“Aid and Comfort” To the Enemy: Speaker Pelosi Ramps Up Attacks On Republican Colleagues Amidst Calls For Expulsions

Speaker Nancy Pelosi ramped up the attacks on members of her own house this week, accusing them of giving “aid and comfort” to those who want to destroy the nation.  The comments came after Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., denied a public accusation by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., that she personally took rioters around the capitol for a tour before the attack on January 6th.  Boebert pointed out that the “rioters” were her family members and she has never given such tours. Rather than encouraging colleagues to avoid baseless and inflammatory accusations pending review of what occurred on January 6th, Pelosi threw gasoline on the fire and accused her colleagues of giving “aid and comfort” to those who were trying to destroy the Constitution and the country.  It is, in my view, another failure of leadership by the Speaker in her duties to the institution as a whole.

Like many, I support a commission to look into how these rioters gained such rapid entry into the Capitol Hill.  However, Democratic members have claimed that Republican members were actual co-conspirators in the riot in supplying access to the building to plan out the attack. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D., N.J.) went public with an extraordinary allegation against some of her colleagues that they conducted secret surveillance in a conspiracy with rioters at the Capitol. Sherrill stated in a Facebook live address to her constituents that she witnessed the surveillance personally. She said unidentified members of Congress “had groups coming through the Capitol” in “a reconnaissance for the next day.”

Sherill has still not supplied any of the names of her colleagues to who worked as inside co-conspirators. As noted earlier, this is an unambiguous allegation of criminal conduct against colleagues.  Either members were conspiring in a crime or Sherill unfairly defamed her colleagues. Article I, Section 5, the Constitution says, “Each House (of Congress) may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.”  The House may discipline members for violations of both unlawful conduct as well as any conduct which the House of Representatives finds has reflected discredit upon the institution. In re Chapman, 166 U.S. 661, 669-670 (1897). A House Select Committee in 1967 stated:

Censure of a Member has been deemed appropriate in cases of a breach of the privileges of the House. There are two classes of privilege, the one, affecting the rights of the House collectively, its safety, dignity, and the integrity of its proceedings; and the other, affecting the rights, reputation, and conduct of Members, individually. Most cases of censure have involved the use of unparliamentary language, assaults upon a Member or insults to the House by introductions of offensive resolutions, but in five cases in the House and one in the Senate [as of 1967] censure was based on corrupt acts by a Member, and in another Senate case censure was based upon noncooperation with and abuse of Senate committees.

If members did conspire as alleged by Rep. Sherrill, they could be expelled for that criminal act.  They would also face prosecution.  It would be a betrayal of not just Congress but the country.

One would think that this rising level of acrimony would prompt a Speaker to calm her members and call for an investigation. Speaker Pelosi however proceeded to ramp up the rhetoric. She started out well by stating, “You have to have evidence for what has happened.” She then took a shot at Republicans and stated “There is no question that there were members in this body who gave aid and comfort to those with the idea that they were embracing a lie — a lie perpetrated by the president of the United States that the election did not have legitimacy.” The language comes from the treason language in the Constitution Article III, Section 3 states: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or, in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

In the context of alleged criminal conspiracy by members, the use of this language clearly suggested members were more than just politically at fault for their positions. It suggested that they were traitors.

These attacks are coming as some members are calling for the possible expulsion of members for challenging the electoral votes, an act expressly allowed under federal law and repeatedly done by Democrats in prior elections.  It is an example of the rage-filled politics that continues to build in our country, including calls for blacklists and punitive measures against anyone deemed supportive of Trump.  As I noted in today’s column, it is a crisis of leadership in this country when we desperately need leaders who can unite us rather than capitalize on our divisions.

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  1. Power can be intoxicating. Speaker Pelosi has become more and more emboldened. Both her words and her actions are extremely disconcerting. We need a more measured approach.

    I agree that we need a commission to fully investigate all circumstances which permitted the breach of the Capitol to occur. Reports have surfaced which indicate that Congressional leaders had advance notice of the potential for violence on January 6. If true, why were the Capitol Police not prepared?Reports have surfaced that the Sergeants at Arms of both the House and the Senate requested additional reinforcements in advance of the event. If true, were those requests denied and if so, by whom?

