“Talk About A War On Christmas!”: CNN Thrills With Airing Of Secret Taping of First Lady

Years ago, American politics left all notion of decency behind in our age of rage.  That was evident when the media and liberals celebrated the disgraceful conduct of Maryanne Trump betraying her aunt’s confidence in secretly recording her talking about her brother.  The same people reveled in the unethical conduct of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen who not only secretly recorded his client, President Donald Trump, but has been violating any notion of confidentiality in pushing his own tell all book. Now, CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been reduced to shilling for Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the former assistant and friend of Melania Trump who secretly recorded their confidential chats and is now selling a book by playing embarrassing snip bits.

What is incredible about these people is that, while currying favors as false friends or counsels, they were actively taping people who trusted them in case they wanted to later cash in on their access.

In the latest example, CNN ran an entirely valueless significant in primetime to simply show the First Lady swearing and complaining about Christmas obligations. Melania “bashed” Christmas Decorations! Details at 8! This used to be the network of figures like Bernard Shaw.

As Melania Trump unburdened herself to her friend, Wolkoff kept recording and hoping for something juicy.  What she got was this line “I’m working… my ass off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a fuck about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

That thrilled Anderson Cooper, who once would have become physically ill at the notion of running such ill-gotten tripe.  Instead, he exclaims “Talk about a war on Christmas! It’s funny that she would be leading that.”

Talk about a war on journalism! CNN is now trafficking in material that would make the National Inquirer blush.

By the way . . . funny? Is that the most descriptive term for this story. What about pursuing the utter betrayal and dishonesty shown by Wolkoff in setting up a friend and boss?

There is nothing “funny” about CNN leading with this type of matter, of course.

The most newsworthy aspect of this story was the one largely untouched: the despicable level of dishonesty that motivates this type of banking of secret recordings by people like Wolkoff.

It is the very reason that viewers are abandoning the network and media has plummeted in polling in terms of perceived accuracy and honesty. I still view Cooper as an insightful and intelligent journalist but this is an example of how corrupting the current environment has become for many. There is a new sense of an absolute license to engage in any attack or distort any fact for the greater good. Indeed, we now have leading journalism professors denouncing the very concept of objectivity in journalism.

Next week CNN may be able to air recordings with Baron at his school cafeteria talking trash about Halloween. Better yet, Wolkoff may have new surreptitious recordings of her private chat with Anderson in the green room.

Jean-Paul Sartre said “Better a good journalist than a poor assassin.” It is of course possible to be both a bad journalist and a poor assassin.

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  1. It was Mary Trump who surreptitiously recorded her aunt, Maryanne Trump Berry.

    It’s difficult to imagine Melania uttering curse words.

      1. Bug, big deal!! Only those without any meaning in their lives would find a private tape so entertaining. Let’s bug your place Bug, and hear what you’ve got to say.

        1. Why? You get to hear it right here, DV.

          “Who gives a f^&k about, Christmas?”

          Actually, that’s a good philosophical lens with which to discuss the Trump clan. Let’s get this party started.

      2. She is now my Ice Queen. The level of adoration has gone up!

        who hasn’t been annoyed at some of the many social obligations which the holidays may impose? Only the lonely I suppose

        Ice Queen is anything but lonely!

        She rocks

      1. Words in different languages perhaps, while you are stuck yammering only in English, Isaac

      1. Mock away. Trump is strong and they will recover. Bet on it!

        Don’t get your hopes up, fools

    1. “Trump mocked Clinton when she had pneumonia.”

      Your point?

      You assume Trump knew she had pneumonia and attacked Trump using innuendo. That is worse then if Trump actually mocked Clinton with pneumonia.

      You have absolutely no critical thinking skills and demonstrate a person lacking significant intellect. That is not an insult. Based on all your comments that is simply a true statement.

      1. My point is that he mocked Clinton when she was sick and home resting, and he deserves what he dished out. Do we know each other? Instead of just waiting for an answer after asking me what my point is, you launch into a personal attack. Get a grip.

        1. Anonymous the Stupid, you are an idiot. That woman lied and is at the center of all the hoaxes and the attempts to remove him from office. He was right to point out her continuous infirmities as a reason she shouldn’t be President. You don’t like his tone. Too bad. He has been a great President.

          You didn’t have a point. You thought you had a good political hit but forgot that you are Anonymous the Stupid.

