“Talk About A War On Christmas!”: CNN Thrills With Airing Of Secret Taping of First Lady

Years ago, American politics left all notion of decency behind in our age of rage.  That was evident when the media and liberals celebrated the disgraceful conduct of Maryanne Trump betraying her aunt’s confidence in secretly recording her talking about her brother.  The same people reveled in the unethical conduct of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen who not only secretly recorded his client, President Donald Trump, but has been violating any notion of confidentiality in pushing his own tell all book. Now, CNN’s Anderson Cooper has been reduced to shilling for Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, the former assistant and friend of Melania Trump who secretly recorded their confidential chats and is now selling a book by playing embarrassing snip bits.

What is incredible about these people is that, while currying favors as false friends or counsels, they were actively taping people who trusted them in case they wanted to later cash in on their access.

In the latest example, CNN ran an entirely valueless significant in primetime to simply show the First Lady swearing and complaining about Christmas obligations. Melania “bashed” Christmas Decorations! Details at 8! This used to be the network of figures like Bernard Shaw.

As Melania Trump unburdened herself to her friend, Wolkoff kept recording and hoping for something juicy.  What she got was this line “I’m working… my ass off on the Christmas stuff, that you know, who gives a fuck about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

That thrilled Anderson Cooper, who once would have become physically ill at the notion of running such ill-gotten tripe.  Instead, he exclaims “Talk about a war on Christmas! It’s funny that she would be leading that.”

Talk about a war on journalism! CNN is now trafficking in material that would make the National Inquirer blush.

By the way . . . funny? Is that the most descriptive term for this story. What about pursuing the utter betrayal and dishonesty shown by Wolkoff in setting up a friend and boss?

There is nothing “funny” about CNN leading with this type of matter, of course.

The most newsworthy aspect of this story was the one largely untouched: the despicable level of dishonesty that motivates this type of banking of secret recordings by people like Wolkoff.

It is the very reason that viewers are abandoning the network and media has plummeted in polling in terms of perceived accuracy and honesty. I still view Cooper as an insightful and intelligent journalist but this is an example of how corrupting the current environment has become for many. There is a new sense of an absolute license to engage in any attack or distort any fact for the greater good. Indeed, we now have leading journalism professors denouncing the very concept of objectivity in journalism.

Next week CNN may be able to air recordings with Baron at his school cafeteria talking trash about Halloween. Better yet, Wolkoff may have new surreptitious recordings of her private chat with Anderson in the green room.

Jean-Paul Sartre said “Better a good journalist than a poor assassin.” It is of course possible to be both a bad journalist and a poor assassin.

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  1. To counter a distortion of facts that are presented below by others I post again my response. The post by others, alludes to African Americans are dying at a greater percentage than other races. This statement by others is misleading.
    My previous post:——–{To make your argument you should try facts. African American population is +/- 13.4% of 328,239,523 or +/- 43,984,096 CDC reports as of today 25,549 Deaths of African Americans, CDC also reports the total deaths of all race categories at 206,402. These facts equate to All Americans deaths at 1 in 1.593 and African Americans at 1 in 1690}.

    1. I don’t know what CDC page you’re getting your “CDC reports as of today” numbers from.
      https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/investigations-discovery/hospitalization-death-by-race-ethnicity.html — shows that Black Americans are twice as likely to die from COVID as white Americans

      Black Americans account for about 20% of all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/09/23/914427907/as-pandemic-deaths-add-up-racial-disparities-persist-and-in-some-cases-worsen

      1. There is a page at CDC gov that
        Presents racial categories showing the numbers I used, population came from census data by government. Math is very simple equation population and death divided by 1000.

        1. So link to the page you’re referring to.

          There are lots of CDC pages on COVID, not my job to go hunting to find evidence for your claim. I gave you links to back up my claims.

          The CDC page states that 2.1 times as many Blacks have died from COCID-19 as whites.

            1. That page has total deaths, but I don’t see data broken down by race on that page, and a text search on “race” has 0 hits. It doesn’t confirm your “25,549 Deaths of African Americans” claim, and the total deaths # is now 900 higher than what you wrote.