    Then, without answers to those questions (among others), to pin responsibility for the unfortunate events of January 6 on former President Trump and to use that as a basis for impeachment seems reckless. It seems contrived and opportunistic! And – it smacks of hypocrisy!

    Speaker Pelosi speaks harshly of others, but not herself. She seems to have no capability for self-reflection. This country deserves more from its leaders.

    I’m advocating Continuing Leadership Requirements (CLE) for members of Congress. Courses could include: Civics, Constitutional Law, the Bill of Rights, the Law of Defamation (using the Sack treatise) etc. Some members of Congress have shown that they are not well versed in the history of our country and basic American values. Some have embraced “diversity and inclusion” but have repudiated diversity of thought. The current trajectory is fraught with many perils for the republic.

    1. A commission that “fully investigates all circumstances which permitted the breach of the Capitol to occur” will almost certainly contain Pelosi’s manipulated ‘facts’ and all manner of disinformation that renders any such investigation untrustworthy and useless, per usual for this utterly useless and shameful Democrat-led Congress. Republicans need to start shouting Foul! loudly and often and never let up. Republicans need to rise up and rail against these unethical, shameful, ruthlessly dishonest Democrat politicians. Pelosi is a disgrace.

      1. And President Joe Biden needs to ANSWER QUESTIONS from the media instead of always being shuffled out of the room without taking any questions, as he has gotten away with for his entire campaign and now presidency. It’s outrageous what they are getting away with because we have a complicit, biased, miserable excuse for so-called “journalism” in this country. The DC press corp is a complete disgrace and a big part of the problem.

        1. You have literally got to be kidding. Biden has been president 3 days. Trump stopped answering any questions and got rid of all press briefings.

          1. Used to watch him almost every day speak to the press unfiltered, literally. If you think Biden will be more available, you’re kidding yourself.

          2. Here’s a question the press pool asked Joe Biden: “Have you met Tony Bobulinski and did you meet with him at the Beverly Hills hotel, after being introduced by Hunter, as he says you did in his sworn statement? Are you the “big guy” getting “ten percent” referenced in the emails found on Hunter’s laptop, as Bobulinksi said in his sworn statement that you are? What is your family business relationship with the CCP? Ukraine? And doesn’t your family business dealings compromise you steering American foreign policy?

            Oh sorry, nobody asked Joe Biden THAT question. He has literally never been asked that most important and pertinent question. Instead they asked him, “what flavor did you get?” They may as well ask him “what has most enchanted you so far in your presidency?”

            YOU have got to be kidding that you don’t see what’s really going on. My god.

            1. Another question Joe Biden has not answered or info provided: release to the public your most recent cognitive test, just as Trump did. If you won’t, why not? What are you hiding from the American people?

      2. The number one commie mommie doesn’t have to twist fact.s like all socialists they never use them and make up their own based on instructions from the Ruling class

  2. “we don’t turn the military on civilians.”

    When they have the necessary power leftist leaders all over the world often turn the military on civilians.

  3. Breathtaking!  Are we approaching the day ( I hope ) when Queen Nancy is escorted out of the House in restraints, all the while babbling incoherently about dangerous, malicious Conservatives who want to destroy her Speakership ?

  4. When one is as obnoxious as Pelosi, even rigging elections isn’t enough to win seats. Now she wants to cancel the results by shooting the opposition.

    Not to be outdone, Biden is already pandering to the RADICAL WING of the Democrat party on immigration and critical race theory.

    How is any of this consistent with unity? Is Biden conning the radicals, or is “unity” just his blarney to con the rest of us?

    1. Real immigration changes have to get through Congress, which means immigration is unlikely to change much.

      Several of Biden’s executive orders are flatly unconstitutional and will be shot down in the courts.

      The radicals can get around all this by killing the filibuster and threatening to pack the Supremes. The downside is that secession becomes a thing. Don’t doubt me.

  5. Time for Grandma to go to an old folks home. She sounds as delusional as Schumer and Biden. The world is laughing at us.

