Pelosi Refuses To Criticize Waters Despite Court Denouncing Her Remarks For Undermining The Chauvin Trial

The fallout over the comments of Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Cal.)  continued as Democrats were asked to condemn her call for protesters to stay in the streets and get more confrontational. I recently wrote a column on how Waters had become the best possible witness for Donald Trump in her own lawsuit against him. Waters was denounced by Judge Peter Cahill for undermining not just any conviction in the trial of Derek Chauvin but the court itself in seeking to carry out its constitutional function. It would seem a simple matter for responsible people to condemn Waters’ inflammatory remarks but Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Cal.) defended her and refused to criticize the comments.  Earlier this year, Pelosi condemned Trump for criminal incitement and pushed through his impeachment for using similar words on Jan. 6th.  Waters was also defended on CNN where media figures supported her call for protesters to stay in the streets and get “more confrontational.”

Waters told protesters to stay and “fight” for justice and told protesters they “gotta stay on the street” and “get more confrontational.”  She also said that they should not accept anything other than a conviction.

In both the impeachment and in her lawsuit, Waters insisted that Trump telling his supporters to go to the Capitol to make their voice heard and “fight” for their votes was actual criminal incitement. Conversely, Waters was speaking after multiple nights of rioting and looting and telling protesters to stay on the streets and get even more confrontational. There was violence after the remarks, including a shooting incident where two National Guard members were injured. Waters has now guaranteed that she will be cited by Trump in his own defense against her own lawsuit.

Judge Cahill made a rare statement in court that lambasted Waters for her comments and how they undermined the fairness of the trial. He declared from the bench that

I’m aware of the media reports, I’m aware that Congresswoman Waters was talking specifically about this trial and about the unacceptability of anything less than a murder conviction and talk about being confrontational, but you can submit the press articles about that. This goes back to what I’ve been saying from the beginning. I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch and our function. I think if they want to give their opinions, they should do so in a respectful [way] and in a manner that is consistent with their oath to the Constitution to respect a coequal branch of government. Their failure to do so, I think, is abhorrent.

He added that Waters just gave the defense a possible basis to overturn any conviction in the case.

While Cahill called Waters comments “abhorrent,” Pelosi refused to criticize Waters for undermining the trial in the midst of ongoing rioting. When asked if she would ask Waters to apologize, Pelosi said “no” and added “Maxine talks about confrontation in the manner of the civil rights movement.”

Pelosi however did think someone should apologize. Rep. Lisa McClain (R-Mich.) on Monday said on the floor

“Once again, this weekend, we saw a member of the majority openly call for more confrontation in a Minneapolis suburb. That very night, there was a drive-by shooting in that community where police and the National Guardsmen were targeted. If this were reversed, if this was said by a Republican, you know that the majority in this chamber would move to strip that representative of their committees and possibly to expel them from Congress.”

While saying Waters should not apologize, Pelosi said “That woman on the floor should be apologizing for what she said.”

Over at CNN, Waters was also defended.  After hosts attacked Sen. Cruz for raising the issue as hypocritical, former ABC analyst Matthew Dowd, insisted Waters was right:

It’s incredibly thick and so is the hypocrisy on this, not the least to mention January 6th and what happened on January 6th and the number of Republicans that their words incited that. I actually just listened to Maxine Waters. We all have to be cognizant of what we say. I don’t think what she said in anyway should, we should criticize her for. Of course, we should be more confrontational. That doesn’t mean we should be more violent. But I was thinking about this as I was listening, is Emmett Till was killed in 1955, an all-white jury found the people that did it innocent. Then Medgar Evers, Jimmie Lee Jackson, so many of these folks that were guilty of killings and civil rights were then let off. And the only thing that led to the civil rights legislation to finally pass in 1965 was you know non-violent protests and so I think that’s where we’re going to end up today. The Republicans seem to me on the complete wrong side of history on this.

Well, not just Republicans, but the judge in the actual trial (who is a former aide to Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar).

I have previously written that I believe Waters is protected in such comments under the first amendment, just as Trump was engaging in protected speech. However, I condemned Trump for his speech while he was still giving it on Jan. 6th. I also condemned Waters.  It is not difficult. These are reckless comments made in periods of great unrest and anger.

The defense of Waters further undermines the position of these figures in the second Trump impeachment. Indeed, Waters will likely now feature greatly in the lawsuits against Trump. Just as she has undermined the Chauvin case, she will increase the likelihood that Trump will prevail in these pending cases. If the court finds that Trump was engaged in protected speech, it will be cited as vindication for him and others in supporting their claims from the impeachment.


