Disinformation By Popular Demand: How The Authenticity of Hunter’s Laptop Became Immaterial

Yesterday, former Vice President Joe Biden was again insisting that the scandal involving Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation despite the direct refutation of that claim by the FBI. No mainstream reporter bothered to ask the simple question of whether this was his son’s laptop and emails, including emails clearly engaging in an influence peddling scheme and referring to Joe Biden’s knowledge.  Instead, media has maintained a consistent and narrow focus. Indeed, in her interview, Leslie Stahl immediately dismissed any “scandal” involving Hunter in an interview with the President on 60 Minutes. It was an open example of what I previously noted in a column: “After all, an allegation is a scandal only if it is damaging. No coverage, no damage, no scandal.”

In her interview with Joe Biden, CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell did not push Biden to simply confirm that the emails were fake or whether he did in fact meet with Hunter’s associates (despite his prior denials). Instead O’Donnell asked: “Do you believe the recent leak of material allegedly from Hunter’s computer is part of a Russian disinformation campaign?”

Biden responded with the same answer that has gone unchallenged dozens of times:

“From what I’ve read and know the intelligence community warned the president that Giuliani was being fed disinformation from the Russians. And we also know that Putin is trying very hard to spread disinformation about Joe Biden. And so when you put the combination of Russia, Giuliani– the president, together– it’s just what it is. It’s a smear campaign because he has nothing he wants to talk about. What is he running on? What is he running on?”

It did not matter that the answer omitted the key assertion that this was not Hunter’s laptop or emails or that he did not leave the computer with this store.

Recently, Washington Post columnist Thomas Rid  wrote said the quiet part out loud by telling the media:  “We must treat the Hunter Biden leaks as if they were a foreign intelligence operation — even if they probably aren’t.”

Let that sink in for a second. It does not matter if these are real emails and not Russian disinformation. They probably are real but should be treated as disinformation even though American intelligence has repeatedly rebutted that claim.  It does not even matter that the computer has seized the computer as evidence in a criminal fraud investigation or that a Biden confidant is now giving his allegations to the FBI under threat of criminal charges if he lies to investigators.

It simply does not matter. It is disinformation because it is simply inconvenient to treat it as real information.

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  1. Democrat Flint City Council member showing support for President Trump

    “Right now the narrative has been spent, President Trump is full of hate. Let me tell you something, the Democrats are full of hate. I have been a democrat all my life, 64 years. The last four years I voted for Hillary Clinton. This year I decided to go with President Trump. I am not a bootlicker, I am not an Uncle Tom,” said Maurice Davis.

    video clip in article:


  2. Especially without MSM coverage of the “laptop from Hell,” President Trump does need to work on his closing argument:


    Obama says of Trump: “And what’s his closing argument? That people are too focused on Covid. He said this at one of his rallies. Covid, Covid, Covid, he’s complaining. He’s jealous of Covid’s media coverage. If he had been focused on Covid from the beginning, cases wouldn’t be reaching new record highs across the country this week.”

    But France is re-entering lockdown, and it’s not Trump’s fault:


    Maybe it’s time for fewer rallies and at least one more Coronavirus Task Force press conference.

    “Many of you have already cast your votes. Now it’s time for the rest of you to choose. And if, in the end, you fairly elect Joe Biden, of course I will respect your wishes, but please, don’t make that choice because you fell for a deplorable lie. Don’t make that choice because you were deceived into believing that I don’t care, that I didn’t care enough, that I wasn’t cautious enough, that I was too selfish and self-absorbed to feel your pain and do my best to stop it.”

    “Even if you don’t elect me for a second term, America, I will retire from office confident that I did everything in my power to protect you from all dangers, especially Covid-19 and the even more catastrophic harm to public health that an excessive fear of Covid-19 would have wreaked on our economy. I did everything in my power to balance your courage and your caution, to balance your liberty and your restraint, your industry and your prudence, while restoring American jobs, restoring PPE stockpiles, and mass producing six different vaccines ahead of time – in the event just one of them proves safe and effective for all Americans.”

    “Now here to brief you on Operation Warp Speed and the rest of our Fall 2020 Task Force strategy is Vice President Pence. Thank you and God Bless the United States of America.”

