“Vial Of Death”: Farrakhan’s Anti-Vaccine Statements Expose The Fallacy Of Internet Censorship Policies

We have been discussing the expanded censorship on the Internet and the threat to both free speech and free press rights. As stated recently in testimony before the House, I remain an unabashed “Internet Originalist,” favoring the free forum for speech that once defined these Big Tech companies. The expanding censorship of the Internet continues to show bias and contractions as Democratic members push for “robust modification” to silence opposing views of everything from climate change to social justice. A new controversy shows the contradictions as people spread the false claims of Rev. Louis Farrakhan that the Covid-19 vaccines are really the “vial of death.” The continued spreading of his views shows that speech like water has a way of finding a way out, even untrue and hateful speech. The proper response is not less but more (and better) speech.

We have previously discussed Farrakhan’s absurd and dangerous views as well as companies like Facebook blocking him.  His views will, of course, still be discussed by tens of thousands of his followers. His latest diatribe is an example. Farrakhan recorded a video late last month during the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day convention, that remained available via TwitterFacebook and YouTube  in which he called the vaccine was a “vial of death.” He declared “it is death itself” and compared it to the Kool-Aid from the Jim Jones mass-death tragedy in Guyana in 1978. He promised that “[b]y rushing so fast to get something out, bypassing normal steps in a true vaccine, now God is going to turn your vaccine into death in a hurry.”

In addition to people posting his views or his speech, Farrakhan’s words are also carried in news articles and general coverage. Thus, these companies are censoring direct postings but the message is still getting out.  The reason is that this is news and people want to discuss it.  While censors believe that people should adhere to their view of what can and cannot be discussed, there is a lingering desire of many to make that decision for themselves.

Democrats are pushing for greater censorship along the lines of Europe despite the utter failure of such policies in Europe. Germany has proven the fallacy of changing minds through threatened prosecution.  While I am certainly sympathetic to the Germans in seeking to end the scourge of fascism, I have long been a critic of the German laws prohibiting certain symbols and phrases, I view it as not just a violation of free speech but a futile effort to stamp but extremism by barring certain symbols. Instead, extremists have rallied around an underground culture and embraced symbols that closely resemble those banned by the government. I fail to see how arresting a man for a Hitler ringtone is achieving a meaningful level of deterrence, even if you ignore the free speech implications.

The greatest impact in Germany has not been on the reduction of hate speech but the reduction of free speech.  We discussed how decades of anti-free speech policies in Germany have reduced the expectations of citizens in that country to the level of an authoritarian regime. A survey, conducted by the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach(and published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) found that only 18 percent of Germans feel free to express their views in public.

This is clearly a dangerous message for his followers but they will get the message in a variety of ways, including direct communications from the Nation of Islam. Instead of embracing censorship, we can let him speak freely and use our own free speech to counter his message of ignorance and hate. We are developing a huge apparatus for private censorship in this country that will succeed more in stopping free speech but not false or hateful speech.  Farrakhan’s greatest threat to this country is not as an influential leader but as an excuse for censorship.  We do not need free speech values to protect popular speech or popular individuals. Farrakhan is the price we pay for free speech.

160 thoughts on ““Vial Of Death”: Farrakhan’s Anti-Vaccine Statements Expose The Fallacy Of Internet Censorship Policies”

  1. The barbarians are not at the gate, the barbarians are inside the gate.

    Free speech that is anathematic and challenges the fundamental principles of the American republic is constitutional and actionable as an act of treason and war.

    In this particular case, the aberration and mortal enemy that is Farrakhan must be ostracized, rejected, repulsed and subjected to “illegal emigration” (as millions of invaders have taken advantage of “illegal

    immigration”) and compassionately repatriated to his country of origin which will accommodate, nay, celebrate his racism, his anti-Americanism and his irredeemable psychosis.

    It is enough and it is only the beginning.

    It is long past time for implementation of the contingency plans of the American Founders.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and

    to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence, 1776

    1. The barbarians aren’t only inside the gate; the barbarians control the gate, and you aren’t getting out until they’ve plundered everything of value that you have, including the extirpation of your joy and humanity.

  2. What group pays the most attention to the proclamations of minister Farrakhan? The Black community. Mr, Farrakhan can have it both ways. He can tell his followers that the deaths of blacks are caused by the poison juice vaccine made by Jewish doctors and when black deaths from Covid increase he can blame it on discrimination against blacks by the Devil white man and the Satanic Jews. Double whammy. Pure genus. Do you suppose it may be in his plan?

  3. Farrakhan is only trying to explain to the American people that the vaccine is a poisonous nectar produced by the Jews. The anti vaccine zeolites would use the words of Satan himself if it confirmed their seared in thoughts. I can remember the kids limping about on one leg shorter than the other from the effects of Polio. It was not an uncommon occurrence. I’ll have to pass on Mr. Farrakhan’s encouragements.

    1. “Farrakhan is only trying to explain to the American people that the vaccine is a poisonous nectar produced by the Jews. “

      The left is not concerned with what is being said as much as who is saying it. Farrakhan is anti-Semitic and so is the left and much of the Democrat party no matter what their religion might be.

  4. I think someone taking medical advice from LF is quite lost. Recall Robert Heinlein:

    “Stupidity cannot be cured. Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”

    1. What a stupid quote.

      The sentence is death for everyone. Death clearly occur automatically for stupid people in the sense of quickly, and if he means automatically in the sense of not needing human intervention, then death is automatic for most people too.

    1. Masks primarily protect others, not the wearer. It requires we mostly all wear them to be most effective for each of us. That’s why, like traffic lights, it should not be a matter of choice.

      1. Effective or not, I hate masks. I’m wearing a mask, but I can barely stand these Fauci face diapers. I will not wear these stupid things forever. I don’t care what they say.

        1. Thus speaks the soul of a fascist was for Anon, not Diogenes.

          Not mentioned, because it is unmentionable, is that doctors are seeing medical complications from mask wearing, mostly minor skin infections, but not all of it minor.