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  1. The “Untouchables!” Mad Max’s actions are the definition of wrong but she remains “Untouchable!” The freed slaves and their illegal and unwanted alien hyphenates have conquered America. The story of America: Phantom Guilt. What kind of idiot falls for this communist —-? Those communist public schools are really doing a job on America.

    1. Eeeeekkk~ COMMUNISTS!!!

      Got monsters under your bed, “nonny”?

      Call your mommy. Have her leave the light on.

  2. Let’s see if I have this right–Turley is, once again, criticizing a woman of color, and in this case, he claims that Rep. Waters’ comments about protesting have somehow prejudiced Chauvin from receiving a fair trial. So, according to Turley, Pelosi should censure her? Well, first of all, the Judge told the jury not to look at any news reports about the trial, and he even pointed out that he and the parties are required to believe that they did so. Secondly, her remarks to “stay on the streets” and to be “confrontational” could hardly be construed as anything other than her own opinions and belief that people who know that killing Floyd was wrong and based on institutional racism that will only change when enough citizens demand change. She was not inciting riots by lying, like Trump did about an election being stolen, based on nothing other than his huge ego.

    How many Republicans spoke out against Trump, who actually did incite a violent riot because his massive ego couldn’t handle the truth that he lost the election? Only a handful of Republicans spoke out, and all but one refused to impeach the fat slob.

    So, Turley, even though you are on the payroll of the Hate Network and committed to their agenda, you look like a fool once more. Importantly, you make the university that employs you look bad, not just because of your partisanship, but the fact that the only people you see fit to criticize are women, and especially women of color. I suppose that if they fired you, you would scream “First Amendment”, but in an institution of higher learning, misogyny and racism are not protected. Those things are not political, and I know of no institutions of higher learning that tolerate racism and misogyny.

    1. Natacha is no woman of color. She is a self hating white liberal. Who wants to bully other white people by calling racist.

      Watch out for these kinds of white people folks. They are the very worst kind of bullies we face now, as a people. We must root them out of our midst.

    2. Thank you, Comrade Natacha. We need more such well-written leftist propaganda to promote our worthy cause of creating institutionalized Mob Rule.

    3. Matcha, it is the trial judge who said Waters opened the door to a new trial.


      Whatever will NUTCHACHA become when America re-implements the dominion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which were nullified by the illicit and illegitimate “Reconstruction Amendments,” and generational welfare and affirmative action privilege are “struck down” by an actual, legitimate U.S. Supreme Court? Will she be compelled to return her generational welfare and “fake” affirmative action “degree” and endeavor in an environment of freedom where her “fake” acceptance and “success” are not guaranteed and forcibly imposed?

      Watch out for that freedom stuff. Keep your eyes peeled. We don’t want too much freedom. We want the kind of freedom that falsely props up NUTCHACHA and her ilk.

      Dang! You go, girl!

    5. The Dem. judge whom was an aide to Dem. Amy Klobuchar condemned Waters’ statement too, which you ignored. You condemned Trump for 1/6 but you give a pass to Waters for almost identical statements because the latter is on your team and you suffer from TDS.

  3. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if officer Chauvin wins on appeal because the jury was influenced by that well known genius Maxine Waters. She might have gotten what she wanted if she just wouldn’t have been out of control in her race baiting scheme. We should believe in her right to free speech and we should encourage her representation of the real thoughts of Democrats in Washington. We must understand that Maxine’s incitement to violence is encouraged by Nancy Pelosi and the MSM because of the sanctity of their priesthood. Maxine declares burn him at the stake and her followers at CNN and MSNBC must not dare to question their high priestess out of fear that they too might feel the flames. Is there a brave soul among them!

    1. I could care less about free speech now. That’s a figment. And besides the point. As is the other freedom shibboleth stuff.. That’s all a fantasy. The freedoms on paper mean very little when they are matched against the very same socalled freedoms exercised by global business and their tyrant ownership with their endless budgets to destroy us, I’ll come back to that.

      What we have in people like Waters are pot-stirrers who get their marching orders from global capital. We’re not going to resolve any of this with “reason,” That ship sailed long ago. Right now this is a low intensity fourth generation war of the the globalists on the people.

      The government is just a tool. When they are not in control, they hobble it. When they are in control, they strengthen it. Government is just a tool like any other technology.

      But who are the partisans? Well on the one hand, global capitalists who want to destroy America. The billionaire tyrants. Then below them, armies of hired hands and volunteers. There are willing collaborators with the anti-American globalists, like Waters, and all the hired hands of the mass media; there are useful idiots, like the judge in the Chauvin case, and there are barn-burning anarchists and criminals. That’s on their side.