              “There are so many way to do analysis of facts …”

              I’m not asking for any analysis. I simply want you to provide a link for the page confirming your “25,549 Deaths of African Americans” claim.

                1. Thanks!

                  I’ve now tried loading the Demographics data several times using two different browsers, but each time, I get the message, “There was an error loading this page.”

                  I saw that in another comment, you said “Black represent 18% of all cases and 20.9% of deaths.” I hope you recognize that that’s not consistent with your claim that “CDC reports as of today 25,549 Deaths of African Americans, CDC also reports the total deaths of all race categories at 206,402.”

                  20.9% of 206,402 is 43,138. So your 25,549 figure is way too low, which is what I thought.

                  1. The CDC does not equate from totals but what is report as fact. There are incidents where the state or hospital does not report race. So if you dig into the details that the CDC reports you’ll see where the race of case or dead patient totals do not match totals but where they do know for fact the race of the individual. This can cause confusion but the averages shouldn’t be that far off.

      2. Commit–Black Americans account for about 20% of all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.
        So what? They have higher rates of obesity, drug use, hypertension and diabetes to name a few.

        Part of the differences are racial and part life style.

        What percentage of shooting deaths are blacks shot by other blacks?

        Not everything bad in the black community is the fault of white people; not by a long shot.

    2. To further illustrate here are some facts from the CDC. Whites represent 43.5% +/- of all cases where race has been determined but represent 52.5 percent of all deaths. Black represent 18% of all cases and 20.9% of deaths. That is on a determined case basis. Others are Hispanic 29% of cases and 16.5% deaths, other races 9.5% or cases and 10% deaths. Again this is determined on a cases basis. By using cases to death it distorts the true fact that Whites has a greater propensity to die from the Virus then Blacks, Hispanic’s or other Races no matter how you want to couch/phrase the numbers. ——————————-https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#demographics—————————- Another fact which may beguile some, Males are infected less but die at a greater percentage then Females

    1. Squeaky, if you have more than a passing interest in Gershwin you might find this of interest.

    2. Trump is tied for first place with many other idiots when it comes to the appropriateness of catching Covid-19. No need to argue, simply revisit most of what he has said since January. Trump’s contracting of Covid-19 is pure poetic justice after his being instrumental in so many deaths. So, Squeeks, hows about a poem, a dirge might work? Let’s have an ode to Covid-19. I’ll start you off.

      Covid-Shmovid when I gets asked
      I reply, I’m Trump
      And don’t need no stinking masques.
      Look at Sleepy Joe way over there
      With a mask so big
      It’s almost covering his hair.
      Any fool knows
      It’s the hair that counts.
      Almost as important
      As the color of one’s skin.
      Mine as you can see
      Is a Swiss Concoction

      You take it from here Squeeks

  2. I agree with your comments completely. I would add that this woman is nothing more than a prostitute selling her morals for some money. Into the weeds on this recording – if you listen carefully to the recording (I played it 3 times before I fully understood the context), Melania was not trashing Christmas commitments. She was trashing the fact that Michelle Obama got a pass on kids being separated from their mothers; and not trashing Christmas or the kids.

  3. Turley missed one important aspect of what Stephanie had to say, and that is that The Donald and Melania have no regard for the dignity or decorum of the White House or the presidency. So, is Turley saying he expects friends and former employees of The Donald and Melania to respect the office and decorum when Trump and Melania don’t? If Stephamie were to say that Melania resented being involved in Christmas decorating and that she uses coarse language, she’d be called a liar. So, she has the tapes, and now, she’s some kind of un-patriotic fink for confirming that Melania is just the vacuous arm candy that most of us thought she was. She also lied about Obama’s holding of migrant children–this was only done when there was suspicion that a child was being trafficked, not as general policy to serve as a deterrent to other migrants (Jeff Sessions admitted this was the reason for family separations).

    These tapes constitute just more evidence of the fact that Trump’s occupancy of our White House is just a big, fat,vainglory show. Christmas for them is just another opportunity to pose in front of cameras, pretending to have holiday spirit, so that everyone can admire the decorations created by some designer or another.

