Biden Laptop Was Subpoenaed By The FBI in 2019 As Part Of A Money Laundering Investigation

Last night, Fox News reported that the laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden was subpoenaed last year by the FBI in a money laundering investigation. While the status and the targets of the investigations are unknown, the subpoena would appear to support the fact that these emails are authentic and that the laptop was Biden’s. While House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff and roughly 50 “intelligence experts” have assured the public that this is just Russian disinformation, both the FBI and the Director of National Intelligence have now confirmed that they do not believe the laptop and its contents are Russian disinformation. Now it appears that the laptop was viewed as sufficiently connected to possible federal crimes to be subpoenaed as evidence by the FBI a year ago.

These disclosures continue to make a mockery of the effective news blackout imposed by virtually every major news organization on the story. Notably, for years the media and legal experts have cited the fact of a secret FISA surveillance order as proof that the Russian investigation was legitimate even though allegations of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign were discredited. They have referenced the fact that the original evidence passed muster with prosecutors and a secret court for further investigation. The same standard does not appear to apply here as many dismiss the laptop as a real story or real evidence. While the laptop has been dismissed as nothing more than a false smear, it is now confirmed to have been treated as evidence in a criminal investigation. Despite intelligence officials rebutting the claims of Russian disinformation and saying the Schiff was given no such intelligence, the media continues to push this narrative or repeat the Biden campaign’s insistence that this is old news.

It is “new” news.  The laptop contains emails directly referencing at least one meeting with Joe Biden who long insisted that he never spoke to his son about his business dealings and never met with any of his associates.  Hunter Biden himself contradicted his father’s denial and said that he did speak with him about some of his dealings. Moreover, pictures have emerged with Joe Biden and Ukrainian and other figures associated with his son. Moreover, the laptop confirms what some of us have argued for years: Hunter Biden was clearly engaged in an influence peddling scheme. While Biden has insisted that his son “did nothing wrong,” this was clearly wrong even if it was not charged criminally.  As discussed earlier, the Biden camp has never denied that this was indeed Biden’s laptop and his emails.

Now, it appears that the laptop was evidence in a money laundering investigation. The serial designation is important: 272D-BA-3065729.

“272” is the bureau’s classification for money laundering and the added “D” indicates “Money Laundering, Unknown SUA [Specified Unlawful Activity]—White Collar Crime Program.” The BA indicates that the origin of the request was the Baltimore field office.

We know that Devon Archer, who partnered with Hunter Biden in Rosemont Seneca and served together on the board of Burisma, was convicted on federal charges of defrauding the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe. The fraud involved the business venture that Hunter Biden was part of. However, he was not accused as part of the scheme to defraud this tribe. The conviction of Archer was recently reinstated by a federal court.  In May 2016, seven people connected to the the case were indicted then arrested for securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud, including Jason Galanis– another associate of Hunter Biden.

The laptop was also sought in Delaware by prosecutors.

The Biden campaign is insisting that the interest in the laptop is to get to the bottom of Russian disinformation.  Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates stated  “The Attorney General of Delaware’s office indicated that the FBI has ‘ongoing investigations regarding the veracity of this entire story.’ And it would be unsurprising for an investigation of a disinformation action involving Rudy Giuliani and those assisting him to involve questions about money laundering, especially since there are other documented inquiries into his dealings.”

The laptop was clearly not subpoenaed for that purpose in 2019 and the FBI has stated that it has no evidence supporting the Russian disinformation claim.

One gets the feeling that many in the media are still trying to slow walk these new developments to hold off any new disclosures or even any inquiry until after Biden is elected. Kicking this can down the road however is becoming more and more difficult absent a total and final rejection of objectivity in American journalism.

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  1. Dumbass Trump and dickhead McConnell ignore the American people at their own peril: these morons and GOPers mistakenly believe if thye can just force everyone back to work, their fantasy will come true:
    ENTER REALITY: all the polls show approx. two-thirds of people polled says they are NOT returning to shopping/business as usual UNTIL there is a reliable vaccine in place around the country.
    Conservatives DO NOT BELIEVE THIS REALITY even though Disneyland opened up with full employment ONLY TO SHUT DOWN A COUPLE OF WEEKS LATER DUE TO NO CUSTOMERS.