    Maybe something along those lines.

    1. Yeah, more BS from the liar in chief Jonathan. Have you heard the latest Kushner tape from Woodward?

        1. Jonathan, I am more interested in you defending the nonsense you think Trump should spout to paper over his complete failure on the single biggest crisis he has faced. Read and listen to what the strategy was behind that failure from the mouth of Jared Kushner – it was all PR and it’s been a disaster and a disgrace – to quote someone – with still no federal policy or leadership.


          As to China policy, how could Biden be worse than having a preening ignoramus who thinks foreign policy is just another stage for ego tripping. Did you like him begging Xi for help in his election – as he did with Zelensky – while giving the thumbs up to concentration camps for Chinese Muslims? How about all the support he’s given to Hong Kong. Whoops, my bad, I was thinking of Saudi Arabia.

          Jonathan, the China policy of Trump began with immediately withdrawing from entering the TPP which was designed – and is working without us – as a counter to Chinese trade hegemony along the Pacific Rim. But we had to do that because, you know, Obama. The tariffs are not being paid by the Chinese but by Americans and is estimated to cost the typical family $2500 a year. Farmers in the mid-West have lost the Chinese market for grains that they may never get back as the Chinese have gone elsewhere, and the federal government is trying to bail them out, costing us so far about $23 billion (not approved by Congress but taken from Ag Dept budget). What did we get in the :”deal” a promise, that even if fulfilled is not a turn around on anything but Trump’s ability to make bigger claims. Personally, I have linked to Trump receiving $15 million+ while President from a woman with connections to the Chinese Military and Ivanka has cashed in with fast tracking of trademarks by the Chicomms.

          Lastly, while we have been retreating from world leadership, China is happily filling the vacuum in developing countries and forging more trade and and military agreements.

          What will Biden do? How could he be worse? I expect he will listen to the experts who spend their life on this stuff and strike realistic trade agreements and hopefully reconnect on partnerships on world health and climate change which we all are subject to across boundaries. I don;t expect him to kiss Xi’s a.s in public like Trump does and then when he needs a scapegoat, turn on a dime, as if he had done anything principled himself in our relations – see Hong Kong and Chinese Muslims above.

            1. Jonathan, I am a business owner and centrist Democrat. I don’t agree with Bernie on this as a global economy is the present and the future and we need to adjust to that or drift to the back of the pack to the detriment of all Americans, including workers The TPP included agreements on worker and environmental protections which were ground breaking and hopefully a model and beginning point for future trade. Ironically, In 2016 Hillary said she opposed it in it’s “current version”, probably meaning she’d find a way to approve it when in office and most of the expected support in the Senate was to befrom Republicans who used to – 4 years ago – believe in free trade. Now they believe in nothing except what Trump says.

              1. I think TPP had its merits but dumping it was no great loss.
                Trade with non-PRC Pacific Rim allies is going strong now as “supply chains” are being rerouted.
                Taiwan is seeing renewed investment and there is big growth in trade with India
                These were the explicit aims of TPP anyhow, so, things are working out anyways

                Likewise I think the Iran deal had its merits but dumping that has not amounted to much downside either it seems

                There is no need when evaluating policy specifics to adhere dogmatically to your preferred candidate.

                But back to trade: I was only a “free trader” when under the liberterian influence for a few years of my callow youth
                Under Reagan, the Republicans really “took the soup” from the U of Chicago boys. That stuck for years.. A lot of good it did them. Now they’ve wised up.

              2. My valued partner in dialogue Joe Friday is fond of stating that the trade deficit has gone up under Trump as if his trade war with PRC has been a failure. It has not.

                And the deficit is going to go up mostly as a function of dollar strength anyways. That’s a function of Federal Reserve Policy, and the massive US sovereign debt.

                A strategic trade policy can advance the interests of America in supporting domestic manufacturing, but it isn’t going to cancel out the reality of US debt.

                The great irony of US debt is that the enormous size along with American military power are the twin pillars of what’s made the post-Bretton woods USD reign supreme

                No POTUS is going to be able to significantly reduce the size of American sovereign debt. Either one will be a spender. That’s not a factor in this election.

