Protesters Deface The Former Home Of Defense Witness In Chauvin Trial

We recently discussed the reckless rhetoric of Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Cal., in Minnesota, including declaring that she and protesters would not accept an acquittal in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin.  The comments came after days of rioting, looting, and other violence. The concern is that such rhetoric would inflame those already inclined toward violence, particularly given the gunfire directed at National Guardsman after her comments. Now it appears that protesters targeted one of the witnesses for the defense — an act that is clearly intimidating and retaliatory. It turns out the home defaced was the former home of Barry Brodd, the retired police officer.

Pig blood was smeared over the home and garage.

The Santa Rosa Police Department stated that the “suspects in this vandalism were targeting” Brodd for his testimony.

Protesters have been at the courthouse throughout the trial.  Some of us have criticized the judge for not sequestering the jury, which includes at least one person who lives in or near Brooklyn Center, the scene of the recent shooting of Daunte Wright and renewed rioting.

I cannot imagine a greater basis for sequestering a jury.  Indeed, I stated earlier that there was a strong basis for changing the venue of the Chauvin case.  It is hard to see how the rioting and protests would not have a prejudicial impact on a jury.

Previously, the home of the prosecutor responsible for the manslaughter charge in the Wright case was also targeted by protesters.  Earlier the county prosecutor involved in the start of the Chauvin case sold his home after it was targeted. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman and his wife had lived in the house for years but were forced to sell due to the nightly harassment.

The targeting of the homes of prosecutors and witnesses create serious concerns of intimidation and harassment. It also magnifies concerns over the comments of political figures like Waters.



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  1. It is disrespectful to make comment not Germane to Jonathan’s Article.

  2. Chauvin’s attorney asked for a mistrial in part on Representative Maxine Water’s appalling call for action if the jury fails to bring in a guilty verdict.

    The judge said, ” I’ll grant you Waters may have given you something on appeal to reverse all of this.” but he did not grant a mistrial.

      1. Even more abhorrent is that the judge, who alone can do something about it, does nothing.

        1. What else is new. That’s been happening more and more lately, and it seems they are afraid of the MOB’s themselves…

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  3. “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

    – Anonymous

    If hyphenated Americans can’t do the time, they must not do the crime(s).

    1. To realize revitalization, rehabilitation, and reconciliation, remove the hyphen. No 1/2, but a whole American: Pro-Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Baby steps. Oh, and don’t exercise liberal license to indulge diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgments). That said, diversity of individuals, minority of one.

  4. Do you not understand the problem?

    Communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) ignore the dynamics and outcomes of freedom, and forcibly impose their ostensibly superior intellectual edicts.

    Axiom: Oil and Water Do Not Mix.

    Irrefutably unconstitutional political emulsifiers are imperative and required in order to forcibly mix political oil and water under unconstitutional dictatorship.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

    – Albert Einstein

    Lincoln’s Support for Resettlement

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    The depth of Lincoln’s devotion to Clay and his ideals was expressed in a moving eulogy delivered in July 1852 in Springfield, Illinois. After praising Clay’s lifelong devotion to the cause of Black resettlement, Lincoln quoted approvingly from a speech given by Clay in 1827: “There is a moral fitness in the idea of returning to Africa her children,” adding that if Africa offered no refuge, Blacks could be sent to another tropical land. Lincoln concluded:15

    If as the friends of colonization hope, the present and coming generations of our countrymen shall by any means succeed in freeing our land from the dangerous presence of slavery, and, at the same time, in restoring a captive people to their long-lost fatherland, with bright prospects for the future, and this too, so gradually, that neither races nor individuals shall have suffered by the change, it will indeed be a glorious consummation.

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    In supporting “colonization” of the Blacks, a plan that might be regarded as a “final solution” to the nation’s race question, Lincoln was upholding the views of some of America’s most respected figures.

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    “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” …he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”

    There is no equality or equity in freedom. There are endeavor, idleness, success and failure, all of which are based on the result of capacity and ambition, or merit. Equality is unnatural and impossible. Were all men equal, there would be no one to clean the horse stalls, drive the taxis, collect the refuse or maintain the gutter. All men are merely created equal, from whence all men create their own success or failure.

  5. Seldom Scene Live

    She walks through the corn leading down to the river. Her hair shone like gold in the hot mornin’ sun. She took all the love that a poor boy could give her.
    And left me to die like a fox on the run…Take a drink of wine to fortify your soul.