          Almost all of the big mouths demanding we wear masks have been photographed without masks in unguarded moments, including Fauci, Biden, Newsom and the rest.

          1. Young, I think the only proper study, not survey, showed masks didn’t work. I don’t think we know and doubt we will know for sure. Therefore, I wore a mask inside and in close contact with people but limited the time of that type of occurrence. Indoors with limited ventilation is what I worried about most. But the places indoors that I might go such as the grocery store had limited Covid spread.

            Those that are older or with respiratory conditions have difficulty with masks. We have stopped many of those from being active which is also a health risk.

            The left never learned about trade-offs. They prefer to concentrate on being fascists.

            1. S. Meyer– I agree. I avoid crowds in areas with limited ventilation. The grocery store seems reasonably safe because of the wide spaces and I don’t go when they are likely to be very busy. Outside I don’t wear a mask. People with some medical problems have problems with masks but the social justice people don’t seem to care. For them it is their fascist impulse to control that dominates their decisions.

              1. During the height of the crisis when we knew little, actually were mislead by our leaders, I still saw all family and friends. I even went to certain gatherings that were important because the public had to stand up to those in charge. I never liked shopping so I used delivery services most of the time. Ate outdoors at restaurants and spent a lot of time outdoors without a mask.

                We can all put ourselves in that pine box earlier than our due date but that is not life. You read a lot so you have read about the Battle of Britain. Can you imagine Americans of today having to live and work during such times? Our leftist friends would have given up day one and would be speaking German today. Of course our leftist friends are fascist and agree with a lot of the things the Axis powers believed in, most of it not good. I cannot believe what has happened to America.

                1. No, I can’t imagine the young, and not so young, enduring The Battle of Britain or wading ashore on Omaha Beach or sticking to it in The Battle of the Bulge, never mind getting out of the trench and going over the top at the Somme in an earlier war.

                  1. There’s a mess of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans among the young. I think recruitment rates are such you can expect about 5% of the young men to have some time on active duty and an additional 3% to have time in the Guard or Reserves.

                  2. With snowflakes like Young and S Meyer complaining about their poor lii’ mouthies and right to party, forget the Battle of Britain. They can’t put on f….. mask for the common good without screaming about their imagined trod upon rights.

                    1. These guys would want to question the research on landing craft at D-Day and the yacht inspection at Dunkirk.

                      Patriots my a..

                    2. JF, if you were one of those being evacuated from Dunkirk we probably would have had to tie you up in straight jacket fashion just to get you safely back to England. One the other hand if we left you there the Germans probably would have shipped you back express mail.

                    3. JF, do you have to demonstrate your ignorance in every post you write? Over and over I have stated I wear a mask, but only indoors or in close contact with others. I don’t know how effective masks are, but I have no problem with its sensible use.

                      You don’t seem able to respond without making some of your facts up. At least you have imagination, something Anonymous the Stupid lacks.

                    4. My grandfather fought in WWI trenches. My uncle did submarine service in both the Atlantic and Pacific in WWII before dying in the Pacific. My other uncle drove a tank at Ardennes. And I’m entertained at how much any of them would delight at laughing in Allan and Young’s faces for just being themselves and tossing off the level of b.s. they do on this blog.


                    5. “My grandfather fought in WWI trenches. My uncle did submarine service in both the Atlantic and Pacific in WWII before dying in the Pacific. My other uncle drove a tank at Ardennes”

                      Elvis Bug, they were men. You are not.

                    6. Elvis Bug you are showing how little faith you have in your own family’s intelligence.

                    7. Anonymous the Stupid, you posted under the wrong name. Can’t be sure what you are saying but that is true in most cases, right name or not.

                2. “ Our leftist friends would have given up day one and would be speaking German today. Of course our leftist friends are fascist and agree with a lot of the things the Axis powers believed in, most of it not good.”

                  You can’t have it both ways. On the one hand the right repeatedly criticized anti-fa, an anti-fascist far left group, for being a violent mob, throwing the entire left in the same boat, on the other hand in spite of following bone-spurs to the end of the earth they label the left a bunch of panty-waists who’d never set foot on a battlefield to prevent the spread of Nazis in WWII. As a descendant of WWII veterans who had pretty liberal views at the time I can tell you nothing is further from the truth. When faced with absolute evil the left rises to the challenge. The right as of late has capitulated to a far right tyrants, and even built a golden calf in one’s honor.

                  If someone can say to you he can shoot someone and you’ll still vote for him, acts as a dictator and wishes to suppress the media, is repeatedly dismayed that he cannot silence the media, praises authoritarian strongmen and dictators, has a platform in part comprised of blaming minorities for societies ills (look no further than his words towards Mexicans and Mexican Americans as evidence) and has a slew of advisors advocating martial law, including but not limited to Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and Lin Wood, that would be a much better indicator of fascism than anything the anti-fascist left has done.

                  1. CK07,
                    IIRR, you had a long exchange with Mark N a while back. Mark N was a sock for a guy who used to post as Allan. S Meyer is another of Allan’s accounts.

                    Don’t don’t hold your breath waiting for Allan or Young to engage with your argument and admit they’re wrong about liberals.

                    1. Thanks for the reminder. It saved me a bit of time. While I find such blatant hypocrisy irritating, you’re right that I’d be wasting valuable time trying to deal with such disingenuous parties. Be well my friend and good luck with some of the blog’s denser denizens.

                    2. CK, Anonymous the Stupid’s (ATS) entire life hinges on who wrote what on the blog. His accuracy is poor. He is devoid of substance. That is how he got his name long ago. I don’t think there is any reason to deny it any longer, he is Anonymous the Stupid. ATS is so Stupid he doesn’t even know the meanings behind the word liberal.

                      CK07, as far as I know you have been consistent with your name which is to your credit but don’t you find it crazy that the one who carries an anonymous name and icon and who sometimes pretends to be more than one anonymous along with having used other icons is the one that complains most about others possibly using more than one alias?