    1. The GOP and Mister Turley should read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” by Aesop before complaining that their “October Surprise” isn’t being taken seriously.

      Given their track record with phony scandals, why should any decent American believe them? Obviously Turley does, but he defended this crap at the impeachment, so his hands are far from clean. Enjoy your well deserved winter. Because it’s coming.


  2. I saw Sen Ron Johnson being interviewed by Maria Barotarolmo on Fox just two or three days ago and they were saying this laptop was subpoenaed by the FBI as part of a child porn investigation because the FBI investigator was a child porn investigator.

    Now they are saying it is a money laundering investigation, because of some serial number. Maybe it is Rudy’s money laundering they are investigating.

    Really, Turley is just speculating here. He has no facts so is matching onto whatever might help his pal Trump the most.

  3. As I said previously, not sure why a legal scholar is covering Trump campaign allegations in this medium and why is he so concerned that other parts of the media (except Fox) are not covering the allegations.

  4. CISA+FBI report a Russian state hacking group has, since Sep., “conducted a campaign against a wide variety of government targets,” managing to exfiltrate some sensitive data. However, “no evidence to date” of compromise to integrity of elections:

    The following is from

    This joint cybersecurity advisory—written by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)—provides information on Russian state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) actor activity targeting various U.S. state, local, territorial, and tribal (SLTT) government networks, as well as aviation networks. This advisory updates joint CISA-FBI cybersecurity advisory AA20-283A: APT Actors Chaining Vulnerabilities Against SLTT, Critical Infrastructure, and Elections Organizations.

    Since at least September 2020, a Russian state-sponsored APT actor—known variously as Berserk Bear, Energetic Bear, TeamSpy, Dragonfly, Havex, Crouching Yeti, and Koala in open-source reporting—has conducted a campaign against a wide variety of U.S. targets. The Russian state-sponsored APT actor has targeted dozens of SLTT government and aviation networks, attempted intrusions at several SLTT organizations, successfully compromised network infrastructure, and as of October 1, 2020, exfiltrated data from at least two victim servers.

    The Russian-sponsored APT actor is obtaining user and administrator credentials to establish initial access, enable lateral movement once inside the network, and locate high value assets in order to exfiltrate data. In at least one compromise, the APT actor laterally traversed an SLTT victim network and accessed documents related to:

    * Sensitive network configurations and passwords.
    * Standard operating procedures (SOP), such as enrolling in multi-factor authentication (MFA).
    * IT instructions, such as requesting password resets.
    * Vendors and purchasing information.
    * Printing access badges.

    To date, the FBI and CISA have no information to indicate this APT actor has intentionally disrupted any aviation, education, elections, or government operations. However, the actor may be seeking access to obtain future disruption options, to influence U.S. policies and actions, or to delegitimize SLTT government entities. …

  5. And herein lies another problem with nation wide mail in balloting. When most voting is mail in, it requires a significant window in which to vote. This means that many people have already cast their vote, only for damning information to come out after the fact.

    1. If Trump had handled COVID properly, it might be safe for people to vote in person.

      1. It is safe for people to vote in person. They do their grocery shopping, they can go vote. The one advisable adjustment would have been to move the election to the first Friday and Saturday after All Saints’ Day – polls open Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon – so you would not have people clotting up polling stations just before or just after work. In New York, a typical station would be processing about 25 voters an hour, so you shouldn’t have much in the way of lines. Another thing you might offer would be a special dispensation for people over 60 to vote absentee. Your real problem would be replacing the geezers who usually fill slots as poll inspectors. Well, allow anyone registered in a given county to serve as a poll inspector in any precinct within that county. Open up an eBay style online bidding for shifts as Republican inspectors and Democratic inspectors in stations around your county. You’ll have to pay what people bid rather than a standard per diem for poll inspector work. None of this was attempted because Democrats wanted mail in balloting for the reasons they’ve wanted it for the last 20 years – opportunities to stuff the ballot boxes. The pandemic was just the excuse.

