Welcome To The DarkSide: Why The Biden Administration Will Not Define The Pipeline Attack As Terrorism

(Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Below is my column on the recent Colonial Pipeline attack. President Joe Biden and his Administration (as well as the media) has referred to the actors as “criminals” and “hacker” but notably not “terrorists.” Many cyberattacks are forms of extortion. They seek money from businesses to release data.  This is different. This was an effort to coerce a population; to cause economic chaos.

Notably, DarkSide announced that it would shutdown its operations after receiving the ransom, an announcement heralded by many. It is a dubious claim. First, the declaration serves assure the public and to tamp down calls for a global hunt for the culprits. Second, it is meaningless. Whether DarkSide continues as a moniker or as a functioning organization, we just paid off terrorists. We long maintained a policy not to yield to terrorism because it fuels more attacks. DarkSide and other such attacks have proven how ineffective we are in preventing such attacks or defying such demands. These are despicable people willing to cause deaths and social disarray, but they are also rationale actors.  For the moment, cyber terrorism works and the success of this attack is not going to lead to a unilateral ceasefire from cyber gangs.

Here is the column:

We’ve heard calls in recent years for an ever-widening category of “terrorists” to encompass groups from the Jan. 6 rioters to antifa to the the Ku Klux Klan. So it is surprising that the White House and the media have referred to the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attackers simply as “hackers.” “DarkSide” is not just a collection of hackers — it’s a group of terrorists. And the only thing more concerning than the failure to label them correctly is the possible reason for not doing so.

From the White House to The Washington Post, the mantra has been uniform: Gas to the East Coast was cut off by hackers who demanded — and reportedly received — $5 million in ransom to give us back control of a critical pipeline. The White House not only called these individuals hackers but — when pressed about its position on paying the ransom — insisted it was just a decision for a private company. Deputy national security adviser Anne Neuberger said, “Colonial is a private company, and we’ll defer information regarding their decision on paying a ransom to them.” She and others in the Biden administration insisted the ransom payment was a “private sector decision” and said that “the administration has not offered further advice at this time.”

After the ransom was widely reported as having been paid and gas began to flow again, President Biden gave a “no comment” when asked if he was aware of the payment. It was a curious response since the media apparently knew. The company certainly knew, and, most importantly, DarkSide knew. Yet, the White House wanted to portray itself as a pure observer to a private decision on how to handle “hackers.”

The reason is obvious: Colonial just paid a ransom to terrorists. Moreover, gas pipelines are not just “a private company” but a highly regulated industry that closely follows the government’s directions.

The fact is that most of Washington wanted the company to pay off the terrorists because our East Coast was rapidly melting down over shortages. While The New York Times bizarrely issued (and later quietly deleted) a statement that the attack had not led to any gas station lines or higher prices, other news stories were filled with images of long lines, fights at pumps and cascading shortages.

The White House narrative has been to treat this as a type of cost of doing business for Colonial. The problem is that this is not some nuisance cost but a terrorist demand for payment.

While definitions vary, DarkSide meets key elements of terrorism crimes. Key provisions such as 18 U.S.C. 2331 focus less on the motivation of terroristic acts as opposed to the intent: “(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping.”

Congress has extended domestic terrorism classifications to include drug gangs, but laws such as the Controlled Substances Act still refer to “premeditated, politically motivated violence.” The State Department uses the same definition to designate Foreign Terrorist Organizations. Even under Section 2331 “international terrorism” is defined as “violent acts or acts dangerous to human life.” Those definitions may have to be changed as groups seek to terrorize populations in economically motivated attacks. Cutting off fuel to an entire region threatens lives as well as the economy. While not defined as a “violent act,” cyber attack can cause direct fatalities by shutting off key power or access for vulnerable people and kill far more than some improvised roadside bomb.

Cyber terrorism can have either economic or political motivations or both. Indeed, DarkSide has claimed to use the money for charity and suggested it has policy goals. Moreover, such gangs can be enlisted or enabled by foreign powers such as Russia or Iran to carry out such attacks.

For those of us who have long opposed expansive definitions of terrorism, there remains a danger of converting everything from extortion to identity theft into terrorism. However, DarkSide clearly attempted to “intimidate or coerce” the entire population of the United States, and it succeeded. It used hacking as its means, but that does not change its status as a terrorist group — any more than the use of food poison would make al Qaeda a “food tamperer” rather than a terrorist organization. When you threaten an individual if they don’t pay you, you are an extortionist. When you seek to coerce an entire population, you are a terrorist — whether you claim to do so for Allah or for moolah.

Once you acknowledge that DarkSide is a terrorist organization, however, it is harder for the White House to shrug and dismiss this as merely a “private sector decision.”