      On our side we have the law abiding American citizens. We know who we are. And we will know who among us is truly with us or not. The chaff and the wheat are being sifted. Figure out which side you are on, one day, perhaps soon, your own defense may rely upon it. If things disintegrate.

      When they do, we are going to be fighting for our lives and our bread and our “sustainable future”
      as a very people. Figments of imagination like “Freedom of the press” or some of these other tired slogans are not worth a bucket of spit by comparison.
      People who parrot these platitudes will be identified as unreliable in collective self defense.

      Our ideal is not the cowboy out there alone. That is a false and defective idol.

      Better icon are the pioneers, who want to live peacefully but when out of necessity can fight. Can circle the wagons, and fight to the death, for the existence of family and the future of our community.

      1. Anon at 2:56. So now you don’t care about free speech. Please tell us what principles you will base your revolution on. Shall we trust you to reinstate free speech when your revolution is over? You sound like the Stalinist arguing with a Trotskyist. An argument for a revolution that abandons steadfast principles is only an argument for anarchy. However, your world view would make a great script for a Batman movie. All you have to do is change the Joker’s name to Maxine.

        1. Limperterian potsmoker, the principle is SURVIVAL which is the precondition for VICTORY

          one man can’t win this thing, so individualistic blabbermouth stuff is a dead end. Eis aner, oudeis aner

          1. Anon at 3:34. So your Batman script falls apart and your defense is labeling and calling names. Holy arguments Batman! Don’t we have a better response than that. Swapping one set of chains for another is your answer to our dilemma. You say you want a revolution, well you know we all want to see your plan. I’m telling you brother you’ll just have to wait.

    2. Politically, riots and murder and hate are the fuel that burn in Waters car. Peace and tranquility bring it to an immediate stop.

  4. “He added that Waters just gave the defense a possible basis to overturn any conviction in the case.”

    Interesting the judge would say that (and good that he did) when he helped the defense on appeal from the pre-ordained conviction by not sequestering the jury or allowing a change of venue. Of course, overturning a conviction out of a show trial like this would have been commonplace in the age of judicial sanity. That age ended long ago.

    1. The jury IS sequestered for deliberations. They were instructed to NOT watch or read anything about the trial. There’s no evidence that they violated the judge’s order, which is standard in high-profile cases, but as the judge pointed out, even if they didn’t abide by the ruling, who can say that it somehow prejudiced his right to a fair trial?

      1. Natacha Natacha Natacha, at 3:26, the judge instructed the jury NOT to watch or read anything about the trial. Even if they didn’t abide by the ruling who can say that it somehow prejudiced his right to a fair trial. Your logic then begs the question, who can say that his right to a fair trial was not influenced by the press or Maxine Waters? This is why the judge issued his directive. By your comment you introduce the possibility that his directive was not followed. This is a point in which I find you quite prescient.

      2. Did you bother to watch the trial? The judge was not particularly favoring the prosecution. The defense had an empty quiver of arrows, thanks to the facts of the case.

        Chauvin will be off to spend a dime at least in protective custody in distant state, a prisoner swapped for another or loon, doing time with a fake name on his chest.

  5. Democrats know they have total power. They lie, cheat, start new wars, and the MSM whitewashes it all and blames their victims.

    Maxine Waters is one of the most corrupt politicians.

    “The House ethics committee on Monday outlined its charges against Rep. Maxine Waters, who is accused of helping a bank in which her husband owned stock secure federal bailout funds.

    The committee charged the 10-term California Democrat with three counts of violating House rules and the federal ethics code in connection with her effort to arrange a 2008 meeting between Treasury officials and representatives with OneUnited bank….”

    “Rep. Maxine Waters’ daughter collected $240K from congresswoman’s campaign…”

  6. Pelosi and Waters are two life-long politicians who became multi-millionaires while in serving their whole career in the public sector. They live behind walled homes and work in a building surrounded by the national guard. How courageous of them to urge their constituents to risk their lives and commit violent actions in the name of social justice while they wallow in their ill gotten wealth and protected by the taxpayer supported law enforcement officers who they outwardly despise. They are beyond reprehensible

    1. Pelosi and her husband own a winery and chocolate business, which is where her wealth comes from, and it is not ill-gotten. Neither Pelosi or Waters encouraged violence. Waters expressed her opinion that those who know what Chauvin did was wrong should be “confrontational” and not back down. That is not inciting a riot. Where did you get the idea that Pelosi or Waters “outwardly despise” law enforcement officers as a group? That is a llie.

  7. Even the reporters at CNN and MSNBC must throw up a little in their mouths when they have to defend the stupid things that Maxine Waters says. Then again, maybe they are getting used to the acidic taste and little pieces of food in their mouths. However, it gets very annoying when they spit the bile at us. A bottle of antacid should be required as standard equipment on their news desks. I heard that Maxine said that their should be “mostly peaceful” confrontations in Minneapolis.

