Rowling’s Books Burned or Banned Around the World Over Her Personal Views Of Gender

In Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore told the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”  Many are learning the truth of that line written by famed author JK Rowling as self-described progressives burn her books or ban them from shelves because she personally holds an opposing view of gender.  Much like the boycott movement of Chick-Fil-A over comments by its CEO, people are seeking to punish Rowling through attacks on her literature.  We previously discussed the embracing of art destruction as analogous to book burning, but now actual book burning is being embraced as a weapon of the woke.

A TikTok series show people around the world burning copies of Rowlings’ books. In one video of a burning pile of books by TikTok user @elmcdo, a voice is heard saying

“You have to stop using ‘death of the author’ as an excuse to have your cake and eat it too. While the reader’s perspective is an important part of interpretation and meaning, it is impossible to completely divorce a work from its creator. The positive impact that J.K. Rowling’s work had on millions of readers does not negate how her hateful lobbying has affected the trans community.”

That sums up the logic of every book burner in history.  You cannot read a book because of the views or religion or identity of the author.  It is better to burn the book to protect society.

Then there is Rabble Books and Games in Maylands, Perth. The owner owner Nat Latter proudly declared on Facebook that he had removed all fo the Harry Potter books from bookshelves to guarantee “a safer space for our community.” So you can buy a Rowlings book by having it retrieved from behind the back room like pornography.  It is a form of censoring by making it more difficult to buy some books rather than others because you disfavor authors with opposing views. Latter seems to relish the role of a book censoring book seller:

“Whilst stocking a book isn’t an endorsement (good grief, that would be a minefield), and we will always take orders for books that aren’t in stock, there are more worthy books to put on the shelf, books that don’t harm communities and won’t make us sad to unpack them.”

Does Latter also hide works with opposing views on gender from the Bible to the Koran to classic novels?  Indeed, why not pull all of the work of authors like Hemingway and others for their views of women or race relations or other issues? Book sellers used to be people who wants to be gateways to knowledge and a world of different ideas and values. Now readers are being protected from even seeing the name of an author who personally holds opposing or offensive views.
What is most disturbing is not the flawed rhetoric of these individuals in justifying book burning and speech regulation but the relative silence from communities as a whole. We have seen increasing pressure to regulate art based on the identity or gender of artists.  Authors often hold unpopular views from society as a whole. Many are deeply religious or hold narrow views of certain social institutions or rights. These views are often not reflected in their art or writings. Indeed, Rowlings is viewed as extremely liberal but holds a narrow view of gender.  We can debate her on those views and denounce those that we find hateful or intolerant. However, burning or banning or hiding books (or destroying art) is the ultimate attack on free speech. It is the signature of oppression from the China’s Qin Dynasty to the Nazis to Southern segregationists. Saying that you are different because you are acting in defense of others is a transparently weak rationalization. Declaring intolerance in the name of tolerance captures the very illogic of book burning.
Thankfully, this remains a small minority of activists but there is a more pronounced anti-free speech movement growing in this and other countries
These actions only prove again what Albus Dumbledore said (and J.K. Rowlings wrote): “Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”

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  1. A medical tragedy created an accidental experiment in gender identity.

    Shortly after he was born David Reimer had his genitalia badly damaged during a relatively routine medical procedure. The decision was made to intervene with further surgery and give him what appeared to be female genitalia and to raise him as a girl without ever letting him know he had been born male.

    The decision to raise the child as a girl was based on the prevailing dogma that sexual identity is a social construct. Infants have no sex until they are raised with gender expectations. The guiding hand in this was Dr. David Money at Johns Hopkins. In the medical community Money continued to report success over the years but there were suspicions that his reports were not entirely accurate.

    In fact Reimer’s male identity was very strong despite believing he had been born female. At public school Reimer’s behavior was so inappropriate for a female that the girls in class used the nickname ‘Monster’ when referring to her/him. Sometimes Reimer would jump into schoolyard fights in a way a girl likely would not do. On one occasion Reimer was caught trying to urinate while standing up and was banished from the girls’ restroom.

    When his parents could no longer bear all of the chaos they told him the truth, that he had been born male. He immediately took up a male role and subsequently got a girlfriend, so besides not changing his biological gender identity his sexual preference was consistent with a male heterosexual. The psychological toll was too great, however, and he committed suicide. The story is related in “As Nature Made Him”.

    Gender identity is not a social construct.

    Giving your boy a doll or painting his toenalls is not going to change his gender identity or make him gay. If what was done to Reimer can’t do it, nothing can.

    On the other hand, if somehow during development a boy’s brain is programed female in part or whole, it may be as nearly impossible to change it to male for that child as it was for Reimer to be convinced that he should behave as a female.

    Finally, if doctors or school professionals or peers manage to convince a child that he or she is transsexual and begin hormone and surgical intervention while the child is a minor there is a good chance that when that child is old enough to be free of those influences the true biological gender will reassert itself as it did with David Reimer, and the result is likely to be tragic.

  2. “Book sellers used to be people who wants to be gateways to knowledge and a world of different ideas and values.”

    This has not been the case for decades. There are several book stores in woke Oakland and Berkeley that only sell books by left-leaning authors. Every tome is vetted by the staff.

  3. Rowling says gender depends on chromosomes. Of course she’s correct but 0.0001% of the population is confused about this, defensive and aggressive simultaneously. Perhaps uncomfortable in their stupidity. Really, LGBTQ is a vanishingly SMALL cohort that makes a lot of noise. Look at me. I’m different. I’m weird. I can’t handle my life….. And no, this poster is not hateful, just a realist.

  4. These cancel culture types is one reason why I will NEVER vote for Democrats. Any party that claims to be anti Authoritarian but tolerates and encourages this crap isn’t for liberty.

  5. You should write an essay about what “offensive” means and who get to determine what is offensive. Basically who died and left the liberal woke progressives in charge of determining what is offensive.

  6. I see some residents of New York City have painted a mural to tell their mayor and governor what they think of them.

  7. #TheJimmyDoreShow

    “COWARDLY Silence On Julian Assange’s Trial by Establishment Press!”

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