We have long maintained a policy of not yielding to terrorists, and outsourcing ransom payments does not change the implications of this decision. DarkSide and other cyber terrorists now know they not only can succeed but can do so surprisingly quickly. Indeed, ransomware has been profitably used around the world for years with businesses. Indeed, my suspicion is that the vast majority of ransoms paid have not been made public by businesses but are known to the FBI. This incident, though, was different. It was designed to cause widespread social and political havoc among our population.

If the Biden administration did not want to pay terrorists, it could have used a wide array of powers to pressure Colonial not to pay. Colonial is tied into our infrastructure and largely exists by the grace of federal and state agencies. If Biden declared publicly that the company should not yield to terrorists, he would have presented no less of an existential threat to the company than DarkSide did.

It may be true that the Biden administration concluded we are defenseless to cyber terrorism despite years of ransomware attacks and hundreds of billions of dollars in cybersecurity programs. If that is the case, the public should be informed. The failure of Congress and our government to defend against such terror attacks is a national security failure of breathtaking proportions. The Colonial Pipeline attack was the cyber equivalent of Pearl Harbor. In both cases, we were caught unprepared and unable to deal with a threat we knew was coming. Yet President Roosevelt did not issue a “no comment” on the critical facts after the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. Back then, we believed FDR when he stated in his first inauguration that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  If we are going to defeat this new form of terrorism, we must first call it for what it is. Not fear it, face it.

What the Biden administration seems to fear most is public recognition that it is afraid — afraid of the vulnerability of our infrastructure, afraid that the public will learn what cyber terrorists already know.

This should not be treated as just another political dodge, however. During the 2020 election, Biden simply refused to share his views on key issues such as packing the Supreme Court. Yet this is a far more serious matter, and we do not have time for another study commission to give the president cover. We need to call DarkSide what it is — a terrorist organization — and to acknowledge what we did: We paid off terrorists. Then, perhaps, we can get some answers as to whether our country remains only days away from another meltdown due to a failure to defend against ransomware.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. You can find his updates online @JonathanTurley.

This column is an expanded version of the printed column.

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  1. ” These are despicable people willing to cause deaths and social disarray, but they are also rationale actors. “

    The problem we face is ‘wokism’ which rules our country today via the left. Wokism is irrational, filled with irrational actors except the few that know how to benefit their personal power or wealth. Those few are rationale but very destructive to everyone else.

    1. Allan twirls in misery because the awful president he backed has been proven to be awful.

      1. Thank you Anonymous the Stupid and your pretend friend below. Biden has been in power for about 4 months and we already have a war. That is what happened when the President can’t find his way out of a paper bag.

    2. “Edward Snowden

      America’s political power struggle has never been about conservative versus liberal as much as the owner versus the owned. The whole Washington opera consists of two costumes shared by the same club—and you’ll never be a member.

      Don’t let them divide you from your neighbor.

      5:43 PM · May 16, 2021·Twitter Web App”



  2. I read the article twice but still see no evidence of “intent” which is required for any terrorism label. It was evil and a serious crime but money may have been the goal – unless I’m missing something nobody really knows. Again why would any infrastructure be designed with this weak a security system making it easy to hack?

    In 2021, we still have state-operated “Fusion Centers” funded by the federal government that have harmed, destroyed or caused premature death to thousands of innocent Americans exploiting terrorism. Virginia’s Fusion Center was used against non-violent tree sitters that were trespassing.

    Congress and state legislatures have made these largely non-terrorism Fusion Centers virtually immune from even basic Freedom of Information Act requests – even for bottom line statistics that exclude personal identifying information.

    There is no “terrorism exemption” ever allowed in the U.S. Constitution. The ACLU should overturn all of these laws. Taxpayers should be pissed also about exploiting real terrorism victims on things like this.

    1. +10

      There’s an effort underway in Maine, I believe, to shut down its fusion center. My guess, though, is that the bill won’t pass.

      They need to be shut down.

      They weren’t needed before 9/11 and they are no longer needed, if they ever were.

  3. When Biden was asked if he knew that a ransom was going to be paid he refused to answer the question. All he had to do was tell us that he didn’t know. If it’s found out that he knew that a ransom was being paid he can now say that he didn’t deny that he knew. Very sly Joe. Just like he never denied that the lap top was Hunter’s. Making no comment to cover his rear end is becoming a pattern.

  4. The real “Lessons To Be Learned” here is that currently the internet and wireless technology are UNSAFE technologies and may never be safe technology. If an automobile or children’s playground equipment were this dangerous, the Federal Trade Commission and OSHA would ban this technology or require warning labels.

    Public newspaper reporting has stated that some security/intel agencies sometimes use manual typewriters, human couriers, etc because they acknowledge this is unsafe technology. Some agencies are requiring “back-doors” be built into this technology which makes it easier for criminals to hack.

