Elderly Asian Woman Attacked On New York Street . . . Security Guard Responds By Closing Door

New York City Police are searching for this man who attacked a 65-year-old Asian woman in broad daylight in Midtown on the sidewalk on West 43rd Street near Ninth Avenue . The video below shows a man inside a building just a few feet away watching the attack. Like others, he does nothing. One person who did act was a security guard who walks over and closes the door.[Update: The NYPD has arrested Brandon Elliott for the crime].

The New York Post reported that the suspect yelled anti-Asian statements while he beat the woman, including, “F—k you, you don’t belong here.”

One man stops undoing packages to watch the entire attack without intervening. Then two building security officers appear to walk over and close the door. The Post reports that the guard insisted that he was unaware of the attack. However, he could at a minimum clearly see the woman in distress on the ground.


The New York police department has recorded a 1,300 percent increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans during the pandemic.


148 thoughts on “Elderly Asian Woman Attacked On New York Street . . . Security Guard Responds By Closing Door”

  1. @Jeffrey Silberman:

    I guess I am not as generous as you. I’m not prepared to give Prof.Turley a pass on his reporting of the black man attacking an Asian woman in New York. He chose the subject carefully. To be consistent and fair the professor should have been reporting on other much more serious cases of mass murders–like those mentioned in my previous comment. But he hasn’t. In other cases involving white defendants the professor has taken pains to point out all the possible legal defenses. In the NY case nary a word. I think Turley chose this one case because it would provide red meat for racists around the country (and the world) who follow him. He simply posted a photo from a video of the suspect and let his readers draw there own racist conclusions. No presumption of innocence in this case.

    Frankly, I don’t think the professor reads many if any of the comments to his posts. His audience is the millions who watch FoxNews where he is now a frequent contributor. That should tell you all you need to know about Turley’s political persuasion. I agree with you about “why a serious academic and legal scholar would host a blog which attracts so many uneducated and malicious individuals”. Maybe the answer to your question is that Turley is really just another political hack posing as a “serious” legal scholar.

    1. Can you prove the statistical balance of your theory or is it too based on racism?.

    2. “In other cases involving white defendants the professor has taken pains to point out all the possible legal defenses. In the NY case nary a word”.

      I also try to think of both avenues to prosecute and poxsible defenses. It is interesting and fun. And can be good exercise to test oneself as the actual events play out.

      This is a tough one, though. The random attack was caught on tape and the thug was on parole for killing his mother. Sounds like both he and members of the parole board should do a stretch on Rikers Island.

      Far left comic, Chelsea Handler, thinks that no trial is heeded for clear’cut cases like this. Stalin couldn’t have said it better.

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  3. “An arrest was made early Wednesday in a brutal attack on a 65-year-old Asian woman that drew widespread outrage after footage of the assault was released. New York City police identified the suspect as Brandon Elliot, 38, who was charged with two counts of assault as a hate crime and one count each of attempted assault as a hate crime, assault and attempted assault. He was already on lifetime parole after he was released from prison in November 2019, police said. He was convicted of fatally stabbing his mother in 2002, authorities said. No other details about the murder were released. …”

  4. Black-on-Asian crime has been around for so long that it’s a cliche’.

    1. Hi Cindy,

      It’ll be interesting as driving by a massive car wreck as Biden floods our borders with every kind of 3rd world gang bangers & they start attacking BLM/antifa trash.

        1. FYI, Great scans last time, 5 months til 4 years & now clean.

          I’m thinking good thoughts of you guys down there & a bunch of other people. Seems we’re all going to have to keep ducking & weaving the punches the world is throwing at us all & still highlighting the positive things around us to ourselves & others.

          Hope your family have a pleasant Easter, we’re trying, so far so good..

          We still have many daffodils in bloom & as they fade all those beautiful Redbud trees I planted well over 20 years are blooming out now to say hello once again.

          It may be something I had forgotten but run across again a local Tulsa guy, JJ Cale & band. I was so busy when younger making a way I vaguely remember him & his band on a Sunday radio show I used to listen.

          Looks like he’s the one that wrote/recorded: Call Me The Breeze. About 15:30 min’s in.