    As for the power of the FLOTUS, Eleanor Roosevelt proved that a First Lady has a powerful platform that can be used for doing good. She called attention to the dismal working conditions of coal miners by actually getting in one of those little cars and going down into a coal mine with miners, as one example. But, then again, her husband did love and respect her (even thought he cheated on her), as did the rest of the world. Melania has more power than she’s willing to admit–if she really gave a sh1t about those little brown children, she could threaten to leave The Donald if he didn’t release them, and then go stay somewhere, refusing to return to the White House until he did so. This would probably work, since she’s just there to make him look good (confirmed by Dr. Mary Trump).

    1. Those who talk about the Trump’s having disregard for decorum in the White House, must have surely forgotten while Obama was putting his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office, which is an antique and very important to American history. Or, the Clinton’s cleaning out the WH and air force one as they were leaving office.

      Democrats have very short memories and very selective ones as well.

      1. For White House decorum violations it is very hard to beat Bill Clinton plus his Cigar plus Monica Lewinsky.

        Picture it.

        Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes it is . . . .

  4. Integrity in journalism disappeared with the advent of cable T.V. To increase viewers, T.V. journalist “Limbaughed” the stories to make them attractive to a segment of society. That bleed over into print and now permeates the profession.

    Journalist as a profession are now one step lower that used car salesmen

    1. Integrity in journalism disappeared upon the advent of the Communist Ministry of Propaganda and the Communist State Committee for Indoctrination, aka the mainstream media (MSM).

      The MSM doesn’t report news, the MSM makes news; fabricated news designed to re-educate and control.

  5. Yamiche Alcindor (PBS): “CONFIRMED: There was no contact from the Trump campaign or the White House to alert the Biden campaign of possible exposure. The campaign learned of the situation from the news reports, a Biden campaign aide tells me.”

    Unsurprising that they were so thoughtless they didn’t call the Biden campaign to inform them.

    1. Everyone who has been in close contact with Trump in the last several days needs to be tested and needs to quarantine. Early tests may come back negative even though the person is infected (presumably that’s what happened with Hope Hicks), so they can’t totally rely on initial test results.

      Biden has been tested and is awaiting results.
      Pelosi has been tested and is awaiting results.
      I bet that there are a slew of Republican Congressional leaders and some staff who need to be tested now. I don’t know about Democratic leaders besides Pelosi who need to be tested; probably Schumer at least.

        1. What’s well known? (I’m not sure what the referent of “That” is.)

          Mark Meadows (Trump’s Chief of Staff), for example, has been in close contact with Trump, and not only is he not quarantining, he went out to talk to reporters today without a mask on.

  6. CNN, Where terrorists, Pedophiles and Rapists go for their fake news to make them feel better about being true outcasts of society with no worthy traits to speak of.

  7. Maggie Haberman (NYT): “BREAKING – Ronna McDaniel, the RNC chairwoman, tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday, multiple sources say. She has mild symptoms. She was last with POTUS last Friday and has been in Michigan since then.”

    Trump and Melania are reportedly experiencing mild symptoms now.

    Mark Meadows went out to reporters about how Trump is doing and explained that he (Meadows) was not wearing a mask because he was tested. FFS, Hope Hicks had also been tested and it came back negative, or she wouldn’t have been traveling with Trump. How stupid are these people? Wear a mask!

    1. Stupid IS a virtue with the Trump crowd. I fully expect Trump to end up in the hospital at some point in the near future. Covid has a nasty habit of suddenly becoming really bad after early symptoms start showing up.

      1. What percent of people in his group that are able to do what he is able to do have ended up in the hospital.

        It’s a small number so statistically one would expect him not to end up in the hospital.

        Comments you make such as this one reveal tremendous ignorance.

        1. Allan, the risks go up significantly when people have multiple comorbidies. Trump is obese, has high blood pressure, is likely high in cholesterol since all he eats is fast food and his age puts him in the high risk group.

          Given how much the White House lies it’s possible his health is much worse than the official statement claims he is.

          Time will tell. I suspect he will end up going to the hospital within a few days OR remain in a hospital bed in the White House with a ventilator on standby.

          1. The risks do go up and he could die, but statistically he won’t even need the hospital. Hopefully it will be relatively uneventful and he will get back to full time work.

