Flynn Retweets Call For Trump To Declare Martial Law To Hold New Elections

Retired Gen. Michael Flynn embraced an extreme call this week for President Donald Trump to declare martial law to hold a new presidential election. In a tweet, Flynn appeared to endorse a call from We the People Convention to declare martial law. He added “Freedom never kneels except for God.” As someone who long criticized Flynn’s prosecution as abusive, his association is deeply disappointing. While it does not alter the view of the prosecution, it will alter the view of Flynn to support such a call.

Flynn rightfully demanded review of his charges and his treatment by the court was irregular and improper in my view. The refusal to dismiss his case led to a presidential pardon.

Some of us have encouraged courts to review the voting allegations of the Trump campaign and I have specifically encouraged Democrats to support such scrutiny to help resolve the widespread view of this election as flawed.  I believe the failure to do so was a failure of leadership by Biden. However, dozens of lawsuits have been reviewed by the courts and rejected. This includes rulings by Trump appointees and conservative judges.

Ordinarily, I do not put much stake in retweets, which often occur quickly and without much thought. However, the large headline of the original tweet prominently refers to martial law. It is hard to miss. If he did not read the headline and does not support the call, he should immediately issue a correction.

The call for martial law is an invitation for virtual civil war. It is also a rejection of our judicial system that has continued to function as intended by the Framers. Federal judges have rejected these lawsuits for legal errors and lack of evidentiary foundation. The campaign has appealed many of these rulings and lost.

In a full-page Washington Times ad from We the People Convention, Ohio Tea Party leader Tom Zawistowski draws a comparison between Lincoln trying to save the union in 1863 and the need for Trump to declare martial law to stop “Democrat/Socialist federal officials plotting to finish gutting the U.S. Constitution.”

The reference to Lincoln is bitterly ironic. Lincoln has long been criticized for his unconstitutional action to unilaterally suspend habeas corpus.

Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution states, “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.” That decision rests in Article 1 with Congress, not the President. Moreover, this is not a case of rebellion or invasion. This is a contested election. If a president could unilaterally declare martial law over his own election, it would not be an invitation to tyranny, it would be tyranny itself.

As for Congress, there is no chance that such a declaration would garner the support of both houses, including many Republicans.

The danger is not such Congress would approve such a move, but that such extreme calls are fueling the growing tension in this nation. For a former National Security Adviser to embrace such a call is chilling and reckless.

[Parts of this posting were updated]

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  1. “The official serving as President Donald Trump’s eyes and ears at the Justice Department has been banned from the building after trying to pressure staffers to give up sensitive information about election fraud and other matters she could relay to the White House, three people familiar with the matter tell The Associated Press.
    “Heidi Stirrup, an ally of top Trump adviser Stephen Miller, was quietly installed at the Justice Department as a White House liaison a few months ago. She was told within the last two weeks to vacate the building after top Justice officials learned of her efforts to collect insider information about ongoing cases and the department’s work on election fraud, the people said. …”

    I’m sure that Turley will condemn Stirrup’s installation and attempts to pressure staffers. /s

    Glad that the DOJ acted.

    1. Me too, CTHD. Good to see some threads of the department still active and beyond the reach of complete manipulation by the executive branch. I was pleasantly surprised to see it.

      -Elvis Bug

        1. Says the guy who has yet to hear the sound of his head popping out of his ass. It’s okay, I promise you that life, post kindergarten, can be an amazing thing. Hang in there, cap.

          -Elvis Bug

    2. If the President authorized him to obtain information, DOJ employees are required to give it to him.

        1. And the Constitution requires them to give the President ANY information they possess. Nothing could be more obviously true than that. Why are you lying? Is that all you have?

          1. Mission statement of the DOJ: “To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.”

            If the president proves to be a domestic threat and is under investigation as such it would not be wise, or legally required for the DOJ to surrender information to the president regarding that matter in particular.

            You’re coming at this from the POV of an all powerful executive, which the president is not. The DOJ is beholden primarily to the law, not the president.

            -Elvis Bug

            1. “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.” WIthin the limits set by the Constitution, the President is all-powerful.

