Bakker Calls For Donations In Fighting The Government Over Alleged Covit-19 Fraud . . . Government Awards Bakker Pandemic Relief

Jim_Baker_-_PTL_Broadcast_(1986)We have been following the dubious work of Rev. Jim Bakker after his release from prison, including pitching “cures” for the corona virus. There is now an interesting twist.  While Bakker is being pursued by the government for possible fraud for selling fake cures for Covit-19, the government just gave him a loan to help him continue his work during the Covit-19 pandemic. Ironically, Bakker begged supporters for money to help him fight off the government. The government appears to have responded.

According to the Associated Press, Bakker was approved for an amount between $650,000 and $1.7 million in Paycheck Protection Program funds.  That is useful support since he is being pursued by the Federal Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission as well as the New York and Missouri attorneys general.  While PPP loans are meant to go to specific uses like paying wages, the infusion of money can only help Bakker who was calling for supporters for emergency support.

As we discussed previously, Bakker has been shilling for a variety of products, including doomsday supplies.  However, his “Silver solution” pitches drew the ire of government officials.

However, here is a broadcast on February 12th with Sherill Sellman:

Bakker: This influenza that is now circling the globe, you’re
saying that silver solution would be effective.

Sellman: Well, let’s say it hasn’t been tested on this strain of the
coronavirus, but it has been tested on other strains of the coronavirus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours.

Bakker: Yeah.

Sellman: Totally eliminate it, kills it. Deactivates it.

Bakker: Yeah.

Sellman: And it boosts your immune system so then you can
support the recovery, ‘cause when you kill the virus then the
immune system comes into action to clear it out, so you want a
vibrant immune system as well as an ability to deactivate these viruses.

Sellman: Silver Sol has been proven by the government that it
has the ability to kill every pathogen it has ever been tested on
including SARS and HIV.

Bakker used broadcasts like this to pitch Silver Sol products to viewers for
donations such as $80 or $125.

The fact that Bakker is offering a fraudulent cure as part of a religious pitch does not insulate him from civil or criminal laws.  If that were the case, criminals could simply adopt religious forums to defraud people with false investments, cures, or products.  This is precisely the type of conduct that led me to write an academic work entitled “Laying Hands On Religious Racketeers” some thirty years ago.

The PPP loans could add a twist to the fraud investigation since applicants seeking PPP loans were asked to certify they are not engaged in any illegal or fraudulent activity under federal, state or local law. However, the government does not appear to be actively making eligibility determinations before forking over money as part of its rush to get money out to the public and businesses.

Of course, if this is a cure or Bakker has not engaged in fraud, this will be left in God’s hands.   For the moment, Bakker’s prayers may have been answered. Bakker declared on his show: “SOS, save our station, save our ship, help us stay on the air. We’re asking people to give an offering, and we need a miracle.”

Bakker added:

“Your products are going to come to you. Every one of them will come to you, come right to your house, and if we can’t, we are going to refund. I will sell the buildings, parts of the buildings at Moringside in the long run if you give me a chance. Don’t let me have to file for bankruptcy . . . We need money to say on the air. I am just saying it bluntly,” he said. Bakker and his wife asked for people to buy their books or send in donations . . . They’re already bleeding us to death, and now we’re going to have to pay lawyers that will bleed you to death.”

As stated in Matthew 7:7: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”  At least until the government comes knocking with a search warrant and seizure order.

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  1. Congress has the power to tax for only “…general Welfare…,” deliberately omitting and, thereby, excluding any power to tax for individual or specific welfare, charity or any other form of redistribution of wealth.

    “All Proceed Well”

    General means “all” – not a few or some.

    Welfare means “proceed well” as in roads, water, electricity, post office, trash pick-up, sewer, etc., not lifestyle “free stuff” for parasites who choose not to endeavor and support themselves.

    All citizens make various choices in lifestyle and do not eat the same foods, wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, have the same medical conditions, engage in the same recreation, etc.