    If the world’s most sophisticated security agencies, with the best computer security, don’t trust this technology (by itself, without manual or human safeguards) why should consumers trust this technology. Why would anyone build a system that if hacked could close down major infrastructure or cause other danger to users?

    It’s akin to building a border wall you could breach with hand tools from any hardware store. You don’t call it terrorism you fix the fence!

  5. With the stroke of his pen, Biden *permanently* destroyed a pipeline (Keystone). With another decree, he halted oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters.

    Meanwhile, the hackers, DarkSide, disrupted the flow of a pipeline for a few days.

    Tell me again: Which policy is more destructive to America’s energy production?

    The Biden administration’s response to the hack was to channel Marie Antoinette: Let them ride bicycles. And why wouldn’t they silently cheer? That hack is the Green New Deal.

    1. With the stroke of his pen, Biden *permanently* destroyed a pipeline (Keystone). With another decree, he halted oil and gas leases on federal lands and waters.

      One more action in the works you failed to mention. Harris/Obama or working the State Dept overtime to get something, anything, signed to lift the sanctions on Irans export of crude oil.

      The left claims to be shutting down pipelines to reduce fossil fuels, thus “greenhouse gases”.

      Fine. But Harris/Obama are starving the US oil production while subsidizing Iran oil production. I would love to have that pointed out to Paski and see if she’s able to circle jer,,,ah,,back on the question

  6. George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and the Framers of the U.S. Constitution actually did know real terrorism. This terrorism perpetrated by the 18th Century Red Coats happened both before the Revolutionary War and reoccurred up until the War of 1812 (which actually ended in 1815). This real terrorism was far worse than 9/11 and portraying “hacking” in the same light is just plain corrupt.

    These terrorism experts never added a “terrorism-exemption” to our wartime governing charter – the U.S. Constitution – because it was already included, there was no need for a special category. Essentially today we have bureaucrats trying become more like 18th Century Red Coats by exploiting extrajudicial authority not granted by this wartime governing charter.

    Biden is on the right side of this, American agencies shouldn’t become like foreign 18th Century Red Coats supporting “General Warrants” used by foreign governments. The U.S. Constitution provides ample tools to investigate and prosecute cases that have legitimate “probable cause” as the 4th Amendment requires. Good job Biden!

  7. The Biden administration is and will continue to be one of the weakest and most ignorant administrations in US history, especially on foreign policy. And it’s easy to understand why that is and why they are afraid to take action against the terrorists who disrupted pipeline flow (probably just a quick experiment to see how truly inept the administration is):

    – The Biden family is aligned with criminal elements throughout the world due to the Biden family’s (Hunter’s, Biden’s brothers’ and sister’s) financial relationships with statist corporations in China, Ukraine, Russia, etc. and the family has received multi- millions from their overseas political graft.
    – Many other members of the Dem party and the Biden administration have huge foreign interests and commitments that the press has ignored (Swalwell, Blinkin, Ossof,Dunn, Sulivan, Fauci, to name a few)
    – Members of the Biden administration such as John Kerry violated the Logan Act during the Trump administration.
    – Susan Rice, possibly the puppeteer behind the puppet, is aligned with Iran just like the Obama administration and lied to the American public during her tenure.
    – Biden has appointed multiple anti-Israel persons in advisory roles (Syed, Kahl, Tanden)

    The first 100 days have already revealed the weakness and ineptitude internationally as well as domestically of the Biden administration. Expect more to come.

    1. You should check out these award winning non-partisan films:

      “Boogie Man The Lee Atwater Story” (starring Ronald Reagan and George Bush)
      “Why We Fight” 2006 (starring members of the Eisenhower family and America’s top military experts).
      “Inequality For All” (starring a real conservative Republican Alan Simpson and world renowned investor Warren Buffet).

      1. Hullbobby, his tastes in sheer idiocy being refined to the highest capacity, approves.

  8. Ransom attacks on utility companies and other vital services have been going on for a very long time and companies have been quietly paying the ransom for a very long time. Tech companies have been making more and more secure networking hardware for a very long time. Most importantly, the U.S. government has failed to declare private utility, financial and communication as part of our national security and act on it, for a very long time.

    Would forcing these companies to get off Internet solve the problem? The days of physically separated networks is long gone. It is deemed impractical to run a dedicated physical wire to every device included in one of these companies. Think about ATMs and cash registers in every store.., in gas station pumps. Every time a non-cash transaction is performed, there is a communication exchange with a financial institution. Since the communication is very sensitive, it is a “secure” transaction, which means it is encrypted. The encryption used is very good. The belief is, that with very good encryption, there is no need for physically separate wires as long as the information crossing those wires is encrypted. Now an office with a physical network in one city can connect to an office in another “safely” as long as there is a single entry and exit point for each, and all communication between the entry/exit points is encrypted. This is a virtual private network.