  2. In an elementary school setting, strict documentation is always encouraged to settle wildly conflicting views of charged events. It’s actually required in most situations. Clearly the Trump administration functions on an elementary school level. Seems you omitted the context for Wolkoff’s taping, JT…, she maintains the taping, and certainly the releasing of such tapes, came after it was clear Melania & Trump deemed from on high that Wolkoff was to be the one to take the fall for the inauguration fund fraud…

    Definitely more to come on that front, post-trump administration…

    In other news: “Who the f&*k cares about Christmas?”

  3. Turley you are amazing and not in a good way. The Republicans have made a “high” art of smash and burn character assassination and attack. I thought this was a law thread instead it seems to be a revisionist history thread. Good Grief.

  4. I absolutely Love Christmas I even Love the word Christ-mas. The thought of getting together with my family, the food, the tree, the kids, midnight mass the whole miggila. The only thing I don’t like is when my wife tells me to go outside and put up the decorations. Like Melania I think putting up and taking down the decorations is a pain in the assets. So I give her a pass, what’s the big deal?

    As for the Wolkoffs of the world secretly taping the First Lady has to be addressed.

    1. It made me smile — in a good way — that you use Yiddish (“di gantse megile”) to describe your love of Christmas.

      The English spelling is “megillah,” which is the transliteration of the Hebrew word for a scroll. In Hebrew, it refers to the five books of the Old Testament — The Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther. Megillot may be read on Jewish holidays; the Book of Esther is traditionally read aloud on Purim. In Yiddish, it can also mean something very long, boring, complicated.

      1. ComiTHD – Smiles, we need more Smiles. Glad it brought a smile to your face and “G’mar Hatima Tove”, a bit late. Remember I’m Italian and doing my best here, my Jewish friends call me the Italian Mensch. Thank you for the spelling correction I hope I’ll remember it in the future. The reason I use “Megillah” often is my favorite entertainer Frank Sinatra used it many times. A day does not go by without me listening to Frank or Chris Botti another great entertainer which brightens my day. You guys must try it you’ll be better for it.

        1. I don’t listen to enough music these days, though I’m more likely to listen to listen to Billie Holiday or Paul Simon or some classical music than Sinatra. I’m not familiar with Chris Botti and will look him up. Since you’re Italian, I’ll add that my favorite pastry is a sfogliatelle. But there aren’t many places where I can find them.

      2. Thanks for the explanation of Megillah, as Johnny Carson would have said, I did not know that!

        These are my favorite books to read as literature among the Hebrew Scriptures. Though the stories of the Israelites exterminating their Canaanite foes under Joshua, such as Jericho and Amalek, are also exciting. I can’t imagine them being boring. Esther’s story is a story of byzantine court intrigue of supreme value, too, on so many different levels, even today.

        When I was a wee lad in Christian sunday school, we put on a little play about Esther. Perhaps you will anticipate that I played Haman! No, I played King Ahasuerus. I even had a golden robe, which made me hot and sweaty, but I was proud of it nonetheless.

    2. Exactly VV who hasn’t been loathe to go out there after a hard day at work and freeze a little stringing up the lights. Up north here it can get pretty cold and right now today it’s cold as hell already

      This is one of these stories that is inconsequential except to remind us how cretins like Wolkoff act.

      Another thought. Do newspapers specialize in rewarding incompetent fired employees at trying to get back at former employers? It seems that they do. They are disgusting and nauseating in so many respects.

      1. “Do the ‘Proud Boys’ know their anthem was written by
        a gay Jew?”

        Kurtz, did you know ” Pasteur owes his greatest discoveries to a chance reading of the Talmud, which, 1,500 years before he was born, actually advanced the notion that the administration of a weak form of a disease to humans could cause immunity to its virulent version.”


        1. interesting no i never heard that. however i have read that in the renaissance, rich people who feared being poisoned would often attempt to inoculate themselves in advance by taking small doses of common poisons to build their resistance. so the notion may have had wider currency than we realize today

          it is not i who posed the question about the proud boys that was the forward magazine, apparently a link to a different story. i block copied the text about esther

          1. Kurtz– In ancient times King Mithradates took small doses of poison to build up resistance. When his army lost to the Romans he tried to commit suicide with poison but his resistance was too well established. I think he had to ask a slave to finish him off with a sword.