            I think, though this is worrisome, you have gone over the edge and have an hysterical viewpoint.

            1. Allan — I don’t think Svelaz’ viewpoint is hysterical. I think it is wishful thinking but he is ashamed to be open about it, as he should be.

      1. Ron, I’m not sure why you posted that link for me.

        Hicks was likely infected — but not yet testing positive — during a period when she was traveling with Trump. Having a negative test doesn’t guarantee that you’re not infected. When someone I was in contact with tested positive, the doctor told me to quarantine immediately and wait for several days before being tested, as the likelihood of a false negative is higher initially. Mark Meadows should be quarantining, despite his negative test.

        1. You said she was not positive if I read the comment correctly. They reported she was positive. Just providing updated info

          1. Ron,
            Thanks for clarifying. I known that she had *since* tested positive. My point was that she had probably already been infected when she was traveling with Trump earlier after week, when she was still testing negative (as it can take several days between infection and a positive test), and that Mark Meadows was giving an excuse for not wearing a mask — that he’d tested negative — even though he should understand that he could be infected even though he’s testing negative. Everyone should be wearing masks regularly when they’re interacting with others, unless they have a medical reason not to wear a mask (e.g., if they have a health condition that makes it hard to breath). Masks are imperfect, but if everyone who can wear one would wear them, it would help control the spread.

            1. CTHD, there are people that are going to believe and follow politicians, no matter what they say. There are people like me that are going to ignore 100% of whatever a dumb sh$+ politician says and make their own decisions. I DO NOT wear a mask because Biden, Pelosi, Fauci.or any other politicians says wear one. I wear one because local healthcare individuals have given specific data.on mask wearing and its impact. DATA, SPECIFICS, OUTCOMES. Not political Biden B.S. where he is advertising mandatory masks wearing when the constitution CLEARLY bans this and ignorant voters buy that bull S–.! And when I am out in my county, where 60% of the covid cases are in the black and hispanic communities and most of those not wearing masks are black or hispanic, you can not tell me these are all Trumpers..

              Some believe what a president says will create follows. Yes, about 30%. The rest say “f you” or ignore them.

      2. at court today the door security asked a question “have you been to a trump rally recently”

        strange question and a little bit of overkill considering trump had one appearance and nowhere near here of late

        one wonders if the fact that court staff are prolly 95% democrats from top to bottom matters when the choice of screening questions like that are taken

    2. I’d make a corona joke to highlight how dumb you are for believing in masks, but there is a 99.996% chance you won’t get it.

      1. Awhile back Commit was agreeing that masks offered limited protection when worn by others. Your wearing a mask is not likely to do more than reassure you.

        Mask or no it is probably a good idea to stay out of rooms or airplanes with more than a very few people. I suspect aerosols with virus can stay suspended, concentrate and drift. I imagine that is why Fauci mentioned goggles. Covid might infect through the eyes. Too little is understood about this disease

    3. Instead of wearing masks, following social distancing and otherwise complying with the recommendations of the CDC, Trump has depended on some rapid test made by Abbott. Last evening, Dr. Vin Gupta said that these tests have an false-negative error range between 30-50%. For my Master’s Degree, I did a study on the utility of hemoglobinometer screening for anemia in infants and children, which was one of several standard well-baby screening tests we regularly performed. Although it has been a long time ago, the literature I read said that any screening test with a greater than 10% error rate was not considered clinically useful. Of course, anemia is not contagious, and an anemic patient would be symptomatic and get regular gold-standard lab tests before they got seriously ill, so the risks of COVID and anemia are not really comparable. However, I doubt that the judgment about the utility of an error rate of more than 10% for screenings is any different now. Dr. Gupta also said there were quality-control problems with Abbott’s rapid test. Another thing: COVID patients are contagious before they are symptomatic, and you could test negative in the morning and positive in the afternoon. There is also the issue of properly performing the tests. To do it correctly, you have to shove a cotton-tip applicator really far back into the nose and into the upper throat to get a proper sample. Doing the test wrong will yield false negative results. Relying on tests instead of avoiding the virus in the first place is a much better idea. Of course, that involves covering up Trump’s “lovely face”, which he won’t do. plus he thinks it’s macho to go without a mask, as he showed by mocking Joe Biden for wearing a mask.

