“Portion Control”: CNN’s Stelter Slams Coverage of Hunter Biden Scandal As CNN Buries Both The Biden And Swalwell Stories


251 thoughts on ““Portion Control”: CNN’s Stelter Slams Coverage of Hunter Biden Scandal As CNN Buries Both The Biden And Swalwell Stories”

  1. Lots of evidence of Biden family taking millions in bribes from foreign actors. Joe Biden is too corrupt and compromised to even get a Security Clearance let alone move into the White House directing US foreign policy. Biden sold out to China and his entire family has been “doing business” with the Chinese Communist Party. This cannot stand.

  2. Theoretically there exists an infinite menu of political opinions. Theoretically there exist illuminated ones who really understand human politics but they are probably less than 0.000001% of the human race. Of course I along with 99.99999% of commenters on this blog believe that I am one of them but there is 99.99999% probability that along with the other 99.99999% I am wrong. In truth the number of entries on the human political opinion menu is very few, perhaps less than a hundred.

    Once upon a time the number of media was few and accessing more than one expensive so each medium chose not to limit the range of reader/viewer opinions to which they catered but that is no longer true. Now there are more media, access is cheap and each medium chooses the range of opinion to which it caters. If CNN viewers ever watch FOX they only do so occasionally for a laugh as likewise do FOX viewers on CNN. It no longer makes sense to media owners to cater for multiple audiences. Since 1998 at the latest the internet had made accessing multiple media cheap and everyone can choose a menu of media in accord with their likes/prejudices, and then there are blogs which allow almost anyone to find a receptive audience.

    When I started posting on the Turley blog long ago it had a range of opinion, these days it is a right wing echo chamber with about 4 leftist commenters Fish Wings, Natacha, (the late I suspect) Mike Spindell and myself although I often affect the persona of an uberfascist to avoid being sneered at as a politically correct proponent of human rights for mere members of species homo sapiens sapiens who are not human in the sense of being entitled to human rights. Apologies to any leftists snowflakes that I forgot.

    Now most comment spaces are silos for people with a narrow opinion menu and owners do not even try to support multiple audiences. Theoretically(financially) t might make sense for Rupert Murdoch to own media targeted at others than the audiences of his newspapers and FOX but he does not probably because it would not work and he doesn’t want to.

    People, people please get it through your heads that it is pointless trying to change the opinion of someone who does not agree. Most of the words on this blog consist of futile arguments between people each calling the other trolls.

    I have spent more than 50 years turning myself into the most cynical person that I could by interpreting events so as to reflect the greatest evil on the greatest number. I have failed, all I have achieved is a modest level of realism.

    I have some questions about changes on this blog can anyone answer:-

    1/ How now does one insert HTML tags in posts;
    2/ Does any one else view comments via email posts and do they notice as I do that avatar or posting handle or both are omitted;
    3/ Does anyone know whether the Jonathan Turley posting comments is in fact the professor and blog owner. If it is him he should turn on the WordPress feature that will identify his comments as from “Blog Owner”.

    1. Dear Carlyle,
      I happen to agree with you. We may have come to a point where it is pointless to try to “change the opinion of someone who does not agree”. I also think you have made a good argument for the dissection of the media. Back when I went to business school, marketers were continuing on their quest to evolve from mass marketing to niche / affinity marketing to what at that time was the elusive goal of one-to-one marketing. Now that we live in an age of AI, chatbots and automated story-writing, we are at that ultimate marketer’s dream stage of one-to-one.