                  2. “As a descendant of WWII veterans who had pretty liberal views at the time”

                    Those views make your ancestors right wing today and likely they would not have put up with the rioting, looting and destruction caused by the left.

                  1. Anonymous the Stupid, I may have gone to a Trump rally and I may have worn a mask. The opposite is also possibly true.

                    But what is the meaning behind your comment? I think you are trying to make claim of your name, Anonymous the Stupid.

    2. They still want you to wear them though because reasons. Control I suppose.

      1. Charitable: the matter remains somewhat unsettled and there’s a cost-benefit calculation here.

      2. Uncharitable: it’s another status marker. And manufacturing those is what they do.

        1. There was a study from Denmark that reached the same conclusion: masks not effective.

          Perhaps the best indicator is that states with strictest mask enforcement saw the steepest rise in infections during the recent surge. They didn’t work in the field.

          1. They didn’t work in the field.

            There’s more than one vector at work influencing rates of hospitalization and death (the infection statistics are mostly junk). A lot of quick and dirty research is being done and it isn’t surprising you’re getting contradictory results.

            1. Reported tests are fairly accurate as are hospitalizations and mask -demanding California didn’t look good on either.

              1. An individual test may be accurate. Tests as a measure of prevalence in the population are not reliable metrics. And, again, more than one vector is at work influencing outcomes.

                1. More than one vector as at work but California showed masks and rigid shutdowns weren’t stopping any of them.

    3. Only an idiot gets his medical news from the Gateway Pundit. They can’t even bring themselves to link to the original report.

      If they’d linked to the report, you’d have seen

      What is added by this report?

      Mandating masks was associated with a decrease in daily COVID-19 case and death growth rates within 20 days of implementation. Allowing on-premises restaurant dining was associated with an increase in daily COVID-19 case growth rates 41–100 days after implementation and an increase in daily death growth rates 61–100 days after implementation.

      What are the implications for public health practice?

      Mask mandates and restricting any on-premises dining at restaurants can help limit community transmission of COVID-19 and reduce case and death growth rates. These findings can inform public policies to reduce community spread of COVID-19.

      1. Mask mandates are different from packed indoor dining. The daily published reports showed the steepest climb in infections in states like California that had strongest mask mandates and restrictions. if they worked that wouldn’t happen. Same case in Europe.

        The CDC study showed minimal benefits. The weasal words show a desire to maintain control and not much more. California is a huge study in itself and mask mandates didn’t work.

            1. No, you don’t. Mandates aren’t masks, and all you see is your personal convenience sample.

              1. Everywhere one goes in LA everyone is wearing a mask, including people on bikes, which looks foolish. I prefer the evidence of my eyes to your dishonest confirmation bias. If you aren’t there you simply do not know what you are talking about.

                1. LA isn’t California. Your personal convenience sample isn’t a random sample even in LA.

          1. If mandates bear no relationship to mask wearing then what good is this CDC quote that you posted?

            “Mandating masks was associated with a decrease in daily COVID-19 case and death:”

            You claim support for mask wearing mandates by quoting the CDC and then reverse yourself by deriding California’s mandate. Mandates not the same as masks, you say. Then skip the government mandates because they clearly don’t work. You bumped into yourself coming and going. No wonder you are confused. Perhaps if you wrote in Ebonics you could avoid these contradictions.

            1. Young, I don’t know if you make false claims like “reverse yourself by deriding California’s mandate” because you have weak reading comprehension or because you’re dishonest. You’re clearly racist.

              1. When your arguments collapse making you look foolish you can always resort to calling me racist.

                Haven’t you read enough of my comments to know I don’t care?

                I would rather dispute with enigmainblack because he is honest and appears to have character and isn’t a weasel even though we differ on almost everything. I would enjoy his company over lunch; you not so much.

                I read somewhere that a lot of blacks can’t really stomach patronizing liberals “who just want to help”. Same is true of some hill people. If I were black I wouldn’t want your cloying, patronizing mug in my space either. There is something fundamentally dishonest about it.

                1. Yep, there’s clearly a non-racist reason to say “Perhaps if you wrote in Ebonics you could avoid these contradictions.” I doubt that Enigma would have any problem with my calling you out as racist.

                  1. Weren’t you the one who suggested I take an IQ test in Ebonics awhile back? All you Anonymous look alike.

      2. You fell for their weasel words. Mask wearing ‘associated with’ etc but the ‘association’ was within the margin of error and statistically indistinguishable from no masks.

        I saw something like this in California when CARB was implementing rules on diesel emissions. They claimed an EPA study proved that the emissions caused increased deaths.

        I went to the study and saw it was NOT by the EPA but by independent researchers. It was published by the EPA but they disavowed responsibility.

        Then I scrolled past pages of statistics to the conclusion. They said they found that the emissions caused 0 [yes, Zero] extra deaths to as many as 2,000 per year. In other words, they had no idea. They could not identify a chain of causality. Yet, as with the CDC mask study they were able to spin regulatory gold out of thin air.

        1. Same information I looked at after seeing the Gatewaypundit article.. The increased protection appears to be within the margin of error. If Fauci, for example, believes it he would be wearing masks even when the cameras aren’t on him.

          More significant than a marginal study by an agency that has blundered repeatedly is what has happened in the most populous state. Despite ever tightening restrictions and visibly almost universal mask compliance the rate of infections in California soared every day beyond rates in other states. It was almost as if wearing masks and keeping people indoors was contributing to infections. What is actually happening always trumps a marginal study.

          Remember that these same people told us that masks were ineffective, that we did not need to worry about the China Virus, that we should join crowds in San Francisco [Pelosi] and New York [de Blasio] and that there wouldn’t be a vaccine for a long time and that HCQ is dangerous, that Cuomo is the best for handling Covid, and that Biden is mentally competent.

          And you still believe them.

        2. Young was dumb enough to go to Gateway Pundit for a summary. Who does that?
          Did you know the study existed before I put up the gatewaypundit link?