            In American Colonial times Cotton Mather urged inoculation with weakened smallpox taken from scabs to protect against the disease. I think Washington did the like, probably on the advice of Dr. Warren.

            1. I heard that story i think i read it in a historical fiction novel, :”the last king” which I enjoyed

  5. Re: “Michael Cohen … not only secretly recorded his client, President Donald Trump, but has been violating any notion of confidentiality in pushing his own tell all book,” there are exceptions to attorney-client privilege, including the crime/fraud exception and situations in which the attorney isn’t acting in his/her legal capacity (they’re discussing other things, and perhaps the discussion is in public — as when Cohen claimed that Trump said “Look at that piece of ass” about Cohen’s 15 y.o. daughter).

    Re: “CNN ran an entirely valueless significant in primetime to simply show the First Lady swearing and complaining about Christmas obligations,” what was more significant to me is that she said “Oh, what about the children that were separated [from their parents at the border and then caged]?’ Give me a f*cking break.” But Turley is silent about that. Shame on Melania Trump to be so dismissive about acts that must be traumatizing to children. For some of those kids, they didn’t even keep track of the kids’ parents, making it impossible for them to be reunited.

    1. Commit: :there are exceptions to attorney-client privilege, including the crime/fraud exception and situations in which the attorney isn’t acting in his/her legal capacity”
      An attorney would be unwise to rely on any but the strictest interpretations of exceptions to attorney-client privilege.

      Besides, like many others you appear to be confusing confidentiality with privilege. They are not the same. A conversation can be confidential but not privileged. An attorney who reveals confidences that are not necessarily privileged has put his license and wealth at risk.

      As for the ‘crime’ exception, if a client admits to a murder you keep your mouth shut. If he is planning a murder that has not yet taken place you likely have to act. The situation is similar to that of psychologists and psychiatrists in California’s Tarasoff case. Tread carefully.

      Obama made and used the cages children were kept in at the border. When parents commit crimes resulting in detention in the US it is not unusual for the children to be taken. And, as it turns out genetic tests are showing a fair number of ‘parents’ aren’t parents at all. They paid to use the kids to help enter the country illegally and the kids should be taken from them as soon as possible.

      In the small clip I listened to Melania is saying she is happy the kids are getting safer and more comfortable rooms than they had in their homes.

      You are again trying to spin gold from dross to attack Melania. Has nobody ever told you that you are a horrible person ?

      1. Cohen is a loathsome backstabber of a former lawyer. He lacked loyalty, one of the cardinal duties of a lawyer. One suspects that much of his unethical mischief came from his own pride and craven sense of tactics. Be careful clients when you chose a lawyer like Cohen.

        However, since we just had an interesting mention of Purim, I thought people might be interested to read this amusing article from the Jewish Forward newspaper about it and how traditionally the holiday was viewed by people who were suspicious of it. Perhaps I am a bad person, but the mention of Purim in one paragraph here, and disloyal former lawyer Cohen in the next, seemed fortuitous and invited an opportunity to learn about history!


        Purim is one of the more peculiar days of Jewish revelry; it is characterized by palace intrigue — jockeying for power, betrayal and sexual trickery — and hails Jewish victory over an avowed enemy. Laced with irony, the Book of Esther, also known as the Megillah, recounts the story of the Jews of Shushan in Persia. Owing to the courage and guile of Mordechai and his niece Esther, the Jews thwart the vizier Haman’s plot to annihilate them. In the end, it is the duplicitous Haman who hanged on the gallows reserved for the province’s Jews, turning a day of anticipated mourning into a blithe celebration.

        While Jewish triumph ultimately defines the Purim story, the scripture’s paradoxical messaging also reveals it to be a deeply fearful one. Set against the backdrop of looming annihilation, Purim is the prototypical story of exile: In the face of moral uncertainty, the Jewish people use their own deft and fortitude to survive. Consequently, the Megillah emerges as a prism for the millennial Jewish struggle: Living in a land deemed not quite their own, a scattered and marginalized people are vulnerable to the machinations of those with power.