        1. Many people don’t shop in person, Arty. They do curbside pickup or delivery. The SC just ruled in their shadow docket against allowing people to do curbside voting, so don’t pretend that it’s comparable to grocery shopping.

          You must have something against observant Jews voting, since you keep suggesting that we change the Election Day to the Jewish sabbath.

          1. Many people don’t shop in person, Arty.

            The geezers in my building are all doing their own shopping. I’ve seen curbside at restaurants here, not groceries, and I’m living in a high-density suburb. I’ve got friends who tried delivery services, but they found them frustrating.

            1. How strange that you think that your personal experiences are all that matter in the world.

      2. How about fifty (5-0) feckless governors?

        50K deaths in New York and New Jersey alone.

        Let’s check the record of King Komo.

      3. NY 35,000 dead.

        NJ 16,000 dead.

        Feckless governor’s failing miserably after the democrats requested that China release the “China Flu” in this election year because democrats were facing a landslide Trump victory in November.

    2. Karen, we’re having a pandemic. We don’t want people crowding into polling places, or standing in long lines. But Republicans willfully disregard that reality. Because they know long lines will turn-off ‘X’ number of Democrats. That’s because Democrats are more likely to reside in urban districts where lines get really long.

      And here you are complaining that too many people have voted already. So the Hunter Biden story won’t factor. Too bad! Trump’s campaign should have taken that into account and planned their October surprise for early September.

    3. dont worry karen 95% of those who voted already would not be changing their minds anyhow

      undecideds will wait. if there’s really any out there

  6. If Hunter Biden’s alleged crimes did not involve his father, then I would not hold it against him. However, the allegations basically involve selling access and favorable treatment to Joe Biden, who was VP at the time.

    Then there is Joe Biden bragging, on camera, about a quid pro quo in Ukraine.

    It is normal for there to be some cache to famous last names. Offspring often get offers to work in situations where their celebrity status acts as favorable marketing for the company. They also get placed in the way of more opportunities, due to the significant size of their network. This is normal.

    However, it crosses the line when government influence is sold, especially to foreign nations.

    Does the law apply to everyone, or not?

    1. Long ago in a galaxy far away, Hunter Biden earned a law degree. For a time, he had a patronage job in the Clinton Administration which allowed him to learn something about telecommunications. That was his legitimate skill set. For about 20 years now, he’s been remarkably energetic at leveraging access and running cons (like the assets management business he and his uncle had). He wouldn’t be in that business if his father weren’t assisting in various ways.

      Who does this? Compare Hunter to other quondam VP’s children. Well, Liz Cheney’s in Congress; no clue why the voters of Wyoming accepted her (I think she practiced law prior to that). Mary Cheney is a marketing executive at Anheuser-Busch, I think William Mondale practices law in Minneapolis. Ted Mondale’s had a series of patronage jobs, so is a nomenklatura veteran of a more conventional sort. Mark Rockefeller’s had a series of FIRE sector jobs, and is mostly in real estate and resorts now. Tucker Quayle runs a security services firm in Arizona. About as bad as it gets is Ben Quayle’s lobbying business.

      1. Trump himself wouldn’t be in business if his father hadn’t assisted in various ways. Ivanka, Eric and Don Jr. wouldn’t be in business if their father hadn’t assisted in various ways. The Trumps are multigenerational con artists.

  7. John Solomon deserves a Pulitzer.

    But the memo adds to the mounting evidence that there was ongoing investigative activity surrounding Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden’s compensation as a board member in the weeks just before Joe Biden forced the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor overseeing the Burisma investigation in spring 2016.

    The Latvian law enforcement memo identified a series of loan payments totaling about $16.6 million that were routed from companies in Beliz and the United Kingdom to Burisma through Ukraine’s PrivatBank between 2012 and 2015.

  8. Lack Of Support For Biden Story Galls Republicans For Another Reason:


    President Trump’s campaign has far less money than advisers had once anticipated for the final stretch of the presidential election, as rosy revenue projections failed to materialize, leaving aides scrambling to address a severe financial disadvantage against Joseph R. Biden Jr. at the race’s most crucial juncture.

