chicago is fair too.

                      I would guess, that a large amount of whatever labor market flexibility there is in Chicago– is for restaurant jobs. there are a multitude of excellent restaurants from low to high price, among many locations, and for many tastes. However, there is one thing they all have in common. Mexicans in the kitchen. From the famous and large number of Greek restaurants, to the many Chinese ones, the kitchen are full of Mexicans. You may have your white women waitresses, or your white gay male waiters, out front, a Greek or a Chinese or an Italian on the register, but the kitchens are full of Mexicans. And this is not to defame them, their cooking skills are generally very competent. I come to wonder if it isnt becoming an ethnic speciality for Mexican Americans to be the cooks. Before the covid I was reminded again of this when I went to a cheap Chinese mega buffet and the dessert table was full of flan and sopapillas.

                      And then you have the irony that the most famous Mexican restaurant in the city is owned by a white guy, Rich Bayless. Anyhow, they are generally paid on contract, 1099s, or day laborers with no 1099s, not w-2. They are often paid in cash. This lifestyle is well known to migrants but for native born americans of any race, it is not a favorable setup. but it is what it is. This is how many things get done, in Chicago, plus ca change, plus le meme chose.

                      i am not sure how economists interpolate the “underground economy” in a place like Chicago which has so much of it. I continue to hold to the essential notion that there is a barbell shape to the labor market in Chicago: cheap service jobs on the bottom, administrative on top. and not much between.

                      I think about the only good news for black folks is that they have a high level of employment in all aspects of city and local government including the police. these are decent paying jobs.

                      the amazing thing is that “Black Lives matter” protesters were just out attacking them friday so violently. This is totally unacceptable.

        1. Absurd, because manufacturing jobs drained from Chicago, the city’s employment is basically limited to low wage service jobs and skilled professional jobs with not much in between.

          1. Don’t be stupid, Peter. You’d have to scrounge to find a locus with a bimodal wage distribution, and Chicago’s no exception.

            The Bureau of Labor Statistics has wage and salary data on the State of Illinois. Greater Chicago accounts for > 60% of the state’s population. Among the entire work force, the median cash compensation per worker (benefits excluded from consideration) is $19.74 in hourly terms. About 52% of the working population of Illinois is employed in occupations where the median cash compensation in hourly terms is between 0.67x and 1.5x the median for the working population as a whole. For about 22%, the median compensation of their trade is lower than 0.67x and for 26% it is higher than 1.5x.

            1. Absurd, I dont know ‘what’ your statistics are supposed to mean What’s more, I think you’re trying to play a stupid shell game here.

              You seem to be implying that good jobs are abundant in Chicago for anyone who wants to work. I don’t think that’s the case and neither does Kurtz. And we’re both from Chicago. Yet you want to argue ‘what’..??

              You’re just some bogus intellectual who likes to write like a stodgy, boring researcher to put across vague points that people will be afraid to challenge because they don’t know what you mean. What a stupid form of amusement!

              1. I’m pointing out the obvious.

                1. Wage distributions are not bimodal. The distributional curve may grow flatter or taller, but it is not bimodal.

                2. Up until very recently, you have not had in this country systemic employment deficiencies on a scale larger than a single commuter belt or perhaps a single state. When the ratio of employed persons to the population over the age of 16 is about as high as its ever been (bar a brief run of years around the year 2000), you are not suffering employment deficiency. A higher proportion of the adult population is was working in 2018 than was the case in 1958.

                3. Mean annual compensation per worker (in real terms) was in 2018 half again what it was in 1973.

                This ‘the jobs went away’ meme as a general explanation for social pathology is hooey.

                1. Absurd, try to find a well-written article to support whatever you’re trying to say.

                  Absurd, you have always suffered from Chronically Disengenous Syndrome so one never tell if you’re pursuing a sound argument or playing catty games. And the fact that you keep egging on that malicious troll is a good indicator of where you’re coming from.