    Paycheck Protection Program funds and all other funding for the American welfare state are irrefutably unconstitutional.

    Article 1, Section 8

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States;

  2. I wonder why Prof Turley loves to hide behind stories like Jim Baker’s as a Red Herring & says nothing of the Dr Fauci/Bill Gates& corrupt foundation, Big Pharma attacking Turley’s/everyones religious beliefs by putting human cell lines, Aborted Fetal Tissue, into many vaccines & even some in these new experimental Commie Flu Vaccines?

    Where is Bill Gate’s & many other Big Pharma Licenses to practice medicine?

    Giving them Billions of US$$$ against the pennies on the dollar Jim Baker received.

    And not a word on their decades long push for their Illegal/Unconstitutional mandatory vaccines laws/regs!!!

    1. Virginia Health Commissioner Says He’ll Force All Residents To Take COVID-19 Vaccine
      By Eric A. Blair
      Published August 24, 2020 at 11:30am

      HUGE! Noted Yale Epidemiologist: Dr. Fauci and FDA Have Caused the ‘Deaths of Hundreds of Thousands of Americans’ that Could Have been Saved by HCQ (VIDEO)
      By Jim Hoft
      Published August 23, 2020 at 8:45pm

    2. I thought we did talk about that last week oky, maybe it was just in comments. check the blog roll, maybe you missed it. one can’t keep up with the constant flow !

      1. Mr K,

        It’s a 100% I’m missing much. Just yesterday I went back digging up reports on financials & this Commie Flu fraud from just last week showing it’s all being used to overthrow our current government to save them as there are so many good reports.

        Do you remember the article title?

        A new report out somewhere now 750 Docs have joined with the other 50 whatever Docs pointing HCQ/Zinc/Zpack is saving people’s life’s & asking Trump for an emergency order to let them use it.

        I mean really, over the weekend, Portland, burning down businesses, armed Fascist Antifa/BLM confronting cops, burning down car dealerships… even knocking out a cop by hitting him in the back of the head with a Ph’k Brick!!!

        At some point the cops have to take the gloves off against those Commie Backed Domestic Terrorist Aholes & their Big Phama Medical Tyranny/Deep State Tyranny or the citizens will.

        The election is just 69 days away & I predict right after, either way, if those Commie Backed Domestic Terrorist keep it up they’re are in for some reality.

        This 1st video is one of the best I’ve seen:

        Veteran Warns Masked Tyrants: “Families Are Starving”, Stop Or A Revolution Is Coming Soon


        Aug 19, 2020
        The David Knight Show
        The David Knight Show

        The COVID hoax has been exposed but the regulations keep coming. This veteran’s speech is a wake-up call to the middle class that the govt is intentionally destroying.

        For viral content, in-depth insights and breaking news be sure to follow David Knight on Parlor and Twitter @Libertytarian

        Citizens Invade Closed Austin Park Shutdown By Communist City Council



        Aug 23, 2020

    3. “I wonder why Prof Turley loves to hide behind stories like Jim Baker’s as a Red Herring”

      Bakker was convicted of conspiracy. Conspiracies aren’t necessarily the ravings of crazed lunatics; sometimes they are legit, prosecutable crimes…

      Perhaps here, there be dragons.

      1. Rose,

        I haven’t kept up with Baker as there are far far greater issues at hand, maybe they could play his story on Access Hollywood?

        But Colloidal Silver is a real product that real doctors prescribe for different things. I’m not an expert though.

        Commie China was using it as a mist to disinfect medical area’s entrances early on in their Commie Flu outbreak.

        But most of the US’s odd news sources, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, WAPO, NYT, etc are just American Hating CIA/FBI propaganda bullsh.t.

        So a lot of people never hear anything else but Baghdad Bob type crap.

      2. Rose,

        I would add addressing your concerns about another Baker being a criminal, I’m not up to date on his past/current conduct, but for the sake of argument I’ll concede the point he’s guilty again of something.