      That said, I have two thoughts:
      1) Trey Gowdy, in his book “It doesn’t hurt to ask” made a similar observation upon leaving his political post i.e. you cannot change the opinion of one who is not open to other viewpoints. I’ll let you know once I get to the end of the book if he feels one can make inroads using questions.
      2) In this ever-more fractionalized world of “opinion” news, where one can exist in one’s ‘bubble’ of reality, it reminds of what the British did very successfully for many years did in India and Africa, i.e. DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

      If one steps back and looks in aggregate at themes and forces at work in the US at this time, it is very easy to see the picture as a “Divide and Conquer” strategy:

      -With responses to the pandemic aimed at keeping folks low and separated i.e. staying indoors, social isolation, the mercantile class losing economic power due to business closure and subsequent job loss (small business accounts for over 90 % of the employment in the US, how could one possibly not expect economic devastation if small businesses are forced to severely cut capacity or outright shutter?);
      -Big tech acting in concert with mainstream media to control information (My BA was in International Relations with a minor in National Security Studies and I can tell you what I am witnessing smacks of ‘non-traditional warfare’); In a free society, all news should be put out there for people to decide for themselves.
      -Exacerbating racial divide and tensions (BLM, Antifa) by focusing on racial problems as opposed to presenting the more balanced view that most Americans know to be true in their personal experience with interracial relationships, families, friendships and so forth. Please read Shelby Steele’s book “Shame”.

      As long as Americans stay in their ‘safe spaces’ and bubbles with their personal “righteous” indignation, the architects of the “Divide and Conquer” strategy will win. What Americans should be asking themselves is “who are the architects of this ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy? What is it that they have to gain? What promises (explicit or otherwise) are being made and can I trust those promises or is it a bait-and-switch offer’?

      Having lived in Europe and having done a fair amount of traveling in different parts of the World, and with a father who fought the Nazi’s in Europe and an Uncle who fought in the Pacific, I would state that most in other countries envy the “WE THE PEOPLE” freedoms that America’s constitution gave Americans along with the ability to achieve in a capitalistic system. Americans should travel to other countries and / or interview folks in other countries before they accept the curtailment of their freedoms to the ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy. There is always strength in numbers, and we are always stronger together than we are separately. I would also suggest that once freedoms are given up, they are incredibly difficulty, if not impossible, to regain, and certainly not without great human cost.

      1. Libertadipensare,
        Very well said.

        I agree with you that so much of what we see going on smacks on ‘non-traditional warfare’, and I am just someone who reads a lot.

        The following questions you noted are excellent. I am interested in how you would answer them.

        “What Americans should be asking themselves is “who are the architects of this ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy?”

        “What is it that they have to gain?”

        “What promises (explicit or otherwise) are being made and can I trust those promises or is it a bait-and-switch offer’?”

    2. Carlyle Moulton, I’m a proud liberal who like you does not hide behind a pseudonym. If only people could be held accountable by name, there would be much less trolling. Anonymous commentary and Dark Money are among the reasons this nation is polarized.

      1. “Carlyle Moulton, I’m a proud liberal who like you does not hide behind a pseudonym.”

        Would that you would use a pseudonym to not further humiliate yourself and those who know you in how you insult, demean and disparage Jonathan Turley with your disgusting comments

    3. You can use html tags for italics and bold. I haven’t been able to get the others to work.

      The person who posted under the name jonathanturley is not the blog owner, but was a troll. I emailed the real JT and the comments were deleted.

  3. Joe Biden and Kamala will enjoy the same treatment they sowed the past four years against Trump and his supporters. Enjoy!

    1. It will be far worse. The Left have taught Americans how to do it. Anyone thinking our country will remain standing for too long is living in fantasy. oh well

      1. Yep. And all these Republicans saying “accept the results for the good of the country” are in for a shock when they find a resistance instead. The Dems won in 2018 after Resisting and never accepting the results of 2016. And now, it appears they are getting away with installing Biden by way of a fraudulent stolen election and now the Republican leaders are asking us to accept and move along for the good of the country? Did the Democrats accept and do anything “for the good of the country” over the past four years? No, they resisted, rioted, sabotaged, obstructed, and did only what served their own Party and its ruthless pursuit of power. We shall meet them there.

