Professor Calls For The Elimination of the Republican Party and Purging “Nazified” People From Congress, Universities, and “Regular Jobs”

The media has been airing discussion of hosts and leading figures like Katie Couric on “deprogramming ” Trump supporters or treating Trump supporters as a cult, including a CNN interview with an actual “cult expert.”  Since that would include over 70 million Trump voters, the hyperbolic language can be dismissed as just more examples of our rage-filled political environment. After all, a few days after the election, a law professor declared that even questioning the Biden electoral victory was tantamount to being a holocaust denier. One professor however has taken this call even further in declaring such supporters are worse than the Nazis and heralding the need for the same type of treatment seen with the Nuremberg trials, including the apparent elimination of the Republican Party. Smith College Professor Loretta Ross, who teaches women’s and gender studies, rejected calls for unity and instead called for punitive action against supporters in Congress, universities, and “regular jobs.”

In an article in CounterPunch Ross declares that there can be no unity with Trump supporters and that the Republican Party itself cannot continue to exist:

“Republicans are no longer entitled to exist as a legitimate political party because this authoritarian backlash has been building since new Civil Rights laws were passed in 1964 and 1965 in response to white racist violence captured on TV that required the National Guard to quell. Then-President Lyndon Johnson predicted that most white people would flee the Democratic Party to join the pro-segregationist, anti-feminist, and anti-gay revanchist political movement of George Wallace, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan. Every undemocratically selected Republican president since the 1960s (by an electoral college designed to be disenfranchising) has failed to repudiate this neo-fascist wing of their party.

I’m through giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt after 50 years.”

She is not alone in that view. Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin recently declared on a television program (with various media figures who made no objection) that “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them because if there are survivors, if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.”  Notably, such language is similar to a call recently by James Comey and is not viewed as incitement. Rubin also called for a blacklisting of Trump supporters from universities and the media, a call that has been made by Democratic figures in Congress as well as academics: “I think it’s absolutely abhorrent that any institution of higher learning, any news organization, or any entertainment organization that has a news outlet would hire these people.”

Professor Ross shows no concern for free speech or academic freedom as she calls for identifying and condemning anyone who is viewed as complicit with Trump over the last four years so that they can be “treated with the same public condemnation that the Nazis received after World War II.”

What is unnerving is that such views are now common on the Internet and increasingly common at universities. Many professors who send me such columns admit that they are afraid to speak out. There is a rising level of intolerance at universities. In over 30 years of teaching, I have never witnessed the level of intimidation at colleges and universities that we have today. Indeed, these columns are meant to normalize such calls for curtailing free speech and academic freedom.  It is an effort not just to retaliate but to use the chilling effect of such threats to silence others (including effectively barring opposing viewpoints from being published). Rather than denounce such views an inimical to our intellectual mission, some professors are rushing to prove their own bona fides by denouncing colleagues or dismissing free speech values. They are afraid and I cannot blame for that fear. However, silence or passivity in the face of such calls will come at too high a price for our colleges and our country.

Just a year ago, Professor Ross was featured on MSNBC for her stand against cancel culture when she said “We’ve become too intolerant and too unforgiving of mistakes, unless we make them. And then, we only actually want to forgive the mistakes of the people we already know. We need to have a more forgiving society.”

That message appears to now be discarded in favor of open intolerance in the cause of tolerance. As for calls from people like President Joe Biden for reconciliation and healing, Ross balked at the very notion. She calls for Trump supporters to be denied jobs, media opportunities, publishing contracts, and all other opportunities. What is particularly chilling is her use of a statement from philosopher Karl Popper: “In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.” Thus, intolerance of opposing viewpoints is now tolerance. It is that easy.

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339 thoughts on “Professor Calls For The Elimination of the Republican Party and Purging “Nazified” People From Congress, Universities, and “Regular Jobs””

  1. Perhaps the good Professor Ross didn’t receive the memo from President Biden calling for unity. I cannot speak for our infinitely wise friends on the left but maybe that call was only meant for “good conservatives” and the “never Trump” crowd, everyone else who supported Trump is a “nazi” and deserves to be deplatformed, fired and destroyed. And let’s not forget to remove their children for re-education as called for by the former attorney for NPR as admitted to a Project Veritas reporter.

