NPR Corrects False Hunter Biden Claim But . . .

National Public Radio issued a correction after running a false statement about the laptop of Hunter Biden in a story about Biden’s recent memoir, “Beautiful Things.”  The article by NPR senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving stated categorically that the laptop story was discredited by news organizations. It was later compelled to correct that false statement but still has language casting doubt on the story and evades glaring contradictions in Biden’s book and his interview.  Moreover, NPR continues to run false claims from prior controversies.

The NPR story originally stated that “The laptop story was discredited by U.S. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations.” That is entirely and demonstrably false. Anyone who has done a modicum of research would know that neither Hunter nor President Joe Biden have ever denied that this was Hunter Biden’s laptop or that the files and pictures were genuine. They have refused to specifically respond to the contents, a position enabled by the media which has maintained a protective cocoon around the Bidens. This included the blocking of the story by Big Tech companies and a virtual blackout on the story before the election.

NPR issued a tepid correction reading “A previous version of this story said U.S. intelligence had discredited the laptop story. U.S. intelligence officials have not made a statement to that effect.” It would have been a tad more honest to say that there has been no denial that the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden and that the contents were genuine.

Notably, the article still states: “The last gasp of Giuliani’s campaign against the Bidens featured a laptop supposedly obtained from sources that would document the younger Biden’s drug use and other offenses. Numerous news organizations cast doubt on the credibility of the laptop story.

What “doubt”? There is no denial from Hunter Biden that this was his laptop or that the content were authentic.  Media organizations that effectively imposed a blackout on the story now are citing each other to avoid dealing with the presumption that the laptop did indeed belong to Hunter Biden.

There is of course an easy way to confirm that. Elving and NPR was interviewing Hunter Biden.  It is bizarre to cast doubt over the authenticity of the laptop while not asking the owner if the laptop is authentic.  CBS did ask that question and received a bizarre answer from Biden that it might be his or it might not.

Then there is this notable line: “in the final pages, it is the spring of 2019 and Hunter meets a South African filmmaker and activist named Melissa, who swiftly brings his life under control in ways Hunter himself never had. He stops drinking and smoking crack.”

Biden is now immersed in a controversy a missing gun in 2018 that raises such drug use and a possible federal felony. The Secret Service reportedly intervened in the incident after Biden’s gun was thrown in a trash bin outside a restaurant by Hallie Biden.  Hallie was the widow of Hunter Biden’s deceased brother and was in an intimate relationship with her former brother-in-law at the time. She reportedly feared what Hunter might do with the gun.

That focused attention (on conservative sites) on how Biden got the gun permit in the first place since his long drug addiction.  He answered “no” to question 11.e on the Firearms Transaction Record asking whether he was an “unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance.”

Biden had a long and documented history of drug addiction. His divorce in 2017 was due to such drug use and abuse, according to his ex-wife. Indeed, Biden had been discharged from the Navy earlier for drug use. In the book covered by NPR, Biden discusses the drug use starting when he was 18.  Reports also indicate that Biden was suspected of using drugs as a strip club in 2018. The laptop contains images of Hunter using drugs.

NPR had all of this information but did not appear interest in the gun permit issue or the alleged federal felony in his denial. It is particularly newsworthy since his father is pushing ramped up background tests as part of his gun control reforms.

Instead, the article still states that following: “in the final pages [of the book], it is the spring of 2019 and Hunter meets a South African filmmaker and activist named Melissa, who swiftly brings his life under control in ways Hunter himself never had. He stops drinking and smoking crack. ” However, that would mean that Hunter was still doing drugs until 2019 — indicating that his answer on the federal permit form was possibly false.  Yet, there is no question about whether the son of the current president committed a federal felony.

Yet, NPR at least acknowledged that its earlier factual claim was false or at least unsupported. That is more than other stories which NPR has refused to correct.

For example, I referred to one story in testimony before Congress and in columns on the clearing of the Lafayette Park area. NPR still have the story on its website entitled “Peaceful Protesters Tear-Gassed To Clear Way For Trump Church Photo-Op.” To use NPR’s language, that story has been “discredited” by government agencies.

