San Francisco Police Department Seeks Help To Solve Crime But Blurs Face Of Suspect

The young man is shown in the videotape casually moving over to sit behind the woman and then puts a lighter to the back of her head. She was helped by other passengers as the suspect and two friends ran off of the bus.  She obviously could have been severely burned or even killed in such an attack if the fire spread.

This is what the police posted:

Police spokesperson Adam Lobsinger later explained that they were trying to find the victim because “without the victim, when we catch the suspects, it’s harder to do anything,. We are still looking for the suspects.”

That is a bit hard to follow. One would think that they are trying to find both the victim and the culprit.  The latter is particularly important since he is out in the public after lighting the hair of a woman on fire. Regardless of the eventual prosecution, you should want the public’s assistance in finding this maniac and getting him off the street. You can actually show both faces and achieve both purposes. Moreover, you have a videotape to help with any prosecution regardless of the victim.  The police also have the driver as a witness.

I just cannot track the logic on this one.

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  1. A fitting end to this absurdist tragicomedy – Eyewitness identifies suspect in police lineup, but DA refuses to prosecute because person identified as perpetrator doesn’t sufficiently match blurry image in video released to public.

  2. So just some anonymous black guy. Alright then, just arrest every single one of them then.

  3. BEcause they are protecting the most violent and criminal race because all right thinking people should only think of them as victims

  4. Professor Turley doesn’t see the logic in the police withholding important criteria about a suspect necessary to make a search productive. Really? For years I too have suffered the problems of being a rational personal among all the irrational people and have reached many conclusions. I will share just 3 of them. First, it may come as a surprise to some, but irrational people like spokesperson Lobsinger, by definition, do not actually have the skills to realize they are irrational. So, no sense in expecting him to explain the logic. Second, when this type of issue arises, it is obvious that those in charge are the same people you may have gone to school with, who likely didn’t like math and for certain didn’t do well with story problems. And last, I can be quite certain that Mr. Lobsinger has never run or worked in a business where doing root cause analysis and problem solving was necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Though, you would think that a police department would realize the importance in knowing as much as possible about a suspect. At least I would assume, even if not good in math, they realize, for example, that if you know whether a suspect is male or female, it just about cuts the number of suspects in half.

  5. Not surprising. I live in the county below SF on what is called the Peninsula. One of the local papers here, The San Mateo Daily Journal, has a daily Police Report section where they publish selected crimes by local town/city. EVERYONE in these reports is referred to simply as “Someone”. “Some carjacked someone”, Someone was caught shoplifting at some address (they won’t even mention the store name), etc. It’s sad.

    They have dropped all useful identifying information, including race, gender, height, weight. etc. due, I assume, to an overabundance of wokiness.

  6. This is a little odd, but I work in criminal prosecution so I have a possible explanation. First, the victim must be identified in order to proceed with this crime. We do not see the hair catch on video, but the bus driver knew it happened, so one can imagine that we are not seeing the whole video.The police do not know the victim, per their statement, so there is no possibility that the victim has identified her assailant. In order to protect the integrity of any future identification by the victim, the defendant’s face was blurred. If the assailants face was shown, than any future identification by the victim (or possibly, other victims) is tainted, as a defense attorney will say that the victim only identified the defendant because she saw the video and saw his face.

    It is quite possible that the police already know the assailant. Often, brazen attacks on public transit are carried out by repeat or escalating offenders.

    1. You are right. Certain people live in certain neighborhoods and so they often ride certain bus routes to and fro. The transit operators already know who this clown is.

  7. You can’t make sense of it? He’s black, that’s all you need to know why the SFPD has to blur out his face so he won’t get caught.

  8. Here is an interesting take on George Floyd:

    After 6 burglaries, 3 car thefts, multiple illegal trespasses, an ongoing cocaine and alcohol addiction, committing 2 violent home invasions, 3 armed robberies, dealing Fentanyl and Meth, passing counterfeit money, beating 4 victims senseless and being arrested 23 times since 1998, George Floyd hasn’t committed a crime in over one year now!


  9. This is a logical extension of the policy of not giving the race of a suspect when providing the suspect description given to the public.
    If they didn’t hide the face of the suspect, you would see color, if not the race, of the suspect.
    As for the SFPD explanation, I offer the following:
    There are good reasons and real reasons; you hear good reasons, real reasons you must discover for yourself.
    In my opinion, SFPD did a poor job of coming up with a good reason.

  10. It’s very simple. In SF, black criminals are a privileged class, treated almost like a native species on the verge of being endangered. They are allowed to steal up to $900 worth of good without any penalty. They can walk into Walgreens and pack up a duffle bag with goods, then walk out with impunity. The Mayor relies on their votes, so she does what she can to protect them. If you speak up or complain, you’re immediately labeled a racist.

    1. Political leftwing hacks don’t need their votes, they control the counting of votes, which we’ve experienced first hand is the only thing that matters.

      The SFPD muppets don’t want to catch the minority race perp just like Biden/Faoxi doesn’t want SARS 2 to end. Police description: person was walking on 2 legs, appeared to have 2 arms/hands, 1 head, 1 mouth, both ears and a nose. Sorry we can’t discuss hair as that’s raciss ya know.

  11. Have you finally realized that these people are seriously mentally ill in the same manner as the people who led communist revolutions throughout history? They ignore and fight against basic human instinct and behavior in the name of their political religion.

  12. It is San Francisco so they care nothing for any victim except one that has influence, which means a Democrat with money.


  14. If they lit the hair of the mayor on fire do you think they’d publish the perp’s image?

  15. There is no end nor limit to the insanity of left wing progressives, personified in the politics of San Francisco.

  16. The victim should sue them for publishing her face without permission. The perp lost his right to privacy when he commited the crime.

    1. @Tyler,
      Last time I checked. That’s public transportation. The key word is public.
      Meaning no right to privacy. They have the right to publish anyone’s faces.

      While Turley is right, they could have published a video of both faces, here’s a problem.. what if they identify the alleged attacker, but the victim isn’t identified or comes forward? Now here’s a problem. What if someone see’s the video and finds someone who looks like the perp. Then beat up the alleged perp only to find out that he beat up the wrong guy?

      What’s the liability of the SFPD and the city?

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