                  1. Absurd, try to find a well-written article to support whatever you’re trying to say.

                    No need. I say precisely what I’m trying to say. I can explain something to you. I cannot comprehend it for you.

                2. Absurd, excuse me if I am a little dull, but this interests me.

                  By not bimodal, are you saying that they are not ever like a barbell? sure seemed that way to me. perhaps i am wrong
                  or perhaps you are saying, they tend not to be like a barbell?

                  of course that makes sense to a degree because we understand the higher paying jobs will always be fewer, the lower will always be more

                  but what we were getting at, is a change in the middle range

                  this chart i found illustrates the way i was thinking about it. it does depict a curve which is not perfect but has some variance in the middle


                  i wonder if you could find, without wasting too much time, a good comparison of the jobs available at what payscales, across several decades discussed int the WBEZ article Seth linked. that would be interesting to me, i would love to know if my impressions were accurate or not, based on actual employment data. I don’t presume to give you homework, just saying, finding that would not be easy for me, and if you wanted to convince me i was wrong, I would certainly be open to the possiblity. I can always be wrong

                  1. Kurtz, the WBEZ article notes that there are still many good paying jobs for SKILLED laborers in Chicago. But young Black men with a high school degree or less are essentially looking at only low wage service jobs. And there they are competing directly with Hispanics whose presence you noted.

                    1. But young Black men with a high school degree or less are essentially looking at only low wage service jobs.

                      Or construction jobs. Or whatever. Why do you fancy it was any different 50 years ago?

                    2. trade education has a history in chicago. there is a famous school there i forget the name. the need for skilled labor is perennial. there were black folks in chicago who tried for generations to cultivate skilled labor. i am not sure when that all fell apart. but it’s clearly gone by the wayside now.

                      right now black people are elevating leadership that screams and yells and could care less about developing technical skills.
                      that is george washington carver stuff. booker washington stuff. they call them “toms” and they now dislike them.
                      right now the only black leader in chicago that calls for economic self reliance and community development from within is Farrakhan, who has been remembering the name of Marcus Garvey even as all the rest of the black establishment forgot it.
                      Farrakhan has a lot of bad points, but his emphasis on community self reliance and self development is admirable.

                      the black leadership establishment do not care about developing technical skills. they are adorers of WEB Dubois, who was interested mostly in political pressure games, or worse yet, Mugabe’s playbook. they will get nowhere just as Mugabe’s people got nowhere.

          2. Seth, I agree with that characterization. Low wage on one end, and administrative strata at the higher end

            And Chicago hasn’t even kept up with helping the service sector. the sales tax is outrageous

            One could go on and on about the mistakes, but the COVID has hit hard, and the rioting chaos will hit even harder.

            By the way, Chicago politicians have a history with ANARCHIST VIOLENCE.

            Mayor Cermak was murdered by an immigrant anarchist named Zangara in 1933

            Here, read about this in a good essay by the longest serving Chicago alderman, the famous (or infamous) Edward M. Burke, who for all his imperfections, I confess that I truly admire, a true American patriot. You can tell by his words precisely what HE thinks of anarchists.


            PS Lori Lightfoot, of course does not like Edward M Burke. He is considered a relic of the old Chicago– the one that actually worked!
            Lori Lightfoot is out of step with Chiago. She coddles anarchists and rioters. She is a stain on the proud tradition of self governance in Chicago.
            She is a failure and must be sent out to pasture asap for the good of the city.

