Former DNC Official: “We Should Give Eric Swalwell The Congressional Medal Of Honor For His Conduct”

There continues to be a virtual news blackout on coverage of the scandal involving House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Eric Swalwell reportedly having a long intimate relationship with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang.  Some however were not content to simply ignore the story.  In a more worthy of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Brad Woodhouse, the former DNC Communications Director, went on Fox News not to bury Swalwell but to praise him.  Asked whether Swalwell should have been left on the House Intelligence Committee after an alleged intimate relationship with a Chinese spy, Woodhouse declared Swalwell did everything right after being notified by the FBI. He then added “we should give Eric Swalwell the congressional medal of honor his conduct.” As a military history buff, the comparison did not sit well with me, but it was particularly odd coming from Woodhouse.

     The Congressional Medal of Honor recognizes brave corporals, not corporeal bravery.  Just in case there is a need for the distinction, consider Corporal Mitchell Red Cloud Jr. Red Cloud was a Ho-Chunk Native American born in Hatfield, Wisconsin. He served in combat with the Marines in World War II and was wounded.  They wanted to medically discharge him but he refused and went on to fight with the Marines at Okinawa.  He then enlisted with the Army in 1945 and fought in Korea.  He was shot eight times and kept fighting.

       He wrapped himself around a tree to keep firing at the massive wave of Chinese. That is an encounter with the Chinese that is worthy to repeat to our children unlike Swalwell’s brave encounter with Fang Fang.

       While not ignoring any distinction Swalwell achieved in his “action,’ the CMH is meant to recognize some who “distinguishes himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty.” Whatever call Swalwell was answering, it was not the call of duty for a CMH.

     I am sure that Woodhouse did not mean to insult CMH winners and this was just a comment that he would now take back.  We have all had such moments. It is the peril of live television. The more important aspect however is how Democrats (and many in the media) are dismissing this story despite the endless coverage of previous and analogous scandals. It is the fact that Swalwell should be complimented for his conduct. Why? Swalwell did not go undercover in any intelligence-gathering sense.  What was his alternative when the FBI contacted him? Woodhouse makes it sound like our expectations of our elected officials are so low that Swalwell is a hero for not refusing to speak with the FBI and continuing to sleep with a Chinese agent.  The fact that he agreed to cut off ties to a foreign agent and answer questions of the FBI is deemed extraordinary conduct by Woodhouse.

      Even as hyperbole, Woodhouse’s statement shows the level of galactic spin required to dismiss this story, which is being buried by most of the media.  In addition to his relationship (which included her fundraising for his campaign and successfully pushing forward an intern for his congressional office), Swalwell ran for president and never mentioned the controversy.  Swalwell later used national security laws to refuse to explain the nature and scope of his relationship in public, claiming that such information was “classified.” It was an absurd claim. Clearly the Chinese – and presumably Fang Fang – know whether he had a sexual relationship with this spy. The only people who do not know are the voters.

     For me, that was the real lie. I do not believe that Swalwell knowingly slept with a spy. It was his insistence on staying on the House Intelligence Committee while using national security laws to shield himself from questions on the relationship.

     It was impressive that Swalwell kept the scandal out of the public as he was endlessly for investigations and articles of impeachment over discredited Russian collusion theories.  He was particularly adamant in calling for investigations of an alleged Russian asset meeting with Don Trump Jr. in a single meeting at the Trump Tower.  Swalwell declared on MSNBC in January 2019: “Stated plainly, the President’s son met with a Russian spy. We now have the best evidence of that in our minority report the Democrats put out that Ms. Veselnitskaya was going all over the world and bumping into Dana Rohrabacher, which is a sign of a spy, someone who tries to create a coincidence encounter, and now we know that she was working at the behest of the Russian government.”

     Swalwell was also one of those calling for an investigation into an accused Russian asset seducing a NRA official. Even when NRA moved to address the relationship between Butina and 57-year-old Republican activist named Paul Erickson, Swalwell appeared on countless shows to demand more information and investigation.  He told CNN’s Don Lemon that further investigation was needed to explore the extent of such influence..

      Indeed, when the NRA story broke, Woodhouse was not handing out CMHs but charges for a FEC investigation.  So one seduction should be the subject of recognition while the other should be the subject of investigation.