              1. What that sentence actually says is that the president has executive power which *does not* translate into being all powerful. Come on, keep up, this is basic stuff.

                Elvis Bug

  2. A reminder that if the 302 from Flynn’s 1/24/17 interview is correct, he made false statements to the FBI agents in order to cover up the involvement of Trump and others from the Transition Team in determining what he said to Kislyak. (Here’s one discussion of this:, and there’s more on that website.)

    If that’s true, then Trump pardoned Flynn as a reward for keeping his mouth shut, and now Flynn is doing what he can to support Trump.

    This is the same kind of I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine that we see with Roger Stone and Trump.

    Trump lost the election. In over 3 dozen lawsuits, Trump’s attorneys and the attorneys for his allies have been unable to convince a judge of any significant electoral problems. Those encouraging Trump to declare martial law should be ashamed.

    1. A reminder that if the 302 from Flynn’s 1/24/17 interview is correct, he made false statements to the FBI agents in order to cover up the involvement of Trump and others from the Transition Team in determining what he said to Kislyak.

      Nope you are making false statements again.
      There is no 302 dated 1/24/17.
      All the 302s submitted to the court indicate the FBI investigators involved in the interview believed Flynn was not lying. Their opinion counts. The opinions of everybody else, including you, is evidence of nothing.

      “the involvement of Trump and others from the Transition Team in determining what he said to Kislyak.” is not a crime or evidence of a crime. There is no evidence that the FBI agents were trying to investigate “the involvement of Trump and others from the Transition Team in determining what he said to Kislyak.” Anything Flynn happened to say cannot be construed as impeding an investigation that did not exist.

      It is not as if there is any evidence that Flynn or Trump or others from the Transition Team did anything that worked to the benefit of Russia. If in fact they did anything at all in regard to Russia’s response (which is doubtful) it benefited the USA. How can doing something that results in another country not taking punitive action against the US be a crime against the US?

    2. I see that jinn has responded to me. I’m not going to respond to him/her, because all s/he has is a bizarre conspiracy theory that Flynn colluded with the SCO to plead guilty to a crime, and s/he ignores all of the evidence that undermines his/her conspiracy theory, so it’s a waste of time. It’s just bizarre conspiracy theory trolling on his/her part.

      1. a bizarre conspiracy theory that Flynn colluded with the SCO to plead guilty to a crime,

        CommitToHonestDiscussion seems to like to make false statements. I have never said Flynn colluded with the SCO.

        I have said that Flynn helped the DOJ bring their case into court. That fact should be obvious to anyone that looks at the case. The DOJ had no case without Flynn’s help. The DOJ presented no evidence other than Flynn’s sworn Statement of Offense. Even the DoJ now agrees that there never was a case against Flynn.
        The FBI said there was no case against Flynn:

        The FBI agents that interviewed Flynn said they believed he was not lying.
        William Barnet who was the FBI case agent for Crossfire Razor said there was no case against Flynn
        In order to charge Flynn the DOJ definitely needed evidence and Flynn provided the evidence.

        Its an undeniable fact that Flynn helped the prosecution, but whether or not Flynn colluded with the DOJ is not at all obvious. Flynn claims that his attorneys mislead him. That is possible. He claims he is a good soldier and was just doing what he was told.

  3. America is in a condition of hysteria, incoherence, corruption, chaos, anarchy and rebellion.

    President Abraham Lincoln declared martial law, seized power, neutralized the legislative and judicial branches and ruled by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Union.”

    President Donald Trump must now declare martial law, seize power, neutralize the legislative and judicial branches and rule by executive order and proclamation to “Save the Republic.”

  4. The Democrats are claiming victory….but they do not wish to prove it….now why is that you wonder?

    1. Both Democratic and Republican governors and Secretaries of State have certified their state votes. That is bipartisan proof. Some Republicans are in denial. Like you, when you pretend “they do not wish to prove it.”

  5. “Durham bad for Biden.”

    – Professor Turley

    Durham good for Commie Ho-riss.

    Durham good for Barry Soetoro.

    Durham good for the Deep Deep State.

    Durham good for global communism.

