Georgia Rep Pledges To File Articles of Impeachment Against Joe Biden

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a newly elected Republican member from Georgia who pledged yesterday that “On January 21, 2021, I’ll be filing Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden for abuse of power.”  That is precisely what I criticized Democrats for doing in challenging the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election starting on the inauguration and raising repeated demands for impeachment for acts ranging from his criticism of NFL kneelers to his inflammatory tweets. It was wrong for them and it is wrong of Greene and any other Republicans who want to engage in this type of retaliatory impeachment effort.

Green explained that “It’s time to take a stand,” she said. “I’m proud to be the voice of Republican voters who have been ignored.”

However, as I often point out in testimony in Congress, it is as important in our constitutional system how you do something as what you do.  Impeachment should not be a recreational or retaliatory tool for the opposition. I viewed this second impeachment as justifiable but poorly executed. There was an attack on Congress and Trump bore great responsibility in this disgraceful incident. My opposition to the second Trump impeachment was primarily to the use of a snap impeachment without even a hearing or chance to amend the language. I also had serious misgivings over the language of the article while I recognized that Trump’s conduct overall could be legitimately viewed as impeachable. I think that the House could have allowed for a hearing and an opportunity consider the implications of the language which I believe was too sweeping.  In the end, the language secured just 10 Republican votes. A more tailored article may have secured even more votes and a motion for censure might have secured a majority of both parties.

Greene suggested that her impeachment might be based on Biden’s controversial panel discussion at the Council on Foreign Relations where he talked about how he urged Ukrainian officials to fire Viktor Shokin, the country’s prosecutor in 2015, while he was vice president.

There is still no evidence that Biden took those actions to advantage or protect his son or any family business dealings.

Particularly after this painful week, pledging a tit-for-tat impeachment is neither helpful nor responsible. It is wrong constitutionally and politically. What I said in 2017 in the face of Democratic calls for impeachment is still true today:

“History has already answered this call for impulse-buy impeachments. The Framers saw the great abuses caused not only by tyranny of nobility, but tyranny of the majority. They sought to insulate our government from the transient impulses of politics. Otherwise, impeachment becomes little more than grabbing any opportunistic excuse for impeachment like so many “straws” in the political wind.”

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  1. At this point, for Republicans NOT to attempt impeachment of a Democratic president for the most trivial reasons would amount to unilateral disarmament. The Democrats created the conditions for this to happen with their disgraceful behavior since Trump was elected, just as they created the conditions for the Capitol riot with their incitement for people to riot all year long.

    I’ve read Trump’s speech. There is literally nothing in there encouraging people to riot or turn to violence, unless you count encouraging protest as automatically culpable for that. Meanwhile, Democrat leaders did not merely turn a blind eye to violent protest all year, but actively encouraged it, with their words and by bailing out violent offenders. But somehow, as usual, the Republicans are held to a standard 100x as high as the Democrats. THAT double standard in the media is the actual leading cause of the tension in our society. The mainstream media itself bears the biggest share of the blame for how polarized we have become. By picking sides and pretending to be neutral, they have inflamed one side to consider itself beyond reproach and shown the other that our self-appointed arbiters of truth cannot be trusted.

    Mr. Turley, you are one of the few standing against that, which is why I read your blog. But you are wrong about Trump’s culpability for this riot. (And I am not even a Trump fan.)

    1. This impeachment is not about one speech on Jan 6. It is about months of Trumps behavior. The Jan 6 speech was the straw the broke the camels back.

          1. Important to remember his namesake made a name for himself in part by jerking off in public.

            Elvis Bug

      1. If the impeaching is about months of Trump’s behavior, then what should have been done about the democrats’ behavior in inciting and encouraging rioting across this country by Antifa/BLM? Why was this okay? Let’s start the new congress the way it ended – with the impeachment of Joe Biden. Hunter Biden’s words from his e-mails and self-recordings will be used against his own father. The evidence is there. Madame Speaker start preparing yourself. What you do unto others will come back to you tenfold. You will also be exposed for the damage you have done to the people of this country with your arrogance, lack of empathy to keep the “elites” happy. The people will always win against the powerful no matter what it takes, even losing one’s life.