      3. So says the idiot who doesn’t know how to read articles much less is able to separate the useful from the useless. All and all Anonymous is useless.

  5. The left and today’s Democrat do not believe in freedom of speech. They are espousing fascism, hate, and fiction.

      1. Anonymous, you pretty much describe yourself and the intellect of the left. I don’t even need to insult you. Your own words demonstrate your lack of intellect.

    1. We’re fine with freedom of speech. What we don’t like is hate speech and repeating the same baseless lies over and over again. Take the mask issue for instance. You can claim masks kill with little evidence and get debunked sure, but when Facebook creates an algorithm so uninformed people keep getting informed by these stories from likeminded uninformed folks, FB needs to be held accountable for obfuscation of the truth. Maybe not by the government but by lawsuits from the families of the deceased, aka the capitalist approach.

      If some news org was flooding the airwaves with news that “seatbelts kill! Studies show most people who die in car crashes were wearing their seatbelt” it wouldn’t be explicitly false but it would be highly misleading. Sure only 47% of people who die in car crashes weren’t wearing seat belts but it leaves out how many were wearing their seat belts to begin with. If 1000 people were in accidents, 850 were wearing seatbelts and 150 weren’t, 100 died and 47 of them weren’t wearing seat belts you can see how it isn’t as simple of an equation as how many people died with or without seatbelts on. Fact is you’re more likely to survive a crash by wearing a seatbelt.

      Here too you have to account for population density in areas where masks are required, the timeline of covid being introduced etc. If I live in a town of 3 and wear no mask vs a sprawling city of 3 million and wear a mask, I’m probably safer in the town of 3 without one, but that doesn’t mean I should go to the city without one.

      1. “We’re fine with freedom of speech. What we don’t like is hate speech “

        CK, is that why Farrakhan’s hate speech along with the hate speech of so many anti-Semites is left to remain while credible scientists that were previously considered experts in their field are cancelled?

        How do you define ‘hate speech’? Different perspectives differ so you have to reckon with that problem even though it is uncomfortable. Turley reckons with it all the time and gets heat from the left right here on this blog. Dershowitz reckoned with it and has virtually been cancelled by the left including former friends.

        When creating an algorithm bias is easily incorporated into the algorithm. Tape recordings showing what happens behind the scenes, where bias and prejudice seems to prevail are available for you to view. We don’t see any outcry from you to preserve free speech.

        I don’t know if you recognize the name Prager which is a very tame organization. Some of their videos have been cancelled. Just listen to what Dorsey has said and listens to what some of our Democratic legislators have said.

        You are afraid to let Americans sort truth from fiction so you require some Nazi to do it for them. I suggest Turley is correct and more speech, though not perfect, is the better way.

        You seem to be making statements regarding the efficacy of certain things but you skipped over the point of cancel culture and forgot that despite your denial you are not fine with free speech, rather you prefer censorship which is the authoritarian method.

        1. “We’re fine with freedom of speech. What we don’t like is hate speech “

          CK, this is what you consider being fine with freedom of speech but not hate speech.

          “eBay purges Dr. Seuss books while still allowing Nazi manifestos, pro-slavery books
          Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” can still be purchased, but “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street” is being wiped.”

          “Ebay shortly thereafter announced that it would be scrubbing listings of those books from its online marketplace. Copies of the discontinued children’s stories were being listed and sold for significantly inflated prices following the books’ cancellations. “

          You can see more of the books that your comments says you don’t consider hate speech at


          1. That’s at the copyright holder’s request. Not some vast conspiracy by the left to purge these books. If I published something I no longer want to be associated with or my brand decides to clean up image based on books that weren’t profitable to begin with rather than remove the offending material, that’s my prerogative. eBay doesn’t want the publisher to sue, not the government.

            1. “That’s at the copyright holder’s request. “

              CK, you fall into the leftist talking points all the time. Why now? Why not last year? Guess what, though it is possible it was removed without pressure that is very unlikely. Why would Seuss want to point to such things about themselves that no one was thinking about? It wasn’t out of the blue. It was acquiescense due to fear.

              “eBay doesn’t want the publisher to sue”

              CK, isn’t really thinking about the situation and makes decisions so that he can provide what he thinks is a smart answer. It is the opposite. The publisher no longer owns the books so though it can sue it can’t win and could be countersued for damages.

              CK, when you don’t know what you are talking about it is best to keep your mouth shut.

              CK, why does eBay continue to permit Mein Kampf to be sold?

              1. Who holds the copyright on Dr Seuss books and trademark to the Seuss title? Dr Seuss enterprises. That’s for a life in being plus 50 years based on when it was written (now we use +70). The poet died in 1991. The copyright hasn’t expired and it’s held by a fairly profitable corporation.
                If you want to know more about ebays policy with regard to copy written works I’d advise you look here:

                If the copyright holder hasn’t authorized the sale eBay pulls it. Doesn’t matter if you bought it or not, these books aren’t in public domain and won’t be for another 20 years at least. And that’s assuming he put the copyright on himself and not his child in the womb when they were first written.

                This has nothing to do with eBay permitting Mein Kampf to be sold, the Hitler estate has disappeared from public eye and isn’t likely to sue anyone or send a C&D to my knowledge. This really isn’t too different from YouTube pulling videos because the copyright holder complains, only you’re dealing with issues of unauthorized resale and not distribution.

                “ when you don’t know what you are talking about it is best to keep your mouth shut.”
                S., do you ever take your own advice?

                1. I can see you are totally ignorant and do not know what you are talking about. Public domain has nothing to do with a book that has been purchased (unless there was a special legal document attached) It has to do with reproducing the book.

                  A used book is no longer owned or under the control of the publisher. To think otherwise places you in the domain of Anonymous the Stupid.

                1. Over a couple of hours, Anonymous the Stupid has ravaged this blog with over twenty meaningless posts. He has no consideration for anyone. If he had something to say that would be reasonable but most of what he says is of the “Blah, blah, type.