        It just means he’s just another small time con artist.

        Dr Fauci, Bill Gates & his Corruption tax payer protected Foundation, Big Pharma taking Billions of USD$ from taxpayers have been intentional harming/ Millions upon millions here in the USA & worldwide.

        Point is Baker is a nothing story by comparison.

        But it’s Prof Turley’s blog & he should post what topic he wish & thankful he say’s we’re free to speak, civily. & that’s a great thing about America we should protect forever.

        1. Oky1,
          I agree this story is small fry by comparison. My focus was a bit sideways from Bakker himself.

          1. Rose,

            I should check myself to stop myself from over shooting the topic here, but I feel very much under direct assault by commie democrats/Rinos attempting to k.ill everyone/thing I love /care about.

            One thing about self proclaimed wannabe Christian we all admit we’re all sinners, many if not all back slide once or a few times. As far as all the different men named Baker it’s not mine to start throwing rocks at them in my own glass house.

            But I am like my German Shepards when they know danger is near I can tell & the hair goes up on their back.

            I’m sensing massive danger ahead & also with these Bill Gates vaccines with Human unborn baby tissue cell lines among other hazards like mRNA.

            My personal beliefs, my religious beliefs & medical beliefs are screaming at me & the hair on my dogs back Not No, But Hell No!!!

            Millions of us feel the same, Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, etc…

            Docs/Nurses/others are attempting to warn everyone, but FB, Twitter, Google-You Tube, Apple, etc., are blocking all their words of warnings.

            i post here in part just to get part of a msg out.

            1. Oky, if you can’t handle living in a democracy where you don’t get your way every time without threatening to shoot somebody, GTF out. Democracy is how we do it in America. Where are you from?

              By the way, we Democrats have put up with you winning the Presidency twice in the last 5 elections while having the fewest voters and I haven’t heard anyone of us threatening to shoot your sorry a.s

              Take hike to the border.

          2. Rose, why do you humor this deranged idiot who is effectively threatening to shoot people?

  3. Jonathan: No big surprise that Rev. Jim Bakker has been approved for a PPP loan of between $650,000 and $1,7 million. But why would anyone in their right mind loan money to a guy who was convicted in 1989 of 15 counts of wire fraud, 8 counts of mail fraud and 1 count of conspiracy? Well it’s because Trump’s back is against the wall in this year’s election so he needs every evangelical vote he can get. What better way to shore up his base than to lavish taxpayer money on Rev. Bakker. I agree that Bakker’s offer of a “fraudulent cure” for COVID-19 should subject him to civil and/or criminal penalties. But why stop with Bakker? For almost a year Trump has been peddling fraudulent cures for COVID-19 like household cleaners and hydoxychoroquine. Maybe after leaving office Trump should also be prosecuted.

    1. Trump never advocated household cleaner. he said “like a sanitizer” and in fact there is an experimental therapy green lighted for research by the FDA which would lower a UV light emitting device into the lungs to literally disinfect a concentration of pathogens stuck in the lungs. I linked the documentation here many times and you people just ignored it so I wont again. Trump never gets a break.

      UV light irradiation was a successful treatment for polio and other illnesses prior to the development of broad spectrum antibiotics and it may yet find new therapeutic uses. You can look it up if you think this is cranky, i thought it was too until I read peer reviewed medical literature about it