    To close the budgetary shortfall, Mr. Trump has slashed millions of dollars in previously reserved television ads and detoured from the battleground states that will decide the election for a stop in California last weekend to refill his campaign coffers. He has also tried to jump-start his online fund-raising with increasingly aggressive tactics, sending out as many as 14 email solicitations in a day.

    But Mr. Biden still entered October with nearly triple the campaign money as Mr. Trump — $177 million to $63.1 million — and is leveraging that edge to expand the battleground map just as Mr. Trump is forced to retrench.

    Despite raising more than $1.5 billion in tandem with the Republican Party since 2019, Mr. Trump is now in the same financial straits as he was four years ago, when Hillary Clinton had roughly double the money he did. The financial pinch has engulfed his advisers and party officials in something of an internal blame game after years of bragging about their fund-raising prowess, according to current and former campaign and administration officials. Republican allies, meanwhile, are wondering where all the money went.

    “Campaigns that are trailing two weeks before the election, there is always a lot of finger pointing,” said Alex Conant, a Republican strategist and former adviser on Senator Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign. “And asking where the money went is always the first question.”

    Last week, senior Trump campaign officials huddled with the Republican National Committee leadership in Washington, D.C., to hash out spending plans for the race’s final days, a discussion that included the possibility of taking out a loan or delaying payment on some bills past Election Day to fully fund operations, according to a person familiar with the matter.

    Perhaps nothing underscores how acute and unexpected the budget situation is for Mr. Trump as much as his television ad budget. His cash on hand entering October was $40 million less than the $104.4 million he had previously reserved in television ads for the final five weeks, according to Advertising Analytics data. So earlier this week, Mr. Trump’s campaign and the R.N.C. announced that the party would begin funding coordinated ads in many key states, a move that lessens the financial squeeze on Mr. Trump.

    Over all, the data show Mr. Trump’s TV ad spending has shrunk by $23 million since Sept. 20. In that same time period, Mr. Biden has expanded his reservations by $99 million.

    Edited From: “Trump’s Cash Crunch Limits His Options And Prompts Finger Pointing”

    Today’s New York Times

    KEY PASSAGE: “Mr. Trump is now in the same financial straits as he was four years ago, when Hillary Clinton had roughly double the money he did”.

    4 years ago the October Surprise involving Anthony Weiner’s laptop saved Trump from almost certain defeat. The Trump campaign was hoping to play that exact same trick again. But this time Facebook and Twitter said: “Play your trick without us”.

    So now the Trump campaign is short on funds with their October surprise stillborn outside rightwing media.

    1. tough to compete with Joe Biden’s backing from billionaires. they’re out to scalp donald, he turned on them so they turn on him

  9. By FBI, do you mean Keystone Kops, the Soviet GRU, the Stasi of the GDR, China’s MSS or the Nazi Gestapo?

    Precisely which rendition are you presenting here?

    1. Stahl: “You ready for tough questions?”
      Trump: “Just be fair.”
      Stahl: “Last time you were like ‘bring it on’.”
      Trump: “No, I’m not looking for that.”
      Stahl: “…But you’re OK with some tough questions?”
      Trump: “No, I’m not.”
      He concluded the interview by complaining again about Stahl having started the interview by asking him if he was ready for some tough questions. He adds, “That’s no way to talk. No way to talk.”

      In 2016, Trump told Stahl the reason he attacks the press and why he’d continue: “I do it to discredit you all and demean you all, so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.”

      Stahl notes that sources for Hunter Biden laptop story were Giuliani and Bannon.
      “I don’t know anything about that. I just know it’s a laptop.”
      “I don’t know about the two gentlemen you mentioned.”
      His answer is laughable and goes to consciousness of guilt.

      He lies about the size of his recent rallies, saying “These are the biggest rallies we’ve ever had.”

      Trying to impress her, Kayleigh McEnany hands Leslie Stahl a large book containing the Administration’s work on health care. I don’t think she expected Stahl to look at the book, because it’s blank.

      He still hasn’t released a health care plan.

      How does the White House think this benefits Trump in any way?

