President Donald Trump Impeached For Second Time

U.S. House of Representatives

With the entry of the 217th vote, the House of Representatives have impeached President Donald Trump for a second time. As I have previously stated, my primary objection to this action is the use of a snap impeachment that dispenses with the traditional hearing or inquiry of impeachment. There was no opportunity to debate the language or the implications of the language. Indeed, the House gave the President a threshold challenge based on this process. With the addition of a possible trial after Trump leaves office, the rush to judgment could become a parade of constitutional horribles.  The use of impeachment to “remove” a president who has already left office is ripe for challenge on the Senate floor and even later in the federal courts.

On the merits, I do not fault those who view the President’s words as impeachable. I condemned both his words and his failure to denounce the violence immediately and unequivocally. However, the language of the article is sweeping and raises serious concerns of this standard for future presidents. There is a concern over presidents being removed for reckless rhetoric that leads to violence by supporters.  While I do not view the President’s words as amounting to criminal incitement, I did view them as inciteful, reckless, and wrong.

That is why I am more concerned with the use of a snap impeachment. I am hopeful that no president will ever engage in such inflammatory actions or words again. However, a House majority could use this as precedent for another circumvention of the traditional process in favor of a snap impeachment. This is what snap chat is to conversations. It reduces impeachment to a raw, brief, and partisan expression.

However, make no mistake about it: this ignoble moment was earned by the President.  While I have warned about the implications of impeaching a president for being obnoxious or narcissistic, this was obviously more than either of those character flaws. This was breathtakingly irresponsible conduct that has now resulted in a historic and ignoble distinction.

The question, however, is how costly it will prove for the Constitution. That is why I argued for condemnation by both house and both parties in a resolution of censure. I criticized this speech as it was being given and opposed the challenge to the election from the outset.  However, I remain deeply concerned over the implications of the process and language underlying this impeachment. Indeed, had the Democrats allowed for just a day of hearings to consider such concerns, the language of the article might have been drafted to achieve greater support.

In my view, the Senate should reject the impeachment if on the basis that an impeachment of a former president is unwarranted and likely unconstitutional. That is entirely separate from the use of a snap impeachment and the specific language used by the House.

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  1. Funny how the people that don’t want voters to have to show ID, have brought in the troops to the Capitol now that are asking regular people walking around on the street for IDs to get into buildings they normally enter

    and wow, look at all those walls and fences. keeping the citizens out of the political elite’s green zones

    they love those walls and fences huh?

  2. Can’t try someone who has a pardon.If the GOP doesn’t support that phrase then they are the true yippy yappy lap dogs of the far left and there is room for a ‘clean’ second party.

  3. So? He did the job we hired him to do and magnificently not only got the Socialists in all three varieties to expose themselves. More than lived up to the important of his Oath Of Office. ‘ to the best of my ability.’ Assume this socialist fascist farce does go to a trial phase how are they going to get around that ‘six word’ requirement?

    The more the far left who gave u their citizenship to give allegiance to Marxist Leninism try to get out of it the more the quick sand drags them down. and it’s usually their own stupidity.

    1. He did the job we hired him to do and magnificently not only got the Socialists in all three varieties to expose themselves.

      That will be his greatest legacy.

  4. Trump will go down as the first President to be impeached twice. History will decide what that means.

    The Pelosi/Nadler/Schiff House will go down, infamously, as the only body to Impeach a President twice, unsuccessfully removing him from office because both attempts were politically motivated vendettas. They will be the example of the wrong, cheap, petty way impeachment can be used. They will always be the example of what a respected House should never attempt again.

    1. They will always be the example of what a respected House should never attempt again.

      That will be President Trump’s legacy; he single-handedly forced the Democratic party to expose themselves for who they really were. The anti-American party.

  5. JT: “. . . that has now resulted in a historic and ignoble distinction.”

    Given the slimy nature of the enemy, I’d call it a proud distinction.

  6. “I condemned both his words and his failure to denounce the violence immediately and unequivocally.”

    Trump tweeted a video urging people to go home, to respect law enforcement, and saying we have to have peace.
    Twitter initially put restrictions on it, then took it down. In another tweet he said, ““I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!”

    1. Jack Kremer, you’re not quoting the entire tweet. You’re only cherry picking lines. Plus the fact that these tweets were only posted AFTER Trump had to be pressured to state that violence was not acceptable and that people should go home.