        1. tenfold. Like it. Of Biblical proportions, perhaps. And Harris support of violent offenders, and suppression of journalists… long four years coming.

      2. Well, Molly, what you need is a montage of the raging incitement to violence by Democrats during the late spring and summer months. The silence over the shooting at A Republican baseball practice. The verbal garbage vitriol heaped on Trump supporters.
        Explain to the families of the dead and those with ruined burned out businesses how upset the Democrats were, and how hard they fought for peace.

      3. Given that camel began the effort to impeach Trump 19 minutes into his presidency, is evidence enough his election win is what broke the back the camel’s back. Democrats are no longer the A$$ of political parties, they are now the brokeback camel party.

    2. I agree with everything you said except I don’t want to impeach Biden unless he lines up with the left to destroy the Constitution. Attempting impeachment now would simply look vindictive and futile. It also weakens criticism of the Democrats for abusing their impeachment authority.

      If you want to help Donald Trump, don’t legitimize the abuse of impeachment. Please, please, consider keeping your powder dry for now. You may be proven right, but now is too soon.

  2. Come on, man. Have you lost all sense of perspective? I would have thought that a president lying constantly for six months about the backbone of our democracy, an election, and inciting and a rebel mob to attack Congress itself might be enough for even his apologists to come to their senses. Apparently I was wrong.

    And comparing that real, serious offense to the off-the-cuff rantings of a Qanon nut about a president who isn’t even in office yet? Just so dumb.

    1. “I would have thought that [the media and big tech] lying constantly for six months about the backbone of our democracy, an election, and inciting and a rebel mob to attack [American cities] might be enough for even [Biden’s] apologists to come to their senses.”

      There. Fixed it for you.

  3. Behavior of both parties is despicable. Democrats are 10x worse though. Old-guard Republicans have played clean for years and been steamrolled. Sad that Republicans have to stoop to Democrat level.

    1. I know people of extraordinary good will and honor in both parties, and political hacks and whores in both parties. I believe Republicans need not stoop, but instead rise up against censorship. We finally heard a peep from the ACLU.
      Name calling like “Qanon nuthob” is sometimes hard to resist, but do, please. A neighbor tells me, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.” I don’t even know who Qanon is, but I have heard the reference. Some conspiracy theories are quite true. Like spying on a Presidential campaign, and misleading the FISA court. Crazy, huh?

  4. She’s a clown. Biden hasn’t abused his power, since he doesn’t have any yet.

    A month from now, maybe she’ll have a basis for impeachment.

  5. Members of Congress calling for Impeachment is nothing new. Trump’s arguably been the worse president in U.S. history, so it’s hardly surprising that there’s been a raft of them. History will judge these two Impeachments. The voters punished the Republicans in the run up to Clinton’s Impeachment. In the wake of Trump’s first Impeachment, did the voters punish the Democrats? Nope. And Turley acknowledges that the second impeachment was justified but rushed and too sweeping in it’s language.

  6. Greened looks headed for Louie Gommert territory. Might be a good idea to start a wager pool over how long it takes her to be embroiled in a scandal(s) on her own.

    Elvis Bug

    1. Why are we giving ammunition to ridiculous dung beetles like Bug? He already wants to get rid of Biden. He just doesn’t want us to have any say in the matter.

      If Biden is willing to work with Republicans to limit the radicals–like Bug–we may want Biden to stay. Pelosi has already demonstrated she’s a full-on lunatic. If Biden moderates the Democrats, I don’t care if he’s a fork-tailed devil in all other respects. We should block his impeachment, not accelerate it.

      Why do we keep shooting ourselves in the foot?? Let’s see what Biden does before we start doing the same insane things the Democrats are doing.

      1. Cool. Like your attitude there Diogenes. I voted for Biden. The most ,moderate candidate who ran for president. i wouldn’t have voted for him in the primary but actually think history is alligning for him to have to use that moderate approach to approach the 3 gigantic crisises facing whoever would enter the White House on Wednesday: Covid, economic wreckage and the fall out from the Russians hacking government networks pretty much from top to bottom. Any one of these issues would be enough to make any incoming president’s life extremely tough and the stakes are really high for all of this Literally, the survival of the nation depends on solving them. In that way i believe the right person is in the right place to face the challenges we have as a nation. IOW you may cry about the impending takeover by the Chinese if Biden is president, but the first thing that will happen instead (unless you’re too wealthy) is that you’ll get $2 thousand in stimulus money. I find that to be an insanely funny prospect.