      1. Were this Great Britain, little more than a century ago, CBS Head of Propaganda and SS, Feminazi White Shirt Obergruppenfuhrer Stahl (minus the pu[ff]y hat), would have been Drawn and Quartered for exhibiting boorish and insubordinate behavior and challenging the authority of the Sovereign, or in this case, a reasonable facsimile thereof, the President of the United States.

      2. AS happens so frequently with your transcripts you edit them so important things are cut out. You are not credible. If you want to discuss what he said start with your first portion of the transcript and look at what was said afterwards and why. That changes the picture but you prefer to lie by omission.

        I suggest everyone listen carefully to what was said at the interview. The interview ~starts with the mini transcript above.

          1. Anonymous, you had to be taught what those words meant.

            You still can’t quote properly.

            1. You still too lazy to even quote, Allan. You make a lot of allegations, but you never prove them.

              1. Anonymous, it is amazing how easily you lie. When you talked about Tucker Carlson I had to tell you they weren’t the original quotes. Then you changed your story so I quoted from the judges order. Then you changed your story again and edited a quote so it was out of context. I had to quote the relevant passages to you.

                You might read but you do not comprehend.

                1. LMAO that you try to change the topic from the Trump interview quotes, and you don’t link to the discussion you’re talking about to prove that your description is correct.

                  1. I linked before. I couldn’t get to the net to see which error I was responding to you make so many.

                    In any event the full interview is on the net and one can see that Trump used your first dialogue as a lead in to the fact that they don’t ask Biden tough questions. This was prior to the interview starting. I think people can decide for themselves about how you misquote things by pulling them out of context. You are not to be trusted.

                    By the way PaintChips seemed interested in your lack of knowledge, in particular geography. He can explain to you that Manhattan is a borough not a city. I think he is willing to teach you geography 101 for grade schoolers. Don’t knock him. He might be good at that.

                    1. I already knew that Manhattan was a borough, not a city. You must be thinking of someone else.

      3. “Stahl notes that sources for Hunter Biden laptop story were Giuliani and Bannon.”

        No. The source for that laptop (and its corruption-incriminating emails) was Hunter Biden.

  10. The FBI subpoena’d the laptop in 2019 ?? ‘ Which ‘ FBI was that ? There apparently have been two different factions of FBI: one that want’s to protect itself from the mischief it perpetrated under the Obama Administration; the other that would seem to want to re-capture the image it enjoyed for decades previous ?I’m wondering how the existence of this laptop may have figured into the Trump impeachment hearings; ie, since there is evidence on it that indeed there WAS some Biden hankey-pankey which Trump wanted Ukraine President Zelensky to look into ??

    1. Precisely.

      Is this the FBI which participated in JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations, the missile shoot-down of Flight 800, the controlled demolition of 9/11, the Obama Coup D’etat in America, the “fixing” of the totally corrupted 2020 presidential election or some other version?

  11. Republican Senators: “You Won’t Play Along With Our October Surprise? Fine, We’ll Subpoena You!”

    Senate lawmakers on Thursday voted to authorize a subpoena that could compel the chief executives of Facebook and Twitter to testify before a congressional hearing exploring their content-moderation practices, ramping up the war between Republicans in Washington and tech giants in Silicon Valley less than two weeks before the 2020 election.

    GOP leaders on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to approve the formal summons targeting Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, a move that the panel’s chairman, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham, said would provide his colleagues “leverage to secure their testimony” at an unspecified date.

    The subpoena itself specifically says lawmakers seek to press the two tech executives over their “suppression and/or censorship” of reporting published by the New York Post about Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic candidate and former vice president Joe Biden. Facebook and Twitter each limited the spread of the Post’s story — with Twitter initially blocking links outright before relenting — out of concern about the origins of the information.

    No Democrats voted on the subpoena: Party lawmakers did not attend the session in protest of the committee’s earlier vote to advance Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate for a confirmation vote.

    But the subpoena threat — which still must be sent to the tech companies — adds to the industry’s political headaches at a time when many top Republicans, including President Trump, continue to snipe at social-media sites over allegations they censor conservatives online. GOP leaders have ratcheted up their attacks as Facebook and Twitter seek to crack down on harmful election misinformation, including misleading posts about voting from the president himself.