  6. Supreme Court sides with churches against California on coronavirus restrictions

    The Supreme Court on Thursday sided with churches against California’s coronavirus gathering restrictions.

    In an unsigned opinion, the court granted the churches injunctive relief and sent the case back to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court asked the lower court to consider the churches’ plea in light of a decision in which New York houses of worship sued to undo Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions. In that case, the court granted an injunction to Catholic churches and Jewish synagogues, saying they were treated unequally in lockdown orders.

    Attorneys for the California churches, run by Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministries, celebrated the win, with Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver, who is defending them, saying that “the handwriting is now on the wall” for Gov. Gavin Newsom’s restrictions.

    Harvest Rock has been locked in a legal debate with Newsom since July, when he ordered that all churches cease singing and move services outdoors. More recently, Newsom introduced a tiered system of reopening that drew outrage from many churches in the most restricted regions of the state.

    Harvest Rock appealed to the Supreme Court in November, accusing Newsom of violating the First Amendment’s free exercise clause. The church also alleged that Newsom treated churches and business unequally, pointing to an incident in which Newsom himself attended a large indoor dinner party, maskless and around a large table.

    “Despite his nine-month reign of executive edicts subjugating Californians to restrictions unknown to constitutional law, the Governor continues to impose draconian and unconscionable prohibitions on the daily life of all Californians that even the Governor disregards at his own whim,” the churches’ complaint said.

    California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Monday urged the court to ignore the church’s appeal, citing the health concerns raised by the pandemic.

    “Scientific knowledge concerning COVID-19 is rapidly developing and now provides even stronger support than before for the restrictions at issue,” he wrote. “More importantly, like many other parts of the nation, California is experiencing an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases, creating an even greater public health need for restrictions on prolonged communal gatherings in indoor places.”

    The Supreme Court’s decision marks the second time since Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation that the court has decided in favor of churches with regard to coronavirus restrictions. This summer, the court denied California and Nevada churches separate injunctions with Chief Justice John Roberts casting the decisive vote. At the time, Roberts wrote that he was not comfortable issuing injunctions, especially with the ever-changing terms of coronavirus restrictions.

  7. Thanks, Jonny, for the ever so light slap on Flynn’s little finger. I can only image what you would say if he were a dem. Keep on aiding and abetting the Trump version of authoritarian government, you are a good supplicant.

  8. Professor – you know there was “some” fraud. What is the proper response to gov’t deep state democrats illegally committing enough fraud to change the election?

    “Let’s see the evidence”. But virtually no ballots say “this ballot is actually a fraud”.
    ‘No evidence of fraud’
    ‘No evidence of widespread fraud’
    ‘No evidence of such fraud that the election results would change’.

    Many individual affidavits of illegal behavior of election workers & officials – that’s evidence.

    So what evidence of fraud would change your mind?
    See BBC from Sep. 2016 (on Africa).
    1) Too many voters – yep, unreal for Biden “mail-in” (fraud-in) record Trump in person
    2) High turnout in specific areas – yep, especially in the Fraud cities of the 6 key swing states
    3) Large number invalid votes – NO; the opposite. Less than 1% – Mickey Mouse voted. In multiple states & cities.
    4) More votes than ballots – NO; with mass mail-in, the gov’t sent out millions & millions more ballots than ever before (planning on easy fraud)
    5) Results that don’t match – they don’t make sense in the Fraud cities, between about 2 am – 7 am Nov 4.
    6) Delay in announcing results – very much so.

    Mostly the criminal deep state destroys or hides the evidence. The gov’t makes rules, but then violates the rules, like observers. If the rules say that Republican observers must be present, but they are kept out (by Dem criminal deep state gov’t officials), what is to be done with such votes that include both legal and illegal votes? Once mixed, there is no way to unmix.
    Once Mickey Mouse’s illegal vote gets mixed in with your vote, what is to be done with that batch of votes?

    How many ballots for just Biden, with no down-ticket? *** how many in 2016 or 2012? over 400,000 this year vs. 1000?

    Your refusal to look at the statistics is telling in its silence.

    The big Fraud cities should have their votes NOT count – because the gov’t failed to follow the gov’t legal rules.

