Father’s Day With Mother Nature On The Billy Goat Trail

I did my customary dawn hike this morning on Billy Goat Trail and it was like walking through a Monet with a heavy fog over the river and rocks.  It was truly enchanting.  I hope all of our fathers have a great time today.  We started our celebrations early last night (and watched the movie “Eddie the Eagle”) and will continue today.  Leslie is making me one of my favorite Pasta Carbonara (with pancetta) dishes with tonight.

Here are a few pictures this dawn from Billy Goat trail:





12 thoughts on “Father’s Day With Mother Nature On The Billy Goat Trail”

  1. Happy Belated Fathers Day, JT. Try the carbonara with guanciale instead of pancetta sometime. It’s the Roman way and my favorite.

  2. Hope it was a happy father’s day for you too, Turley. And the Billy Goat Trail rocks. Thanks for the pics.


  3. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And for sponsoring this medium.

  4. What a lovely way to start the day! Happy Father’s Day to you!

  5. Professor Turley, I can see that on this day you go placidly amongst the noise and haste. I thank you for sharing the serenity with all the fathers here and for helping us to recall our blessings.

  6. Simply gorgeous photos. Have a happy well-deserved special day, Professor.

  7. If you’re a góat, your a goat.
    You’re a góat all the way.
    From my our first time in china…
    To your last dying day

  8. Happy Fathers Day, JT. I hiked that trail several times when I was stationed in the D.C. area. It’s a great place for clearing the mind.

  9. Enjoy…I have been to Monet’s home and my wife’s father studied under Picasso and she also owned an Italian restaurant and was raised in Italy…I eat very well…LOL

  10. Oh gosh! It does look like you walked through a Monet, although some at that top look more to me like Turner, but so lovely and peaceful all the same. Buona festa del papà!

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