  6. To the Professor or anyone like him that still clings to some bizarre hope that the Democratic party of the 21st century is anything but a force of absolute destruction to the notions of civility, integrity, freedom, or peace: what in the holy heck is it going to take for you to change your minds, particularly when you yourselves create pieces like this more than once a week? Please wake up and join us that stand in dissent to this insanity before it’s too late, not just in your life endeavors, but in *how you are voting*. Truly. this isn’t going to better, only worse.

  7. Well, I am enjoying the heck out of all this. I need to invest in Popcorn Futures or something. I hope the Savage People of Color burn these Blue Cities to the ground. It will take something like that to wake up the dem-wits. Let these Liberal white folks see up close and personal what the police have to deal with on a daily basis.

    Meanwhile, I am safe down South with my mini-arsenal, and a few combat knives. And a supply of food, water and ammo.

    Squeeky Fromm

    1. “I hope the Savage People of Color burn these Blue Cities to the ground.”

      Gee, thanks Squeeks. They will be burning one of my homes down as well. Maybe I will be able to collect insurance money.

      1. SM Nope. That would be a secular force majeure. You don’t pass go, and your claim is denied. You haven’t been educated in tokenism have you.

  8. In the name of Jaslyn Adams.

    7 year old Jaslyn Adams was shot and killed while she sat in the car with her Daddy yesterday at a McDonald’s drive through in Chicago. Her father appeared to be targeted, but beautiful little Jaslyn was shot 6 times.

    Millions of people around the country have been outraged, offended, marched, rioted, and gone crazy in solidarity over Michael Brown, who grabbed a cop’s gun and tried to shoot him, over Trayvon Martin, who bashed Zimmerman’s head into a concrete curb, over a drunk driver who tried to taser cops in a Wendy’s parking lot, over a man who took the kids of the woman who accused him of sexual assault and her car keys, put the kids in her vehicle, fought with cops, and reached into that vehicle for a knife, over a 13 year old gang banger named Lil Homicide who drew a gun from his pants and twisted as he threw it making it look like he was drawing on the cops, and over George Floyd, a drug addict who’d done time for pistol whipping and robbing a pregnant woman and who was high on meth and fentanyl, who died after being held under the knee of the police officer who restrained his struggles.

    All of these were criminals and/or drug addicts.

    Yet the people of this nation have lionized them. Hold them as martyrs. School children can chant their names. T-shirts and memorabilia are sold with their images. BLM raked in over a hundred million dollars using their names.

    Yet every weekend, beautiful, innocent children like Jaslyn are murdered by gang and other violence. The people of those communities stay silent, refusing to rat them out to police, as if they’re protecting members of the Underground Railroad.

    The people of these communities are protecting the very criminals who make their neighborhoods bombed out hell. The violence, crime, and thievery is what drives out jobs. These are the people who sell drugs on the street and get kids to join gangs. These are the people who teach kids to be violent, and give 13 year olds names like “Lil Homicide.” These people are the reasons why it’s dangerous to go out at night. Dangerous for kids to walk to school. Dangerous to go through a McDonald’s drive through with your Daddy at 5:00 in the afternoon.

    But who receives the ire of millions of people? The police. Not the people who actually prey upon the neighborhood. Not the people committing the crimes. Not the people who are most likely to murder black people. Instead, it’s the police. An unarmed black man has a greater chance of getting struck by lightening than to be killed by police, but activists ignore the real problem and focus on the money making manufactured crisis. After BLM’s founder has made a killing declaring that white people are dangerous to black people, she goes out and buys an expensive home in a white neighborhood.

    Just think what could be accomplished if the nation stood in solidarity against crime and gangs, especially in Chicago. Just think what could be done if everyone united to crush crime, ensure schools are safe and students are well behaved with good study habits. Just think if they stopped messaging that drugs are cool and instead did PSAs on their dangers. Just think if volunteers poured into Chicago to tutor kids who are woefully behind in school. Just think if all those activists promoted the message that a nuclear family was healthy for kids. Tell fathers not to deposit children with various mothers and then leave them to their own devices. Instead of claiming men are toxic, tell the truth – that fathers are vital to their children.

    But they won’t do it. That would actually help decrease poverty, make streets safer, bring back jobs and economic opportunities, and reduce drug use. Then people wouldn’t need to be “saved” and keep voting for Democrats who promise to solve their problems and then fight against doing so.

    Jaslyn was an absolutely beautiful, sweetheart child who should have had a life.

    Make her famous. Make her a motivation for real change. And throw all the cowardly criminals like the thugs who murdered her onto the curb in front of the police station.

    Stop. Protecting. Criminals. From. The. Police.