            1. Kurtz, it’s hard for me to form an opinion on Lightfoot without being there to consume local media.

              1. Seth

                she’s a scion of biglaw. she was a partner at mayer brown and platt. read her biography at wiki, it is full of interesting information. there is a lot to parse., she is not connected to the older elements of local politics, in fact, she prosecuted them.

                the main thing I draw from it, is that she is considered a reliable corporate actor who was not “beholden” to elements of local politics
                that is to say, a favorable pawn for the likes of the plutocratic interests IE Governor Pritzker and his very rich Democrat allies.

                she has no heart, in a word, she is mercenary

                there has been a transformation in chicago that is not unlike the ending narrative of Casino:

                it has been financialized, in a word
                the benefits that were once there for the workers and citizens alike, are now all gobbled up and transformed by financialization
                the global business interests just want a green zone in the loop for their flyover headquarters. that is the main thing for them.,
                so the Outfit had to go, the “corrupt unions” had to go, swept aside by the radical ones (more easily manipulated)
                the ethnic neigbhorhoods had to go (divided by the interstate, crushed by crime and migration)
                the old timers had to go, rooted out by “corruption investigations,”
                now or perhaps last year or so, it’s something more like Disneyland than the hog butcher of the world
                really expensive and a fund place to visit but dont want to live there. and corporations make the big money.

                except it’s not looking like Disneyland very much the past months that’s for sure


                my viewpoint is informed by my thesis that BLM and the ANTIFA are covertly funded by global billionaires like Geo Soros and various titanic financial interests, who want to engage in a destabilization campaign to unseat Trump as part of their ongoing strategy against nationalism as such; in favor of the free movement of goods, labor and capital; which requires that they remake international relations getting rid of the older Westphalian elements.

                i see Lori as playing her part in this right now as she coddles the rioters at the expense of her own police force and whatever law abiding people remain as residents in the city. this is not just random crime. this is planned and financed and shaped by professional agitators. it is a deliberately engineered crisis environment that is somehow fitting into the global remake. that much i feel in my bones.

                1. Kurtz, your globalization theory compliments my original statement. And those dynamics are playing out all over. But you lose me with the George Soros super conspiracy angle.

                  1. Seth, I cited many times Lenin’s Essay on Imperialism as a Late Stage of Capitalism as a prophetic view towards forces of globalization that are being encountered today, which are dismantling the system of Westphalian nationalism, that when it was set up, was being impelled forwards by nationalism, But nationalism has outlived its usefulness for the titans of global capital. They want free movement of goods, labor and capital. So they can make even more money than they do now. National regimes are viewed as an impediment to “growth”

                    For this they need to get rid of national borders and they are doing it by a complex assortment of legal and cultural initiatives. I recommend you follow the “World Economic Forum” which is very much a Soros fanfest of the world’s top leaders, because at Davos they spell it all out pretty clearly.

                    Soros is just a well known and large fish. there are many others cut from the same cloth.

                    Populism is what they call the resurgence of nationalism in the form of people like Trump, Putin, Bolsonaro, Dutuerte. They speak of them in the same tone that they spoke of Mobute Sese Seko or Suharto, when those guys were cashiered. Human rights blah blah blah. but then the human rights offenders that are favored by the Davos boys, ie, the CCP, always get a pass. Why? because the “human rights global watchdogs” are have budgets that are all funded by the likes of Geo Soros and he gets what he’s paying for! That is not conspiracy that is “donor responsiveness!” but the key element is that they dislike national sovereignty as such.

                    Now another book that helps inform my viewpoint is Carl Schmitt’s Nomos of the Earth, and his other works

                    but they also do it not only through overt programs, but they do it through planned crisis. I recommend you to read or watch the documentary, “Princes of the Yen” which is about the work of economist Richard Werner who was a consultant for the Bank of Japan in the relevant time period. This will reveal to you how crisis is often engineered by financial tools, put to effect by central bankers desiring to make social change. Whatever they are, “democratic” is never one of them.

                    1. Seth, I cited many times Lenin’s Essay on Imperialism as a Late Stage of Capitalism

                      Good God, no. It was crank nonsense. If you want a critique pitched to general audiences, read Thomas Sowell.

                    2. Yes, I have, 35 years ago. The argument was blatantly invalid. Acquiring overseas dependencies is not a necessary component or even a useful component of domestic economic development, something you can discern by looking at countries comparatively and longitudinally. The notion that it was is crucially dependent on conceptions of Marxist political economy that are discreditable and discredited.