              2. Let me add, you’re well within your rights to resell the books personally if you bought them legally. eBay is a marketplace however and does not have to permit the sale of such goods. I will admit the comparison to YouTube is flawed and not apples to apples but similarities exist. I buy and own music, I can resell the records anywhere. The copyright holder can’t prevent me. If I want to sell at a marketplace and the copyright holder wishes to protect its trademark and image by preventing borders, eBay and other marketplaces from reselling and harming its image that’s a different story. They can put pressure on such markets. eBay makes a 10% profit from each sale which also changes the equation.

                eBay also has a right to clean its image but the fact that they went after the books Seuss wishes to purge after they sold for skyrocketing prices shows they don’t want to be liable from the copyright holder or the public in general for making cross profits from this.
                There’s some room for debate on this but it’s a matter of the venue making this decision. You can’t be sued for such sales, I’m not so sure that they can’t.

                1. Try to stay on topic. We weren’t discussing E Bay’s right to determine what is sold on its site. Seuss cannot stop E Bay from selling a used book.

                  You started off with minimal intellectual ability though scattered all over the place and now you have joined the Anonymous the Stupid club, where the competition is who can be the most stupid. Try not to go there. Anonymous the Stupid wins hands down.

  6. The only vaccine against confirmation bias is free speech. Let Farrakhan be heard. He’s much funnier than Colbert and Kimmel anyway.

    Germany exports far more value-added goods to China than the US. Beijing prefers German imports–even though they are not cheap and transportation costs are greater–because Germany is not a strategic rival to China and the US is. It’s one more version of Beijing’s asymmetrical warfare. Germany also relies on Russia for most of its imports of natural gas.

    For Germany business–like Nike and the NBA–free speech is a nuisance. It’s less and less about fascism. Follow the money.

    Not surprisingly, anti-Americanism has recently trended higher in Germany than any other western country. I’m no German basher. I love Germany, but Frau Merkel leaves something to be desired.

    1. The Biden administration may be starting to acknowledge that there’s a border problem. Let’s hope this is a trend.

      If I’ve been irascible lately, it’s because the border chaos has upset me a lot. BUILD THE WALL, for Pete’s sake.

  7. Don’t like / trust the new form of the Pfizer/ Moderna ( mRNA) vaccines – then consider the J&J vaccine which is an attenuated – live – vaccine , like that given for the flu,etc.

    1. That was what I was thinking too.

      Funny that the same people who screamed thar HCQ is dangerous despite its being used by millions of people for decades with few and well-documented side effects [rather like a gigantic human trial] now tell us that a novel, never used before product, with no long-term history, that changes cell DNA is perfectly safe.

      It might be perfectly safe. I don’t know. Neither does Fauci or anyone else. The long-term effects are unknown because there hasn’t been a long term yet.

      Farrakhan is probably wrong. Statistically he is almost always wrong. But this time there is a reasonable argument for care. J&J seems safer because it is made with a proven technology with a long track record of short and long-term consequences and risks.

      1. Funny that the same people who screamed thar HCQ is dangerous despite its being used by millions of people for decades

        Trump mentioned in a press conference that it might prove helpful so it turned into a marker delineating ingroups and outgroups among people who vote Democratic. Two things correlated with voting Democratic are striking attitudes and not having a lick of sense. You can see both in our friend Paint Chips.

        1. Yes. I watched it. Trump said it ‘might’ be helpful [ turned out it is] and didn’t prescribe it.

          Then the lying politicians and media twisted it into something else and, as you noted, it marked in groups and out groups.

          They would have deaths on the conscience if they had a conscience. People were denied a cheap and safe treatment because of these fanatics.

        2. I haven’t seen Paint Chips recently. If you get a chance point him out. Maybe his embarrassment became to great for him to handle.

          1. He’s an old guy living in WeHo. He’s a high risk for COVID.

  8. The censorship of even discussing the controversy and weaknesses regarding the vaccines is another reason why I likely won’t get one. To me, this feeds into the doubts I already have about it.

    I also agree with Turley’s statement that “extremists have rallied around an underground culture and embraced symbols that closely resemble those banned by the government,” except that I don’t believe that only extremists seek out what’s banned, whether in Germany or elsewhere. For example, here in the US, there are many people who are rebelling against censorship by seeking to collect and thereby preserve those things being banned, whether it’s Suess books or Trump speeches (saved on TiVo). Personally, I’m going out of my way to acquire that which has been banned today or I anticipate will be banned in the future.

    In the same vein, I find that I’m more skeptical and dismissive of any racism claims out there too, unless it’s against whites. Again, I look at the overall goals of those who are pushing the great Narrative and/or cancelling those who they differ with.

  9. “Instead of embracing censorship, we can let him speech freely and use our own free speech to counter his message of ignorance ”

    I am no fan of Farrakhan or Islam, but maybe (Dr) Prof Turley, et al, can explain what’s in those “” Experimental””(Genetic mRNA DNA Therapies )?

    Maybe everyone would take the time to look into what those Big Pharma Labs write in public about their so called Covid vazzes.

    No, most will rush down in a panic to get Big Pharma’s for a virus that has a reported very, very low death rate.

