No Recusal But Now A Reversal? Federal Judge and Sister Of Leslie Abrams Changes Order On Georgia Ballots

U.S. District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner attracted considerable criticism when she declined to recuse herself from a challenge over voter eligibility.  Gardner is the sister of Stacey Abrams who has led the effort to register voters in the state. Many felt it was inappropriate for Gardner to rule on the case, a concern that was magnified by her quick rejection of a purging of the rolls of roughly 4000 inactive voters.  Now, it appears that Gardner has not recused herself but did reverse herself.  A new order has issued upholding the purge in the face of an appeal.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger took issue with the original order as fundamentally wrong as to the applicable Georgia election laws.

The new order is a substantial rollback on the original order and the change was praised by Raffensperger’s office. It will allow the requirement of provisional ballots from those voters. Gardner however directs that no challenges to their eligibility be upheld based exclusively on data in the National Change of Address Registry, which Democrats have challenged as unreliable.

At a time of heightened tensions over election integrity, Gardner’s decision not to recuse herself fueled further uncertainty. Stacey Abrams’ organization Fair Fight donated $2.5 million to Senate Majority PAC. That is the group which used Majority Forward as its nonprofit arm, and the donation was the largest to Senate Majority PAC since the November election.

So Gardner is ruling on an issue closely associated with her sister and originally ruled in favor of the group which lists her sister’s organization as its largest contributor.  At a minimum, that creates an appearance of a conflict.  I can understand Judge Gardner’s view that there is no real conflict. These two very successful women continue to work in the same state. Judge Gardner may have been concerned that a recusal would encourage endless such challenges over tangential links to her sister’s work.  Yet, she could have recused while stressing that this is a unique time and a unique set of circumstances. A recusal could have been simply a recognition of the court that her familial tie could undermine confidence in the review.

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  1. So it’s okay when she reverses course after abusing her power? She she should be removed for office for just these actions.

  2. In China, these egregiously corrupt, conspiratorial, antithetical and felonious purveyors of prevarication and fraud would be found guilty of capital crimes.

    In France, in 1793, the likes of these vermin would have been rewarded with guillotines.

  3. JT: “. . . the National Change of Address Registry, which *Democrats have challenged as unreliable*.” (Emphasis added)

    That Registry is maintained by the USPS. (Let that sink in.)

    So *now* the USPS is “unreliable?” *Those* government records can’t be trusted? But the government-maintained voter rolls are reliable?

    I wish the election riggers would make up their minds.

  4. So I usually try to stay on topic but what I want to say is, yes Ghislaine Maxwell is allegedly not a nice person, and has allegedly committed a bunch of crimes etc. and if she is found guilty, she should pay for those crimes. However, what I want to know is, why, of all the dirtbags on the Epstein flight logs, one of whom is a former US President, why is Maxwell the only one sitting in jail right now? It seems profoundly misogynistic to me. Where are the feminists? The law should be the same for everybody.

    1. You over simplify your argument.

      You are using Gender alone as the determinant of her situation.

      How about ignore her gender and just look at the role/involvement she has in the alleged criminal misconduct.

      Also carefully consider her conduct and responses to those attempting to determine if she is a flight risk or not.

      It is not her gender that is of any concern….it is her conduct and own words and actions that leads the Court to remand her to a custodial situation.

      Are you too blind to reality to grasp that notion?

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    1. Smoking is not contagious. Smoking does not prevent you from sitting next to your loved one in the hospital when he’s dying, as you don’t have to worry about catching a deadly disease. Smoking does not prevent people from coming together to grieve. A patient with a smoking-related disease does not endanger his doctor and nurses. Smoking kills slowly. Smoking is a matter of choice.

      More people have died from COVID in the last month than have died from smoking-related causes in the last month. We went from 0 deaths from COVID in the entire month of January to more than 3,000 yesterday alone.

      They simply aren’t comparable as diseases.

      1. “More people have died from COVID in the last month than have died from smoking-related causes in the last month.”

        The hard data does not back-up that propaganda.

        “The COVID-19 Data Is A “Travesty”

        “Jamie Jenkins, the former Head of Health Analysis at the Office for National Statistics, has called the Covid-19 data, in the context of Britain, a ‘travesty’ in various ways.

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      1. Many diseases and illnesses….and personal habits can cause permanent damage to lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, blood vessels and brain.

        Think not….consider the Leftists who post here….just watching unlimited doses of CNN and MSNBC causes brain damage for sure.

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