A wide array of witnesses and documents detailed how the plan to clear the area was put into motion over 24 hours before the actual operation — and long before any discussion of a photo op.  The Park Police wanted to expand the perimeter to protect the White House and the plan was approved by then Attorney General Bill Barr. It was delayed because the officers were waiting for both fencing material and back-up personnel. When the personnel and fencing arrived, they proceeded with the operation. Barr repeatedly denied having knowledge of Trump’s desire for a photo op which arose long after the plan was approved.


Moreover, calling the protest entirely peaceful is only possible by focusing on the time just before the clearing. As discussed in my testimony, there was an exceptionally high number of officers injured during the protests around the White House complex.  Some 150 officers were injured during the protests and half of those were injured around the White House. The Justice Department claimed 750 injured officers during the various protests.  What is clear that is dozens of officers were injured and there are videotapes of officers hit by frozen bottles, bricks and other missiles.  For two days, the violence continued with the burning of a historic structure, extensive property damage and the attempted burning down of the historic St. John’s Church. The attacks around the complex were so great that the President was moved into the bunker and officers said that they were concerned that the complex might be breached. The clearing again was tied to the earlier violence and threat to the complex.

NPR has never corrected its article claiming that the clearing was due to the plan for a photo op:

The plaza between St. John’s Church and Lafayette Park was full of people nonviolently protesting police brutality late Monday afternoon when U.S. Park Police and National Guard troops, with the use of tear gas, suddenly started pushing them away for no apparent reason.

And then it became clear.

President Trump wanted to walk from the White House through the park to the Episcopal church.

There is no support for that outright statement of fact. Yet, it remains on NPR’s website.

NPR is particularly concerning in such controversies because it is subsidized by the federal government. While private media is often accused of acting like a state media in controversies like Hunter Biden blackout, NPR is supported by the state. Claims of bias to support the current Administration is therefore more concerning.


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  1. The answers to your questions: no, and no. Which doesn’t change that Trump lied to the American public about Covid, as is clear from his taped interviews with Bob Woodward.

    1. Does your delusion on reality run in 24 hour cycles , , 7 day cycles , monthly …yearly…or are you always a one sided coin not worth it’s face value ?. Just asking for a friend because that is it seems your only consistency in posting here.

  2. We used to listen to NPR on a daily basis. From as soon as we got up in the morning till Kai Ryssdal signed off.
    Then 2016 happened and NPR went all in CNN pundit-O-panel of biased reporters, so-called experts, and Blue Annon types. Their mental gymnastics to link anything and everything negative to Trump was disgusting, and I didnt even like Trump. Their bias, surrender of journalistic integrity, and objectivity was nauseating.
    Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi have done an excellent job of calling out these so called journalists for their lack of journalism.
    And now, Professor Turley has also called them out.
    Hear, hear, sir! Keep up the good fight!

  3. Good grief Turley, you work for FOXNEWS, and you were complicit in Trump’s amoral, morally bankrupt lies. And now, you feel you have to call out NPR?

    1. Trump never lied about anything important. Your claim is just another of countless, stupid anti-Trump lies.

        1. So Trump knew the truth about Wuhan virus better than certified experts at WHO (liable for the entire world) and Fauci/Birx/Redfield? Do we only trust the expert credentials when politically expedient?

        2. The point is who in the media is calling out Joe Biden or Jen Psaki for their lies? Biden’s a liar, they all know it, yet they all protect HIS lies while lying about the magnitude of Trump’s lies. It’s the propaganda press now. C-SPAN is tainted, NPR is tainted, CBS is tainted, even Fox is tainted (see Chris Wallace).

          1. For goodness sake, just Google Biden fact check and Psaki fact check, and you’ll find plenty of examples of the media calling them out. Why do you prefer to pretend that they don’t?

            1. Politicians lie. Joe Biden is a well known liar. He’s been around DC his entire career. He’s told whoppers. His first presidential campaign blew up BECAUSE he could not stop lying.

              The media, and especially CNN, loved to harp on the running tally for “Trump lies.” The talking heads drove that talking point home every day: Trump’s 10,000 lies! No matter what it was, “Trump lied!” See how many “Trump lies” we have for you today!! This is how the cable “news” reported on Trump.