    Special Reports
    Medical Doctor Exposes 10 Deadly Dangers of Pzifer/Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccines
    March 5th 2021, 3:01 pm
    Medical doctor Dr. Sherry Tenpenny lays out the scientific facts in a devastating presentation
    It is critical that every viewer & listener do the research themselves, and then take action by warning others ”


    1. -> Oky1 @ 7 March 2021 8:23 AM
      Thanks for the link to this video. I haven’t watched it yet but have been following this situation since the virus was first reported.
      These new genetic “vaccines” are concerning, because such a new technology which alleges to actually alter genetic material in the body cannot possibly have been tested enough to assure safety. I worked at a preclinical drug testing facility in Japan for many years, headed by an internationally recognized authority in the field of pharmacology and animal testing, being invited yearly to the WHO-sponsoredl expert meetings on drug safety and regulation.
      Normally, in the case of new drugs, not only testing of efficacy and toxicology, but also teratology must be performed, In other words, several generations of lab animals will be exposed to the drug, to see if effects that may not appear in adults could manifest in their offspring, or perhaps in a third or beyond generation (think “thalidomide”). Certainly, there has been no time to test for this in the genetic “vaccines” being pushed on the public, and due to the genetic manipulation that is intended by these new drugs, undesirable genetic changes could quite conceivably appear in future generations.
      Might be safe, might not be, but I believe that no one can say for sure at this stage.
      Unrelated to the scientific aspect of this matter, it is concerning that one of the strongest promoters of the new “vaccines” is Bill Gates, who has spoken of the need to reduce the world population and is reportedly a supporter of eugenics, a field that has often been usurped by supporters of ideologies of less than humanitarian repute. Further, although this is hearsay, at a medical conference, an M.D. allegedly overheard Bill Gates’ personal physician telling a colleague that Gates himself will not allow his own children to be vaccinated. Probably not possible to confirm, but given his track record of accusals of spreading polio and other diseases in 3rd world countries via Gates’ foundation’s vaccination programs, unfortunately seems possible.
      In any case, given the rapid rate of mutation of coronaviruses in general (like the common cold), it is unlikely that a proper vaccine will remain effective even beyond one season.

      1. Olde Edo, Et Al;

        More on this when I find the time. Dr Fauci/Bill Gates & others involved is Criminal of the worst kind.

        Maybe some atty/s can come along & explain the legal case better then I or others her have?

        This Video Will Make You Never Want A COVID Vaccine


        Mar 12, 2021
        War Room With Owen Shroyer
        War Room With Owen Shroyer

        Owen covers the shocking admission by Anthony Fauci that the mRNA vaccine is being used to experiment on the global population.


  10. Jonathan, Farrakhan is a hater for sure, but his warning about these vaccines should not be dismissed. Dr. Christian Perrone, head of Infectious Disease at Hopital de Garches in France, stated in a complaint filed in Europe that “The first vaccines they are offering us are not vaccines. They are gene therapy products. They…inject nucleic acids that will cause our own cells to produce elements of the virus.” These vaccines have not been approved by the FDA and have only been released under an EUA. To get informed about these vaccines, please go to the CDC fact page at https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/eua/index.html

    1. Ken, Doctor Fauci has said that masks had no effect. Then he said that masks work. Then he tells us that we should wear two masks. Somehow you think that we should put it all on the line because of a statement by some doctor in France. People who are older and have a higher chance of death due to Covid should get the vaccine. Some who are older will read your words and will not take the vaccine because of your search to find some doctor who will confirm your anti vaccine delirium. An exercise in responsibility would be appreciated.

  11. Justice Homes got it right in Abrams. People should read that dissent from time to time. Maybe colleges should make it required reading. Maybe it should be required reading for college administrators

  12. Out of 7 people I know well who have received the Pfizer vaccine 5 of them got sick. One of them allegedly tested positive for Covid, and he was sick for a week.

    I say “allegedly”, because the PCR tests are a joke.

    They’re not getting near me with that sh*t. And if they try to restrict my travel, I’ll sue the f*ck out of them. Which will be easy to do because there are already class action lawsuits all teed up and ready to be filed.

    1. Walworths, please feel free to avoid the vaccine as I happily get my two shots. It is nice to see an fine example of modern Darwinism in action. Feel free to travel to your hearts content because even if I am next to you on a plane I will be vaccinated.

      This is an example of luddite thinking but I do not call for censoring this person, let him or her speak as to allow us to all know what makes him or her tick.

      1. BTW: How’s the animal testing going on your vaz programs?

        ROTFLMAO… have you heard of any that lived?

      2. hullbobby, please feel free to get vaccinated as I happily keep my immune system working at maximum efficiency. Which is why I never get sick.

        Here’s something to ponder if you actually had any critical thinking skills.

        Why have State and Federal bureaucrats been enforcing useless measures while purposefully ignoring proven successful measures that greatly reduce the threat of getting sick from any type of virus? (I.E.-Vitamin C, D3, and Zinc, mentioned above).

        !) Is it because the scientifically proven methods are inexpensive and offer no opportunity for large profits for Big Pharma; (like outlawing the sale of Vitamin B-17 (aka/ Laetrile) in the 1970’s to treat and prevent cancer)?

        2) Is it because the scamdemic provides the perfect excuse for mandating lockdowns and enforcing control measures that curtail civil liberties?

        3) Is it because the lockdowns have decimated small and medium businesses, thereby enabling the further economic concentration and domination of giant international corporations?

        The answer to all three questions is clearly yes.

        But enjoy your vaccination, bobby.

        1. (like outlawing the sale of Vitamin B-17 (aka/ Laetrile) in the 1970’s to treat and prevent cancer)?

          What’s amusing is you fancy you’re not a mark.

          1. I have a daughter that was given no hope by the Oncologists, who is alive and well and cancer free because of Laetrile (vitamin B-17).

            If that makes me a “mark” in your opinion, then I’ll take it all day long.

        2. Walworths states that he “never gets sick” and then claims that I lack critical thinking??? We have a pandemic that has killed millions and this guy isn’t worried because he never gets sick. Well Walworths then feel free to head into a hot zone of ebola because “you never get sick”. I suppose if you haven’t had a car accident you can drive with impunity. This is what someone thinks is critical thinking.

          Just because fools outlawed proven and safe drugs does not mean that the vaccine doesn’t work…does it? Please tell us why cases and deaths are dropping as we hit the 60 million vaccinated mark. Please tell us why we are not seeing sickness and death from the vaccine.

          Go back to your little hovel, eat your canned soup, read your one-sided, juvenile screeds and feel free to not take the vaccine. Let’s hope that karma isn’t watching you.