  4. Let’s See If Turley Covers ‘This’:


    A New York judge Tuesday ordered the Trump Organization to hand over documents related to its sprawling Westchester County estate to the state attorney general’s office as it pursues a civil fraud investigation into the president and his company.

    The Trump Organization had tried to shield the documents related to Seven Springs, a 213-acre property, from the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat. Her office is investigating whether Mr. Trump and his company improperly inflated the value of his assets on financial statements to obtain loans and get economic and tax benefits.

    At Seven Springs, the attorney general is looking at the valuation of a conservation easement, an agreement to preserve land in exchange for tax benefits, lawyers for Ms. James’s office have said.

    A Trump Organization spokeswoman has said the investigation is all about politics. Eric Trump, who leads the company and earlier this fall sat for a deposition with Ms. James’s lawyers, has previously said on Twitter that the probe’s “sole focus is an anti-Trump fishing expedition that she promised during her campaign.”

    On Tuesday, New York State Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron held a hearing about documents involving Ralph Mastromonaco, an engineer who assisted the company with plans for a development project at Seven Springs that never came to fruition. Trump Organization attorneys have argued that Mr. Mastromonaco’s communications involving the company and Charles Martabano, a Westchester land-use lawyer who worked on the potential development, are subject to attorney-client privilege. They argued Mr. Mastromonaco essentially acted as an interpreter, providing technical knowledge necessary to its lawyers.

    Justice Engoron rejected that argument, saying he would have needed more specifics, such as affidavits, about Mr. Mastromonaco’s work.

    “The burden rested on [the Trump Organization] to provide the court with sufficient evidence, from persons with actual personal knowledge, demonstrating that Mastromonaco’s communications were necessary, not merely helpful, to provide legal advice,” Justice Engoron said. The Trump Organization hadn’t met that standard, he added.

    New York Attorney General Letitia James’s office is investigating whether the Trump Organization improperly inflated the value of assets on financial statements.

    Ms. James said in a statement that her office would immediately move to ensure that the Trump Organization complies with the court’s order.

    Mr. Mastromonaco declined to comment. A lawyer for Mr. Martabano didn’t respond to a request for comment. A lawyer for the Trump Organization didn’t respond to a request for comment on the ruling.

    The New York attorney general’s office has said it is also examining financial dealings related to several Trump Organization properties, including Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles and 40 Wall Street, a skyscraper in Manhattan’s Financial District, according to court filings.

    A Trump Organization subsidiary purchased Seven Springs, once owned by former Federal Reserve Chairman Eugene Meyer, for $7.5 million in 1995, according to the attorney general’s office. Over the next two decades, the Trump Organization attempted to develop the property into a golf course and a residential subdivision.

    In late 2015, Mr. Trump entered into a legal agreement to establish an easement on the property. A 2016 appraisal valued the property at $56.5 million and the easement at $21.1 million, according to the attorney general’s office.

    Edited from: “Trump Organization Ordered To Turn Over Documents To New York”

    The Wall Street Journal, 12/15/20

    1. Anonymous asked, “Let’s See If Turley Covers ‘This’:” Not a chance; Turley is on the payroll of Fox News because he could not get honest work. Very sad to witness that he has prostituted himself as a right wing hack.

      1. “Not a chance; Turley is on the payroll of Fox News because he could not get honest work.”

        Based on this statement alone and having any knowledge of Turley would anyone reading the above statement believe Jeff has anything of value to say?

        1. If Professor Turley ever writes a disparaging comment about the daily lies and distortions stated by Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham, Perrino, Dobbs, etc., I’ll think otherwise. It’s painfully obvious that he is not just biased, but prejudiced against Fox’s economic competitors. He is no longer fair-minded. Though I do suspect that he serves a very useful function as a Fox legal analyst. He was hired as a counterweight to the unhinged lawyers who often come on Fox to spew nonsense, Giuliani, Ellis, Powell, etc. Instead of the talk show hosts disabusing their viewers of Trump’s lies, Turley is dutifully called upon to give them a reality check. In this way, the hosts cannot be blamed for turning on Trump; rather, the blame is pushed unto the law professor in denying that these Trump election lawsuits should be a “slam dunk” as the cultists are led to believe by the Fox hosts.