                Likewise Powell is probably going to stay on at the Fed even if Biden wins

  3. “It does not even matter that the **computer [FBI?]** has seized the computer as evidence in a criminal fraud investigation…”

  4. Turley, major media all saw the Steele Dossier in Sept of 2016 and did not report on it until after the election, nor was it published until Jan 2017. Your selective outrage is getting really tiring, or did you just not know this? If the latter. maybe you should be more careful before sounding off.

    “The founders of Fusion GPS have described how they did not hide the fact that they were researching Trump and Russia: “Fusion and Steele tried to alert U.S. law enforcement and the news media to the material they’d uncovered …” and their office became “something of a public reading room” for journalists seeking information. In September they arranged a private meeting between Steele and reporters from The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New Yorker, ABC News, and other outlets. The results were disappointing, as none published any stories before the election.[56]

    Jane Mayer has described how, in “late summer, Fusion set up a series of meetings, at the Tabard Inn, in Washington, between Steele and a handful of national-security reporters. … Despite Steele’s generally cool manner, he seemed distraught about the Russians’ role in the election.” Mayer attended one of the meetings. None of these news organizations ran any stories about the allegations at that time.[21]…”


  5. not checking earlier comments, basically I can understand American nerves are raw:

    It does not even matter that the computer has seized the computer

    You may want to correct that. Maybe? The larger world gets tired of the distracting “Russia done it” narratives.

  6. ‘BREAKING: On his show tonight, Tucker Carlson will follow up on last night’s bombshell interview with even more audio recordings of calls between Tony Bobulinski and Biden family insiders.’ @seanmdav

    1. I wondered who would be gullible enough to be manipulated by Tucker Carlson’s absurd and flimsy campaign. I guess now we know

      1. Talk is cheap and you use cheap talk instead of fact and logic. Then again no one expects you to learn very much while being walked in the dog park.

  7. Check out CNN.com home page for latest news of the day and guess what’s NOT there?

    Not a single artlicle about the Joe Biden corruption allegations. Not a single mention of it anywhere on the home page. But they do have this headline: “Trump sells an alternative reality to win him reelection”

    CNN is NOT a news organization.

    Or as Andy McCarthy put it:

    ‘What a time to be in journalism: Between Bobulinski and the Biden corruption scandal, rioting in our cities, a new Supreme Court justice’s first full day, and peace breaking out in the Middle East, has there ever been so much to *not* cover!?!’

    1. Anon: “Trump sells an alternative reality to win him reelection”

      They are skilled at projection, aren’t they.

  8. Looking at these replies from the deluded souls who invoke Rudy Giuliani for his veracity (really?) and listening to Mr. Turley offering sad and baseless ravings in support of Fox and Friends’ attack this morning (Biden’s behavior not illegal, not proven, but wrong anyway in Mr. Turley’s estimation), one doesn’t worry that their ravings will persuade voters. One only worries that after Trump is justly trounced by voters, these bitter people will fully join the Qanon resistance. Mr. Turley is certainly glib, but his repeated attempts to employ his skills in the service of Trump may guarantee him the role of the Heidegger of the Trump administration.

    1. Rudy Giuliani presents facts. Yes, really.

      Shouldn’t the media give these allegations of corruption by Joe Biden and his family the same attention and scrutiny and air time they devoted to investigating Trump and his family for the past four years? Are you suggesting they simply dismiss it all as ‘Russian disinformation’ and that should be the end of it? (Really??)

    2. “Biden’s behavior not illegal, ”

      It is true Biden has not yet been proven guilty, but his behavior is under observation. The more we look, the more we find. I believe that the information presently held can get him for corruption, Rico, tax evasion, money laundering, and a few other things. Yet this Doofus is worried about Trump voters. He is blind and dumb to the fact that for the most part, Trump voters have acted legally while the Biden Blackshirts have burned and pillaged cities all over the nation.