  4. In the meantime, Jerry Falwell the Lesser, just came clean about his wife’s affair with a pool boy. He is using this as a way to salvage himself as he claims that he was traumatized and depressed and thus all his shenanigans as of late. Whoopee, the religious snake oil business men (and women) selling ‘do as I tell you, not as I personally act’ to the faithful.
    And the RNC Convention started off by telling the audience that Trump is a gift from God.
    Charlatans running religion. I have no patience for it.
    The real power is derived from many unscrupulous business actors who will do whatever it takes to associate themselves with institutions who can help them with many votes which translate into letting them do whatever they want as in destroying regulations put upon them.
    Trump is a gift from God? How far can the charlatans push the ‘unwashed multitude of folks’ before they finally wake up and open their windows and doors to yell: I’m not going to take it anymore!”?
    Mind you, I am not against religion and I recognize the power it has for the ‘good’ of humanity. When I figured out people around me fooled me with the whole Santa Claus story I asked myself, why should I accept the God story?
    The Trump clan is now anointed and may yet again be reelected. I mean, does not everyone want to be like the Trumps? Perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect breasts, perfect clothing, grand houses and golf clubs, luxurious yachts and money, money and money? Isn’t that something to admire?

    Cheers me dears,

    1. Elsie, the Enlightenment dogmas that collectively could be called “secular humanism” are held as unquestioningly by most liberals as are equally dubious belief of Biblical literalists.

      Things like “all men are created equal” which is obviously untrue, in almost any sense (except the sense that we should all have equal treatment under the law, which narrow view of the truism I will subscribe to). Otherwise, outside of equal protection, I am not sure how it is true for anybody, even genetic twins, that they are “equal” because we are actually all different., and that which is different is by definition, not equal. And so even twins who are essentially genetic clones, move though different space and time and have unequal experiences which make even them, different and thus unequal. one twin comes out first, and is older. The other twin is younger. they are hence, not equal. You get the idea. So much less equal are all of us with our wonderful “diversity” of traits and experiences. Vive la difference!

      Now this will usually elicit a lot of vehement outrage. But it seems as obvious to me as the idea that life on Earth evolved over hundreds of millions of years and not a few days.

  5. Has government ever created a program where they place adequate controls to make fraud difficult? The PPP program was ripe for fraud, while at the same time ineffective for those needing it the most, the smaller businesses without large bank businesses relationships.

    1. We have a wretched legislature. And in this country, we build capable businesses and half-assed public bureaucracies. This is just what you’d expect. F*-ups all the way down.

  6. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Fool me three times, and you’re dealing with the morons who run the government.

  7. If Bakker got some money, you can bet that Uday and Qusay Trump got a piece of the action. I would love to see the donation Bakker gave Trump’s reelection scheme.

  8. The Bakkers are there as a double edged sword. First they give support to idiots and idiocy. And, they get paid well for it, seemingly by Republican governments. That’s the sorry edge. The cutting edge is that they illustrate the mindlessness and stupidity of so many right wing god fearing ‘mericuns’. Yup. Hair, Hair, Hair

  9. There’s a reason governments should not be involved in commercial and industrial lending, or, indeed, in any kind of lending. You need public agencies for certain functions and you need to nurture them so they learn better how to perform those functions. Congress sets this horrid goody distribution up and our incompetent federal civil service just compounds the crazy.

  10. From what I’ve read the stuff contains purified silver and deionized water, not sure what that does. Maybe if you drink enough you could set off the metal detectors at the airport?

  11. Since FB and Twitter have decided what is an approved theraputic cure, why can’t Bakker? He has the same medical degree they do.

    1. At the time the PTL ministry imploded, a quondam associate of his said ‘I don’t know if Jim has any conscience left or not’. If the two of them weren’t grifters from the get go, they likely were from at least the mid-1970s.

      Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson got lumped in with these two by the media. Falwell was never an adherent of the Prosperity Gospel or any signature feature of Pentacostal or Charismatic practice. Pat Robertson is formally a charismatic Southern Baptist, but has stayed away from crookery and justifications for it. Both he and Falwell built actual, legitimate institutions and Falwell ran a button-down baptist ministry. (Robertson is a very peculiar man who says very peculiar things from time to time; Falwell was not).

      I don’t think there is such a thing as a sustainable pentacostal / charismatic ministry. Eventually, people walk away from the weird stuff or they start scamming others. (Generic evangelical bodies have subtler problems, liturgical bodies still others).