        The fact remains that at the heart of Jewish blood-spill has been the dual loyalty canard, where the ‘Jew’ is seen averse to broader society. This perennial dilemma is reflected in Haman’s description of the Jews to Ahasuerus: “There is a certain people dispersed and scattered among the nations in all the provinces of your kingdom, who keep themselves separate. Their customs are different from those of other people, and they do not obey the king’s laws; it is not in the king’s best interest to tolerate them.” The timelessness of this charge — Jews usurping the status quo in service of an occult global agenda — exposes the bloody roots of the dual loyalty trope that has persisted in repackaged stereotypes for time immemorial.

        READ MORE
        Do the ‘Proud Boys’ know their anthem was written by
        a gay Jew?

        In the Middle Ages, Jews were targeted because of their religion; charges of deicide and conspiracies of Jewish loyalty to a cabal involving the devil legitimized pogroms and top-down persecution. And in the 19th century, the most infamous manifestation of this charge surfaced when, on the basis of contrived and shallow evidence, French Captain Alfred Dreyfus, was convicted of treason by France’s military. While Dreyfus was later exonerated, his show-trial became a litmus test for national loyalty and the place of Jews within the state.

        The Jew as disloyal agitator canard has also inculcated in social and political movements, where the same venomous politics that created space for Haman have allowed social or economic grievances to elide with Jew hatred.

        In Germany, this mutation surfaced well before the stab-in-the-back myth emerged as the reason for its defeat in WWI. As early as 1916, for example, the German military ordered a “Jewish census” of its troops, hoping to reveal that German Jews were underrepresented in combat roles. When this hypothesis was proven false, showing that German Jews were, in fact, overrepresented, the census results were censored. Thereafter, stab-in-the-back stories formed the basis of Nazi propaganda and the dehumanization program that ensued. Echoing the lexicon found in Esther, a German official (quoted in Norman Cohn’s, Warrant for Genocide) said at the time: “The supreme government of the Jewish people was working hand in hand with France and England. Perhaps it was leading them both.”

        The dual loyalty trope, of course, did not end with the Holocaust. Though initially supportive of the Jews and their nascent state, the Soviet government’s “anti-cosmopolitan” campaign fixated on the ethnic Jewishness of its victims and the absence of their roots in the Soviet Union. According to YIVO’s archives, propaganda aimed at weeding out “rootless cosmopolitans” (a metonym for Jews) emphasized the “anti-patriotic views” of the Jewish minority and their “tribe-like” affiliations. Stalin’s crusade culminated in the Doctors’ Plot of 1953, where mostly Jewish doctors were accused of conspiring to assassinate Soviet leaders. It was, we know, a pretext for the purge and arrest of Jewish professionals.

        Antisemitic caricature of Rootless cosmopolitan. 1949 “Krokodil” magazine cover. by the Forward

        Image by Wikimedia

        Antisemitic caricature of Rootless cosmopolitan. 1949 “Krokodil” magazine cover.

        Stalin’s experiment, too, illuminates the stasis of the diaspora paradigm: Just as Haman plotted “to destroy, to slay, and to exterminate all Jews, young and old, children and women, in a single day,” Stalin had established a “Deportation Commission” and four large camps in Siberia widely conjectured to be for Jews. This plot was obstructed only because of the de facto dictator’s abrupt death.

        Today, the struggle detailed in the Megillah again seems eerily relevant. The vulnerability of Jews to internal politicking is reflected in the increasingly high bar for what constitutes anti-Semitism. The dual loyalty canard and demonization of Israel are often weaponized and rebundled as mere criticism of the Jewish state. In Washington D.C., members of Congress have fulminated about “allegiances to a foreign country,” absent reference to Israel or any of its policies. At the same time, several politicians’ attributing American support for Israel to bought-off Jewish money shows that the advent of enlightened ideas and liberal democracy failed to stymie wild conspiracies about Jews that have long lived in the marrow of society.

        Meanwhile in Europe, old forms of anti-Semitism, thought to be on the wane, have recently resurged with ferocity. France’s Yellow Vest movement spiralled into an orgy of Jew-hatred when chants of “go home to Israel” obscured its economic message. And in Belgium just last week, a float in a town carnival featured anti-Semitic caricatures of Der Sturmer ilk, affirming the French philosopher Jacques Derrida’s, theory that “every culture is haunted by its other.” Still today, it seems, the other is a euphemism for Jew.

        carnaval-float by the Forward


        Controversial float from a Belgian carnival celebration in Aalst.