    This election stinks. There are no good solutions, no real justice.

    What happens in countries with dictators when the people have “had enough” and protest?
    New elections.

    After mass protests.

    I support redoing the election in an emergency with the fraud states NOT certifying based on the circumstantial statistics PLUS the affidavits.
    LOTs of evidence of fraud, most of which you dismiss generally, rather than specifically.

    If mass protests and calls for election justice don’t get Free and Fair Elections, lots of Trump supporters will be wondering why they are chumps obeying the law while BLM & Antifa Dems riot with impunity.
    Why Comey, McCabe and all by one FBI criminals were illegally lying to FISA courts, with impunity.
    Why HR Clinton was allowed to have an illegal server outside of gov, and outside FOIA requests, and illegally have Top Secret documents there, with impunity. Some FBI cover-up investigation but no trial, not even an indictment.

    There are dozens of crimes of the Dem deep state, which are treated as acceptable by this gov’t of Democrats, by Dems, for Dems. And against Republicans.

    They voted for Trump. Trump got the most legal votes (in most EC states). The Dem deep state criminals are stealing the election.

    Mass protests, now, to avoid violence later.

    I appreciate your attempt to be fair.

    1. About 20 minutes into the Georgia hearing, you can see the cheaters shoo everyone out of the State Farm Arena because they were allegedly stopping the count, and when the room was emptied, four people clearly take boxes of ballots out from underneath a table, in boxes and suitcases and then start back at work at the stations where the ballots are tabulated. But it’s better not to believe your own eyes when the MSM is telling you different.

    2. Tom, stopped on your 2) above. – Turn out in Milwaukee was almost exactly the same as 2016, or 248k. Biden under-performed Hillary in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Atlanta but over performed her in those cities suburbs and red counties through-out both states. That tends to disprove the alleged big city machine manipulation of votes.

      Have you gotten the news that in these swing state counties that used Dominion machines, more went for Trump than Biden, the Georgia hand recount of paper ballots confirmed the machine result, and that courts – where Trump lawyers have not claimed “fraud” – have gone against Trump by 40-1, and many with GOP judges and some with Trump appointees. The ruling last ,Friday by a Trump appointee was a thorough put down of the case presented.

      You need to take the blinders off.

    3. Footage of State Farm Arena in Atlanta shows that after poll monitors and media were told counting was done, four workers stayed behind to count ballots, at times pulling out suitcases containing ballots from underneath desks. Atlanta Fulton County Ga run by mostly black Democrats. Those same people were also told by Sec of State “When preparing for recounts, to back all their election computers up on all external hard drives”. Yes those people turned around and back all data back up non original servers. That would be corrupt activity. Hope Sidney Powell ends up like Wilford Brimley in “Absence of Malice” told Paul Neuman; ” when I leave here, someone’s arse will be in my briefcase”. May the blindfolded lady be able to produce the truth.

  9. Wisconsin Supreme Court DENIES Trump petition to bring original action to challenge the results of the recount in state Supreme Court.

    Trump and his allies are 1-41 in court.

    1. Joe, that’s interesting because Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is packed with conservatives.

    2. Joe, that’s interesting because Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is packed with conservatives. Their domination of that court has been a story in itself.

      1. Why was there a 5 minute lag time between the above comments? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if comments are going to post or not.

  10. President Trump should call martial law. Democrats are killing children with their lockdowns due to a flu bug.
    This poor boy shot himself while engaging “online” zoom classes. Democrats are responsible for this.
    Martial law is a splendid idea to restore order in our country

    “11-year-old Northern California boy shot himself during online class, authorities say”

    An 11-year-old student from Woodbridge Elementary School in San Joaquin County died Wednesday after he shot himself at home during an online class in an apparent suicide, sheriff’s officials said.

    The student, Adan Llanos, died from injuries from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office announced.

    CBS 13 reported that sheriff’s officials confirmed the boy was in his Zoom class with his microphone and camera off, when he shot himself. His sister, who was distance learning in another room, found him and told a neighbor and her teacher, who helped call authorities.