      Just another example of Trump’s bone-headed insistence on doing things his own way and refusing to listen to those who are more-knowledgeable.

        1. Did what his way–spread misinformation about a potentially lethal and novel virus, encouraging people to disregard sound medical advice?

          I have a friend who recovered, and his description to me of the misery he went through was poignant. One day, didn’t feel well, extra-tired. Next day, could hardly get out of bed, so he called the “ask a nurse” hotline and was advised to go to the ER. The nurse called the ER and told them to expect him. His wife got him as close to the ER door as she could, and he barely made it to the door. They were waiting for him. He was in a lot of pain, and began having trouble breathing. At one point, he needed resuscitation, because he couldn’t catch his breath, but he was conscious of them injecting things and trying to get him to inhale a bronchodilator. He did catch his breath eventually, but it was a frightening experience.

          Trump doesn’t “rock”–he is arrogant, and stupid, because it is stupid to think you know more than medical experts.

  8. “That damn Ivanka puts this picture of the ‘Madonna and child’ on Instagram when the big news of the day was how kids are being ripped from their families,” Barry is heard saying.

    What explains such an attitude and betrayal of family? Intense jealousy combined with a very disturbed mind.

    “satirist Samantha Bee slammed Ivanka Trump but was later obliged to apologize for calling the president’s daughter a “feckless cu.nt”

    This demonstrates the increasing lack of boundaries that develops as the left tries to destroy cultural normalcy.

    Can anyone justify any of this?

    We used to talk about building walls between people and now we know why.

  9. Question for the general Turley regulars: How is it that CNN is broadcast on the TV’s in just about every airport (gate) in America? And is there any organized group/activity set up to challenge airports’ choice? (Short of boycotting an airport.) Airports are, after all, a public asset run by a (semi-)governmental organizaiton.

  10. ‘I still view Cooper as an insightful and intelligent journalist’. How? Why? In my world, given the circumstances, a remark like that requires some qualification. The question is debunked by ‘the thing itself’ (i.e. the piece).

    He isn’t. Competent journalists exhibit at least a modicum of independent thought somewhere, anywhere, whereas Cooper, who is an opportunistic shill cut from the same cloth as Wolkoff, ‘reports’ on whatever his crony superiors shove in his face in the name of their bottom line. He very happily complies, up to and including blatant falsehood, each and every time. Cooper is what in saner times we would term a ‘fraud’. This piece demonizing the behavior of one while letting the other off the hook is precisely why I will never vote for a democrat again.

    To each their own, but my only last thought is that the Professor’s selectivity is based on whether or not he personally knows the individual in question which is troubling to me coming from a legal expert. I am not within their circle of friends. How should I expect fair treatment? I still value this site a great deal, but Turley is definitely a wee bit towerly.

    1. I was watching Anderson Cooper one night, and he was talking about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. He told me with complete authority that Barack Obama could not get his birth cert. because that is a private document owned by Hawaii and not even the President had the power to force Hawaii to violate privacy laws. This was the topic of his entire show, how right wing people were just too stupid to understand these facts.

      The next morning the news was that Obama had just released his birth certificate. I turned on Anderson that night, expecting him to apologize about how completely incorrect every single thing he posited the night before had been. But of course, he was not held accountable for babbling completely incorrect garbage all night with the air of certainty and smug supremacy of being an expert.

      I’ve never watched him again. He is a shill and a puppet of whatever propaganda Zuckerberg wants pushed

  11. Turley: “The most newsworthy aspect of this story was the one largely untouched: the despicable level of dishonesty that motivates this type of banking of secret recordings by people like Wolkoff.”
    That beautifully expresses my thoughts on this. Thank you for shining a light on the depravity of Wolkoff’s behavior. What kind of person can wear the smiling mask of friendship while doing this?

    I wonder what kind of reptilian friends Wolkoff has that she does not expect to be shunned immediately?

    As for CNN, it has no reputation to tarnish.