        “Why are we giving ammunition to ridiculous dung beetles like Bug? He already wants to get rid of Biden. ”

        I’d tell you to provide even one sentence I’ve ever written on this blog to back this up but you can’t since I’ve been nothing but supportive of the incoming Biden presidency. It seems the dung you speak of is what’s surrounding your head as it’s wedged so firmly up your ass. i can’t help you with that, so you’re on your own. I can just offer that, should you hear the pop of your head leaving it’s resting place things might look a lot differently.

        Elvis Bug

      2. Diogenes, Pelosi has kept AOC and the Squad on a back bench for the last 2 years/ She is similarly moderate and pragmatic.

  7. Who cares and why publicize this QANON believers (disqualifying by itself) futile stunt? It will go nowhere in the House and is just barking at the moon.

  8. BEFORE Trump was even inaugurated Maxine Waters got herself booked on TV to call for Trump’s impeachment.

    Democrats then made five attempts at impeachment. Four times were completely frivolous. The sole purpose was to delegitimize his presidency and stoke hatred in the Democrat base to keep them energized to turn out to vote so Democrats could win back the House in 2018 and the White House in 2020.

    Impeachment attempt #1 – December 6, 2017. 58 Democrats voted to advance articles of impeachment because Trump criticized a football player for kneeling during the national anthem.

    Impeachment attempt #2 – January 19, 2018 – 66 Democrats voted to advance articles of impeachment because Dick Durbin said Trump used a bad word behind closed doors in referring to some countries as “sh!tholes”.

    Impeachment attempt # 3 – July 17, 2019 – 95 Democrats voted to advance articles of impeachment because Trump insulted four crackpots who call themselves The Squad.

    Impeachment attempt # 4 – This one made it to the full House. Democrats impeached Trump because a pudgy little anti-Trump Lt Colonel didn’t like a phone call in which Trump suggested the president of Ukraine consider investigating the blatantly obvious Biden family influence peddling schemes.

    Impeachment #5 – Trump was impeached for inciting an insurrection after he urged his supporters to peacefully march to the Capitol.

    Democrats broke the norms around impeachment. It’s was a strategy for power. It was completely cynical. And dirty. But effective. They retook the House in 2018 and the Presidency this year.

    But now you expect Republicans not to employ the same strategy that worked for Democrats?

    1. Republicans impeached Clinton for lying about a BJ. Democrats never tried to impeach George W. I presume any reasonable president will not be tried for impeachment by democrats. I too said some Dems were grasping at straws early in Trump’s presidency but the actual impeachment attempts (#4 and 5 in your list which I’m not sure is entirely accurate) were far more legitimate than the cause for which Clinton was impeached. 4 actually led to numerous convictions.

      1. Clinton got Impeached for committing Perjury…..lying under Oath…..and not for lying to the American People on National Television…..all about his Sexual Abuse of a Young Intern in the White House.

        Please do not trivialize the basis for that Impeachment….it was. not about a simple Blow Job.

        The Democrats kicked off this “Impeachment as a political scheme to impede a sitting President accomplishing his agenda” thing and now are going to see it used on Biden/Harrisl

        Yes….it is wrong for this Republican to do what she promises….but that only indicts what the Democrats have done…several times now.

        Why is it the Democrat squeal when the shoe is on the other foot……and reject any notion they are pure as the snow upon the Convent Roof?

        Is it right…..No. Is it fair….Yes. Now you Democrats must get used to being the victim in a crime of your own making.

        Do you see the damage to our system of government you have caused by your thoughtless antics?

        If Joe Biden is wise…..he shall Pardon Trump on Day one…..and stand up for the People and tell both sides to act like mature adults and get back to doing the People’s Business.

        He could go a long ways in healing the Nation and proving he is genuine Leader that puts Country over Party by doing so.