    Convenience is the killer. People want to have access to Internet 24/7 and information available on Interglacials can assist the work being performed. This is where risk/cost considerations come in. If it is determined that Internet is necessary, these companies should create a separate network and provide a physically separate computer for people who need Internet access, but this is not convenient and it’s expensive. Instead, they try to get around this with firewalls and there is no shortage of tech companies promising that their hardware firewalls will protect them.., and their hardware is getting better and better.

    At this point, something should be realized. It is getting harder and harder to pull off these kinds if attacks. It takes a very large effort to get past the protections available today. So large, that in many cases, only a nation state could absorb the cost. People should not be quick to buy into the idea that a dozen computer whizzes could pull off an attack like this if the company is using current technology. At the same time, with no standards imposed on these companies, there is no guarantee that every company has spent the money necessary to keep current. This incident highlights two problems; first, Internet access should be on a separate network. This can be done with thin clients and switch boxes can allow both machines to share the same monitor, keyboard and mouse. Second, and most critical, the U.S. government needs to bring private industry in and together set or impose a standard!

    Final realization! The government is so distracted squabbling over things that are trivial in comparison that it is blind to reality and generals in the military are hardly better off. They are so impressed with the high tech weapons used in the last two gulf wars that are mostly blind to the weapons made possible by the Internet over the last 30 years. If there is a world war three, it will start with a nation wide disruption of the power grid, phone systems and other vital systems. Traffic lights won’t work. Stores will close immediately because their cash registers won’t work. With no power, Internet will be down and there won’t be any way to recharge computers and mobile devices anyway. They will be worthless. Within three days there will be total anarchy. The attacking nation will offer terms of capitulation and if rejected, then real bombs may fall. What we saw may be a shot across the bow. Who knows if the ransom was the point, or if a small capitulation was demanded and accepted with the thought that we will fix that pipeline problem so they can’t do this again. When I said final realization I lied. Cyber weapons are only good fir one shot because the opponent will develop a defense. So, finally, cyber weapons are kept secret so the first time the opponent knows about it is when it is used. This means, they are not used unless the reward is sufficiently great and/or there is a newer and better cyber weapon ready. This is what the DoD and the President should be messing their pants and laying awake at mights about. … But we will fix this problem, continue to prepare to fight the last war and go on squabbling about stupid things.

        1. No they’re just hot. Don’t touch your package after being in the garden with them.


  9. Terrorism is defined as, “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” Two questions. Where was the violence and intimidation? I guess you could stretch a point and say this was intimidation, but it was not intimidation in the sense that the word is used in that definition, and it most certainly was not violence. Second, what was the political aim? Pretty silly to take the risk of doing this for political purposes and then not reveal what those political purposes are? This was extortion, not terrorism.

  10. Bomb bomb bomb…bomb bomb Iran
    Oh bomb Iran!
    I’ll take my staaznd!
    Rocking and a Rollin, rocking and a reeling bomb Iran!

  11. All terrorist acts are criminal acts. Not all criminals are terrorists.
    In this case, terrorism is a good classification

  12. Big hack for sure, Turley. But, I’m sorry to say, Mitch McConnell’s ‘hack’ of the SCOTUS nomination process more closely fits the terrorist definition than does this hack. The Colonial shut down was fraud and theft at an extremely high level, but not terrorism per se because people weren’t killed in the pursuit of illicit political goals.


    1. EB, have you forgot Jan 6th? ” because people weren’t killed in pursuit of illicit goals”

    2. ” I’m sorry to say, Mitch McConnell’s ‘hack’ of the SCOTUS nomination process more closely fits the terrorist definition than does this hack.”

      Bug, one doesn’t even have to show that your comment is ludicrous. I think almost all can figure that out without much trouble. Keep up the good work. LOL

  13. The Terrorists that are doing the most harm to this Nation is the Democrat Party folks.

    Their agenda and policy goals shall surely destroy our way of Life that we all have enjoyed since the Founding of the Republic.

    The Left are on the attack…Democrats, Members of Congress, Judges and Justices, the Media, the Education system have been infiltrated by the enemy, the very basic core beliefs of the Nation, the Constitution , Rule of Law, Borders, the economy, separation of powers between the Federal Government and the States….your right to travel, associate with those who you please, how you conduct your affairs…..everything is under attack.

    The Hackers are small potatoes compared to the Democrat Party and its members and supporters.

    Professor Turley is right to say we need to put an end to the Hackers…..but I suggest we also admit to the existence of a much greater enemy of our personal freedoms enshrined in the Constitution….and wage war against that very real and most dangerous enemy.

    1. And yet it is the Rs who attacked the capital in an effort to install an unelected President and are currently trying to undermine our elections.

