San Francisco Police Department Seeks Help To Solve Crime But Blurs Face Of Suspect

The young man is shown in the videotape casually moving over to sit behind the woman and then puts a lighter to the back of her head. She was helped by other passengers as the suspect and two friends ran off of the bus.  She obviously could have been severely burned or even killed in such an attack if the fire spread.

This is what the police posted:

Police spokesperson Adam Lobsinger later explained that they were trying to find the victim because “without the victim, when we catch the suspects, it’s harder to do anything,. We are still looking for the suspects.”

That is a bit hard to follow. One would think that they are trying to find both the victim and the culprit.  The latter is particularly important since he is out in the public after lighting the hair of a woman on fire. Regardless of the eventual prosecution, you should want the public’s assistance in finding this maniac and getting him off the street. You can actually show both faces and achieve both purposes. Moreover, you have a videotape to help with any prosecution regardless of the victim.  The police also have the driver as a witness.

I just cannot track the logic on this one.

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  1. Liberalism is like a homeless person lying in their own excrement pointing a gun at the passerby……

  2. Sweet Jesus. The country has gone to hell when a man lights an older lady’s hair on fire, perhaps trying to burn her to death or disfigure her, and the police blur his face. For what? His privacy?

    Both the victim’s and the suspect’s faces should have been clearly visible, to identify both. Duh. Unless your goal is to protect criminals.

    The trend in CA is that if you follow the law, you’re an oppressor, and if you break the law, you’re repressed. The Left in CA lionizes drug addicted and mentally ill homeless, enabling them to defecate and urinate in front of homes and businesses. God forbid they get dragged to rehab or a mental health facility. Apparently, OD’ing in the bushes is more humane. The Left prizes criminals as some sort of oppressed class.

    Who cares what race the victim or perpetrator is? Such a crime is motivated by hate and a lack of respect for human life, regardless of the color of skin involved. Skin color matters in making a description to find someone, and that’s about it.

    Honestly, if someone is trying to burn you to death, do you care what color they are?

  3. It’s obvious, they have to protect the lefts little Brown Shirts. Make sure you buy a gun to protect yourself, because the left obviously won’t.

  4. When the cities are all Black and the Black “leaders” get the police defunded the dystopia will get worse and worse and it won’t end until great cities like SF, LA , NY and Boston are like Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit and all the other Black majority cities that have ceased working for people. It is a shame, but the fault lies with the Black “leaders” and the white liberals who push these policies and then turn tail and leave.

    The fools in cities like NY are like frogs in water that is starting to boil, the sense nothing until it is too late. How many conventions are going to SF these days? How many in Portland? As the tax base shrinks the radical left will get more and more strident and then voila, cities with poor minorities, poor whites and very wealthy white liberals in their castles with moats, i.e. doorman and armed guards.

    1. Replace Detroit w Chicago.
      Detroit is making a comeback… why? Because police had a 0 tolerance policy.

      Chicago? Not so much.

    1. Does Norton think some of the dummies should have boobs? (Surely she doesn’t want “black face.”

      1. To be realistic the plastic dummies would have to be black and have boobs. How else can you demonstrate that black women are hardest hit by traffic accidents thus more structural racism? A significant number should also be morbidly obese as well as female and black, Realism.

  5. Another example of progressive ideology run amok to such an extent we now live in an Orwellian World. Blurring the perpetrator is to counter the so big lie that violence against Asians is the sole province of white racists. The DOJ statistics prove otherwise, but that does not matter to a society literally governed by demented sociopaths

  6. Maybe that’s the real video, and this genius created a coordinate-based scrambling system that affects video and that’s why we cannot see them. Just a conspiracy theory like the 39 deaths and $2 billion in damages that happened to citizens of this country in ongoing state-sponsored violence.

  7. Cmon Mofos

    Everybody & their mother knows that’s Nancy Pelosi dressed in drag as a black man

  8. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted…

    They fundamentally had (still do) one job to do. When they fail, then the people will either submit as victims or prepare to provide their own security. Gun sales are soaring as crime rates soar. The elected should be subjected to the same degree of personal security as the least among their constituents.