        There will Pigs flying and Purple Unicorns dancing on the Steps of the Capitol Building before that happens.

        1. Ralph, good luck with what you think will be serious impeachment attempts next term. GOING NOWHERE.

        2. “Clinton got Impeached for committing Perjury…..lying under Oath…..and not for lying to the American People on National Television…..all about his Sexual Abuse of a Young Intern in the White House.

          Please do not trivialize the basis for that Impeachment….it was. not about a simple Blow Job”

          Yes, so high crimes and misdemeanors includes answering no to a question of having sexual relations with an intern in her mid 20s who bragged about giving you head (but describing it as an “improper physical relationship” that night) but does not include telling a violent mob to march on the capitol and that he will march with them, and not to show weakness as he lies to them about an election being stolen, and they proceed to storm the capitol with nooses and flex cuffs to take prisoners and hang his chain of command, failing to respond to the storming of the legislative branch and his line of succession with any force, or obstructing justice with regard to a lawful investigation as to collusion with a foreign adversary to jeopardize our election process (and openly asking them for assistance)? Just so we we’re clear

    2. You are the biggest simp in history. Though rife with insults, your anecdote is fact-free. And now you’ve made your bed with insurrectionists. Enjoy it, simp. You lost. Sad!

    3. And lets not forget how Democrats all summer long actively supported the BS line that racists cops were hunting and killing innocent black people, which directly resulted in angry crowds burning and looting city after city. Ultimately, portions of an American city were taken by force and occupied for months. Lives were lost in that as well.

    4. “BEFORE Trump was even inaugurated . . .”

      That was a truly excellent summary. Thank you.

      First they create a culture of witch trials. Then they complain bitterly when they’re the defendant.

  9. So this is obviously ridiculous and retaliatory but that aside, out of curiosity, to the constitutional law experts, can you actually impeach someone for actions that occurred before they took the office of the presidency? Is there some loophole because he was Vice President and therefore in the executive branch at the time she alleged these actions occured?

  10. This falls under you reap what you sow.

    Democrats called Trump illegitimate because of Russia collusion with his his campaign that was proven to be false, backed by a Dossier know to be garbage. A number of democrats did not attend his inauguration and the impeachment calls started immediately in Washington Post headlines.
    So Trump returns fire by calling the election fraudulent casting doubt on Biden as the legitimately elected President and now this impeachment move follows.

    I don’t see an end as both sides answer is the other side did it.

    We have an old fashioned feud with no end in sight.

    1. Oh come on. You know that the Russian collusion allegation was not proven to be false and the the bulk of the scandal was demonstrated to be true.

  11. No. Marjorie Taylor Green’s childish antics are not the responsibility of Democrats. What she and other Republicans do wrong is not an excuse to dwell on the faults of the Dems. That is a foolish game Trump supporters have been playing for years now, and it’s as foolish now as it was when he first came down that escalator and started pitching to the bigots seats.

    1. Well, there is an old saying – what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Many of us who were once staunch Democrats have been appalled at their behavior and policies of recent decades. The deranged hatred spewed at Trump (much worse than any of his own comments, as intemperate as many were) was the flip side of the Obama-worship coin.

      If the Democrats don’t like the heat, they shouldn’t start the bonfires.

  12. Fake news media is most responsible for the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today. We need to have an honest press. In addition, government has failed to give us transparent and auditable elections.. This should be the priority of the Congress not these moronic speeches about impeachment.

  13. This is the predictable reaction to the constitutional abomination of never ending impeachment.
    There is more to come sadly. This will be met by ever more oppressive actions by those in power, leading to more outlandish retaliation, leading to more oppression and so on.

    1. Let’s not forget Tara Reade and the other 7 women accusing Biden of sexual assault or “inappropriate touching”. The media is doing all it can to cover it up, along with the Hunter Biden influence peddling scheme (with 10% for “The Big Guy”) but those are also impeachable offenses. Fair is fair. Then we get to go after Heels Up Harris for adultery. Pelosi lit the match. 2022 can’t come soon enough.

      1. With all due respect, Professor, it’s very disappointing to me for you to say that President Trump “bore great responsibility in this disgraceful incident”.

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