      1. Attacked! LOL!
        There was no attack, there was no insurrection. What there was was infiltration by left elements to a peaceful protest, a setup by Pelosi and the ability to spin the initial reporting by an abetting press the absurd notion that “right wing” extremists and white supremacists had joined up for a planned insurrection. A plan nobody knew about, a plan nobody had, a plan that never existed. The only person killed in the attack was an innocent woman who was ambushed by a rogue Capitol police officer, yet you believe there was an attack.

      2. Auditing an election in order to reassure election “integrity” is not “undermining an election.” It is the precise opposite of that.

        What Hillary, Obama/Biden, the FBI, CIA, the media, Mueller, and all the “Russian Hoaxsters” did for four+ years under Trump was to intentionally “undermine our elections.”

  14. Last night I watched Bullitt, a 1968 detective story situated in San Francisco, and after seeing the city in all of it’s 1968 glory one thought that came to mind was that liberalism is tantamount to a natural disaster. My wife and I used to visit SF every other year or so, now we wouldn’t even consider going to such a city. Think of Detroit, Baltimore, St Louis, LA and now even NYC and realize that the damage, or carnage, is man-made. It is as if a natural disaster such as Katrina hit these cities, but it is just liberal policies that have ruined all of them.

    I bring this up with regard to the story at hand to illustrate that what Joe Biden is doing nationally i what liberals have done in our biggest cities, i.e. destroying us from within.

    1. SF was my second favorite city but the left destroyed it and despite what the left is always preaching created one of the greatest income disparities.

      NYC is an incredible city, but now unlivable. Crime and murder are happening where it was almost never seen before. The Progressives placed homeless, drug addicts and the like into hotels smack in the middle of an area filled with young couples and their young children. They have difficulty walking the streets for one never knows when there is someone shooting up, panhandling, having sex etc.

      If one believes in heaven and hell the best description of hell on earth here in the US is a major city controlled by Democrats.

      1. “…the best description of hell on earth here in the US is a major city controlled by Democrats.”

        Hyperbole by S. Meyer. No surprise.

        1. Anonymous the Stupid I’ll take credit for that statement because it is a good one and true. I will steal it whether it be from someone else or myself.

          The best description of hell on earth here in the US is a major city controlled by Democrats.

  15. What would Trump have done?
    Announce he was tracking the hackers and had drones on the way?
    Call Putin and yell Stop it, comrade, or else?
    Turn businessman and tell the company to reload from backup — should take 3 days at most?
    None of the above? (Explain)

    1. The country and the world felt safer and more prosperous under Trump. It felt like the country was moving in the right direction. It felt like a rising tide lifting all ships.

      Under Biden the ship feels unstable, listing to port, taking on water. with the incompetents in charge running around making bad decisions. Biden’s so-called leadership feels weak, it feels like a lie, and what he does makes no sense. Propaganda media lies to us daily in order to protect their Dear Leader. It’s sick. That’s why it all feels so “off.” Because it is.

      1. A) This is a patently false state ment about the sentiment of what was felt about Trump administration, and …
        B) The scope of the Russian hack of government networks during the Trump term dwarfs what this hack did on so many levels.


        1. It is my sentiment and it is true for me.

          What Russian hacking of pipelines or similar happened during Trump’s term?

            1. “likely Russian in origin.” Unfortunately the FBI, the intel agencies, Congressional intelligence committees, etc, are now so politicized and corruupt that no one can trust the information coming out of them is true.

              Sorry but that example of hacking does not “dwarf” we-the-people facing actual gas shortages, gas lines, rising gas prices at the pumps, and knowing that the Russian hackers of a major pipeline were paid off with $5 million in ransom — all but ensuring it will happen again.

              1. No you’re right. It super dwarfs it since that hack got into the networks and went everywhere rather than being an isolated event. Please wake the f up. Nap time is over.


            2. More linkage without discussion. Anonymous sources from a politicized environment that say it could be anything. Pretty much like the silliness that anyone who causes stress to another can be a murderer if that person dies of a stroke.

              The lack of intellect is appalling.

          1. And, as for me, I will never get tired of not having a president who singularly dedicated himself to ruining specific markets to make political points, who instigated an insurection, who completely blew pandemic response, who jailed kids at the southern border, and in general caused mass panic attack about what he may have tweeted overnight.


            1. That’s your opinion. We have the vaccines because of Trump. The vaccine rollout plan was put in place by Trump. Trump did many good things for the country that people felt – in their communities, in their 401k’s, in their bank accounts. Law enforcement was supported, not demonized, under Trump. People were safer in their cities under Trump. The border was secure. The world and middle east was at peace and stable under Trump.

              Now we have a president who not only looks old and tired, sounds weak (“I’m gonna be in trouble if I stay here and answer your questions” etc!) and is making mistakes and bad decisions which the propaganda press dutifully covers up and lies about. We are being fed propaganda and lied to, daily.