          1. “then feel free to head into a hot zone of ebola because “you never get sick”

            Comparing a cold virus in the Corona virus family to the Ebola virus, is further evidence that you’re an uninformed idiot who’s afraid of his own shadow.

            BTW, feel free to explain why the usual causes of death in the US plummeted in 2020 to almost the exact same percentage as the alleged deaths caused by Covid.

            If you don’t think that has a direct corollary to the fact that hospitals were being given money for every Covid death reported, then I have some fantastic land buying opportunities for you in south Florida.

            The survival rate estimates for Covid19 from the CDC:

            Age 0-19 … 99.997%
            Age 20-49 … 99.98%
            Age 50-69 … 99.5%
            Age 70+ … 94.6%

            And that’s for people who actually got sick. There are millions of people who were asymptomatic, and because they had healthy immune symptoms they are now immune.

            But keep hiding under your bed, Bobby. That’s where you belong.

            1. “feel free to explain why the usual causes of death in the US plummeted in 2020 to almost the exact same percentage as the alleged deaths caused by Covid.”

              Your claim is false. There were over 400,000 excess deaths in the US in 2020.

              “the fact that hospitals were being given money for every Covid death reported”

              That’s your imagination, not a fact.

  13. Some of the “more speech” could be a concerted publicized effort by the Obamas to support and explain vaccinations. They could use public service announcements. interviews and appearances on popular TV shows. Since there is a tendency for reliance on rumour and senational claims, the respect that some who are vaccination hesitant have for the Obama’s opinion may sway their opinions toward vaccination. It would be nice if everyone used science and facts to come to informed opinions, but given the short time framework, the Obamas are in a unique positon to use their persuasion to help with percent of vaccinations and the advent of herd immunity. Perhaps they already are planning to help out in this manner. As a bonus, it would be a a substantial victory for non-partisanship.

    1. “the Obama’s opinion may sway their opinions toward vaccination”

      Yeah! Like a Wolf swaying Sheep to gather around its Den.

      That’s a perfect job for the Grifter from Chicago and the Reptilian Princess.

        1. Says the common ignorant troll who has never had an original thought in its short miserable life.

            1. “That would be you.”

              Wow! Such brilliance from Anonymous. One wonders how the earth could survive without his brilliance.

        2. Anonymous ; You speak like a demorat in defence…we all know obammy is the ultimate grafter…as for his bride Mike , maybe he’s not reptilian. And Yes this whole “vaccine” fraud is big goobermint and big pharma making oodles of cash and gathering information.

    2. RD, not a bad idea and maybe in the works as I’m sure the Obamas are on board for vaccinations. However, Trump should repeat his encouragement for getting vaccinated, as he did at the CPAC convention. A recent Axios poll showed 31% of blacks and Latinos planning on not getting vaccinated but 56% of Republicans.

      I’ve had both Moderna shots and only a very mild reaction to the 2nd shot. Same for my wife. Others I know had a stronger reaction.

      By the way, we are up to 2 million doses a day and lead the world by far with 88 million. China has done 57 million.

  14. Trump got a vacine to protect him from BLM. A grandfather was african.

  15. There’s been over 1000 deaths associated with the C19 vaccines.  I found the website (https://medalerts.org/vaersdb/index.php) that lists the adverse reactions and here’s an example of a pharmacist dying two days after the jab.  More links to quick deaths after vaccines are listed below.

    VAERS ID:1006168 (history)  Form:Version 2.0  Age:58.0  Sex:Male  Location:Virginia   Vaccinated:2021-01-26Onset:2021-01-26   Days after vaccination:0Submitted:0000-00-00Entered:2021-02-05Vaccination / ManufacturerLot / DoseSite / RouteCOVID19: COVID19 (COVID19 (MODERNA)) / MODERNA013L20A / 2- / IMAdministered by: Public       Purchased by: ?
    Symptoms: Acute kidney injury, Dyspnoea, Fatigue, General physical health deterioration, Haemodialysis, Hypotension, Hypoxia, Lung infiltration, Mechanical ventilation, Pneumonia, SARS-CoV-2 test negative, Vasopressive therapy
    SMQs:, Rhabdomyolysis/myopathy (broad), Acute renal failure (narrow), Anaphylactic reaction (narrow), Asthma/bronchospasm (broad), Interstitial lung disease (narrow), Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (broad), Shock-associated circulatory or cardiac conditions (excl torsade de pointes) (broad), Torsade de pointes, shock-associated conditions (broad), Hypovolaemic shock conditions (broad), Toxic-septic shock conditions (broad), Anaphylactic/anaphylactoid shock conditions (broad), Hypoglycaemic and neurogenic shock conditions (broad), Acute central respiratory depression (broad), Pulmonary hypertension (broad), Cardiomyopathy (broad), Eosinophilic pneumonia (broad), Chronic kidney disease (narrow), Tumour lysis syndrome (broad), Respiratory failure (broad), Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms syndrome (broad), Infective pneumonia (narrow), Dehydration (broad), Hypokalaemia (broad), COVID-19 (broad)Life Threatening? No
    Birth Defect? No
    Died? Yes
       Date died: 2021-02-05
       Days after onset: 10
    Permanent Disability? No
    Recovered? No
    Office Visit? No
    ER Visit? No
    ER or Doctor Visit? Yes
    Hospitalized? Yes, ? days
       Extended hospital stay? No
    Previous Vaccinations:
    Other Medications:
    Current Illness:
    Preexisting Conditions: none
    Allergies: penicillin
    Diagnostic Lab Data:
    CDC Split Type:Write-up: The patient, who was a pharmacist, developed fatigue and shortness of breath hours after receiving vaccine. Two days later, on 01/28/2021, the patient went to local urgent care for worsening shortness of breath and was referred to Hospital for worsening dyspnea and hypoxia. The patient was admitted to the hospital We was found to have bilateral pulmonary infiltrates and treated for pneumonia with Rocephin and azithromycin. He was tested for COVID-19 multiple times, but each of the results were negative. Despite the negative results, there was high clinical suspicion for COVID-19 and the patient was started on Remdesivir and Decadron. The patient”s oxygen requirements continued to worsen and the patient was transferred to another facility for higher level of care. There his hypoxia worsened and he required mechanical ventilation. Patient then developed hypotension and required vasopressors for blood pressure support. Furthermore, patient developed acute renal failure requiring hemodialysis. Despite mechanical ventilation with FiO2 100%, and for vasopressors, patient clinically deteriorated and family decided to palliatively extubate on 02/05/2021.
    Elderly but independant couple medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?IDNUMBER=1031846
    Write-up: Patient and her husband are elderly, but healthy and live independently. Patient took blood pressure medicine ”off and on” according to family. She was 5”2″, 120 pounds and slim and healthy and active, so was her husband, though he had pulmonary fibrosis so they had been staying home and not attending church etc, and masking when they did go out to protect against covid disease. They were both vaccinated with covid Pfizer vaccine (dose #1) on Thursday Feb 11. (02/11/2021) Thursday night as they went to bed they checked in with each other on how they each felt. Patient said she felt totally fine, and her husband said his arm was a bit sore. Patient woke before her husband on Friday Feb 12, went downstairs and, from what the family can tell, fixed herself a snack, then sat on the sofa. Patient”s husband found her deceased on the sofa. He called 911 and they asked him to do CPR until the paramedics arrived. Because of proximity to covid vaccine, the ME wanted to examine the body in the home and also ordered an autopsy. Autopsy was completed on the same day as death, Feb 12, 2021