    1. They are not outraged by whatever they claim to be outraged about. This is mostly about Power Politics for the Democratic Party leadership. Some of the rank and file Democrats might be truly outraged but even there I estimate over half of it is sheer mental illness – a case of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy.

      That is why nobody cares about dead black kids or the thousands of savages lost to hood violence. They only care if it advances the DNC Narrative. It is mostly bullsh!t.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Karen S. your comment is the most accurate and well thought out comment that I have read in many a day. Good on you!! I wish you could get it published in every newspaper in the country but that would be against the cultural war rules as made and promulgated by Facebook, Twitter etc. so I am afraid that it will not come to pass. Perhaps in another time-I can only hope.

    2. More of your usual overly-dramatic, cherry-picked limited fact bullsh*t. Police officers are employed to keep ALL citizens safe. They don’t have a license to kill, and when they do kill people, blacks and people of color are disproportionately affected, often without any justification. The issue is the police culture of “us vs. them”, instead of viewing their role as problem solvers. No one puts out the claim that drugs are cool. “money making manufactured crisis”? Who on Fox used this phrase, anyway? How does opposing police violence make someone money? Democrats do not promise to solve everyone’s problems–just more of your anti-Democrat rhetoric without any factual basis. You are actually trying to claim that Democrats want violence and crime. You are a delusional anti-Democrat fanatic. You’d be much happier in Mississippi, Arkansas or Alabama than California.

      1. Natacha:

        I don’t think “limited fact bullish*t” means what you think it means. You continue to make easily disprovable emotional arguments without any supporting data.

        Thank you for the opportunity for me to post this supporting documentation in rebuttal. While you won’t learn, perhaps this will edify another reader.

        You said: “when they do kill people, blacks and people of color are disproportionately affected, often without any justification.”

        This is demonstrably false. The data disproves your assertion that blacks are disproportionately affected. First, all officer involved shootings go before a shooting review board, where they must be justified or there can be penalties including criminal prosecution. Many such boards seat civilians.

        Data disproved the myth that cops disproportionately kill black people. It is indisputable that black people commit a higher rate of crime than their proportion of the population. Therefor, police interact with black people at a higher rate than white people, compared to their percent of the population. Even so, unarmed white people are at a higher risk of being shot than unarmed black people.

        There is no epidemic of police shooting unarmed black people. It occurs very rarely, and most of those instances were justified. The few remaining were charged.

        There is, however, a demonstrably provable epidemic of black-on-black crime. However, BLM activism has decreased policing, allowing such crime to increase. This has led to an increase in black homicide of other black people.

        It doesn’t matter what the intentions are, if the result is more murder.

        Actual black people who live in actual black-majority cities want MORE police, not less:

        “Though they also want improved quality of policing, the percentage of Black respondents in a 2015 Gallup poll who wanted more police in their community was more than twice as high as the percentage of white respondents who said the same. Activists who seek to disband police departments will have to explain to these law-abiding residents that they will in essence just have to fend for themselves.”

        “Though they also want improved quality of policing, the percentage of Black respondents in a 2015 Gallup poll who wanted more police in their community was more than twice as high as the percentage of white respondents who said the same. Activists who seek to disband police departments will have to explain to these law-abiding residents that they will in essence just have to fend for themselves.”

        This year, on Sunday, May 31, Chicago had its deadliest day in 60 years. Over the course of that weekend, 25 people were killed and another 85 shot. The reason: An overmatched police force was overwhelmed by the rampant looting and upheavals and had little deterrent presence on the ground. “There’s suddenly this vacuum that opens up,” said Max Kapustin, the senior research director at a local crime lab, and “you see an absurd amount of carnage.””

        1. The myth of systemic racism in policing:

          Now let’s address the undisputed fact that black people commit crime at a higher rate than their population percentage. Are the ones committing the crimes like the Obamas, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Candace Owen, Denzel Washington, or Amala Ekpunobi? Why, no. They’re too busy contributing to society.

          There is a very specific subset of the black population that is very criminally busy. They fill up jails, do drugs, do poorly in school. Prey upon their black neighbors.

          They should be cautionary tales of a culture to AVOID, but instead, this sub culture of failure is lionized. Held up as somehow representative of “black culture”, which should be offensive to all the moderate black people with conservative values.

          What drives this sub culture that is failing to thrive? It is a self perpetuating vicious circle. Welfare is designed to financially incentivize single motherhood. Women are financially punished if they live with the father of their children. This has led to a sharp increase in single motherhood in the black community. I’ve repeatedly talked about the risk factors for the children of single mothers with absentee fathers. Poor outcomes include high crime, high drug use, poor academic performance, incarceration, and getting killed.