          Despite Turley’s condemnation of Trump’s many actions and false statements, by appearing on Fox, Turley is validating the network’s overall support of Trumpism. Turley would never appear as an analyst on Infowars because he would be vouching for the credibility of Alex Jones. Likewise, he should never have agreed to work for a network that but for its championing Trump’s lies and distortions, he would never have been elected. Turley sold out.

    2. With the incredibly mess that NY legislators have made of one of the most iconic cities of the Globe, and I suspect parts of the state, the fact that this Ms. James is focusing on this topic is indicative of why NY will continue to lose out and suffer economic and social decline.

      I’m not an accountant or a real-estate developer, but I suspect this type of property inflation tactic goes on daily in the world of commercial real estate.

      How is something like this relevant when NY, due to not only their handling of the pandemic but their incitement of racial divide and violence through indulging terror groups (BLM, Antifa), engaging in defunding and demoralizing their police, and casting aside bail requirements intended to keep violent offenders off the streets? We all saw the video of the violent kid released with no bail who walked out of the police station only to knock an old lady to the ground.

      These leaders seem to forget that their salaries are being paid by people’s taxes. They are supposed to be doing the people’s work. Is this particular investigation what the average New Yorker wants to pay Ms. James to do?

      Those with the means have fled NY in their thousands and they won’t be back soon, which means anyone holding commercial real estate in NY will have to wait a long time to see its recovery. RE developers are trying to console themselves that this is similar to what happened after 9/11, but this is not 9/11, this is bad policy.

      The loss of those taxpayers will have dire consequences for NY – who will pay for those city and state pensions and the incredible overhead that goes with all those bureaucracies and services? This will only lead to less opportunities and service and program cuts that will impact those without the means to leave.

      States that are badly managed, with leadership focused on relatively inconsequential matters will continue to lose business and enterprising individuals to other states who embrace them with limited government and lower/no state taxes. Ultimately those misguided leaders will learn the ‘hard way’. CA also has been seeing the exodus, with individuals and large companies voting with their feet and leaving.

    -Appointment is historic victory in fight for Diversity and Inclusion; moves to remedy decades of racist transportation policy

    NEW YORK CITY – The Party today announced the appointment of Pete Buttgeig as Secretary of Transportation. As the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Mr. Buttgeig brings nearly eight years of administrative and multimodality transportation infrastructure experience to his new role. Mr. Buttgeig, who is gay, also brings a diverse perspective to remedy the structural racism and homophobia inherent in the country’s transportation infrastructure.

    Mr. Buttgeig, 38, lives in South Bend with his husband, the former Chasten Glezman. Mr. Buttgeig came out as gay in June 2015. He was the first elected official in Indiana to come out while in office, and is the highest elected official in Indiana to come out. The Buttgeigs met on the dating site Hinge in August 2015 and were married on June 16, 2018 in a private ceremony at the Cathedral of St. James in South Bend. A video of the ceremony, which is highlighted by the appearance of the couple and their wedding party in striking black tuxedos, is available for streaming on YouTube.

    South Bend is the fourth-largest city in Indiana and serves as the transportation hub of Michiana. Nearly 10 miles of I-90, the nation’s longest interstate, crosses the northern edge of the city. The St. Joseph River, which winds its way through the city’s vital urban core, was a critical transportation link for the region’s Native Americans prior to their brutal subjugation by racist 19th century colonial oppressors. Among the numerous high profile municipal projects championed by “Mayor Pete” was the City’s Smart Sewers project, which has been mostly successful in preventing raw sewage from reaching the river.