  8. Mad Max benefits from a trifecta of privilege:

    1) Black privilege;
    2) Female privilege;
    3) Democrat/progressive privilege.

  9. Why is this a surprise to anyone? Let’s remove any confusion regarding criticism of the Honorable Maxine Waters. Leftists seldom, if ever punch left. No matter what behavior the Brave Masked Wonderful Warriors of Antifa ™ or BLM engage in, they simply will not be criticized. The leftist politicians and their allies in the MSM (I am being redundant) will either say the events did not occur, did occur but were “mostly peaceful” or if there were excesses they were a result of “systematic racism” and thus justified. Meanwhile mainstream “conservatives” are pros at purging their own ranks at the slightest deviation from acceptability according the the National Review or Heritage Foundation.

    Hate to break it to you NR types, the left still thinks you are an evil racist and you will not be allowed to make a separate peace.


  10. Maxine:. Lock her up with her kin. Put her in a prison named Kinlock. Ask her the name of her town when she was a kid.

  11. Similar topic: Pedophile Priests
    Punishment:. Sever their songs. Let them bleed to death. Send them to Hell in a handbasket.

  12. “At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without question.”
    ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

  13. All this further exposes the snap impeachment for the farce it was. There was no concern for the rule of Law, or anything else other than seizing on any pretext to run the enemies of the DNC to ground and eliminate them.

  14. Maxine is 82 or so. She was born elsewhere but lives in California. There is a song being sung at the courthouse in minnesota today.
    “Whistle while you work.
    Hitler was a jerk.
    Churchill bit his weenie, and now it doesn’t work.”

    1. Maxine Waters has made some statements the asininity of which is beyond question. Your statement is so unrelated to the subject that it calls into question your comprehensibility.

    2. No. You have the ditty wrong. It goes: “whistle while you work. Hitler was a jerk. Mussolini bit his weenie, now it doesn’t work.”

  15. Mad Max Waters should have retired long ago. She’s an embarrassment to the Congress and her only function at this point is to serve as Nancy’s useful idiot.

    1. Mad Maxine, Nancy, AOC and the rest of the Squad are examples of what went wrong with the Founders’ great idea to provide equitable representation in Congress. Small numbers of voters can give us this sort of incompetent representation that adversely impacts the rest of the country as they keep getting voted back into office over and over again.

  16. Just one comment on Prof. Turley’s comments about the language of Waters and Trump being similar in nature. I am no big fan of Trump’s use of the English language, but I listened carefully, and then read Trump’s remarks on January 6th.

    In my opinion, there is no comparison, though many on the left continue to play that game. What Maxine Waters said, while on the streets during a very volatile time indeed, was not just ask for peaceful protest and having voices heard. She actually asked for “confrontation,” and went further in asking already agitated people to act up in the event the trial ended without a conviction.

    I believe strongly in freedom of speech, but to me personally, I see Waters using language that is akin to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater, rather than being innocent free speech.

    1. Exactly! I wanted to post the same thing. Mr. Turley’s statement that “[e]arlier this year, Pelosi condemned Trump for criminal incitement and pushed through his impeachment for using similar words on Jan. 6th” is laughable on its face. It is downright idiotic when one considers the context. Asking a crowd to “peacefully protest/make you voices heard” is nothing at all like “stay in the streets/be confrontational.” The statements have zero similarity, except they were both spoken in English. Not only did Mrs. Waters yell “fire!” but she then stuck around to fan the flames and trip people running for the exits.

  17. PELOSI and the RADICAL LEFT/DEM’s would never say Sorry or Punish NUTTY RADICAL MAXINE, they are afraid of the Left Wing and they want to stir up trouble and make sure things go the way they want. There needs to be a change in the House, where Republicans gain control and over turn a lot of the DEM’s policies and etc. If and when the DEM’s loose power, hopefully in 2022 or sooner with Special elections or DEM’s who had enough of the Nuts convert To Republican. Then watch the Radical Left and MSM really go over the deep end. But Pelosi say sorry forget it.

  18. Congresswoman Waters has gotten away with saying outragous things for years. She even represnts people in a district that she does not live in. Pelosi has always defended and protected her. Now we have a media that basically works hand and glove with the Democrats and will protect her too. What is truly sad about both of them is years ago they were both admired, respected and a role model for younger women but today.they are not.

    1. Carole,

      Very well said.

      Today, instead of role models for younger women, Pelosi and Waters have become models of anger and disdain for America and the rule of law.

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