      1. I am curious about Joe Biden’s statement regarding the shut down of fossil fuels and specifically the oil industry. His family was actively working to invest in a pipeline from Venezuela with a CCP energy firm. If he becomes POTUS would he have to divest his interests in those companies as Mr. Trump had to do with his enterprises? The Old Post Office in DC Mr.Trump’s family renovated into a fine hotel cannot have foreign diplomats stay there as it would be considered a conflict of interest yet Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul has a company which is the sole beneficiary to selling and/or marketing USPS facilities. How is that not a direct conflict of interest for Nancy? His company was also a direct recipient for Covid stimulus money. What am I seeing which is going unreported? Criminy, I’m just a high school graduate.

        1. “I am curious about Joe Biden’s statement regarding the shut down of fossil fuels and specifically the oil industry. His family was actively working to invest in a pipeline from Venezuela with a CCP energy firm. If he becomes POTUS would he have to divest his interests in those companies as Mr. Trump had to do with his enterprises? ”

          Dj, Joe Biden is a liar and corrupt along with the media so I wouldn’t expect him to act according to law. I expect him to act on his own behalf without any concern for the country.

          “Criminy, I’m just a high school graduate.”

          One doesn’t have to have a college degree to be smart. We have many college graduates even from Harvard and Yale that are dumber than bricks.

      2. Illegality has not even been alleged. Biden was a private citizen, and was free to enter into that kind of a business arrangement even if it was proven that he did. Even Turley admitted that. Trump and his family have done ten times worse while Trump is in office (which fortunately won’t be much longer; people who are capable of reading and thinking will soon toss him out on his butt).

        While you’re looking for something to put “under observation,” you might consider Trump’s Chinese bank account, or better yet, Trump’s tax return. People have been scouring Biden’s complete tax returns for 20 years and know he didn’t make a cent from Tucker Carlson’s fake scandal. Why is Trump still hiding his?

        1. Anon: “Biden was a private citizen . . .”

          No, he was not.

          Joe Biden was the sitting vice president when he (and his corrupt family) orchestrated the influence-peddling schemes in China, the Ukraine, et al. (See the publicly available records on Hunter Biden’s trips to China, while Joe Biden was vice president.) Those dated emails you’re trying to fall back on, merely memorialize (and try to hide) the corrupt agreements that had already taken place.

        2. Anonymous, all you have done is expose your ignorance and the fact that you don’t care if a democrat sells America down the drain.

          I won’t explain to you all the corruption Joe Biden was involved with during his career that is being proven with every release of data. Keep reading the MSM of the left . They will reassure you of what a God and Country loving man Joe Biden is but you will eventually learn the opposite if you live long enough because some people are so Stupid they cannot see the truth even when it is facing them in the face.

  9. “After handling over 5,000 cases, I’ve rarely seen one this strong. And I’ve never seen such a crooked man, and such a crooked family, so close to running the greatest country on earth. This man (Joe Biden) is owned lock, stock and barrel by China.”

  10. ‘Joe Biden’s cheating is legendary. It goes way back to his plagiarism and cheating to get through law school and his plagiarism and lying when he attempted to run for President in the late 1980s. Throughout this campaign, he has lied so often to cover up the criminality of the Biden Family it’s almost expected and ignored by the largely compliant media. But the truth always finds its way out in the end.

    Biden has always vociferously denied having any knowledge of how his son, Hunter Biden, came to be employed by one of the most crooked oligarchs in Ukraine, Mykola Zlochevsky, and his energy firm Burisma. Hunter had no relevant experience. He also had a record of persistent drug addiction that included being dismissed from the U.S. Navy for failing a drug test. Despite this, Hunter’s firm was paid $180,000 per month for a job that he was given at the same time that his father, who was then serving as Vice President of the United States, was put in charge of distributing billions of dollars to a then bankrupt nation.

    “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Biden emphatically declared last year. It is incredible on its face.

    When a voter in Iowa asked him about the apparent conflict of interest, Biden completely lost his cool, calling the man a “damn liar” before insulting his physical appearance and challenging him to a push-up contest.

    Now we know why Biden gets so angry whenever the subject of Hunter’s Burisma job comes up: Not only did Joe Biden apparently know about the crooked arrangement, but he was the reason for it. It was plain and simple — a bribe so Vice President Biden would protect Burisma from seizure by the Ukrainian government.

