Professor Calls For The Elimination of the Republican Party and Purging “Nazified” People From Congress, Universities, and “Regular Jobs”

The media has been airing discussion of hosts and leading figures like Katie Couric on “deprogramming ” Trump supporters or treating Trump supporters as a cult, including a CNN interview with an actual “cult expert.”  Since that would include over 70 million Trump voters, the hyperbolic language can be dismissed as just more examples of our rage-filled political environment. After all, a few days after the election, a law professor declared that even questioning the Biden electoral victory was tantamount to being a holocaust denier. One professor however has taken this call even further in declaring such supporters are worse than the Nazis and heralding the need for the same type of treatment seen with the Nuremberg trials, including the apparent elimination of the Republican Party. Smith College Professor Loretta Ross, who teaches women’s and gender studies, rejected calls for unity and instead called for punitive action against supporters in Congress, universities, and “regular jobs.”

In an article in CounterPunch Ross declares that there can be no unity with Trump supporters and that the Republican Party itself cannot continue to exist:

“Republicans are no longer entitled to exist as a legitimate political party because this authoritarian backlash has been building since new Civil Rights laws were passed in 1964 and 1965 in response to white racist violence captured on TV that required the National Guard to quell. Then-President Lyndon Johnson predicted that most white people would flee the Democratic Party to join the pro-segregationist, anti-feminist, and anti-gay revanchist political movement of George Wallace, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan. Every undemocratically selected Republican president since the 1960s (by an electoral college designed to be disenfranchising) has failed to repudiate this neo-fascist wing of their party.

I’m through giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt after 50 years.”

She is not alone in that view. Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin recently declared on a television program (with various media figures who made no objection) that “We have to collectively, in essence, burn down the Republican Party. We have to level them because if there are survivors, if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again.”  Notably, such language is similar to a call recently by James Comey and is not viewed as incitement. Rubin also called for a blacklisting of Trump supporters from universities and the media, a call that has been made by Democratic figures in Congress as well as academics: “I think it’s absolutely abhorrent that any institution of higher learning, any news organization, or any entertainment organization that has a news outlet would hire these people.”

Professor Ross shows no concern for free speech or academic freedom as she calls for identifying and condemning anyone who is viewed as complicit with Trump over the last four years so that they can be “treated with the same public condemnation that the Nazis received after World War II.”

What is unnerving is that such views are now common on the Internet and increasingly common at universities. Many professors who send me such columns admit that they are afraid to speak out. There is a rising level of intolerance at universities. In over 30 years of teaching, I have never witnessed the level of intimidation at colleges and universities that we have today. Indeed, these columns are meant to normalize such calls for curtailing free speech and academic freedom.  It is an effort not just to retaliate but to use the chilling effect of such threats to silence others (including effectively barring opposing viewpoints from being published). Rather than denounce such views an inimical to our intellectual mission, some professors are rushing to prove their own bona fides by denouncing colleagues or dismissing free speech values. They are afraid and I cannot blame for that fear. However, silence or passivity in the face of such calls will come at too high a price for our colleges and our country.

Just a year ago, Professor Ross was featured on MSNBC for her stand against cancel culture when she said “We’ve become too intolerant and too unforgiving of mistakes, unless we make them. And then, we only actually want to forgive the mistakes of the people we already know. We need to have a more forgiving society.”

That message appears to now be discarded in favor of open intolerance in the cause of tolerance. As for calls from people like President Joe Biden for reconciliation and healing, Ross balked at the very notion. She calls for Trump supporters to be denied jobs, media opportunities, publishing contracts, and all other opportunities. What is particularly chilling is her use of a statement from philosopher Karl Popper: “In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must be intolerant of intolerance.” Thus, intolerance of opposing viewpoints is now tolerance. It is that easy.

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  1. It’s amazing how people who “CLAIM”, that they are embracing, teaching “ACCEPTANCE”. Who give lip service to the First Admenment, vehomently saying that what they teach is all an expression of ‘FREE SPEECH’. Are the FIRST to do thier damnedest to silience, oppress, any opposing veiwpoint, ones that expose the hipocrasy of what they teach. Their ideas can not be defended in a free and open debate, ones that rely solely on a viserial emotional response. Ideas, that work only in a PERFECT WORLD they want to impose.
    I fully support their right to express viewpoints I find morally bankrupt, void of any compassion.

    1. What I find so interesting is that the Democratic party created the KKK, voted against freeing the slaves, and voted against blacks and women’s rights to vote. How a person can achieve professorship, and be oblivious to these easily found facts amazes me. Real proof of the dumbing down of America, such a shame. Trump is a businessman, America is a business. Maybe she could research the original 13th amendment, and see why it was changed, using black people as a cover for lawyers. Or why when Margaret Sanger started planned parenthood, she was accompanied by the women of the KKK. And her reason for starting it was to remove the weeds (blacks) from amongst the flowers ( whites). This information is easy to find, as I’ve shown several of my black friends. People really need to understand history before teaching it, makes them look ludicrous.

  2. Trump was not a Republican, he is a buissness man.That’s why our acconomy was the best in the world

  3. Notice how all these psychotic democrats see ‘fascists’ everywhere… except in the mirror.

    The psychosis of democrats, their rhetoric, and their actions are the -definition- of Nazism.

    1. We are heading to a civil war, this liberal trash will end the best country in the world

  4. Maybe we all DO have something in common after all.
    Most Republicans are calling for an end to the Republican Party as well.

  5. It’s time to walk on past the barking dogs (AKA/ agent provocateurs), instead of barking back at them.

    These professors are just trolling. They’re no different than the trolls here and on other websites. Just little insignificant dogs yapping and barking trying to get a negative reaction, because that’s what they feed off of.

    Now that the Silicon Valley boys have shown all of their globalist cards, the best thing you can do is go local. Stop patronizing their businesses. The chink in their armor is a mile wide.

    Get off of FB and Twitter, and never go back. Stop doing business with Amazon completely, and buy from and support small businesses.

    Soon there will be very viable alternatives to i-Phone and Android, and Web 3.0 is coming. It will be based on peer to peer blockchain technology like cryptocurrencies, that cannot be stopped or controlled.

    Get the Brave browser and use DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Their oxygen is the money they make through you patronizing their business. Cut off their oxygen.

    JT has shown himself to be a classic example of someone who talks out of both sides of his mouth. He picks and chooses which side of his mouth he talks out of, in an attempt to stay on the fence rail. So he tells half-truths. He pretends to be concerned about upholding the Constitution while ignoring the overt election fraud and pretending to believe the MSM narrative about what happened at the capitol.

    Jonathan Turley is best summed up by this quote:

    “A man who tells lies, like me, merely hides the truth. But a man who tells half-lies has forgotten where he put it.”

    – Mr. Dryden (Lawrence of Arabia)

    Act positively and stop talking negatively. If you know someone who genuinely needs help, do what you can to help them, while always keeping in mind that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Teach them how to fish, instead of just giving them a fish.

    Millions of people taking small positive actions add up to one massively positive action. Strength in numbers.

    The enemy of the globalists is populism. If the Founders were still alive they’d be considered to be libertarian populists today. So act like they would act.

    Peace out.

  6. You keep repeating that “70 million” mantra, but that is a leftist lie.
    Those were the votes that the leftist election steal (and accomplishment of the biggest election fraud machine in history) allowed to be counted.
    In reality Trump had somewhat more votes than half (that seems certain, although it is impossible to reconstruct the election to get a real number).
    Accounting for the same proportion in non-voting like-thinking slight(?) majority, you should be talking of 200 million Americans, not 70 million.

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