    1. Young, it’s funny that so many are saying how unethical or bad these secret recordings are, but find it perfectly ok when outfits like project veritas does it on a regular basis.

      Turley’s fake outrage is just that…fake.

      1. Yeah, but Veritas exposes ongoing criminal conduct. I imagine you can see the difference.

        1. No difference, secretly recording AND manipulating the video is not “exposing criminal conduct”. They have already been indicted for falsely accusing someone using manipulated video.

          1. “manipulating the video ”

            Be careful. 8 consecutive wins against the media for libel resulting in a lot of cash payments. People are now retracting their comments to prevent loss of suit. There have been around 320 retractions and the number of false statements about PV have likely fallen. Project Veritas wins the cases based on the fact that they have been very careful about fairly revealing the story in edited fashion.

            Editing is usual because no one wishes to review tens of hours of tape. The claim you have made was made and the tapes released in full. No manipulation was seen. If Project Veritas is found to manipulate they are gone from the scene. They probably have more interest in careful editing and revelation of the story than does the media that has been caught over and over again.

            Remember these numbers reflect actual lies by the media just against this relatively small group.

          2. “AND manipulating the video”

            So you’re saying that the secret recording of Melania was manipulated?

          1. The FBI used the PV videos to indict those that tried to obstruct rail traffic during Trump’s inauguration. A man involved in voter fraud I think was convicted based on the videos. People have been fired from their positions etc.

            What was your point?

            1. Young talked about criminal conduct. People are innocent until proven guilty, so I asked who has been convicted.

              1. What is your point?

                Criminal conduct doesn’t always lead to conviction. You can look it up yourself, but more importantly in the voter fraud case the state changed some of their voting legislation. I don’t know the results of the indictments in Washington DC.

                What is your point?

                Project Veritas has helped cause important changes.

                What is your point?

                Project Veritas has enlightened the public about activities that need to be changed. Ask Elizabeth Warren.

                What is your point?

          2. The founder of project veritas has been convicted. He has a history of very sloppy attempts at portraying organizations in a bad light.

            1. The founder settled a case because he didn’t have the money to fight and he took a penalty. He did nothing wrong and his evidence was erased by the authorities. This had nothing to do with any sloppiness or inadequacies of PV. It had more to do with corruption and leftist antics and pressure.

              Since then PV has sued 8 times in a row and won each suit with big financial payouts. Knowing that PV likely will win further suits there have been roughly 320 retractions.

              I corrected you before and you are repeating your lie again. That labels you as a liar. If PV sues you my advice is to tell them you have a problem… too much lead ingestion.

              1. You didn’t correct me at all Allan. All you did was put forth a few cases they won.

                I only stated that their founder was convicted. Which you tacitly admitted.

                “ The charges in the case were reduced from a felony to a single misdemeanor count of entering a federal building under false pretenses. O’Keefe and the others pleaded guilty on May 26. O’Keefe was sentenced to three years’ probation, 100 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine.“


                1. so he’s guilty of trespass. so what. lol

                  you guys nitpck that after you apologized for 100+ days of riot, looting, arson, and aggravated assaults in major cities

      2. Project Veritas is exposing corruption that exists in the public square which negatively impacts all honest people.

        For an adult not to recognize the difference demonstrates a poor moral foundation.

  12. I’m not sure what cnn thought publicizing Melania’s feelings about the way she and her husband are treated by the left was going to accomplish. I know for sure more people will love her now than before. cnn is just determined to keep the title of the most stupid and pathetic of all media sources. and its hard to argue with them about their title.

    1. What do you mean “treated by the left”?

      You think people on the left are the ones expecting Melania to put up Christmas decorations? Give me a break. Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics, atheists, … are all more likely to be Democrats than Republicans and are unlikely to care whether she puts up Christmas decorations.

      And Wolkoff — who made and released the recording — is a Republican. Not just any old Republican, but a Republican who helped organized Trump’s inauguration and is a former senior advisor to Melania Trump.

    2. Randy– That was my thought too. I won’t listen to most of it. The little I did hear made Melania a more sympathetic person. She seems like a gorgeous goddess, remote and untouched by it all, but it is touching to see that her maltreatment does have an impact.