            The only thing more impressive than Swalwell’s hypocrisy is his audacity. Perhaps that is what should earn him some type of congressional recognition. After all, Mark Twain said “heroes are men who do thing which we recognize, with regret . . .  that we cannot do.” Swalwell is a congressional hero because he did what no other politician has been able to do: sleep with a foreign agent and survive.

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  1. Obama elected President–twice, Obama “winning” the Nobel, Christine Blasey Ford presented as believable, Adam Schiff presented as believable, Trayvon Martin was “murdered”, Michael Brown was “murdered”, George Floyd was “murdered”, Black Lives Matter matters, Antifa–presented as peaceful protesters, Nancy Pelosi (’nuff said),
    Sorry, but Swalwell is going to have to take a number and wait before I can get too worked up about talk of an “award” for him.

  2. Where the —- are Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Mason, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, Jay, Hancock et al.?

    The long train of abuses and usurpations has arrived with its load of “…absolute Despotism….”

    That tyranny is the dictatorship of the Tytler/de Tocqueville express.

    America is now a rancid, one-party, communist state ruled by psychotic authoritarians.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and

    to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence


    Have we seen professional reporting by recognizable sources claiming that Congressman Swalwell had a sexual relationship with Ms Fang? I’m not doubting the possibility. But the accounts I’ve seen only suggest that Fang made frequent contacts with Swalwell’s office while posing as an activist.

    1. Chinese Spy Assigned To Date Eric Swalwell Begs To Be Sent To Labor Camp Instead

      BEIJING—Sources within the Chinese government confirmed today that the spy who was assigned to date Rep. Eric Swalwell and get information from him abruptly returned to China and begged to be sent to a labor camp instead.

      “Please — don’t make me go back!” she begged after returning to China in 2015. “I’ll do anything! I’ll break rocks! I’ll build a railroad! I’ll — I’ll even make shoes for Nike! Just don’t make me go back and date that man again!”

      “It’s cruel and unusual punishment. Which, I guess, is allowed here, but still. It’s not a good look,” she said.

      An international human rights board agreed, putting pressure on the Chinese government to stop forcing spies to date Eric Swalwell and other U.S. congressmen. “We call on the Chinese to resort to traditional methods of punishment like labor camps, torture, and just straight-up executing citizens rather than the cruelty of sending spies to America to date congressmen.”

      President Xi Jinping, ever a gracious ruler, granted her request, and she has been sent to a forced labor camp rather than having to go back to date a U.S. congressman like Eric Swalwell. Though several Americans have reported getting strange messages scrawled on the inside of their Nikes like “Christine Fang here please send help” and “Eric Swalwell really did fart on live TV.”


    1. Bradley Manning got a pardon and Berghdahl got a Rose Garden ceremony because Barack Obama did not disapprove of what they did. It’s a reasonable wager that almost no one to be found in Barack Obama’s mundane social circle at some point between 1985 and 2005 disapproved of what these men did if they gave any thought to it at all (Well, his mother-in-law probably did disapprove). Obama hasn’t a trace of originality. He is his class and subculture.

    2. The spy may have filmed some of their little romps.

      Maybe Swalwell deserves an Oscar rather than a Medal of Honor for his performances in front of the hidden cameras.

      The Oscar is sufficiently degraded as an award to be appropriate.

      1. Yeah, Young, actors should be drug-tested as a condition of receiving an Oscar nomination.

        1. In Hollywood unless they tested positive for drugs they couldn’t do public service announcements or accept Oscars.

      2. @Young- That could be the real reason they’re going after Pornhub.

        1. Good thought! It might explain it. Also a major competitive feature of porn is that it probably isn’t politically correct and we don’t have to put up with those nauseating public service lectures telling us how to live from porn actors. They have more decency than to do that.

          I would watch the Oscars again if they had a special one for best porn actors. I imagine the golden statuette would have to have an erectionette.

  4. Eric Swallwell should also receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his groundbreaking initiatives in helping to bring China and America together

  5. Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is not “discredited as Turley falsely claims, – he knows this or has no business commenting on it – and the Trump Tower meeting with a Russian agent, attended by Don, Jr, Manafort, and Kushner was for an announced intent of getting Russian dirt on Hillary. That is not the same thing as being tricked by a Russian agent – it is willfully meeting with them.

    Turley has a hard on for Swalwell ever since he Swalwell successfully but politely trashed him during House testimnoy.

    You can see it here:

    1. Russian collusion with the Trump campaign is not “discredited as Turley falsely claims,

      It doesn’t matter how many times you recycle this lie, it is still a lie. Tell your contact at Correct-the-Record to get you a better script.