              Inflation is here. Food costs more, gas costs more, 401ks are worth less, crime is up, taxes are going up, unemployment is up while job openings go unfillable, border is a mess, middle east is on fire, unstable, at war.

              All of this is tiring, unsettling and worrisome.

              The bad decisions and mistakes being made by Biden and Harris are directly impacting all of us, we the people, for the worse, not the better. That’s a fact.

              1. You opinion entirely. I could systematically run through your points and clue them into reality, starting with the fact that mRNA vaccine technology being around for 30 years previous to ramping them into focusing them on Covid. Still, good that Trump didn’t kill squash WARP SPEED like he did the Pandemic response team.

                Biden’s vaccine program has far outstripped the numbers under Trump, and when Biden stepped into office supply and inventory was woefully depleted…

                I could go on…, but it won’t do much good.


                  1. This guy continues to speak and says nothing.

                    You never could respond to Allan and you still can’t.

                    1. “You never could respond to Allan and you still can’t.”


                      I have no interest in responding to Allan. I ‘could’, but I choose not to.

                      He’s a waste of time and energy.

                    2. “I have no interest in responding to Allan. I ‘could’, but I choose not to.”

                      Anonymous the Stupid, you provide insight into your stupidity. You reply all the time to Allan, yet you say differently. That tells us you are a liar.

                    3. S. Meyer says: May 17, 2021 at 1:40 PM

                      “Anonymous the Stupid, you provide insight into your stupidity. You reply all the time to Allan, yet you say differently. That tells us you are a liar.”


                      And for those who don’t know, S. Meyer is Allan. He’s also known as Alllanonymous because he responds anonymously and talks to himself, at times.

                      Too funny.

                      He’s told us that his “one desire” is to rid JT’s blog of anonymous comments.


                      What a guy. (He’s the one on the right.)

                    4. Anonymous the Stupid, you provide insight into your stupidity. You reply all the time to Allan, yet you say differently. That tells us you are a liar.

                    5. I’m clarifying my reply to Allanonyous/S. Meyer, now that he’s falsely labeled me “a liar” — something he does rather frequently when someone disagrees with him.

                      Allan needs a verbal smackdown from time to time, but there’s no point in trying to have an honest debate with him.

                      Here’s what he wrote, followed by my updated reply.

                      S. Meyer/Allan wrote: “You never could respond to Allan and you still can’t.”


                      I have no interest in **getting into a debate** with Allan. I ‘could’, but I choose not to.

                      He’s a waste of time and energy, with the exception of some verbal smackdowns.

                      Jeff Silberman took the right approach:


                      “Jeff Silberman says:May 6, 2021 at 6:22 PM

                      FYI: I will no longer reply to your replies. You have proven yourself- to my satisfaction- that you are not debate worthy.”

                      Jeff has it right: Meyer is “not debate worthy.”

                    6. “FYI: I will no longer reply to your replies. “

                      Anonymous the Stupid, thank you. I hope this time you keep your promise. Your replies provide no content so that will eliminate a lot of useless talk. The moderator will not have to dump so much wasted rhetoric.

                      As far as Jeff goes, he seems a bit more intelligent, but like you he refused to defend his claims and used too much innuendo. He acts like a hater so I am happy he doesn’t reply to me either.

                      Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a wonderful gift.

                    7. “He’s a waste of time and energy, with the exception of some verbal smackdowns.”

                      Allanonymous/S. Meyer has trouble comprehending what he reads. While he’s not worthy of a debate, he is certainly deserving of some verbal smackdowns from time to time.

                    8. “some verbal smackdowns from time to time.”

                      Already? You changed your mind and responded to me awfully quick though through a third party repeating what you said that was read by your buddy already. You really are a sad case. It is pretty typical of your type of cowardly poster that incessantly posts anonymously and cries when called out for his lies.

                      “I have no interest in responding to Allan. I ‘could’, but I choose not to.” says Anonymous the Stupid

                      Anonymous the Stupid, you provide insight into your stupidity. You reply all the time to Allan, yet you say differently. That tells us you are a liar.

                1. Here’s my favorite whopper though: “Law enforcement was supported, not demonized, under Trump. People were safer in their cities under Trump. ”

                  Especially since he campaigned on the chaos of last summer’s demonstrations.


                  1. You are right. Cities were safer under Trump… until the Antifa/BLM thugs were sent out to riot, burn, loot, destroy and intimidate during the ‘mostly peaceful’ summer riots that the fake news media reporting ‘mostly lied’ about.

                    Not a peep was heard from Biden/Harris, or any Democrat leaders, condemning the summer rioting during their entire week-long Democratic Convention. It wasn’t until they saw negative public polling telling them that their silent nod of approval to the BLM/Antifa thuggery was backfiring that they made a weak public statement about it.

                  2. The Chaos was permitted by Democrat leaders. Take note how effectively the chaos was prevented in well run non Democrat areas.