  11. Turley believes: 1. that courts should seriously look at Trump’s fantasy land claims that the election was stolen from him; 2. that Biden should encourage this; 3. that Biden’s failure to do so is a “failure of leadership” and 4. that if courts take a serious look at Trump’s fantasy land claims of fraud and reject them, that will put the matter to rest.

    In response: 1. why, Jon, would you think courts didn’t seriously look at Trump’s claims? Courts asked for proof and there wasn’t any. Period. Full stop. Especially in the case of seeking injunctive relief, someone must have proof showing they will likely prevail on the merits and that no other remedy is sufficient to prevent immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage. Actions may not be filed for purposes of delay. Jon, you do know that you cannot make up facts, file a lawsuit, and then shrug your shoulders or tap dance when asked for proof. There isn’t any proof. Believe your buddy, Billy Barr, who said so; 2. why should Biden get involved in the business of the judiciary? Just because Trump doesn’t understand this is improper, that’s no reason for Biden to do likewise; 3. the American people didn’t elect Biden to lend credence to the rantings of a mentally ill narcissist because 4. Trump will never, ever, stop claiming he won this election. Never mind the polls, never mind the low approval ratings, never mind the historic voter turn out, never mind the trashed economy, never mind the uniquely high COVID infection and death rates due to his incompetence. Nothing will make him shut up. His mental illness prevents him from admitting failure.

    It’s becoming clearer that Turley’s role is to try to normalize the absurdly abnormal Trump. It’s indeed tragic that Turley squanders his credibility for this lost cause.

      1. That’s from 2017. CNN fired her because of it. She did not ever attempt to behead Trump in reality.

    1. Natacha stated:” It’s becoming clearer that Turley’s role is to try to normalize the absurdly abnormal Trump. It’s indeed tragic that Turley squanders his credibility for this lost cause.” It’s very sad indeed as one who had trusted Turley’s judgment. As you rightly point out, Trump will never concede that he lost this election no matter what the courts rule. Turley knows all too well that these court actions are a hoax in order to raise money from Trump’s chumps for his 2024 run for President. To pretend that Trump is acting in good faith is a lie, but Turley will not acknowledge it because he works for Trump TV aka Fox News.

    2. there will be no military coup. all the top brass are in the pocket of the billionaires. Flynn may be the only one who isnt’

      but billionaires are the enemy and they command ever more mercenaries. one day the moment will come when they;’re all cut down

      Saloth sar

  12. To my fellow Americans this election cycle has seen unprecedented and unpleasant changes to the process. If there is no full audit of the votes in the battle ground states witnessed by both sides their will be war. Any destroyed votes or loss of evidence is admission of guilt. As to the Judicial Branch of our government, it was broken by FDR and has been politically corrupt since.

    1. There have already been audits in every state. Audits occur every election without there needing to be any special request for them; they’re part of the normal verification process prior to certification.

      Georgia did a complete hand recount, which confirmed Biden’s win.

      Trump chose to have a partial recount done in WI, which confirmed Biden’s win.

      Just what more you expecting?

      1. AS an example, if illegal ballots are counted over and over again the numbers will never change. One has to review the ballots as the problem here has little to do with whether a counter is correctly counting. It has to do with illegal ballots that are being counted.

        Same with a number of other audits. You don’t seem able to understand the problems at hand. Instead I note that your thrills are based on insulting and upsetting other people. You must be a sick person.

        1. Allan, your insults reveal you. You are the sick person that you imagine others to be.

          You say illegal ballots are being counted. Prove it.

          1. You must think that the one swimming in your head is everywhere. He seems to occupy your existence. Bravo to the person that did that to you. I have to admit, I am not as successful as him. Bravo to Allan.

            1. I can tell the difference between your insults, Allan, and other people’s insults.

              1. This mentally deficient racist, homophobe and sexist thinks he can differentiate different people. I say Bravo to anyone that makes him look like what he is, a moron. He’s got all sorts of litter ” swimming in your [his]head”

                Congrats to anonymous 1:53 PM

          2. Anon the ChiCom.

            If you think there’s no evidence, you’re going to have a very bad December.