                2. I freely admit I am biased. when I was coming up i had a lot of patrons who were connected to elements of the old order in Chicago, from cops to politicians to lawyers. I am not a big person, just a humble citizen, a lawyer of mediocre work ethic, pathological attention deficit, and erratic achievement. and what little advancement i have achieved was much helped by others. I think back on the many faces of generous and wise men who did a thing or two to help teach me and give me some opportunities. Who knows why. Maybe I was just lucky.

                  Most are dead now. So many were Democrats. Some switched parties along the way. Some not. I would call them all Reagan Democrats. Strong with industry, strong with the European ethnic communities, strong with organized labor. There was a tribal feeling, I had with them, even coming from a Republican household. These were my people, I felt completely at ease with them. I was blessed by them. Even today I have the warmest feelings for many friends who are active in Democrat offices and endeavors. These are patriotic Americans, law abiding folks, community leaders, not the crazed radicals we see on tv saying “my way or we burn it down”

                  I can’t understand how things have so fast collapsed in the face of these nutjob BLMers and the ANTIFA. What has happened? Did you all hate Orange man so much you were willing to see the cities burn, literally, to get rid of him?

                  Where is the respect for an older generation of big city Democrat leadership that did so much for the people?

                  Now, if they were white men– as they were– now they are each and as a class, vilified, hated, mocked, denounced– by the spearhead of today’s Democrat party, no less! This is an outrage. Forget about Tom Jeff, rather, how can you tolerate the insults heaped on decent men who were alive in living memory?

                  For example. I am fascinated by the elder Mayor Richard J. Daley, a larger than life figure, hated today by many Democrats for the way he cleaned out the ‘peaceful protesters” in 1968. In my view, his son Richard M, was a good mayor too.

                  Frank Rizzo was such a mayor in Philly. Of course BLM hates his memory and got rid of his statute through vandalism


                  This was, of course, a Democrat party of a different era. A better Democrat party, in my thinking.

                  I keep rubbing my eyes and trying to wake up from this nightmare where we are all stuck at home because of a pandemic. And then, beleagured by teeming hordes of rabble in once city after another, intent on wild iconoclastic displays of criminality, tearing down statutes of leaders that helped build our great nation. And keep on doing it over and over. God, wake me up from this nightmare please.

                    1. Correct. And anyone who thinks Old Demented Corrupt Joe Biden can hold the Radical Left at bay is sadly mistaken. Look out, America if Joe Biden gets into the White House. Bye Bye Miss American Pie…..our country as we know her will cease to exist…..

                      VOTE TRUMP 2020 as if EVERYTHING you value depends on it….because it does.

                    2. I am an average citizen who is enraged at what i see happening. From Democrat run cities and states with their corrupt Leftist so-caled “leaders”….to the outright blatant LIES told by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi every time a microphone is put in front of her mouth! and that the MSM lets them get away with! It is outrageous! Pelosi and Schuer are shameless political HACKS and LIARS and their Media Comrades assist them in purveying their lies. I am sickened by the lying media and the lying Democrats.

                      TRUMP 2020 as if EVERYTHING you hold dear depends on it. Because it does.

      3. Seth, this exemplifies how little you know.

        “Clinton signs NAFTA into law”, Dec. 8, 1993

        “In 1992, Reform Party presidential candidate Ross Perot — who had challenged both Clinton and George H.W. Bush, the incumbent president who was seeking reelection — argued that if Congress passed NAFTA, Americans would hear a “giant sucking sound” of companies fleeing the United States for Mexico, where workers could be employed for less pay and without benefits.”

        October 10, 2000: “Clinton Signs China Trade Bill into Law”

        Yes, both Bill’s cost massive amounts of American jobs.