        carnaval-float by the Forward

        The Belgian Guys Who Made The Anti-Semitic Carnival Float Aren’t Sorry

        Cnaan LiphshizMarch 11, 2019

        Eric L. Goldstein, a Jewish Studies and History professor, has explored Derrida’s theory on identity as it relates to the Jewish experience. The formation of national and cultural identities, he maintains, have always been driven by a process of alterity —that is, distinguishing between “those who belong and those who do not.” Goldstein writes that, “as a binary opposition to the ‘self,’ the ‘other’ becomes the symbol for all of the fears, anxieties and negative images from which the dominant group wishes to disassociate itself and thereby reinforce its own positive identity.” Herein lies the catch-22 for the contemporary Jew: Marginalized from the dominant group in a culture of intersectionality — where victimhood is ranked by category, and anti-Zionism is used to legitimize anti-Semitism —the Jewish claim to victimhood is equivocal. The Jew is, in essence, the anti-victim.

        After the script turned on Haman’s plot for the Jews to “hang together,” the Book of Esther might have ended with the Jews returning to the land of Israel, yet they remained in Persia. Consequently, the Megillah has become a blueprint for Jewish continuity in the diaspora — one that is hauntingly ever relevant today.

        1. did you catch this? “As early as 1916, for example, the German military ordered a “Jewish census” of its troops, hoping to reveal that German Jews were underrepresented in combat roles. When this hypothesis was proven false, showing that German Jews were, in fact, overrepresented, the census results were censored.”

          that continued as an issue right up into and during world war II … they say Erhard Milch, a Marshall of the Luftwaffe, was a quarter Jewish. see, Bryan Mark Rigg’s book, “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers.” Almost unbelievable, but, thoroughly documented by Rigg a sincere historian


          1. If I am not mistaken the officer who recommended Hitler for the Iron Cross in WWI was a Jew.

            Then, of course, it was an accomplished Jewish scientist, Fritz Haber, who armed the German army with poison gas.

              1. True enough. Teller and Szilard (who actually invented and patented the atomic bomb) also fled Europe because of the political climate. England benefited greatly from Huguenots fleeing France for safety in an earlier time.

  6. Dr T says “Years ago, American politics left all notion of decency behind in our age of rage”. But for those of us who have studied politics, the correct statement would be “Decades ago”. In the 70’s Democrats adopted the Alinsky techniques – don’t argue the merits of your points, just smear the Republicans with any lies and ad hominem you can concoct and the Press will parrot it for you.
    Great books to edify yourself: The Silencing (Powers) ; Three books by Atkinsson – The Smear, Slanted, and Stonewalled ; The Intimidation Game (Strassel); The Coddling of the American Mind (Lukianoff and Haidt)

    Democrats started in the 70’s with their campaing of ad hominem lies calling Pres Ford (star QB at U of M) clumsy – a lie; but Pres Carter was a gentile farmer genius – a lie: Pres Reagan was a dumb actor -a lie; GHWB was a bureaucrat and elitist; Pres Clinton was a congenial good old boy genius (a lie) and didn’t attack or assault women (a lie); Democrat lies that Pres GW Bush was an ignorant good old boy; McCain was a cheater and far right zealot and Romney had no understanding of scanners and binders of women despite being successful in private industry and running the Olympics but somehow Obama, who had done literally nothing for 42 years (except write a book about a decrepit, Socialist father he didn’t know and do something no one heard of called community organizing) was a centrist. All of these were lies told by Democrats and parroted and promoted by a biased and hateful Press.

    The politics of decency left us decades ago when the Democrats, the Left and Liberals stopped trying to support their ideas and decided that smear campaigns were their only way to win.

  7. I believe you have your Trumps mixed up. Maryanne Trump Barry is the aunt of Mary L. Trump, who did the taping.

    1. Anonymous the Stupid has a great deal of difficulty understanding what people say.

      In certain states nobody young and in the earlier comments he states the ones at risk are the elderly. That doesn’t mean nobody is affected. We swim in the ocean under the assumption that nobody (ourselves) is killed by a shard.

      You need to train your intellect so it grows because what you show makes you look Stupid.

      What was your point?

  8. Professor Turley fails utterly at accurately evaluating Anderson Cooper. It is possible he was once an “intelligent and insightful journalist,” but no-one deserving of that description could possibly have reveled in this garbage.

    1. The good professor is s creature of the so-called Washington swamp. He knows very well to speak admirably about one’s colleagues before sticking in the shiv. In this way, people suppose you are not harboring a grudge.

