Three Florida Men Allegedly Commit A Series Of Burglaries While Wearing Ankle Monitors

CT3K243MK5AYXCKQFNVY7GXJ6Q We have previously discussed crimes that are just dumbfoundingly dumb like the thieves who stole a hundred tracking devices. However, Zion Odain Denvor Hall, 21, Tyrek Davontae Williams, 19, and Tremaine Raekwon Hill, 18, did that guy three times better. They all allegedly wore ankle monitors during a series of burglaries. They did have competition this week as the most criminally inept felons in Florida. A man first stole lottery tickets from a convenience store and then returned to cash in a couple winning cards.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that the three men were on pre-trial release and wearing monitors when they allegedly decided to go on a crime spree.  They were arrested for burglaries, armed burglaries, fraud, gun thefts and other criminal acts. The seized evidence includes a wide variety of stolen goods including an AK-47, a Smith & Wesson handgun, more than $150,000 in cash, and stolen cards, a car, and other items.

The prosecutors stacked the charges of burglary, grand theft and racketeering with Hall facing 35 counts, Williams facing 25 counts, and Hill are facing 19 counts.

download-2They are not unique in this crime. We previously discussed Benjamin Langkamp Jr., 18, (right) who wore an ankle monitor while breaking into over a dozen cars.

What is interest in terms of the trial is how this pattern would play into sentencing consideration, if convicted.

If found guilty, the pattern would wipe out claims of remorse. It would show a premeditated and undeterred level of criminality that would push most judges to the higher levels of sentencing guidelines. It would also work against the defendant in terms of the court’s few of their continuing threat of criminality. In other words, this is a good case for a plea if the defense counsel can secure one.

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  1. I wonder when Turley will do a article on all of Trump’s men wearing ankle monitors.

  2. To think that us taxpayers are going to have to provide free food and board for these 3 miscreants.

  3. Someone should invent an ankle bracelet that delivers enough voltage to incapacitate the wearers if the perimeter is breached. Depending on the crime you could increase it to vaporization mode.

    1. Invisible fence is a thing for dogs. Not sure if the zap is one time when breeching the perimeter or a constant zap.

      1. My buddy did the Invisible fence. It give a warning beep to let the dog know he was close,before zapping him. Quite a zap. His dog would just lay down when it started beeping. When it quit beeping he knew the batts were dead and would go over to the neighbors to sit on their porch. Smart dog.

    2. I remember a s I Fi movie ( can’t remember the name of the movie ) but it was prisoners that had rings installed around their necks and if they breached the perimeter the ring exploded popping their heads off like pop bottle caps, darn wish I could remember the movies name ? Another veiw into a Biden future would be Sly Stallone’s and Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man, it’s a look at what a future Dem utopia would be, and Sandra Bullocks also in it too. Check it out.

  4. Give the Democrats time and they will make sure that ankle monitors are banned for any criminals. I mean, think about it. If there is no bail and no prison, then why have ankle monitors? The only use for ankle monitors will be to track law-abiding citizens, especially once their guns are confiscated.

  5. DeBlobobo would have them released again, only without those white supremacist ankle monitors.

    1. And if they are good kids who are honor students just trying to turn their lives around.

  6. Idiot Checklist:

    Neck tattoos: check

    Buckwheat hairdo: check

    Ankle monitor: check

    Dumber than a box of rocks: check

    Momma has 5 different Baby Daddy’s (one of which may or may not be your biological father): check

  7. They were probably jus funnin cause bored. I’m sure it was just a game to see who could boost the most. They probably meant to see which one could return their loot the quickest. Maybe.

  8. I hope they found a loaf a bread in the booty, since AOC thinks criminals only do it for bread. Did someone not explain to them that the ankle monitor is a tracking device?

  9. It must be the systematic racism in the criminal justice system that drove them to this. Couldn’t possibly be their own fault.

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