      1. ‘Pat Robertson is formally a charismatic Southern Baptist, but has stayed away from crookery and justifications for it. Both he and Falwell built actual, legitimate institutions’

        Pat Robertson built his television network on ‘tax deducible’ donations and then sold the network for $1 billion and kept the money. Robertson is a fraud and liar like Kenneth Copeland, Jim Bakker, et al.

        Liberty University is nothing more than a diploma mill.

        1. Pat Robertson built his television network on ‘tax deducible’ donations and then sold the network for $1 billion and kept the money.

          Non-profits are permitted to sell property. If you have evidence that proceeds went into his personal accounts, let’s see it.

        2. Liberty University is nothing more than a diploma mill.

          That’s a flat out lie.

        3. Just to elaborate, those admitted to Liberty have middling board scores (the median is around 1080) and about 35% complete their degree in four years, which is comparable to what you’d see among the better institutions in the CUNY system. It’s remarkable inasmuch as Liberty favors online instruction. Only 15% of their students are enrolled at their brick-and-mortar campus.

          It should also be noted that the Christian Broadcasting Network was not sold en bloc. It’s television stations were sold off piecemeal.

        4. Far Out West…….The Charismatic movement was never part of Southern Baptist doctrine. Pat branched out. Personally, I don’t think he is anywhere near the same category as Bakker..
          On the Saffir Simpson Scale of Salvation Scoundrels, I’d say Bakker is a Cat 5 and Robertson a Cat 1.

          1. Again, Baptist bodies are non-creedal. It’s their signature. The Southern Baptist Convention is not a pentacostal body, but miscellaneous bodies have charismatic elements in them, though I think in most the charismatic phenomenon peaked around 1975. Robertson was an ordained Southern Baptist minister prior to 1988. Jerry Falwell Sr. was at one time affiliated with the Baptist Bible Fellowship. Bakker was tossed out of the Assemblies of God in 1987, as was Jimmy Swaggart.

            1. The Assemblies of God is a pentacostal body.

              There were even charismatics in the Catholic Church for a time. Never met one, though. Charismatic practices were banned at the Episcopal parish my family attended ca. 1973. (“Anyone speaks tongues in this church gets escorted to the door”).

              1. Absurd……..Ah, yes..charismatic Catholics…….They’re responsible for the Folk Mass and guitars in church.(Catholic).
                The ones I knew were scary people. I would rather be in hell with my back broken , surrounded by neo nazis, than spend a minute with Charismatic Catholics from the 1970’s.

                1. The Benedictines were playing around with all kinds of Masses in the late 1950, including the folk Masses. Blame everything on them.

            2. Absurd………Not again! You are determined to have me die on Baptist Hill.
              There have been Southern Baptist ministers in my family since the 19th century. I don’t need a lecture. But, thank you. The charismatic movement was never part of Southern Baptist Doctrine. To have a goddam Yankee challenge me on this makes me reach for my salts.
              Btw, Honest and I have left the Episcopalians! Don’t know if you realize what’s going on with those jackanapes, but Bishop Curry’s behavior offers a clue. Also, turns out they want to phase out old people! Hello!! Anyway, it’s very disappointing

  12. Trump loves Bakker. He’s Trump’s kind of “Christian”, a man who uses god to defraud people. Nothing will happen to him and if it does Trump will pardon him!

    1. Bakker has been under the radar for 30-odd years now (except for court appearances) and his consort died in 2007. The Bakkers were not in their prime explicitly political. You’re not worth spit.

      1. The point is that the Bakkers are swindling people out of money, swindling the government, and generally, are not any better than thugs looting the local Target.

        1. and generally, are not any better than thugs looting the local Target.

          Frauds like Bakker do not wreck street life. They induce demented people and very stupid people to part with cash. The people who lose money lost it voluntarily, which the owner of the looted AutoZone franchise did not. By all means, put Bakker in federal prison, but don’t pretend he’s a worse threat than street criminals. He isn’t.

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