    “Interstate 90 in South Bend is one of the few interstate highways that bypasses a major urban core. Through the foresight of visionaries like Mayor Pete, Blacks, gays, and other marginalized urban communities in South Bend were largely spared from the structural oppression inherent in our interstate highway system. South Bend will serve as the progressive model for reimagining our transportation infrastructure nationwide,” commented Vice President Kamala Harris. “Please join me in welcoming Mayor Pete as a member of my cabinet,” she concluded.

    President Joe Biden added, “I would also like to commend the Buttgeigs for their courage in coming out in a state like Indiana, which has long been governed by dangerous religious zealots. Mayor Pete’s appointment sends a strong message to the former vice president and others like him that there is no place for hatred and homophobia in a Biden administration. The Party is the most inclusive and tolerant organization in human history.”

    Immediate implementation of these guidelines is authorized under previously approved directives adopted in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Further information on these guidelines will be communicated as circumstances dictate.

    1. I don’t get this Party Secretary crap. It appears this piece is coming from a publication of some kind. But the poster gives us no idea what the source is. This whole thing plays like the inside joke of seriously nerdy loser.

      1. Dear Mr. Anonymous:

        As part of your ongoing education as to Party Doctrine, you are encouraged to familiarize yourself with “The Banality of Evil” as described by Hannah Arendt.

        However, please use extreme caution in communicating the doctrine set out in Ms. Arendt’s text, as it is not to be applied to Party-aligned elements. Proper usage dictates that activities undertaken on behalf of the Party be characterized as noble, in the furtherance of social justice, or their functional equivalents.

        Pending further guidance, please contact your local Secretariat for Party Education for more information.

        1. Read the opening statement: “NEW YORK CITY – The Party today announced ” Doesn’t that and from who tell you guys something right away?

    2. “South Bend will serve as the progressive model for reimagining our transportation infrastructure nationwide,” commented Vice President Kamala Harris. “Please join me in welcoming Mayor Pete as a member of my cabinet,” she concluded.”

      Did you catch that? Kamala said welcomes Pete as a member of “MY cabinet”…..

      She will be a disaster as VP. But we all know she wasn’t put on the ticket to be number two.

    3. “President Joe Biden added, “I would also like to commend the Buttgeigs for their courage in coming out in a state like Indiana, which has long been governed by dangerous religious zealots. Mayor Pete’s appointment sends a strong message to the former vice president and others like him that there is no place for hatred and homophobia in a Biden administration. The Party is the most inclusive and tolerant organization in human history.”

      Words of unity and healing, eh there Joe Biden? You attack the current VP as you name your openly gay cabinet member– who, btw, is not the first gay cabinet member to serve –as the media is now lying. Ric Grenell was the first openly gay ambassador appointed by Trump and later the first gay Senate confirmed cabinet member as Acting DNI.

      1. “The Party is the most inclusive and tolerant organization in human history.”

        Uh, try again. You take a cheap shot to smear and insult the sitting VP and then in the next sentence call yourselves the party of tolerance and unity? The hate and intolerance coming from The Party of Joe Biden is on full display. Not to mention the violence. Spare us all your empty words of “healing and unity” Joe Biden. We see what your Party represents. And it’s not unity. You are the party of hate.

    4. The December 15 communique from from Party Secretariat for Infrastructure and Unity is intended as political satire to foster discussion on important issues relating to the role of the government and the media, the rule of law, and free speech. Readers will recognize that the quotations presented in the communique, while satire, are representative of approved progressive doctrine.

      1. No, Party Secretariat, it doesn’t play like satire. It plays like an inside joke to nerds. And with each play it gets stupider and stupider.

        If you knew anything about comedy, ‘it’s only funny once’.

      1. Cuomo said he thought it was likely to have constitutional problems, and still he signed it. I think the killer governor’s attitude is more appalling than the fact that the corrupt and not very bright NY legislature is willing to put the bill in front of him.

        I am going on the way Killer Cuomo characterizes the bill. But I like the thought CTHD.