              Trump talked to the press almost daily, on the fly, unscripted, and he did not hide from any questions. Trump was available to the press. Trump was transparent. What the media then did was scour every word to highlight a “false or misleading” statement and then put out the News Alert for More Trump Lies! They harped on every word said at Trump’s rallies. Fact checkers were working overtime to document all the lies! All the “misleading” statements!

              Where are the Fact Checkers now? They contort themselves to NOT have to call Biden’s outrageous false and misleading statements a LIE. On the rare occasion they do give Biden Four Pinnochios, it is Big News. Then Psaki doubles down on it and denies it! The media want us to believe Biden doesn’t really lie, not really, not intentionally, certainly not like Trump. The media want us to believe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki is an open, honest, Bringer of The Truth. She’s not like those icky Trump press secretaries. The truth is that Psaki lies, she obfuscates, she is not always prepared, she has to “circle back” and she lies by omission, regularly.

              On the very few rare occasions that Joe Biden has actually made himself available to the press to answer questions, he LIED through his teeth. Where are the running tallies and Fact Checks about Joe Biden’s “false” or “misleading” statements? Where are the talking heads discussing President Biden’s outrageous lies day in and day out, all over the air waves, the way they were for Trump? I’m not talking about the evening “opinion” shows. I’m talking about the “news analysts” and all the supposed “fact checkers.”

              1. Why did CNN not keep Jim Acosta on the White House beat? Why don’t we have a Jim Acosta shouting out questions to President Biden? Or any of them shouting out questions at a press conference? Did you see that “press conference” with President Biden? You could hear a pin drop. Not one “journalist” spoke “out of order.” Not one “journalist” shouted out a question, or called out a lie, or pushed back on a false statement, or a misleading statement – Not. One. Word. of disrespect to the fragile President and Dear Leader standing before them, lying.

                It was frightening to watch that whole painful excuse for a “press conference” with so-called “journalism” going on. We do not have a free press. It was right there for all to see.

      1. The truth about Flight 800, that it was shot down by a U.S. Navy practice exercise, would have adversely impacted Bill Clinton’s looming reelection so they covered-up, paid off Boeing for the “spontaneous fuel tank” explosion scam and turned it all over to the CIA for “clean-up” on Aisle Three!

    2. Something’s fishy!

      Fish knows lying.

      Fish’s incoherent rubbish is a variant of the infinitely reflecting mirrors phenomenon.

      The liar, Fish, is calling President Donald J. Trump a liar when President Donald J. Trump emphatically eschewed the lie and terrified the Deep Deep State by telling the unvarnished truth.

      Fish is fluent in Newspeak.

      One must be wary.

    3. FW

      I hear your pain in every post.

      Unsubcribe for all our benefit.

      Lower your blood pressure and make us happy.

      If you want to stay, try some courtesy.

    4. Well fishflaps at least you are consistently also a one sided coin. Head you lose tails you lose. National Pravda Radio is a joke . A handful of their “greats” have been removed for sexual harassment… they were probably your favorites no ?. Listening to zeig heil NPR a couple of times weekly is like rolling in the mud with pigs…you not only feel dirty but are. Some of the flips and flops their staff make are egregiously partisan and lapdogs of a certain political stripe lap it up like it’s gospel. Are you one of those knuckle dragging NPR sycophants ?.

  4. One of you esteemed counselors please cite, for us knuckle-draggers, the Constitution, wherein Congress is provided any power to tax for the establishment and operation of any organization of the press.

    Freedom of the press, by definition, precludes any and all Congressional claims to, or exercise of dominion over, the free press.

    NPR is absolutely illegitimate and unconstitutional.

    Congress has merely the power to tax for “…general Welfare…,” omitting and, thereby, excluding any power to tax for individual welfare, specific welfare, charity or particular redistribution of wealth.

    Again, where are the Supreme Court and the judicial branch?

  5. I have never called for anything to be cancelled, unlike leftists, and I am NOt calling for a ban on PBS or NPR…but I sure as heck do not want to have to pay for it.

    1. Good point. They want to cancel us but still expect us to pay for their garbage. How’s that for equality?

      1. “They want to cancel us”

        Who is “they”? Who is “us”? In what way do “they” want to cancel “us”?

        “They … still expect us to pay for their garbage”

        Just like you expect everyone to pay for the things in the federal budget that you support. As you say, “How’s that for equality?”