    Data recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop, including a treasure trove of revealing emails, provide damning information about the Bidens’ involvement with the gas company.

    “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together,” a Burisma executive named Vadym Pozharskyi wrote in an email to Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015.

    Roughly one year earlier, around the time Hunter first joined Burisma’s Board of Directors, Pozharskyi had emailed Hunter seeking “advice on how you could use your influence” on the company’s behalf.

    The introduction that Hunter facilitated between Pozharskyi and then-Vice President Joe Biden is just one example of how he used his “influence” to advance Burisma’s interests? Among other crimes, there is no Foreign Agent registration for this or other meetings Hunter set up or attended with high level government officials. If Paul Manafort can go to prison for this, what about Hunter Biden? But it is far worse. This whole corrupt deal was for the elder Biden who demanded that Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin be fired or a $1 billion U.S. loan guarantee would be cancelled.

    The documents recovered from the laptop, which also included lurid videos of Hunter apparently engaging in illegal and disgusting activities, do prove that Joe Biden has been lying to reporters, colleagues, and the American people for years.

    Now, there’s a smoking gun. Biden claimed to have no clue how or why his son received a lucrative job for which he had no relevant credentials or experience. Indeed, he claimed he had never even spoken to Hunter about the affair.

    Yet, here we have direct evidence that Hunter arranged a meeting between his father and one of Burisma’s top executives, a man who had already expressed interest in exploiting Hunter’s influence just months before Joe Biden used the power of the vice presidency to remove a prosecutor who claims he was preparing to investigate the company, including members of its Board.

    It fits perfectly into a larger pattern of dishonesty. Biden has spent the past few weeks aggressively refusing to answer questions about whether he would pack the Supreme Court with new radical justices and ban fracking nationwide. He believes voters “don’t deserve” to know his positions on those important issues, just as he obviously believes the American people don’t deserve to know about how his family members have used his positions of power within the U.S. government to enrich themselves.

    Joe Biden has spent a long time running from the truth, but it was always bound to catch up with him eventually. Now, it has.’ ~Rudy Giuliani

    1. Anon: That was an excellent summary of Biden’s history of corruption. Thank you for posting it.

  11. Tony Bobulinski just blew up the Biden Family business dealings with China on Tucker Carlson last night. The Main Stream Media tried covering up the New York Post story, but Tony Bobulinski , who left the U.S. Navy as a lieutenant and is a U.S. Navy Veteran reportedly was a former business partner of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, said that Biden lied to the American people when he claimed that he did not talk to his son about his son’s business dealings. All of a sudden now the FBI wants to interview him, they sat on the Hunter’s Lap Top for over a year and we know it was Hunters because his Attorney George Mesires requested it back from the Repair shop owner John Paul on October 13, 2020. Tony Bobulinski is the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family. Tony Bobulinski was brought into the company to be the CEO by James Gilliar and Hunter Biden. “The reference to “the Big Guy” in the much publicized May 13, 2017 email is in fact a reference to Joe Biden. The other “JB” referenced in that email is Jim Biden, Joe’s brother. Hunter Biden called his dad ‘the Big Guy’ or ‘my Chairman,’ and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing. I’ve seen Vice President Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true, because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business, they said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line.” So the FBI refused to do anything, the Main Stream Media is trying to cover this up, and now we have a nation of people who are googling to see if they can change their vote!!! If Joe Biden wins, America has elected a known criminal as President of the United States who has deep financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party of China!!! And we know why Big Tech supports Joe Biden as well because of their deep financial ties to the Communist Party of China. So the question is, who else has deep financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party of China? Since Christopher Wray and the FBI, CIA, past Presidents, everyone looked the other way while the Biden’s Family enterprise was going full steam are they also tied to the Communist Party of China since they ignored this corruption for years. Who gained financially from the Chinese Communist Party it all these years while manufacturing and American jobs all went to China???