          1. Oky…Great news about the scans. so happy for y’all.
            I’ll bet your blooms are beautiful.
            Yes I remember JJ Cale……a great Tulsa sound. I have a musician buddy in Tulsa. His band has practiced every Tuesday night for 30 yrs,(?) even though they’ve never had a gig! Now that’s what I call a positive attitude…LOL
            Have I asked you if you remember the Great Mazeppa (Gailard Sartain) from the 60’s?? We could watch his Saturday late night Tulsa TV show in Shawnee, if we held our mouths and rabbit ears antennae just right. He was a scream.
            Take care!

            1. I vaguely remember that show. Interesting to me though as a few days back I had a dream. I was back in a Mayberry RFD type setting. Everyone was happier. The TV was still black & white with the snow @ times & the horizontal would roll every once & a while. LOL Indian Test Patterns when the station went off the air. Everything back then wasn’t perfect, but that was a nice dream.

              I pulled this link up to refresh may memory of Mazeppa Pompazoidi, it triggered a lot memories. Like Roy Clack below during & after Hee Haw. Without personally knowing most of those people they seemed to truly try to help different areas & people.

              Roy Clark did retire here. etc.


              1. OKY Thank you for that link!!! Spring of 1970 I had graduated, living across the street from my alma mater and teaching elementary school music in Tecumseh, 12 miles away. Spring of 1970 was when Earth Day was invented. Anyway, Mazeppa and his group were as funny, if not funnier than SNL any day! And I forgot about Gary Busey! I moved to DC that next year.
                Tulsa always had great musicians coming in and out…and there was “Bread”, too. Tulsa was not like the rest of Oklahoma.
                I remember Broken Arrow had a black sheriff by 1970. Some of my closest friends were from Tulsa, including my Cherokee/Creek sister-in-law, whom I love dearly.
                Also, Patrick J Moynahan was a Tulsa boy. He is the person responsible for the ground breaking Depart of Labor study about Black families, and how LBJ’s government assistance programs could destroy the family unit if we weren’t wise. LBJ was embarrassed by the study.and kept alive policies that gave blacks everything for free…..did not make them responsible for the dramatic rise in out of wedlock babies, and husbands leaving, etc, and so here we are today!

    2. So has white on Asian crime. So has white use of the legal system to harm Asians, including the internment of Japanese and Asian exclusion laws in immigration.

      1. Anonymous…..You have to prefix “white’ with the word “liberal” for it to qualify as fact.

        To wit: liberal whites of Antifa trying to kill the Asian photographer/journalist summer of 2019, and
        liberal whites passing over Asians regularly for admission to Harvard, Yale…….

      2. “internment of Japanese” was a Democrat measure like so many others that upset people now.

  5. Jonathan: Who would think. That a mild mannered constitutional scholar would resort to racist tropes. Among all the recent incidents of anti-Asian violence going on around the country you choose to write about and post a photo of the apparent suspect, a Black man, who attacked and beat an elderly Asian woman on the streets of New York. I know you don’t like the mayor or governor of New York. That’s a given, but why this particular incident when there are so many others to choose from that more typify what is going on. Earlier this month 6 Asian women were brutally murdered in Atlanta by Robert Aaron Long, a 21 year old white Georgia resident. Six Asian women gunned down and you had nothing to say? Could it be because Long is White, not Black? Or you could have talked about Dylann Roof who killed 9 Black parishioners in Charleston, S.C. Or what about Patrick Crusius who murdered 22 at a Walmart in El Paso? These were brutal mass murders but you didn’t post the photos of these murderers? Why? Could it be because Long, Roof and Crusius are all also WHITE?

    For a long time right-wing white politicians have tried to hold onto power by stoking fear and resentment toward Blacks, Asians and Hispanics. It’s an old ploy. Divide and rule. It’s the time tested way to preserve white power. Get racial minorities to fight among themselves rather then recognizing the real enemy–white racism. Trump understands the dynamic. He contributed to anti-Asian violence by referring to the coronavirus as the “China virus” or the “Kung Fu” virus. Without any evidence Trump alleged Covid-19 originated in a bio-lab in Wuhan province. You endorsed Trump’s false theory. The latest WHO report pretty much debunks that theory. But Trump’s racist anti-Asian rhetoric worked. It got one Black man to beat up an Asian woman in NY. But this doesn’t change the fact that most racist violence against Asians is being committed by whites.

    It’s a sad day when a white academic also plays the race card. Your column and photo of a Black man is red meat for some of your followers. One commented on your column: “…the black race as a whole has constituted a crime wave unleashed on Americans of every ethnicity, including themselves, since 1865”. See what I mean? I don’t think most Asian-Americans or Black Americans will fall for such divisive racist rhetoric because they understand they have more in common in the struggle to overcome racial bigotry than in any column you might write or any photo you might post.