    Zuckerberg and Dorsey are set to join Google CEO Sundar Pichai at a previously scheduled hearing Wednesday before the Senate Commerce Committee. Republicans there similarly voted to subpoena the tech executives before ultimately obtaining their voluntary commitment to testify. The hearing is expected to be highly political and wide ranging — touching on everything from content moderation to the government’s recent antitrust lawsuit targeting Google.

    The congressional scrutiny comes as Republicans ratchet up their campaign to rethink Section 230, a portion of federal law that spares social-media sites from being held liable for the content posted by their users — or their decisions about what to leave up or take down. GOP lawmakers have taken aim at the decades-old rules in response to concerns about political bias, charges for which they have offered little evidence and one that Facebook, Google and Twitter staunchly deny.

    Edited From: “Senate Republicans Vote To Authorize Subpoena Targeting Facebook, Twitter CEO’s, Citing Their Handling Of N.Y. Post Story”

    Today’s Washington Post

    The Hunter Biden story is an October Surprise months in the planning. It was the ‘Ace In The Hole’ that was supposed to save Trump’s presidency.

    But Facebook and Twitter refused to play along and now Senate Republicans are furious enough to grill the CEO’s of Facebook and Twitter. ‘Republicans were entitled to that October surprise’, or so they believed. Never mind that Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic borders is arguably criminal negligence. Mainstream media is supposed to stop the presses to focus on ‘only’ Hunter Biden.

  12. FBI and Antifa colluding to persecute an ex-Marine for engaging in completely lawful and peaceful political protest:
    A former serviceman who has been subjected to years of death threats from Antifa groups and aggressive harassment from the FBI has decided to speak out about the terror and mental anguish he and his family have been forced to endure for two and a half years.

    North Carolina based Vasillios Pistolis first made headlines in 2018, when far-left activists “doxed” (revealing a private citizen’s personal information to hurt them) him as an active-duty Marine who protested in defense of the Robert E. Lee Statue at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on August 12th, 2017.

    Aside from being discharged from the Marines Corps for engaging in political advocacy, Pistolis has not been charged with any crimes.

    Shortly after a deceptively edited hit piece by left-wing NGO Pro Publica that featured Pistolis aired during the summer of 2018, he was plucked out in the middle of a training exercise by his superiors.

    Then the nightmare began. “My superior officers were all in the dark about what was going on. They took me to a special office, where NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) agents were waiting. I was grilled for hours about my political beliefs and whether I had attended the rally in Charlottesville. My laptop and phone were confiscated pending the investigation.”

    Under intense pressure from politicians and far-left journalists, the Marine Corps moved quickly to get Pistolis out and turn him into a scapegoat. Pistolis was subsequently dragged before a military court for violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. He was charged with disobeying a lawful order by participating in an “extremist rally.”

    The rule is loosely defined and the punishment is steep if you lose at trial, so Pistolis decided to take a plea bargain that gave him 28 days in the Brig (military jail), which he served before being discharged.

    Of course that’s not the whole article.

  13. The recipient of an email that purportedly detailed a business arrangement between a Chinese company and the Biden family confirmed on Thursday that the email is “genuine” and said the family “aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions” from foreign entities.

    Tony Bobulinski, who is listed as a recipient of the email first published by the New York Post, offered further detail in a statement to Fox News on the correspondence, which references a proposed equity split: “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?”…

    “I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, they said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line,” Bobulinski said.

    “The Biden family aggressively leveraged the Biden family name to make millions of dollars from foreign entities even though some were from communist controlled China,” he added.

    Chinese involvement in the deal was “political or influence investment” on their part, Bobulinski believes.

    1. The Trumps have also “aggressively leveraged the [Trump] family name to make millions” from foreign entities. I’m sure that that also concerns you.

      1. The govt of Libya threw money at Billy Carter and he picked it up. But nobody ever accused President Jimmy of being involved.

        1. Did Jimmy ever say he never discussed the issue of Libya with Billy? Because that’s what Joe said about Hunter.

      2. Apparently Anonymous doesn’t know the difference between leveraging a name in private transactions and leveraging a public figures name where the country is on the chopping block.