        1. No, conservatives do not expect anyone to pay for things in the federal budget that we support.

            1. No, many people pay no federal income taxes and they’re getting most of the goodies.

              1. As I said: People pay for everything in the federal budget. That’s true.

                I did not say that ALL people pay for everything in the federal budget. Clearly not all people pay federal taxes. For example, children do not, and many poor people (including elderly poor) do not. Many of the adults who no longer pay federal income taxes are elderly and receiving Social Security, and had previously paid income taxes. People are not eligible for Social Security unless they’ve paid into it for long enough.

    2. There’s plenty that I don’t want to pay for either, but I’m adult enough to know that I don’t get to pick and choose what the federal government pays for. I only get to pick and choose who to vote for as my members of Congress.

  6. Being a leftist means never having to say you’re sorry and they seldom punch left no matter what egregious deeds are done by their compatriots (i.e. BLM, the Brave Masked Wonderful Warriors of Antifa ™, Hunter Biden, black criminals, etc.)

    After all, they are fighting “fascism” which is a honorable goal and a “fascist” is anyone who disagrees with the egalitarian tenets of the left.



      And mainstream “conservatives” love to purge other “conservatives” who deviate from what is acceptable in “conservatism”. And they often do so at the urging of leftists. Used to admire William F. Buckley and National Review in my younger days until I realized that they “conserved” nothing; merely acted as gatekeepers. Of course, mainstream “conservatives” obtain no brownie points for this; they’re still “Nazis” too.



    Did anyone catch this. In the first paragraph that you get in your email notice from Mr Turley, if you are a member and you receive email notices with articles. If you do, in the first paragraph of this article, near the bottom you see this that comes in your email. But it’s not in the article here!!!! Only in the paragraph that comes inside, inside the article that comes in your email.

    “Moreover, NPR continues to run false stories on the Trump Administration.” In the “public article” here, everyone, will read this!!!

    “ Moreover, NPR continues to run false claims from prior controversies.” WHAT HORSE-SHIT!!!

    Once again, it’s at the end of the 1st, 1st paragraph, that you notice, you see this. Now, everybody that is not a member, does not receive all the email notifications with each article he writes, and the 1st paragraph to paragraph and a half of each article. So they’re never going to know what he’s done here. Only us members. THIS IS FLAT OUT BEYOND APPALLING. IT IS FLAT OUT DISGUSTING!!!! 🤮

    1. Oh, the horror! Almost, you say. LOL! Your screed almost got Jonathan’s name correct; followed by 4 paragraphs of flat out nothingness.

      Try again.

    2. Montanaman60,
      As someone who is from Montana, I know your name is as fake as your opinion. Stay in California where you belong.

  8. Hunt Her. If you name your kid Hunter you mean hunt her.
    Don’t shoot Hunter. She’s got her mouth closed and won’t rat on dad.

  9. Journalism isn’t the only thing hitting a new low:
    Joseph Goebbels was more open than Jack Dorsey.
    Baghdad Bob was funnier than Jimmy Kimmel.
    Tokyo Rose was prettier than Stephen Colbert.

    I miss David Brinkley and Johnny Carson. May they R.I.P.

    1. Jimmy Kimmel is a tool for Chuck Schumer. He’s on speed dial. Schumer feeds Kimmel his Dem talking points and Dem narrative and Kimmel goes out and delivers a “monologue” on his show like a good useful idiot.

      Colbert is the same.

      Neither of them are “funny” — they are smug elitists who disparage half the country in their “comedy” schticks.

      Carson was funny. Jerry Lewis was funny. Both of them understood their roles – as entertainers, not political “activists.”

      Jerry Lewis has said publicly that he does not find Stephen Colbert to be “funny.” More than half the country agrees.

  10. NPR tells little stories of fiction with a pleasant voice and a clear left wing slant (so far it seems sideways)
    but they lie, omit, select, obfuscate, propagandize. If they were not publically funded, it would be just like CNN or MSNBC. Their right. However, they are lying with my taxpayer money. I wholeheartedly object. Hunter Biden should be in jail soon, but don’t hold your breath for the swat team middle of the night treatment. That is reserved for conservatives.

      1. “No” to what?

        JT even closed his Corrections page to comments, where people used to be able to post errors for him to correct. On the rare occasions when he corrects something, he only changes the text without posting a “correction.”