    I have a feeling that the latest witch hunt from the left will do none of the following:

    1. Raise black test scores.

    2. Lower the astronomical crime rate among blacks. See the Color of Crime at:

    it describes it quite well using government statistics.

    3. Lead to the precious “equity” or equality of outcome leftists keep calling for.

    4. Eliminate “systematic racism”, whatever that actually is.

    5. Change anyone’s mind and bring about any actual unity.

    I WANT A DIVORCE. And if people like me are as irredeemable as described by the left, they should be glad for us to be gone. But I won’t hold my breath.


  2. As disgusted as I am with the hatemonger who wrote that article, I am also calling out CounterPunch for its poor judgment in publishing it. What is the liberal-left trying to do? Biden calls for unity while large segments of his base call for total destruction of their opponents. It clearly shows that Biden has little influence over his base, and that the Democrats are fractured and divided. This kind of incendiary talk can only lead to a larger and more united Republican party. The Democrats are acting as if the 2022 elections have already been cancelled.

  3. Something the Democrats don’t understand is that you don’t kick a person, or a group, when they are down. Democrats of course think that when somebody’s on the ground that this is the perfect opportunity to beat them senseless and end their challenges forever.
    What they fail to understand is if they do not succeed… If that person (or group) being beaten stands back up, then the payback is going to be ferocious, unstoppable, and the end of them.
    My opinion is that this is what is coming… We just need a critical mass on the right to become angry enough for it to begin.

  4. If Trump supporters start disappearing, will there be a way to find out which Re-education Camp they’ve been sent to?

  5. Yep. Biden promised a Dark Winter is coming. He called for us to unify behind him and his agenda, and then said, essentially, if you voted for Trump, we’re coming after you. Unity!

  6. The Nazis are precisely the very ones uttering such repugnant statements. Have no doubt: as nice as you are, Jonathan,
    you too are the object of their “burning desires”. They’d drag you and I and most everyone into ovens and
    inquisition pyres together with your blogs and best selling books. Biden has yet to denounce and condemn their evil
    rhetoric. Unfortunately he is a light weight incapable of understanding what’s is truly at stake and the irreversible
    destructive consequences of not condemning the hatred filled wannabe despots in academia, media and his own
    party. Fortunately there are millions of us with the understanding and the courage to denounce, expose and challenge
    these farcical evil elitists who are in fact the enemies of humanity.

  7. Then-President Lyndon Johnson predicted that most white people would flee the Democratic Party to join the pro-segregationist, anti-feminist, and anti-gay revanchist political movement of George Wallace, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan.

    He didn’t and they didn’t. While we’re at it, the Republican Party has never been ‘pro-segregationist’ or ‘revanchist’. Republican politicians have offered only the most qualified demurrals in response to ‘feminist’ discourse. Referring to anyone in national politics as ‘anti-gay’ in 1967 would have been peculiar. Homosexual agitation was limited to the Mattachine Society and the Daughters of Bilitis and no politician of any description wanted to be associated with them.

    Note, blacks at that time were 11% of the population, homosexuals were not politically organized, and Betty Friedan was a manifestation of a tiny constituency. If Lyndon Johnson actually had thought that ‘most white people’ would flee the Democratic Party, he’d have done something different than what he did. Of course, the Republican Party did not win control of Congress until 25 years after Lyndon Johnson had retired to his ranch and the salient issues were entirely different.

    Note, no minimally competent student of American history would have uttered this remark. (Yes, she is an affirmative action hire. Oh, happy day).

  8. A NUT JOB RADICAL LEFT WING so called Academic from the IVY LEAGUE’s – The hate for anyone who does not agree with them is amazing. The hatred that has been building for four years is amazing.

  9. Smith College Professor Loretta Ross, who teaches women’s and gender studies,

    IOW, a fakeademic. How did she land a position at Smith and get tenure? Because people like you did nothing to protect the academic integrity of your institutions and allowed idiot programs like ‘women and gender studies’ to be established. You also refused to shut down your sociology departments, your anthropology departments, your teachers’ colleges and the like when these programs grew corrupted. (American history is another ruin). You all pretended ‘social work’ and ‘library science’ were actual professions.