          We’re watching this play out in the failure subculture.

          A single mother might desperately want to get out of that situation, but she’s trapped in many ways. If she makes too much money she’ll lose her benefits. Obamacare individual policies are completely unaffordable. Many jobs dry up as all the shoplifting, armed robbery, and crime induce businesses owners to move away. Slacking off in school is so popular that she might be unqualified for college or a good paying job. She lives in poverty in a high crime neighborhood. Most of the kids on the street are the offspring of a high crime high drug use neighborhood, so her kids are probably going to fall in with a bad crowd. There is a motivation to join a gang for protection or status. There is peer pressure to not pay attention in school, ditch, or drop out.

          Getting out of that environment is tough. The minute a black person does make it, they do “black flight” and run like heck from the high crime neighborhood. That’s what any good parent does – they leave a bad environment the first second they can do so.

          What we should be focusing our efforts on is helping combat the drivers of this vicious circle. Convincing people not to have kids out of wedlock is a good first start. Increase policing in high crime neighborhoods. Convince people to report what they know about crimes instead of protecting criminals. Share policing best practices on how to deal with drug addicts. We should be flooding poor neighborhoods with volunteer tutors. Adult functional illiteracy and poor math skills are rampant. Kids are way below their grade level. High schools are graduating seniors who missed 2/3 of class and can barely read. How are they going to have a decent life? We’ve got to provide education assistance, not only for kids, but for adults, too. There are so many gaps. Just start at the beginning and move up from there. There is a video where high school students were asked, “If a car travels at 60 mph, how many miles will they travel in an hour?” None of them knew.

          Simply shoveling money at the problem has not reversed the trend.

          We need to get more people of all races out of the subculture of failure and/or The Education Gap, and into the personal culture of success. This applies to opiod epidemic majority white towns, immigrant enclaves where kids are years behind in school, or poor black majority neighborhoods.

          Anyone can make it, but they’re not going to do so following proven methods of failure.

    3. Karen S. Best thing I have read in a very long time. I live in Chicago. And the silence has been deafening. But that will all change in a couple of days when the rioting begins.

  9. Maxine’s plan of action. First we have a trial and then we lynch em. She learned it from other Democrats in the South in the 1950’s. She has to keep the tradition going y’all. Just like Maxine, the Democrats in the South had the voters wrapped up so they could do whatever they wanted. We should check to see if Maxine Waters used federal funds to purchase the hangin noose. She’s already misappropriated federal funds when she purchased her bigoted brain.

  10. A secret letter from Maxine Waters has been found. In this secret letter she encourages BLM to smear people’s houses with pigs blood. My bad. Maxine has encouraged such action not in secret but openly in the press. We need to check to see if she has provided financial supports for the purchasing of black hoods by the perpetrators.

    1. Thinkitthrough,

      Wouldn’t smearing a person’s home with pigs blood be considered “racist and xenophobic,” if that person was a Muslim?

  11. Progressives and the Democrats that support them are truly turning into disgusting animals.

    It’s time for anyone with a conscience to revoke and repudiate their membership in the Democrat party until Democrat leadership starts renouncing the violence, hatred, and destruction of their leftist allies.

    1. I wondered how quickly either you or dumbass Karen S. would blame the Democrat party for the acts of these vandals. You can call yourself “highly educated”, but you repeatedly prove you aren’t.

      1. Natacha at 12:32. You have a very prominent voice of the Democratic Party encouraging the continuance of the violence. This is not the first time that Maxine Waters has called for physical action against her opponents. Remember when she said “get in their face”. Have you heard of any other Democrat that has condemned her words? They haven’t condemned her because they know her actions will assure “your” vote for the Democratic Party. You might like us to think that the tooth fairy said these things but we’re not buying it. Who would have known that the tooth fairy is a Democrat and has a prominent position on Natacha’s night stand.