        1. I bet NY doesn’t pass a law making display of the Soviet Union flag, or the Cuban flag or the Communist Chinese flag a problem or declare them hate symbols. Why is that, do you suppose?

            1. Do you think someone marching through my neighborhood with a hate flag like BLM would be attacked? No, they would not.

              What is wrong with the people of Harlem?

            2. Would it be unsafe to walk through Harlem with a Chinese Communist flag?

              No, it wouldn’t.

              Again, what is wrong with the people of Harlem?

              1. Young, the Confederate flag symbolizes a lost, racist cause. Why are you so deferential? We all know what that flag means. It served as the KKK’s flag for 100 years ‘after’ the Civil War.

                1. The Cuban communists murdered thousands. I met a man who saw his father shot in front of him. The Chinese have slaves in concentration camps now, and not a peep out of you. The soviets murdered millions of their own. Not a word from you. What’s wrong with you?

                  BLM is racist by the way. Condemn that.

                  1. Young, we can all come up with What Abouts regarding evil regimes and lost causes. And for the record, I’m no fan of BLM.

                    But Republicans are always complaining about their racist image. Yet Republicans like you keep defending the Confederate flag; like it’s just some innocent piece of history. It’s not!

                    1. So the murder of millions by brutal governments is just ‘What Abouts’ to you. Nothing the South did compares to that yet you obsess on it. You know next to nothing about American history or the South and you appear to neither learn nor care about current issues. Slaves are sold openly in Libya now thanks, in part to Hillary’s intervention. If you truly care about the issue, do something. But I know you won’t. More fashionable to complain about anything American. There is nothing innocent about your obsession.

                    2. Young, don’t make me vomit. Any loser malcontent can keep referencing What Abouts. That doesn’t take any brains! And you’re also blurring the subject to avoid any explanation of why the Confederate flag should be cherished.

                      In other words, you bring up one point. But instead of defending that point, you simply fall-back on What Abouts with an air of phony outrage. Totally pretentious. Any idiot can do that!

                      But it takes real intelligence to defend the initial point you made. So the fact you can’t defend that point means you’re just a Trump-dead-ender looking for fights he can’t finish.

                    3. Young, this guy is a virtue signaler. If it appeared virtuous to torture and kill 10,000 people he would gladly take part. That is what has been seen wherever such virtue signalers appear and the rule of decent law has been replaced by the rule of despotism and hate. Looking back I can see the virtue signaling of a Nazi wanting to be recognized as a good Nazi so he shoots Jews dead.

                    4. It seems the left is unable to grasp the basic reasons behind the Bill of Rights. Defending the Bill of Rights is not racist. Destroying the bill of rights hiding behind racist intentions is totally racist.

                      One doesn’t need to define what the confederate flag means. One doesn’t have to like the confederate flag. All one has to do is recognize that your actions regarding the confederate flag are actions that demonstrate you to be against the Bill of Rights along with being a likely racist.

                      Shame on the lot of you for not understanding the meaning behind the First Amendment.

                    5. Are you embarrassed that your statements demonstrate that you are acting like a racist who doesn’t understand the purpose of the Bill of Rights? You are trolling. My response was legitimate and factual.

                    6. S. Meyer is a troll, but he’s not the one you’re talking about. S. Meyer is the person who used to post as Allan.

                    7. I wonder how the name anonymous bandies around changes anything that was said or makes anything said wrong? One would think you would applaud the Bill of Rights, but you didn’t. One would think you would applaud the anti-racist tones, but you did not. All you did was discuss who the writer might be.

                      Is that the sum total of your existence on this blog? You have made the same comment umpteen times. Do you think the other Anonymous is too stupid to remember what you have said over and over again?

            1. Any private citizen should be able to on public property. A ‘homeless’ bum can poop there but if he has a Confederate flag there will be real trouble for him.