      1. Confine your free-associating to the psychoanalyst’s couch. He’s grossly overpaid to listen to you. I’m not.

  10. When we hear such talk…pure hate being voiced and no mass public denunciation of it….is there any question why we know it a threat to our freedom and way of life?

    The question for the Left is simple….how far you willing to go with this without crossing a line that you all shall regret?

    if you think Antifa and BLM have raised a ruckus….wait until all of those who just wish to be left alone decide enough is enough.

    Keep pushing….and it shall (that is the Imperative Tense) happen.

    What will you do then?

    Are your Safe Places actually going to be safe?

  11. January 20th: The myth and folklore Antifa party riots in Portland. No outrage from the left at this point from MSM

  12. The Nuremberg Trials were not a purging. They were trials after WWII to hold high-level Nazis accountable for crimes.

    This was a purging:
    “With the passage of the “Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service” in 1933, most Jewish professors in Germany were dismissed from their positions. Others, such as Professor Eugen Mittwoch, were able to keep their posts temporarily only due to the political value of their research. After first purging Jewish and “politically undesirable” faculty, the regime then targeted the student body with the “Law Against Overcrowding in Schools and Universities.” As Nazi authorities continued to “Aryanize” German universities, Jews increasingly lost the opportunity to teach or study.”

    1. They were trials after WWII to hold high-level Nazis accountable for crimes.

      Among the people put on trial at Nuremburg were the quondam director of the central bank, who had spent the last two years of the war in a concentration camp; a Navy admiral who had flat nothing to do with any atrocities, and a mid-level official of the propaganda ministry. They needed to concentrate on bringing to book the people who ran the death camps and the slave labor system, as well as perpetrating atrocities like the Lidice massacre. Putting people on trial on humbug charges like ‘waging aggressive war’ was a waste of time.

      1. Art,
        Those who perpetuated the propaganda hold a heavy burden of responsibility because said propaganda increased and reinforced anti-semitism and other negative viewpoints that helped sway people into active participation or even acquiescing to the destruction and deaths of millions. That mid-level official may have participated enthusiastically towards the success of Nazism and the Final Solution. His influence as part of the media at the time could be spread far and wide, even if he was “just” a mid-level official. The Nuremberg Trials examined not just the ‘banality of evil’ as Hannah Arendt observed, but also examined the question of responsibility in the face of terror and atrocities.

        What are the names of some of those you cite?

    2. Prairie, this might interest you.
      “The goal is achieved! No more Jews at German universities,” the leading Nazi student newspaper, Die Bewegung, triumphantly proclaimed in 1938.

      Of course, nothing like it could ever happen again. Except something like it is happening again — now, and in Britain. According to a report published this week by David Collier, a British researcher, some UK universities are now virtually Judenfrei: free of Jews.

  13. Except for a few voices, the academic community appears lost. The MSM is lost. Members of the Dem. Party who fail to object to such language are complicit in the fascist attempt to stifle speech, thought, and dissent. Looking at you Biden, Harris, et. al. Someone over there needs to take a stand.

    1. whig98, the left are not “failing to object”. They recognize that while it’s outlandish it also has to be take into context. Context is often ignored by those on the right just to lend credibility to the manufactured outrages.

      What is amazing is that the majority of people don’t really understand their rights at all and that includes those on the left.

  14. all this talk about Nazis, but who out did Hitler? Stalin, and Mao and communism the heroes of the left.

    1. I’ve only met one actual communist in my many years and he was/is-I bet this won’t surprise you-a weapons-grade dumbass. So keep flogging your straw man if it makes you feel better but it’s really transparent and intellectually dishonest. Here’s a tip for ya- the Che Guevara patch on a students backpack is the left equivalent of the prominently displayed copy of Atlas Shrugged on a conservative’s bookshelf. The equivalent of announcing through a bullhorn “I’m a pretentious weasel and I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

      1. “the Che Guevara patch on a students backpack is the left equivalent of the prominently displayed copy of Atlas Shrugged on a conservative’s bookshelf.”

        Obviously, you don’t recognize the difference between a killer who destroys and those peaceful people that build and benefit society.

        1. *Allan glances at his copy of Atlas Shrugged on the bookshelf and a tinge of….something. He quickly recovers and projects this as yet unnamed emotion outward*

          Afterward, he makes the sound Homer Simpson makes when chewing on a hamburger.

