Northwestern Students Demand Abolition of Greek System As “Embedded With Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Classism”

220px-Northwestern_University_Seal.svgStudents at Northwestern University are demanding the abolition of fraternities and sororities as inherently racist institutions. The Instagram page “Abolish NU IFC/PHA [Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Association]” denounces all those who support the Greek system as “perpetuating harm” to minorities.

The students declared “The Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Association are complicit in perpetuating harm. We must abolish these organizations which are embedded with racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and classism.”It is a curious campaign given the existence of historically black fraternities and sororities like Alpha Phi Alpha.  Moreover, there is nothing inherently racist or discriminatory about the concept of a fraternity or sorority even though exclusionary policies long plagued Greek systems (as they did universities as a whole).

Zana Rashid, a spokesperson for Northwestern’s Panhellenic Association, has disclosed that the association is in fact discussing abolition. The closing of the Greek system would impact 20 percent of the student population.

The question is whether an entire Greek system should be abolished when almost a quarter of the student body reportedly values and supports it. If a house exhibits discriminatory conduct, it can be addressed like any other part of the university.  These fraternities and sororities are first and foremost voluntary associations supported by each of these students. Even if some students do not support or even approve of the system, these students do. It is an associational choice that is tied to their values.  Rather than force all other parts of the university to confirm to the views of these opposing students, the university should allow them to create associations that appeal to their own values and interests.

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  1. Chicago is being massively and horrifically overrun by disgusting pathetic weasel criminals. They’re thieves, anyone decent get your stuff and get out of Chicago now. It is only going to get worse with delusional brainwashed leaders.

    1. Send in the Feds, if Lightfoot can’t handle the City, time to send in the Feds.

      Such a shame for a beautiful city.

  2. Things might be different in the Midwest. But I do not recall myself that UCLA or USC frats and sororities had issues with LGBTQ+ or low income.

    I wasnt personally in any sorority, so maybe I am green on this topic, and too far out now, 10 + years, but idk, I don’t recall anyone being excluded for being gay, and I never heard anything like that from anyone.

    I do know the sororities had the Blonde sorority and the Brunette sorority and so on, and I had an Asian friend pledge who was rather annoyed at being bumped out of some from not having the right hair color. 😆 lol. Asians have very pretty hair, but besides the point.

    I know the sororities had you buy 5 plus dresses and different colors and styles for the days you pledge. I left the meeting then and there, I just can’t have that many dresses in my closet, I would just never wear them, waste of money.

    I guess some could argue between buying dresses ans buying gifts for the older sisters, it could become rather expensive for a low income student.

    I don’t think they discriminate against LGBTQ + or at least they don’t out here in California, that was never an issue here.

    And I have no idea what BIPOC is, I am sorry, it looks like BI-COP to me at first glance, then I realized I was just reading too fast.

      1. I just put down an elderly person’s 16 yo dying dog today and paid for it too.

        Not my grandma, not my mother in law, not my mother.

        Say what you want, Seth, but this Gray Anonymous is one very nice person. Not sure I can say the same for you.

  3. Turley Columns Now Pictured Mainly By School Emblems

    The Professor enjoys illustrating his columns with ironically funny pictures. Still shots from old movies or 19th Century cartoons are used to convey the essence of issues Turley wishes to addresses.

    But when Turley writes one of his many ‘Free Speech’ columns, or ‘Tyranny From The Left’ warnings, the piece is usually pictured with a school emblem. A brief glance suggests more columns than ever are pictured by emblems.

    Is Free Speech so threatened the professor is working overtime to keep up with developments? One asks because so many issues in Washington raise legal questions that should interest legal scholars.

    Like Donald Trump’s naked sabotage of the U S Postal System. There a Trump appointee (and donor) has set about to undermine confidence in the Post Office. This ahead of an election where mail-in ballots could play an outsize role. Trump is essentially committing treason by willfully destroying an American institution that goes back to Benjamin Franklin. It’s not in Trump’s interest to preserve a healthy postal system.

    Yesterday Trump signed an Executive Order suspending Payroll Tax Deductions. This is arguably the most controversial order any president has presumed to issue in the last 50 years. To begin with there is no popular support for this order. Republicans didn’t even want it! As a stimulus its effect would be marginal at best. No relief for the unemployed who number 30 million. No respected economists were calling for this action. It was simply Donald Trump trying to start to an argument.