      1. I am not quite clear on how first sticking the shiv, then speaking admiringly, would work, though – hasn’t he got the process in reverse? Of course, from a professor of law who managed to speak repeatedly of the Hearing on the Motion to Dismiss in the Flynn case as a sentencing hearing, which never was on the schedule, I suppose that is to be expected.

  9. I’ve been tested twice, came up negative both times. I may have had covid in between test, but was asymptomatic.

    1. You can have your blood tested to see if you have antibodies, which will tell you whether you’d been infected at some point.

      If you’re a blood donor — and blood donations are needed, so if you’re eligible, it’s good to be a donor — the Red Cross will test your blood for antibodies as part of their testing before using your blood.

      1. Glad to hear it. I wasn’t eligible to donate for a long time, but am now eligible again and have been donating. They only started testing blood donations for antibodies in the last couple of months.

    2. I had it in February. As a very healthy person, it really wasn’t that big a deal. It was a little more tenacious than other colds, but otherwise completely uneventful. I haven’t had so much as a sniffle since then.

      My tin foil hat thought for the day: I think it’s a distinct possibility Biden had it when he was ‘bunkering’. I’ll bet scads of folks in government and Hollywood have, and we’ll never know it.

      1. Two physician friends of ours had it. One in March and she thought she had a bad cold and recovered quickly. The other was treating Covid patients and several staff in his clinic contracted it before he did. We recently went to his funeral. Shocking. Too soon to die for him. It was a Jewish service and I was moved by the brief singing in Hebrew by the rabbi and his reading in English and Hebrew from the scriptures. I thought these people have been doing ceremonies like this for thousands of years and millions of people. It was brushing against eternity.

  10. However much of a betrayal the taping may be, the tape does not lie. The truth hurts….

  11. If John Kennedy were president today and he conducted himself like he did back in the early 60’s, I wonder if with today’s media, they would have tried to expose President Kennedy’s misgivings.

    1. I think you mean “misdeeds,” not “misgivings.” But the answer is, yes, because if John F. Kennedy were president today, his win would have had to come on a Republican ticket.

      1. I agree, Ellen. JFK must be rolling over at Arlington at what the Democrat Party has become. I was recently speaking with a friend who is a life long Dem who worked in various capacities in local Dem politics. I almost fell over when he told me he was embarrassed to say he was a registered democrat and was voting for Trump. There isn’t much that surprises me but that sure did.

        1. Karen Ann … I’m a lifelong Democrat albeit a moderate one – worked on local Democratic campaigns and challenged at the polls for Democratic candidates for about 20 years. This year for President either I’ll vote for Trump or not vote at all in that category; I have yet to decide. For the rest of the ballot I’ll be voting straight Republican.

        2. JFK rolling over in his grave while this guy
          Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev is banging his shoe on his casket and yelling “without firing a shot”, “I told you so”!
          Let’s hope there’s about 5 Battalions of Special Forces and Navy Seals who still love their country.

  12. “There is a new sense of an absolute license to engage in any attack or distort any fact for the greater good. Indeed, we now have leading journalism professors denouncing the very concept of objectivity in journalism.”
    The Left is desperate and dying. All the signs show it from their crassness, obstinacy, virtue signaling and lack of any principle or class — and especially that juvenile response to any criticism — “i know you are but what am I.” Good riddance.

    1. “The Left is desperate and dying”
      I hope so but people kept saying Hitler didn’t have a chance either.

  13. I agree with the First Lady’s comment. I feel that way every Christmas. This country has fallen so far away from the true meaning of Christmas it will never recover. What she should have said was “I don’t give a f..k about these holiday decorations……”

    1. Anonymous:

      Likely half the population has it. So what? Even if you believe the inflated admittedly death toll, your chances of dying are about .065%. I like their odds.

      1. Wow. Your dismissiveness is jaw-dropping, Mespo.

        Trump is in a high-risk category. He’s 74 and obese.

        It makes COVID-19 — and Trump’s inept response to it — front and center while he’s campaigning. “Politically, the huge question for * Trump in the final 5 weeks [of campaigning] was if he could get the focus to be about anything but his botched management of the pandemic,& try to define Biden differently. Now he is himself Exhibit A in his management of the pandemic, and it is defining him.”