                2. “Biden’s vaccine program has far outstripped the numbers under Trump, and when Biden stepped into office supply and inventory was woefully depleted…”

                  FACT CHECK: False and missing CONTEXT

                3. ” I could systematically run through your points and clue them into reality,”

                  But you don’t and your singular example was meaningless. Trump got the vaccine in less than a year and your ‘team’ thought it would take 3-5 years if ever.

                  There are doers and talkers. You are a talker.

                4. “Biden’s vaccine program has far outstripped the numbers under Trump, and when Biden stepped into office supply and inventory was woefully depleted…”

                  This is FALSE.

                  The Trump vaccine was only developed and approved for emergency use in November. How could there be a stockpile of hundred of millions of doses when it was only just approved?

                  All during the campaign, both Biden and Harris sowed seeds of distrust in the public saying they would not trust any vaccine developed under Trump. That was Biden’s “contribution” to the effort: distrust of the vaccines.

                  Trump’s Operation Warp Speed is the reason we have the vaccine in record time. Trump cuts all kinds of bureaucratic red tape to get the vaccine developed, produced, and distributed in record time. Fauci doubted it could happen. Trump made it happen.

                  Trump’s Operation Warp Speed negotiated and produced a vaccine distribution plan. Trump ordered the supplies of vaccines to be available for distribution as fast as the manufacturers could produce them.

                  Biden inherited several vaccines and a distribution plan. All he had to do was follow the plan. ALL the heavy lifting was done under Trump, not Biden.

                  Biden has taken all the credit and lied about it all saying he was left with “nothing” and “no plan” and a “mess” by Trump. All lies.

                  Here’s what Biden did: he implemented a Federal Mask Mandate. That’s it.

                  The massive war-time effort was produced by Trump’s leadership and Operation Warp Speed.

                  All Biden has done is lie about it and take credit for Trump’s success.

                  1. “The Trump vaccine was only developed and approved for emergency use in November. How could there be a stockpile of hundred of millions of doses when it was only just approved?”

                    By manufacturing enough.


                    1. “By manufacturing enough.


                      Fool, they started the manufacturing product before the drug was even ready to be given. There is a limit to how fast production can ramp up and of course leftist politics caused Pfizer to delay its release.

                    2. Your excuses are paltry. Biden vaccine response will be an example of what government can accomplish when directed correctly for generations. Deal with it.


                    3. “Biden vaccine response will be an example of what government can accomplish when directed correctly for generations.”

                      Biden failed from the start. That is Democrat management. Riots and looting, Democrat management. Race war incitement, Democrat management. Failure at the border, Democrat management. War in the Middle East, Democrat management.

                      Bug you are a fool.

                  2. “The Trump vaccine was only developed and approved for emergency use in November. How could there be a stockpile of hundred of millions of doses when it was only just approved?”

                    How? The answer is simple, EB is a moron.

                    1. Actually the answer lies in doing what the Biden administration did upon entering office. Glad you agree the trump administrations fell far short of what was required.


                    2. “Glad you agree the trump administrations fell far short of what was required.”

                      That is true EB. What was required didn’t exist and had to be produced. Trump did that in less than a year exceeding the daily vaccinations Biden promised.

                      Had Biden or another Democrat been in office, based on what they said, the Democrats would have fallen short by at least an additional 3-5 years if they ever could have gotten the vaccine produced. That is why you are known as a shallow thinker.

            2. Plus, we were energy independent under Trump.

              Cleanest air under Trump.

              Moving towards using fourth generation nuclear power under Trump.

              More people working under Trump. Lowest unemployment numbers under Trump.

              Trump was focused on what was in the best interests of the country as a whole. Trump was helping U.S. citizens build individual prosperity. Trump was building a safer, more prosperous and free country and a more peaceful and prosperous world.

              That’s a fact.

                    1. The idiot Allanonymous is repeating himself. He hasn’t a clue about MKUltra.

                1. Not so. This must be a link from the guy rightfully known as Anonymous the Stupid. He doesn’t give context because his statements would be rightfully ripped apart.

                  1. Allanonymous the Stupid can’t get anything right.

                    He lives here, and he’s crying for attention.

                    1. EB wrote, “He starts at ‘wrong’ and just gets worse from there.”


                  1. We agree! There was a lot to sing about under Trump.

                    Lots to cry about under Biden/Harris.

                    1. Sorry that L’Orange’s fading away into the ethers of awful president material is making you so sad. Would you like a cookie?


            3. Too bad Bug is ignorant of what is happening.

              Take “jailed kids at the southern border”. The pictures provided during the Trump administration were actually taken during the Obama administration. Trump reduced the problem to a trickle. Today under Biden conditions are far worse and more desperate than ever. Bug doesn’t care as long as he can exercise his tongue.