  6. As I noted in today’s column, it is a crisis of leadership in this country when we desperately need leaders who can unite us rather than capitalize on our divisions.

    No, we don’t need that. We do need people in public life who can promote courtesy and mutual forbearance. The thing is, the public official isn’t the only one who influences the properties of public discourse. You have the media, you have the other word-merchant occupations, you have the other party. George W Bush’s disinclination to answer his detractors didn’t have any obtrusively salutary effect.

    You need to consider that our problem is in the realm of culture and social psychology, and the driver is the modal self-understanding of the professional-managerial bourgeoisie. As older and more sensible cohorts retire, you get more and more of the younger cohort. The question to be answered is why the affluent young are such damaged creatures (for which damaged creatures among the old have a great affinity – see Gainesville).

    1. You have billionaires who funded her PAC to the tune of six figures like Soros and Tom Steyer. I suspect they call the tune. Pelosi is a tool, a powerful one, but just a tool

      Sal Sar

  7. If she is so bent on finding out what happened, have her buddy in the White House appoint a commission or special prosecutor to investigate. Then call all of the “witnesses” and have them answer questions under oath.

  8. One would think that this rising level of acrimony would prompt a Speaker to calm her members and call for an investigation. Speaker Pelosi however proceeded to ramp up the rhetoric.

    As always with Pelosi, you don’t know the proportions. You know the ingredients: stupidity, senility, malice.

    Note, nothing about her personal history or her legislative record suggests she’s at all interested in public policy or that she has any more ‘g’ than a randomly selected elementary schoolteacher (the career for which she actually trained). What she has is a circumscribed skill set that incorporates politicking in a matrix of people chock-a-block with abnormal power drives and sociopathy. Recall, she got her start as the protegee of the Bonnie-and-Clyde duo of Sala and Phillip Burton (though unlike Pelosi, one can wager the Burtons did have motivating opinions about public policy).

    And note – she is 81 years old, the oldest person ever to sit in the Speaker’s chair. Age isn’t kind to your faculties. She sometimes sounds like she’s having a stroke (and, btw, a stroke is what killed her brother 15 months ago).

    1. Note, nothing about her personal history or her legislative record suggests she’s at all interested in public policy or that she has any more ‘g’ than a randomly selected elementary schoolteacher (the career for which she actually trained). What she has is a circumscribed skill set that incorporates politicking in a matrix of people chock-a-block with abnormal power drives and sociopathy.

      Ha ha, That was beautiful!

  9. Hmmm, I’ve seen videos of the “rioters” and many of them seem to be veterans, men who have actually put their lives on the line to defend the Constitution. As for Pelosi and Schumer and their whining about “the Constitution,” they are members of a party that has been trying to replace it since Woodrow Wilson.

      1. Perhaps they took their Oaths seriously and are seeing enemies (domestic) in Congress.

        Just saying!

        The topic de jour is Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, failing to do what is “right” and on every turn seems to be violating in word and action the not just the letter of the Constitution but the intent.

        Remember the Military takes and Oath to defend the Constitution….the very basis of the system of government that forms our government and ensures our individual liberties and the the Rights that spell them out.

        Perhaps those Veterans were more correct in their actions than some give them credit for…..and perhaps more in Congress should force their peers to better represent the People than just adhere to rank raw ugly partisanship.

        Had they all along….those Veterans would not have been tempted to even consider what they did at the Capitol.

        When it comes to pointing fingers….there is plenty of blame to go all around the President, the Congress, the Media, Big Tech, the Democrat and the Republican Elite, the DOJ, FBI, the Intelligence Agencies, and law enforcement…..and the American People.

        So…what say we drop the Shields and have an open free discussion and be honest in thought and words when. we lay blame to “others” unless we critically examine our own part in this situation.

        1. The veterans and all of those who raided the capital are not correct in any way nor were they doing anything other then shitting on the Constitution. They are traitors and scum.

          1. Those who call others traitors when they are not, are scum themselves

            And who will decide in the end?