        But that does not provide an excuse for black people killing black people in Chicago

    2. There are more factors for sure, the biggest one being a lack of a father in the majority of black homes. This of of course is compounded by the lack of jobs b/c women are then incentivized to go on welfare and NOT have a father in the household. This greatly contributes to a chronic state of poverty and low income communities. Education is often the way out, and that’s another whole level of corruption.

      1. Lorenzo, Bill Clinton compromised with Republicans on Welfare Reform more than 20 years ago. Staying on Public Aid isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be. But conservatives have grown so accustomed to making Welfare a talking point they are not even aware that Welfare Reform ever passed.

        1. You are just jealous it wasn’t you wearing the blue dress instead of Monica…..

          how’s the nail salon business?

          1. If you are the one who spanked his ass last week and had him going cray cray on here, where do we send money?

          2. Oh Christ, these gay Trumpers are still on Turley’s blog. What a bore!

                1. No, it wasn’t me, Seth.

                  But it’s obvious that it really got to you.

        2. I remember the Welfare Reform Bill, but there are a large variety of welfare programs at the state and federal level that continue to provide incentives for poor single mothers not to marry, and especially if they only have a hight school degree and poor job skills.

          1. Nope. The salient program was AFDC. The population of the US has increased by about 20% since 1995, but (up until a few months ago), the census of AFDC’s successor program (TANF) was 1/3 that of AFDC’s a generation ago (when 12 million people were collecting benefits). As of 1991, all but 9 states had eliminated Depression-era general relief. In New York, which retains it, you are permitted to collect general relief for 24 months per lifetime.

            The vast bulk of the spending on means-tested programs goes to Medicaid. Medicaid benefits are not fungible. A shade over 2% of the population are receiving some sort of federal housing subsidy. Nutritional subsidies are much more prevalent. They’re also modest. SNAP benefits amount to about $230 per household per month. Whether that’s good policy or bad, it’s not going to have a radical effect on people’s propensity to seek employment.

            You see claims now and again that disability programs moved in and replaced AFDC, but that’s an unsustainable argument. The representative AFDC beneficiary was a woman of 22 with a bas*ard child. SSDI and SSI require a disability adjudication and are awarded to individuals only. The median age of applicants awarded SSDI de novo is 49, and over 80% have no dependents. SSI awards tend to be to those younger, because it’s the program which provides income for people who are disabled all their lives.

      2. Blacks and woke entitled white progs should thank Biden and Hillary for passing the ’94 Crime Bill, which directly imprisoned half the black fathers and conscripted black mothers to Democrat welfare for their entire lives. See Biden video, “I’m PROUD of this crime bill!” ie the more blacks in prison the more money I get from police and the prison industry! (LBJ Re. his alleged anti-poverty welfare bill: “We’ll have these n……. voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”)

        But they won’t.

        Oh, and thank Biden for supporting the credit card companies, which directly caused hundreds of thousands of innocent blacks to be caught up in an endless, out of control debt spiral. Biden: “Moah credit card company donations, please!”

        And maybe Biden can up the black abortion rate from the measly 40% of all US abortions (Kaiser Hospital Institute) to 90 or 95%!

        Natacha: you down with that crummy 40%? What’s your personal target?

        Because woke.

    3. thats a good article for fine details, i liked it
      & true as far as it goes, terrible loss in manufacturing jobs,

      globalization means what however?
      the weakening of national boundaries, that is, impediments to the free flow of goods, labor, and capital

      Manufacturing jobs were lost to Asia and mexico, mostly. .That’s where most of these manufacturing jobs went. Low wage destinations, where governments do not allow free organizing of labor unions, where there are little or no environmental regulations, and a whole host of other tyrannical and backwards situations that get exploited by international financial wizards to eke out ever more profits.

      To some degree, it is a historical process that will trend no matter what, but it did not need to happen so fast, it was largely a result of one political factor, that is, that free trade policy was foolishly embraced as dogma by both parties. for a time, decades.

      Until Trump, basically.

      technology, too, for sure, but almost impossible to put that genie back in the bottle when it comes along. that factor can’t be stopped.

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