    3. What I found more interesting was melania’s speech. After being in this country long enough to speak English properly she still has not demonstrated a good command of English it seems. She sounds like she just learned English a few months ago.

        1. Young, an accent doesn’t prevent someone from speaking English fluently. The First Lady’s SPEECH as in sentence structure was bad for a person who has lived here for a while. Arnold shwartzenegger has an accent AND still speaks better than melania. That’s the distinction.

      1. Her English is fine. Apparently your understanding of English is limited.

        How many languages do you speak fluently, Svelaz?

        1. Rhodes, her sentence structure is horrible for someone who has lived in this country as long as she has.

          I’m fluent in three languages, I have a very faint accent, but I don’t speak like I just moved here from another country a few months ago.

          She sounded like a taxi driver just learning to speak English.

          Melania: “ There are taking care nicely there. But they’re not with parents. It’s sad. But when they come here alone or with coyotes or illegally, you need to do something.”

          “ And a lot of moms and kids, they are teached how to do it.”

          “ Yeah and it’s not true that they would … you know what I mean? Some of them, they using that lines. They’re not professional, but they’re teached by other people what to say to come over and to let them go to stay here. Because they could easily stay in Mexico, but they don’t want to stay in Mexico because Mexico doesn’t take care of them the same as America does. They say I’m complicit. I’m the same like him, I support him. I don’t say enough. I don’t do enough-”

          They are taking care nicely there?

          They are teached?

          They using that lines?

          Yep. That’s just plain bad.

      2. Ask a New Yorker to say “WATER”, or have coffee at thirty third and third street! Your a fool!!!

        1. George, you must be confusing pronunciation with sentence structure. Plus the people who say “water” in a weird way are those from Boston. Not New York.

          You saying “your a fool”‘instead of “YOU’RE” as it should be proves my point. SMH.

          1. We have another expert at the spell and grammar checker, but he lacks any significant intellect. He also lies.

            1. Allan, you’re just upset that I pointed out melania trump speaks like she’s Borat’s slightly better educated sister.

  13. Nobody who treasures friendship should celebrate such a betrayal from a “friend.”

    And who hasn’t complained about the mundane or routine parts of one’s day? This isn’t newsworthy but instead gives more insight into CNN, Cooper and those who revel in such meaninglessness.

    1. Melania and The Donald betrayed Wolkoff first. Do you complain about that betrayal too?

  14. I believe NY and MD passed laws against secretly recording conversations after the Clinton scandal. Wolkoff should be charged with violating such laws, but that won’t happen.

  15. OK OK now we have something to discuss. Turley put your red hat away and let’s talk about poetic justice and whether or not the election should be postponed until Trump gets over his Covid/Shmovid-what me worry, it can’t happen here, etc lil sniffles. When he loses he’ll blame it on the Covid. He has to get better so he can go to court and then to jail. We’re never going to hear the end of this. C’mon, this is far more entertaining than Turley shilling for that buffoon.

    1. “When he loses he’ll blame it on the Covid.”

      When he wins you’ll blame it on Covid, the Russians, and any other baseless conspiracy theory you can conjure up.

      How’s Bob Mueller doing?

              1. The dude is selective just like any Trump supporter. Trump’s closing down China was grandstanding. Every expert on the virus stated that the virus was already in the US from China, Europe, etc when Trump grandstanded, blaming China, etc. It was being transmitted over the airlines, business, trains, etc. Then for six weeks he vacillated, ignored, and said that it would go away etc. That six weeks of political grandstanding, narcissistic megalomania, is what gave the virus the head start. Experts attribute a third to a half of the infections and deaths to the six weeks when Trump did next to nothing. Trump has continued to impede measures that would counteract the spread of the virus. It is an absolute fact that the economy’s woes are a result of the virus spreading out of control. To argue against this is simply a mental deficiency of extreme proportions. Examples of intelligent, coordinated responses to the virus exist throughout the world. Examples of awkward and dysfunctional governments allowing the virus to spread also exist. The results speak for themselves. There are only a few rare governments that can be deemed responsible for the virus getting out of hand through policy. The US, Brazil, and Sweden have proven that doing nothing, whether by design as with Sweden and Brazil, or resulting from extreme incompetence as with Trump can lead to deadly results. The US, being the strongest nation on earth, the richest nation on earth, the nation with the most resources; with four percent of the world’s population but 20% of the world’s infections and deaths, cannot boast of any accomplishments here other than failure. Trump failed. It is just that simple, regardless of how you want to cherry pick facts and figures. Styx is an eloquent and somewhat dynamic presentation. However, BS is BS.

