Selling The Rope To Hang By: Clothing Giant Lululemon Launches Campaign To Resist Capitalism

Please forgive a departure from our usual discussions but I wanted to share an interesting controversy in the area of fashion and apparel. A new campaign to “unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism” is under fire.  Such campaigns are now commonplace on campuses but this is a campaign to end capitalism by Lululemon, a publicly traded brand worth billions and in the business of selling such things as leggings for $120 apiece. The campaign brought to mind the quote attributed to Lenin that “When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with each other for the rope contract.” In this case, Lululemon will sell you the rope in various colors plus some “hotty hot” styles for $60.


The company has selected Rebby Kern, a self-proclaimed “social justice warrior,” as a spokesperson and promoted a class called “Decolonizing Gender.”

Her site rallies people (including those who linked through Lululemon) to resist consumerism  . . . presumably like Lululemon.  Kern (who identifies as a “non-binary, biracial, pansexual person”) declares that “capitalism wins under a colonized binary system of gender?”

Karl Marx said in The Communist Manifesto that “The proletarians have nothing to loose but their chains.” However, he said nothing about looking démodé. You can still redefine society in a “Define jacket” for $80.

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  1. Folks, I’m sure you feel it too, the high water mark of SJW, loony liberalism, political correctness, critical race theory etc etc. I do believe the peak was last Thursday at about 3.17am. The tide is turning quite quickly now. I predict by next Summer only the uncool diehards will be pushing against the tide. The rest of us will find enjoyment in prosperity gained through honest labors.

  2. Ladies and Gentlemen: if you have money, and you can afford 60 yoga pants. Don’t! Just don’t.

    Go to your local TJ Maxx or Marshall’s and buy Nike, Adias, Champs, Fila, New Balance, Asics, Brooks, and any other brand you can think of…if you go to a TJ Maxx in an upscale neighborhood on delivery day, you will hit the jackpot, just ask all the employees what the delivery days are for each store.

    Absolutely Zero reason to buy LuLuLemon overpriced sweatshop leggings. They come from the same factories with the same abused workers in Bangladesh, Guatemala, China, etc., etc.

    Who even made Lulu a thing?

  3. Ha ha! They will compete to sell the leggings we will hang them with. Be assured. We will hang them.

  4. The Atlantic was so moved by Trump’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize that they have called for abolition of the prize itself, for everyone. Odd request now that someone has actually earned it.

    Sounds like they would undo the Middle East peace deals if they could get away with it so the President wouldn’t get credit for his spectacular success. What’s a few more decades of war and terror if they could stop Trump?

    This is the same magazine with ‘anonymous’ sources that led the attacks on the President that fell apart in hours a short time ago.

    I do wish the Democrats would stop lying about the president and burning down cities in an attempt to make him look bad.

    But they won’t stop, will they?

    1. While I don’t want to absolve the West Coast weather patterns (La Nina), arsonists, bankrupt utilities, or lightning from guilt, some of this has to be attributed in certain parts of the West to policy decisions on management of wild fire risk. Voxsplaining to me how its “historically” the fault of Europe or some other tired trope isn’t going to resonate with those of us that have seen the combination of mismanagement and neglect when it was obvious 7+ years ago that this was coming, at least in California.

        1. Henry, thanks for the link. Good info, though your dismissal of the Vox article goes against a major contributing factor which your own article endorses. Between poor management strategies and droughts/overly dry terrain from climate change, both can be true and apparently are causes.

          1. Hi By the Book – I appreciate the feedback and think is is a fair point. I try to avoid blaming climate change for everything when there are simpler causes. Note that I specifically addressed La Nina, which is the extended climate trend that has driven conditions in the area I’m most familiar with, California. I’m also sure that climate change has had an impact in the tremendous expansion of the forests on the west coast, but when Governor Gavin only finally agrees to sign an MOU allowing more extended burning this summer, and then blames “climate change” rather than long term mismanagement (to be fair, before his election) I felt it was covered elsewhere.

    2. David, thanks for the link. A pretty thorough history and analysis of how we got here. I recently heard a researcher expressing a more hopeful trend – I can’t remember or find his name but he’s American and I heard him on a Sam Harris podcast. His studies show that the development going on in the less developed world is significantly more efficient due to modern technologies than the processes which the West used beginning with the Industrial Revolution, and therefore predictions of added CO2 due to their development may not be as bad as we expect. Not a cure all of course or end to all our worries, but hope where we can find it.

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