        Just yesterday, despite knowing that Hope Hicks had tested positive and that he’d been exposed, he still chose to expose others at a fundraiser. There’s already discussion of what it means for contact tracing.

        If it puts him in the hospital (as it did with Boris Johnson), then it raises the 25th Amendment.

        The stock market is already responding negatively because of the uncertainty it creates.

        Etc. There are a whole of issues that arise. But you say “So what?”

        1. Committed to Something:

          “Wow. Your dismissiveness is jaw-dropping, Mespo.

          Trump is in a high-risk category. He’s 74 and obese.”
          Your Chicken-Littleness equally so. Wanna speculate on the quality of his medical care compared to any other similarly situated American?

          I think what I detest most about the Left is their chock-through-and-through pusillanimity.

          1. Boris Johnson, who also got excellent care, still ended up in intensive care. Johnson is much younger than Trump but also obese. I bet Herman Cain got better medical care than the average American, but he still died. I’m not suggesting that Trump will become seriously ill, as there’s no way for me to know, just noting the fact that he’s at higher risk. You also ignore everything else in the list, as if none of these things matter.

            I’m not a chicken-little, simply noting that it’s more serious than your flip response indicated.

            (Unrelated, I should have identified who I quoted above: Edward-Isaac Dovere.)

            1. There from the recesses of the entire top floor of the hospital, sequestered in a bubble, lay Donald Trump, kept alive for forty long years. Refusing to leave the White House after being voted out by the largest majority in American political history, the country stood divided as to letting him drift off or keeping him alive. The right to lifers held a small edge in that Trump could no longer speak and never could form sentences. Most of America had long since stopped caring. There were mumblings, however, that seemed to resemble, ‘Covid, Shmovid, Covid, Shmovid…’

          2. I think what strikes me most about the right currently, as exhibited so spectacularly by big Mess, is the total commitment to mediocrity and chaos on the top line, the devotion to racism and flat earth-ism beneath that, and just the dedication to being hack factor 10 as a general response to, basically, everything.

            1. And here, many on the right (like Mespo) are also totally committed to downplaying the seriousness of COVID-19, because Trump so badly f’d up dealing with it and they want to protect him rather than speak honestly about it.

              It’s become the party of Trump. Protecting him is what matters to them, not protecting the country. They dismiss his extreme dishonesty, they’ll cover for his criminal behavior, his dismissiveness of science that he finds inconvenient, …

                1. There are all sorts of mathematical analyses we could do, Mespo.

                  1 in 1,000 African Americans have already died from COVID-19. Is that the math you’re talking about?

                  Or did you mean some other math?
                  We could count how many people have been infected and died during Trump’s incompetent response — over 200,000 dead and over 7 million infected, some of whom have long-term health complications from it.
                  We could look at the awful economic impact of Trump’s bungling of the COVID-19 respond — businesses closed, jobs lost, people close to being evicted, …
                  We could look at the mathematical analyses of anthropogenic climate change that Trump dismisses.
                  We could look at the math of Trump’s tax returns and whether he engaged in tax fraud (like whether he paid Ivanka hundreds of thousands for “consulting”).
                  We could count the number of lies Trump has told.

                  Just clarify what math you’re referring to by “do the math.”

                  1. You forgot to blame Trump for sunspots.

                    You can use all the numbers you want but your premise, that they are what they are because Trump bungled is palpably false.

                    Again, why is New York so much more deadly than the rest of the country? Cuomo? Is there a causal relationship to nursing home deaths and Cuomo sending Covid patients into them?

                    Do you remember Pelosi marching through Chinatown downplaying Covid and slighting Trump’s efforts to curb travel from China?

                    Don’t you recall many other Democrat/socialists doing much the same?

                    Democrats have made the problem much worse. And now they are looting and destroying cities in flames.

                  2. To make you argument you should try facts. African American population is +/- 13.4% of 328,239,523 or +/- 43,984,096 CDC reports as of today 25,549 Deaths of African Americans. CDC also reports the total deaths of all race categories at 206,402. These facts equate to All Americans deaths at 1 in 1,593 and African Americans at 1 in 1,690.

              1. Commit: Trump so badly f’d up dealing with it and they want to protect him rather than speak honestly about it.”

                You keep asking for examples of your lying– that’s a big one right there and you keep repeating it despite evidence to the contrary.