    1. Even the PC LA Times and the pea-brained DOJ say that the Atlanta killings were sexual and not racial.

      You can easily look up the FBI stats [done here before] and see that in absolute numbers blacks attack Asians more than any other race does.

      When the higher number of attacks by blacks against Asians is examined in relation to the relatively low percentage blacks are to the total population the level of black violence against Asians [and others] is staggering.

      Blacks at only 14% of the population commit 54% of the murders in this country.

      To follow Coke’s advice for us to act less white we could do it by attacking more Asians and murdering a lot more people.

      I don’t think that is wise social advice.

      1. @young

        Don’t take Dennis McIntyre seriously. Despite his faux outrage and virtual signaling, he wouldn’t be caught dead near a heavily black neighborhood or send his kids to such a school. Look at what lefties actually do, not say.


        1. Antonio– Yes, I have seen the terror in their eyes when they thought they were about to deal with the real thing.

          I got so sick of a liberal friend’s prattling about racism that I said I would take him for a drive through a real ghetto. I was serious; I was going to do it. But he panicked at the thought and, of course, wouldn’t go. I was disgusted.

      2. “the Atlanta killings were sexual and not racial”

        They were both. He exclusively targeted Asian-owned salons, and one of the eye-witnesses told a Korean-language paper that Long said “I will kill all Asians.” (https://twitter.com/elisewho/status/1372212480663953412)

        Men are slightly less than half the population but last year committed 7 times as many murders as women. When I see you criticize men as much as you criticize Blacks, I’ll believe that you’re truly concerned about those who disproportionately commit violent crimes.

        1. If I select Black Men….say between the ages of 17 and 29…..and point you to the Chicago Police Department Crime Stats…..and suggest that both victim and killer far too often have violent criminal records….would that trigger you and make you run off to your safe place to fondle play doh?

          The sad reality is murder is a tragic part of life for young Black Men in this country….and what is sadder yet is they do one another in far more often than they do any other Race or Sex.

          If we are to bring facts into this discussion we have to use real facts and not those made up by swishing hands in the air and throwing out imaginary numbers and data.

          Chicago has always been far more dangerous for young American Men than serving in the US Military in Afghanistan in a real live shooting War.

          1. “The sad reality is murder is a tragic part of life for youn0g Black Men in this country….and what is sadder yet is they do one another in far more often than they do any other Race or Sex.”

            Ralph, that is a sad reality. Three basics are needed. 1) a mother and a father: partially inhibited by the Democratic elite. 2) not getting pregnant before on graduates: depends in great part on #1. 3) A good education. That is something the Democrat elite control. My deeper knowledge of education is limited to the NYC school system. Charter Schools have gone a long way to reduce problems graduating students that are proficient where college and good jobs are good possibilities.

            What have the elite Democrat leaders been doing? Not aiding charter and public schools to reach that higher point that charter schools are providing. The elite Democrat position is to limit charter schools or get rid of them completely. The education and lives of these black youths are in Democratic hands and Democrats are destroying them. No one should ever say Democrats are trying to help black people, at least in NYC where Harlem and Bedford Stuyvesant exist.

        2. Anonymous:

          The perpetrator informed police that he killed them because he was a sex addict, who had been to rehab. He found the massage parlors he’d visited to be an unbearable temptation.

          I would hesitate to promote gossip on Twitter that he said he would shoot all Asians. The facts will all come out in the police investigation. If there is evidence that he targeted them for their race, then that will be disclosed.

          People are so quick to jump to conclusions that it should be an Olympic sport.

          1. Karen, if he said that he was innocent, would you believe him, or might you conclude that an apparent murderer may not be honest in a police interview?

            He chose to be a patron at Asian massage parlors. Do you think that was by accident? He attacked people at three Asian-owned spas, and he was a patron at 2 of them but not the third.

            “I would hesitate to promote gossip on Twitter that he said he would shoot all Asians. ”

            If you’d bothered to click on the link, you’d have seen that it was a quote from a Korean-language paper, not “gossip.”