        1. Anonymous


          Turley doesn’t do what you tell him to do.

          Does that happen to you often?

          1. I don’t expect him to do what I’d prefer. But if he’s going to be such a hypocrite, I’ll sometimes call him out on it.

      1. I’ll pay your share of the $1.35 that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (which in turn funds NPR and PBS) gets annually per person. You can pay my share of something I don’t want to pay for (or that I want to pay a lot less for, like the military).

        1. Ok Anonymous, you have a deal…oh, I get to NOT pay for welfare, public schools, illegal’s legal fights, Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps or any other left wing give-away.

          1. You must have reading comprehension problems, hull bobby, if you see “I’ll pay your share of the $1.35 that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting … gets annually per person” and you think that it says something about “welfare, public schools, illegal’s legal fights, Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps”

    1. “Defunding NPR” was just one of several things that every single Republican put inside their reelection talking points for the ones that came up for reelection in the Senate and the House, back before President Trump won the nomination and the election. They all begged, give us the House, and we will defund, NPR.

      We will defund Planned Parenthood. So we made sure they got the House. Then, they wanted the Senate and we made sure they got the Senate. “We need the Senate to really get stuff done!!” I agree. So did other “Conservative Voters.”

      We will defund the CPB= “Corporation For Public Broadcasting”. We Will Defund the National Endowment For The Arts. The list goes on and on what they said they would defund. THEY DID NOT!!!!! DEFUND ONE DAMN THING THEY SAID THEY WOULD!!!!!!

      never forget they held both houses and we had a republican president President Trump and they had the voting majority in both houses. And unlike the party of evil, THEY WILL!!! RAM EVERYTHING DOWN OUR THROATS THAT ARE ANTI-AMERICAN!!!!!!!

  11. Hunter Biden is a scumbag. The woke media is a bunch of scumbags. They think if they just “stick together” then they can run the world… just like China.

  12. If fake news is occasionally dribbling out of NPR it’s to counter the tsunami of fake news coming from Fox News and Breitbart and all the other d****** right-wing “we lost the election we’re idiots!!!” news sources.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right but Fight Fire With Fire.

    Regardless Biden is Making America Great Again by bringing the country into the 21st century.

    1. BM

      Your comment suggests a weak moral compass.

      Essentially you are saying that NPR lied defensively because of lying by others.

      You are OK with a taxpayer funded organization becoming a propaganda arm for the Dems and lying to Americans.

      Sorry, but you just told the blog that you are both stupid and immoral.

      1. That would require more than just unfounded charges…never happen with good Comrades like this. “Biden is bringing us into the 21st Century? ” More like the century of 1984.

    2. Regardless Biden is Making America Great Again by bringing the country into the 21st century.

      🙂 That assumes Biden even knows what century he’s currently in.

    3. So your version of the 21st century is a corporatocracy , race baiting by potus , a senile plagiarist groping potus , flooding America with waves of illegal aliens with covid,typhus etc etc , demanding no voter ID , endorsing voter fraud , Abridging / infringing the 2nd amendment , putting curbs on the 1st amendment to stifle political oppo , greater taxation , $200 BILLION to fight racist roads…there is that , a growing welfare state like a cancer , one political party bought by our nemesis and doing that entity’s bidding , lionizing a senile potus’s sex addicted drug addled son , a VP that could not get 2% of her party’s vote when she ran , A vaccine passport to move around a once free country yet no voter ID to vote and illegal aliens still can fly , defunding the police , wrecking the US military in the name of divisive woke tyranny , tranny’s and pregnant women in the front lines of a shooting war , lowering public institution to nothing more than indoctrination central , ……. is this your utopia ?….. your version of going forward ?…… By any standard this is regressive not progressive , but then again leftists/socialists/fascists all have a way to twist words and reality to try and make their feces not smell like what it is before they use the state to violently suppress those whom refuse to close their eyes and minds to become apparatchniks of the global corporatocracy one world vomit they view as the new religion man must bend to. If this is your …and it is your left bent dream you are deluded and dangerous to America.

    4. Is that why they are known as Liberally regressive. Seems to me we’ve lived through this socialist crap three or four times already just cause a snow flake failed history doesn’t make it educated.

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