    Leaders of both parties know Social Security and Medicare need ‘more’ funding to avoid future defaults. Yet Donald Trump would starve those programs of vital new funds. And again, like the Post Office, it suggests that Trump has no regard whatsoever for American institutions. Trump won’t need Social Security or Medicare for his own survival. So the future of those programs are of no concern to Trump.

    It happens when the president is a narcissistic sociopath. His personal agenda Trumps everyone.

    1. Actually, the reduction in payroll taxes could prompt Employers to keep current employees and maybe hire some. It does have immediate impact on both workers and Employers. And while it’s true that Payroll tax deficit looms, at this point, with us steamrolling towards $30 Trillion of national debt, does it really matter in the year of COVID? I’ll answer for you — “No.” By the way, nice attempt to gaslight with the accusation that Trump doesn’t care about Soc Sec because he won’t need it — nice detour.

  4. I have always found the fraternities and sororities at my alma mater, Faber College—where I graduated Magnum Force, to be elitist, racist, and exclusionary. The abhorrent social conduct of its participants is evident in the following sequence:

    1. That documentary about Faber College has likely influenced many of the critics of the Greek system, because it’s not like a professor would have an ability to directly interact with those students and get to know what they are really like. No, much better to rely on these 3rd party studies.

  5. I demand abolition of Northwestern University because it is infested with Red Guard.

    Better yet. Keep all the STEM intact; that is worth saving

    Fire the entire Board of Trustees and and President and all top management including all deans outside of STEM.

    The humanities must be purged. There is no way to save universities without fixing the boards, firing the executives, and culling the useless troublemakers in every department.

    There is bad news and there is good news

    The bad news is that this reform can’t be accomplished according to the norms of liberal discourse

    The good news is this. Postmodernist and Marxist norms threw liberal norms in the garbage decades ago. So, now we have a lot of people like me, who were trained at the finest universities in postmodernist thinking, but who can use it against them. And I would.

    See how Stalin purged Trotskyites from the party and the entire massive soviet union in about 5-10 years time. This is what we must do to the current remainders of Trotskyism.

    Purge them.

    That is not liberal my good friends and such like as Professor Turley would say.

    I agree., It is not liberal. We are past the point at which liberalism can rectify this situation. We are well in to what Carl Schmitt called:

    “The Crises of Parliamentary Democracy” — I recommend it! I understand that the late Leo Strauss at U of Chicago used to teach this work. One wonders if anybody at NWU has that level of intellect.

    And 95 years later, maybe the answers are similar,. and right where we were afraid to find them.

    1. “The humanities must be purged. There is no way to save universities without fixing the boards, firing the executives, and culling the useless troublemakers in every department.”

      It’s getting harder to disagree with that approach.

      1. I think you’re mistaking the locus of the problem, which is the faculty and administration in their capacity as bourgeois who work for NGOs (or state corporations with many of the properties of NGOs). You have a rancid peer culture. Your business and engineering faculties hardly do jack squat about it. The sciences-and-math wing of your academic faculty are feckless when they’re not joining in the destruction.

        You need changes in federal and state statutory law. And you need for state and federal judges to fear the consequences of trying to run interference for the Bourbons.

        1. I honestly don’t know how much the STEM and business school side of academia actually comprehends the extent of these problems. Unlike the ‘real’ world, academics work in very siloed environments and simply don’t engage with these other departments. Additionally, I can see how they would give the benefit of the doubt to these critical theory schilling departments out of common courtesy, when in fact they all need a good application of critical analysis. You can also argue that STEM and business would want the problems in the humanities to be corrected to preserve the credibility of these universities that employ them, but people in these STEM and business always have far more flexibility in moving to private industry if the university system starts to fail.

          1. They know bloody well and they do nothing. Some of them are on board with it. The professoriate is astonishingly other-directed and conformist.

            1. In my experience, that is not the case. I’m not claiming my experience is proof but that’s what I am going by.

    2. This reaction must be akin to the raw, horrific panic experienced by the passengers on the Titanic; as if they could DO something – anything.

      Higher education is on its way to the lower realms.

      The band shall play on…briefly.

  6. More leftist cry-bullies at work. Let’s see is today’s Greeks resemble anything like their predecessors where such a demand would be met with a shrug and if then insisted upon a cold brew over the head.

    1. I use to walk by the Greek Life near GWU. The tamest Greek Life I have ever seen. 🤣

      Now, USC Greek Life, thats a whole other story. 😉 I saw stripper poles and cages inside some frat houses.

      What else? Some dug a massive pit in the front yard and lit a mattress on fire in the giant hole. Not sure what that was all about…fire hazard, torts…? Idk, young and dumb, the youths, or should I say ‘youts.’