            1. Rhodes the Russian troll, I’d be happy to look at valid evidence submitted under penalty of perjury. A lot of the affidavits so far are hearsay, which doesn’t count for much in court.

      2. A few beheadings, smattering of firing squads, Stacey Abram’s head on a pike, Hunter Biden’s crack pipe to sell and feed the Blacks who suffer income disparities, Barack Obama’s 🍒 which rumors report each nut is worth $125M, though CNN reports Hillary’s 🍒 sell for 250 Rubles, and then there is Joe Biden’s brain….might fetch a few marbles for Kamala’s decapitation. Are we asking for the mooon here?

  13. Whistleblowers allege ballots illegally crossed state lines, ballot backdating, digital manipulation
    Testimony provides “powerful eyewitness accounts of potential ballot fraud on a massive scale,” said Amistad Project Director Phill Kline.

      1. the way Bill Clinton testified under oath and lied under questioning or the way James Comey testified under oath and lied under questioning? Perhaps you are referring to when Hillary testified under oath and lied under questioning?

        1. I don’t advocate people lying under oath.

          Are these “whistleblowers” planning to lie under oath?

  14. An unknown CNN insider apparently gave Project Veritas access to the phone call that senior executives at CNN conduct, I take it, every morning. So Project Veritas has recorded the last two months’ worth of calls. I haven’t yet listened to all of the recordings that have been released, but this real-time video of James O’Keefe announcing himself to Jeff Zucker and the other CNN staffers is pretty entertaining:

      1. The left’s legal experts seem to be losing every case against Project Veritas. I think the record is now 10:0.

        CNN is a lousy purveyor of news and legal opinions.

        1. gotta love how Anonymous trolls roll out the “legal experts” hysteria…as if they cared about the law….ROFLOL

        2. Anonymous, let’s see those ’10 victories’ O’Keefe ‘won’. We know he was arrested in New Orleans. Didn’t win that case.

          1. That was a case he settled and there was no news organization involved. He actually was innocent, but didn’t have the resources to fight so he settled. Now he has money and I think it is 10:0 with Project Veritas winning every case. Add to that the retractions that are rapidly being made by the news media such as the Washington Post and New York times. I think the numbers add up well above 320 last time I looked.

            Project Veritas has credibility. The Washington Post doesn’t have credibility. You and the credibility don’t mix at all, and it is like trying to mix oil with water.

            1. Anonymous said, “says the pervert who wants a hung horse.”If you are sick enough to have sex with an animal, you might as well do it with a horse. At least you will get a ride home.”

    1. So far, all he’s released in CNN saying that Tucker Carlson is a racist (true) and Zucker saying “This is a president who knows he’s losing, who knows he’s in trouble, is sick, maybe is on the aftereffects of steroids or not, I don’t know. But he is acting erratically and desperately, and we need to not normalize that.” Sounds fine to me.

      1. Anon the ChiCom.

        You are a lifelong racist, and have demonstrated that many times here.

        Your hatred of black people is well documented.

      2. Typical left wing loser garbage. Tucker is not a racist. The mentally challenged cannot do any better than play the race card.

  15. Army Colonel and cyber-warfare specialist Phil Waldron testified: that in 21 precincts, 90% of eligible voters voted, in 10 precincts exactly 100% voted, and in six precincts, more than 120% of eligible voters voted.

      1. Look it up for yourself. Everyone has proven you to be without credibility. No one owes you the time of day.

        1. It is currently 6:48 London time and the number of Anonymous avatars are exploding on here.
          fun times

  16. Turley strongly supported Flynn’s demands for a review of his perjury charges. Let’s review what Flynn said under oath the second time he pled guilty in federal court:

    Judge Sullivan: “Your sentencing memorandum states that you pled guilty before certain, quote, revelations that certain FBI officials involved in the January the 24th interview were themselves being investigated for misconduct, end quote. Do you seek an opportunity to withdraw your plea in light of those revelations?

    Flynn: “I do not, Your Honor.”

    Judge Sullivan: “Do you still want to plead guilty, or do you want me to postpone this matter, give you a chance to speak with your attorneys further, either in the courtroom or privately at their office or elsewhere, and pick another day for a status conference? And I’m happy to do that.”