              1. Well, I do like to exercise my tongue in the proper places. The rest of what you said is false.


                1. “Well, I do like to exercise my tongue in the proper places. The rest of what you said is false. EB”

                  Everyone is waiting for you to play show and tell. You demonstrate the intellect of a 5 year old.

        2. “The scope of the Russian hack of government networks during the Trump term dwarfs what this hack did on so many levels.”

          As usual the Bug talks big but thinks small. Let’s hear some examples.

              1. Standard Allan defense when he doesn’t understand something and gets his panties in a twist.


  16. It’s Humpty Dumpty time in woke America. A riot by Trump supporters is an insurrection; by BLM or Antifa, it is unrest. Childcare is infrastructure. Illegal immigration is a crisis but not if Biden is in charge. Racism is a word with no objective definition. Gender is fluid. Flirting is sexual harassment. Racial discrimination is affirmative action. Censorship is deterring misinformation. Science is what the consensus says. What a country!

  17. They had no political goals and thus were not terrorists. Simple. Those who attacked the capital were closer to the definition of terrorism then the pipeline hackers. I do not consider the capital attackers terroriists.

    1. Molly G – That is absurd. We all know the pipeline terrorists’ political goals were to explore how weak and unresponsive the Biden Administration would be and since the Biden Admin already is in full support of terrorist nations like Iran, the terrorists were right. And terrorists have monetary as well as political goals. The Capitol attackers came without weapons, killed no one (though the uninformed still believe the media’s lies about Ofc. Sicknick), and left without demands. They were absolutely wrong to go into the Capitol, just as BLM and anti-fa have been absolutely wrong for the last 400 days with their destruction, mayhem, and assaults on federal buildings. The difference is BLM and anti-fa are supported and encouraged by one of our political parties, which makes it even more of a travesty.

        1. Says an elitist, uniformed, ultra-partisan, over-educated, pompous yet juvenile “expert.” Who can’t be bothered to refute the argument with evidence or even specious opinion.

        2. Tell us how highly educated is misinformed. You can’t. Do you know why? Because you are Anonymous the Stupid.

          1. Allanonymous the Stupid tried to make some point @ 1:19 PM. He’ll be at it all day.

            1. LMAO!! Waiting on Allan to a) make a point, b) understand posted information, c) actually read posted material when people oblige him by doing his research for him, and d) not to drool out of one side of his mouth when standing on flooring that’s not exactly level.


              1. EB about Allan:

                “d) not to drool out of one side of his mouth when standing on flooring that’s not exactly level.”

                Good one, EB.


      1. You impart motivations to the hackers that they never mentioned and ignore the motivations of the insurrectionists that they publicly screamed.

  18. The Wall Street Journal has a front page article with the headline: ‘Israel Says Strikes To Go on As Gaza Death Toll Mounts”. Media buzz line in favor of the terrorists here. The Hamas terrorists have fired over 3000 rockets into Israel from Gaza.
    If Mexico was doing this would we strike back at the rocketers?
    The media is warped in America.

    1. The media is warped because they suffer from the psychological insanity of liberalism. And from giving cover to everything that pertains to this administration in Washington. And they also give cover to anything that pertains to the left. After I read the book titled, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness” it showed me beyond a shadow of a doubt just how truly insane the lamp really is.

  19. Make Infrastructure detachable from the internet.
    Those of us who are not experts can only speculate, but I hope these speculations are not completely impossible. In the media, there seems to be an absence of non-internet solutions to the internet hacking that ransoms or simply destroys important infrastructure. Couldn’t crucial infrastructure, financial and security structures be detached from the internet or become automatically detached when hacked? Either the main systems or backup systems seem possible in a non-internet control figuration (at least through the systems that were in operation before the internet). Why does all the talk on TV and blogs about the matter revolve around simply staying one step ahead of the hackers (which seems awfully unreliable)? Is it because the internet method is so cheap and efficient compared to older systems that paying ransomware is a smaller price to pay? I don’t know but the questions remain. I guess there could be offline computer systems that form the communication and control of electrical and oil dispersal or pre computer electrical signal control of a utility system. Just as paper ballots form a backup for computer generated vote counting. How about automatic records (not internet connected) whether in paper or micro film or some readable code be maintained for infrastructure, banking, finance, academic, medical, real estate titles be available for cases of interference or fraud detection.
    Perhaps you tech experienced readers know reasons why internet detachment is not feasible or have other methods in mind about how to make internet based infrastructure terrorism and crime impossible or improbable. I just haven’t heard anything on TV except for just trying to add more password reliability and other defenses that still remain internet based and thus internet vunerable.

  20. “A feeble Executive implies a feeble execution of the government. A feeble execution is but another phrase for a bad execution; and a government ill executed, whatever it may be in theory, must be, in practice, a bad government.” (Federalist 70 – Hamilton)

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