                Yet when someone mentions Cuomo’s killing vulnerable people in nursing homes you suddenly release the chaff to hide the documented evidence.

                  1. You didn’t bother specifying the specific statement under question. That is very sloppy.

                    At the very least there is distortion based on omission which when knowingly occurs is a type of lie.

        2. Unfortunately, Trump will have the world’s most advanced medical treatment and given what has been learned over the past eight months, will probably pull through. Then he will, buffoon and danger to humanity that he is, puff out his chest and exclaim that it was nothing, all exaggerated, fake news, left wing conspiracy. The lemon aid Trump will turn this into will be the Kool aid for the thousands that don’t have access to Trump’s health care. If it affects his vocal chords and we never have to hear that fish mouth again, it will truly have been some god’s will, poetic justice, appropriate.


          1. Kurtz, I said “IF it puts him in the hospital (as it did with Boris Johnson), then it raises the 25th Amendment.” You’re smart enough to know how conditional claims work.

            1. this is hardly a concern as we have been informed that most people get only modest symptoms. anyhow we are a month out from an election so don’t get too worried about it. flip a coin and maybe he will be done come january anyhow

              but we might as well refresh people on it, since it will probably come up if Joe Biden gets elected. here is a typically annoying and yet basically helpful npr thing on it


              1. It’s irrelevant whether most people get only modest symptoms. The average doesn’t tell you what happens in a specific case.

                His age and weight put him at risk for more serious illness. Reuters: “A working paper by the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research published in July put an infected but otherwise healthy 70- to 79-year-old’s risk of dying from COVID-19 at 4.6%, regardless of gender. … Even for otherwise healthy 65- to 74-year-olds infected with coronavirus, the mortality risk is 90 times higher than for those aged 18-29, according to the CDC data.”

                I understand the25th Amendment. I was mostly criticizing Mespo’s flip response.

                1. The repetition involving an individual human being and Covid is becoming a bit goulash

                  1. It is ghoulish and they can’t disguise it however they want to appear Progressive and decent.

                    1. goulash in october can be ghoulish, too

                      I have bad news for those who hate Trump. Men like him do not fear the reaper!

    1. Actually she sounds pretty good in that, expressing her frustration that her efforts to reunite children with parents were frustrated by legal process and that the corrupt media will not cover the truth.

      I like her more than before.

      1. Young, she sounds horrible. Her English should be much better than that. She speaks like she’s only been in the country a few months and learned the language from watching tv.

        1. A friend of mine who came to the US from Germany spoke perfect English. He said if he had arrived a year later he would have sounded like Henry Kissinger. I wondered about it and checked. Some people have a gift for languages but in most cases you have to learn another language early if you don’t want to be stuck with an accent. With Melania and millions of others it counts less how long one has been in the country than at what age one began learning the language. Beyond that, she probably has an accent in most of the other five or so languages she speaks but I am not qualified to say.

          A friend of mine who was raised speaking English and French fluently and free of accent was asked when he was a child what the French word for milk was. He didn’t know. But when he was asked in French what he wanted on his cereal he would respond instantly in French. Language skills are mysterious.

          If you have been to Miami you have probably heard later generation Cubans conversing in Spanish and English at the same time and effortlessly. Quite amazing.

          It is churlish to criticize Melania for her accent and I believe you would not do it with anyone not associated with Trump.

        2. You are a dope. Many members of my family have accents and almost all of them have advanced degrees except for the oldest. Apparently you are anti-immigrant and feel you are superior to any immigrant with an accent. Likely you feel the same about the African American population in this country because of their race.

          What is it with you leftists that constantly say the right hates immigrants when the right accepts and understands the reasons for accents while you the leftist bitterly complains.

          You have ingested too much lead paint.

        3. Wow here is a Democrat Svelaz ripping on an immigrant’s accent. I guess its ok if they come from Europe? how crude of you svelaz

    2. Anonymous the Stupid would hand over children to rapists and other bad elements rather than making sure they are with their legitimate families. That is what kind of person Anonymous the Stupid is.

      When an American child is found lost on the streets they don’t give the child to just anyone. First they make sure the child will be safe and the person taking the child is family or a family representative. That child will be held until the needed proof is provided.

      The original pictures of the cages were taken during the Obama administration and then used against Trump. Blame Obama and blame people like Anonymous the Stupid.

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