                    1. You mean the potential production and distribution of vaccines cost lives?
                      Do you mean pushing drug approvals faster cost lives?
                      Do you mean his ability to work with private industry to more quickly produce PPE and ventilators cost lives?

                      Let’s evaluate those things that actually cost lives. Putting active cases of Covid in Nursing homes where huge numbers of nursing home patients died in several democrat states. Is that what you mean?

                      In NY hospitals were built and the hospital ship along with military doctors and nurses were activated to supplement NY medical personal.

                      Is that what cost lives or was it Cuomo who could have placed Covid patients in the hospital ship rather than the nursing home? How about another democrat who as she supervised placing Covid patients into nursing home she made sure to remove her own mother.

                      How was it Trump’s fault that the transportation system in the NY area wasn’t properly sanitized? Shouldn’t you be blaming the Mayor and Cuomo?

                      How about the over crowded hospitals that presented a problem for decades every time a bad flu hit. Was that Trump’s problem or the problem of the Mayor of NY and Cuomo.

                      To make such a comment you must be Anonymous the Stupid. Why don’t you rethink what you said? Everyone can have some degree of blame, but Trump is not the one to blame. If we wish to place significant blame, blame the democrats.

          1. As soon as Trump announced the travel ban from China 40,000 people crowded airports and into airplanes to the United States. No one was tested or told to self isolate when they arrived! Talk about super spreading events. Compare that to South Korea’s response! In the US after 8 month of Covid-19, it’s still a hassle to get tested, and some airlines are just beginning to test passengers, where as the South Koreans implemented testing at the airports and required 2 weeks of isolation 8 months ago! Trump is a narcissist and has cause tremendous suffering. Trump claims that the CDC recommended not to buy masks in February. What the CDC actually said was not to buy N-95 or similar masks because they are of limited supply and are needed for health care workers. Tump also refused to have a national effort to manufacture these masks. So South Korea has virtually eliminated Covid and the US Covid infections are out of control. Anyone that believes Trump’s response to this virus is great has there head in the mud.

          2. “partying in Chinatown with Pelosi” ha ha

            we had a midautumn festival last night but it wasnt anywhere near chinatown

            Zhongqiu jie kauile

            Do you know what chinese migrants call Popeye’s Chicken? Bai Bai Gi. This is a preferred brand it seems!

            bai means white…… is that racist?

            I still can’t get over Svelaz making fun of the immigrant in these comments. Amazing how the sympathy for immigrants evaporates from Democrats, when they are white!

            1. If she were black and married to Trump and spoke the same way Svelaz wouldn’t know what to say. Same situation and married to Biden he would be drooling with admiration and telling us her way of speaking was a sign of greater intelligence.

        1. Isaac, nobody has been asking if he has been popping the miracle hydroxychloroquine he says is such a life saver. Somebody should be asking the White House what his malaria drug regimen is helping him.

              1. He said several months ago that he was taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative.

          1. Trump will be popping Big Macs and gaining weight. He probably is asymptomatic or will get off lightly. Trump will have the best medical attention and Covid19 treatments are far more effective today than 8 months ago. The people who died because of Trump’s arrogance and megalomania will have been the guinea pigs from which what is known was learned. Somewhat just not right.

  16. All of you know we have bad days when nothing goes right. And last year she was Criticizied a lot for her Christmas decorations So that may have been on her mind. I know I say things sometimes that I don’t mean. So we should take all this with a grain of salt. Cooper is not a journalist he is a horrible person. Always wanting to down Republicans. It’s a shame that they can’t keep their political views. Out of their stories CNN has lost all their credibility. No one with good taste watches CNN. Or any of the other msm.

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