              1. No there won’t. You clearly still haven’t read the law you’re complaining about.

                1. Haven’t you noticed that ‘hate’ oriented laws are stretched beyond their text to harass or charge people?

                  I will be more sanguine when NY passes similar laws on Chinese, Cuban, and Soviet flags. Let’s do the same with Che and Mao mages.

                  Won’t happen though, will it? You can figure out why for yourself.

                  The law has less to do with ‘hate’ symbols than with rewriting history and controlling speech and thought.

                  A law against pooping on the sidewalk is easily explained and justified except in San Francisco and New York. But only real sophistry can lead anyone to accept laws like this. Either you have freedom of speech or you don’t. The Left doesn’t want it.

                2. Just read it. If not unconstitutional it will be enforced in an unconstitutional manner.

                  I wonder if you are a state employee could you have a coffee cup with the Confederate battle flag on your desk? What about a Soviet flag, Che or Mao image?

                  You know the answer and that answer tells you what this is about.


    1. and considering that about 25 confederate flags were sold in all of new york last year, we understand that the inconsequential NY legislature is busy with inconsequential tasks

      as the state suffers from inept leadership, they twiddle thumbs over posturing

      Sal Sar

      1. The law relates to “symbols of hate” which would include the Confederate battle flag in the law but is expressly not limited to that.

        What happens when a crcifix becomes a ‘symbol of hate’? What about a Star of David or the flag of Israel? What about objects that say “All Lives Matter”? What about decals that say “Cuomo is A Tyrant”? What about a MAGA hat? Some have already been said to be symbols of hate.justifying sanctions, loss of jobs or physical attacks

        The law is more dangerous than it appears. Referring only to the Confederate flag makes it more palatable to some (not me), but it has no visible boundaries to its prohibitions and sanctions.

        This is a vile law that emerged from the muck of a totalitarian mentality.

        1. the fasces is considered a symbol of hate but as i related it is integral and significant in the Lincoln memorial

          so they will have to rip that sucker down too

          the Confederate flag actually integrates the cross of St Andrew. in the X part of the flag. similar to the flag of Scotland. thus, echoing the Christian faith

          which the billionaires hate!

          Sal Sar

  6. https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2020/12/why-the-future-is-trumpist-1.php?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+powerlineblog%2Flivefeed+%28Power+Line%29

    Why the Future is Trumpist (1)

    Some day I believe honest historians (both of them) will conclude that Trump’s administration was the most consequential and effective one-term presidency in American history, whose legacy will last for a long time. The best comparison would be Lincoln, who never got to serve his second term.

    Let’s start today with just the single issue of China (or “Chy-nah,” as Trump likes to enunciate it).

    At the site this article continues to show the effect Trump had on the world’s view of China that will last for years and IMO made us safer. Graphs and other information at site. This is a series of articles that I think will detail a lot of Trump’s greatness.

    Any on the left that want to read this should have an airline bag ready. A lefty might call this crap but that is only because when it comes to the news lefties are months or years behind.

    1. oh, not the whole HIV genome, just a segment. along with a segment of pangolin dna and a segment of bat dna that magically drifted together into this superinfectious pathogen

      which was supposedly not cooked up in a lab, even though the guy who won the Nobel prize for sequencing the HIV genome, eminent virologist Jean Luc Montaigner, says that it was definitely cooked up in a lab

      Just wait for the next one folks. you’re going to wish you had caught sars cov 2 when sars cov 3 comes around.

      That one’s going to be the whopper that helps kill off humanity by the billions

      the silver lining will be, the elites get their “carbon net zero emissions economy”

      Saloth Sar

  7. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/attorney-matthew-deperno-calls-report-related-dominion-voting-system

    “The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors,” the report also states. “The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication. The intentional errors lead to bulk adjudication of ballots with no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail. This leads to voter or election fraud. Based on our study, we conclude that The Dominion Voting System should not be used in Michigan. We further conclude that the results of Antrim County should not have been certified.”

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