        This is the type of nonsense expected from Anonymous. I don’t think he is capable of understanding the difference.

        1. Apparently Allan doesn’t know that Bobulinski was referring to something that occurred after Joe Biden left office and was a private transaction.

          1. The questions under consideration include the time Joe Biden was in office. Whether this can be tied into Joe’s time in office is unknown but doesn’t matter as one investigates everything that is seem and could be inappropriate. That helps set a foundation that is growing every day. Apparently you have little understanding of how one looks into questions of wrong doing.

            1. Even Allan admits “Whether this can be tied into Joe’s time in office is unknown”

              But we know that Trump has “aggressively leveraged the [Trump] family name to make millions” from foreign entities while he’s been in office.

              1. Anonymous – the Trump family run hotels. Letting out rooms is not some nefarious bribery scheme.

                Compare and contrast to Burisma and the Ukraine quid pro quo. That is the most infamous example when Joe Biden was VP.

                As for allegations that occurred after Biden left office, any allegation of money laundering by a presidential candidate is news, and should be thoroughly investigated.

                Problem is, will it be a fair investigation? Can the organization that produced Comey and Strzok be trusted to perform their duties? The wrongdoing of the FBI has unfortunately cast shade on the men and women who work the job.

                1. Karen, don’t pretend that running hotels is all the Trump family does. Using shell companies, flipping real estate, running casinos, etc., is also part of what the Trump Organization has done.

                  Were hotel rooms rented for market rate or instead for more? Were people expected to rent rooms at Trump properties when they’d otherwise have chosen to rent somewhere else, in exchange for some benefit they wanted? Were people actually staying there when they paid for rooms, or was that money laundering? There are lots of questions like these that you’d need to answer before deciding whether there’s anything illegal going on in Trump’s businesses.

              2. “But we know that Trump has “aggressively leveraged the [Trump] family name to make millions” from foreign entities while he’s been in office.”

                No we don’t know that nor do you have any significant proof that what you say is true.

                On the other hand we cannot conclude what Joe Biden is guilty of or if he is guilty but we have plenty of evidence to suggest he might be.

                I know all of this goes over your head. Reading comprehension is beyond your ability.

          2. Anon: “. . . something that occurred after Joe Biden left office . . .”

            You mean those Hunter Biden trips to China on Air Force Two took place after Joe Biden left office? I didn’t know HB was so close to Mike Pence.(In that case, maybe Mike Pence is “The Big Guy.”)

            In case you don’t know how such “deals” work. First you visit the target of your shakedown, say China or the Ukraine. Then, later, you memorialize the terms of your “deal” in, for example, emails, and you create a legal fiction to hide those terms and to launder the money.

            Then, if you’re really stupid, you abandon your laptop at a computer repair shop. (I don’t recommend this last step.)

      3. The Trumps have also “aggressively leveraged the [Trump] family name to make millions” from foreign entities. I’m sure that that also concerns you.

        Do you know of any American corporations doing business internationally that don’t aggressively leverage their name to make millions? Do you honestly believe investigators, over the last 4 years, haven’t scoured the Earth looking for Trump crimes? They have and they’ve found nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Your whataboutism is rejected.

        Just admit that you don’t care about government corruption as long as Democrats are in power. You and the rest of your ilk that actively defend this corruption are Domestic Enemies and should be treated as such.


          Here Olly admits that Trump interest conflicts all over the world. But we’re supposed to be okay with that because ‘Trump is a genius businessman’.

          1. Anonymous:

            In what way have the Trump hotel chains “interest conflicts all over the world”? They let rooms at the going rate to whomever wants to take them.

            Trump has satisfied the law on removing himself from running any of his businesses. A hotel doesn’t care who rents a room from them, as long as they don’t trash it. No sheikh is going to think that Trump will give them preferential treatment because he stayed at a Trump hotel for the weekend.

            Use common sense.

            1. A sheikh knows that Trump will give him worse treatment if he doesn’t stay at a Trump hotel.

              Why do you think Ukraine President Zelensky made a point of telling Trump “The last time I traveled to the United States I stayed in New York near Central Park and I stayed at the Trump Tower”? Use common sense.

