Best wishes to everyone celebrating Christmas. Due to the pandemic, we did not drive to Chicago this year and instead have stayed in Virginia. We have all of the kids and of course Luna tucked away as the stockings and the tree await.

We will be having a virtual celebration with my 92-year-old mother who have focusing this year on praying for the Bears to make the playoffs.

Last night, I made our traditional Cioppino soup — a tradition started by my late father, Jack Turley. I have previously written how I grew up hating the soup but the tradition fell to me. I am now as addicted to the soup as my father was. I always think of my dad (who was also my best friend) as we enjoy the soup with warm bread.  Leslie made me my favorite Old Fashion cocktail and we watched It’s A Wonderful Life.

Tonight, I will cook the beef as well as the Yorkshire pudding, horseradish. and other traditional dishes for the dinner.  Leslie has enough cakes and cookies to put the entire elf corp into a sugar coma.

Washington of course is in full celebration with subpoenas hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that a Special Counsel will soon would be there.  Oh Christmas in Washington. Now, Durham! Now Delaware! Now Sam Dash away! Dam Sash away! Sam Dash away all!

The Turley family wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday. I will be toasting our blog family tonight and give thanks for the wonderful community we have created at this site.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Turley

38 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”

  1. I dream a world where man
    No other man will scorn,
    Where love will bless the earth
    And peace its path adorn
    — Langston Hughes

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it and good wishes to all.

  2. Merry Christmas to all, especially to Prof. Turley.
    Thank you for the blog, a gift that I treasure.
    If anyone has not seen the British movie “Nativity” or the 1983 adaptation of Jean Shepherd’s “A Christmas Story,” and has the time & the inclinaton, they are wonderful Christmas treats. One takes you back to the Midwest in the ’50s, the other to a parochial school with a teacher seeking redemption.

  3. We wish you a Mary Xmas…
    We wish you a Mary Xmas…
    We wish you a fairy princess…
    And a happy new beer!

  4. Merry Christmas JT to you and your family. In this hyper partisan climate, I don’t think there’s anyone respected more than you.
    I’m a conservative and even when I don’t agree with you on a particular subject I always respect and appreciate your articulate and thoughtful assessment.
    We need more JT’s in the world!

  5. Merry Christmas! “It’s a Wonderful Life “ is a tradition in our house. It is timeless. From here in Texas to you and yours, we wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Years, too.

  6. Merry Christmas but my hopes are for indictments from the Southern District NY and IRS seizures.

    Maybe in the best Christmas Spirit, we leave those kind of wishes out of greetings.

  7. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your Christmas story. Enjoy the time w your family.

  8. Lovely, thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. Thankful for your calm demeanor, honesty and for your voice, so sorely needed right now.

  9. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday as well. I enjoy your column and am grateful to you for your ability to evaluate and articulate based on facts and law. It’s rare, to say the least.

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