            Be careful feeling your wild oats, the rules your break might have one day defended you

            Sal Sar

      2. MollyG, golly gee. So veterans don’t have the right to protest. They didn’t earn it. Your protester friends in Portland are the only ones that should be given such rights according to your ledger of rules. She says wait folks, I know it’s here somewhere. I think it was on page 107, or was it 207?

        1. Breaking into the capital intent on murdering the VP and Members of Congress in order to install an unelected president is not a protest, it is a coup.

          1. Perhaps it would be better to go back to sleep. What you were dreaming isn’t real. You can relax.

              1. Tell your handlers at Act Blue that they have not purged all of the videos on YouTube of ANTIFA rioting, pummeling, killing and committing arson pretty much everyone. These are from just two days ago

                1. Those hoodlums are not relevant to this and does not change the treason we saw on 1/6. Crimes in one area doe not justify crimes in another.

                  1. What I find amazing is that conservatives want the Capitol lawbreakers jailed. Yet Democrats wanted the lawbreaking rioters of the left released from prison with no bail. Even the VP Kamala wanted to spend money bailing out the people that destroyed cities but not a dime for those people that lost their businesses.

                    What is wrong with the left?

                    1. What is wrong with the left?

                      They’re malignant and have no principles, just improvisations which offer specious justifications of what they want right now.

              2. Yes, terrible things happened at the Capital and anyone involved should be punished. How do you know murder was the intent? We know that leftists were also involved as well. Trumps words had nothing to do with what happened especially since the crowd already gathered before Trump finished his speech.

                When the left rioted in all those cities looting, burning, destroying businesses and killing, what did you say?

                Apparently you have no idea of what a coup is and you let yourself be blind to the misdeeds of the left. I won’t bother to even try and discuss a real attempted coup by the left that started before Trump was even elected and involved the Democratic party leader, the leadership of the FBI, the CIA, parts of Congress and the deep state. That I believe is beyond your understanding since to date I haven’t heard anything from you stating how terrible those actions of the left were despite proof from FBI documents.

                  1. It seems you forget all the leftist rallies that chanted hang Bush or in some ways kill virtually all recent Republican Presidents. You leftists are quite violent as seen with all the recent riots where people were killed and businesses destroyed. For some reason leftists don’t take note of their own violence which is tremendously greater than the violence from conservatives.

                  2. Chanting is not a crime. And the F.B.I. said there was not attempt to hurt anyone. There was no insurrection. It was about 100 idiots acting out against an unprepared police force. Can’t really have an insurrection without weapons.

                    1. Dozes of police were injured and one was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.

                      In your imagination only. He returned to the division office and texted his family that he’d been pepper sprayed a couple of times and mentioned no blows to his body. He later collapsed and was taken to the hospital, where they found a blood clot in his brain. No autopsy report has yet been released, nor has any security cam video been released showing him being beaten. There is a video of a fire extinguisher being tossed, but it’s not clear who it hit or that the person it hit was injured.

                  3. “They” (i.e., the people in the Capitol) weren’t chanting anything. And the fact that they didn’t use any weapons means they didn’t intend anything more than what they did.

  10. Here are 2 examples of wicked women who did evil in the sight of the Lord

    Queen Jezebel the prophet killer & Jezebel’s daughter, Queen Athaliah, the baby killer.

    Athaliah, also spelled Athalia, in the Old Testament, the daughter of Ahab and Jezebel and wife of Jeham, king of Judah. After the death of Ahaziah, her son, Athaliah usurped the throne and reigned for seven years. She massacred all the members of the royal house of Judah (II Kings 11:1–3), except Joash. A successful revolution was organized in favour of Joash, and she was killed.

  11. Why are the republicans not standing up and demanding the CW put names to the people she is accusing of criminal acts

  12. Democrats are using textbook techniques from the marxist-socialist cabal of which they are a precursor. The 4-year (actually 4 decade) smear machine of the Democrat party is now at Defcon 1, attempting to destroy the US in their attempt to retain power. Listening to Steve Cohen was revolting. He knowingly lied about a colleague with the most disgusting of accusations. However, for too long, average Democrats have accepted these lies, repeated them, and incorporated them into their feeble thinking … and that’s how we got the results of 2020’s election.