      3. Young – If you break down the stats by gender, I’m sure the results will be even more startling. You write that blacks are 14% of the U.S. population, but commit 54% of the murders.” I would venture to guess that black MALES, at roughly 6 – 7% of the U.S. population, commit about 45% of the murders…..Surely black females are more aggressive and violent than any other females, but they’re not nearly as deadly as black men. They’ll trash a fast food restaurant if their order isn’t made quickly enough, and I’ve seen YouTube videos of them attacking white and Asian men during strong-armed robberies, but I don’t think their murder rate is anywhere near that of their brothers.

        1. TIN- “Young – If you break down the stats by gender, I’m sure the results will be even more startling.”


          I did last time this came up and I agree with you; the rate of violence by one small racial group of men is shocking.

      4. ” the Atlanta killings were sexual and not racial.”

        Young, Anonymous the Stupid’s response was:

        “They were both. He exclusively targeted Asian-owned salons, and one of the eye-witnesses told a Korean-language paper that Long said “I will kill all Asians.” “

        He is not too swift. There is service (happy ending plus) and there is cost. Asian massage parlors that provide such service in the more affordable price range in major eastern cities are likely Asian, Korean in particular (I believe). I think we all remember Kraft was targeted in South Florida in such a place. This is not absolute proof but it provides more of a reason to believe the Atlanta killings were sexual and not racial.

        1. “Asian massage parlors that provide such service in the more affordable price range in major eastern cities are likely Asian, Korean in particular (I believe)”

          Finally, I trust that you have expertise in a topic.

          1. “Finally, I trust that you have expertise in a topic.“

            Anonymous the Stupid, you have tunnel vision and know nothing of anything outside of that tunnel. That is why you are dependent on the internet for your responses. You have no depth. You are limited because you have made yourself that way so suddenly sex enters the scene and you sound like a child.

            You need to get out more and experience everything life has to offer. How can you not know about these things whether you utilize such services or not? Do you know why? Because you are Anonymous the Stupid.

        2. S. Meyer– You are right, of course. If there were even a smidgen of chance that the LA Times or the DOJ could turn the Atlanta killings into a race-based crime they surely would have done and besides seeing it in the papers [those that are left] and cable news [those still watched] we would hear a thrumming in the sky and see the Goodyear Blimp go by telling us in flashing lights that it was a racist murder.

          But instead they murmured that it wasn’t and the blimp stayed tethered and quiet.

    2. @ Dennis McIntyre.
      I would not accuse Turley of reinforcing negative racial stereotypes by virtue of reporting this event on his blog. Turley has many faults, but a bigot he is not. Though you do raise an interesting point about his followers on this blog. If I ever get the chance to pose a question to him, I would ask whether he reads some if not all the posts of his followers. If so, I would ask whether he is proud of their general mentality and racial attitudes because I have no doubt that he does not share them. It’s a shame that he does not decry them and make unmistakeable that he does not endorse their views by and large. Frankly, I don’t understand why a serious academic and legal scholar would host a blog which attracts so many uneducated and malicious individuals. I would have thought that he would not waste his time so; rather, to engage with serious legal scholars like himself in an invitation only forum. Unless Turley is wiling to disabuse his followers of their mistaken interpretations of his commentaries, he is doing a disservice to his mission of educating the public.

      1. Jeffrey Silberman,

        I’ve a question for you & your buddies that post here.

        You & your friends are at an insane asylum standing up against a chain link fence, looking through it. Do you people think you are on the outside looking in the asylum or on the the inside looking out?

        You & your buds might wish to consider which side of the fence the rest of us see you people. JT likely is.

        1. @Oky1 Biden not my prez.

          I’d wager 10k that Turley would see matters more my way than yours. For starters, he would not deny that Biden is a legitimate President. Wanna bet?

    3. Thanks for your submission. And also for the glimpse into the painfully low-quality analysis that accompanies today’s leftists. Please be sure to keep contributing. The unintended humor you provide is entertaining.

  6. I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating. I visited NYC a couple of times in the 90’s, and it was a great city. The people were on a charm offensive to improve the city’s image, and crime was coming down. Visitors loved NYC. I mentioned this whenever I talked to others about NYC.

    NYC, it’s time to fire Democrats, again, and it’s time to back your police and stop listening to race hustlers.

  7. I hope the attacker gets what he deserves, attempted murder if she survives …. Can anything be done to the cowardly security guards? Aiding in a crime? I this is not on my nightly “news” reports they need to be sued for aiding and sheltering criminals too….

    1. She’s now home from the hospital.

      The attacker was already on parole, so he’ll be going back to prison.

      The security guards have been suspended while the company investigates. They didn’t do anything illegal, only immoral.

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