        1. Getting in someone’s face isn’t the same as bludgeoning them with an American or Trump flag, spraying them with bear spray or crushing them in a door while trying to break into the Capitol to kidnap and lynch the Vice President. It means to boldly proclaim your position and not backing down. Importantly, it is not inciting violence. Rep. Waters has never done that, but, as a woman of color, Turley’s going after her, just like AOC, Ilhan Omar and Pressley. It’s becoming hilarious the extent to which Fox, OAN and News Max try to whip up you Trumpsters and blame Democrats for literally everything. I read an article yesterday that pointed out the desperation of the Republican Party to come up with some way to turn the tide against Biden, who is enjoying high approval ratings, even among a substantial number of Republicans, unlike Trump who never even got a 50% approval rating. They keep trying to come up with some insult or scandal that’ll stick, but it’s not working, like, for instance, calling Joe Biden senile, crooked, stupid or whatever. But, no matter what legislative proposal Democrats come up with, Republicans are going to oppose it, even those proposals that enjoy high approval even among Republicans, like the COVID relief bill. Here’s even more fallout from Trump: the numbers of his disciples who refuse to get vaccinated. I believe the reason is to try to deny Biden success in fighting the virus because Trump had literally no plan for vaccine distribution and administration, but what you dumbasses don’t realize is that it will only delay a full economic recovery because it will give the variants an opportunity to mutate even more, so hospitalizations and new infection rates will increase. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. The legacy of hate of the fat narcissist lives on. So, that’s why it’s very predictable that the entire Democratic party will be blamed for any future violence or vandalism. It’s all you Republicans have, and it’s really sad indeed. Well, you do have the dumb bleached blondie from Georgia who has proposed giving the Congressional Medal of Freedom to Milwaukee police officers. Sad.

      2. Nat Calling people a dumb***? Is your IQ larger than your beltsize? Karen laid the truth lip on you Libs, and you with your channel locked tunnel vision brain can’t see the truth.

  12. “It is hard to see how the rioting and protests would not have a prejudicial impact on a jury.”

    Good basis for overturning a conviction on appeal, no?

  13. As Waters and Smallwall have initiated frivolous lawsuits against President Trump. This witness should bring a lawsuit against Waters. Didn’t their mentor S Alinsky in one of his rules state “make them live by their own laws”?

  14. You either get control of a mob or it controls you. These beta male Dims will learn this the hard way. Funny we don’t see this level of hate in rural areas or Republican governed cities. Let the Dim cities burn and the tears of the Dim leadership can quench the fires. Maybe then they’ll want to defend civilization again. For all the good people in these hellholes I suggest an early exit back to real America where individuals still get to defend themselves from the mob bullies. Confront a bully and watch the rage melt away.

    1. ” Let the Dim cities burn”

      Mespo, I have a home in one of those cities. I’m not too happy about that. The saving grace is that my residence is in a completely different state. The saving grace for a number of my friends and acquaintances living in that city is that they are moving to another state. A lot of those people pay a lot of taxes so when you start subsidizing NY and NYC remember that justifiably you were willing to let them burn.

      1. I’m not happy either but it’ll take something drastic for the Dim horde to wake up and see the folly. Were I you, I’d be getting ready for a long few days since the violence will happen regardless of outcome. The Dims want the anarchy and the violence. Instability is their friend. Glad you reside in a safe space in unoccupied America.

        1. Want to buy a high end co-op in midtown Manhattan on the river? I’ll sell it cheap. 🙂

    2. Some of us don’t have a choice but to live in those places, at least for the foreseeable time. I’m afraid it isn’t that simple. Not all of us are attorneys that have the salaries to simply move on a dime. This is all going to require a more fundamental shift back to sanity, and I pray that it doesn’t come down to violence.

  15. Lefties like violence – but only when they are administrating it.

    The Jan. 6 violence, less so.

    Look at how they marshaled the forces of justice on the Capitol rioters, but practice benign neglect everywhere else.

  16. Not only will they not accept an acquittal — they won’t even accept one of the lower charges. This mob wants blood, and nothing short of 2nd degree will satisfy them. If the FBI was really serious about rooting out “insurrectionists,” they should look closer at BLM/Antifa. I would think that waving “Death to America” banners, attacking police and journalists, and setting fire to government buildings would constitute sedition, especially when accompanied by all their seditious statements on social media. If destroying civil institutions isn’t sedition, I don’t know what is.

    1. “If the FBI was really serious about rooting out “insurrectionists,” they should look closer at BLM/Antifa.”

      Spot on. The only problem is that the Obama Administration had eight years to embed likeminded civil servants throughout the Federal government, most of all in the DOJ and State Dept. Retired agents are horrified at what they are witnessing. The good ship SS America started taking on water in January 2009 after hitting an iceberg sometime between 2004 and 2008. The slow, steady sinking picked up steam in January. Now she is going down and no one in power or leadership seems capable of stopping it.

      1. Suze,

        “No one in in power or leadership seems capable of stopping it.”

        No one who is in power who is in a position to stop this ship from sinking, wants to do so. Those people seem hellbent on sinking the USS United States, including the Captain. But, unlike the Captain of a real ship, this Captain wants the ship to go down, while having his own life raft available at all times for his private use.

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