      Can’t speak for NWU though. Pretty funny campaign.

      Yeah, someone said it earlier, but if you are not into it, don’t join, have apartment parties or get together, and look away.

  7. Is a nation with a population that is 98.5% homogeneous “racist?” Japan seems to be a prosperous and effectively functioning nation.

    Its population is 98.5% Japanese.

    China has virtually no other races.

    Japanese people (Japanese: 日本人, Hepburn: nihonjin) are an ethnic group that is native to the Japanese archipelago and modern country of Japan,[31][32][33][34] where they constitute 98.5% of the total population.[35] Worldwide, approximately 129 million people are of Japanese descent; of these, approximately 125 million are residents of Japan.[1] People of Japanese ancestry who live outside Japan are referred to as nikkeijin (日系人), the Japanese diaspora. The term ethnic Japanese is used to refer to mainland Japanese people, specifically the Yamato.[36] Japanese people are one of the largest ethnic groups in the world.

    In 2005, there were 1,555,505 foreign residents in Japan, representing 1.22% of the Japanese population.

    – Wiki

    Animals are gregarious. Being gregarious is natural.

    Using “racist” as a pejorative is insidious and duplicitous and just plain wrong.

    Those who do deliberately conflate illegal violence with observations of and an opinion on race are simply parasites in search of “free stuff” who want to end freedom and impose dictatorship.

    Those who do deny Americans their innumerable rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities and oppose America and the U.S. Constitution.

    The right to private property precludes Congress from dictating and mandating any aspect of the ownership of private property including unconstitutional “Fair Housing” and “Non-Discrimination” laws.


    By Christopher. Lydon Special to The New York Times

    April 7, 1976

    SOUTH BEND, Ind., April 6 — Jimmy Carter said today that the Federal Government should not take the initiative to change the “ethnic purity” of some urban neighborhoods or the economic “homogeneity” of well‐to‐do suburbs.

    ‘If he wins the Presidency, the Georgia Democrat said at a news conference here, “I’m not ‐going to use the Federal Government’s authority deliberately to circumvent the natural inclination of people to live in ethnically homogeneous neighborhoods.”

    Similarly, he said, “To build a high‐rise, very low‐cost housing unit in a suburban neighborhood or other neighborhoods with relatively expensive homes, I think, would not he in the best interest of the people. who live in the high‐rise or the suburbs.

    “Any exclusion of a family because of race or ethnic background I would oppose very strongly and aggressively as President,” he said. “But think it’s good to maintain the homogeneity of neighborhoods if they’ye been established that way.”

    1. Every politician is a work in progress. Ask Carter what he thinks of this, now. Lincoln was a racist by today’s standards. Today’s standards are indicative of goals. Those that expound that there is a natural order based on race are happily on the out. The problem with goals is the status quo tends to impede the attaining thereof. There is never a shortage of examples of why integration is not the best goal. Lincoln agreed to the concept of Blacks as property that should be returned to their owners. Then he evolved. But, not to an ultimate goal of universal goodness. He advocated Blacks returning to Africa and saw this as some sort of win win solution. Most freed slaves were of African origin, but several generations removed. They were, in many cases, more American than some Whites. Imagine third generation freed slaves landing on, what would be to them, a foreign shore where they would be subject to clan discrimination. Lincoln’s solution was primarily a solution for racist Whites.

      The Japanese culture is unique in that it has been, for many, many centuries isolated from the source of much of its cultural achievements, China and Korea. China is also to a degree xenophobic and racist as it was a dominant people that were, for almost two centuries subjected to the racism of the West and Japan. Racism is clan derivative sourcing from the ‘war footing’ that has been with human kind since certain peoples discovered that it was easier to take than to create. WW2 illustrated more than any event in human history that this chapter in human history has come to an end and that ending must be completed. It will probably take a century or two as racism is embedded in the human nature that is passed on from generation to unfortunate generation. It attaches itself to bigotry and the natural inclination to want to be greater than just one in 7 billion. Like theft, colonialism, and national hubris, accepting a higher level due to birth, color, and race is the easier route.

      1. What the —- did you just write? You just said, “Totally abrogate the Constitution, comrades!” Edicts, Mein Fuhrer,,no, General Secretary???

        You’re not an American. You have no concept of American freedom. You reject the Constitution. Typically, in a war, the enemy is repulsed. I have no idea how you communists have been allowed to persist for so long.

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