  9. Powerline has a post, The Geek in Pictures, which this week includes a bar graph showing the crime rates by race. It is clear that the black community is massively more criminal than anyone else and that ,most of the victims of those crimes are black. Those victims are somehow not counted among the black lives that matter even though they are often honest, decent people unlike the violent thugs shot by police, Black Thug Lives Matter; Black Decent Folk’s Lives not so much. How is it possible to raise and educate a nice kid in that environment?

    Our ‘expert’ windbags have screwed up badly with their social engineering.

    1. We need to recognize that to this “group” only SOME bLM — and, then, only SOMETIMES.

      1. A few years ago about 50% of the black males were on parole or probation. That, I suppose, didn’t count those still in jail,

        Why do you think ‘the box’ asking about criminal records on employment applications is deemed racist? Because it keeps Asians from getting jobs?

  10. The “logic” isn’t hard to track at all — it would obviously be racist, and put all blacks in danger, to show a black suspect on video. That’s the new “logic” of CRT.

  11. It’s San Fran…haha…they are scared to death of BLM coming after them…what a joke…they could care less about catching these thugs…

    1. SFPD refused to answer a call in the Tenderloin, black on asian crime June 2019. We watched the whole episode live and flew out the next day, thank God, NEVER to return!

  12. Security camera footage of crimes committed on the Bay Area transit system, BART, is no longer available because it ‘unfairly’ gives the public the wrong idea about blacks and crime. Government and media have been concealing the race of perps for a long time. When I hear that employees at a Wendy’s were attacked by customers or that there was a brawl in an airport or state fair I assume blacks were involved and by checking foreign press reporting on the incident I see that I am almost always right. I had to look at the Daily Mail to see that the two Epstein guards who were let off were black. The appalling crime rate in that community is possibly why even the professional race hustlers who profess to hate white ‘systemic racism’ move into white communities.

  13. There are the stupid criminal files; this one is from the stupid cop files. This just has to be a mistake.

    1. Quiet: “This just has to be a mistake.”
      No, it is deliberate and it has been going on for a long while. Most people don’t look up crime data so they don’t know just how bad it is. If the media covered it honestly most of us would be horrified. The recent shooting in Miami Beach was covered by saying that it occurred outside an event. Foreign press said the event concerned rap. Why say ‘event’ here and not reveal was rap related? Didn’t want to give away the race. This dishonesty by ommision happens all of the time. No mistake. Most of the time the victims of these crimes are other black folk but that is seldom mentioned. Despite the cant, and the profits, black lives don’t really matter to these people.

  14. C’mon man! You know exactly why they’re not showing his face. It’s because he’s black (look at his hands) and it’s not P.C. to acknowledge that 6.5% of the U.S. population (black males) are responsible for more than 50% of violent felonies, according to FBI crime reports. (And that statistic only represents those who were caught and convicted.) But hey, if we can’t identify them, they won’t be caught, and therefore those uncomfortable statistics (for liberals, anyway) will decrease. Another approach would be to only prosecute 6.5% of black males arrested for violent crimes, thus assuring “equity” in our criminal justice system, instead of you know, actual justice and public safety. Ah, those words sound so quaint these days…..

  15. I once called the police in our uber-liberal city to report a possible crime in progress. The office asked me for information EXCEPT the race or the person involved. When I asked him if he wanted to know his race, he replied, “You can tell me if you want to but I’m not going to ask for that.” Clearly, our police officers were TOLD to stop asking for race, which is stupid as can be. What next? Don’t ask for gender, because the suspect may be other than male or female? The SanFrancisco police blurred out Mr. Sets-Hair-On-Fire’s face for one reason only: his “protected” race.

      1. Uh, not really. Just a “certain” racial minority that represents a virtual crime wave in this country. But liberals can’t handle the truth so they seek to suppress it.

        1. No, William, Asians are treated as whites who have better educations and make more money. Not a ‘minority’. In fact, Asians are viciously discriminated against by government and universities while blacks are pampered like beloved house pets who keep peeing on the floor.

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