    Flynn: “I appreciate that, but no, Your Honor.”

    A year later, Sidney Powell became Flynn’s attorney. Turley condemned Judge Sullivan. End of review.

    1. Racepace, I guess you are the type that would permit his children to go to jail when given the choice of, you or your children, even though none of you were guilty.

      Fine dad you make.

      1. Flynn was the kind of dad who had his son carry out illegal work for his company.

        1. Gosh, I’ve heard a lot of comments on this blog, but few are such liars with so little talent.

          You sound like the type that gets off beating his wife and kids.

          Goodbye. No need to respond further on this mini thread.


    “However, dozens of lawsuits have been reviewed by the courts and rejected. This includes rulings by Trump appointees and conservative judges”.

    “The call for martial law is an invitation for virtual civil war. It is also a rejection of our judicial system that has continued to function as intended by the Framers. Federal judges have rejected these lawsuits for legal errors and lack of evidentiary foundation. The campaign has appealed many of these rulings and lost”.

    It’s funny how Turley’s columns often feature these disclaimers. One suspects the professor includes such passages to cover his butt in the event he should be censored by colleagues. In this case Turley could say, “Look fellas, I noted that Trump had been blown-out of every courtroom”.

    Yet Turley also writes:

    “Some of us have encouraged courts to review the voting allegations of the Trump campaign and I have specifically encouraged Democrats to support such scrutiny to help resolve the widespread view of this election as flawed. I believe the failure to do so was a failure of leadership by Biden”.

    This column illustrates how Turley panders to Trump’s base (and baseless lies) while covering his butt as a Constitutional Scholar. If dozens of lawsuits have been rejected by even Trump appointees and conservative judges for ‘lack of evidentiary foundation’, then Trump is a liar and should be referenced as such.

    To suggest that Democrats have an obligation to consider Trump’s baseless lies is ridiculous in light of Turley’s disclaimers. What ‘failure of leadership’ has Biden demonstrated?? Is he supposed to give a speech counseling patience as we seriously consider every Trump lie? What credibility would Biden have if he gave such a speech?? Rightwing media would only say, “Even Biden is skeptical of his own victory”.

    Trump’s disinformation war has made every defender twist themselves into knots in trying to look credible while pandering to the base.

    1. Why would anyone believe that the courts that have considered these lawsuits didn’t review the allegations before ruling that they are baseless? Turley knows very well you can’t make up facts, file a lawsuit, and then shrug your shoulders, tap dance or ask for time to gather evidence to support what you claimed. Federal and state law make clear that lawsuits cannot be used as a vehicle to create delay, and that there must be “good ground” to support claims. This is especially true in cases where they have sought injunctive relief–to get an injunction, you have to prove you are likely to succeed on the merits and that there is no suitable remedy other than immediate relief. A pathetic narcissist who cannot accept defeat and who has created a fantasy land in which he couldn’t possibly lose an election is not evidence. No court would ever grant an injunction without some credible, substantial proof of intentional fraud. There simply isn’t any, and it’s time for Turley to stop arguing that courts should give serious consideration to a pack of lies.

      1. We are waiting to do to you what Kathy Griffin did to President Trump, Natacha

        1. Natch is a coward. She would never put her head on a block for anyone. Even her kids would throw her from the train. Sheesh

    2. You are correct that Trump’s defenders must turn themselves into knots to defend the indefensible. And it is all too true that Turley panders to the Trumpists while attempting to maintain some semblance of credibility with his professional colleagues. But his efforts will not succeed as his efforts are transparent. He will be remembered as an apologist for the disgraced AG Barr. Like Barr, Turley has got to take a side. And when Barr recently broke rank with Trump, he was deemed disloyal and put under suspicion. Turley cannot continue to straddle both sides much longer, he will be forced either to continue to validate Trump’s lies parroted by Hannity and Carlson or resign being a Fox contributor as the pressure mounts to decide whether you are with Trump or with the DeepState/Never Trumpers/RINO’s/Mainstream Media/Administrative whistleblowers, etc.

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