    Female worker in a medical center. medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?IDNUMBER=996156
    Write-up: Client came to nursing station about 2pm to report she “was not feeling well”. Nurses took vital signs, then referred her to the vaccination clinic that was onsite. She was observed by vaccination team for a period of time. She reported shoulder pain radiating into shoulder blade in arm vaccine was received. Vaccination team offered ice pack to her, observed for a period of time, and released back to work. About 10pm that evening, she sent a text to another coworker that her pain was “off the charts” and that she had pain covering her whole left side of her body. She did not come to work in the morning and did not contact work. Well being check was performed at approximately 9am on 2/2/2021 and she was found dead in her home. 911 was immediately called and authorities took over the scene.

    Here’s a 90-year-old that survived C19 two weeks before being vaccinated.  Died 90 minutes after the jab. medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?IDNUMBER=970042
    Write-up: patient passed away with in 90 minutes of getting vaccine; This is a spontaneous report from three non-contactable consumer reporting on behalf of the patient via a Pfizer sponsored program, Corporate (Pfizer) Social Media Platforms. A 90 (unspecified unit) old female patient received first dose of BNT162B2 (PFIZER-BIONTECH COVID-19 VACCINE; Solution for injection, lot number: EL0142, unknown expiration), via an unspecified route of administration in right arm (reported as AR) on 30Dec2020 at a single dose for COVID-19 immunization. The patient”s medical history and concomitant medications were not reported. It was reported that the patient was a nursing home patient and received the first dose of COVID vaccine on 30Dec2020. The patient was monitored for 15 minutes after getting shot. Staff reported that the patient was 15 days post COVID. The patient passed away with in 90 minutes of getting vaccine on 30Dec2020. The patient did not require office/ ER visit. An autopsy was not performed. No follow-up attempts are possible. No further information is expected.; Reported Cause(s) of Death: Patient passed away with in 90 minutes of getting vaccine

    Male worker at extended care facility. medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?IDNUMBER=944595
    Write-up: Cardiac arrest within 1 hour Patient had the second vaccine approximately 2 pm on Tuesday Jan 12th He works at the extended care community and was in good health that morning with no complaints. He waited 10-15 minutes at the vaccine admin site and then told them he felt fine and was ready to get back to work. He then was found unresponsive at 3 pm within an hour of the 2nd vaccine. EMS called immediately worked on him 30 minutes in field then 30 minutes at ER was able to put him on life support yet deemed Brain dead 1-14-21 and pronounced dead an hour or so later

    52-year-old female that refused medication for a year. medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?IDNUMBER=930910
    Write-up: Patient received COVID vaccination around 12:15pm. Patient was monitored for the appropriate amount of time by nursing staff. Patient passed away at 2:15pm.58-year-old FemaleWrite-up: After being observed for approximately 20 minutes and patient walked to her car without assistance I was called to assess the patient in the parking lot for troubles breathing. EMS was called as I made my way outside. Upon my arrival patient was leaning out of the car and stating that she could not breath. She was able to tell me that she was allergic to penicillin. Oxygen was immediately placed on the patient with minimal relief. Lung sounds were coarse throughout. She then began to vomit about every 20-30 seconds. Epipen was administered in the right leg with no relief. Patient continued to complain of troubles breathing and vomiting. A second epipen was administered in the patients right arm again with no relief. A few minutes later patient was given racemic epinephrine through the oxygen mask. There appeared to be mild improvement in her breathing as she appeared more comfortable, but still complaining of shortness of breath and vomiting. When EMS arrived patient was unable to transport herself to the stretcher. When EMS and clinical staff transferred patient to the stretcher she became unresponsive. She appeared to still be breathing. She did not respond to verbal stimuli. Per ED report large amount of fluid was suctioned from the patients lungs following intubation in the ambulance. When patient arrived to the ED she was extubated and re-intubated without difficulty and further fluid was suctioned. At that time patient was found to be in PEA, shock was delivered. Shortly thereafter no cardiac activity was found and patient pronounced dead.

  16. I never imagined that I would be agreeing with Rev. Louis Farrakhan about anything, but here I am.

    1. I may be wrong but I am guessing there are a few other times that you have agreed with this phony “profit”.

      1. “this phony “profit”

        It’s Prophet, genius.

        And to my knowledge he’s just a follower of a Prophet named Mohammed.

        Are you an Islamaphobe, bobby?

        1. If you’re going to correct someone else’s spelling, you might want to spell “Islamophobe” correctly, Wallower.

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