  12. Mr. Markey: Sir, I am a retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). As such I worked under color of law of the Constitution after having been administered the Constitutional oath, the same you One should have taken. Your comments did not seem to be uttered in error and by those comments, you do not appear to be honoring any true faith and are NOT defending the constitution, by those disrespectful comments. Frankly, you should know better than to be so loose with your sacred oath! Therefore sir, it seems you are in violation of your sworn duty to that Constitution. I believe it to be appropriate, that you should be considered for action from the Senate ethics committee or any other committee as appropriate. I may not be able to formally file such a complaint but I certainly know two in people in Texas who can.

    Alternatively, I respectfully request you issue a formal public apology, to the American people in general and specifically to the reasonable citizens of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, within a reasonable amount of time and retract those disrespectful statements.

    Otherwise, I assure you, I will take all actions within my power to find a way to have you properly investigated for possible dereliction of duty, failure to preserve, protect or defend the United States Constitution and possibly having taken your oath for an evasive purpose, and conduct unbecoming of a US Senator. And to further ascertain the veracity of your oath as noted herein. It seems by your comments, you are unwilling to support, protect or defend the Constitution, unless it be interpreted to your own liking.

    You sir, by your remarks, are assaulting the meaning and intent of the Constitution and the American people and our form of government and our culture by your disrespectful comments. Further, you seem to be encouraging disrespect by others for the document and it’s intent, understanding and meaning. Such behavior should be beneath a sitting United States Senator.

    Respectfully, I await your appropriate response in good time. Luke D. Woodward, Senior Special Agent, DHS/Homeland Security Investigations, (retired).

    1. “In summary, Hunter Biden, spent some time in 2018 with some Russians at a property in West Hollywood and engaged in perverted sexual activities. These acts were likely taped and photographed.

      As a result of this event, the Bidens became the likely targets of blackmail. Unlike the fake pee pee images which were alleged in the Steele dossier and the Russia collusion farce the Bidens truly do have a never-ending list problems that should disqualify them from ever holding public office again.”

      Where is the media reporting on this? The Biden family is disqualified from ever holding high public office.

      1. Hunter Biden should never be anywhere near the Oval Office ever again – as he was for eight years under Obama/Biden. What a disaster he is.

      1. The media have Hunter’s Laptop full of evidence AND a witness who says Joe Biden sways US policy for cash to him and his family and the corrupt Fake News buries the story to protect Joe Biden? And Joe Biden isn’t forced to answer serious questions? Unreal.

        1. I am waiting to see Concerned Citizen replying to see how concerned he is. I love these names being used by those who want everyone to believe how Concerned or Honest they are such as the shortly gone, Committed to Honest Discussion, Concerned Citizen, Joe Friday (a good cop) and numerous others.

  13. The leftist rioters have already put out the call to meet up at the White House on the evening of November 3rd, surround it and physically remove Trump by any means necessary, no matter what the election results are. Most people don’t have the time or inclination to really explore the depth of the unhinged evil this country is facing.
    Unless you have attended one of their strategy meetings and listened as they went back and forth over wine and cheese brainstorming about such things as how to dispose of the bodies of the people they will kill in (I kid you not) an environmentally responsible manner, none of the danger of their psychotic commitment seems real.
    The left has become so good at stamping out any and all questioning and dissent, things that should be made known to all are just barely being looked at and reported or discussed or countered.
    The left is counting on that socially engineered bullied silence for victory. Like it or not, a good number of people get their moral foundation from what they see and read and hear in their tiny little personal bubble. The Former Fourth Estate which used to struggle to report accurately what’s happening from all angles to give them vast information to decide, has resigned it’s office. They have joined the predetory left to target, snare, indoctrinate and train foot soldiers and future subjects in the religion of complete submission to the cause, and galvanize them into expending their entire lives promulgating it’s glory and feeding it’s eternal life.
    The media also makes sure dissenters are punished if they exercise Their own Rights to their own beliefs.
    The media has weaponized The First Amendment, hiding behind it’s protections while robbing everyone else of theirs.
    All the left is doing, is to create chaos out of which the they are bringing their own Freedom killing, Constitution killing order.
    The People who love this Constitutional Republic and all that it gives them are facing the difficult challenge of having to say no thanks, we already have our Constitutional order among this chaos and we are going to meet up and keep it, by any means necessary.


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