    1. Steve Cohen does not represent the people of West Tennessee, he is a party hack who will do and say anything to advance the Democratic Party. He stays in office on the backs of the black voters in Memphis who would vote for the devil himself as long as he runs as a Democrat.

      1. What’s curious is that the black political establishment in Shelby County is willing to put up with him. The man’s inadequacy is just out there. You’d think they’d recruit a local black professional who can think on his feet in front of an audience and send Cohen packing.

    2. Yes. My brother is one. Today he actually refused to believe Biden had issued a record number of executive orders because, ‘Trump is the dictator, that can’t possibly be true.’. As our country slips further and further, it will henceforth always be Trump’s fault. ‘If he hadn’t ___ , we’d be ___ . Our country will just never recover from that villainous crook.’ And they believe it with every ounce if their being. It’s quite a phenomena.

      Folks like this have almost literally internalized the tone deafness and their hatred to the point where it’s just a functional part of the brain, the pre-frontal cortex has stopped addressing it altogether.

      1. Yep.

        “Biden may be responsible for starting new wars, killing tens of thousands of jobs, and ending an industry that funds education and public services, but at least he doesn’t have mean tweets!”

        CNN and MSNBC are gonna be missing Trump soon. That is, if they can ever stop trash-talking and lying about him while running cover for Biden.

        1. All this talk about Trump, impeachment and insurrection serves to distract from reporting on and scrutinizing what Joe Biden is actually doing.

          “If a Republican did any of the things the Biden Administration has done in the last 72 hours, they’d be accused of killing the poor and elderly, lying about a virus, provoking a war, and selectively choosing which laws they care about enforcing.” @ryangirdusky

          1. ‘Unions supported Biden, and then:

            – Biden cancels Keystone and kills its union jobs.

            – Biden plans to increase immigration from Mexico, hurting union wages.

            – Biden promises to increase trade with China, hurting union jobs.

            Union members, are you happy?’

            1. Joe Biden is killing jobs, and industries, creating more regs and mandates, higher energy costs for struggling families and industries…..but you know who President Biden made sure to take care of? Yep. The one class of workers with the most job security who have been paid very well all throughout the pandemic lockdown: government employees.

              “Federal employees have dedicated their careers to serving the American people — and they are worthy of the utmost dignity and respect. Today, I took action to improve the wages, benefits, and bargaining rights of federal workers and contractors.” @POTUS President Biden


            2. Union members are not the union bosses.

              I will explain.

              They don’t care about how many union members have jobs or how well they are doing.

              They don’t even care about the percentages of unionized workforce

              They only care about their top line dollar revenues.

              So they grow the overall numbers where they can, via whatever means and rackets and by receipt of donations, all with an eye to the next fiscal year, and long term interests of the workers be damned

              I am not against unionization. I would go so far as to condemn right to work

              But what needs stronger condemnation is the corrupt and ineffective union leadership, lackeys of global capitalism, and fake friends of labor

              Sal Sar

  13. Shoot unarmed people? Just so we’re clear on on this.
    Armed invaders of the Capitol should be repulsed with deadly force, others who broke the law should face the full extent of the law. But make no mistake, this is still America, at least for a little while longer, we don’t turn the military on civilians.

  14. I challenge anyone to find a more hate filled, divisive and abusive Speaker of the House. That’s a pretty low bar considering the supporters of slavery and Jim Crow who have held the position prior.

  15. Amen Professor Turley….a voice of reason amidst the maelstrom of senseless partisan hyperbole.

    Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment at the least and exactly what she is falsely accusing others of being….and enemy of the State demonstrated by her actions as well as her words.

    If this keeps up….there shall be far more need for the National Guard and the Military in Washington.

    Such inflammatory talk as we see coming from the Speaker and other Democrats along with the hyping of it by the Leftist controlled media….shall not take us to a happen ending.

  16. The urge to purge is building.

    And the Pinkos don’t care who gets splattered.

    But people can get pushed into actions that they might not otherwise take.

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