      His tweets included sympathy for the rioters and tacit approval of the rioting while calling for “calm”.

      Everyone knew he wasn’t being sincere. That’s why Twitter banned him. He was not really telling his supporters to stop. Just to be “peaceful”.

  7. The riot agitators, the lead element, appeared at the Capitol at 12:40 PM.

    President Trump spoke until 1:11 PM.

  8. These disgusting Democrats, led by the Nasty Nancy Pelosi, just criminalized political speech. They need to be removed en masse in the next election. Kick them all to the curb…they are trash….every last one of them are pieces of trash.


      Turley plays host to the Q’Anon types while billing himself as a champion of ‘free speech’.

  9. I keep wondering how it occurred to these people to do another impeachment.

    I contrast this with the impeachment of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. That was a slam-dunk case.

    But in sharp contrast, witnesses testified.

    The committee examined evidence.

    Representatives debated.

    There was no debate.

    Which begs the question of why. What could possibly go wrong with a full debate on the merits?

    Could it be that so many Democrats in Congress did what they accused President Trump of doing?

    Could it be so many of them downplayed, excused, applauded, or even encouraged riots?

    Speaker Pelosi was an egregious offender. In response to the toppling of a statue of christopher Columbus, she said, “People will don what they do.”

    When DHS agents were sent to reinforce security at a federal courthouse in Portland, she not only called them “stormtroopers”, she tweeted that they “must be stopped”.

    No doubt a full debate will bring to light these quotes made for over half a year. No doubt these quotes from Pelosi and others would have been read aloud over C-SPAN.

    Pelosi does not want anyone to know she is ethically estopped in this context!

  10. “What we’ve been watching for four years, and what we saw explode last week, is a paradox: a political and informational system that profits from division and conflict, and uses a factory-style process to stimulate it, but professes shock and horror when real conflict happens. It’s time to admit this is a failed system. You can’t sell hatred and seriously expect it to end.”

  11. This is an absolute f*cking waste of time and energy by our Congress . . . OUR Congress, allegedly.

    I want you working for me, not wasting time on impeachment of a President . . . who is on his way out.

    He is leaving, how unreasonable.

    And these are the lawmakers, and they cant deduce this!


  12. Well now….I like this Lady’s style….and as I posted earlier….that bit about the Democrats giving the Republicans a wonderful gift by this “Snap Impeachment”…..looks like it shall begin on Day Two of the the Biden Administration.

    What is fair for the Goose….is now fair for the Gander!

    Perhaps we can see the Impeachment of the Month Club kick off in Congress for the next four years.

  13. Paging Pope Stephen VI and the Cadaver Synod (or in Latin, Synodus Horrenda – much more descriptive.) Meet the Clown College and the Sister Nancy. What a waste of protoplasm.

  14. I may just be damned, but those pictures/voices of those “Invaders” into the US congress 1/6/2021 sure appear to be some of those antifa Fascist Commies & their Phk Tard Terrorist buddies Black Lives Matter.

    And tell me again why hasn’t the FBI & DOJ already busted those Aholes shipping in pallet loads of bricks to all the different cities to the Commie/Fascist Dems/Rinos owned Antifi/BLM rioters/terrorist showed up?

    And here is just another of the thousands of videos coming in to Banned.Video, Infowars & elsewhere.

    Agitators Identified From January 6th Capitol Unrest


    Jan 12, 2021

    1. That guy who broke the window, should be charged with felony murder, breaking that window and then waving the dead lady on to go on point. What a creep.

      And he may be.

      Sal Sar

  15. Looks like NPR released this after the impeachment vote, “In late DECEMBER, the New York Police Department sent a packet of material to the U.S. Capitol Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It was full of what’s known as raw intelligence — bits and pieces of information that turned up by scraping various social media sites. It all indicated that there would likely be violence when lawmakers certified the presidential election on Jan. 6.
    NYPD sent the information to Washington under the assumption it would be folded into a formal intelligence bulletin by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The FBI’s version is known as a Joint Intelligence Bulletin. DHS produces a Threat Assessment. These reports are typically written as a matter of course ahead of high profile events. Local law enforcement see them as actionable intelligence; an early warning system to help them prepare for incoming threats.” So

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