          1. Anonymous the Stupid, it is quite obvious that you didn’t read Atlas Shrugged or if you did you didn’t comprehend it. A total of over 7 million books were sold and it continues to be purchased by intelligent readers. You do not fit into that category.

            Homer Simpson seems to reflect your level of education.

        2. I know a lot of things, including how to avoid wasting my time with dilettantes. I wasn’t comparing Che Guevera to Ayn Rand I was stating the equivalence of symbolic virtue signaling on the lunatic left/reactionary right.

          1. “dilettantes”

            Anonymous the Stupid, you finally found that big word that describes the best side of you. It skips the stupid part.

            Read the garbage you write. It speaks for itself.

            “the Che Guevara patch on a students backpack is the left equivalent of the prominently displayed copy of Atlas Shrugged on a conservative’s bookshelf.”

            Che Guevara = left = terrorism and killing
            Atlas Shrugged = right = capitalism and freedom

            You are one sick dumb puppy.

              1. Che Guevara = left = terrorism and killing
                Atlas Shrugged = right = capitalism and freedom

                Repetitious video. I don’t respond to each of your comments because they are too repetition, but I figured you needed a refresher course.

  15. The overall “Democratic” Party and many of their supporters sure seem to be justifying literal persecution of those they politically disagree with. Yes, persecution. These people have literally become a hive minded cult of fascist totalitarians that they’ve claimed to oppose.

    History is beginning to repeat itself with one big difference, the ones that are being persecuted have the ability and the will to fight back. Back them into a cultural and societal corner and the sparks will fly.

  16. The prof “teaches” women and gender studies? No. She preaches.
    Teacher, teacher, I declare: We can see you’re underwear!

  17. It’s not just rage filled politics. It’s the Maoist tactic of subjugation and humiliation of any dissent.
    Doubt me? Note the silence from the political leaders.
    One would think our “leaders”, were they serious about “unity”, would come out fiercely and swiftly against such talk. Sadly, Biden is either too malevolent or addled, or both, to lead on this. It doesn’t take a foil hat to see this for what it is.

    No wonder ammo is so scarce.

    1. There’s no “Maoist Tactics” at work here Ti317. Your feelings of humiliation are your own; you generate them yourself and then seek to explain their presence to yourself by deflecting and blaming scapegoats. Biden isn’t responsible for your feelings-you’re going to have to learn to manage those yourself.

      1. There was industrial grade manipulation going on Jan. 6 (and before). A cultural revolution is going on, which would be Maoist tactics.

        1. I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean about cultural revolution. I’m pretty sure if one of those was happening I’d know about it. As for the 6th I guess you could say the Trump thugs who stormed the capitol were manipulated into doing so by unscrupulous politicians but at the end of the day they chose to smash windows to effect entry, trespass, steal, destroy property, smear feces, and finally and most despicably murder a police officer. I’m sympathetic to those who feel they’ve been manipulated or scammed but ultimately we have to take responsibility for the choices we make.

          1. Despite the fact that the left and crazies were also involved, there is no reason to believe they were “Trump thugs”. Unlike the riots you support Trump rallies have been peaceful. Those that stormed the Capitol did so for their own reasons. Trump never asked for physical violence unlike those from the left that supported the riots and burning down cities.

          2. Tearing down statues of Founding Fathers and decrying western civilization and some of its greats like Beethoven (etc) because it/they have failed some abdurd woke or critical theory litmus test is an attempt to undermine the culture. It’s a cold cultural revolution so far, but one nonetheless.

      2. Anonymous, on the blog it has been demonstrated that you don’t know very much about the isms such as Maoism. We are seeing Maoist tendencies being demonstrated in this country. I’m sure there are those more than willing to discuss the isms with you.

        1. In the world of Sallan Meyer, being Anonymous is bad — very, very bad.

          In his little world, every anonymous commenter is the same person.

          (One “ism” he needs to study is authoritarianism.)

          1. “In his little world, every anonymous commenter is the same person.”

            Anonymous the Stupid, you really have overdone your part playing the fool and Stupid at the same time. Everyone knows who you are. The word FOOL is stamped across your responses. Joe, Paint Chips and a very few others on the left have other identifying marks.

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