        2. I won’t admit something that isn’t true.

          If I were like you, I’d say “You and the rest of your ilk” like to put thoughts in people’s heads.

        3. Olly, if Biden has committed a felony, I hope he goes to jail, and if Trump has committed a felony, I hope he goes to jail. Will you join me in that?

            1. Your answer shouldn’t depend on who I am. You could hope that people who commit felonies go to jail, regardless of who asks you.

              1. It’s a rhetorical question you dolt. Get back to me when you display something other than a hypocritical worldview and a serious interest in investigating all evidence of corruption. I’ll wait.

                1. Wait as long as you want, Olly. If you weren’t a hypocrite yourself, you wouldn’t hold me to standards that you don’t apply to yourself.

        4. The Trump family own hotels.

          Foreign nationals and Americans all use Trump hotels and pay the going rate.

          There is both notoriety and glamour attached to the Trump hotel chain, due to his celebrity status, position as President, as well as the never-ending media campaign set to paint him as an evil criminal mastermind. Therefore, becoming president means that some former patrons would avoid his hotels like the plague, while others will seek them out.

          There is nothing nefarious about that.

          The Trump family got rich in private enterprise. Joe Biden and his clique got rich off of politics. There’s a difference.

          Joe Biden bragged on camera about a quid pro quo with Ukraine that benefitted his son.

          The evidence on the laptop must be taken seriously and investigated. We must find out the truth.

          As it stands, the law does not apply to the Democrat ruling class. Else, why would Bill Clinton have been paid multiples of his normal speaking fee while his wife was SOS, and then those fees fizzled after she lost the bid for the White House? What about the fake dossier she paid for to interfere with the 2016 election?

          Why did only one FBI agent (that I am aware of) plead guilty of a crime in trying to frame Trump associates for espionage? (He materially altered a CIA email from saying that Carter Page worked for them and informed them of all contact with Russians, to that he did not work for them.)

          1. Karen,
            The points you’re raising and the questions you ask need serious exposure. We are in territory now where our foreign enemies and domestic enemies are effectively one in the same. The MSM and Big Tech have pulled out all the stops to keep the citizens in the dark long enough for the Democrats to take total control of the government. It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where our current civil war won’t boil over regardless of the outcome of this election.

      4. Difference is, that happened BEFORE Trump became POTUS…Biden’s been doing this all his political career. Get the facts.

        1. No, Trump’s been doing it while he is in office.

          Jimmy Carter put his business in a blind trust while he was in office. Trump refused to do that, and has been visiting his businesses every few days for the last 3+ years.

          1. Actually, the ‘Blind Trust’ was run by the family lawyer, Charles Kirbo. NB, after 1963, the manager of the family businesses was brother Billy. The ‘blind trust’ shizz was entirely cosmetic.

            1. Jimmy Carter ran the peanut farm prior to his election, not Billy. Billy ran the warehouse. You haven’t presented any evidence that Kirbo shared information with Carter while Carter was in office or that Carter tried to intervene in the running of the Trust.

              You can compare the plans that Carter released with the ones Trump released, you can compare their actions, you can compare their actual conflicts of interest while in office.

              Trump uses his own properties every few days. Foreign governments, special interest groups, members of Congress, and others use his properties to cozy up to him, skim some of the info here:
              After he was elected, the room prices increased, Mar a Lago fees increased, …

              More to read:

              1. Jimmy Carter ran the peanut farm prior to his election, not Billy.

                Nope. Billy ran all the businesses. Carter spent two years traveling around the country and four years prior as Governor of Georgia, so he could hardly be running the businesses.

              2. After he was elected, the room prices increased, Mar a Lago fees increased, …

                Strange as it may seem to you, business adjust their prices now and again.

                1. Strange as it may seem to you, most hotels and clubs don’t adjust their prices right after the election.
                  Just keep on ignoring the most salient info, that’s clearly a wining strategy for you.

                  1. You don’t know what hotels do or don’t do. What your experience? 2 nights in a Motel 6?

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