        1. It doesn’t matter how many links you post to source documents which do not substantiate your lies. They are still lies.

            1. Joe Friday is a Chinese troll who is very upset that China is being exposed.

              So, he posts the same Russiagate BS whenever he’s got nothing else.

              1. Rhodes is a Russian troll who likes to sow discord. He posts the same insults whenever he’s got nothing else.

          1. page 941 is a statement from the Palace Eunuchs, terrified Dear Leader will order them primaried.

            Care to discuss the evidence starting at the beginning of the linked Report? It describes Putin’s intent to elect Trump, various campaign officials, including the campaign manager, the candidates son, and son-in-law all meeting with Russian agents and conspiring with them, and the candidates long time friend conspiring with Wiki-leaks on timing of the release of emails stolen by the Russians, as well as a campaign adviser trying to score Russian dirt on Hillary with what he thought was the full knowledge of the candidate. Of course the Mueller Report not only documents this sleazy and near traitorous behavior but also lists 10 specific instances of attempts by the candidate to obstruct justice in an effort to hide it all.

            PS Sorry about your football team momma

      1. LOL That was done by Mueller. Obviously Turley read his report. You should try it.

      2. I suppose the Mueller investigation not finding a shred of evidence to support the collusion claim was a lie too.

        1. Mueller didn’t investigate “collusion.”

          He did investigate conspiracy.

          He found evidence of conspiracy, but not enough to file charges.

          1. He found evidence of conspiracy, but not enough to file charges.

            He secured an indictment of a catering company and a bunch of Russian security officials. He knew he’d never have to present evidence in court. Or, rather, Weissman knew. Mueller didn’t know whether he was coming or going.

    2. Even during the dreaded McCarthy Era it was not a crime to talk to Russians. And that was during the Cold Wat.

    3. So now we give medals for naivete. What next? Participation trophies for Congress showing up to do their job.

    4. In your video, Swalwell proves himself to be the classic – hit and run cretin with a smile – that he’s always been by using his seat to attack Prof. Turley without giving the Professor an opportunity to answer. The rest of your points are equally self incriminating.

      1. ya weasel traitors come off as slime balls

        why is this asshat still on that committee let alone in congress

  6. It was a galling statement. But worth it just to read about Corporal Mitchell Red Cloud Jr. His bravery is second to none – the type of man real men aspire to be.

  7. Obviously, Woodhouse is an idiot – but then so are most DNC officials. If he weren’t, he’d know that the Medal of Honor can only be awarded to military personnel. In fact, the Air Force had to do some underhanded orders so that CMSgt Richard Etchberger could be awarded the medal. At the time of the action, Ethberger and his team were sheep-dipped civilians who had been officially discharged from the Air Force and employed by Lockheed for a secret operation in Laos. He was nominated for the medal (although his actions as being above and beyond are debatable) but the award was turned down because of his civilian status. His sons pushed for Congressional action to have his status changed to active duty and the medal awarded to him. Sawell has never served in the military, much less in combat. He’s just another candy-ass lawyer he wangled his way into politics and a seat on the Intelligence Committee even though he has no experience in intelligence.

    1. He worked as a prosecutor for a half-dozen years. He doesn’t appear to have ever clerked in a firm. He’s been drawing government salaries without interruption since 2006 and drew them intermittently for about five years previous. He’s never held a government position that wasn’t derived from political patronage. Given time and diligent effort, at age 75 he’ll be able to say with satisfaction that he’s been livin’ the Dick Durbin life.

      The Democratic caucus is chock-a-block with characters like Swallwell and the Republican caucus is not free of them.




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  9. Earlier today, I commented that the lefties are stupid.

    Now another lefty reaffirms that belief.

    Do they even think before they speak?

    1. Severe lack of critical thinking skills and reading comprehension is on display with the lefties.

  10. This, coming after Pelosi praised Swalwell, just shows how far in the pocket of China and America’s enemies the Democrat Party has gone. After years of abusing Pres. Trump with phony political attacks and investigations, the Democrats have no problem with Chinese spying or payoffs to their own. As someone who once was a Democrat, I can truly say that I do not recognize the new Marxist Democrat Party. I didn’t leave them, they left me in a state of disbelief.

  11. Maybe we could do a Go Fund Me and send these two over to China where they believe magic lives. Five or ten years would do it.

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